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Visit to ‘RAFI MANSION’ a pilgrimage

This article is written by Mr. Subnavis Ramakrishna.

Rafi MansionFrom my very childhood I used love the songs of Rafi Sahab. That was the time when I was not understanding Hindi or Urdu ( my mother tongue is Telugu ), but neverthless the heart touching melody & softness in rendering had developed a prominent position in my deep within, which has become an inseparable bondage. I started craving for Rafi sahab. I used to get sleep while listening to these melodies. I dint know when my mother had switched off the radio. That was the time when I was in a small village Sakhigopal in Orissa.

During the year 1967 I was excited to visit Bombay ( now Mumbai) to the house of my paternal uncle. An idea of visiting Rafi sahab’s house had cropped up several times then. I expressed my desire before my uncle. I used to get the reply that they are very busy people, its not easy to get their appointment etc. My wishes were shelved with utmost sadness & dissatisfaction. Subsequently my studies, job and family commitments had encircled me. Being far from the dwelling place of Rafi Sahab I was not fortunate to have his DARSHAN.

Years passed by & over a period of time I came across the site This site has inspired me so much that I became its regular visitor & through this site I got the news of inauguration of Rafi sahab foundation, I was mad with joy. I was determined to meet the organisers so that I can see Rafi Sahab through them. I was in mumbai in the morning of 30th july. Was with my friend Sirish. Evening Mr Binu came down & we had discussion regarding the event of the following day… the day of Rafi sahab’s anniversary. And during the course of discussions I was stunned to know that in an hour we are going to visit Rafi sahab’s house. I felt my dream came true. I was screaming with joy.

Rafi MansionThe same evening we ( Binu, Sirish & me ) proceded to Rafi mansion. It was altogether a thrilling experience for me. At the entrance when i saw the marble plaque ” RAFI MANSION’ my eyes were full of tears. Then we got permission to enter into the room where there was the display of all the valuables of Rafi Sahab. We were greeted by Parvez sahab the youngest son in law of Rafi Sahab.

Rafi sahab’s small Table, Revolving Chair, Telephone & his personal favourite small Sharp Radio. I was smearing my hand on these personal favourites of Rafi sahab & was feeling as if I was getting the personal touch of that great legend. I dont know how long I stood at his table & chair looking at them with great excitement. I was breathing heavily & moving round the room while looking at the huge pile of 78 RPM & 45 RPM records. I had the golden opportunity of having the DARSHAN of the trophies mainly the prestegious PADMASHREE award that is preserved nicely in a glass case. Its there I saw Rafi sahab in Mr Parvez’s hospitality towards us. I feel thats the training given by Rafi Sahab to his kith and kin. The training of HUMILITY.

I feel its not a visit to the residence of a celebrity but it is a pilgrimage for me. Because with the visit we feel happy for the time being and forget as the time passes but when we go on a pilgrimage we are charged with positive vibrations which are retained in us with the same potential till we visit that shrine next time. And this maiden visit to this shrine has created such a vibration in me that I have decided to take my wife and my son to this shrine during the month of December the month when the legend was born.

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48 Blog Comments to “Visit to ‘RAFI MANSION’ a pilgrimage”

  1. Md Jawed Ansari says:

    I Pray for Mohd Rafi Saheb Marhoom for the shake of his soul. Allah unhe jannat nasib pharma-Aameen!

  2. Lalit Shah says:

    I am based in London and am planning to visit India for religious reason during the second week of October 2016. I will be in Mumbai on 12, 13 and 14th October and wondered if I would be able to visit the Mohammad Rafi mansion and have the benefit of the darshan of all his awards, trophies and other memorabilia’s which have now become a treasured possession of the Rafisahab’s family. There must be many like me wishing to visit the site and I wondered if there was a procedure we needed to follow, buy tickets etc to get a guided visit to the mansion. Would appreciate any directions that you can provide. If on the other hand, it would mean me imposing on the Rafi sahib family members then of course, I would not want to do so. Information would be helpful.


