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Disappointing Sonu Nigam at London on Rafi songs

This article is written by Mr. K.S. Ramachandran

Diappointing Sonu Nigam at London on Rafi songsSonu Nigam, much to my expectations, sang Rafi songs very normally. In fact, I would rate him much much lower than what he used to sing when he came in about 13years ago through Saregama. His voice has conspicuously deteriorated with his singing all types of medlee/Hindi pop songs and of that sort.

He was always a fast singer and now-a-days with his singing Hindi pop and medlees, he is even faster. His first song Yaad Na Jaaye from Dil Ek Mandir was like traveling in Nilgiri Express, while the original song by Rafi is slow deep expressive and extremely emotional. This was the general pattern in which Sonu has been singing these days with his impatient attitude to sing slow numbers very fast is very painful. “Muje Teri Mohabbat Ka” from Aap Aaye bahar Aaye” was again a deep number with full of rhythm and Sonu sang like a breeze..

Diappointing Sonu Nigam at London on Rafi songs

Rafi songs are predominantly slow with rhythm and with so much of labour in his singing – be it depth, dard, range, voice modulation, expression, emotion and what have you.

I was however amazed with the orchestral excellence with the british national giving interlude music to the T. The 75 piece orchestra was par excellence and I could not find anything different from the original music by the composers. Indian orchestra bands doing shows should take this as an example to see how well the symphony was directed and delivered. Another wonderful experience – nothing like original and natural instruments – playing with a 30 team violin for the right interlude music was way way ahead of playing the same tunes today on a key board.

I thoroughly enjoyed the orchestra and was really a treat.

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608 Blog Comments to “Disappointing Sonu Nigam at London on Rafi songs”

  1. Sonu nigam is way better than Muhammad Rafi …
    i’m huge fan of sonu nigam from pakistan

  2. Rothel says:

    I have heard songs of Sonu nigam before too. If you call him as an artist, then you guys must be kidding. He has no talent at all.

  3. Chintan Shah says:

    Sonu Nigam sings just like any ordinary person. He does not have any special talent. But the fact that most people don’t understand the difference between good and mediocre singing, Sonu managed to pass off as a singer all these years.

    Trust me, even if you sing in a recording studio and if a sound editor digitally corrects your voice, you would be surprised to hear that you sound better than singers like Sonu Nigam.

    Its just his luck that he managed to reach the recording studio before you.

    Chintan Shah
    Sound Recordist

  4. DEEPAK says:

    rafi sonu jese pop jazz western wale song bi nahi ga sakta tha . he was very slow singer with same voice.

  5. Michael D'souza says:

    Kaha Rafi Saahab (Raja Bhoj) aur Kaha Sonu Nigam (Gangu Teli).

    On second thoughts, Sonu sings worse than even Gangu.

  6. Jayanandini Ramachandra says:

    Nonsense is the only apt word to describe Sonu Nigam’s singing abilities. He has no knowledge about real music.

  7. shammi says:

    Sonu Nigham cannot ever be classed as a good singer let alone be compared to the likes of the great multi talented mohd Rafi saheb, please don’t insult the legendary Mohd Rafi by using the two names in the same sentence let alone making ridiculous comparisons.

  8. Komal Mishra says:

    sonu must be blacklisted. his voice is not good.

  9. Suraj Maheshwari says:

    sonu nigam ki aawaz bilkul bakwaas hai. usko sur ki samajh nahi nai aur bahut riyaaz karne ki zaroorat hai. woh professional singer banne ke kaabil nahi hai. bas uska naseeb accha hai ki usko gaane ka mauka mila. warna usse achcha gaviya bazaar mein bahut milte hai.

  10. Vijay Agarwal says:

    Does Sonu Nigam deserve to be called a singer in the first place? He is plain nonsense. Rafi was a great singer.

  11. Jayesh Jadhav says:

    Aur ek baat sonuji ne rafi sahaab ke sub hit song gaye hai.
    Q ki o unko guru mante hai.
    O kisi bhi reality show me jate hai to vaha rafi saab ka naam lena bhulte nahi.
    Agar sonu ji rafi sahab ki itni respect karte hai to ap logo ko bhi sonu ji ki respect karni chahiye.
    Ap log itna jalte q ho sonu ji se.
    Ek baat yaad rakho sonu ji dusre singers ke song origenal se better gaa sakte hai par koi bhi singer sonu ji ke song unse better gaa hi nahi sakte.

