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About two unique words “RAFIPATHY & RAFIOLOGY”

By Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Two unique words are coming in my mind, which I want to share with all of you.


We all well familiar with main branches of “MEDICAL SCIENCE” like “Allopathy, Homeopathy & Ayurvedapathy etc, But recently I thought over a new branch of “medical science”, that is RAFI-PATHY. Let us know about this pathy more-
As we know very well about MOHD. RAFI SAHAB, evergreen singer of indian film industry.There are million of his fans across the world. Among his million of fans many are his “DEVOTEE” and we call them “RAFI BHAKT”.

For RAFI BHAKTS, Rafi sahab is not only a singer but every thing or more than of their life .They can do any thing for RAFI sahab. Rafi Sahab is necessary and sufficient condition for them to live in this world.

The voice of RAFI sahab is so sweet, soft, pleasant and strong also where required. In other words we can say the voice of RAFI SAHAB is the “VOICE OF GOD” or “KHUDA KI AAWAZ”.

There are many examples in which patients who were suffering form many deceases, recovered very soon after listening the “DIVINE VOICE” of Rafi Sahab and they became “TENSION FREE, STRESS FREE & RELAXED”. I am also the example of same.

One more example I recall, while I was listening to a program dedicated to Rafi Sahab on radio FM, during the listener calling segment, one of them called and requested “AAP BAS KEWAL RAFI SAHAB KE GAANE SUNVAATE RAHIYE , UNKI AAWAZ SUN KAR HAM SAB KA DARD KHUD HI CHALA JAAYEGA

Really there is magic in voice of RAFI SAHAB.

We can say now-

Second meaning of this word which is coming in my mind is-

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi


Rafiology is a another lovely word.

“RAFIOLOGY is a SUBJECT in which we study about RAFI SAHAB either inside or outside.”
Discussion about Rafi Sahab between two or more that two persons is also called “RAFIOLOGY”

These were two words which came to my mind & I explained the meaning of these words on the basis of RAFI SAHAB which I experienced in my life. I think you will also agree with me after feeling the sense of these unique words.

Sanjeev Kumar Dixit, the author of this article

Sanjeev Kumar Dixit, the author of this article

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68 Blog Comments to “About two unique words “RAFIPATHY & RAFIOLOGY””

  1. nafisa says:

    it is gratifying to see, the idea of a phd on mohammad rafi sahab has been taken to heart by the rafi fans.

    it is more than likely that we will find a thesis written and accepted by some university or the other, let us hope so.

  2. Narayan says:

    Sanjeev bhai
    great work you are one among all the rafi poojaris.. very unique … 24 carat pure diamond..
    well done
    Murty garu,
    Thanks for the comment — read it now only

  3. Narayan says:

    Post 37 Almas sir,
    How about Rafi ism like Sufism ?

  4. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Salam to all Rafi lovers,
    I totally agree with Mr. A. Almas. He is dam right.
    Long live rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  5. A. Almas says:

    Dear Friends,

    To achieve a Ph.D., Degree on rafi saab one should need not go to the university, here, I am sure most of the rafians are more than Ph.D. Degree holders, their knowledge is enormous, and they are brilliant analysts of Rafi Saab’s work, they achieved this status because they love the Angel of music more than anything; and they are continuously in search of new topics & contents about rafi saab. Even a Ph.D., degree holder will not dare to face these rafians. Music speaks louder than words. Enjoy rafi saab songs, they are melodious and sweeter than honey.

    Long live Rafi saab

  6. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Ref. post 43, 44
    Respected Murty Sir,
    A very nice and holy idea given by you to approach the universities for the thesis on Rafi sahab after the comment of nafisa jee(post 18). I will try to contact to LUCKNOW UNIVERSITY AND BHAT-KHANDE MUSIC UNIVERSITY for the same matter.
    Thanks a lot sir for the idea, we will do the same if possible this course from anywhere.

