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Romantic Dev Anand with Rafi Songs

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy

Mohd Rafi with Dev AnandDev Anand was called evergreen hero because of his looks, boyish charm, his style, his positive energy and perhaps also due to the fact that he acted with maximum heroines in his career. The songs he sang on screen added to his romantic image whether the Singer was Rafi or KK or Talat or Hemant or even Mannadey (‘Chale Ja Rahe Hain, Mohabbat Ke Maare’ from Meena Kumari starrer Kinare Kinare). Songs from his fiftees and especially early sixties were mainly instrumental in popularising his movies.

However, personally I feel his youthful charm was intact up to 1970 and later the old charm diminished. One reason was his boyish charm was missing in his later movies, other reason being his changed hair style. But perhaps the main reason was that his songs lost the romantic touch of his earlier films.

His earlier films had wonderful romantic songs like “Dil Ka Bhanwar”, “Tu Kahan”, “Dekho Roota Na Karo” and title song (Tere Ghar Ke Saamne), “Ek But Banaunga”, “Gori Zara Hansde Tu”, “Tuzhe Jeevan Ki Dor Se” and title song (Asli Naqli), “Bin Dekhe Aur Bin Pehchaane” and title song apart from the two duets “Sau Saal Pehle” and “Ye Aankhen” (Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai), “Aise To Na Dekho” and “Kahin Bekhayal” (Teen Deviyan), “Mera Man Tera” (Gambler), “Jawan Tum Ho” and “Phalsafa” (Duniya), “Tere Mere Sapne” (Guide), “Akela Hun Main” (Baat Ek Raat Ki), “Khoya Khoya Chaand”, “Rimzhim Ke Tarane” and “Apni To Har Aah” (Kala Bazaar), “Dil Pukare” (Jewel Thief), “Main Zindagi Ka Saath” and “Abhi Na Jao” (Hum Dono), “Aankhon Hi Aankhon Me” (CID), “Kali Ke Roop Me” and “Aaja Panchi Akela Hai” (Nau Do Gyarah), “Deewana Mastana” (Bambai Ka Babu), “Achaji Main Haari Chalo” (Kala Paani), “Dekh Hame Aawaz Na Dena” (Amar Deep), “Sun Sun Sunre Balam” and title song (Pyaar Mohabbat), “Teri Tasveer Bhi” (Kinare Kinare), “Tasaveer Teri Dilme”, “Koi Soneke Dilwala” and “Zindagi Hai Kya” (Maya), “Dheere Dheere Chal”, “Kahan Ja Rahe The” and “Ek Nazar Me Dil Bechara Hogaya LBW” (Love Marriage), “Hum Tuzhe Dhoonda Lenge” (Mahal), “Chupakese Mile” (Manzil), etc. all sung by Rafiji which made him the heart-throb of millions of ladies. Even late seventies had the Rafi number “Logon Ka Dil” in Man Pasand.

Of course, serious songs sung by Rafiji like “Kyase Kya” and “Din Dhal Jaye” (Guide), “Kabhi Khud Pe” (Hum Dono), “Sunle Tu Dilki Sada” (TGKS), “Teri Zhulfonse” (JPKHH), “Saathi Na Koi Manzil” (Bambai Ka Babu), “Hum Bekhudi Me” (Kala Paani), “Sawan Ke Mahine” and “Kabhi Na Kabhi” (Sharabi), “Tinakanastar” (Love Marriage), etc. added luster to his movies.

Mohd Rafi with Dev Anand

By the by, who sang the “O Shalu” in “Hoton Me Aisi Baat” of Jewel Thief. It appeared like Rafi or was it Balbir.

