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The passionate praise

This is a review written by Gan Sharma, of a song that is well-known but probably not listened to with the passion it deserves!

Mohd Rafi with R.D.Burman

Mohd Rafi with R.D.Burman

It is well known that Rafi saab’s ability to sing a woman’s praise is unparalleled. There are hundreds of such songs that Rafi saab has sung, and many have been reviewed in this excellent website.

However, there is one song that I have not paid close attention to, and which falls in this category. You know how it is. Although it is a sin to fast-forward any Rafi song, you tend to gravitate towards your favourites, and skip songs in your iPod or CD to get to the next one. I have been guilty of this too!

Last week, as I was driving back from a friend’s place 240 kms away, I was listening to Rafi saab in my car, and was thinking of something else when this song (that I’d have ordinarily fast-forwarded!) was playing, and suddenly I thought, “My God, what a beautiful song, what beautiful words, and how magically has Rafi saab has sung it”.

I later looked up the song and found that it was from a movie released in 1980, the year the Master died, so it must have been one of his last few (tens? hundreds?) of songs; yet, the magic in his voice hadn’t faltered, his gentle enfolding of the beloved in passionate praise was as warm as ever. “Maine poocha chaand se…”, from Abdullah, picturized on Zeenat Aman and Sanjay Khan, is one of his enduring classics.

To those of us who are caught in a time-warp of the 50’s and 60’s, to diehard retro music fans like us, bred in the warmth of Sahir Ludhianvi and Shakeel Badayuni, and drowned in the music of Naushad and Madan Mohan, an Anand Bakshi / RD Burman number might seem, well, less than stellar. Not so, Rafi bhakton. This song has the magic of the best of them.

Watch the song Maine Poocha Chand Se from Abdullah. Coutesy imtiyaz123456 @ Youtube

Unbridled praise is difficult. When done improperly, it sounds cheesy, insincere and smacks of flattery. However, if the poetry is top-grade, and if Rafi saab sings it, such lavish praise seems just right, perfectly appropriate, and full of the warmth of passionate love. Let’s start with the words:

Maine poocha chand se ke dekha hai kahin, mera yaar sa haseen
Chand ne kaha, Chandni ki kasam, nahi nahi nahi

Maine yeh hi jaab tera dhoondha, har jageh shabab tera dhoondha
kaliyon se misaal teri poochi, phoolon me jawaab tera dhoondha
maine poocha baag se falak ho ya zameen, aisa phool hai kahin
baag ne kaha har kali ki kasam, nahi nahi nahi

Wah, saab! Tareef ho to aisa ho varna na ho! The poet has thrown restraint to the winds, and indulged in the most eloquent of praises. Metaphorically, the moon and moonlight are the ultimate benchmarks of beauty and fairness in Urdu poetry. You could compare the beloved to the moon, but rarely is it surpassed. Anand Bakshi decided to go for it, and did he ever?!

Is there such a flower as my beloved, the poet asks? Not just on terra firma, but on earth as well as in the heavens? The “nahi, nahi, nahi…” is reminiscent of definiteness; traditionally, saying yes (or no) thrice is a mark of absolute surety. There are no half-measures here. This is it, says the poet. She’s the best, the most wonderful. Take it or leave it!

Chaal hai ke mauj ki ravaani, Zulf hai ke raat ki kahani
Hont hain ke aaine kawal ke, aankh hai ke maikhadon ki rani
maine poocha jaam se falak ho ya zameen, aisi mai bhi hai kahin
jaam ne kaha mehkashi ki kasam, nahi nahi nahi

Oh, let’s go for it, says Anand Bakshi. Take every known metaphor for bewitching beauty, and break it up and cast it to the winds.  Whether it is the flow of waves, the hidden secrets of the night, the petals of the lotus or the charm of the tavern, they all are subservient to the beauty of my beloved. Her walk, her locks, her lips, they are not the best in the universe, they ARE the universe!!