    “Long live Rafi Sahab”
    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  7. A S MURTY says:

    Post No. 18 Nafisaji, Post No. 42 Anwar-ul-Haque sahab. I have just emailed the following to University of Hyderabad : quote
    Dear Sir,

    We have a querry. Is a thesis on Mohammed Rafi, the legendary playback singer of Hindi and Regional films eligible for doing Ph.D in your University ? This question came up recently at a discussion among thousands of fans of Mohd. Rafi. In case, eligible candidates can do such a course, kindly let us know the relevant details so that we can forward to many a interested candiate.

    Thanking you,

    Hyderabad Chapter.

    My request is to you all out there. Please enquire with Universities in your area and send requests to incorporate a thesis on Rafi Sahab for doing Ph.D. Maybe some university will accept or may already be permitting such a course. It will be beneficial to many rafi bhakts and go a long way in promoting Rafi sahab. Thanks.

  8. A S MURTY says:

    I also do not know if anyone has done a doctorate on Mohd Rafi sahab. But the moot question is whether one can do a thesis on Rafi Sahab and get a doctorate ? Does any university permit this ? I feel that the newly launched Mohammed Rafi Academy would be able to take up this matter and if a particular university is granting doctorate certificate for doing a thesis on Rafi Sahab, I am sure there would be hundreds and thousands who would like to do. “Food for thought” both Nafisaji and Anwal-ul-Haque sahab.


  9. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Ref post 18:

    A very good question by Nafisa ji.
    Is there any body who has successfully done a doctorate on Rafi Sahab?
    Please reply anyone who knows!!!

    Thanks ans best regards.


  10. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    For rafi sahab’s poster – just contact – the president of rafi foundation, mumbai
    mr.binu nair ( 98332 50701 ) as Resp. RN Kurpad ji said in his post 39.


    Any one can purchase the postars of RAFI SAHAB from “Archie’s gallery” in all major cities of india.

    Thanks & regards,
    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  11. Aneesh says:

    Great article!

    Where can I purchase the posters that you have in the photograph?
    I would love to have these in my room.


  12. post 38 sunil

    rafi sahab’s poster – just contact – the president of rafi foundation, mumbai
    mr.binu nair ( 98332 50701 ).

    ramesh narain kurpad

  13. Sunil says:

    Dear Sanjeev
    A great article on Rafi Saab. I certainly believe that Rafipathy can cure all the Psychological problems.. Rafi Saab was Khuda’s Farishta whom he(Khuda) had sent to heal all the worries of this mortal world.
    BTW..I am looking out for a poster of our legendary Rafi Saab…I am staying in Mumbai, can anyone on this site please let know where can I find it?

    Warm Regards

  14. A. Almas says:

    Dear Sanjeev Ji,

    I coined some more words for rafi dictionary, please add these words too –

    + rafiish
    + rafiance
    + rafitude
    + rafihood
    + rafiness
    + rafiship
    + rafidom
    + rafiary
    + rafiosis
    + rafitio

  15. A S MURTY says:

    Almasbhai, kudos to you for bring in so many words. They are all great words. “Rafism” was however first coined by that eternal rafi bhakt – p narayanan – of bangalore. Thanks.

  16. A S MURTY says:

    Hello Ahmed Kuttybhai, ref your post 31. I am hugely indebted by your attitude and by your remarks ” i still remember when i met mr.a.s.murthy
    in bangalore. when he come to know me he hugged me like a brother.
    because of rafi saab we became brothers and our mind and soul
    became one”. Aapke paas Rafi Sahab ka ek nazrana hai jo aapki amanat hai. We will meet soon again Ahmedbhai.

  17. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Ahmed Kutty saab,
    Very thanks for your valuable comment and you truly said about Rafi sahab that no one is there in this world like him.Thanks sir…..

    A Almas saab,
    Thanks for sharing few more nice and beautiful words for arfi dictionary.Pls. explane the meaning of every word in brief.

