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What makes Rafi Sahab the ONE and ONLY

By Ram

What makes Rafi Sahab the ONE and ONLY

What makes Rafi Saheb the ONE and ONLY is a question I have been asking myself all these years.

Probing and guessing galore ! Is it his inimitable voice ? His range – from the deepest bass to the highest octave defying pitch ? His ability to harness the right feelings for the right score ? His effortless ability to emote his voice to suit the personality of on-screen characters?
His divinely aligned stars which graced his voice with the immortal music of the likes of Naushad Saheb & S.D.BurmanDa or soul-stirring lyrics by Kaifi Azmi, Hasrat Jaipuri, Raja Mehndi Ali Khan etc ?

Posing the above queries makes one’s inquiry quiet music-centric – comprehensive though. And why not. After all in plain vanilla terms he was a professional and an accomplished playback singer.

Or is there something much deeper to this phenomenon called Mohammed Rafi. What to say of a person who does not have any one person pointing a finger at him for any aberration in his character or behavior.

Humble to the core that, even when there were differences with a noted music director and on another occasion with a leading female playback singer, he never allowed such situations to escalate; even though it was the other party that was wholly in the wrong.

Now , if this isn’t a sign of a realized soul , what else is it ?

There are instances galore about his heart reaching out to the poor and needy. Ever too gentle and soft-spoken, he remained a committed family man till the very end.
Events surrounding him lending true life to his songs are several – notably the song ” Babul Ki Duvayen Lethi Jaa” (film: NeelKamal) which was recorded at the time of his daughter’s marriage.

On July 31, 1980 – the date of his untimely end – I guess all the Gods in the Universe, unable to curb their emotions, must have burst into tears. For, on that day it rained torrentially in Mumbai.

Though no official holiday was declared, offices saw staff vacating their seats, shopkeepers downing their shutters and all of them descending on the streets, braving the weather, joining lakhs and lakhs of people accompanying the mortal remains of Rafi Saheb on his final journey.

So drawing ourselves back to the original question . What makes the longing for Rafi Saheb so unstoppable ?

While my search for the answer is still on…….it is gradually dawning on me that he is that one Child of God who took upon himself the task of spreading unconditional love on this earth with his divine voice.

No wonder he sang : “Sau Baras Ki Zindagi Se Achche Hain , Pyaar Ke Do Chaar Din

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9 Blog Comments to “What makes Rafi Sahab the ONE and ONLY”

  1. Samuel George says:

    Rafi sahab voice is immortal and unparalled

  2. Sara says:

    Yes, if the great man was alive today he would have been 90 years old and I’m sure his beautiful voice would still have sounded as sweet today as it did when he passed away. Whilst so many singers during that period of his absence have made their mark for all of a few years if lucky no one has ever been able to sustain any popularity or inital talent.

    In a country where there is such a large population of people over 1.2 billion, Mohd Rafi continues to and will always stay in our minds and hearts. Hard to believe that he passes away over thirty years ago and yet the love people have for him is stronger than ever and even with an ever increasing population no one has been able to replace him.

    I find it personally difficult to put into words just how much emotions his beautiful voice has stirred and impacted on my life over the years, infact I don’t think my life would be complete without listening to at least a few Mohd Rafi songs on a daily basis. I just simply adore this legend of all legends!

  3. 100% true Rafi saab was and is the only one as a greatest singer of all time and greatest human being born in our time.
    Very very happy birthday to rafi saab.
    Birendra Singh Bisht

  4. RAFIMURTY says:



  5. m n kannan unni says:

    Can there ever be a singer like Mohammad Rafi?. Nature does not create such creations.his songs, his voice, his emotions are for ta qayamat tak. as long as universe exists his music will remain.

  6. Karamjit Singh says:

    Happy birthday Rafi Sahib. Let us keep his memories in our heart and then pass it to the next generation.

  7. Dipesh Patel says:

    Happy birthday Rafi Saheb… you live on forever in our hearts!

  8. Ali says:

    Happy birthday the greatest singer Mohd Rafi…

  9. Radha baskar says:

    Truly. Noble soul which reflected in his voice

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