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A tribute to Master Madan

This article is written by Mr. Anmol Singh.

Very few know about Master Madan. Master Madan is a singer who prospered in the 1930s as a teenager and passed away in the early 40s at the tender age of 15. It is believed that Master Madan was highly paid and used to sing at the AIR and Darbars of various Princely States during the British Rule. Master Madan was very close to the Legendary Singer K L Saigal since both belong to Jalandar, Punjab. Born on December 28, 1927 Master Madan started giving Raga based public performances at the age of 3 in 1930. His singing was considered a miracle in the World of Music in the 1930s.
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Possibly if Master Madan could have lived and been a full fledged play back singer in Bollywood, one never knows whether Rafi Saab could reached to such great heights. The same holds true for Lata Mangeshkar if Noor Jehan could have decided to continue in India after partition in 1947. Master Madan was of the same age of Rafi Saab perhaps younger by 2 to 3 years. There is no information whether apart from K L Saigal, Rafi Saab knew Master Madan personally.

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10 Blog Comments to “A tribute to Master Madan”

  1. Rahul says:

    Hear Kumar Gandharv’s recording when he was 16. Even he doesn’t compare with Master Madan. As a student of classical music myself, I can fathom the heights his short pieces of renditions take you to. Forget about Rafi, even classical greats would have had tough competition – who are several notches above the playback singers. On this thought I differ with Kalyani.

    Had he continued, he was have made a historic mark on the world of classical music – maybe not playback or “light music”

    His rendition was simply “extraordinaire” there is no question.

  2. altaf hussain says:


    Muhammad Rafi was an outstanding singer and one of the most influential playback singers that our part of the world has ever produced, a voice which captured millions of heart’s and whose songs touched all generations.

    This is the second time that I am going to comment about the master, who I had the privilege as a child to watch on stage at Bradford’s St George’s Hall, West Yorkshire [UK]. I actually grew up listening to his melodious voice as it soared all around me, whether I was watching a movie or listening to the radio set.

    There came a time in my life when I was just ten years old, that I got the chance of watching Muhammad Rafi [The Legend] live on stage and in person performing live to a captivated audience. I had to be forced to go by one of my family friends who had bought 2 tickets for us both, so he literally had to twist my arm into going with him.

    However whilst attending the gig I was totally baffled at what I had just experienced on stage, he was right ahead of me… yes Muhammad Rafi Sahab singing live. He kicked off the show with ‘Bari Door Se Aaye Hain’, followed by many of his recent hits and past famous songs such as ‘Hum Bekhudi Main Sanam’, ‘Parda Hai Parda’, ‘Hum To Chale Pardes’, ‘Kiya Hua Tera Vaada’, ‘Sar Par Topi Lal Rumal’, ‘O Duniya Ke Rakhwale’, ‘Punjabi track’, and some other hits.

    It’s been a long time now and for a ten year old it’s very hard to remember, but I never ever forgot that memorable night as some of it’s contents were captured onto one of those old movie cameras. Which were later distributed onto vhs tapes in the 80’s and sold for ridiculous high prices to anyone interested in buying a copy.

    My dear father bought himself a copy of that recording which I’ve watched innumerable times over the last 25 years or so, but my vhs tape is failing me now in 2007. So I am going to have it’s contents transferred onto dvd format, once I manage to grab myself a good machine… it’s been over 2 months now since my last post in December 2006, but would you believe it – I’m still looking for one.

    Once it’s been transferred entirely all onto dvd quality format, I can then distribute it by offering it to any buyers who will be interested in buying themselves a rare recording of the legendary Muhammad Rafi live in concert. Before all that I would like to put some clips on you tube first, just to give you a small little taste of what’s to come in the near future.

    You may email me whenever you have the time

  3. unknow1 says:

    As I think if there was Master Madan maybe as I think there can be some one 2 compare with mohd rafi because some people compare mohd rafi with some one that they are sure about that Mohd rafi is better than him or her.

  4. unknow1 says:

    Thanks sir Anmol,what u said about Master Madan I agree with u but about about Lata ji i don’t agree because I think there are better singer than Lata ji.

  5. mohanflora says:

    Dear Sagarsaab,

    I have sent a request letter for the rare Master Madan songs to you.
    Please follow up. Thanks for your offer to all of us! It is nice to see kind souls like you who go out of their way and time to fill in the blanks of many past lives and times.It will be a treat. THanks!

  6. mohanflora says:

    Thanks Anmol for the inputs on Master Madan,

    I had heard of him many years back but because of you I have got to hear some real gems on the At age 14 or lower his thumris and adayaas are great cheer to the ears. Just listen to him-He is beyond his years!

  7. sagar7772 says:

    ओह कमेंट किया पर दिखा नहीं एक बार फिर से ट्राई कर रहा हूँ

    मा. मदन बहुत ही उम्दा गायक थे, मेरे पास उनके गाये 7-8 गाने हैं अगर किसी भाई बहन को सुननें हो त मेल करें भेज दूंगा।

    sagarchand.nahar @

  8. sagar7772 says:

    Mr. madan bahut jilajawab singer rahe the.
    i have Mr. Madan’s 8 Songs. agar kisi ko chahiye to mel kare.

    sagarchan.naha @

  9. Anmol Singh says:

    Well it is just analysis, finally success is destiny driven. The purpose of highlighting Master Madan on this website is possibly he is of the same age , calibre and star sign (Capricorn) as that of Rafi Saab.

    I have not heard Master Madan sing, but people from the older generation in their 70s or 80s speak very high of Master Madan.

  10. kalyani says:

    Dear Anmol,
    well written and researched at the it is a sad story to tell and perhaps we have lost a good voice.
    However if Master Madan had a longivity it would no way would have affected versatile genuis like our Rafi Sahab but may be monotonous singers at that period would have lost some songs to the child prodigy.
    Also it is not correct to say that Noor Jahan begums continuation in India would have affected Lataji. No doubt there would be delay in getting popular .

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