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Dil Jo Na Keh Saka

This article is written by Ms. Chandni

Dil Jo Na Keh Saka by Mohd RafiWhat could have been a better way to express the choked emotions in a love triangle than this song? The movie ‘Bheegi Raat’ (1965) had a number of very melodious songs including this ‘Dil Jo Na Kehesaka’. This is a song that has been marked as an all time Rafian hit. Sang on a rather high note with a suppressed chuckle, it suits the majestic persona of Pradeep Kumar.

Rafi, Roshan, Majrooh Sultanpuri, a trio that is synonymous with music par excellence. The song ‘Dil Jo Na Kehesaka’ has Rafi written all over it. It is so like his type of music that the charisma simply binds you in its engrossing charm. Music, words and voice all seem so perfectly weaved into a symmetric blend that it simply touches the very soul. Rafi has sung quite a number of sad songs but what sets this song apart or the puts this ahead of the list is the ability to blend different emotions into the song.

Listen to the song, or watch the video below.


Courtesy:Azgar Khan

Pradeep KumarLet’s talk about the song and the picturization and how Rafi’s voice gave the song the everlasting punch it required. As in any archetypal love triangle, we have misunderstanding, heartbreaks and outbursts. A situation when a person feels being cheated, a culmination of his choked emotions works him up and finally the emotional flare-up is but inevitable. This was the situation in ‘Bheegi Raat’ (starred by Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari and Pradeep Kumar) when Pradeep Kumar is expressing his emotions for an estranged Meena Kumari, through a song. The song required to be very powerfully sung as it had pain accompanied by suppressed emotions and was tainted with irony all over. Nobody but Rafi could have brought in the power it required.

Mohd Rafi with fans
Mohd Rafi with Fans

Rafi had mastered the art of putting the right note for the every song that he sang. He would get to the heart of the character himself, much like an actor, trying to get into the shoes of the character. This was the very reason why every song that he sang would have a very personalized tone and feeling. Not only Rafi Fans but anyone who listens to this song would agree on this point that it could not have been sang in better manner. The feel of the voice, the sense of being wronged, sad yet standing very strong, matches the expressions of Pradeep Kumar to the perfection.

Mohd Rafi
Mohd Rafi

As the wordings go, the tone varies from one phrase to the other, the pain, the chuckle, the irony everything has been well-timed and expressed well. As the lyrics go ‘Mubarak tumhein, Kisi ki larazti si bahon mein, Rehne ki raat Aayi.’ the tone takes a sad note, with ‘Chaliye Mubarak, Jashn Dosti Ka, Daaman Tho Thama, Aapne Kisi Ka,’ it is satirical and with ‘Aaj Dil Ki Queemat, Jaam Se Bhi Ham Hai,’ it takes a certain chuckle. The many variations have their own turn in the song, with each surpassing the other. Putting life to the song, all the three of the legendary men here have done justice to each other and given each other the space to show their matchless talent.

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47 Blog Comments to “Dil Jo Na Keh Saka”

  1. Bansi Chabria says:

    Rafi Sahib,

    Your voice is a heavenly gift. I have not heard any singer after your death with the range of your voice without losing the sur and tone.

    Truly, miss such a voice when I listen to many of your multitude numbers.

    Your voice is the eigth wonder of the world.

    Bansi Chabria

  2. Bansi Chabria says:

    Md Rafi is my God of music.
    I love you, Rafi Sahib.
    Please come back.

  3. Bansi Chabria says:

    There is no Bollywood singer after Md Rafi’s death who could sing with his versatility, range and tonal quality.
    Md Rafi is the best playback singer of Indian cinema thus far. Such singers are born once in a century.
    Because he was a noble human being, he shines as one of the glittering stars in the skies.
    God bless Rafi for ever!

  4. A says:

    Hey, have been following this place for sometime now. Whenever I am in a need to know about a rare song, I know where to look for it…

    I recently recorded this song. Since it was mentioned here, I thought you may wanna check it out:

  5. Tirthankar Guha says:

    Congratulations to ms. Chandni on a superb writeup.Only a true lover of music can give such a thing to others.

