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Music Concerts, Awards, Song Releases to Mark Legendary Singer Mohd Rafi’s 86th Birth Anniversary

Contributed by Mr.Binu Nair, founder, The Rafi Foundation, mumbai.
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Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Dec.24th will mark the 86th Birth Anniversary of legendary singer Mohd Rafi.

Dedicated music sessions in memory of Rafi Saaheb, Award to composers Ravindra Jain and  singer Suman Kalyanpur, naming of Bandra’s 16th as Mohd Rafi Road, beautification of Bandras Rafi chowk will be part of the celebrations of the day.

There were 9400 musical tribute shows last july31st, the 30th death anniversary of Mohd Rafi. The trend will continue this december says Narayan P Rafi lover from Bangalore who works for the Baar Baar Rafi forum.

In Calicut,  Rafi centric singers from Mumbai will croon Rafi songs at two different venues just two kms away from each other on dec 24.

Mohd Rafi friend 78 year old Ahmed Bhai the vice-president of Rafi Foundation and his team is the convener of this event.

In Mumbai’s Rang Sharda auditorium, Bandra West  singers will croon Rafi songs – recorded some fifty years  ago said organiser Ashish Shelar, also the local corporator.

He has instituted the  Mohd Rafi Awards which will be given to contemporaries of Mohd Rafi.

Mr Kaushik Kothari who runs a large Rafi lovers club also will stage a musical at Mumbai’s Eastern Suburb Ghatkopar.

Dharmendra Deol will release his Mai Jat Yamla film during the week and the title song in the voice of Mohd Rafi is already creating waves in music channels.

Mai Jat Yamla song is a personal favourite number of Mohd Rafi and he had sung it with gusto at the Shanmukananda hall many a times prior to the release of the movie Pratigya which was Dharam ji’s home production.

Mai Jat Yamla number in which Dharmendra let loose and danced with gay abandon always gets an “encore” in live musical shows Even today.

After the recording of this particular song Mohd Rafi had said to Dharam ji: “I have done my part. Now you have to do your part” in a friendly banter says Pyarelal bhai the composer of the song.

Rafi Saab loved whistling and he has indulged himself in the  whistling part too in this number says the composer.

Sonik-Omi’s gift to Rafi Lovers

Four unheard melodies  of Mohd Rafi under Sonik-Omi’s music has been released . This is the icying on the birthday cake For Mohd Rafi Lovers for Dec. 24th

The  first song with Manna Dey tittled : Humne Maana Ke Hum Haimusalmaan is a solid winner. This song was composed by Sonik and Omi when Diwali and Id calendered the same day.

The other songs are :b) Saath Hum Tum Chale with Chandrani Mukherji, c) Har Cheez Pe Jawani Hai : Rafi Sahab & Chorus and  d) Patharon Tum Mujhe Ek Patthar Bano Do: by Rafi Sahab.

In all there are 14 great songs in this collections and all the songs were recorded but not released due to films failing to see its release. Music lovers can put their melodious ears and listen to the unheard songs in  the voices of Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar.

Mohd Rafi fans have once again approached the Central Govt  to honour Mohd Rafi with the coveted Bharat Ratna Award.

Hundreds of fans insist that Mohd Rafi has not been given due recognition by the Indian government.

Mohd Rafi groups and hard core fans mostly refer Mohd Rafi as The Bharat ka Ratna in their address to the legendary singer.

The biggest award ever given to Rafi Saab is perhaps the place he has found in the hearts of music lovers across the world says Rafi Foundation activists like Sayeeda, Aparna, Guru Raj, Mukesh Bhanushali & singers Hamid Khan and Mona Kamath.

Thou shall not rise again, thou music will
Above the cacophony of sounds
Melodies of yore, bringing joy to human souls.
Songs for every mood, across all borders,
Thy name is Music
Thou name Bharat ka Ratna,
Sangeet Ratna : Mohd Rafi…

In Delhi, the Rafi Foundation will donate and distribute 2000 note books to Public school students -free of cost. The book will have the picture of Bharat ka Ratna Mohd Rafi. Mr.Zorawar, Mr G.B.Mathur among others and foundation committee members will be distributing the book in five schools this December 24th.