    It is an opportunity at least to know and watch through the computer about Rafi Sahab’s residence and valuable belongings etc. I was unlucky to plan to see him during his lifetime. However, I am atleast now listening to the great melodies of our Rafi Sahab. Thanks to the team who presented this site.

  4. Rafifan k.p.singh says:

    After study all rafifans comments i reach an idea that almost all rafifans are sympathetic and cooperative & kind human nature because of we are very much impressed by our beloved singer not only a world renowned singer but a super human quality of rafi sahab. Although many other fans i didnot meet with farishta rafi but i like & love him from my childhood & end of universe.
    ALLAh paak unhein jannat-e-firdaus mein sakoon ata farmaye ”AAMEEN”

  5. Rafifan k.p.singh says:

    I have very much impressed by all rafifans comments JEEWAN BHAR UNKI YAAD MEIN HUM GAAYE JAYENGE

  6. Thanks says:

    Rafi sahab is my childhood crush. I don’t know what was that , but i know I’m madly in love with the legend. I love , n respect him so much which cannot be expressed in words. His each n every song was my favourite. No body will be another RAFI. I think him so handsome. His smile the way he sung is just mind blowing. The video “tumne mujhe dekha”is down loaded by me n I very often watch it when he sung this as if telling Mrs Rafi is fantastic. He loved his wife and family very much. I admire this … regret is that I could not have opportunity to meet him.
    He was a farista.

  7. Tera gumm tere jane ke baad aaya Mohd.Rafi tu bohot yaad aaya, very unfortunate of me born after his death nd not able to meet the legend so sad of me

  8. Divakar Keshri says:

    i love md. rafi saheb

  9. Rasheed Bhurani says:

    My visit to rafi mansion and meeting with nasreen baji (the last one daughter of rafi sahab) on 5th of august showed me practically how rafi sahab was and the family is courteous, gentle and religious. i was so emotional that i could not continue my meeting with baji and remained the trip incomplete for future.

  10. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post – 38

    binu ji,

    I am indeed very sorry & appologise before the family memebrs of rafi sahab in case they are disturbed by the visitors. It was not my intention to make a publicity in front of Rafi mansion. I had never visualised this way.

    In fact I have not insisted any one to go rather expressed my experince.

    now coming to the second part, Mr binu you have a superb memory. Still you remember the K.S.ramachandran issue. Do you still understand why did I react to his letter ? He has requested people to organise something for rafi sahab. To that I reacted & wrote to him not to request people rather to initiate some thing by himself. that was the content.

    you have not forgotten my angry words. If my words represent anger then what are your words ? with my small memory I request you to see your post no – 63, dated 28th May 2007 of the article ‘ The king of melody ” there the words are so rude. MY God I cant imagine. like this there are a number of your letters.

    Proclaim is ‘ announce or declare in an official or formal manner’
    This forum I feel is an informal one where in we discuss about all the aspects of music particularly related to rafi sahab. Its my love for rafi sahab that I have felt, expressed & I need not proclaim.

    now coming to ‘ moderation ‘. You can see my so many comments. I am always polite. Dont catch a single case & go on harping on it.

    in between you have given a comment of ‘ head master’ for me. I never react to it. I Know you dint like my way of writing to you. You expect a respectable way from others & you will respond in an authoritative way. Is it not ?

    and lastly but not the least why are you bringing rafi sahab in between ? this is not good Mr binu. Please try to understand. anyway in such case rafi sahab would have told, ‘ achhey bachhey jhagdaa nahin kartey, chalo haath milao, sabaash ‘

    yes I agree, moderation is definitely required for high headed people & those who think they only are competent.