Khoobsurati jo tune paayi, lut gayi khuda ki bas khudaayi
meer ke gazal kahun tujhe main, ya kahun khaiyyaam ki rubaayi
main jo poochun shayaron se aisa dilnashi koyi sheyr hai kahin
shayar kahen shayari ki kasam, nahi nahi nahi

“You want extravagance”, asks the poet, “You’ve got it”. This verse goes way beyond what’s ordinarily allowed, and is almost blasphemous! I’ll talk about the second line first. Those of you who are students of the ghazal, will know that the quintessence of all things beautiful is a poem by the great Meer Taqi Meer. Even Mirza Ghalib, the acknowledged master of the Urdu ghazal, said in the maqta of one of his poems, and which has his takhallus:

Rekhte ke tumheen ustaad naheen ho Ghalib!
Kehte hain agle zamaane mein koi Meer bhee thaa

To compare a beloved’s beauty to a Meer ghazal is almost outrageous, but to add to it the beauty of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam takes it to unprecedented heights. Bakshi saab knocked it out of the ballpark when he said, “lut gayi khuda ki bas khudaai”. There’s nothing left to be said. She’s the one; she’s the only; she’s a sight for the Gods, and she’s mine.

Aadmi khudgarz hota hai. I wish this song was picturized on Waheeda Rehman, my personal all-time favourite heroine, but you can’t ask for everything!!! Sanjay Khan and Zeenat Aman are quite all right; the scene is almost tastefully shot; I wish there was less physical contact in the song; it might have enhanced the beauty of the song if she’s worshipped instead of possessed.

Mohd Rafi with R.D.Burman

Mohd Rafi with R.D.Burman

Rahul Dev Burman once again proves that he was a brilliant music director. Some of us diehard Rafi fans berate him for using Kishore saab more than Rafi; I don’t comment on such things. Things are never what they seem, and there’s always an alternative viewpoint. However, beauty is usually a thing of quality, never quantity. In this song, RD Burman uses a mixture of modern instrumentation and old-style composition brilliantly; he knew that the complexity of the score would be handled with ease by Rafi saab.

Of course, that’s where all our ability to write ends. No one, and I repeat no one, can describe the beauty of Rafi’s singing. You just bask in the glory of his voice and the brilliance of his rendering. Only he could balance the melody with the passion in this song; the outrageous comparisons with the gentleness of ascribing divinity to the beloved; and the hot breath of longing passion with the coolness of a gentle brook. How else can you describe this beautiful singing, sung in the late evening of his life – but who’d know it? Rafi saab might have aged; his voice didn’t; his body might have sagged, but his passion for a beautiful song remained as firm as ever.

I will always cherish this song; I hope when you listen again to it, you’ll feel the beauty too, and turn to your beloved and say, “I love you”. For Rafi saab sang this song on your behalf, to your partner, whoever he or she may be. He gave us his all, never held back, and compared to his selflessness, even this song pales.

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70 Blog Comments to “The passionate praise”

  1. Narayan says:

    Mohan Pyare,
    Wah Wah Valla kya baat hai.. Aapne sahi farmaya hum log Rafi poojari hone ka bavjoodh kabhi 70s ke gaane ko bhool jaathe hai.
    Kya khoobsoorath gana Rafi sahab ke aur Panchamda ke aur lekhak saab ne bhi kamaal kya..
    Bahuth shukriya

  2. Nasreen says:

    Gan Sharma ji

    Read your post 38 in response to mine – and smiled that you wanted to marry Waheeda. she might have become accused of cradle snatching if that happened!! 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful how we had such romantic and passionate feelings (I mean through the silver screen) when we were younger ? And the climax is Rafi Saab’s voice. I mean, can you imagine indian movies of that romantic time without this voice? the particular romance that belongs to indian films of yesteryears would not have been possible without this voice. What a colourless world it would have been without the songs he has sung. Yes, I know the shayars wrote the words, the musicians gave the music – but without his voice, there would be no crowning glory – there would not be the heavenly and magical satisfaction that we get from listening. I can’t imagine a world without Rafi songs.

    I find that members (of this site) are giving examples of their favourite romantic songs of the great one. So I thought why should I be left out? So here some of my suggestions, apart from all the ones you guys have mentioned (although there is no song of Rafi Saab that I am not passionate about).

