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Tum Joh Mil Gaye Ho – The Path Breaker

This article is written by Mr. Nagesh Sidhanti, a member of Mohammed Rafi fan club Baar Baar Rafi.

Mohd Rafi and Madan Mohan

Mohd Rafi and Madan Mohan

An attempt to review ‘Tum Joh Mil Gaye Ho’ would be incomplete without actually ‘experiencing’ it, preferably on a rainy day over a long drive and you sure will be transported to a world of intense love and nostalgia.

From the movie ‘Hanste Zakhm’ (1973), this song is composed by the great Madan Mohan and lyrics penned by Kaifi Azmi. Very few songs in the 70s had such a balanced scope for Lyricist, Composer and Singer/s.

The beauty of Kaifi’s lyrics lies in its beguiling simplicity…whether it was ‘waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam‘ from Kagaz ke phool or ‘ kuch dil ne kaha’ from Anupama or ‘zara si aahat hoti hai‘ from Haqueeqat or the current song under discussion. Who can be unmoved when you hear Kaifi’s lines like ‘ zinda rehene ki mausam bahut hai magar, jaan dene ki rut roz aati nahin‘ in the song Kar chale hum fida from Haqueeqat?

Kaifi Azmi is known to bring out the best in both composer and singer/s, by his flair for imagery-evoking lyrics. ‘Tum joh mil gaye ho’ is sung in the context of ‘Somesh’ a rebellious rich boy, who in conflict with his father, ends up becoming a taxi driver ( Navin Nishchal) and a girl called ‘Chanda’ who is coerced into prostitution (Priya Rajvansh)

Listen to Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho

‘Now that I have found you, it seems I have found the world’ is the conviction of the protagonist who falls deeply in love with this prostitute while taking her from one client to another. Kaifi adeptly envelops the sentiments of the man whose compulsive rebellious instincts draw him close to a girl, whose nature of trade matters nothing to him in the realm of pure love.

Check out these lines:

tum bhi the khoye khoye, main bhi bujaa bujaa
thaa ajanabee zamaanaa, apanaa koee na thaa
dil koh joh mil gayaa hai, teraa sahaaraa
yek naee zindagee kaa, nishaa mil gayaa

The song is picturised mostly with the protagonist driving the girl around Bombay. The girl shifts herself from back seat to the front seat in the second half of the song responding in affirmative to the lines ‘Baitho na door humse, dekho khafaa na ho‘. Kaifi Azmi yet again shows here his trademark compulsion to dovetail lyrics that are devoid of excessive sophistication on one hand and yet so profound on the other….and there is no better example than ‘tum joh mil gaye ho’.

Madan Mohan’s fondness of songs with haunting qualities is no secret and tum joh is right up there in this category. By early 70s, the film fraternity considered him as a composer with repertoire limited to his title of ‘ Ghazal King’ and he was accused of composing just to live up to his own reputation. Time had come for Madan Mohan to silence his critics with something difficult to emulate. He did it with ‘tum joh’ and how?

Still from the song Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho

Still from the song Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho

A path breaking song, which is a symphonic number comparable in its chord and rhythm changes, to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (which was released in 1975 though)…a unique first in the annals of Indian cinema…an orchestration style attempted two decades later by Oscar recipient, AR Rahman in the song ‘ Veerapaandi Kottayile‘ from the movie Thiruda Thiruda.

Madan’s profound understanding of the emotions the protagonist undergoes is reflected in the romantic cry taken in high pitch. The rhythm change between first part of the song and the second, symbolises the coming together of the two when all the socio-stigmatic barriers crumble. Sounds of rain, thunder and tidal waves kissing the shore, simply accentuate the sensuous concoction of intense love, nostalgic mood and soul cry.

One antara ‘Tum kya jaano tum kya ho‘ is designed differently adding surprise value to an already unique song. Madan Mohan thus tunes a song, which even 25 years later makes it to the top 10 list ever in Indian Cinema ( according to recent Frontline magazine public voting).

Mohammed Rafi saab needed no second invitation to grasp the context of the song, unleashing every word with unbridled joy, tugging at your heart’s strings. He translates Kaifi Azmi’s intent and Madan Mohan’s vision into one of the most soulfully intense romantic songs ever. The melody is even more unique because Rafi saab sings each syllable in his inimitable drawl and with stress on every nuance. He captures the essence in the very first line ‘Tum joh mil gaye ho‘ bringing forth an air of grievance for the delay in finding his soul mate. Rafi saab introduces a brief lull just after this opening line, as if he is coming out of a romantic trance.

Mohd Rafi with Madan Mohan

Mohd Rafi with Madan Mohan

Rafi saab with his unique technique, picks ‘mil gaya‘ as the key mood word and everytime he sings ‘ mil gaya‘ he somehow packs in the ambience of the entire song, a habit that comes to Rafi saab instinctually. You will actually experience the gleeful expression of the protagonist, when Rafi sings ‘ jaane na doonga‘ with a passionate conviction to embrace his love eternally. The rise and fall of the long notes symbolise the roller coaster ride the characters undergo owing to the unconventionality of their relationship.