  12. Jayesh Jadhav says:

    Sonu nigam sirf great singer nahi hai.
    O kisi bhi singer ke voice me ga sakte hai.
    O female voice me bhi gaate hai.
    Acting karte hai, show host karte hai, radio jocky bhi rahe hai.
    Aur inke live concert ke to log deewane hai.
    No. 1 live performer i ever seen.
    He is great entertainer.
    Hats off sonu ji.

  13. Jayesh Jadhav says:

    Mujhe nahi lagta koi bhi singer abhi mujh mien kahin sonu ji se achha gaa sakta hai.

  14. Jayesh Jadhav says:

    I love rafi sahab.
    Are yaar sub bole ja rahe hai ek baat notice karo sonu ji ne ye sub song live gaye hai….koi bhi singer sonu ji se better live nahi gaa sakta.
    Sonu nigam kuch bhi gaa sakte.inke jaisa versatile artist maine dekha nahi hai.
    As a singer sonu ji 8 va ajuba hai.

  15. Piyuli Mittal says:

    Even bathroom singers sing better than Sonu Nigam or whatever his name is.

  16. Ramchandra Joshi says:

    sonu nigam is a bad singer. but i don’t like the way you guys are insulting him. i understand that he doesn’t deserve any respect for his singing abilities, but it does not mean you can just bash him publicly on this site. after all he is an artist though an awful one.

    there are enough people in this world who don’t understand anything about music. so people like sonu are grunting and get paid for it. and many people appreciate his grunting too. so what’s the problem.

    let’s discuss mohd. rafi rather than wasting time on some sonu punu.

  17. Ashish Sharma says:

    all you guys who think that sonu sings well seem to be kidding. he is a very mediocre singer who is just hyped by the media. and to compare him with mohd. rafi is just way too much

  18. Nkp says:

    Dnt cmpare sonu with rafi..rafi was best in his time..but after rafi,sonu is the best singer..dnt insult d talented singer..sonu is most varsatile singer and has a heart touching voice..hear his song kas aap hamare hote….then tel hw is it…he has also given so many evergreen song

  19. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear rafians,

    sorry for this comment.there are two jokes of the century.

    : kk is a versatile singer than rafi saab.but rafi saab should sing the
    song which cannot sing by kk.

    : kk is more popular than rafi saab because kk got lesser votes in
    the contest of “singer of the millennium”,the” 50 great indians after
    Gandhiji” and and “who popular”.

  20. lalli says:

    Music composers should impose a lifetime ban on bad singers like Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet, Shaan and Udit Narayan. Their bad voice quality and lack of singing ability is simply an assault on your ears.

    They should rather approach good singers like Kumar Sanu, Adnan Sami, Suresh Wadkar, KK and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

    Even among female singers, they must ban awful singers like Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal and Anushka Manchanda.

    Where are the great singers Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Sadhana Sargam and Alisha Chinoy these days?

    NAAAWWWW are u on drugs?

  21. Binu Nair says:

    shivani Ji:

    i liked your comment on todays music.

    let the youngsters listen todays music and forget these in under 30 days.

    everyone is there to make their money in under 30 days. i mean the producers, composers, distributors et all.

    let them make their moneys in 30 days by releasing their movies in 4000 screens at one go and then forgetting all about it.

    the good things of life and music is not for todays youngsters.

  22. We really miss u Rafi sahab.. I always listen to ur melodious voice. Its really painful to hear today’s music & songs which r sung in d name of ‘SUFI’ songs. These worst singers like Atif and Rahat dont know what sufi is. They just go on shouting. If they dont know, they must carefully & peacefully listen to Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who was a real sufi singer. Except Kailash, all other today’s singers who call themselves sufi are just breaking our ears by shouting in d name of sufi. No emotions, no meaning, no sur, no taal & no raag. Just shouting… I want to request these singers plz dont try to copy our great legends. U can never be like them just by shouting. & I also request all my young friends plz dont listen to such songs just bcoz they r latest, they just spoil ur ears. Try to respect our old and traditional indian music.

  23. Harsh bahi ye baat maeene nahi rakhti ki kisi ki personal life kaisi hai maeene ye rakhta hai ki woh singer kaisa hai sonu nigam ki aawaaz me sab kuch hai aur woh har type ke gaane ga sakta hai aur woh har type ki tune accept karta hai like classic non-classic raag based everthing.aur sonu nigam ki aawaaz me melody, dard, softness, passion, range sab kuch hai. jo ki aur singers ke paas nahi hai. sonu ke paas variety ka bhandaar hai. is liye sonu nigam aaj top par hai.