    1. Tere Mere Sapne ab ek rang hai
    2. Hai Tabassum Tera, dhoop khil gayi raat mein
    3. Likhe jo khat tujhe woh teri yaad mein
    4. Aise to na dekho ke humko nasha ho jaaye
    5. Bahaaron phool barsaao mera mahboob aaya hai
    6. Mere mahboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki qasam
    7. Ai husn zara jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye, badle meri taqdeer jo tu hosh me aaye
    8. Jab jab bahaar aayeaur phoo muskuraaye, mukhe tum yaad aaye
    9.. Rukh se zara naqaab utha do mere huzoor
    10. Meherbaan liku, haseena likhu ya dilruba likhu, hairaan hu ke aaj is khat me kya likhu…yeh mera prem patra parh kar ke tum naaraaz na hona, ke tum meri zindagi ho, ke tum meri bandagi ho (mmm how beautiful, which woman would not melt?)

    And all the ‘zulf songs’

    1. Yeh reshmi zulfien
    2. Yeh zulf agar khul ke bikhar jaaye to achha (another one which would make any woman go to pieces, the way he says ‘achha’)
    3. Na jhatko zulf se paani
    4. Tu mere saamne hai teri zulfein hain khuli
    5. Zulfon ko hata do chehre se, thora sa ujaala hone do
    6. Zindagi bhar nahin bhoolegi woh barsaat ki raat ….hai woh reshmi zulfon se barasta paani
    7. Teri zulfon se judaai to nahin maangi thi

    I know, I know the list will never end. After all, one cannot possibly list all Rafi saab’s songs here. They are all special because his voice is special. No words can do justice so I’d better stop here.

  3. gansharma says:

    Bijoor saab,

    What a beautiful and heartfelt comment…..thank you for writing, sir!

    Gan Sharma (Mohan)

  4. MR D P BIJOOR says:

    Gan Sharmajee,
    What a write-up on one of the finest renditions of dearest Rafi Saab. Please accept my compliments for the same. It is well said & believed that “khuda bhee aasman se jab iss dharthi ya zameen pe dekhata hoga mere pyaare Rafi Saab ko kisne banaya aur phir kyon humse cheena — sirf yahee sochata hoga”.
    Jab Rafi Saab ka dil zyada khushnuma ya phir bahot hee khush huwa karta tha tho aaise kahin unginat naghme unke pyare aur meethe gale se hum tak hamesha pahonchte thhe.
    Sharma Saab ab kya misal doon aaise paigambar ke bare mein jise pyaar se ye duniya Mohammed Rafi ke khoobsoorat naam se janenge aur sunenge bhee !!!
    Aisa Farishta ya Paigambar iss yug mein sirf ek hee baar paida hote hain Sir.

  5. BINU NAIR says:










    BINU NAIR : MUMBAI : CELL . 9833 250 701


  6. A S MURTY says:

    sudipji yes i did omit several hundreds of such songs. i only gave a few examples knowing fully well that all of you would add to that list. the gora aur kala song too was superb. what about the ‘dharti’ song – khuda bhi aasman se jab zameen par dekhta hoga, mere mehboob ko kisne banaya sochta hoga. then there are also ‘main nigahen tere chehre se hataoon kaise’, ‘yeh jo chilman hai dushman hai hamari’, etc etc.

  7. sudip_dat says:

    Murthy ji:
    You missed “aap ke haseen rukh” in post 27..To me it is the best of its kind.

    Also, how about this fast gem? Another case where the best song of the movie got least popularity..

  8. Sanjeev Kumar Dixit says:

    yes mohan ji,the i mentioned’SAU BAAR BANA KAR MALIK NE… of film EK RAAT’ is a rare song of RAFI sahab & i requesting 2 all RAFI fans pl listen it once again & enjoy the singing of RAFI ji.few more song are now in mind in which singing of RAFI ji is also too much heart touching- AIE PHULON KI RANI BAHARON KI MALIKA… of film-AARZOO,CHAUDAWAHIN KA CHAND HO YA AFTAB HO.. title song & NA JHATO JULF SE PANI… ETC.
    Sanjeev Dixit

  9. Ali says:

    Sir Sanjeev your song link for song sau baar bana kar malik ne sau baar mitaya hoga, tab ja kar ye HUSN muzassim is rang pe aaya hoga and only M Rafi can do the magic

  10. achal rangaswamy says:

    binu ji, this thread is becoming more and more interesting after gan sharma saab opened the subject..
    maana mere haseen sanam….quite clearly makes us all sing just one line for Rafi Saab…and also answers Ramesh saab’s query to me about what Rafi saab was not a master at..