Even songs of that era sung by Kishore like “Mana Janab Ne”, “Hai Hai Ye Nigahen” and “Chodado Aanchal” (Paying Guest), “Dil Aaj Shayar”, “Kaisa Hai” and “Choodi Nahi Ye Mera” (Gambler), “Phoolon Ke Rangse” (Prem Pujari), “Khabo Tum Ya”, “Likha Hai Teri”, “Uf Kitni Tandi” and “Are Yaar” (Teen Deviyan), “Ye Duniyawale Poochenge” and “Tu Kya Jaane Din Raat Hum” (Mahal), “Ye Dil” and “Aasman Ke Neeche” (Jewel Thief), “Debi Chuke Hum” (Jaal), “Hum Hai Raahi Pyaar Ke” and “Aankhon Me Kya Ji” (Nau Do Gyarah), “Ae Meri Topi” and “Dukhi Man Mere” (Funtoosh), “Gaata Rahe” (Guide), “Dooriyan Nazadeekiyan” (Duniya), “Jeevan Ke Safar Me Rahi” (Munimji), etc. maintained his romantic image.

Even Hemant Kumar maintained Dev’s image in movies like House No. 44 (“Chup Hai Dharti” and “Teri Duniya Me”), Baat Ek Raat Ki (“Na Tum Hame Jaano”), Shart (“Gup Chup Gup Chup Pyaar Karen”), Patita (“Yaad Kiya Dilne Kahan Ho Tum”), Solvan Saal (“Hai Apna Dil”), Jaal (“Ye Raat Ye Chandani”), Maya (“Ae Dil Kahan Teri Manzil”), etc. Talat Mehamood gave wonderful songs in movies like Taxi Driver (“Jaye To Jaye Kahan”), Roop Ki Raani Choron Ka Raja (Title song and “Tum To Dilke Taar Chedakar”) keeping up Dev’s romantic image. Even Kavi Pradeep sang for Dev – “Daane Daane Pe Likha Hai” and Subit Sen in Maya duet with Lata – “Phir Ek Baar Kaho”. Incidentally, both Mukesh and Mahendra Kapoor have not sung for Dev Anand, Bambai Ka Babu’s “Chal Re Sajani” by Mukesh came in the back-ground.

But later perhaps after Prem Pujari and Gambler, his songs became pedestrian and far from melodious. Even though films like Tere Mere Sapne, Heera Panna, Warrant, Hare Rama Hare Krishna and Des Pardes had good songs, the songs were for matured character and not for a young romantic hero.

Even though sung by Dev’s favourite Singer KK, the old magic was totally missing in films like Amir Garib, Joshila, Sahib Bahadur, Prem Shastra, Jaaneman, Jhony Mera Naam (though a commercial hit perhaps mainly due to Padma Khanna’s dance), Loot Maar, Ishq Ishq Ishq, Yeh Gulistan Hamara, Anand Aur Anand, Shareef Badmash, Swami Dada, Hum Naujawan, Kalabaaz, Bullet, Banarsi Babu, Darling Darling (of course, “Aise Na muzhe Tum Dekho” of KK was good, but the duet “Tuzhame” sung by KK and Asha was similar to Mehamood’s Ginny Aur Jhonny duet “Kahoon Kya” by Rafi and Asha), Chupa Rustam (except “Dhirese Jana”), etc. After KK’s death, it became much worse.

After 1975, Dev’s songs are hardly remembered. In fact, Dev’s films all along were known for their songs but the later films robbed the audience of this vital feature of his films. Probably, he missed his old set of Music Directors like SDB, OPN, SJ and new MDs like LP, RDB, RR could not recreate the same magic. No wonder almost all his later films were commercial flops.

Even now Dev Anand is always remembered for his pre 1970 films and songs but his post 1970 films and songs are hardly remembered.

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44 Blog Comments to “Romantic Dev Anand with Rafi Songs”

  1. BALU says:

    rafi saheb’s playback song for dev anand perfectly fit, similarly, to dilip kumar, rajendra kumar, shammi kapoor, guru dutt and of course, johnny walker. his voice is fabulous. sound and expression from the lips is so nice and clear, no singer in india can compete rafi saheb at any stage and there would be no RAFI SAHEB, only Rafi Saheb can ……….. none can fill his vacum. rafi saheb is the gift of god to we, indians in particular and to all citizens of loving his songs in general. he is such a noble soul. although by body he is missing forever, however, his voice will remain as long as Ganga & Yamuna flow on Mother Earth. i salute him and his music directors at all stages. BALU

  2. Niteen says:

    Great M.Raffi Saheb,
    Because Raffi saheb was the only a great singer,and nobody can compare his great voice with even any oldies,so no question of new singers.Afshos Mohamed Raffi Saheb will be remembered for a long long ———— say forever.I have also heard from new youngsters that they do like and enjoy fully M. RAFFI SAHEB’S SONGS VERY MUCH.