In ‘Tum Joh’ I found a new definition for the much celebrated equation, E = MC2, where ‘E’ is Experience of music, ‘M’ is Melodious delight of Rafi Saab and ‘C’ is Convergence of three masters.

I haven’t had enough of ‘tum joh’ yet. What about you?

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97 Blog Comments to “Tum Joh Mil Gaye Ho – The Path Breaker”

  1. Saagar says:

    Having touched upon Madan Mohan, Ilaiyaraaja made an exceptional speech at the the event of felicitaion to AR Rahman in Chennai – straight from his heart – One of the narration in it was about an interesting event between Madan Mohan and Roshan – “Roshan and Madanmohan were competing composers who never met each other. however when Roshan died at a very young age of 32, madan went to pay respects to the body of roshan, kept a wreath of flowers and after a moment of silence cried out ‘Bloody fellow – you died – now to whom I am going to answer?” revealing that all his compositions were in response to musical queries in Roshan’s compositions. Raaja then remarked – that is how to composers were discussing and chatting with each other – through swaras – Is there a need for even meeting..”

  2. ramesh narain kurpad says:

    Dearest Nageshbhai – boy oh boy oh boy – am i proud to be a member of the baar baar rafi fan club in bengaluru !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    first binaji and now nageshbhai –

    nageshbhai – this rendition of rafi sahab is one of my most favourite songs – always on my lips so to say – this is one ong i feel – no one else could have done justice – your expression throughout redifines the fact that these three greats combined to give the world this wonderful yet haunting number of those days.

    nageshbhai – i have not been fully able to digest and disect your review in its fullest but these are few of my feelings on the spurr –

    this your buddy from colombo saying ” kudos nagesh ” – you are a typhoon unstoppable – you have just exploded and we shall patiently wait and watch these columns for a lavaa of heart stopping reviews.

    ramesh in colombo.

  3. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Toufique bhai, Here is the link for top 10 hindi songs ever.

    A small correction from my side. It is Outlook and not Frontline magazine
    as written. Sorry about that.

    You can also read the nominations and jury list straight away here.

    The Jury
    Abhijeet, Adesh Srivastava, Alisha Chinai, Anu Malik, Ehsaan, Gulzar, Hariharan, Himesh Reshammiya, Jatin, Javed Akhtar, Kailash Kher, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Khayyam, Kumar Sanu, Lalit, Loy, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Mahendra Kapoor, Manna Dey, Prasoon Joshi, Rajesh Roshan, Sadhna Sargam, Sameer, Sandesh Shandilya, Shaan, Shankar, Shantanu Moitra, Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Talat Aziz.

    Poll conducted By Lata Khubchandani and Namrata Joshi. Each jury member was asked to nominate 10 favourites in no order of preference.
    The winners are ranked according to the number of votes each song got.

    1. Man re, tu kaahe na dheer dhare
    Singer: Mohammed Rafi
    Film: Chitralekha (1964)
    Music: Roshan
    Lyrics Sahir Ludhianvi

    2. Three songs tied for the second position

    Tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain…
    Singer: Mohammed Rafi
    Film: Guide (1965)
    Music: S.D. Burman
    Lyrics: Shailendra

    Din dhal jaaye, hai raat na jaaye…
    Singer: Mohammed Rafi
    Film: Guide (1965)
    Music: S.D. Burman
    Lyrics Shailendra

    Kuch to log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna…
    Singer: Kishore Kumar
    Film: Amar Prem (1971)
    Music: R.D. Burman
    Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

    3. Three songs tied for the third position
    Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam…
    Singer: Geeta Dutt
    Film: Kaagaz ke phool (1959)
    Music: S.D. Burman
    Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi

    Jo vaada kiya woh nibhana padega…
    Singers: Rafi-Lata
    Film: Taj Mahal (1963)
    Music: Roshan
    Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi

    Pyar kiya to darna kya…
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Film: Mughal-e-Azam (1960)
    Music: Naushad
    Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni

    4. Thirteen songs tied for the fourth position

    Ai qaatib-e-taqdeer mujhe itna bata de…
    Singer: K.L. Saigal
    Film: My Sister (1944)
    Music: Pankaj Mullick
    Lyrics: Pandit Bhushan

    Ayega, ayega, ayega ayega aane wala…
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Film: Mahal (1949)
    Music: Khemchand Prakash
    Lyrics: Nakshab Jarachavi

    Piya tose naina lage re…
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Film: Guide (1965)
    Music: S.D. Burman
    Lyrics: Shailendra

    Mai ye sochkar uske dar se…
    Singer: Mohammed Rafi
    Film: Haqeeqat (1964)
    Music: Madan Mohan
    Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi

    O sajna, barkha bahar ayee…
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Film: Parakh (1960)
    Music: Salil Chowdhury
    Lyrics: Shailendra

    Kuch dil ne kaha, kuch bhi nahin…
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Film: Anupama (1966)
    Music: Hemant Kumar
    Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi
    Zindagi ke safar me guzar jate hain jo makam…
    Singer: Kishore Kumar
    Film: Aap ki kasam (1974)
    Music: R.D.Burman
    Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