  6. mohammad kamran says:

    ye wo naam hai jo kabhi bhulaya nahi ja sakta jab jab rafi sahab ke gaaye hue naghmein [gaane] sunaai dete hain tab tab dil bhar aata hai,,haalaki meri umar sirf 20 saal hi hai aor main sangeet ke baare mein zaada nahi jaanta magar bas itna zarur jaanta hu ki main rafi sahab ka bohot bara fan hu aour unse bohot pyar karta hu agar aaj rafi sahab hamare beech hote to main unse zarur mita aor bohot pyar karta.
    main rafi sahab ko apne ,pita,[father] ki izzat deta hu i love you MOHAMMAD RAFI.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,from MOHAMMAD KAMRAN.


  7. yogyta says:

    Rafi ji ke bare me ya unki awaj ke bare ne kahe ke liye hamre pas shbad nhi he unke bare me to bas yahi kah sakte he………….dil jo na kah saka……..

  8. “Dil jo na kah saka wahi …!”. Emotionally chocked RAFI SAHAB’s voice, really a moonlight in the throat. We are in tears as RAFI SAHAB is no more with us. “Teri Jami se uthenge to aasma honge, hamarae aise log jamane mei phir kahan honge.” Long live Rafi Sahab!!!!! – Sanjaya Srivastava, IPS, Comandant, PAC Etawah.

  9. Raja says:

    Thanks Chandni Ji, very nice article. It gave insight to Rafi Sahabs my most lovable songs. Its a very good idea that we discuss some of his excellent songs like this. I would love any one discuss Rafis song from April Fool A Gale Lag Ja, which I believe no other singer can dare try to sing. This song has special place in my heart because in my opinion this is one of the Rafis hardest songs to sing and the ease and emotions with which this genius has sung is simply amazing. Can someone please write more on this song/

  10. Manish Kumar says:

    Ms Chandni,

    Thanks so much for your most *excellent* article! I really enjoyed re-reading it after the greatness of the song finally sank in! I got addicted to this Rafi song last night and I’m been listening to it all day. Your points are spot on. Most importantly, you brought attention to a SUPREME song that I was sadly not earlier aware of. Thanks again!

    – Manish

  11. kn.kumar says:

    Thanks for a wonderful article on a wonderful song Chandniji. Keep writing on other songs so that we get an oppurtunity to discuss many things on the same. I agree that though Pradeep Kumar and Bharat Bhushan got many good songs to sing on screen of Rafi Saab, they were not able to bring the required emotions and feelings and people went to the theatres to only hear Rafi Saab. What a wonderful experience to hear the great soul in a big auditorium. It is really sad that the present generation is missing the great experience people of our generation was lucky to experience.

  12. A S MURTY says:

    ref post 34 by acharyashammi bhaskar sahab. sir, you have said it all for all of us in just one sentence – rafi was the god of songs. nothing more need to be said after this and this is one of the finest comments i’ve come across in recent times. short but to the point. keep it up.

  13. rakesh chandra says:


  14. Acharyashammi bhaskar says:




  15. Raju Korti says:

    mr anoop
    my surname is korti and not kotri. anyway thanks for the response. also thanks to janab khaja aliuddinji who is right on target. but there are two more rafi songs in detective. one is the rib tickling “ankhon pe bharosa mat kar” (solo) and other a duet with geeta dutt “aaja kar le muquabila ye baazi hai pyarki”. incidentally, the film had two other songs. one a geeta solo “do chamakti ankhome, kal khaab sunehra tha jitna” and other a duet with hemant kumar “mujhko tum jo mile, ye jahan mil gaya.”
    the film was directed by shakti samant and lyrics by shailendra. the composer was one non descript mukul roy. the 1958 film starred pradeep kumar, mala sinha, dhumal, johny walker and k n singh.
    the heroine was not madhubala but mala sinha. i stand corrected.

  16. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 30:

    mukul roy was geeta dutt’s brother. he scored music for only a few films. Here’s a relatively well-known duet (Hemant-Geeta) from detective — “mujhko tum jo mile ye jahan mil gaya”:

  17. Anoop says:

    Namaste Raju Kotri Saheb

    I read your response in which you have stated that Late Hemant Kumar Ji told you that Rafi Saheb was suffering from cold while recording the song from Do Dil. This is one of my favourite song and was surprised to know that Rafi saheb could sing so well in these conditions as well. Will you please write about what Late Hemant Kumar Saheb had opinion about the singing talent of Rafi Saheb.