  18. A.Almas says:

    You may coin & add as many as new words in Rafi Dictionary

    + Rafism
    + Rafiate
    + Rafianatic
    + Rafigraphy
    + Raficity

  19. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Many Thanks to all for giving your precious views and suggestions specially to Mr. RN Kurpad ji, Dr. J Ketwaru ji, Anwar-ul-Haque ji, Nafeesa ji, Murty sir, Shashank ji, Karam jeet ji, Jagmohan ji, Nasreen ji, Ali ji, Bijoor saab and all my dear friends.
    Two more words RAFIYAT & RAFISKY are given by Mr. Anwar-ul-haque ji and Murty sir.
    Thanks a lot for introducing such nice words.

    Anmol ji- I am agree with you.Really fever will come down from 103f to 99f after listening the songs of RAFI SAHAB.Thanks a for sharing this healing effect with us.

    Resp. RN Kurpad ji, Very well said sir we all writing here on Rafi sahab only because of our FARISHTA. Hats off sir….
    Thanks for writing …..

    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  20. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    Dear sanjeevji,
    your views are very interesting.more than that there is another
    word “rafian” which is so common among rafi fans and which
    means rafi saab’s fan.once in a malayalam daily “malayala
    manorama” there was an article about rafi saab in which the author
    said “now a days there is a special relationship between rafi fans
    just like a brotherly relation.”it is a fact.i felt it when i used to attend
    programmes on rafi saab. i still remember when i met mr.a.s.murthy
    in bangalore. when he come to know me he hugged me like a brother.
    because of rafi saab we became brothers and our mind and soul
    became one.the same relationship i have with so many rafians.

    we have religious leaders who had brought religion for the sake of
    man far as rafi saab is concerned,he not only made people
    happy through his divine voice but he is the cause of livelyhood for
    thousands,he made his fans one.such an artist,such a wonderful
    personality we can’t see anywhere in the world – past or present.

  21. dearest sanjeev bhai,

    at the outset let me thank you and congratulate you on a lovely analysis on a divine soul who happened to take an avataar of a singing GOD.

    you have quoted three titles and gone deep into explaining them to us. it further goes to cement our love of our god rafi sahab.

    sanjeevbhai – this now brings me to the thought – that – if we all sit down – in all ernestness to write a book on rafi sahab – i am sure all of them will be published

    kindly note the unique part of all the books – its not that we all concurred on a lot of common views about rafi sahab – but – we all would have written a lot of NEW facets/qualities/trivia about the most fantastic avataar who lived amongst in human form.

    Arthaath – mool aunsh yah hai kee – jitnaa aap rafi sahab key barey mein socho yaa likhney kee chestaa karo toh – aap – ek aisee avasthaa (whirlpool)
    mein apney aapko paaogey – jiskey upar aapkaa koi control yaa ilm hee nahee hai.

    Summing up on my thoughts about rafi sahab – ONE huge aspect comes uppermost in my mind. Among the many divine qualities rafi sahab displayed to us through his life and times was –

    1) humility which means absence of Aham ( ehankaar ) or in other words the use of the word ” I ” / MAI / ME.

    Just look at his eyes – the serene look – the divinity in them – a world in itself.

    I have seen only avataars having eyes like this. Some fans who are not necessarily bhakts may beg to differ – i know that.

    Many of us write articles connected to the avataar on his own dedicated website. It makes us happy to read them – comment on them – and go about writing ourselves.

    According to me the entire credit goes to the avataar himself.

    If the avataar himself did not exist – then what would we write on – hence, I come to the following DEDUCTION – there is nothing we can take credit off – of RAFI SAHAB.

    Everything we UTTER – SAY – WRITE about the avataar – the entire credit goes to him – he inspired us to COIN these terms – hence he takes the entire credit.

    I could go on and on – as when it comes to my rafi sahab – my pen never gets tired or stops.

    Again – I would re-iterate and stress – I take no credit – cause he is the sole inspiration – period.

