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26 years later :my thoughts on July 31st,2006

This article is written by Mr. Naveen Zalpuri

Yet another July 31 went by but the popularity of our beloved Rafi Sahib seems to be ever increasing. It amazes me to see kids as young as 10 sing Rafi songs in the music programmes like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs. Zindagi Bar Nahin Bhoolege, Din Dhal jaye, Tum Mujhe Yoon Bhula, Rimjim ke yeh geet gayee, Dar-e-dil, Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho are some of the songs that young contestants attempted recently in this program. It is a tribute to Rafi’s superlative singing that a generation that was born after a dozen years of his passing away attempts his songs when they have a point to prove. In recent times singers like Sukhwinder Singh & Sonu Nigham have brought back singing difficult and challenging songs in vogue. That takes me back to the Rafi era when Rafi originally popularized such singing way back in 50’s. Composers like A.R.Rehman are still looking out for someone like Rafi. Besides his fans, Rafi is probably missed the most and also appreciated the most by the people who really know music. Again to my amazement couple of months ago in the Outlook survey of some prominent people in music indutry, looking at the top twenty songs that filled the four ranks, seven were the Rafi songs scattered across all the four ranks. The top ranking song was Man Re Tu Kahe Ko, a perennial classic , followed by Tere Mera Sapne and Din Dhal Jayee at rank 2. Jo Wada Kiya was ranked 3rd and Chura Liya Hai, Tum Jo Mil gaye ho and Mein Yeh Soochar ranked 4th.

Rafi has been the virtual guru and source of inspiration to many who aspire to be playback singers. And when you think that you are amongst the greatest fans, you are humbled to know about people who literally worship Rafi Sahib. Many budding singers from these music reality shows are adopting Rafi style. We will not get another Rafi in a million years but both music listeners and these singers will benefit immensely if they groom themselves drawing the inspiration from the greatest singer ever..

We thank you Rafi Sahib not only for providing treasure of masterpieces in your lifetime but also for being the inspiration for newer generation of singers who by looking up to the standards you have set are motivated to learn and deliver their best.

Naveen Zalpuri

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5 Blog Comments to “26 years later :my thoughts on July 31st,2006”

  1. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Nice article. Congrates Mr. Naveen Zalpuri.
    It really amazes me too when I see teen-agers singing rafi saab’s songs in music competitions. this is nothing, but magic of rafi saab…that will remain years and years…

  2. binus2000 says:

    Rafi and Rafi-ism is for ever like the sun the moon and the stars.
    All of these throw light whereas r a f i saab distributes melody,
    and the various human m o o d s .. .

    To say a phrase and a ad slogan : you cant beat a bajaj a n d
    rafi saab songs….

    binu nair rafi foundation mumbai

  3. Mohsin Rasheed Cheema says:

    I have listen all type of music and all singers specially in the sub-continent, but the singer who impressed me forever and his voice was so attractful that i can’t say about it, his songs are a part of my life. The person im going to mention is not need of introduction. He is the most famous singer “Muhammad Rafi”.

  4. Anmol Singh says:

    Mohammed Rafi is an institution by itself. By listening and following his style of singing, the way he applies the sur, the way he switches scales from low to high, high to low or medium, one can learn a lot. Rafi Saab’s voice have been explored by almost every music composer, who used their best work to be delivered by this great voice.

  5. Ali Baluch says:

    dear friends,
    when some one is sad his voice will be sad,It is same in singing when some one sing good we say that he is coping Mohd Rafi because Mohd Rafi is the end singing.

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