    Thanks & regards,

  18. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Raju Korti Saheb, Adab Araz Hai,
    As per my knowledge there is only one song of Rafi Saheb in the movie “Detective”. Uske bol kuch istrah hain: Chodiye ghussa huzoor, aisi naarazzi bhi kya. Lyrics by Shailender and music by Mukul Roy. I don’t know anything about MD Mukul Roy. We want to listen from you. Ek sher aapki nazar.
    Muddath hui hai yar ko mehman kiye hue
    Baithe rahe bazm chiraghan kiye hue
    With regards to all Rafi lovers and particularly to Chandniji.
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin,

  19. Raju Korti says:

    yeah friends, rafi song many a gems for pradeep kumar. do you all recollect a film called detective? it had pradeep kumar and madhubala. it had some rafi songs. now here’s a quiz: which are these songs and who composed the music? and if you know the composer, do you know about his background?
    waiting for the response from all rafi lovers

  20. biman baruah says:

    Chandni Ji

    great song, great feelings with great comments.

    It is one of the best song of Rafi Saheb picturised on hero Pradeep Kumar Batliwal, Hemant Kumar Ji playback for him in his initial films like Nagin. Other best song of Rafi Saheb picturised on him were :-

    1. Jo Wada Kiya Hai Nibhana Parega from Tajmahal.
    2. Sau Baar Janam Lenge Sau Baar Fana Honge from Ustadoo Ke Ustad.

    With best wishes to carry on this good job.

    Best regards
    Biman Baruah
    Sivasagar, Assam

  21. Asha says:

    Very nice song and article Asha ji. Thank you.

  22. Dear Chandniji,

    Superb article. Superb selection of song. Dil me abhi aur kuch kahnekeliye jagah nahi hai. As written by Murtiji, very few females give their views on this site. But every female is a very devoted fan of our Rafi Sahab. In this particular song, each antara supersedes the other. That’s the quality of a genius called Rafi Sahab. Keep on writing chandniji. Well done.

  23. A S MURTY says:

    Not many females write comments, much less an entire article, on male singers. Ms. Chandni deserves special thanks for providing us with good articles in the recent times. I also happened to stumble upon another article by yet another young woman on her blog, the link to which I am giving below for information of all :

    there is a video song attached to the article too. Readers may visit her blog and read the article and post their comments. thanks.

  24. Dear H.V.GURU MURTHY,

    Thank u sir. yes right. But music director roshanji gave remarkable music on it and also rafisahab. really fantastic.

  25. Narayanan says:

    Another superb song and a cute article describing the event….
    We as Rafi sahab’s poojaris expect more such articles from ur side.
    well done keep it up.
    The song sung had a Rafi mania touch with good lyricsl composed by melody of music Roshanji.
    My observation is that Lataji’s version was good but somehow lagged behind Rafi sahab.
    Also I agree Pradeep kumar like Rajendra kumar doesn’t emote well in any song but Rafi sahab with his music comrades alone make the songs super hit.
    what an effort?

  26. k b iyer says:

    Mr.Manish Kumar,
    Yes. Lata Mangeshkar demanded female version of “Ehsan tera…
    When she went to Jaikishan for learning another song, she happened to hear the song, and she asked for a female version. Matter was conveyed to producer and director who were in Kasmir, and they agreed with the consent of hero Shammi kapoor. They shot the song with Rafi’s version and the song was recorded later when the unit returned to Mumbai. There are couple of other songs also, which L.M has demanded whenever she liked the Rafi version. But Rafi sab has never done something like that. He was
    content with whatever he has got.

  27. drtk says:

    well done ms chandni – i was very interested to read your account. i myself am captivated by this song every time i hear it. as listeners we encounter a variety of emotions and it is all thanks to rafi sahib’s exceptional rendition and interpretation.

  28. K.S. Ramachandran says:

    One silver lining in this song which most of us are obviously the concluding portion of the song Rafi Sahab just lets go the singing for probably less than a minute – in the movie when Pradeep Kumar to his surprise does not see Meena Kumari (when she goes away) for that minute. The picturisation is awesome but Rafi Sahab’s equally matching emtional outburst with that lull for a minute is really the breathtaking moment, I guess.