  24. harsh says:

    sonu has good voice…….but not best

    even kumar sanu, udit narayan, KK , mohit chauhan, atif aslam , roop kumar rathod, hariharan are on the top spot………ok

    and in female……anuratha paudwal, alisha chinoy, kavita Krishnamurthy, are best…..

    i want to ban on sonu nigam ( for his attitute and affairs ) , shreya ghoswal ( affair with too many guys included sonu nigam ) , sunidhi chauhan ( affair with too many guys included sonu nigam )………..ok becoz all they have affairs and negative attitute towards public and fans

    go to google search…….and know everything about fucking bollywood industry………ok

    i am not a singer, but a best audiophile………ok

    points to remember are these

    1) jiski voice sweet and emotional ho not necessary vo dil ka aacha hota hai and vice versa……

    2) i dont like affair having person

    and much more points

  25. Anil says:

    Are u ppl even serious??…trashing Sonu in the way its done in these fan sites…as much as i like Rafi the obsession with Rafi some people have just removes the charm out of the RAFI spirit….and Sonu is definitely a good singer…anyone trashing the guy needs to get a life!!And since its a fan site stick to appreciating Mohammad Rafi…and stop criticizing every other singer around…

  26. sahi singh says:

    sorry jo maine itne gande loves use kiya magar mujhe bardaash nahi ki koi ache artist ki bezati kare har singer apni jagah per sahi hota hai ye sub insaano ke banae hue compition hai sonu.udit.kumar shaanu etc. Sub acha gaate hai isliye to unhe break mila tum logo ko proud feel karna chahiye ki in logo ki wajah se hamara desh music me aaj number 1 pe hai aaj bhi classical music ki pidi ko inlog continue kar rahe upar se tum log inme hi mistake nikal rahe ho mere un shabdo ke liye sorry magar abhi bhi ungli karna band kardo.

  27. Rafi saahab was very melodious.He was the first singer in whole world who has sung 26000 songs.It is a guinnees world record.No one can take Rafi saahab’s place

  28. Mohd Rafi saahab is greatest singer in whole world. on one can take rafi saahab’s place.He was able to all type of songs.

  29. sunil kumar says:

    Kishan kumar ji , no body has said sonu is a bad singer I accept that he is one of the best in the current crop. But what he promised so many years ago . I heard him 15-16 years ago when he was just 15-16 yrs old in a program on stage . He sang a rafi saheb’s classic song “Madhuban mein Radhika Nache Re”. After hearing that song from 15 tr old boy he was asked How at such a young age he is singing such a difficult song of Rafi saheb. He replied he is practicing on Rafi saheb’s song since childhood. So Rafi saheb is hi guru just like “eklaya” he has taken singing training from Rafi saheb . At that time I felt we have got another Rafi in making. But I am sorry of the late he has changed his singing style that is causing problems because this happens in your professional field you have to work with different Music directors and do whatever they may say as per the new trends. So this is a market driven society where a Besura song like ” Kolaveri Di ” becomes a big hit. These days no body cares for the SUR and lyrics otherwise how come a Besura singer like Atif Aslam has become hit. I am no one to advice anybody But what we hear these days makes me very painful.

  30. Kishan kumar says:

    Many people are doesn’t know the music but i think sonu nigam is the greatest singer have India ever produce…. I can listen rafi song no doubt about this he was great singer in his time but in his time kishore kumar,mukesh,manna day saab are also great singer…sonu nigam is best singer in current time and his knowledge about music and singing are very good….i wish him
    keep going and sung many more song….

  31. Sandeep says:

    We should not say that sonu nigam is not good singer he is best but no one can be mohmmad rafi he was the GURU of singing there is no song that rafi can not sing GOD GIFTED rafi sahab have heart touching voice.

  32. Nehal says:

    You are 99.9999% right@vrisha bhanu

  33. Nehal says:

    What the hell u ppl insulting sonu nigam? I think he’s the best singer in music industry aftr Rafi, his songs are soul-touching, best versatile singer ever! Think twice before insulting an Artist, may he be ‘Himesh Reshamiya’ We should respect everyone.