    “par tu hai laajawaab tu, tera kahan jawaab hai”. thats for you rafi saab. i walked down Mohd Rafi Chowk last evening in Mumbai and told all those people who were with me- i may be here on business, but the real reason was to look for Rafi Saab.

  11. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Bina ji (Post 35),

    Thanks for the information about the song ‘Main to tere hansin khyaalon mein kho gayaa…’ Isn’t the song absolutely great? Also consider the fact that music directors were relatively unknown Lala Asad Sattaar (3-somes- first ever). They were some instruments players and formed a team to work independently and Rafi saab gave them such a gem. Another example of rafi saab’s total devotion to his work irrespective of set up, big names attached or not. He would just give his best.

  12. gansharma says:

    Sanjeev saab,

    Well said, sir! And yes, the song you’ve mentioned, although not too common, is an excellent one!


  13. gansharma says:

    Nasreen ji,

    Those were very kind words indeed. And I am glad, very glad, to have a fellow Waheeda fan! You know, I was a very young child (eight, to be precise) when my uncle took me to see Dil Diya Dard Liya. At the end of the movie, I had developed my two enduring ambitions – (a) to grow up and marry Waheeda Rehman (!!!!!!), and (b) to kill Pran. Such childish notions dispel quickly, but the images stay….later, I came to know what a gentleman Pran saab was, but the sweetness of the feeling for Waheeda stays till this day. She’s grace unparalleled.

    Thanks for a lovely note,


  14. Nasreen says:

    Gan Sharma ji

    I’m listening to the song while writing this. And your article has said just what all Rafi lovers feel. Hats off to you for writing with such punch. I also listen to Rafi saab’s songs while driving and find myself lowering the volume each time the instruments start and putting it up when his voice comes back on.

    And you are right about the picturisation too. Waheeda yes, yes, yes. She is the epitome of Indian beauty, decency, restrained passion (and that soft voice!!) ; and just the right amount of sharmeelee-ness if you know what I mean. the others so obviously put it on often. Farooque Shaikh and Rekha would not have been bad either, but chalo jo bh hai. There are millions of songs which have been wasted on inappropriate scenes and actors. But so what, the song does not get affected when you are listening anyway. You can just close your eyes and take the road to dreamland.

    The words of this song are over the top – as they are meant to be. And no one can do justice to such words but the voice of our idol.

    And you have done justice to the song by writing about it in such an impressive way. Thank you.

  15. Sanjeev Kumar Dixit says:

    thanks gan sharma ji for writing a very nice article dedicated to lovely love song of RAFI sahab. really ”husn ki tarif karne ka RAFI SAHAB amdaz hi nirala hai,aur unki gaayki ka to kahna hi kya..” nobody can sing like him.there is a one more beautiful song of RAFI sahab-
    1. sau baar bana kar malik ne sau baar mitaya hoga, tab ja kar ye HUSN muzassim is rang pe aaya hoga… of film- Ek Raat in m.d. of USHA KHANNA
    really RAFI ji u r great.

  16. Bina says:

    Chandar Saab:

    To my knowledge, alll songs in Aarti are written by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

    Haldar Saab:

    Yeh Amitabh Bachhchan waala gaana bahut hi khoob hai!

    Bhagchandani jee:

    Main toh tere haseen is from Sangram (1965) badhiya gaana!


  17. ritesh kumar says:

    s great and legendry singeri always listen himi am a big fan of rafi sahib he waa

  18. SIVA says:

    Dear friends, how about this song from a lesser known film:
    Aayee baharon ki sham, kya jane phir kiske naam…film is “Wapas” music–a very soulful and subdued Laxmikant Pyarelal!!-copletely different style of LP

    I would like to have your views on this rare song–I heard it after a very long time in Worldspace radio few days back. Here is the youtube link also:
    an added bonus in this youtube link–there is only audio-but some very rare and beautiful photos of Rafi sahab–you need to see/hear this twice because once you start listening to the song you would get lost in the magic created by Rafi. Hence do remember to listen first and then see the photos…..

  19. Nasir says:

    Wow Haldar Sahaab! (post 28)

    That’s a great discovery. The tune is akin; only the words are different.

    something like that.