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29 Blog Comments to “Music Concerts, Awards, Song Releases to Mark Legendary Singer Mohd Rafi’s 86th Birth Anniversary”

  1. Jaigopaul says:

    Mohd Rafi is indeed the most versatile singer that ever ventured in to singing; his immortal voice will always be remembered and even be immortalized as his sweet voice is indeed a motivation for any aspiring musician.My favorite songs of this great soul are in all decades of his contribution ,especially in the 60’s and 70’s.
    There can never be a replacement of this lost soul of Mohd Rafi.

  2. M.Vijayan says:

    Dear Mr.Binu Nair
    I have posted the details of artwork of Mohd.Rafi done by me by using 125 nos. of his hit songs.This is a special one which is perhaps never done by anybody.Please see this..
    Vijayan (Retired from All India Radio)

  3. Pradip says:

    …..My heart is filled with pain and sorrows…. throughout July…of any Year,remembering and paying tribute to a true legend…how many appreciable word can be used for Rafi saab ? mostly all good words in dictionary,I have seen so many performances by him,in Calcutta….when I was school and college going lad.A true master always smiling….these things happens with true Legends only…as long musical lovers leaves in(Indian mostly)thru’ out world…they will remember him.Indian great singers comments….Manna Dey….maine aaj tak Rafi saab ka mafik singer dekha naha.
    Asha ji-Rafi saab singing at ease….
    media hype and news agencies were not effective during his tenure….other wise who else is the right candidate for ‘Grammy’ or best award world can offer to him. Last word who can module t like him ,when he sang for Shammi…he was Shammi…when Rajendra kumar…,when Biswajeet…he was bengali we call it’ GAYAKI ‘ none can perform like him.Rafi ji cheers and leave long in our heart.Unfortunately on 31st july no remembrance in Kolkata,if some one can send me the address etc.-Pradip Mukherjee.

  4. Binu Nair says:

    Ramesh Kupad and all our rafi saab fans and writers: re post 24..

    wish to inform everyone that soon, there will be the sprucing up of mohd rafi chowk at bandra.
    at this spot we will have the freedom and right to put up a banner every fortnight wth appropriate messages and songs.

    some 5000 people attended the mohd rafi concert on 28th december at the calicut beach. mumbai based singer mr mukesh bhanushali captivated the audience there.
    on 3rd jan again a concert is taking place in calicut. this time the singers are rana chaterjee and aparna – both from mumbai.

  5. Ali says:

    I don’t think that all people be able to come to Delhi but I agre what u said but there be many way to do it, i think we can be together all our the world,in India should more than one place,in Gulf,UK,USA,or we all mohd rafi fans should be in a chat room same time to be world record that be more easy for most of us.

  6. binuji,

    another thing could be done – as an old bombayite – mumbai now ( 1952-1982 ),
    i remember a hoarding use to be displayed near churchgate station slightly away from the famous Satkar Hotel – right up above all a huge banner – which always had the most famous NANA CHUDASMA – saying it all in one sentence.

    we could have one such banner simply saying anything and everything about our avataar – so much so that people take notice and even those who liked rafi songs – turn out in large numbers to demand the due for rafi sahab.

    the banner should tirelessly say nice things about our avataar – just one sentence each day.

    the authorities will come down on their knees and realise their mistake and neglect.

    the youth of the nation need to be told about the singing avataar – just like the panchatantra stories.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  7. Binu Nair says:

    Many thanks mohd rafi saab lovers for writing in on this topic.
    a detailed response by way of an article wil be sent to on the above as well as the post celebrations report .

    as rightly said many many mohd rafi lovers must, must meet at new delhi’s india gate next december and show to these moron politicians the great following mohd rafi saab commands – after three decades of his passing away.
    these politicians “must” know that the comman man will not remember them for more than three weeks post their going to the other world.

  8. Amin says:

    Happy Birthday to Rafi Sahib – Bharat ka Ratna.

    The charistma and love of the people that Rafi sahib enjoys no doubt no other singer would have experienced that.