    Tum jo mil gaye ho to ye lagta hai, ke jahan mil gaya…
    Singer: Mohammed Rafi
    Film: Hanste zakhm (1973)
    Music: Madan Mohan
    Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi

    Dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaan lijiye…
    Singer: Asha Bhonsle
    Film: Umrao Jaan (1981)
    Music: Khayyam Lyrics Shahryar

    Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko…
    Singers: Asha Bhonsle-Mohammed Rafi
    Film: Yaadon ki baraat (1973)
    Music: R.D. Burman
    Lyrics: Majrooh

    Tum pukar lo…
    Singer: Hemant Kumar
    Film: Khamoshi (1969)
    Music: Hemant Kumar Lyrics Gulzar

    Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi…
    Singer: Sonu Nigam
    Film: Kal ho naa ho (2003)
    Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
    Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

    Poocho na kaise maine rain bitayi…
    Singer: Manna Dey
    Film: Meri soorat teri aankhen (1963)
    Music: S.D. Burman
    Lyrics: Shailendra


    Nagesh Sidhanti

  4. N.G.Ramaswamy says:

    Dear Nageshbhai,

    What a write up. Excellent, masterpiece. I am so sure the rival fans of other sites may soon wind up their sites if by chance they happen to read this article & bow before the one & only Rafi Saab. Nageshbhai, a request. As we all are aware, this song was penned by none other than Kafi Azmijiji (father of Shabhanaji & father- in-law of Javed Akhtharji). Kindly handover the copy of this beautiful gem & also the comments that follow to Javed Aktharji, who in particular, always favours the other legend Kishoreda in every reality show on which he is the judge. While we Rafi Bhakths do not have any grudge over Kishoreda’s singing, these so called Javeds & others etc. never utter a word on our Rafisaab. They simply switch over to Kishore and promote his songs whereas the actual basics & foundation stone for singing had been laid by our Rafi Saab (God & School of Singing). Mr. Sandeep Nadkarni, the witness to this song recording has clearly summed up saying if anybody on this earth is prepared to sing better than this, it is a big joke.Thanks Nadkarniji.

    One more special request Nageshbhai. Though one can write Ramayana & Mahabharatha on each and every song of Rafi Saab, my special request to you to write on these:

    1. Mere sapnon ki Rani Tum Nahi hon – Film Jawan Mohabbat
    2. Jab Mohabbat Jawan hoti hai – same
    3. Badi Bewafa hai ye husnewale – film Roop Tera Mastana
    4. Bahonse hawas Diwana – Night in london
    5. Barbad – e – mohabbat – Laila Majnu
    6. Ye bemisaal hoon main teri tarif kya karoon – Brahmachari
    7. Jaane bahar husne tera bemisaal hai – Film Pyar kiya to darna kya
    8. Hum ko to jaan se pyaari hai tumharee anke – Film Naina
    9. Dil ne pyaar kiya hai ek bewafa se – Shararat
    10. Kya miliye Aise logon se – Izzat
    11. Madhhosh hawa matwali – Prince
    12. Roshan tumise duniya – Parasmani
    13. Jaag dil-e-deewana – Oonche Log
    14. Unke Khayal aaye to – Laal Pathar

    As I finish this, Pl. note this beautiful gem was sung by Mr.Anil Bajpai, a hard core fan and clone of Rafi saab in the last 3 or 4 programmes attended by me & my family and everytime there was once more and again once more demand. My nephew, who was not knowing much of Rafi saab’s song till then, now presurrises me to take him to all the shows of Rafi Saab and listens to Rafi saab only and says he is really the God. He says now nobody can beat Rafi Saab. He is only 23 year old.

    Thanks once again, and looking forward to your write up on the above.


  5. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Aadaab Rafi once again,

    Heartfelt thanks to all those who have taken precious time off to write those endearing comments.

    Hello KLF ji ( wish I had known your name sir/madam) you are spot on when you said Madan Mohan leaves you with haunting ripples. And yes, Rafisab never had a lean period qualitatively speaking.

    Hi Shashidhar, thanks very much for the appreciation. the real credit however should go to the terrific trio MM- Rafi- Kaifi, for delivering a peerless song.

    Siva sir, you are absolutely right. Madan Mohan walks away with ‘ fan’ fare awards, so what if he does not get a ‘filmfare’ award. Thanks very much for sharing an obsorbing incident. Indeed they were golden years.

    Vasudhaji, I am honoured to read your comments. I am glad that this write up has awakened another potential reviewer which is evident from all those passionate expressions of yours.

    Chandan sab, great encouragement coming from a singing sensation like you, what can I say!!! I am ecstatic. Friends, Chandan sab incidentally has a voice very close to our master and it would be a pleasure if you could post them to the forum. I wish to make a similar request to Anoopbhai as well.

    Shirish sab, I am amazed to see such likeminded and articulate observers like you in this forum. Anoopbhai did share with me the pleasant experience of meeting you at Mumbai. Look forward to meeting you one day sir.