  3. H.Anant says:

    I am passionately in love with Rafi saab’s song, especially those featuring devsaab. Recently, I came across an article abt music director OP Nayyar. It said that one point of time OP fell apart with Rafi saab. Earlier we know of the incident where Lata Mangeshkar stopped singing duet with Rafi saab, on Royalty issue which Rafi saab did not support. Again there was some altercation between the two on recording of ” dheere dheere chal chand gagan mein” composed by Salil Chowdhury. where Rafi saab felt belittled. I am at a loss to think why this kind of situation occured especially with Rafi Saab. I wish to know what exactly happened at the recording of song, and also much to my surprise with OP Nayyar who had created hits after hits with Rafi & Asha Bhonsle. I am deeply hurt to know the trauma Rafi saab had to undergo after such incidents.
    Can Gurumurti ji or anyone else please enlighten me on this.

  4. Harish Bhardwaj says:

    Rafi saab has so meticulously contributed to the romantic image of Dev Anand. If we minus those heart throbbing songs of Mohd.Rafi from Dev’s film career, the entire charm of Dev would be lost. Dev looked so cute and perfect in those songs rendered by Great Rafi saab in 50s and 60s. Remember Deewana Mastaana hua dil (BkB), Sau saal pahle (JPKHH).., Achchha ji mein hari chalo maan jao na (KP), so jaa panchhi akela hai(9211), teri zulfon se judai to nahi(JPKHH)….. Sathi na koi manzil (BkB)l… khyoa khoya chaand (KB)..Who else could bring this kind of perfection in establishing impeccable style of Dev Anand. It was Rafi…Rafi and only Rafi Saab. Dev Anand has been miser in attributing his screen success to Great Rafi saab

  5. Hari Anant says:

    Combination of Rafi- Dev duo is simply unmatched. When Rafi gives play back on Dev for “dil ka bhanwar…., dil dhal jaye, dheere dheerre chal chaand gagan mein, apni to har aah ik toofan hai, yeh aankhein oof yun maa, hum bekhudi mein tumko pukare chale… , abhi na jao chhod kar, mein zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya etc. The list is unending. Rafi saab’s playback looked perfect on dev’s lips and on his body language. How handsome Dev looked attired in black outfits, scarf, and killing smile in those romantic songs singing with Nutan, madhubala, waheeda, mala sinha, sadhna, etc.etc. Dev Anand of B&W era and songs rendered by Rafi saab for him touch you so deep in heart. Thanks ! however, to Gurumurthi ji for a wonderful write up.

  6. Khalid says:

    Great man,gift frm god,

  7. Ramesh Narayan G. says:

    Rafi is a great singer but one should not forget that young generations were wrapped up with KK and RDB.
    Narayan(article 18) say “Kishore hoarse” Perhaps he haven’t listen the sweet voice of Kishore’s song “Thandi hawa yeh chandni suhani…” from Jhumroo or “Yeh jeevan hai..” There are so many other hit songs with melodious voice of Kishore.
    To me, the music directors like SDB who always create new magic numbers and on top of that actors like Dev, Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh khanna, Amitabh, etc makes it hit and ofcourse we need the voices of Rafi & Kishore. Some of the people may not be aware that most of the songs of Kishore and Hemant are still popular today just as Rafi’s background , picturised on DEV. The movies are Munimji, Paying Guest, Nau Do Gyarah, House No. 44, Teen Deviyan, Baat Ek Raat Ki, Jewel Thief, etc. Kishore was busy in acting in those days and he was not a regular playback singer like Rafi, Hemant, Mukesh, Talat and others.
    By the way the song “Yeh dil kahan teri manzil was sung by Dwijen Mukerji in MAYA (Dev-Mala Sinha starrer).
    One must remember, the fans of Dev are dead or old and he cannot pull crowd like before even though some of his latest movies have better stories and directions with so many latest movies with junk songs that still able to pull bigger crowd. New generations have taken over. Now one will hear Sonu Nigam, Udit, Kumar Sanu, etc in weddings and parties.
    I know a girl who likes Talat as best singer and there are others who like Mukesh’s songs than any other. I like listening to all hit numbers regardless of singer. I still love to listen old songs of Hum Dono, Paying Guest, Guide, House No. 44. Jewel Thief, Nau Do Gyarah, Manzil, Teen Deviyan, Munimji, Solva Saal, Tere Ghar Ke Samne, etc are some of my favourites.
    I salute to Rafi, Kishore and others for giving us the most melodious songs during our young days which were worthy of listening even today.