  11. binus2000 says:

    Ramkrishna Ji : ur affection must not in any way disturb others.
    Propriety demands that if you are sending someone to anothers
    residence; u must take the express permission of that household
    first .
    This is basic courtesy. This is a my view and please do not treat
    this as road side quarrel . I wish to state herein that u are using
    inappropriate words in this forum . I will remind u of your response
    to K.S. Ramachandrans article herein. I have not forgotten your
    angry words. This is an advice to you to moderate yourself while
    proclaiming your love for rafi saab. Please compare your words with
    what mohd rafi saab would have used in similar circumstances.
    moderation is definitely called for sir.
    Binu Nair.

    binu nair.

  12. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post- 36,
    mr binu again you have started a rift.

    we write out of shear affection & that does not mean that people will start making a bee line at rafi mansion. more over all the people in this forum are quite educated. they know that they have to take permission & if they dont get they wont go. its as simple as that.

    hope you understand what i meant & no more discussions on this please.

    let us not quarrel like road side people which is not Rafi sahab’s motto.

  13. binus2000 says:

    Dear rafi saab lovers :

    I am somewhat amazed. How someone can direct people over the
    internet to someones house. One can always throw open your
    door to everyone and invite, but how can one direct others to
    go to rafi saabs house without their consent. Its indeed disturbing
    to the few ladies and children in the house., I feel.
    During the day, the men in the house go to their offices. One must
    go to anyones house only with prior intimation – I feel.
    More , on July 31st and on dec.24 the music room is open to rafi saab
    lovers. On other days its not. I know the family hence I am saying it.
    With prior intimation and invitation one can visit the house.
    Secondly, rafi saab is resting at Juhu Mosque next to Juhu garden in
    santacruz west.
    we all go to the mazaar to pay respects to rafi saab many times in
    a year and not to rafi saabs hourse.
    so rafi lovers please do visit the mazaar where every day
    scores of people pay respects to rafi saab and please do understand me.

    binu nair Mumbai

  14. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post -34
    mr AJ the place is so famous you dont need any address. this i have mentioned in my post ref – 29.

    However since you have enquired the address is
    behind TAWA restaurant, 28th road, bandra

  15. AJ says:

    what is the address,though….NOT MENTIONED !

  16. I am Shirish Kulkarni, whom Ramkrishna has mentioned in his article. It is my duty to put on record the love that Ramakrishna has got for Rafi Sahab. We were only telephonic friends till 29th July. He came to mumbai from Hyderabad by bus. Right from that morning when i picked him from the bus stop, i could see his devotion to Rafi Sahab. I was fortunate that i was able to arrange for his stay in Mumbai at our office premises. I was also fortunate to interact with him about Rafi Sahab and his songs. Last, but not the least, i was fortunate to hear him play on his mouth organ some Rafi Sahab’s tunes! In his article, he has vividly narrated our experience about our feelings during our visit to Rafi Mansion. Till that day, due to some circumstances, i used to tell people that i was not a lucky person. But, since that day, i always tell people that i am a very lucky person!.
    I would like to take this opportunity to profusely thank Binu ji for taking us to the sanctum sanctorium of Rafi Sahab. Thanks Binu Sahab!
    It is because of people like Ramakrishna and Binu, the chiraag of Rafi Sahab still shines. May their tribe increase! At a personal level, i am trying to do my best to contribute towards this to the best of my ability.
    Regards and love to all Rafi Sahab lovers.

    Shirish Kulkarni
    098204 52562

  17. arunkumar says:


    I read your article with great excitement. I had somwwhat similar experience last December. Here is the story.

    As we all know, music director Raviji has composed numerous melodious
    songs for Rafisaab. Last December we went to have Darshan of Raviji and were greeted with warm welcome. We had a chat with him over his various compositions.

    During our meeting, at one point Raviji said that ” Rafisaab did lot of rehearsals during his compositions in the same hall. He further mentioned that ” you are sitting on the same sofa on which Rafisaab used to sit .” We felt thrilled and honuored with this reference.

