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True Voice – Mohd Rafi

The following article was brought to my notice when Sharad posted it on MAS. The article has been trimmed down a bit keeping afloat Rafi details. However, anyone interested can go visit the source at

I am Swaminatha Iyer and I am 78 years old. I hail from Tiruchi and I am a part of music associations in Tiruchi, M’as as well as in West Bengal and Maharashtra.

I think it is wrong to condemn music or artists on either side of Vindhyas. Our Indian music is one of the few which has not been cleaned off by the western music though there has always been a influence. It speaks a lot of the richness of our music. Sometime back director of MTV had said that MTV westernized the music wherever it went but in India , MTV had to be Indianized for it to be accepted. A lot of this credit goes to the Indian film music.

I have been fortunate to have close personal association with Rafi, Sirkali, TMS, Dr. BMK, Kishore, SPB & KJY, PS, Mannadey and the one and only Lata Mangeshkar.

Comparisons are bound to come, but almost every artist or I have met considers Lata to be beyond comparison. Her talents are beyond anyone’s reach. Even Sirkazi used to talk of her singing like a die-hard fan as do countless others.

Now coming to the Rafi-SPB discussion. It might be difficult to convince an South Indian to believe Rafi is the better and at the same time Rafi crowd will never believe any other male singer comes anywhere nearer. There is one more mobile crowd, which is well conversant with Hindi and some south Indian language. Majority of them tilt to either Rafi or Kishore.

During one of my stays in M’as I had stayed with SPB. While talking of true voices he said, I don’t feel like half a singer when listening to Rafi. True voice is not a tech term but many in circle use it. Perfect example would be lata, but to understand consider our own PS who within her range is superb. People who do not have such true voices can never do justice to original. They generally underplay many parts of the song or fake it with bass/superficial singing. True voices make people like Sirkazi, Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Lata… Inimitable. However since Sirkazi and Nusrat did not have the filmy voices their “real” following is limited to their local arena.

In addition to the true voice if the singer has a very good voice then in “most” cases he/she can better songs of others. It is this combination which makes Rafi stand out among the other male singers. There are many here who seem to have mistaken notions on a good bass and also on high pitch.

Bryan Adams does not require a monster bass in “Summer of 69” to sound real manly. It is the punch which gives that feel and that is decided only by the comfort level in most ranges (that is by what your throat can support). This you CAN never disguise with bass. Since people have talked about lack of manly voice viz. a viz. Rafi it was necessary to bring this point out. I have had the fortune of listening to most singers in studio and some times without a mike, practicing with MD’s.When Lata or Rafi do, the level is so high that people hesitate to even hum. It felt silly to sing in their presence (and it feels silly when someone says his voice isn’t manly).

In RD’s tribute when SPB sang “Aaja Aaja mein hoon” or “Chaand mera dil” it sounded only sweet and lacked punch if you compare with Rafi’s original.

Yesu once told me God has been partial to Rafi. He said “god gift term anavasyamaa romba common aa ippo use aardu”.. but idu Rafi kee thaan 100% porundu”. This person could sing “as intricately as a lady without sounding thin”, “cover any mood”, “versatility odey perfect example Rafi”. Yesu said most important is the comfort level over ranges which makes you feel God has been partial to Rafi. (But Of course in Rafi’s early career (1950’s) the voice was relatively feeble).

To people exposed to Rafi’s talent, these or any amount of praise can only seem less. I just wish he was alive and you people could get a live chance to hear him. Probably you can get hold of the DD album for the Geet Gaata Chal series where the first four episodes were dedicated to Rafi. Rafi is on camera singing “O Duniya Ke Rakwaaley” and many other songs. If you see and hear the last part you will realize why SPB said “impossible”. I think particularly those people who have talked about scales w.r.t Rafi should see this album. Its a known fact in industry that Rafi ruled high pitch and there is no male singer better in switching notes so easily. There are artists who can go beyond but then they sound strained or they don’t have pleasant voices when they venture into those territories.

Many singers of today are his compulsive followers. But they end up inheriting only part of his quality. Md. Aziz ended up with a sad voice. Mahendra Kapoor with a thick nasal voice. Anwar with a nasal voice. Sonu Nigam with a feminine voice. Rafi neither had a soft voice nor a heavy (bass) voice he had a good voice. Importantly did not strain at high notes, and voice if at all only became better at higher notes. If you see him singing it will remind you of Janaki. However diff the song is or the note is he will be smiling and singing. It is unthinkable that he cannot sing something.

There seems to be lot of talk about “Shankara Bharanamo” song. SPB has sung many a great numbers and things being said about this song in this forum are rather amusing, particularly b’cos 3 out of 4 people who can be called as singers will be able sing it and at least one out of 10 will sing it with the same effect. There are lot of other songs of SPB where this great singer has played with songs in total control. You will find most south Indian singers who have had a good exposure say that it is beneficial to learn Hindustani as it gives better breath control and improves expression.