    Many Congratulations – SANJEEVBHAI – LIKHTEY RAHIYEGAA.

    ramesh narain kurpad
    (0) 94484 55164

  22. A S MURTY says:

    Anwar-ul-haque sahab. Perfectly said – ““rafiyat”” is the right word for study of Rafi Sahab and thanks for bringing this up. I have heard ealier of the “Ghalibyat” and therefore can understand the word “rafiyat” perfectly as described by you. thanks for introducing the same. Doing anything as far as Rafi Sahab is concerned – from writing to spreading his songs, analysing the singing style or voice quality, emotions, – everything – falls under the category “rafiyat”.

  23. balwantsaqi says:

    Dear Sanjeev Kumar Dixit.

    I am very- very glad about yours thinking and expressions regarding to ours almighty. yours each word about Rafi Sahib is praiseworthy.

    Balwant Saqi

  24. nafisa says:

    The organisers of this site need to really upgrade this site. I am able to access this site on windows7. Is there a way to achive that.

  25. Anmol Singh says:

    Hello Sanjeev Ji,

    I am myself a witness to Rafi Sahab’s healing effect. Listen to the songs of Baiju Bawara, your fever will come down from 103 F to 99 F. This is tried and tested.

    His voice captures our minds initially and other parts of the body gradually.

  26. Karamjit Singh says:

    Many many thanks to Sanjeev ji for sharing the feelings which I couldnot
    express so far. Just listen to Rafi Sahib’s songs and you forget the whole lot of the world. This is a right tribute to the legend.

  27. A S MURTY says:

    Sanjeevbhai, I was thinking that I too had heard the word “rafiology” in recent times and went about checking the same. I found that “Rafiology” is a big fan of Rafi sahab and is available on youtube where he has posted some rare videos of Rafi sahab’s songs too. Many of these videos have been uploaded in recent times on facebook also by others and hence we could get to learn about this new word “rafiology”. Here is the youtube link of this Rafi Bhakt :

  28. Dr.J.Ketwaru says:

    Dearest mr.Sanjeev,many thanks for your idea.I will try to give also my tribute to this discussion: I think it is right to give the title of Rafioloog to somebody who makes a study and knows very much about Rafi saab,and when two people at the same time is thinking about Rafi-Badshsa or the same song(s)of him ,then you can call this:Rafi-pathi.But the medical side of his songs,where somebody is feeling better after listening his songs,and where especially the bloodpresure and/or sugarlevel is going below,or depression is declined (or other kind of illness),then is my suggestion to call this: therafipeut or therafipeutics(from therapy,therapeutics). Please mr Sanjeev,send me also some songs of Rafi saab: Best Regards,dr jai ketwaru

  29. Jagmohan singh says:

    Dear sanjeev ji,I congratulate you on for your this valuable idea of new pathy and that is Rafipathy.This is the way to treat those patients who are suffering from depression and tension with the help of music.You have explored the idea which we were having in our minds.This is an excellent idea.When ever we are in a state of tension a single song of Rafi sahab gives energy and refreshment to the mind.This you can call Rafipathy.The second term RAFIOLOGY is again a valuable term with which we exchange our views about the great rafi Sahb.Every thing which is connected with the name and life of Rafi sahab is loving to us.we feel that as he was very close to us and our family.He is a source of inspiration for us.

  30. Sanjeevji you have written lovely article of rafisaab. thanks for it.

    shashank chickermane

  31. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Sanjeev Dixit ji,

    Very well said and very well written definitions for “Rafiology” and “Rafipathy”. Yes! These are not just two words; these are actually the real terms used to define the extra-ordinary impact created by Rafi Sahab’s singing on several generations (and much more generations still to come). You can not use these terms for every singer or even not for every singing legend. It is just suited to one or two singing legends like Rafi Sahab.

