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Concert in memory of Mohd Rafi

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Indian music group Doha Waves will organise a concert in honour of legendary singer Mohamed Rafi as part of the Indian Independence Day celebrations. Doha Waves has been conducting events in memory of the late singer for more than a decade. Rafi’s 26th death anniversary falls on July 31.

At this year’s concert, scheduled to be held at the Indian Cultural Centre’s Ashokha Hall, at least a dozen school children, selected through a competition, will demonstrate their singing talents, Doha Waves Organising Secretary Mohamed Thoyyib said. A live orchestra would back up the event, he said. A ghazal programme is also planned along with the concert.

A meeting of the organising committee of the concert will shortly be held and a schedule worked out. An audio-visual presentation of events held in memory of Rafi in the last 10 years will also be held prior to the concert. Children of Indian schools interested to perform at the concert can contact 4419261 for more details.

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6 Blog Comments to “Concert in memory of Mohd Rafi”

  1. mohd. zubair says:

    please introduce karaoke tracks of rafi sahab especially and make it free downloadable to all becos i cannot effort money on this

  2. ammad says:

    i am also a diehard fan of rafi sahib. i strongly support the view that rafi sahib’s videos should be made available for dowloading.
    also, there must be a section in this great web site, of “what other says about rafi”. we are too eager to learn what other stars say about rafi sahib.


  3. Emdad says:

    I request that atleast one video clips of Mohd Rafi performing live be made available for download on the occassion of his coming death aniversary.


  4. g.m.ansari says:

    G.M.Ansari’s padmashree mohd.rafi group,aaj takriban 3years se mohd.rafi sahab ki barsi aur uka janam din,manaraha hai.har barsi aur har janam din par,hamara group,unki yaad mai,logo ko group ki our se cd,callender,cassette,extra,logo mai taksim karta hai.Iss saal hamara group,unki yaad mai,ek book let,present kar raha hai.Mai aage,”MOHD.RAFI SAHAB”ke liye kuch karna chata hu.Mai ne iss saal kafi chane walo se contect kiya hai.Hum ne kai logo se ,artical bhi cullect kiye hai.Aap hame iss no par contect kar sakte hai.Hamara,group aage kuch karna chata hai.
    G.M.Ansari/Rashid Khan

  5. KS Ramachandran says:

    Dear Sirs,
    We are just a week away from the unforgettable day in the history of hindi film music, 31st July 1980 i.e., the death anniversary of the greatest legend Mohd Rafi. May I please request the adminiatrators of this website to atleast make it possible for the lovers of Mohd Rafi Sahab, to freely download the wonderful video clips of the Naushad / Rafi, which, though is available in this website but cannot be viewed and downloaded. This is something very precious for all our dear Rafi lovers and I would be much obliged if this is made available as a free download as a token of appreciation and remembrance of this greatest and best of the legends which the bollywood can ever witness in the history to come..

  6. KS Ramachandran says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I am a passionate lover of Mohd Rafi songs and also the great legend himself!. He was a true human being and was a gifted singer with the best blend of voice, modulation, range, expression, delivery and sweetness unlimited. It has been an irrepairable loss to the bollywood music and of course to the world at large. After 26th years, I still miss him and his voice and no other play back singer seem to satisfy my hunger.

    May his soul rest in peace and let all Raffians pay tribute by observing atleast one minute silence on the 31st July 2006 for this great human being.

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