  9. Lt Col Javed Sayyed(Veteran) says:

    Thanks to Mr Binu Nair & all Rafians for xlnt sharing of info, emotions Luv & affections for our rafi sahab & his fans. Rightly said, the Govt will not move unless a massive event-rally like is org in a prominent strategic location hugely supported with a pan-world media coverage!! Let the administrators know the power of people-in this case-the lakhs & lakhs of rafi fans!!! The event must be given mass coverage & published well in advance to drum up unprecedented support & unimaginable scale.

  10. gopal shroti says:

    There was one Rafi and several MDs and crores of lovers…Each made Rafi an immortal person worthy of Bharat Ratna….”jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere sang sang tum bhi gungunaoge”….Yahh…”dil ke jharokhe mein tujko bithakar, yaado ko teri main dulhan banakar, rakhunga main dil ke paas”…yeh subah hamesha rahegi..”wohi chand hoga, wohi suraj hoga………aur wohi Rafi hoga”….long live the golden voice.

  11. Gagan says:

    Grand salute to Rafi Sahab on his 86th birth anniversary and its high time the Indian Govt. confer Rafi Sahab with the Bharat Ratna award soon as there is none more deserving than the singing legend. The Bharat Ratna award itself will be honored that it has been conferred on the one and only Rafi Saahab. Long live the legend of Rafi Saahab.

  12. SalRafi says:

    Just an update. Due to the death Kerala ex CM unfortunately, all shows are cancelled in Calicut including 3 of Rafi shows. I had extended my stay here just to be part of Rafi Sahab’s, the person I admire most, shows in this lovely city where the legend has one of the large followers that is increasing leaps and bounds every day.
    Many many happy returns of the day to the Greatest, legend on and only Rafi Sahab.
    Theri awaz ke siva duniya mein rekha kya he.

  13. jasbir singh zando says:

    today is great rafisaab’s 86th birthday anniversary….heartiest congrats to all and we should thank god…for sending such a great farishta with exceptional talent n rare melodious voice that still ruling in the whole world….will continue to so..till this humanity survives…versatile singer of this millennium….in fact this day should be celebrated as national melodious day…may god put some sense in the mind of our political leaders…..billions of his fans with dedicated and passionate love for him will continue to honor with bharat rattan…for our anmol rattan…incomparable n unmatchable with any other voice…..his is a master’s voice

  14. Jayant Sanyal says:

    Binu Nairjee,

    Congratulations on the excellent write up on the activities lined up on the occasion of the birth anniversary of our beloved and one and only Rafi Sahab whose charisma lives on and will continue to do so, long after we are gone. My best wishes for Rafi Foundation. Even I would like to become one of its members in the coming year.
    “Gungunaaye tu Hamesha
    Muskuraaye Tu Hamesha”
    Gulshan Ban jaaye ummeedon ka harek veerana tere liye”
    Anand Bakshi sahab’s lyrics as sung by the master are written keeping in mind him only. Many Happy Returns of the day Rafi Sahab. You have given us countless moments of happiness and peace.

  15. Ali says:

    I don’t want say mohd rafi 86th birthday because time stopped on 31/7/1980 so still we are in 1980 so on 24/12 / 1980 will be mohd rafi birthday.

  16. santosh says:

    Happy birthday rafi saab,

    The day on which an angel blessed the souls of music lovers,
    The day on which God gave an identity to his voice,
    The day on which music got it’s seventh sur,
    The day on which we came to know what true melody is,
    The day on which sangeet became geet,
    The day on which the sun rose over the indian playback industry,

    Rest in peace , rafi saab.You are missed every moment,every breath,every happy moment,every happy sad moment,every emotion


  18. balwantsaqi says:

    Dear Rafi Sahib.

    Happy Birthday.


    Balwant Saqi

  19. Girish Masand says:

    Celebrating Rafi ki yaad mein at Vadodara on 25th (Not 24th), to honour Rafi Saab on his birthday which is on 24th.
    Friends, well wishers are welcome to sing on 25th evening 8.30 pm onwards. Please contact for details at

  20. kuldeep says:

    Binu ji,

    Sach pucho to aap bahut bhagyashali hain jo aap Rafi Sahab ke liye mehnat kar rahe hain bhagwan aap ko swasthya aur umar de.