    It is a bad luck for all of us that we did not have Tv media at that time to see Rafisaab singing live.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


  18. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post – 30.

    ch ahsan,

    you are a true devotee of rafi sahab. i deeply reciprocate your feelings for rafi sahab.

    pls dont worry rafi sahab has not gone anywhere, he dwells in each of us, so long we are alive & latter it gets shifted to the next generation.

    now since you have expressed your crave for rafi sahab let me tell about me. when I was working in muscat i used to go on inspection to various places in my car. the people accompany me were sure that I will play only the casette of rafi sahab and thats it. They never bought their casettes to be played.

    and believe me they used to enjoy & appreciate my love & respect for rafi sahab. they are from lahore, islamabad, pindi & karachi.

    why i tell you all this when we talk about rafi sahab there is no india- pakistan or hindu – muslim.

  19. ch. ahsan says:

    Rafi sb. is my ideal, he was such a great person, it is very very sad feeling for me that i never ever able to meet him, because he is no more in us. this is so painfull feeling, i have got the great collection of Rafi sb’s pictures through this site, when ever i saw these pictures my eyes filled with tears, it is so painfull feeling that he is no more. i am in pakistan, and i have a deep desire that ” aey kaash k main kabhi un sey mill paata, im 40 now, and i was 14, when Rafi sb. ” iss jahaan sey chaley bhi gaey” i remember that evening when i heard the news on all india radio that Rafi sb. ” yeh zindagi k meley chod gaey” i remember that even i was only 14 years old but there were non stop tears in my eyes, and feelings of a lose, no doubt, he is greatest of all times, no doubt he is my ideal and no doubt he is my “mehboob”

  20. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post -28

    adnan sajid ji

    next time when you go to mumbai please go to bandra west and from any point there take an autorickshaw. just tell him rafi sahab’s bungalow. he will be taking you right upto the entrance.

    i was amazed, after getting down at bandra from the local when Mr Binu told the autoeickshaw fellow ‘ chalo bhai rafi sahab ke ghar jaana hai ‘ we were there right infront in 15 minutes.

    fo your information the mansion is just behind ‘ al saafa restaurant’ in bandra.

  21. adnansajid says:

    man ur vry lucky to c rafi mansion inshallah next time when i go to mumbai i will definately try to visit there
    god bless u

  22. gagan says:

    Dear Mr. Subnavis Ramakrishna,

    You are indeed very lucky to have visited the one and only, the greatest Rafi Sahab’s mansion and I will definitely visit it whenever I go to Bombay. For me, he was the greatest singer (nobody even comes close) and a greater human being ever to be on the planet and I consider Rafi Sahab’s mansion a temple and worship him like God. He will continue to live forever in the hearts of all Rafians until eternity.

    Many thanks for sharing this delightful article with all Rafians.

    Also, please post your comments ASAP when you next visit the pilgrimage.

  23. gagan says:

    Dear Mr. Subnavis Ramakrishna,

    You indeed are very lucky and blessed to have visited the one and only, the greatest Rafi Sahab’s mansion and I would also like to visit it whenever I go to Bombay, as for me I consider it as a temple and Rafi sahab god. For me, he was the greatest singer (nobody comes even close) and a greater human being who ever lived on planet Earth. He will live forever in the heart of all Rafians.

    Also, please post your comments ASAP of your next visit to the pilgrimage whenever you visit it.

    Many thanks for sharing this delightful article with all Rafians.

  24. Rakesh says:

    The Rafi saab born in Holland …The boy born 31-7-1980
    He have the voice and the feeling also Rafi saab..
    100% Rafi saab is backkk you can.t listent a boy …

  25. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    my heartfelt thanks to all my friends in this forum who have conveyed their wishes.

    But its my sincere request to all my friends to visit ‘ Rafi Mansion ‘ once atleast. its not a formality but one gets immence happiness to have a look at the articles preserved there.

    when we look at the chair, table, telephone & radio we feel the height of simplicity of Rafi Sahab. For such a celebrity these items do not have any sophistication. This aspect crushes our false ego, its my personal experience please.

    The place is full of positive vibrations & has a very soothing effect. The rolling of tears will clear your eyes to see the world in a simple way.