  20. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Binu ji (Post 29)

    What a great song you mentioned!! (‘Maana mere hansin sanam tu rahk-e-mahtab hai….’ from the film ‘The Adventures of Robinhood’). It is pure magic, as good as any better known gems of Rafi. But sometimes certain songs do not get the kind of recognistion they deserve. The reason many times happens to be that these are picturized on lesser known actors. Cuople of more such songs that come to my mind are ‘Main to tere hanseen khyalon mein kho gaya….. (don’t remember the film), Teri aawaz ki jadugari se…. (Teri talaash mein), Nigahen na phero chale jaayenge hum…. (Yuvraaj), Rafi-Asha duet ‘Ae sabaa unse kah zaraa…. (Alibaba 40 chor)……. etc. etc. There are many.

  21. rangajee,

    very well expressed by you and you say rafi sahab was a master in wooing.

    is there anything he was not a master at ?


  22. BINU NAIR says:

    there is a romantic song wriitten by yogesh(his first song) of anand and rajnigandha fame. said he to me recently : “my favourite singer is mukesh, but the world’s best singer is mohd rafi”.

    the song is from adventures of robinhood , listen to this romantic number :
    tuned by g.s.kohli, ” Maana mere haseen sanam to rashk-e-maahtaab hai….
    the words are pure gold.

    binu nair

  23. P. Haldar says:

    This tune was originally used by pancham in pyar ki kahani (“koi aur duniya mein tumsa haseen hai” by rafi):

    I’d agree that the lyrics for “main ne poochha chand se” are superior.

  24. A S MURTY says:

    Mohan, your article has brought to the fore the very essence of ramantic singing and the unparalleled exponent of these feelings that rafi sahab was, reminds us of so many songs where praising the beauty with passion was the hallmark. let us compile such songs. here are my choices :
    1. husnwale tera jawab nahi
    2. tu mere saamne hai, teri zulfein hain khuli
    3. mana mere haseen sanam tu rashke mahtab hai
    4. yeh zulf agar khulke bikhar jaye to achha
    5. ab kya misaal du mein tumhare shabab ki
    6. koi phool na khilta yeh kali bhi na hoti zindagi bhi na hoti agar tu na hoti
    7. poochhe jo koi mujhse bahar kaisi hoti hai
    … more from you all.

    a s murty
    rafi foundation,
    hyderabad chapter

  25. Siva says:

    Achal ji, Gan Sharma ji
    You are absolutely right-of all the genres that Rafi sahab sang, the romantic songs are definitely the best as per my personal opinion. Of course every Rafi fan likes all the type of songs sung by him, but the romantic songs are always very close to our heart–like Chaudvin ka chand, Tu mere samne hai, Ek haseen shaam ko(oh God what a beauty in the way he sings s.h..a..a..m ko!!) , tere mere sapne ab ek rang hai..the list shall go on and on as you have said….we should have a separate article on this..

  26. gansharma says:

    Achal saab,

    beautiful comments. simply beautiful. indeed, if we listed all the songs of Rafi singing the praise of a beloved, we’d be here till eternity.

    And each one is better than the other!


  27. achal rangaswamy says:

    gan sharma ji

    i clicked on the send button and then remembered a gem

    “zindagi bhar nahin bhoolegi woh barsaat ki raat”.
    an earlier post, by bina ji talks of gesu khule to shaam ke dil se…” it immediately reminded me of sahir ludhianvi’s reference to “hai woh reshmi zulfein se barasta paani, phool se gaalon pe rukne ko tarasta paani”….roshan saab did a wonderful and soft composition.

    i guess if we sit down to list all of rafi saab’s songs praising a lady, we will all grow old..and older !!!!

    i am now convinced, that he was a master in the art of wooing.

    dekha na karo tum aaina kahin khud ki nazar na lagey, chashme buddoor!!

    achal rangaswamy

  28. achal rangaswamy says:

    gan sharma saab

    this was a wonderful piece. and that too on a superbly sung song by rafi saab.

    maine poocha chaand se maintained and consolidated rafi saab’s mastery on this genre of singing. the two songs that i always loved to hear on a similar theme have been-
    “husn se chaand bhi sharmaaya hai, teri surat ne gazab dhaaya hai”
    “tu mere saamne hai, teri zulfein hai khuli”

    rafi saab truly sang his heart out for the lady love in the movie.

    romanticism, thy name is Rafi

    achal rangaswamy

  29. gansharma says:

    Chandar saab,

    I do believe that Bina ji is right: the lyricist for “Ab Kya Misal Doon” is Majrooh Sultanpuri, not Sahir Ludhianvi…..


