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True Voice – Mohd Rafi

The following article was brought to my notice when Sharad posted it on MAS. The article has been trimmed down a bit keeping afloat Rafi details. However, anyone interested can go visit the source at

I am Swaminatha Iyer and I am 78 years old. I hail from Tiruchi and I am a part of music associations in Tiruchi, M’as as well as in West Bengal and Maharashtra.

I think it is wrong to condemn music or artists on either side of Vindhyas. Our Indian music is one of the few which has not been cleaned off by the western music though there has always been a influence. It speaks a lot of the richness of our music. Sometime back director of MTV had said that MTV westernized the music wherever it went but in India , MTV had to be Indianized for it to be accepted. A lot of this credit goes to the Indian film music.

I have been fortunate to have close personal association with Rafi, Sirkali, TMS, Dr. BMK, Kishore, SPB & KJY, PS, Mannadey and the one and only Lata Mangeshkar.

Comparisons are bound to come, but almost every artist or I have met considers Lata to be beyond comparison. Her talents are beyond anyone’s reach. Even Sirkazi used to talk of her singing like a die-hard fan as do countless others.

Now coming to the Rafi-SPB discussion. It might be difficult to convince an South Indian to believe Rafi is the better and at the same time Rafi crowd will never believe any other male singer comes anywhere nearer. There is one more mobile crowd, which is well conversant with Hindi and some south Indian language. Majority of them tilt to either Rafi or Kishore.

During one of my stays in M’as I had stayed with SPB. While talking of true voices he said, I don’t feel like half a singer when listening to Rafi. True voice is not a tech term but many in circle use it. Perfect example would be lata, but to understand consider our own PS who within her range is superb. People who do not have such true voices can never do justice to original. They generally underplay many parts of the song or fake it with bass/superficial singing. True voices make people like Sirkazi, Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Lata… Inimitable. However since Sirkazi and Nusrat did not have the filmy voices their “real” following is limited to their local arena.

In addition to the true voice if the singer has a very good voice then in “most” cases he/she can better songs of others. It is this combination which makes Rafi stand out among the other male singers. There are many here who seem to have mistaken notions on a good bass and also on high pitch.

Bryan Adams does not require a monster bass in “Summer of 69” to sound real manly. It is the punch which gives that feel and that is decided only by the comfort level in most ranges (that is by what your throat can support). This you CAN never disguise with bass. Since people have talked about lack of manly voice viz. a viz. Rafi it was necessary to bring this point out. I have had the fortune of listening to most singers in studio and some times without a mike, practicing with MD’s.When Lata or Rafi do, the level is so high that people hesitate to even hum. It felt silly to sing in their presence (and it feels silly when someone says his voice isn’t manly).

In RD’s tribute when SPB sang “Aaja Aaja mein hoon” or “Chaand mera dil” it sounded only sweet and lacked punch if you compare with Rafi’s original.

Yesu once told me God has been partial to Rafi. He said “god gift term anavasyamaa romba common aa ippo use aardu”.. but idu Rafi kee thaan 100% porundu”. This person could sing “as intricately as a lady without sounding thin”, “cover any mood”, “versatility odey perfect example Rafi”. Yesu said most important is the comfort level over ranges which makes you feel God has been partial to Rafi. (But Of course in Rafi’s early career (1950’s) the voice was relatively feeble).

To people exposed to Rafi’s talent, these or any amount of praise can only seem less. I just wish he was alive and you people could get a live chance to hear him. Probably you can get hold of the DD album for the Geet Gaata Chal series where the first four episodes were dedicated to Rafi. Rafi is on camera singing “O Duniya Ke Rakwaaley” and many other songs. If you see and hear the last part you will realize why SPB said “impossible”. I think particularly those people who have talked about scales w.r.t Rafi should see this album. Its a known fact in industry that Rafi ruled high pitch and there is no male singer better in switching notes so easily. There are artists who can go beyond but then they sound strained or they don’t have pleasant voices when they venture into those territories.