  8. sheelas says:

    also i want to really say that hes a grrroooovvvvy guy and soooooo handsom . when i was a kid my mom used to take me to see all his movies and now i buy videos to watch all his blk and white movies. to be honest all his songs matched him so well that it just leaves u spellbound. romantic and awesome. i thk i have a crush on him. bye sheela. i really want him to get this msg and thats why iv asked for his email id.

  9. sheelas says:

    hi have been tryin g to get devanand email id but m unable to do so. i really want to comliment hm on his achievements. could u pl pl pl help me..sheela

  10. Ateb Shaikh - Pune says:

    Dear Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy

    the words “O shalu” in the song jewel thief was not sung by rafi sahab or balbir. Infact it was Bhupinder Singh !!

  11. Raajkumar Akela says:

    My Dear Friends !
    Today is 31st July…an inauspicious day for all the music lovers.
    Today, in 1980, we lost our beloved singer Padmashree Mohammad
    Rafi Sahab. He was not less than an angel.
    Let us remember him on this day and pray for his divine soul !
    May God bless his soul eternal peace in the heaven !!!
    -Raajkumar Akela

    ज़मी से फलक तक सभी आँख नम है
    सभी के दिलों मे बसा एक गम है
    कहाँ खो गया वो सुरों का सिकंदर
    बिना जिसके संगीत का सूर एक कम है

    -राजकुमार “अकेला”

  12. Bhaskar says:

    Mukesh has infact subg a few songs fort Dev Anand very ealy in his carier. For eg in Vidya( 1948 )

  13. Bernard N. Singh says:
    Check out this website itll prove that Mukesh did sing for Dev Anand!!!

  14. Dhani Ram says:

    Binu Nair Ji and Santoshji.

    Coming back to voice control.Actually,Santosh Sir has misunderstood the pause in Chaudhvin ka chand song.The song has three stanzas.The pause in each line comes in the middle as it is appropriate but in the second stanza pause comes after Jaane Bahar.

    Let us understand the absolutely wonderful pause there.It is like this:

    Jaane Bahar,tum kisi shayar ka khwab ho.

    The beloved is addressed as Jaane Bahar.In writing when we address someone,we place a comma after that. Let us say that I say: Mr Santosh,how are you? I have placed a comma after Mr Santosh whom I am addressing.Similarly a pause is required to show that Jaane Bahar is being addressed.If Rafi had not paused there it would have botched up the syntax of the line.So a pause is absolutely necessary.

    Rafi nowhere at all gives the impression that the rhythm of any song being marred by lack of breath control.

  15. Kiran Kumarji,

    I fully agree with you that people should quit gracefully when the going is good. As Vijay Merchant and Ramakant Desai, the famous Cricketers said, “You should quit when people ask ‘why’ rather than when people ask ‘why not’. Dev should have quit acting in mid seventies itself when the writing was on the wall.

  16. kn.kumar says:

    nice article Gurumurthyji. I agree with you that after 1975, some of the old magic had gone out of the songs picturised on Dev Anand.Both Rafi Saab and Kishore Kumar have sung wonderful songs for Dev Anand and it was a golden era.Dev Anand was the heart throb of the young men and women. Dev should have called quits and retired gracefully.But he continued producing many silly films and acting in many.The younger generation who had not seen Dev earlier or heart Rafi Saab were not interested in him.they had other heros to admire. People should quit when the going is good and when they are on top.After that there is only one way – down – and that is what happend to Dev. Dev also has not done justice to the help he receive from Rafi Saab in making him so successful. While publicising his just released autobiography, he has not given adequate credit to Rafi Saab for making him so popular.People went to cinema halls as much to hear Rafi Saab as to see Dev.Also most of the heros who had benifited from Rafi Saab did not remember him during the last phase of his life.I guess this is part of the film world and that is how life is. One of the last Rafi number on Dev – Logon ka dil – is one of the finest songs