    I had the transformation & I wish all to have this positive shift.

  26. santosh says:

    Dear Murthy,

    I am delighted to hear from you.Pl do pass me the address immediately.I amdying to visit it and see my rafi saab.My mail ID is reply

  27. A S MURTY says:

    In fact Mr. Santosh, I had not read all the other responses before penning down my comments earlier. Now that I have done it, I wanted to add a few more things. I now understand you have many people in Hyderabad from where both myself and Mr. Ramakrishna belong. In fact, we both are actively in touch with one another and with the Rafi Foundation activities here in Hyderabad. You may get in touch with either of us and we shall only be too glad to be in constant touch with you. On my part, I will get the address and mobile numbers of the Museum in Ahmedabad and I will pass it on to you too.

  28. A S MURTY says:

    Mr. Santosh, i learnt from your response that you are from Ahmedabad. I had once lived in your great city for a brief period and had then made some very good RAFIAN friends. If you do get to know of the address of the museum in Ahmedabad, pls do let me know at and I shall also let u know of my other friends in Ahmedabad. Pls respond or give your mail id. thanks.

  29. N.G.RAMASWAMY says:

    Dear Ramuji,

    Glad to know that the Mansion which I was longing to see during my college days but could not see, has now your footmarks. You are lucky & blessed to see all our Saab’s belongings. I have copied this article in My Word Document. Pl. share all such things with the fans of Rafi saab worldwide.

  30. santosh says:

    Dear Binu,

    Thanks for your reply.Very exited to hear that a museum exists in Ahmedabad.Pl can you give me the address and cell numb of the group so that I can meet them and be a little more nearer to my loving rafisaab.

    Do call me when you visit ahmedabad.

    Waiting to hear more from you.

  31. binus2000 says:

    Santhosh ji:

    No sane person can escape the “magic of rafi saab”. Just play
    5 different classics of the Maestro to ur friends and ask them if
    any other singer can so melodiously sing these numbers.
    And remember : that these immortal numbers were recorded
    with the barest recording techniques : unlike the cacophony of
    sounds produced today with the latest technology.
    Needless to say : the yesteryear compositions gave spirit to the
    musical souls; todays music give the youngsters some spirit : which
    fades away forever; in a weeks time.

    binu nair. sargam music & mag. Mumbai.

  32. binus2000 says:

    Mr. Santhosh:

    I like your sincerity for the legend. If you are in Ahemedabad : u are
    a lucky person. There is a Rafi Musueam in the city and every sunday
    the group meets in the evening and listen to rafi saab classics.
    Mr. Narayanan will give you the cell nos etc. of the group..

    Binu Nair.. the rafi foundation and Sargam Magazine. Mumbai.

  33. santosh says:

    Dear Ramkrishnaji,

    I was very happy that my comments have evoked responses from you all seniors.It is just that I love rafisaab so much that I worte spontaneously. Just that I feel very sad when the best singer is ignored blatantly.

    By the way a lot my relatives stay in Hyderabad.Also I am Iyer by caste what about you ?.Just asked so that we can be in touch.I am in Ahmedabad working for TI cycles.

    Just to share that in all my circles I am known to be an admirer of rafisaab.There are ignorant people who laugh and make fun but I try to propogate the greatness in a small way although by making people realise how great a singer rafi saab was.

    Be in touch and long live the magic of our rafi saab

  34. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post – 11.
    dear Krishna garu, thx for your compliments.

    in islam they believe that after death all are equal & there should not be any discrimination. thats why the Mazhar is not decorated, neither it has any identification.

    In the opposite side of it there are the Mazhars of Naushad sahab and Madhubala jee. they are also not decorated. since its a religoeus belief we have to abide by it. it is decorated with flowers by the people who love them.

    another interesting thing i will mention here Krishna garu, by the side of RAFI sahab’s mazhar there is another Mazhar. Immediately the visitor gets the opinion that it belongs to Bilquis madam ( Rafi sahab’s wife ). but it belongs to an 8 year old girl. you will be astonished to know that her father visits it everyday, puts flowers on it & invariably shares some flowers for the Mazhar of Rafi sahab.
    I can say he is a true devotee of rafi sahab.

    in the name of RAFI sahab there is Mohammed Rafi Chowk in bandra. mumbai people go there and pay their tribute to RAFI sahab on 31st july the day of his heavenly abode.