Many singers of today are his compulsive followers. But they end up inheriting only part of his quality. Md. Aziz ended up with a sad voice. Mahendra Kapoor with a thick nasal voice. Anwar with a nasal voice. Sonu Nigam with a feminine voice. Rafi neither had a soft voice nor a heavy (bass) voice he had a good voice. Importantly did not strain at high notes, and voice if at all only became better at higher notes. If you see him singing it will remind you of Janaki. However diff the song is or the note is he will be smiling and singing. It is unthinkable that he cannot sing something.

There seems to be lot of talk about “Shankara Bharanamo” song. SPB has sung many a great numbers and things being said about this song in this forum are rather amusing, particularly b’cos 3 out of 4 people who can be called as singers will be able sing it and at least one out of 10 will sing it with the same effect. There are lot of other songs of SPB where this great singer has played with songs in total control. You will find most south Indian singers who have had a good exposure say that it is beneficial to learn Hindustani as it gives better breath control and improves expression.

Rafi was not only able to glide over a song, the important thing was that he could express each word/sound when singing. It is one thing to hold your breath, start and reach a crescendo (high note), as like in “Shankara”, “Anbey (Yennai kaan villaye)” it is different ballgame if you have to do it from low notes or suddenly switch notes. With practice the former can be done, latter requires a special gift. Rafi had a natural ability to do the latter. In “Tum joh mil gaye ho” there is such a transition in the “karwaan mil gaya” part. I have never seen anyone do justice to most of his songs in my life time. In “parda hai parda” quawaali the similar part is “kar doon to, Akbar mera naam”. In fact most of his songs will have these specialty as it was his natural ability to sing freely in a wide range at the same time giving that extra expression.

Whereas SPB takes us to heavens with “Idu oru pon maali”,”Ilaya nila” “bisiladarenu”(kannada), when he sings Rafi’s song it lacks the punch or expression, though it has the bass. But at least most agree that SPB does some justice to original, whereas most others murder the original.

One trivial point I would like to add is that singing in Hindi is harder. There are more “JHA”,”CHA”,”HA”,”THA”, “KHA”,”JA”,”FA”. These take away the breath faster. The more expressive you are the more air you are using up. Just singing from Nabhi will not help, your throat also needs to do a lot, for singing in Hindi, Bengali etc. SPB makes you fall in love with his south Indian songs but same cannot be said about his Hindi songs. If you just glide through words having these sounds, you will never be expressive. Doing this as well as reaching high notes is not easy. Rafi had this gift and that’s why it is difficult to imagine anyone else in his shoes. Song “Chalkaaye jaam” has so much expression that it is unthinkable how anyone can sing it. When Rafi switches to a high note with “Mitwaa” in the song “Chaahunga mein tughey” you cannot replicate it with bass. Most others will sound as if they are shouting in such cases. That man’s throat had the ability to freely sing at such levels.

Versatility is not just the ability to sing in various styles, more important is how good you are singing in those styles. You have lot of Ghazal singers today but when Rafi sings a Ghazal you will sit up and take notice. You don’t have to be part of the Ghazal listeners crowd. This is one important aspect. Whatever style you sing you should be able to pull the common man to listen and not just a particular crowd. Pick “parda hai parda” or any qawalli and it will stand tall among other qawalli’s.

Variety is amazing :

songs of Guru Dutt’s Khagaz key phool or songs like abhi naa jao chod key, Aaja teri yaad aayi, Aaj kal mein dhal gaya, Aaj kal terey merey pyaar, Aasmaan sey aaya farishta, Dil ney pyaar kiya hai, Deewana mujh saa nahi, Din dhal jaaye, Duniya paagal hai, Jaane walon jara, Dil joh na kaha saka, Dil key jharokon mein, Dil kaa bhavar, Chalkey teri aakkhon sey, Kar chaley hum fida, khilona jaan kar tum, Woh jab yaad aay, Woh hain jara khafa, Vaadian mera daaman, Pathar key sanam, Chaand mera dil, Main zindagi kaa saath, Mainey poocha chaand sey, sun sun jaalima, Koi jab raah na paay, hum to chaley pardes, badan pey sitaarey, laal chadi maidaan, Tum jo mil gaye, O meri shaahey, Sau baar janam lengey, Tum mujhey yoon bhula, Tumney mujhey dekha, Terey merey sapney, Tumny pukaara hum chaley aay

Name a situation/mood and Rafi’s song will be there on the top.