    I want to add another term in that. There are well-known terms in Urdu literature like “Ghalibyat” and “Iqbaliyat” which refers to study of Mirza Ghalib and Allama Iqbal. The study doesn’t include their literary work only, but also include their lives, their living styles, their habits, their letters, their sayings, life styles of their era, generation & locality, their social activities, political situations of their era, different anecdotes related with them and every thing about them which helps understand them properly. The same way, there is a term “Rafiyat” which deals with study about Rafi Sahab and it includes all the things mentioned above. All the articles being published on this particular web site comes under Rafiyat and this is a rich collection indeed. Again this term can not be related to every singer or every singing legend – this term just fits on Rafi Sahab as his singing possesses so many dimensions to study and share. Hopefully, all Rafi lovers will like this term too.

    Again thanks for sharing these two terms with us.

    Thanks and best regards.


  32. Nasreen says:

    What wondrous words!!! Rafi-pathy and Rafiology. I have just read the article and the comments. So thank you to both Sanjeev-ji and AS Murty-ji (for first thinking of the word Rafi-pathy). It may make one feel amused to hear it first but it feels absolutely natural for a Rafi Bhakt. I am one as is obvious, and I can say that no other medicine helps me when I feel down – only Rafi Saab’s songs. It is like a mother’s love; sweet, tender, indulgent, generous – and like a balm. Yes, these words mean a lot. This cure is better than any other.

    So – a thousand cheers for Rafi-pathy. And thank you, Sanjeev-ji and Murty-ji.

  33. nafisa says:

    rafipathy and rafiology are certainly apt terms for all our experiences listening to rafi songs.
    the legends voice had a certian special healing effects which made many a songs sound far better than they (songs) should. Rafi’s voice was redeeming feature of many mediocre compositions, that is what i have felt. specially for a classically trained singer, he has sung some compositions which i feel are ” bina sar pair ke”. specially the songs starting at a high pitch without any alap for support from any instruments. they sounded very good and melodious, and the musicians followed the lead from singer. ah! what melodious voice.

    is there any body who has sucessfully done a doctorate on mohd rafi?

  34. Ali says:

    Great job sir…..
    We are waiting more from u and thanks for giving many votes to mohd rafi and I hope we all do the same

  35. Kabeer Aman says:

    yeh bilkul solah aane sach hai…

    Teli pathy ho, ya lakh pathy ho ya karod pathy ho sab pathian rafipathy ke talabgar hain.

    RAFIOLOGY = RAFI NAAM BOLO JI > warna nau do gyarah HOLOJI = yeh Rafiology hai

    Fantastic words should be included in OXFORD dictionary.

  36. A S MURTY says:

    Sanjeevbhai, thanks for acknowledging. Today only after posting one song on facebook – Gulabi Gulabi Ankhon Se Tu Pilade To Main Peene Ka naam na lu from the film Banphool, there was a comment from a friend that I seem to be under a lot of “nasha” on Rafi Sahab these days. I remarked that yes indeed, since I have started taking the “Rafisky” (here another word for this article). Thanks again.

  37. Mr D P BIJOOR says:

    Sanjeevbhai indeed a lovely piece on the greatest ever Mohammed Rafi Sahab. Great thinking and great admiration in memory of the greatest ever. Please keep writing such lovely anecdotes on the beloved king of melody always.

  38. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Ref. Post 3 & 4
    Respected Murty ji,
    Yes sir, You are quite right.The Idea was originally given by you about the word “rafi-pathy”. I was also thinking that where i listened this word. Now i remembered that i came to know about this word VIA. facebook .
    Thanks a lot sir, for appreciating the detailed meaning of “rafi-pathy and rafiology” and giving me an inspiration to write an article on these two unique words.
    A very special thanks to you sir.

    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  39. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Ref. post no. 7
    Yogesh ji,
    Thanks for your response and please give me your Mail-id on which i will send you the link of RAFI SAHAB’S SONG.