  17. Binu Nair says:

    breath control, riyaaz, yoga, throwing of sound in to the mikes are some of the things rafi saaheb excelled in and i know many rafi lovers seeking knowledge about these from rafi saaheb friends who are now around.

    i am also aware of the fact what anu malik has to say of mohd rafi: “rafi used to increase the quality of the song four-fold. which singer of today can do it? why blame tadays composers for low quality music. blame the current day singers too, he said.

    who are we to comment on breath control, etc etc etc………………

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai…..

  18. Zia says:

    Hi all Rafi fans. I am wreiting first time and observing all the topics.My all fav singer is Rafi sahab but i like other singers as well. Infact .Rafis songs on Devanand are more melodious and sweet but kishore kumar was also not bad.R.D.Burman wanted the change and dev had to aceppt it otherweise every one new what is good and what is better

  19. Shahbaz says:

    Regarding Muhammad Rafi’s singing and acting of Dev Anand i would like 2 disclose this fact again that when music of Guide in process. SD Burmen got ill after recording of single song and SD Burmen requested Dev Anand to hire RD Burmen for further songs. Dev Anand said to SDB that he would release film “Guide” with single songs but he will not give chance to any other Music Director to complete the music of Guide other then SDB. Dev was intend to hire KK for songs of Guide. But S D Burmen deliverd golden words, He said to Dev Anand “If you was a SHAHKAR Music then hire none other then Muhammad Rafi.

    This is the open truth which was came out from S D Burmen’s toung.

    Dev Anand had admitted that S D Burmen used to know that where a singer can be utilized.

  20. Now i am sending some good rafisahabs photos to this website and plz. comment on this and also i have contributed all the photos to the other sites also i.e. I thanks to Murtyji, Binuji and others for their kind appreciation for this things. Some photos of rafisahab came in the newspaper in 1992 which was special paper on tht time. It was rafis 18 death annversary. This ancedote i am writing to u all coz this was collections whch u doesnt get anywhere after so many yrs also. so kindly see the photos. some are not clear. I apoloise for tht. thanks all of them and also administrator for this things.

  21. Dhani Ram says:

    I,too,don’t think of Kishore much as a singer.I disagree with you that Kishore had a better breath control.Most of his songs are sung with jerks and there is hardly any continuity.

    Nobody had better breath control than Rafi.Rafi has sung whole lines without having to break.Why should he break in Chaudhavin ka chand ho after just two words.Witness his breath control in the opening of Ramayya vasta vayya.He sang Naache man mora magan dhigda deegee without a break.

    In an interview on Radio World Space about two months ago Mahendra Kapoor commended Rafi’s breath control and said that he himself had been advised by Rafi how he could improve his own breathing.

    Enjoy Rafi’s songs without being sceptical.

  22. xxx says:

    dev+sd+rafi+majrooh/shailendra = sheer magic

    dev+sd+sahir+kk/talat/hemant = magic

    dev+kk+rdb = disappointment with few exceptions…

  23. saifullah says:

    Dear All,
    I am ardent Rafi Saab fan and I have been following the articles written by all of you in this site.

    I dont know why some one had a doubt on Rafi Saab’s breath control. As responded by another friend, listen to the song sung by Rafi Saab live. You will understand the difference and acknowledge the fact that Rafi Saab’s breath control was exemplary.

    Though many of the yesteryear stars owe their success, to a great extent, to the lip service that our Rafi Saab rendered, how many of them had the courtesy to remember him later on!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, does any one have one song which goes like ..Yeh anjaan rahen, yeh manzil paraye, mujhe zindagi tu, kahan leke aayi.. If anyone has this song, please send it to me in an MP3 fomat on my mail id which is

    Thanks and regards

  24. Harvinder says:

    Good article. I have watched a few videos where Dev Anand likes to take credit for Kishore da’s success to some extent. He further claims that he spotted KK when he first came to Bombay. Dev Anand being himself and wanting to introduce his own diffrent style did prefer KK. He however admits when asked ” Your movies had very melodious and romantic songs which had impact on your success in 50’s and 60’s” Dev Anand’s reply was ” That was Mohd Rafi, Yes that was Mohd Rafi”.