    Uttharaji, what a beautiful complementary write up you have given !!! I am overjoyed. Yes, Lata’s haunting last line makes it doubly delightful.

    Rashid bhai, I am touched by your comments. Its a song very close to my heart and usually what is so intimate to you brings out the best.

    Narayan sab, aapko shukriyaada kaise karun? You have a missionary zeal when it comes to mohammed rafi and related activities. having known you personally, you come across as ‘ an action man’ and a great conduit to link many rafi bhakts together. Heartfelt thanks to you.

    Raghunaath bhai, shukriya for the good words. If you are listening to a beautiful song like ‘ tum joh’ eight minutes seem like eight seconds as opposed to listening to a cacophonic contemporary song, where eight minutes seem like eight years. Now that is some theory of relativity I guess!!!

    Signing off with a warm hugs to all of you doston,

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  6. Tum jo mil gaye ho — Combination of Rafi-Madan-Kaifi from the Chetan Anand film titled Hansthe Zakhm. The article & thoughts have been very beautifully presented and indeed a well researched & homeworked piece from Nagesh Sidhantijee.
    These 2 renditions the other one being the title song from the H S Rawails super duper hit film titled Mere Mehboob are those such songs which I have always admired the most mainly on account of the length of these renditions which range almost between 10 to 13 minutes and for a singer to stand & perform for such a length is indeed a very commendable job. Rafi Saab has not only done & proved this with so ease & patience but has in the vicinity has also seen that the pitch of his sweet golden voice quality in both these songs has never changed.
    However there was a small incident involved with Tum jo mil gaye ho which I would like to narrate as follows
    After the successful final take was over the great Madan Mohan requested Rafi Saab — aur ek take le le Sir — to which Rafi was not only furious but got annoyed and just seeing this expressions of Rafi Saab Madan Mohan without any hesitation okayed the song and which is there in front of all of us.
    I can presumably understand Rafis stand mainly since this particular song in the purest of original form or version ranges almost the length of 13 long minutes (which is definately not a joke) and above all one should minutely observe the terrific variations & vibrations in which this song is presented by the greatest ever, indeed hats of to you Rafi Sir.
    I was a witness myself while recording this extraordinary rendition
    Can any other artiste or singer ever dare to sing this song as the way the greatest ever Rafi Saab has rendered ?
    If the answer to my question is yes then I personaly believe this would be a very big joke of the century & hence the simple answer should always be a big no.

  7. Dear Nagesh Bhavaji,

    First time I am seeing such a rare review post. Infact its like writing a paper about the situation in which the song is composed and then picturised.

    It remembers me the day when I listened to “Aaj se pehle, aaj se Zaada” from Chitchor while I was sitting in Kemmangundi watching the Sun go down. I could co-relate the kind of feeling what you would have experienced while driving on a rainy day and just keep thinking more about the song all the way long.

    Awaiting your next review.

  8. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    My beloved respected Rafi fans,

    Here is my sincere thanks to all you connoisseurs once again.

    Nawathe sab, bahut shukriya for your appreciative words. The way Rafi sab sings ‘ Shaam ko’ in ek haseen sham ko, My god!!! A microcosm of the entire ambience of the song happens.

    Sumanbhai, it is just a humble straight from the heart tribute to all three masters. Your words are very endearing. Thank you very much.

    A.S. Murthy sab, a very special shukriyaada to you from my side as well as from all those who are the receipients of your continued encouragement. Your words add so much value to the write up, I am tempted to request you to do one review yourself sir ( if not already done. I am new to the forum) Thanks so much for your kindness.

    Arun Kumarji, a short but sincere comment from you demonstrates your taste for great music.

    Anil Raj sab, a divine ability of Rafi sab was to deliver any song with all three major parameters intact. Raag, Shabhd and Bhaav. No doubts even those who do not follow the language, simply come to grip of the emotion it conveyed, which is a unique feature of our great master.

    Thangal ji, eid mubarak. A very important note you made sir. Thanks very much. Pinneedu kannanam.

    Hello Kalyani, what a pleasant surprise!!! sughamaano? I am overwhelmed with your praise and keen observations. I will surely try and do more with your encouragement and the blessings of the great man.

    Biman sab, dhanyobod for your praises. I can see you engulfed in the nostalgic memories of boroxun ( rain). You are absolutely right. Its a never before , never after combo. MM-Rafi-Kaifi.

    Saleem bhai, eid mubarak. You are over rating this humble Rafibhakt with such high praises. As I see, it is the intensity of the song which is having a magical spell on you sir.

    Ramesh sir, just could not agree with you more. I am touched to understand that this review has made some difference to my fellow fans. Indeed an overwhelming moment for me sir.

    Once again, I take a bow to all of you for the inspiration given and to Rafi sab who brought us all together.

    yours truly

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  9. A.T.M. SALIM says:





  10. Girish says:

    Dear Nagesh

    I normally just have a casual glance at the site in between my work to read some of the articles and discussions without leaving any comments. But today it would have been blasphemous of me, if I left the site without writing a word of appreciation about your fantastic analysis of a fantastic song. Even in one’s wildest dream, it is difficult to conjure such a well-strung article that is almost as lyrical as the song.