  21. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Binuji,

    It’s wonderful to read about all the celebrations across India and I am sure, there’d be tributes elsewhere too. Congratulations to MRF and you in particular
    for relentless propagation of his music.

    Let the guiding spirit of Rafi sab lead the way.

    Adaab Rafi
    Nagesh Sidhanit

  22. Saifullah says:

    Dear Binu,
    Your efforts to promote the legacy of Rafi Saab are beyond imagination. Words are not enough to describe the passion you have for Rafi Saab. It was evident when we talked to one another the other day – you wanted to live till 2024, the 100th birthday year of Rafi Saab. I think that sums up your emotions. Hats off to you, Binu.
    As usual Ahmed Bhai will convene programs in Calicut. And I am sure all the programs will be successful
    We are all looking forward to the release of Yamla Pagla Deewana where we can listen to Rafi Saab as fresh as ever, once again, with the Deols lip singing the great song.

    Long live Rafi Saab.

    thanks and regards

  23. N K V RANGA RAO says:

    Congrats for for your great effort for conducting 86th birth anniversary of the great legendary singer rafi saab ,I wish you all the success . I would like to know lot about the function ,how it is celebrated all the details.

  24. Sachin Sharma says:

    Thanks a lot to Binu bhai

    Happy Birthday Rafi Sahab.
    I wish that every Rafians should pray that Indian Govt. should remember the contributions of Rafi Sahab and award him Bharat Ratna.
    By this way new generation who are not so well aware about great Rafi sahab, they will also know HIM.
    I salute all rafians.

    Yours Sachin Sharma (A true lover of great RAFI SAHAB)

  25. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Binu Ji

    congrats for your untiring efforts to propogate the love of rafi saab among the humanity. I would especially thankful for your efforts and sharing this beatiful write up on the 86th Birth anniversary of our darling Rafi Saab. Happy birthday to rafi saab and happy day for all rafians.

    Thanks and regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  26. mohamedparvez says:

    dear binu ji thanx for sharing lots of unknown things about rafi saab with us,kindly visit our beloved rafi saab”s blog,total over 500 pages are there, i have posted ,rare pictures,scanned articles,stage shows,interviews,tributes,many more,you will find ,please don”t miss any page,of our beloved rafi saab”s blog,to go to next page,kindly click ,older ,posts,you will find bottom of every page,to read the article,kindly click on article,kindly visit this link,take care

  27. binu nair says:

    many thanks… ramesh and khaja aliuddin dr.

    a detailed reply is in offing mohd rafi bakhts. meantime, requesting friends to connect with me in facebook where i write tits and bits on mohd rafi saaheb and few topics related to mu usss ii c.

  28. binuji,

    a lovely write up from you and highly informative at that. glad to note so many programmes are underway during rafi celebrations for 24th. i am presently on a ship at sea and all at sea as far as participating in rafi sahab’s annual gala celebrations world over.

    he is in my thoughts all the time and the subconscious mind always throws up one of his befitting song in line with my moods.

    i think its time – we rafi bhakts and fans OURSELVES confer the BHARAT RATNA to him in a functiion organised by us and let us call all people from all over the world.

    why not do it on 24th December 2011 giving it one year time for people from all over the world to assemble at one place say in mumbai and we confer him a title which is befitting to his stature as a singing avataar.

    we could call the actual award as follows:-


    Tthis will naturally dipsel any interupption by the govt or any authority.

    take it from me inwriting binuji, add another 100 years and the govt will not confer rafi sahab the all important award.

    i will come back to you once i hear from you.

    thanx for a lovely write up.

    ramesh narain kurpad
    (0) 94484 55164

  29. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Congratulations, Binu Bhai, Keep up the good work.
    Happy birthday Rafi Sahab,
    “Aawaz ki ek shama hawaon me jaga kar
    Khamoosh Rafi ho gaye dil apna dikha kar”
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

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