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I want to be a blend of Mohd Rafi and Kishore Kumar

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I want to be a blend of Mohd Rafi and Kishore Kumar says 29 year old SaReGaMa finalist, Debojit, who is an Assamese and an engineer in a govt. job. Its so fascinating to listen to all the budding talents from all across India and from all walks of life. He respects Hemant Kumar a lot and says Hemant Kumar had composed 250 to 300 tunes for just one particular lyric. They don’t make musicians like him any more.

It was my mother’s dream to make me a singer and not have me look after the family business. After my mother fell ill and died I met a fashion designer from Kolkata. Vandana and I fell in love and got married. She changed my life. We both left our jobs and came to Mumbai in July 2002 without telling our respective families so that I could struggle to become a singer. The day I am able fulfil my mother’s dreams and tell my wife that she doesn’t need to work, as she has health problems, I will sleep peacefully.

I once assisted composer Pritam. I sang a song for him in a film called ‘Shaayad’ which never got released. When Javedsaab heard it, he called me home. We sat together to work on the song. It was a full solo song. I have also sung a lot of jingles.

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