    All the very best.

  11. Mohammed Irfan says:

    Dear NageshJi ,
    What a write-up!! Your analysis of this gem of a song is PERFECT.

    Keep it up

  12. radha says:

    hello nagesh, adaab rafi

    thanks that was a lovely write up especially for rafis fans. who else but rafi could bring so much romance into the song’ tum jo mil gaye ho’ it has been my most favourite song .rafi sasab has the ultimate voice .His voice can never be born again its eternal. MOHAMMAD RAFI stands for MASTERPIECE OUTSTANDING HAUNTING ADORABLE MESMERISING MUSICAL AWESOME DELIGHTING ROMANTIC AWAAZ FASCINATING INDIANS,

    looking forward to further writeups


  13. Alkha says:

    Hi Nagesh

    That’s an absolutely great article. Your mastery is evident everywhere. In your understanding of the singer, the lyricist and the composer and of course over the language

  14. toufique says:

    Mr. Nagesh Sidhanti,
    Could you please post the Frontline list of top 10 hindi film songs for us. That would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Nagesh Sidhanti Saheb,
    Great narration on a great song. Congratulations.
    We need more writeups like this from you.
    With regards to all rafi lovers,
    Long live rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  16. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    My dear respected Rafi fans,

    I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for appreciating the song review of ‘Tum Joh’.

    A big thank you to the facilitators of this invaluable website, for admitting this article. Indeed you are doing a great service and adding value to each and every Rafifan world over.

    Malavika, Thanks very much lady. So true that a song is always a combined effort of Lyricist, Composer, Singer/s and Orchestra.

    Binu Nairji, Shukriya for the praise. I am sure whenever you don’t answer your mobile( with tum joh as hello tune) your callers will say ‘ koi baat nahi, yeh jahaan already mil gaya’.

    Gurumurthy sab, you are an iconic figure in our club and kind words from you make it all the more special.

    Ravishankar bhai, I am humbled by such encouragement from you, a connoisseur yourself and an analyst par excellance.

    Jay Iyer sab, with your blessings, I will surely do my best to bring out more reviews to the joy and pleasure of all the Rafi fans.

    Saifullah Sab, words fail me to express my feelings on your comment. All that I can say is 99% Inspiration from people like you and mere 1% perspiration from the reviewer.

    Binaji, such praises coming from a reviewer par excellance…. Wow..
    This is Rafiism in action friends. Kahi bekhayaal song review demonstrated
    the passion you have on the great man. Mohammed Rafi.

    Ahmed bhai, 10 on 10 for your observations. Indeed this may be the shortest
    eight minutes of a Rafi song.

    Anoopbhai, having heard you sing with all the andaaz of Rafisab, I am honored seeing your comments.

    Aadaab Rafi and enjoy everybit of this great initiaive called

    with melodious regards

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  17. Dilip says:

    dear nageshbhai,
    adaab rafi.A great writeup for one of the evergreen songs of rafisaab. The song becomes more beautiful after going thru ur wonderful analysis. Only rafi could do justice to such lyrics. I was advised by Mr.Narayanan of Bar Bar Rafi club to go to this website. I am very thankful to him. Such reviews bring back the nostalgic memories of golden era of hindi music(1950’s & 60’s).
    Once again thankyou Nagesh & hope to read more such articles in future
    dil jo na kaha saka ho….

  18. kprem says:

    Love to Rafi Ever, we lover love Rafi sahab too much. May God give him rest in heaven.

    LOVE and nothing without Love to Rafi Sahab the unique singer of centruies.

  19. unknow says:

    Great work Sir,
    who said that the best music was in 1960’s I think they are wrong because after listening to this song “Tum Joh Mil Gaye Ho”
    Madan Mohan was one of few who was with Mohd Rafi in 1970’s

  20. Anil Cherian says:

    Fab article, Nageshji. Keep up the good work.
    In one of my Rafisahab collection, ‘tum jo mil gaye ho…..’ follows ‘kehna, ek deewana….’. It’s quite an experience, Rafisahab takes you across the desert and then through the rain and to the beach….

  21. Raghunaath says:

    Nageshbhai, Adaab Rafi !

    Your definition for E=MC2 is very apt and thought provoking, as far as Rafisaab is concerned. This is the best song given by Madan MohanJi as I like ….Pl come out with more and more of Rafisaab

    Best of luk

  22. Narayanan says:

    Dear Nageshbhai, Adaab Rafi !
    Before I checked my gmail the news of ur writeup came to me in Mumbai and I was awaitng the next change to go the cyber ( Infact Iam in Pune stn at the railway cyber express).
    Lovely words of expression brought out the whole melody of 3 golden greats Madan Mohanji, Rafisahab and Kaifi saab in ur write up. The entire song can be heard n visualised so clearly without the help of the youtube.
    Great work and congrats…
    Please continue to regale millions of Rafi lovers across the world.
    We at Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club is very proud of talents like you n Bina….