  29. Manish Kumar says:

    kb iyer

    are you suggesting that lata asked for a female version after hearing the melody of ehsan tera hoga mujhpe? sorry if misunderstood you. thanks.

    – manish

  30. k b iyer says:

    Yes, very good song. Roshan is known for Raga “Yaman” which is very close to his heart. Whenever he composes a song on Yaman , he comes at his best. If you form a list of best 10 songs on Yaman, Roshan will feature at least 6 songs in tghe list. As once Music director Omi(Sonik) told me that he was assistant to Roshan in those days and also when the song of Bheegi Rath was recorded, He says that Rafi sab was very punctual for rehersals, there were ten rehersals, if he is called at 8 in the night he will reach at 7 evening and wait outside the bunglow, in the compound and will be practising the song., and will go inside only when he is called. Omi also said that Rafi was very of being a Punjabi, and was very close and shared a special relationship with Punjabi Mds like Roshan, Madan Mohan and OP. He contributed something special to their songs. Lata’s repeation of the song was not actually planned. After hearing this beautiful melody of Yaman, she insisted on Roshan to have a female version.( several times L M has done such thing, like Ehsan tera from Junglee. Other important Rafi-Roshan-Yaman number is “Manre tu kahe…”(Chitralekha) . On a seperate interview, singers like Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan, and Shan has opinioned Manre.. as their no. one choice of Rafi song.

  31. Raju Korti says:

    hv guru murthy ji
    you have forgotten one flamboyant rafi solo from bheegi raat. hansi aaj kal ke khuda ho gaye hai where roshan has used the echo effect in the stanza ends.

  32. Dear Shashankji,

    Refer Post no. 11. The pause is there in the original song as well as in the movie. The situation demanded the pause. Meena Kumari who has lost her legs is sitting on a chair on a balcony like thing, but Pradeep Kumar does not know that she has lost her leg in an accident. She is also suppose to marry Ashok Kumar and hence, the song. But just before the pause, Meena Kumari is taken out on a wheel chair, which Pradeep Kumar does not notice. When he sees the empty chair, he stops singing and the misuc continues but soon PK recovers and continues singing.

    In fact, the movie had wonderful songs apart from this DO Pehlu sung by Rafi and Lata. The other songs were solo “Jaane Woh Kaun Hai Kya” and Rafi-Suman super duet “Aise To Na Dekho”. The movie was also a fairly good movie with good acting by PK, AK and MK.

  33. A S MURTY says:

    for a long time, many people also told me that the term ‘rafian’ sounds rather negative and that we should sport names like ‘rafi-fan’ or ‘rafi-lover’ (ref post no. 9) and would like to see most of us make this gradual change over whenever we refer to ourselves or to other great rafi sahab’s followers. good point binuji.

  34. Shahul says:

    very nice song…well which song of Rafi Saab isn’t nice? By the way, can anyone tell me where can I get DVDs on Rafi Saabs’ live concert shows?

  35. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Thanks for the nice article, the song Dil Jo Na Keh Saka… sung by Rafi Saheb is extra ordinary. Can hear it infinite times… Pradeep Kumar could not do justice to this song in the movie, but I must say the song is superb. Anybody need this song can mail me.

  36. Raju Korti says:


    the song you mention is from a 1954 film called moti mahal. the lyrics are by prem dhawan and the tune by hansraj behl. the film starred suraiya, ajit and jeevan

  37. Superb! Ms.Chandani. i feel u have done a splendid job, and ur choice is quite superb. the song which u have choose for this article is really melodious song. i want to tell that in this song music director roshanji gave a superb music, but in the near the end of this song “Dil jo ke saka”, there suddenly a break by rafisahab and music goes and then “Wohi raat din”. i felt that there was somethng was missing isnt it. really good song. i heard it many times so keenly that why there is music in between when rafi is singing.