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  1. Khurram Rafique says:

    I just recently listened about Ghantasala garu. Just a music fan I was admirer of Rafi, Mukesh, Lata, Kishore and many others. I have been listening to them since childhood and used to think that I would never get bored. But a time came when I started getting bored. Perhaps at one time or other we need change.  I have seen many people attempting to copy Rafi … They are also good. Off course they also can do what other common people cannot do. But as of today, I am aware of only one example where some “other” did full justice with Rafi song. That what I recently listened Telugu version of “Chal ud ja re panchi” sung by Ghantasala.

    After reading posts on this page, I also listened “Shiva Shinkari” song of Ghatasala. Yes it is amazing song. But I also saw some people on youtube who did good justice with this song while copying it. With this I conclude that Rafi songs usually appear to be simple but actually are far complicated as copying them with full justice is not simple. Many great singers have tried to copy him. But as of today, I could know of only Ghantasala garu who did justice with his song.

    Both were humble persons. I also have read on a website that after listening telugu version of “Chal ud ja re panchi”, Rafi sahib had admired Mr. Ghantasala and from yet another source I read that Mr. Ghantasala admitted that his telugu version of chal ud ja re panchi could not match up to original Rafi song.

    Actually both were humble persons.

    Due to listening amazing voice of Ghatasal garu which I do not understand anything basically, but I came to know about Andhraperdesh, their people, culture, history, geography as I read online material about Andhraperdesh after listening to the beautiful voice of Mr. Ghantasala.

  2. Vishwanath says:

    sir, I have also heard Rafi for a long time. Most north indian singers cannot sing Gamakas very well. Rafi was little better than other north indian singers. In order to sing Gamakas you need to learn Karnatic music. If you feel so good about Rafi, if you had given some songs of Dr Balamurali Krishna in Kannada, Rafi would have faltered without question. The very reason is that Dr balamuralikrishna is versatile with his voice control. Most devotional songs are sung better by Yesudas, Dr BMK and PB srinivas.

  3. vijay says:

    Before commenting about SPB’S Hindi words expression check your rafi sab singing in Telugu a song nade telisindhi terrible word expression, no silky sweet voice as in hindhi words pronunciation not good for nade he spells nende .

    when he sings in hindi my fav is rafi only but in south indian languages he cannot sing in same silky voice no Dewana hua badal.

    Coming back to SPB – SPBS Hindi pronunciation and rending style is Good than your average so called singers in hindhi.

    Except Sonu Nigam * Shreya Ghosal – your so called hindhi singers make a lot of mess in singing south indian songs.

    Rafi sings in same voice to all actors let us compare his voice never suits to Amitabh .

    Dont compare singers enjoy their unique skills and talent in rendering songs

    SPBS Range is quite different if he sings for any actor we could recognise for which actor he is singing even if you listen in radio

  4. shammi says:

    Santanu ji, I loved reading your comments and agree with what you have written. I know there are those that say artists shouldn’t be compared and in the case of the great Mohd rafi there is definitely no comparasion as no one even comes close to his talent and ability. However, I don’t think there is anything wrong by putting people straight when they make comparisons without looking at the facts which you have done beautifully in your comments.

    WITHOUT RD Burman there would have been no Kishore Kumar because let’s face it when Kishore Kumar became popular in the 70’s he was known to all the music direcors and they had deliberately over looked him as he just couldn’t deliver and that hadn’t changed in the 70’s but RD burman pushed him so much into the limelight that it’s almost embarrasing to talk about but less embarrassing than the outcome of the quality of the songs that he sang. The songs apart from the odd one or two made no impact long term and I wonder how many people remember them compared to the classics sang by Mohd Rafi.

  5. A majed InamdarSister says:

    Those who compair Between Mohammed Rafi n Lata Mangeshkar for their voice quality , singing style n pitch range etc etc they are not justifying in the matter . Both are superb n God gifted . One should not indulge in such un healthy comparisons . Artists are artists . Any true artist never claims that he or she is greater than one another then who we are to judge . Rafi n Lata both are great n let them be great . Har achha artist yehi kehta hai :::: wo oonka kaam hai wo ahl – e – siyasat jaanein -:- Hamara kaam mohabat hai jahaan tak pounhche .