  23. Rashid Diwan says:

    A wonderful description of this eternal song, Mr. Nagesh Sidhanti has put his heart felt feelings describing the deapth of this beautiful song. Like all Rafi fans I appreciate the true fans of Rafi Sahab like Mr Sidhanti who take out so much time to express their feelings and may thse feeling last forever.

  24. Utthara Kumari B says:

    Hello Nagesh, you have done a splendid analysis of this unforgettable melody. Your insight of music and cinema was like an appreciation course for us __ of this song. You have interpreted each word, each mood and each note of the song in such a way that no one can do anything but agree with you wholeheartedly.
    The song __ Tum jo mil gaye ho__ is unarguably one of the best songs of Rafi saab. That it is a Rafi-MM-Kaifi Azmi combo makes the melodious lyrical gem an all-time great number.
    The song is an experience. Its slow tempo and Rafi’s satin-smooth voice just glides over you. Madan Mohan’s orchestration is out of this world. And Kaifi saab’s lyrics __ each word is dipped in love and joy __ the joy of the hero who found his dreamgirl, an epitome of everything sublime.
    Add Lata’s haunting voice, and the song becomes doubly joyful.
    Tum jo is the song I would like to hear in low volume on a rainy day while at home (definitely not while in office!).
    Thanks for a splendid review

  25. Dear Nagesh Sir,
    Fantastic article sir! Your analytical skill and grasp of Rafi Sahabs strength is as stunning as the song itself ! My personal favourite aspect of this song is “Yeh Jahaaaaaaa mil gaya”. And the sound of the waves adds tempo to the song. All in all, a great write up of a great song.

    Shirish Kulkarni

  26. Chandan says:

    What a lovely article! One of the pricelss compositions of MM and a great rendition literally on top of the music by the one and only Rafi Saab. The dexterity with which Rafi Saab has sung with the matching and challenging interlude music, especially during the end, is phenomenal and worth a million praises..
    You have brought out the innermost fibre of the song in every way and I would love to read more such articles from you. Please keep writing and you have already taken me to a totally different world of ectasy!

  27. Vasudha says:

    Hey Nagesh
    This masterpeice of a review cannot just escape the notice of a true Rafi fan.
    The emotional upheaval this song creates in me speaks volumes.The thunderstorm ,the torrential rain together with the most romantic rendition of the maestro is a concoction everyone would like to experience after reading your review.
    You have pointed out the subtleties the two words Mil gaya convey so beautifully.They seem to break all barriers and reverberate triumphantly.
    Your review is so intense that I felt you have imagined yourself in the garb of Navin Nischal wanting to give his girl a fresh lease of life and eager to release her from the clutches of prostitution-
    Baitho na door humse
    Dekho kapha na ho
    Kismat se milgaye ho
    milke juda na ho–
    as if a moment of seperation will snatch her away from you forever.
    This song creates ripples in me which silently merge with the serene ocean of joy but a review like this converts the ripples into humungous waves engulfing a passionate Rafi fan in a sea of eternal bliss.
    What more can I say?

  28. Siva says:

    Excellent review of this masterpiece of MM-MR-KA combination; yesterday I saw in TV that Madan mohan was thrice nominated for the Filmfare awards but never got any!!!!. I think every song of his deserved an award. Anyhow there is an award from all of our hearts and that is why even after so many years ,we keep listening to them.
    Long back I heard an anecdote about Roshan & Madan mohan-both were very close friends –once Roshan ji had a doubt on a piece that he was composing and called MM in the middle of the night. Over phone he listened to the tune and suggested some changes which helped Roshan in composing the song.
    Oh what golden years those were when each music director like Naushad, MM, Roshan, SDB, S-J, Ravi, CR, OPN used to surpass each other in their compositions!!

  29. Nagesh,

    It is a wonderfull experience for people like us who are not connosiuers of music. To understand, feel, and experience the richness of the song and eventually become fans of BHAR BHAR RAFI!!!!.

    l do not want to make any attempt to critically analyize the song review,Nevertheless, I cannot resist to admire your creative instinct to understand each and every bit of the song and put before decerning audience and more to people like us to understand the subtility of the song and start to enjoy the song better and better.

    I until now, only understood the songs more through its sound vibrations and its soothing effect on me, Its now I realize that songs like this has MORE TO ITS CREDIT THAN MUSIC ALONE.

    Great job done, Keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!



  30. KLF says:

    This is one of my all time favourite Rafi songs! I just love the way it starts off. Rafi sings it superbly, the music is awesome which leaves haunting ripples. I love the sound of thunder in between just before Lata sings a few lines! Madan Mohan certainly does blow you away with any sterotype image of just being labeled as a Ghazal King!

    The only negative point about it, was that the film version was cut short.
    The song came out at a time when Rafi was sidelined due to the Kishore wave and Rafi certainly proved his technical expertise as a singer with the times!

    This song is Sonu Nigaam’s all time favourite Rafi number!

  31. Ramesh Garg says:

    Bravo Nageshji, you have gladdened all teh rafi sb fans throughout the world. Madhan Mohan could think of composing this song only because rafi sb was around. otherwise, such a subtle, delicated yet highly complicated composition would not have got a suitable voice as no singer in the world could dare touch this song.