  35. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    dear santosh jee,

    please dont take it to heart about what Nair jee has mentioned. He wrote in general & he did not mention any body.

    Always remember that we are the members of RAFI sahab’s family, otherwise we could not have met in this forum and continue to share our feelings.For us RAFI sahab is a huge banion tree giving us the the shelter to enjoy his divine melodies. we all belong to RAFI sahab & RAFI sahab belongs to us. and remember that all the members of RAFI sahab’s family should cultivate HUMILITY which was RAFI sahab’s motto.

    So once again I request you Santosh jee never get upset. Remember RAFI sahab had never took it to heart when he was side tracked by the crucade sisters & opportunist music directors who became popular through him only. Please take RAFI sahab as your inspiration.

    Like you I too had the similar trend but latter I realised I mended my ways. Its out of my own experince I am writing to you.

    My Cell no – 09949509592. I live in hyderabad. GOD bless you.

  36. Narayanan says:

    Dear Santoshji,
    Nair sir in the above post has not made any comment contrary to ur views. he feels perhaps that for Rafi saab who lives in the hearts of all music lovers forever and the govt n the pvt media channels should do something automatically .But if u read my post I have given full details of which channels paid tribute/Shraddanjali to the greatest legend singer of all times Rafi Saab.
    For other progams I have given u the valuable tip.
    let us inform these reality music shows that they should devote 24th Dec for n Hon of Rafi saab…
    Pl send collective emails to for further advise…
    Jai Rafi saab Jai Hind

  37. Nair says:

    Ref. Post: 10


    The contents of post 4 relate to a general attitude (your post was only instrumental in writing post 4). Sensibilities of meekness, inferiority, and self-contempt among an “action-group” not only reduce the spirit of members and damage interpersonal self-respect but also expose our weaknesses, if any, to others. The pity is that the weakness as perceived by some fans is a false construction. Every development effort over self contempt is likely to be futile, unlike effort stemming from confidence and positive approach.

    On the question of my being a true admirer; I am an “aesthetic pleasure” seeker. One important requirement in this pursuit is to have an aesthetic icon or object – Rafi Sahab is one such icon of mine. The feeling of “perfection of the icon” must be within the seeker of aesthetic pleasure; lack of such feeling interrupts the said pursuit. I come to this forum because it is a “gas station” on the “mindway” to my aesthetic icon. Sir, would my mind’s boosters propel effectively if there are dispiriting comments? (I am again not referring to your post in particular).

    Being a “new generation” admirer of Rafi Sahab, I lack firsthand knowledge on him; my kindergarten maturity level was inadequate to understand him or his songs at the time he left for the Abode. The writings of all, including yours, are hence extremely valuable to me.

    P.S. The feeling of “perfection of icon” is much profound. I will elaborate on it and relate to Rafi Sahab some other time. Anyway, it not merely his being a virtuous soul.

  38. KRISHNA says:

    Very nice article indeed Ramakrishnagaru.. I was one of the lucky guys to visit Rafi Saab’s tomb. I went with lots of emotion but came out with a very heavy heart. What a respect to the great soul of India. No Plaque, No name, No flowers, Nothing. We need to do something about it. We really need to do something about. There is a road named after Kishore Kumar in Mumbai and why cant we do it for our great Rafi Saab.

  39. santosh says:

    Dear Nair,

    This isSantosh .This is with reference to your comments on 26/8/07 wherein you have called my comments illogical and call for pity.

    How can you say this being a rafi saab fan.How can we neglect the best singer of india like this and get away.How can you tolerate this itmeans you are not a true rafi fan.