  30. S.Chandar says:


    One correction. The song, “Ab kya misal doon” was written by Sahir and not Majrooh.


  31. gansharma says:

    Dear Binu Nair,

    Thanks for your kind words….


  32. binu nair says:

    GYAN-SHARMAJI…… the song is great, rafi saaheb as usual sang his heart out inspite of health problems and a not so friendly composer whose main singer was kk.
    anand bakshi rarely wrote some good stuff like maine poocha chaand se and for majrooj saaheb it was a habit to write songs like, ab kya misal doo as mentioned by binaji..
    wonder ful songs from the maestro…. congrats for the great write up….

    binu nair, mumbai

  33. gansharma says:

    Hussain Sheikh saab,

    I didn’t know this about SDB saab and this song. Thanks for sharing!

  34. gan sharma says:

    Ramesh Kurpad saab,

    Thanks for a detailed response to my article. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Yes sir, it is difficult to describe Rafi saab’s singing. “Wah wah” kehne me bhee sharm aati hati, because it seems patronizing. he undoubtedly had divine grace, but he must have practiced so hard, gone through so much pain to produce excellence. Sirf “wah wah” kehne wale to unme se hai jinko payal ke ghamon ka ilm naheen aur jhankaar ki baaten karte hai. Hamari to sirf itni aukat hai ki hum master ge gane sune, aur mehsoos karen ki for generations to come, mankind will never cease to wonder that such a man as this ever walked on this earth. Aur royen, kee vo hamare beech ab naheen hai.


  35. Hussein Sheikh says:

    A short but nice article to read. This song is so beautifully sung by Rafi Saheb, that after so many years one can hear it again and again. Accually this song was originally recorded by S.D. Burman in the 60s, but, unfortunately it could not be included in the film. Years later in the late 70s, R.D. Burman recorded again this song with the master and the result is the song became super hit.

  36. gan sharma says:

    Dear Shiva saab, Anwar saab, MVK saab, Javed Saayed saab,

    Many, many thanks!

    Shiva ji, yes, u hit the nail on the head. The different ways in which he sings “nahi” is terrific…especially when he drags out the last of the three.

    Anwar saab, RDB was clearly a great music director: yesterday, I was listening to Baharon Ke Sapne, and he’s produced some awesome stuff in it.

    MVK saab, That was very lavish praise… inspires me to keep writing! Many thanks, sir!

    Javed Sayyed saab, Many thanks sir! And yes, I must agree that Bina ji’s commentary is invariably well thought out and well written. Ab kya misal doon is a truly great song, without a doubt.

    Gan (Mohan)

  37. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Dear Mr Gan Sharma a.k.a Mohan,
    Nice detailing & writeup. Such contributions from gifted people gives a different perspective to the audiences on the immense wealth in store, & if it is Rafi Sahabs songs, then it is divine.
    Dear Bina, as always, U add your own unique dimension to any article due to your passion for Rafi Sahab & his music, his personality. Ab Kya misal doon is thoroughly seeped in emotion & is a true gem. Rafi sahab is Rafi sahab!!!

  38. A S MURTY says:

    a new tv channel – fida- is telecasting continuously songs of yesteryears, in particular songs of rafi sahab, aplenty. the channel would like to telecast only rafi sahab’s songs on 24th december 2009 on the occasion of 85th birth anniversary of rafi sahab. but they are short of audio and video cds, particularly the live shows etc. if any one can help them, please do get in touch with mr harish singh (md) 098157 00037 or mr ashu 092160 88933 (media manager). please however ensure that we ourselves do not indulge in any piracy and rather gift them audio/video cds purchased from reputed music companies. besides this any other data that we can share with them on rafi sahab will be of immense help. we have suggested them to buy and seek the permission of films division for the telecast of the documentary on rafi sahab. the email id of the channel is :

    let us all contribute for the celebration of rafi sahab’s 85th birthday on 24th december 2009 by being of help to the channel. also, this being a pan-india channel, maybe you can tune your tv sets to see if you get the same. we are getting the channel in some parts of hyderabad (depending on the cable tv network that is available in various localities).