  32. muslim saleem says:

    Like Rafi Sahab, the writer of this article is also a genius. His dissection and description of various pieces of the ledgendary song are really out of this word and compel a Rafi fan to hear this song again and again in the light of Nagesh’s observations. I salute to Nagesh.

  33. biman baruah says:

    respected nagesh ji

    namaskar, thanks a lot for a deep & heart touching analysis of a great & everlasting song by our beloved rafi saheb. It is one of the best rain song of HFM with real effect of heavy rain from a film with great combinations : chetan anand-madan mohan-kaifi azmi & mohd. rafi. such great combinations & great songs are very rare in the films of present day. realy you have done a very good analysis of a song. keep it up.

    with very best wishes & regards
    biman baruah
    sivasagar, assam.

  34. Kalyani Menon says:

    This is indeed one of the BEST reviews I have ever read about this song! Made me so happy to just read about it and experience the ‘feelings’ of the song. Kaifi-MadanMohan-Rafi – and the expressive critic Nagesh – a deadly combination…sure, I did like your E=MC2 equation in the song, who would’ve thought of it, but you!!
    Keep writing and do share with us.

  35. pmc thangal says:

    dear nagesh, of course ur review of the song tumjo nice & interesting one.the exact reason of victory of the song is rafi saab’s mastery over the words ie his style of pronounce.most of our singers lack this quality of rafi saab.if u take interest in bringing the essence of rafi sab’s other songs like mehe booba teri tesevir..(isque per zor nahi md sdb) na kisee ki aang ka nooru hum..(filim lal qillah md sn tripatti and written by bahdur sha zafar) it would be a great asset to us people .may gracious heaven provide him peace & calmness in that eternal world.

  36. anil raj says:

    nageshji, your article is fantastic say the truth i am very poor in hindi or urdu language.even then i love urdu and hindi songs of old ie 1945- 1980,because mohamed rafi sab”s melodious voice.after reading the article i could able to undestand the contends of the song.we expect more and more analysis of rafi songs from you. anil raj fort cochin

  37. arun kumar says:

    really song was superb tun jo mil gaye ho

  38. A S MURTY says:

    time and again the rafi fans in bangalore are coming up with some exquisitive essay writing on selected songs of rafi sahab and it amazes me how well they are able to describe in such finery of prose all that a ‘song’ can convey. with such unimaginable writing, these writers from the baar baar rafi fan club of bangalore are able to convey to us sometimes even aspects which we had never discovered earlier, although the songs have been on our lips since ages. if we fail to check up this site even for a day, we may miss out on the sudden influx of the best of writing which we are seeing these days with unfailing regularity. to this extent, i must congratulate the members of baar baar rafi fan club in bangalore without hiding my envy. indeed this song from ‘hanste zakhm’ has been a pathbreaker and the multi-dimentional musical composition is simply mystifying, to say the least. madan mohan marvelled in yet again in a differently composed musical treat and then rafi sahab completed with his unique and sensational rendering of the song. “You will actually experience the gleeful expression of the protagonist, when Rafi sings ‘ jaane na doonga‘ with a passionate conviction….” confirms my conviction that rafi sahab knew exactly what had to be conveyed by the lyricist. one feels a part of the scene and sequence when one listens to rafi sahab very intensely.
    and yet again “The melody is even more unique because Rafi saab sings each syllable in his inimitable drawl and with stress on every nuance” perfectly describes rafi sahab’s gifted verstality in presenting the exact and correct meaning to the beauty of the poetry and the perfect harmony blended by the composition by the music director. great article nageshji and may your tribe grow and we eagerly await the next such lovely participation from you and other friends in bangalore.

  39. Suman Gupta says:

    You have dissected the song , bringing out the feel , the beauty of this song , for people who can not see inside the song .The writer, composer and of course the singer and now the song reviewer has done an excellent job .

  40. s nawathe says:

    dear mr Nageshji,

    a superb article with deep study on the song and sorroundings. Compliments. Yes, the song is a jewel of the crown. MADANMOHAN was just extraordinary genius. Remember how he used Rafi saab for singing..AAPKE PEHLU ME AAKER RO LIYE from Mera saaya or EK HANSEE SHAAM KO DIL MERA…from Dulahn ek raat ki….wow..what a combination..of LYRICS, MELODY, VOICE MODULAION, TUNE…everything was just made for each other..we have already listened TUM JO MIL GAYE HO may be 1000 times and still have desire to listen for another 10000 times …this is the attraction force created by such IMMORTAL ….AND HAMESHA JAVAAN SONGS….Thanks for a nice artcicle…regards;

    shrirang nawathe
    00968 961 797 68

  41. Anoop KUlkarni says:

    Nageshji, this is a fabulous review. The right word is “intense” (suits both the song and your review).
    Fantastic!!! I love this song very much, but I had never seen the video nor imagined the picturization. After reading your review, I saw the video for the first time and I could imagine what the movie was all about, thanks to your review. I really appreciate the details you have provided in the review.
    With this kind of an analysis, wonder where were you all this while? You should be doing more and more and more reviews.
    Looking forward to more reviews from you.
    Thanks again for the wonderful review.

