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Matters of the heart – Sambhal Ay Dil

This article is in appreciation of the duet with Asha Bhonsle – Sambhal Ay Dil from Sadhana [1958].

It is true that the most vulnerable part of a man’s body is his heart- because when it comes to making decisions, the heart reigns over reason and if its voice is not heard, then the poor, unfortunate individual leads a life of misery. It does not matter how illogical or foolish the desires of the heart are – they are yearned to be fulfilled regardless.

Such a depiction of the matters of the heart is seen in Sadhana, made in 1958 in which we see how two lovers choose to become one despite a huge moral, caste and community based chasm separating them. In the film, Vyajayantimala plays a temptress – alluring, but just as elusive. She captures the hearts of men, but gives no one the power to claim her own. Then, when Sunil Dutt comes on the scene, she can’t help but listen to her heart’s voice. But the trouble is that he knows nothing about her past, or her profession.


Sambhal Ay Dil from Sadhana [1958] starring Vyajayantimala and Sunil Dutt. Song sung by Rafi Sahab and Asha Bhonsle. Music by N.Dutta.

In the movie, there is a song titled Sambhal Ay Dil… it is picturized on the lead pair and it is an expression of their respective emotions. While Dutt is besotted by a beautiful angel and shows it, Vyajayantimala is twisting herself into knots because she too is falling in love. The dichotomy that exists between these two emotions is very rendering.

In the song, Vyajayantimala is in a melancholic mood and is imploring her heart not to lead her to a place where they can’t stay. In a few words, the true meaning of her song is conveyed to the audience; such is the power of the lyrics. Though she never once mentions it, it is painfully obvious that she fears falling for the young man, but there is little she can do about it. As a last effort to stop herself, she speaks to her heart and tries to explain to it that there is nothing but pain where they are both headed. The caution is directed towards herself and not a part of her body alone. This helplessness heightens the sympathy of the audience towards her unfortunate situation.

In the same manner, Dutt too is completely bewitched by her. But he is happy and madly in love with her. He feels no fear or anguish. He only knows love and in this song, he implores her to see reason and come to him, because that is the inevitable.

A wonderful song which shows us the vagaries of life. The music, given by N. Dutta changes colors with the mood- at times lively, at times worried, it has a personality of its own, but one that completely matches that of the song.

Rafi Sahab and Asha Bhosle have given superlative performances- the true talent that they have honed is very plainly visible in the pitch and notes that flow into our ears. So melodious, it makes you want to keep listening to the song.

In all, a truly amazing song which shows us what today generation is missing out on.

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2 Blog Comments to “Matters of the heart – Sambhal Ay Dil”

  1. Tej Prakash Tiwari says:

    One of the most memorable song sung by Rafi Saheb, no one could have ever sung it more beautifully!!!!

  2. Hussein Sheikh says:

    This song is very pleasant to hear, innocently sung by none other than our Rafi Saheb.

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