    Sorry for being off-track from the article itself, but as this is the latest article, i thought of inserting this important piece of information here.

    a s murty
    rafi foundation,
    hyderabad chapter

  39. Gan Sharma (Mohan) says:

    Hello all,

    Many thanks for your lovely comments and for your appreciation.

    Shashank saab,

    What you say is 100% true!

    Murty saab,

    Very well said, Sir! This song clearly deserves to be included in at least some mehfils, but is usually not. There are many such!


    Ab kya misaal doon…….yes, what a beautiful number, and yes, the words are extravagantly wonderful, just like in this song. That was an astute observation: thanks!! I should write about Ab kya misaal doon……

    Ali saab,

    Thanks for your comments. Most comparisons are odious, and we all know that we are best served when we enjoy any good song, whatever the source! You are right, though – Rafi saab’s wonderful rendering of this RDB number makes it a classic!

    NR Padmanabhan saab: Excellently put, sir!! And many thanks for your very kind comments!

    Guru ji, how true!! How very true!! The examples you’ve quoted are so relevant, and so apt. One more was “Rulaya ke gaya sapna” from Jewel Thief; I uses to FF this song as well, till I recently paid attention to it while watching the movie again (for the nth time)!!

    Warm regards,


  40. m v krishnan says:

    Dear Mohan,

    In the normal course this song would have escaped my attention, but as I read your article I was fascinated enough to listen to this song again. What has uplifted this song more than Rafisaab’s impeccable singing is your excellent article. For me a run of the mill song turned into an outstanding song after reading your review.

    M V Krishnan

  41. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Gan Sharma ji,

    This song always inspired me very much and I am one of those who never fast forwarded it!
    You correctly mentioned that lyrics are awesome, composition is very melodious and Rafi sahab’s rendition of song is simply out of this world. Many thanks and congratulations for writing such a beautiful piece of article for a beautiful song of late 80s by the great singer. Specially your description on lyrics is really great and worthwhile to read many times.

    In fact I admired R D Burman very much along with other great composers. For me, he is also a great composer and composed many melodious songs (like this one) which unfortunately burried deep under his less melodious work. Anyway, he is also a great composer and provided many brilliant songs to us.

    Thanks and best regards.


  42. Siva says:

    Dear Gan Sharma ji
    Thanks for a refreshing review of this song. The way Rafi sahab stresses the lines “baag kaha”,, “jaam ne kaha”,, “shayar kahe”…with his typical style makes such songs evergreen. Similarly note the 3 different ways in which he says “nahi”…….out of the world
    This is one of the rare songs of 80’s with so much of melody and lyrical beauty. Your review makes it even more beautiful…keep writing..

  43. A S MURTY says:

    Husn ki tareef karna koi rafi sahab se seekhe. Bina, hundreds of songs of Rafi Sahab are in praise of the beauty. KOI AUR DUNIYA MEIN TUMSA HASEEN HAI is yet another fantastic song by rafi sahab.

  44. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    How true, some times, we fast forward certain songs but once hear them attentiverly, we reflect on the beauty of the song. I used to do the same thing with so many songs like the present subject as well as Na Jaane Kyun, Dheere Dheere Machal, Kahin Bekhayal Hokar, etc. but once I heard them properly, I look forward to these songs.

    Beautiful write up. This song shows two things very clearly, one, Rafi was Rafi even in eighties and another whenever RDB teamed up with Rafi, it was sheer magic.

  45. Padmanabhan NR says:

    Dear Gan Sharma a.k.a Mohan,

    Congrats for a brilliant piece. it is not only you but all of us at various times, who get hitched to popular rafi saahab numbers and miss out on critically appraising other gems. this particular song is a case in point.

    This incomparable maestro had everything in his delivery and used to belt out the same simply and effortlessly, what finally came thru being a timeless delight. And if he was also afforded powerful lyrics and melodious tune, his heart and soul added that much extra to make it a listener’s favourite. we have experienced it so often and so many times.

    your write-up has re-introduced us to this unforgettable song in a way that we had not experienced thus far. we know that you have your own way of playing around the words as to derive the maximum impact. that enables us to enjoy us the song in retrospect, in totality, in perspective and even hindsight.