  6. Md Rafi has been held by majority of musical experts to be the greatest singer of India, even Manna Dey, Sanu Nigam, Sreya Ghosal and my mother’s younger sister’s Smt Purabi Mukherjee’s mentor GREAT AMIR KHAN SAHEB HELD MD RAFI ALONG WITH LATAJI AS THE GREATEST MODERN SINGER OF INDIA. This version I have heard her saying to me personally! So, who has the temerity to question his superiority as the most versatile singer of India, with his mesmerizing singing voice?

  7. Santanu Bandyopadhyay says:

    All great music director of Bollywood, including Naushadji, C Ramchandra, Shankar-Jaikishan, Roshan, Vasan Desai, N. datta, chitragupta, OP Nayar, S.N. Tripathi even Khaiyam, Ravi and young madanmohan all held Md Rafi to be Numero uno of a singer with memerizing voice quality in the 1950s. Even SD Burman who mentored Kishoreji tremendously from 1954 to 1957 and juggling with Hemant Kr and Talatji in the mid 50s, ultimately fail head over heals in love with Md Rafi’s voice from Pyassa in 1957, and since the till 1969, for alomost 14 years Md Rafi became his principle singer. KA duos most preferred singer right from their debut in 1959 was mainly Md Rafi sahab, and we all know Laxmikat- Payarelal who took the film industry by storm in film Dosti, right from their first film Parasmani held Md Rafi like a singing god for is outlandish all compassing voice. Where as Kishore kumar who subsequently, rose to fame in the 1970 ( to be precise from 1972) was most favourite of great Md RD Burman ( who had to stick to Md Rafi throughout the 1960s from his debut in ‘ chole Nabwab’ except for Parosan and Bhut bangla ), Rajesh Roshan and to some extent Bappi Lahiri. Of Course KA duo shifted their preference from great Md Rafi to KK in the 70s to be congruous with the initial early 70s wave of RD-KK-Rajesh Khanna combine. But paradoxically, with the insistence of Nassair Hussain Rd was compelled to get Md Rafi to sing for Hum kisise kam naheen, which helped partially, to stage grand come back in 19977 and he remained in the top along with KK till he breathed his last in the mid 1980. Therefore, more great musicians preferred Md Rafi to KK from 1950 to 1980, without a speck of doubt, that unfolds some of the reasons why he is more popular than KK and most revered male play back singer of Bollywood till today. Thanx.