    Amongst many wonderful melodies of this duo, my favourite remains ” Apni to har aah ik toofan hai” from Kala Bazaar.

  25. neeraj says:

    Guru can you provide an example where kishore at high pitches got two voices?





  27. Narayan says:

    Nice article Gurumurthy Sahibre,
    No once can match Rafi-Dev combo as the entire songs were picturised on the most handsome hero of bollywood in the 60s. But as rightly mentioned by you after 70s Dev with his older look and new hair style was not fit to get Rafi sahab’s ever golden voice. yes KK hoarse, older voice was suited then.
    As for Dhire se jaana baghiyan mein is I think from the film Jugnu composed by S.D.Burman.
    post 6 Dear Santosh,
    In the song Ravi the MD wanted Rafi sahab to puase in the antara to get a better effect and I personally liked it very much. No doubt the song became iconic and Ravi sir was recognised by all.
    Rafi sahab was the best in Breath Control and a real Master followed by the female co- artistes.

  28. anil cherian says:

    I’m not too knowledgable a person but would like to comment on your posts. I also find the same thing in many of Rafisahab’s early numbers (chal ud jaa re panchi, for instance). But when you look at the whole picture, Rafisahab’a breath control was phenomenal, just think of the alaaps in hai agar dushman….., likhkar tera naam….. etc. and the high-pitched breath holding in chahhonga mein tujhe….. or parda hai parda…. I personally believe Rafisahab is the ‘baadshah’ in breath control too.
    BTW, have you listened to ‘chaudvin ka chand…’ in live concerts? There’s no pausing in those parts you are mentioning.

  29. neeraj says:

    A poll to select your favourite mohd rafi website

  30. Siva says:

    Post 14-Sorry-my sentence was not complete-Please read the same as:

    It was Burman da’s on the spur of the moment decision during the rehearsal ,to call Bhupinder (who was a guitarist in Burman da’s orchestra) to sing this particular line. This was told by Bhupinder himself in Jayamala program in Vividh Bharti.

  31. Siva says:

    Murthy sir
    Your articles are very nice and informative-thanks for such gifts to Rafi fans. Regarding your query on “Oh shalu …” in honton pe aisi baat-that was Bhupinder Singh’s voice.It was Burman da’s on the spur of the moment to call Bhupinder who was a guitarist in Burman da’s orchestra.
    Post 6: Mr Santosh-the ‘break’ was typical Rafi sahab’s special touch which no one can match-there is absolutely no question about his breath control. You need to just listen to O duniya ke rakhwale . In many songs, Rafi sahab had split the words to add a special charm. You may notice this in Ghulam Ali’s ghazals also.

  32. Post No. 5 and 10. Rafi did not act in Kala Bazaar but appeared as Rafi himself (coming to attend the premier of Mother India, where the hero Dev Anand (of Kala Bazaar) is selling Tickets to the movie Motheri India in black (Kala Bazaar).

  33. Sikander says:

    Dev Sahb was always the most handsome star ever to grace the Indian filmdom. Dev Anand’s black and white movies are golden classics. Rafi Sahab’s voice on young Dev adds up rich spice and life to the picturisation. Very nice article Guru. Keep it up!!!

  34. Binu Nair says:

    Post 6: rafi saaheb never will break the words; its the composer who dictates the tunes.

    rafi saaheb will “only” improvise the song, tune, melody etc and composer ravi has acknowledged this -many a times.

    what we are discussing is only a “if” and this is not a very serious matter as the “song” which you mentioned has already entered the “hall of fame” and remain there till infinity.

    binu nair, mumbai.

  35. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    ref. post 5.
    dear binu ji,
    you have increased my knowledge. i didn’t know that rafi sahab has acted or rather shown in laila majnu and kaala baazar. i will try to watch both these movies. thanks for the information.