    More power to your pen….err…keyboard !

    Padmanabhan NR

    Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter & baar Baar rafi, Bangalore.

  46. Ali(unknow) says:

    Sir we m Rafi fans have no problem with RD burman but the problem comes when some one say that RD Burman is better than SJ or Madan mohan or Naushand or some one same that KK gave better songs to RD than M Rafi and I you you see on this song no one else can do as done by Mohd rafi………..

  47. Bina says:


    Aisa kai baar hota hai na bhaisaab ke there are moments when you suddenly actually notice a song, like on a long drive and on repetitive hearing something about that song strikes you and you are inspired to write about it..

    You are right..its a song that I always fast forward…its not preferred one..I am not as much a fan of 80s songs as I am of pre-80s ones…be it any singer, for that matter. But with the beauty of your writeup the song now has become more appealing to me and that is the magic when someone actually brings out the nuances of the song and makes you sit up and notice it…you have done just that for me…

    This song reminded me of another Rafi outstanding i go back to my beloved Rafi in the 60st..the description of the beloved in this song is extremely beautiful (any woman would feel honored by such fine poetry), written by none other than Majrooh, and Roshan has lovingly tuned it to perfection..and Rafi Saab’s voice is aaahh..undefinable..I would like you to hear the song Mohan and enoy the lyrics too…

    ghesu khule toh shaam ke dil se dhuan uthe..woww!

    Ab kya misaal doon main tumhare shabab ki
    insaan ban gayi hai kiran mahtaab ki

    chehre mein ghul gaya hai haseen chaandni ka noor
    aankhon mein hai chaman ki jawaan raat ka suroor
    gardan hai ek jhuki hui daali gulab ki…
    ab kya misaal doon main tumhare shabah ki

    ghesu khule toh shaam ke dil se dhuan uthe
    choole kadam toh jhukake na phir aasmaan uthe
    sau baar jhilmilaye shama aftaab ki…
    Ab kya misaal doon main tumhare shabab ki

    deewar-o-dar ka rang, yeh aanchal, yeh payrahan
    ghar ka mera chiraag hai bhootha sa yeh badan
    tasveer ho tumhi mere jannat ke khwaab ki
    ab kya misaal doon main tumhare shabab ki..



  48. gan ganapati mohan pyaarey –

    rafi sahab took this great song to such great heights is known to all but my friend your views coming as usual straight from the bottom most portions of your heart are really touching, reall, emtional and takes all us rafi fans to a space where we can only feel rafi sahab’s divine renditon.

    yes – i am fully in agreement with the thoughts you have brought out and that these great people could bring such a song as late as 1980 is all the more fascinating.

    mere dost –

    ” nazakat naazninonki bananeysey nahi aathi ”
    ” khudaa jab husnn deta hai – toh aahi jaathi hai”

    mere dost –

    your last two para’s – made me weep – you dwelled on rafi sahab heavily – i can – if i wish to – continue from where you ended – but –

    those two para’s so eloquently written by you – will get a rejoinder from me in a weeks time.

    i shall then wait for your – continuation to my views.

    keep writing mohan – let the brilliant light fall on all of us – and may we enjoy your prose and poetry in tandem as frequently as possible.

    great write up – undoubtedly.


  49. A S MURTY says:

    Many many thanks for reviewing this gem of a song from Abdullah, Mohan. This has been a favourite of mine for long and I found in recent times many more in our group here in Hyderabad love this song though they have never sung the song in our sessions. But above all, you have written exactly whatever is in our minds and which we could never express ourselves. Such eloquent description of the poetry by anand bakshi (I agree we tend to miss out on the essence of the poetry more often). rendition by rafi sahab even in the 1980s was class apart and this is one of the several hundreds of grandstand songs by rafi sahab in praise of the beauty of a loved one. thanks for the lovely write up. Compliments fully to the song.

  50. shashank says:

    Thank you Gan Sharmaji.

    Really a superb article. There is no words to say about this song. The way Rafisahab sang, lyric writer Anand Bakshi wrote and music given by RDBurman was a fantastic!!. Whenever i hear this song, i feel i m going somewhere else. Kya baat hai yeh gaane ka, jawab nahi.


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