  8. Santanu Bandyopadhyay says:

    Why dispute Md Rafi sahab’s mesmerizing quality as a modern singer, which cannot be emulated with anybody except Lata Mangeshkar. There are umpteen no. of duets Lata sang with Md Rafi, there are quite a no of duets where Md Rafi sahab excelled Latajis’s divine voice, like ‘ Ajake intizar mein’ or ‘ Tum to pyar ho sajni’ or ‘Tere bin sune’ sung in SD’s composition. There are quite a no of duets where Lataji surpassed great Md Rafi like ” koi bata de dil haye kahan’. I would urge upon sensible Kishoreji’s fans ( not those fan who are pure dfferes and do not understand music) to to fathom the crux of a situation when a male singer can surpass Lataji’s absolute divine melodious voice! If Md Rafi can surpass Lataji in goodmany songs, ( and conceding sometimes reverse also happened that Lata surpassed Md Rafi ), then in the realm of cadence and ‘madhurata’, it is child’s game to surass Kishore Kumar. One might question why then in the mid 70s Md Rafi and KK sang some duets together, Md Rafi’s greatness and edge over him went unrecognized? I do feel, those who have good sense of music will understand, the duets of Md Rafi and KK recorded in the 70s were all crap, cheap songs, where neither melody not pathoes had any substantial effect in the song and were flat commercial songs mainly. There KK might have sounded a bit louder and powerful, given the fact that Md Rafi might have had lost some of the divine jingle of his voice in the late 70s, and were sung with commercial routine apathy, and I repeat, they were all potboiler songs devoid of any melody. But, if we go back to the 1950s, and listen to some of the hillarious mediocre comedy duets sung by them under OP Nayar, say for ” Begam Bhag’, there songs might be cheap and lighter, but there MD RAFI ( with his thinner voice compared to KK) had never sounded feeble or weaker to KK’s thik voice, though those songs were nothing worth to be taken into reckoning. There only one good tune in which they sang together, and sang solo, separately were in the film ‘Pyar ka mousam’, and the song was ‘Tum bin jaaun kahan’, composed by RD Burman. Some duffer KK fans claim that Kishoreji sang it better than Md Rafi. Astoundingly, their musical sense does’nt awaken them to the fact that KK sanng ‘ Tum been’ in a sad vein and the one Md Rafi sahab sang for Sashi kapoor was in rather soft romantic mood. which is why the ‘ Gayaki’ not only had to be different, but if one listens to both the songs closely, one would fathom the fact that the ‘ANTARA’ of the song KK sang, obviously was slower and made to drwal deliberately by the musician ( RD Burman ) to make it congruous to the sadness that the scene and theme of the film demanded, in case of the no. Md Rafi sang was straight to reflect the glleful frame of mind of the hero. 2ndly, HOW MANY OF US KNOW AN ASTOUNDING FACT, THAT I CAME TO KNOW FROM A GENTLEMAN WHO WAS INCIDENTALLY ASSOCIATED WITH RD’s TEAM. THE FACT IS, THOUGH THE ‘ANTARA’ OF THE SONG WERE SUBTLELY DIFFERENT, NEVERTHELESS, RD BURMAN HAVING RECORDED THE SONG BY MD RAFI FIRST, HAD HANDED OVER THE BIG CASSETTE OF THOSE DAYS TO KISHORE KUMAR, AND ASKED HIM TO IMPROVE UPON THE GAYAKI OF THE GREAT SING MD RAFI SAHAB. AND KK TRIED HIS UTMOST TO DO SOMETHING BETTER THAN MD RAFI. RD Burman, already had it in his mind that, if he happens to emerge as the no. 1 music director of Bombay, he would try to dislodge the greatest singer from his supreme position, and he exactly did so, when occasion unfolded, during recording of Aradhan, SD Burman fell sick, went in to coma for few days, and while Md Rafi was out for a HAJ outside Bombay, — he got Kishoreji to sing 3 songs of Aradhana, refuting the contract, his father SD Burman sahab made with Md Rafi to sing all songs of the film ‘ Aradhana “. But that’s beside the point. The point I’am trying to bring home here is the fact that, the gleeful no. of “Tum been jaun kahan sang by Md Rafi was absolutely tremendous, in terms of a romantic song. Moreover, the sad no. of Tum been which RD was compelled to get Md Rafi to sing in that film, was simply rediculous, since the song being a retrieving symbol for the mother to recognize his son in the film, helped RD Burman to reduce the Md Rafi version of the song to dwindle to one stanza, instead of usual two, and secondly, clipping deliberately the wings of melody of the antara of that song, making the singer sing in a flatter note, which impair the revelation of the nuances of the ‘middle’ and the ‘ interlude’ composition. In short, the song was just a short musical note to revive the lost memory of the mother. So? was it not a slight of hand of great composer RD Buran to reduce great Md Rafi beside KK before listners? But what was the result? In 1977, with the bold insistence of Nasser Hussain RD was compelled to bring Md Rafi to sing a very good No. in ‘Hum kisise kum naheen’, which paradoxically won Md Rafi National award for singing that year, and many other MDs started using his fading great voice so regularly, once again it helped him to stage a great come back, while RD Burman too, started using him absolutely regularly along with LP and Rajesh Roshan, and he once again shared the top position along with KK, till sadly, when he breathed his last in the mid 1980s. And what is happening since gliding away of 34 years since he breathed last? In a poll conducted among millions by arguably the no one TV channel ( English ) in India CNN IBN, he has truiamphantly emerged to be the most popular and revered singer of Idia …!!! And who were the other contenders in that poll whom great Md Rafi sahab surpassed ? The were all greats, because they were Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar and Mukesh. And pertinently, this poss was conducted just in this on going year, 2014.On being asked by ‘Time of India” to 30 great singers, musicians and poets to select best 20 ( Twenty) Bollywood best songs from 1950 to 2006, what opinion of those luminaries has emerged before our eyes? First four of those twenty songs have been sung by Md Rafi sahab ( First 1,2,3 by Md Rafi, and the 4th one by Kishore kumar, sadly Lataji failed to make it among the first five ) and finally, Md Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar have emerged to be the most revered and popular singers of India. Now, who can doubt Md Rafi sahab’s divine timbre? Who can compare him with Kishoreji, when actually he cannot be compared with anybody, barring of course Lata Mangeshkar. I dedicate my comment here to my dear music lover Shri Binu Nayekji, who, I feel, has a great sense of music, and perhaps an assiduous activist of Md Rafi Foundation. Thanks

