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Aai Baharon Ki Shaam

Article by Pradeep.

A song from Wapas, that takes the listener to the fantasy world full of dreams, clouds, open skies, moonlight, chillair, flowers etc., Rafi Sahab has breathed his emotions that takes us all into the virtual world. Lyrics by Majrooh Sahab and music by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

Download this song.

Aai Baharon Ki Sham, Kya Jaane, Phir Kiske Naam,
Tandi Hawa, Bheegi Fiza, Laayi Hai Phir, Kiska Salaam

Sitaron Ne Bandha Gagan Par, Sama Jaise Khilte Gulon Ka,
Sunsaan Sapnon Bhari Vadiyon Mein, Chandnise Sajhe Raaston Ka,
Ghata Ne Kiya Intazaam, Kya Jaane, Phir Kiske Naam,
Aai Baharon Ki Shaam..

Mein Gaata Hun Kis Dilruba Ki, Mohobbat Ki Rangeen Taraane,
Kaun Aanewala Hai Tanhaaiyon Mein, Chupke Chupke Yeh Dil Mein Na Jaane,
Dhadaktha Hai Kiska Payaam, Kya Jaane, Phir Kiske Naam,
Tandi Hawa, Bheegi Fiza, Laayi Hai Phir, Kiska Salaam,

Aai Baharon Ki Shaam, Kya Jaane, Phir Kiske Naam,
Aai Baharon Ki Shaam..

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17 Blog Comments to “Aai Baharon Ki Shaam”

  1. rafimurty says:

    Mrs. Ruhi Khan Ji, can you pls email the song mentioned by you as I do not seem to have the same. my email id is this end A.S.MURTY ???

  2. andy says:

    can some one send me the song mohabbat rang layegi sung by rafi saab.i dont wana hear it online i wana download it.pls do send me the song my email is

  3. meenakshi says:

    i want to download this song ..
    mohabbat rang layegi from movie poonam..Pl email me to

    I dunno wanna hear it online but download it ,so if you have it,,pl lemme know..
    Thanks much

  4. Nair says:

    Thanks Niranjan………really beautiful song.

  5. Ayub says:

    Can anyone somehow send me the song ‘Mohobbat Rang Layegi’ by Rafi Saheb? I’ve tried searching for it to download, but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere. Your help will be much appreciated, I have been looking for this song for a looooong time……

  6. Niranjan says:

    Dear friends, The song mohabbat rang layegi.. is available online here
    Lovely music..

  7. Ali says:

    I live in America,But this Song Aai Baharon Ki Sham….Gives me such a Pleasent touch and Reminds me my home, my parents and my everything sometime I start weeping….I really love this song by heart. this is the song of my Fantacy World. Its the Best

  8. Kap says:

    Hey Vimal, it wud be really appreciable if u can send the song ( ‘mohabbat rang …’ ) to me.
    My mail id is

    Thanking u in anticipation.


  9. sudhi says:


    A piece of trivia about this song. It is from “Poonam”, as you know it. And the leading lady is Poonam (Dhillon). Many years ago, my friends and I saw it in a movie theater in Bangalore, India. The name of the theater was… Poonam!

    And we tried very hard — but failed, to get a friend’s sister by name Poonam to come see the movie with us!

  10. sudhi says:


    Go to Type in singer “Chandrani Mukherjee” and only one song pops up — It is “Muhabbat Rang Laayegi”. The instrumental music is not original but Rafi’s voice is.

    I had been searching for this song online for YEARS. It is a lovely duet. I am sure you will enjoy listening to it.

  11. Vimal Kamadia says:

    dude…i have the song “mohabbat rang layegi” from poonam….i dunno how to send you… i could upload here if its allowed…or i can email the song…leave a reply…

  12. rkmt says:

    This is one of the master piece by the Gr8 Rafi saab. I could hear this song after a loooooooooooooooong time. Thanks. Similarly I was searching to listen a duet song by Rafi saab, the details are given belwo

    Song :- Mohabbat Rang Layegi Janab Ahista Ahista…
    Film :- POONAM
    Music :- Anu Mallik

    Can anyone tell me from which site I can hear this song ???

    A Rafi Fan

  13. Ruhi Khan says:

    This song is one of my personal favorites. I leave behind a rare song for all Rafi lovers….. this one is another gem, flawless.
    Reminds you of the highest quality in the silken / velvet touch…….
    Film Chandan Ka Palna
    Song Tumhein dekha hai maine gulsitan mein,
    Ke jannat dhoond lee hai is jahan mein

    Ruhi Khan
    Founder President of Rafi lovers Circle, Calcutta

  14. KG says:

    When it comes to actually taking a song from merely rendering to another level, there is no one really like Rafi Saab ever. And this song merely illustrates the fact. He just glides through the song; its more like a smooth easy caress; indeed a masterly rendition.

    There is another song which reminds me of this song- “Itni haseen itni jawaan raat kya karein”.

  15. safeer ahmad says:

    My life has been coloured by Mohd. Rafi’s voice. and this song is one of the top songs which takes me to another world. Other songs of my choice are:

    – Ba hosho hawaas main deewana, yeh aaj wasiyet karta hoon,
    – mujhe dard-e-dil ka pata na tha
    – Na ja kahin ab na jaa dil ke siwa.


  16. Madho Ram says:

    A great song indeed !!! Would like to know the name of the film.

  17. Ajay, Kabul, Afghanistan says:

    This is an outstaanding song composed in western theam by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. One of the best song of Rafi/LP combination. This song is from a black & white, low budget, non star cast, film and hence it has no media publicity. But a extremely melodious song.

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