  34. vrisha bhanu says:

    sonu nigam is tha best singer in this world

  35. sunil kumar says:

    Sir entirely agree with you Sonu has started singing in a hurried fashion. Earlier he used to sing normally but as of late he is singing in this fashion I too have noticed it . But he is not a bad singer I have heard him live on stage just 10 years back he was a very promising singer but suddenly this change is saddening
    He considers Rafi saheb as his Guru and sang many songs of Rafi saheb under T series banner with title “Rafi ki Yaadein”. It has more than 15 volumes and when i had heard those songs I felt at least there is someone to carry forward Rafi saheb’s legacy. I feel reason for this change in singing style apart from what you stated singing all sorts of songs medley and Hindi pop. I feel it is because he experiments too much with his voice. He should sing in his normal voice I think that will be better for him also.

  36. ghanshyam kumar says:

    why are you all insulting sonu ? musicians need to be respected dear . don’t compare them … both are good … but it is true that no-one can be mohd. rafi because he was a god-gift …. and sonu has an artificial touch in his voice … but still he is not too bad .

  37. Bikash says:

    hi guys,
    sonu nigam is the best singer with his singing style,range, emotion n expression. none can as him.

  38. Rashmi Sinha says:

    Music composers should impose a lifetime ban on bad singers like Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet, Shaan and Udit Narayan. Their bad voice quality and lack of singing ability is simply an assault on your ears.

    They should rather approach good singers like Kumar Sanu, Adnan Sami, Suresh Wadkar, KK and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

    Even among female singers, they must ban awful singers like Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal and Anushka Manchanda.

    Where are the great singers Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Sadhana Sargam and Alisha Chinoy these days?

  39. Ajay Sawant says:

    Sonu Nigam can learn how to sing if he undergoes training and practice.

  40. Binayak C says:

    sonu nigam is a bad singer. period.

  41. ramshankar tiwari says:

    hello guys,

    mohd. rafi is a great singer. sonu nigam is disgusting singer.

  42. subramanian iyer says:

    sonu sucks!

  43. vijay karthik says:

    only if a voice is good, can you train it to sing better. sonu nigam’s voice is so horrible that it is untrainable.

  44. somesh shah says:

    most people do not have good knowledge about music and singing. so they feel that sonu nigam is a good singer. those who have real knowledge about it would detest sonu nigam. he is a terrible singer.

  45. Rohit Shukla says:

    @vikas, why only you? anybody can sing better than sonu nigam. he is not a good singer like mohd. rafi.

  46. Vikas Agrawal says:

    sonu nigam’s is an awful singer. even i can sing better than him.

  47. Anant M. Naik says:

    Boss, Sonu Nigam is the worst singer I have heard in my life. He has a groaning voice which is extremely irritating. He needs a lot of training on voice control and modulation.

  48. rajiv dubey says:

    mohammed rafi was a legend. he was the best singer produced by India till date.

    who the hell is this sonu nigam????

    why are we insulting rafi saab by comparing him with some joker?

  49. Raman Kumar says:

    why are we discussing sonu? this forum is about mohd. rafi. while we appreciate sonu’s efforts to sing rafi’s songs, lets acknowledge that he is just another ordinary singer trying to ape rafi saab. so just leave it at that. there is no need to attach any importance of sonu nigam and others like him.

  50. Ali says:

    Sir Veenth, Yesudas is great singer but I don’t think you have right information about the song where mohd rafi is not be able to sing it!! Because people like madan mohan said when you want to try something new you will not get better than mohd rafi voice,SPB said I feel that I am not a singer when I listen to mohd rafi off course that is his greatness,I remember long time ago one of kishore said the same thing that mohd rafi was not able to sing and music director changed it the song for mohd rag to be able to sing it but that kishore fan but he never sAid us which song was!Ravi music director said there no song where mohd rafi was not able to sing it but there are many songs where mohd rafi was not able to sing it, yes as opn said after the song was recoded in Manna da voice he wanted to rerecord to mohd rafi voice but said I will not be able to sing it better and same OPN said In a classic song for which Manna da is famous he tried 3 times but mohd rafi sang it first time, who said you that yesudas and SBP are not famous?both singer they feel that mohd rafi is there guru, there tree tape of singer 1 god gift as mohd rafi,2 good singer as lata ji,yesudas,SPB and many other 3 human made singer,in human made singer I mean he is not really got but media made him great…….if mohd rafi will not be able to sing a song that mean no one one this earth will be able to sing it, Naushand is one of music directors who made many songs where only mohd rafi was able to sing….

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