  42. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    The total duration of this song is around 8 minutes.we are not
    getting bored by hearing such a lengthy song because of the
    sound and expression quality of rafi saab.the music which
    create the atmosphere of a heavy rain with thunder is
    “typical and very beautiful”.while enjoying the song,some
    time i feel just hearing a story.rafi saab’s each song gives
    us the feeling of having a fantastic feast.Another lengthy
    song of rafi saab is “mere mehaboob tuje” from film
    “mere mehaboob”.if it sung by any other singer people
    will switch off the system when it reach half.I think that is one
    of the reasons lataji’s same song did not become superhit.

  43. bajouri says:


  44. Bina says:

    Hi Nagesh,

    Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho is a song that simply takes one’s breath away…its an out and out orchestration dominated. Your astounding analysis of another Rafi Saab gem is straight from the heart and quite gripping. I got hooked to the mood in the lyrics, the rhythm in the flow, and the two lovers in the taxi from the way you have woven the essence of the song around its situation and cast.

    As you rightly say, Rafi Saab’d key mood word in this song is ‘mil gaya’ which has a different flavour every time he repeats it…Just like ‘wallah kamaal hai’ in Jaane Bahaar Husn Tera Bemisaal Hai and ‘tauba tauba’ Main Nigaahen Tere Chehre Se hataun Kaise.

    I liked the fact that you have given due credence to the trio of Rafi Saab, MM and Kaifi Azmi, who made this song so special to the listener.. Nagesh, you have exhibited great talent in reinventing the meaning of Einstein’s celebrated formula….Tum Jo is indeed an energetic presentation of heart over matter.

    I am sure everyone who reads this will want to experience a rainy day the way you have detailed it in this song.

    Please regale us with many more reviews of the Tum Jo kind…


  45. Saifullah says:

    Dear Nageshji,
    I was overwhelmed by your article.
    After the write up on Kahin Bekhayal hokar………this is yet another gem of a write up. I still remember this song which I first heard when I was a school boy. I was an ardent Rafi fan from my childhood and it had such a mesmerizing effect on me. I did not have the money to go and watch the movie at that point of time, and I did not know the background of the song. Years later, when I have now become a collector of Rafi songs – I am just crazy about him – I look back at those days and realize why the song had such an effect on me, at a time when my knowledge of Hindi was not good and I could not make up the meaning of the song. Then, it was only the Rafi magic which excited me. Now, when I know the song very well and the background of the song even better, I realize how true you are in your analysis. Rafi Saab’s diction, his stress on each syllable, his rendition, the music, the words, everything gelled and created a masterpiece.
    Congrats Nageshji, on your superb article. Efforts by people like you, make this site a pleasure to visit.
    All the best and keep writing such quality articles.

  46. Jay Iyer says:

    What can I say. A great review. Passionate and informative. I had not listened to this song before, but with your review I did and what a great experience it was. Thanks. Keep it flowing with more.


  47. ravishankar says:

    Excellent review indeed! You have brought out the nuances of the song so beautifully, that even a man who has not heard this song would love to hear it. After listening to this song, I am sure he will be addicted to it forever!! A very very powerful review that has come from the bottom of the heart of a true retro music lover. Keep ’em coming friend!!

  48. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Wonderful Nagesh Bhai,

    This particular song though perhaps one of the top songs of Rafi, still when the movie was released, it did not hit the chart in Binaca Geet Mala, then considered a barometer of any song’s popularity. It made fleeting appearances at lower paidans and disappeared. But the quality of the song was so great that it is now considered as one of the best of Rafi. Infact, this movie Hanste Zakhm had wonderful songs by Madan Mohan and Kaifi Azmi, sung by Rafi and Lata.

    You are right, kitne baar bhi suno, dil nahi bharta.

  49. binu nair says:

    truly, this is a haunting number. only two days back i went to the mobile shop to put this song as my caller tune.

    this is a towering work of kaifi azmi-madan mohan-mohd rafi. this is gold stuff. kudos to the writer….


  50. Malavika says:

    My dear Nagesh,

    Oh…..tugging at my heart’s strings, I mean your song review. I could
    never imagine one could articulate the experience of listening to ‘Tum Joh
    Mil Gaye Ho’ in such intense expressions. I read it once, twice and thrice. I felt I was in a trance myself, every time I read.

    I get a feeling that while writing this, you seem to have entered the soul of the protagonist, otherwise how do you get those perfect sentiments!!! Besides the passionate take, you have provided a nice perspective of both Kaifi Azmi and Madan Mohan. A composer is like an architect of the song and so often people tend to give all the credit to the singer/s and ignore the other two. The attention paid by you to distribute the credit of the song equally between all the three makes your review even more balanced.

    Outstanding job Nagesh. I am not able to explain the refreshing flavour of your style of writing and I am sure you can spice up many more songs of the great Mohammed Rafi with similar reviews.



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