  36. anil cherian says:

    Personally I find the Dev-Rafi combo more enchanting than the more heralded Dev-KK combo. If we go by speaking voice, Rafisahab suited Dev (and indeed a majority of the actors) more than KK. I also feel Rafisahab adapted better to the mannerisms and traits of Dev, though KK also did a wonderful job here (esp. in the ’60s).

  37. SANJAY ARORA says:


  38. ashish kapoor says:

    hi all rafi fans and lovers,
    dear guru murthy saab,a wonderful and complete article;one song that comes to my mind is “chahe koi khush ho chahe gaaliyan hazaar de;mastram banke zindgi ke din guzaar de”.i don’t know the name of the movie but it has been sung by kk and we also have johnny walker’s voice in this song
    ashish kapoor,

  39. santosh says:

    Dear All Rafi saab Fans,

    I am a devout fan of rafi saab like you all from Ahmedabad.I worshipp rafi saab and his voice for it is the most spiritual , serene and sweetest voice that I have come across in my life.

    I have been listening to rafi saab’s songs for a long time by now & I know atleast 90% of rafi saab songs by heart.

    I do not want to stir up any contorversy but would like to highlight one aspect in rafi saab’s singing which was his minus point according to me.


    Eg In song Chaudavi ka chand in the antara where he sings JANE BAHAR TUM KISI SHAYAR KA KHWAB HO , he stops after singing jane bahar and then sings the rest.I have noticed it in some songs.

    I always felt in my heart that had rafi saab sung it continously it would have sounded much more better and my heart says that here I find Kishore better (BREATH CONTROL) to my dislike because I do not like him as a singer but I feel he scores over rafi saab in singing continously i.e breath control.

    I request you all knowledgable people out there to shed some light on what I have mentioned and clarify If I am right of wrong.

  40. Binu Nair says:

    mohd rafi saaheb has acted in three movies and one of them is kaala bazaar; rafi saaheb is shown entering the cinema hall for the premiere of a movie and dev saheb is “black marketing” cinema tickets.

    rafi saaheb has acted in laila majnu and jugnu too. infact, he came to bombay to try his hand in acting like mukesh, talat mahmud and few others. rafi saaheb stopped acting and concentrated on singing and rest is “divinity” and “destiny” – unfolded.

    Binu Nair. mumbai.

  41. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab HV Gurumurthy Sahab, Adab Araz Hai,
    As usual, an excellant writing. Congratulations.
    ” Birha ki raat ” was the first movie of Dev Anand with two solo songs of rafi sahab. Lyrics by Sarshar Sailani and music by Husnlal Bhagatram
    1) Jahan me jinki ummeedon ke
    2) Dil jawani ke nashe me choor hai
    And the last solo of Rafi sahab for Dev Anand is from movie “Manpasan”, as mentioned by you.
    With best regards to all rafi lovers.
    Long live rafi sahab.
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  42. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Guru Muthy ji,
    Nice article and great analysis.
    “Only time tells the truth”!!!!
    Yesterday it was thought or shown by media that Kishore Kumar voice is well suited for Dev Anand and songs with their chemistry are more popular. But now every one knows that the songs with chemistry of Rafi Sahab and Dev Anand are more melodious and sweet. Watch both categories of these songs and you really feal the difference.

  43. Hussein Sheikh says:

    As far as Rafi Saheb and Dev Anand are concered, our Rafi Saheb has sung very nice and hit songs for the evergreen hero. As said by someone earlier,
    Rafi Saheb sang for young Dev Anand, and Kishore Kumar sang for old Dev Anand.

  44. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    All in all a well written and anlytical article. Hope once for all this article will explode the myth that Dev Anand- KK team was a kind of made-for-each-other team. Dev Anand’s songs sung by our Rafi saab were absolute gems and (if you compare the songs upto the golden period only that is early seventies) out-numbered KK’s songs (for Dev Ananad). And like many heros, a lot of credit for Dev Anand’s stardom should rightfully go to the magic voice of Rafi

    However the article had an error. Maya’s song ‘Ae dil kahan teri manzil….’ is sung by one Bijon Mukhrjee and not Hemant Kumar

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