    Pl reply

  40. imran says:

    i feel like i fulfiled my dream to visit rafi sab’s mansion through u mr garu. so i want to thanks u in the name of all rafian’s

  41. A S MURTY says:

    Mr. Ramakrishna garu, you have echoed the sentiments of all RAFIANS and your feelings so very well. Indeed, you are truly lucky to have visited Rafi Saheb’s mansion and like many persons, despite having visited Mumbai on several occasions, we never had the opportunity to visit his house.

  42. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Dear Ramakrishnaji,
    You are lucky that you got the opportunity to visit RAFI MANSION. Though I have visited Mumai so many times, I am yet to see the temple. Well, I admit I never tried also. Now that I have read your article, I feel like visiting the place and have my Darshan.

  43. Narayanan says:

    Post 2 Santoshji,
    We all understand yr humble sentiments but there are many channels which gave tribute to the legend viz DD National, DD Metro,DD lok Sabha, DD All Languages for about 30 mnts… NDTV,CNN IBN,AAJ TAK, for about 10mts.. ZEE NEWS,Etv ALL Languages for 20 mts……
    For Amul Voice of India, Indian Idol we along with the Rafi foundation should email to the authorities for the birth anniversary on 24th Dec and as some policy they highlight only birth celebrations. So kindly send ur views to and along with some more fans email id. Let us start this right earnestly. For some of the channels to create the awareness Rafi Foundation has send,spoken,co-ordinated well to get the right mileage..
    Let us work together as only United there is strength and we will guide u…
    Dear Ramkrisha garu,
    True sentiments of all fans n pujaris of our demi-god Rafi saab was felt by all of us.
    P.Narayanan 09886779557

  44. unknow says:

    dear santosh,
    mohd Rafi is God gift and we don’t need media to be his side,Media tried in 1970’s but they can’t,peole like Manney dey,O P nayar,Naushand,Shammi Kapoor,Raj Kapoor and many more what they said abount Mohd Rafi If they said the some about other singer that was in media every day.thanks to God who give us singer like Mohd Rafi and he toke him when he was at the top and still God didn’t made other singer like him and still at the top,what we need more as mohd rafi fans?

  45. Nair says:

    The most disgusting aspect in “Rafi devotion” is the cry of pity, much akin to “self-contempt”, by some. Such mawkish jottings appear during Rafi Sahib’s birth and death anniversaries. They have the case in point of “apparent partiality” by the rest of the world towards the legend. Such comments are qualitatively inferior even to scathing disapproval. One should be sceptical of the genuineness of such comments as a sign of devotion. Even if they are genuine apprehensions of an admirer, are asinine and illogical. Rafi Sahab is the best singer India has ever seen and considered so by the Media and all and sundry.

  46. b.venkatadri says:

    My hearty congratulations to Ramakrishna and Binu Nair for their visit to the venue where Amritmanthan took place day in and day out, for three full decades!

    I single out Ramakrishna’s passionate zeal for Rafi Saab as something we all need to emulate.


  47. santosh says:

    Hi I am the same humble fan of rafi saab who had wrote regarding the absence of mention of the legend on his death aniversary this year 2007.

    Again I was tempted to write this when I say an episode of Amul Star Voice of India where they dedicated an episode to Kishore kumar on his birth day with his son being the cheif guest.

    Again injustice to Rafisaab deliberately.Why did not they remeber his death aniversarry and dedicate an episode in his name.

    Shame on one and all.We remeber lata asha kishore and rdb but not rafi , LP , SJ and others..

    Just want to say rafi saab we will always remeber you till the last breath of my soul.

  48. Nair says:

    The article, its “calligraphy” embossed in nostalgia, has a sanctified feel. The semi-autobiographical style (as a pilgrim) invites the reader to return to the article in a circular process, each round with ineffable joy. Writings of the sort are good fertilizers for a rich inner life. The tinted photo has a magical illusion in it that it in itself complements the articulated romantic sentiment.

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