  38. Siva says:

    Excellect selection-one of the all time greats of Rafi sahab. You may also have noticed there are two versions of the song sung by Rafi-the one we usually listen in Vividh Bharati is a short version. The longer version has a typical “pause” in the last antara with only music playing in as compared to earlier antaras where Rafi sahab sings that part. Then , after the musical interlude, Rafi sahab starts off with “wahi raaze dil”… that point you really feel that you have reached the Mount Everest of joy of listening to a one-in a life time song. This particular “pause” is the magic of Roshan and as usual Rafi sahab brings out the best of such tunes…

  39. binus2000 says:

    i agree with one point of amin sayani; who is no rafi lover.
    the point herein is we may not use the word “rafi-ian” as
    the word has a strong flavour of a rough-ian which our saint
    singer was’nt.
    i would not wish to bestow my choices on others but it makes
    lots of sense to call oneself – rafi lover.

    i was listening to the song composed by hansraj behl : jaayega
    jab yahan se, kuch na le jaayega, do gaz kafan ka tukda, tera
    libaaz hoga sung by rafi and a singer called madhubala jhaveri
    now staying in mumbai near the sidhivinayak temple.
    i wish to know the films name and more details from chandna,
    gurumurthy or the knowledgeble rafi lovers of the land.

    binu nair…. 0 9833 250 701..// the rafi foundation, mumbai…

  40. Anmol Singh says:

    This is an incredible score sung by Rafi Sahab. Perhaps Rafi Sahab’s some of the best songs have been composed by Roshan, with many of them picturized on Pradeep Kumar. Examples are films like Taj Mahal, Chitralakha, Aarti, etc.

    I don’t think there is any other singer who can sing such a high pitch song effortlessly to the perfection. Talking about high pitch operation in this song is very much prolonged (for a much longer time), especially in the Antara. It is high pitch with the right emotions and feelings put by Rafi Sahab remarkably performed by Pradeep Kumar on screen.

    Lata Ji sings the happy version of the same song is also good. But the Rafi version is more famous.

  41. Anmol Singh says:

    This is an incredible score sung by Rafi Sahab. Perhaps Rafi Sahab’s some of the best songs have been composed by Roshan, with many of them picturized on Pradeep Kumar. Examples are films like Taj Mahal, Chitralakha, Aarti, etc.

    I don’t there is any other singer who can sing such a high pitch song effortlessly to the perfection. Talking about high pitch operation in this song is very much prolonged (for a much longer time), especially in the Antara. It is high pitch with the right emotions and feeling remarkably picturized by Pradeep Kumar on screen.

    Lata Ji sings the happy version of the same song is also good. But the Rafi version is more famous.

  42. rafian1 says:

    This is one of my alltime favourite song of Rafi saab.Good Analysis.It is also good to note that discussions about each songs of Rafi saab is taking place in detail which is any way better than those stupid comparisons,unnecessary allegations etc

  43. unknow says:

    there is no end of magic voice.

  44. khulbhushan says:

    I heard this song so many times. I had never seen the video of this. Rafi has sung this song at sky high note with varied emotional depth to it. Rafi has scored 1000% in justifying the emotions required in the lyrics. Sad to say after watching the video, Pradeep Kumar has ruined the song on screen. God bless his soul. When Rafi Sahab goes high, it looks like Pradeep Kumar is whispering. The eye for detail that was looked in by the lyrics, music and singing, fails in front of camera. 🙁

    Good song, Good article. Keep it up.

  45. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Chandni Ji,
    Mubarak. Super article, super selection of the song and as usual super penmanship. Keep up the good work.
    Long live Awaz ka Badshah, Rafi Saheb.
    With regards to All Rafians,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  46. Ms. Chandni ji,
    Splendid article! You have described this splendid song with all its musical, lyrical and singing nuances in full glory. I am keen to know more about you. Will you please!

    Shirish Kulkarni

  47. A S MURTY says:

    Badhai Ho Chandni Ji. What a selection of a theme on Rafi sahab. You dig out the best from his collections and that tells a tale by itself. You have a fine understanding of the song, the lyrics, the musical notes and above all the finest and minutest details that rafi sahab has put through his magical voice. that is the reason why i must congratulate you for having come up with such versatile reporting on some of the best songs. Could by a typographical error towards the end when you quote the words “aaj dil ki keemat ham se bhi kam hai” it is rather “jam se bhi kam hai” as you would have by now noticed. otherwise, a spelndid article and all kudos to you. thanks for refreshing us once again.

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