    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  40. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    mohamedparvez ji,Jayant Sanya ji,KULDEEP GOPAL ji,Sudarshan Pandey ji,Yogesh Jadhav ji, Utthara didi,
    Thanks a lot for appreciating the article.I am grateful to Respected Murty sir, who given me an inspiration to write on this topic.
    Murty sir, Thank you so much to you specially.

    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  41. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Ref. Post 3 & 4
    Respected Murty ji,
    Yes sir, You are quite right.The Idea was originally given by you about the word “rafi-pathy”. I was also thinking that where i listened this word. Now i remembered that i came to know about this word VIA. facebook .
    Thanks a lot sir, for appreciating the detailed meaning of “rafi-pathy and rafiology” and giving me an inspiration to an article on these two unique words.

    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  42. Shaik Farooq says:

    ” Rafi sahab is the great legand singer of all time “

  43. Utthara says:


    bahut khoob. You have coined two words….they suit Rafi saab admirably. Sach, Rafi fans are students of Rafiology..trying to know about the various admirable facets of the man who was a thorough gentleman.
    Rafisaab ki awaaz mein woh jadu hai..hum unke awaaz sunte hi sare gham bhooljate hain. Whenever I am depressed I listen to tarif karun kya uski..such a fun-loving song…I end up laughing helplessly. He is certainly an anti-depressant.

    Thank you for such a lovely article.


  44. Yogesh Jadhav says:

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I am Yogesh from Maharashtra.

    Your idea is really good.

    I am also fan of Rafi Saheb and want to increase my collection of Rafi Saheb’s songs, could you please help me where I can get songs of Rafi Saheb ?


  45. Rafipathy has tremendous effect. I am not a Rafiologist, but I have found Rafipathy with no side effects.

  46. KULDEEP GOPAL says:

    Many Many thanks to Shri Sanjeev Kumar Dixit ji, mein to kahunga maine ishwar ki awaz apne kaano se suni hai aur sunta rahunga Rafi Sahab saath jo hain.

  47. A S MURTY says:

    Sanjeevbhai, after the last year’s rafi holiday at bangalore, a detailed article had been written on this website and in one of the comments, reproduced below, I had mentioned the word ; RAFIPATHY: quote :
    we left it at that hoping that we will cross the bridge when we approach the river. but friends, let me surprise you all with the disclosure that whatever was in our minds here in hyderabad, could have possibly been read by our friends in bangalore. it was as if telepathy was at work (we even coined the word rafipathy) as 14th november 2009 unfolded with precision like similarity between our thoughts and actual happenings. UNQUOTE

    Thus, as you can see, the word “rafipathy” was coined by me almost an year back and was in these very pages earlier. In recent times, I had used the same word on Facebook where several friends, including you, had “liked” it.


  48. A S MURTY says:

    Sanjeevbhai, behad achha likha hai aapne. But, you will agree that the word RAFIPATHY was first coined by me only, is it not ? Thanks for giving the detailed meanings of RAFIOLOGY also.

  49. Jayant Sanyal says:

    Dear Mr. Dixit,

    Your article leaves the reader with an inexplicable feeling which only the fans of Rafi Sahab will be bale to understand, and I am sure you will as well. Rafi sahab’s voice is simply not just another voice, it is the voice which has the capability of making an ordinary song look extraordinary. As the Late Manmohan Desai said once, ” Rafi Sahab ki Aawaz Khuda ki Aawaz”.

    Is shor bhare maahaul mein, sukun ek thadi lehar hai unki aawaz
    chintaaon aur kash-m-kash se bhare jeevan mein, thande paani ka chasma hai unki aawaz

    Congratulations! Enjoyed your article every bit
    I am sure, everyone else will!


  50. mohamedparvez says:

    dear sanjeev dixit ji i fully agree with you that ,if you feel depressed ,you will feel much better after you listen rafi saab”s songs, i have experienced feeling,when you listen rafi saab”s song,you get relaxation,this is nice kind of meditation, kindly visit my you tube channel ,total over 180 rare songs of rafi saab uploaded,kindly visit this links take care


    mohamed parvez

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