  9. Kapil says:

    Shammi Ji and Asif Ji,

    While I agree with most of your comments, I don’t think Suman was anywhere close to Lata, neither artistically nor commercially. In my opinion, Lata’s output in the 1950s was out of the world. Particularly in the early 50s, you may not like this but I think she was better than all her male and female counterparts. If given a choice between “Meri Kahani Bhoolne Wale(Deedaar 1951)” and “Beimaan tore nayanwa(Tarana 1951)” I would go for the latter, for Lata was extremely melodious in the early 50s with lots of innocence and fluidity in her voice.

    However, with the advent of the 60s, she started losing that innocence and fluidity. Her plight in “Dil tera diwana hai sanam” is miserable. Rafi outshone her big time in that song along with many others. Remember in the 50s, along with the slow songs, she could also sing “Shola jo Bhadke” or “Chad gayo papi bichhua” with an equal ease. Not sure what went wrong in the 60s, may be her deeds took a toll on her voice in the 60s. However, despite all shortcomings she was still more melodious than other female singers and hence preferred more. Asha, Suman, Geeta etc. were never a competition to Lata.

    With regard to 1970s, a while ago Mr. Haldar pointed out that take out RD and Rafi would have finished Kishore in a couple of days. I think the same goes for Asha as well. It was RD who came to Asha’s rescue in the 70s and saved her from the wrath of Lata-Laxmi-Pyare, Lata-MM, Lata-SD etc. With OP no more in the scene, if it were not for Piya tu ab to aajas and dum maro dums, Lata would have finished Asha in a couple of days. But in any case, it was Lata who ruled the 70s and the major credit for her commercial success goes to Laxmikant-Pyarelal who commercially ruled the 70s and no matter what always stuck to Lata.

  10. Asif says:

    Well said Shammi Sahab, Lata’s achievments and awards have more to do with her connections and dirty politics she played.

  11. shammi says:

    I think Asif sir you have summed it up beautifully. However, for everyone who thinks that Lata was and is so great there are many more that would disagree. I for one loved the sweetness in the voice of Suman Kalyanpur and it worked beautifully with Mohd Rafi’s sweet melodious voice. I personally find Lata’s voice irritating abit like herself.

    Lata and her sister Asha are so manipulative and I don’t care what anybody says but once again dirty politics come into play and she manages to pull so many strings her talent has very little with her her achievments and awards but more to do with her connections!

  12. Asif says:

    The author if this article says:

    “Comparisons are bound to come, but almost every artist or I have met considers Lata to be beyond comparison. Her talents are beyond anyone’s reach. Even Sirkazi used to talk of her singing like a die-hard fan as do countless others”.

    Has he gone cuckoo? It was Rafi whose talents were beyond anyone’s reach. Rafi was way ahead of Lata. Just contrast their tandem songs, while Rafi versions are still being adored, Lata ones have sunk into oblivion. Why there is so much bias against this saint? What a pity!

  13. Zafar Ahmad says:

    KK is far behind to rafi in every aspect. even lata is behind to rafi sahib

  14. Rajkumar Santoshi says:

    Shaan sweet interview
    he is saying that I sing kishore songs because they are easier, and Rafi’s songs are tough in both the range, adayiggi and modulation

  15. Musharraf says:

    Mahadevika. Post. 3760&3761

    The pleasure is all mine Behna. You are like a nannhisi gudiya to me!

  16. Maha Devika says:

    Thanks Musharaf Bhayya for considering me your behna, I love you for calling me with such a sweet-name

  17. Maha Devika says:

    Muhammad Rafi Sahab is the greatest thing that has happened to Hindi Music industry.
    A proof that how excelllent Rafi Sahab would sing in low notes as well.

  18. Musharraf says:

    Yes Behna,

    I completely agree with you!


  19. Maha Devika says:

    Rafiji will always remain the most beautiful voice world has ever heard in music

  20. Vishal says:

    @Balarykar – Prabhanjan

    I admire your lengthy post and do not find anything offensive or dis-respect towards any legends, but could overall understand that no legend can be underestimated. I know who won between ghantasala and ntr – ntr had to switch back to ghantasala without any other option. Next, I had never underestimated spb or kjy, in fact I never disputed their talents as well. They have their own great contributions, but just wanted to convey, going by practical experience that among the legends who are no more with us, I repeat among the legends who are no more with us – remember among the legends who are no more with us – ghantasala, rafi and kishore are the only ones who continue to be remembered by majority of music lovers (decades after their demise). That is what i wanted to stress upon. I respect spb and kjy’s contribution to music and admire your post since it supports rafi’s and ghantasala’s superiority and at the same time your intention of creation of respect for subsequent legends, namely spb and kjy for which I have immense respect – good keep it up.

  21. Kishorefan says:

    3736 balarykar sahab – an interesting post as you are known for such points – interesting analysis

  22. Kishorefan says:

    Balarykar sahab, Bahut dino be baad, aap bhi aa gaye edhar. Badhai ho.

    Ali and nandi sahab, just see this link – sehwag remembering kishore kumar while achieving his landmark record.

    Aap logon ko thik se samajhna chahiye hum kya kehna chahte hain. Kishore kumar’s popularity is undisputed, as I told in my previous post. If rafi is remembered in hindi, kishore kumar too is equally remembered – this cannot be changed – lol’s rafi fans.

  23. Balarykar says:

    Regarding Sachin and Sehwag: I do not think Rafi/KK fans should bother about them at all. Who is to say that a great cricketer is a good listener? Vice versa, why film artists have opinion about everything under/beyond the sun. They talk nonsense all the time.

    @Abhishek: “i have seen spb fans and kishore fans have immense respect for ghantasala and rafi respectively, but not vice versa – what could be the reason ?” I am translating your “vice versa” as “i have seen ghantasala fans and Rafi fans do not have immense respect for SPB and KK respectively, ” Correct me if I am wrong. It is not quite true as the vice versa part is among a very small but vocal fraction of the fans.

    A Joke: I am not sure, but I rarely see female fans of lata and asha debating over them. Same is true about janaki and susheela. is the fans fighting restricted to males 😮

  24. ali says:

    The Sachin the greatest cricketer Favorite song is Mohd Rafi song,

  25. Ahamed Kutty says:

    masses are ther with rafi saab.that is why he had been
    chosen as the singer of the millennium by scoring 70%
    of the votes.that is why kk fans are desperately visiting
    this site for commenting something about their idol.

  26. Ahamed Kutty says:

    If we have a discussion or a programme about a particular type
    of song for exa.classical,qawalis,patriotoc songs,high pitch songs,
    national awards,associated with most number of singers or mds,
    producers we can see rafi saab’s name in that but we cannot see
    kk’s name.if somebody is nowhere how we can treat him number
    one singer?

    rafians already statrted enquiring or celebrating the birth anniversary
    of rafi saab.october 13th was the birht day of kk.even on that date
    no enquiry or not a single comment about him.what these kk fans
    are doing? only dreaming of to make him number one.

    gentlemen, instead of commenting here,can you do something for
    your idol in his site?we are not bothered about who is the favourite
    singer of veeru.even gavasker’s favourite is kk.common man who
    is so poor is constructing even bus shelter in the name of rafi saab.
    some fans even constructing temple on rafi saab eventhough he is
    a muslim.some fans treating the soil where rafi saab lived very
    divine and keeping the soil in their many told and untold
    incidents.such a vast and sincere fan following where we can find
    all over the world other than rafi saab’s?

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