Rafi was not only able to glide over a song, the important thing was that he could express each word/sound when singing. It is one thing to hold your breath, start and reach a crescendo (high note), as like in “Shankara”, “Anbey (Yennai kaan villaye)” it is different ballgame if you have to do it from low notes or suddenly switch notes. With practice the former can be done, latter requires a special gift. Rafi had a natural ability to do the latter. In “Tum joh mil gaye ho” there is such a transition in the “karwaan mil gaya” part. I have never seen anyone do justice to most of his songs in my life time. In “parda hai parda” quawaali the similar part is “kar doon to, Akbar mera naam”. In fact most of his songs will have these specialty as it was his natural ability to sing freely in a wide range at the same time giving that extra expression.

Whereas SPB takes us to heavens with “Idu oru pon maali”,”Ilaya nila” “bisiladarenu”(kannada), when he sings Rafi’s song it lacks the punch or expression, though it has the bass. But at least most agree that SPB does some justice to original, whereas most others murder the original.

One trivial point I would like to add is that singing in Hindi is harder. There are more “JHA”,”CHA”,”HA”,”THA”, “KHA”,”JA”,”FA”. These take away the breath faster. The more expressive you are the more air you are using up. Just singing from Nabhi will not help, your throat also needs to do a lot, for singing in Hindi, Bengali etc. SPB makes you fall in love with his south Indian songs but same cannot be said about his Hindi songs. If you just glide through words having these sounds, you will never be expressive. Doing this as well as reaching high notes is not easy. Rafi had this gift and that’s why it is difficult to imagine anyone else in his shoes. Song “Chalkaaye jaam” has so much expression that it is unthinkable how anyone can sing it. When Rafi switches to a high note with “Mitwaa” in the song “Chaahunga mein tughey” you cannot replicate it with bass. Most others will sound as if they are shouting in such cases. That man’s throat had the ability to freely sing at such levels.

Versatility is not just the ability to sing in various styles, more important is how good you are singing in those styles. You have lot of Ghazal singers today but when Rafi sings a Ghazal you will sit up and take notice. You don’t have to be part of the Ghazal listeners crowd. This is one important aspect. Whatever style you sing you should be able to pull the common man to listen and not just a particular crowd. Pick “parda hai parda” or any qawalli and it will stand tall among other qawalli’s.

Variety is amazing :

songs of Guru Dutt’s Khagaz key phool or songs like abhi naa jao chod key, Aaja teri yaad aayi, Aaj kal mein dhal gaya, Aaj kal terey merey pyaar, Aasmaan sey aaya farishta, Dil ney pyaar kiya hai, Deewana mujh saa nahi, Din dhal jaaye, Duniya paagal hai, Jaane walon jara, Dil joh na kaha saka, Dil key jharokon mein, Dil kaa bhavar, Chalkey teri aakkhon sey, Kar chaley hum fida, khilona jaan kar tum, Woh jab yaad aay, Woh hain jara khafa, Vaadian mera daaman, Pathar key sanam, Chaand mera dil, Main zindagi kaa saath, Mainey poocha chaand sey, sun sun jaalima, Koi jab raah na paay, hum to chaley pardes, badan pey sitaarey, laal chadi maidaan, Tum jo mil gaye, O meri shaahey, Sau baar janam lengey, Tum mujhey yoon bhula, Tumney mujhey dekha, Terey merey sapney, Tumny pukaara hum chaley aay

Name a situation/mood and Rafi’s song will be there on the top.


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  1. jayesh says:

    post-3597 – i totally agree with maha devikaji. even if we listen to the song sung by rafi sahab and same song sung by lataji (there are 15 such songs), after listening to both these versions, it is realized that rafi sahab has outdone lataji in such songs.

  2. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    I totally agree with Maha Devika.

    I am quite astonished with the fact that when lata sings alone or in duets with any other singer, the story is altogether different & she sings beautifully, but I cannot understand that what happens to her voice when she sings along with rafi sahib. She always or almost always sounds flat or not very appealing.

    A die-hard fan of Rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin,

  3. Maha Devika says:

    If people still has doubts, remove lataji stanzas from the songs, and combine them. same should be done with rafi sahab’s.
    there are softwares which could easily be used in this regard.
    hearing to only lata’s voice, the charm of the song is altogether lost.
    try this.

    ragards, Maha Devika

  4. Maha Devika says:

    sHRI hANSJI POST 3594


    I was and still am busy in my semester, preparing for my FAST approaching examination.

    On the subject of the unblemished supremacy of Rafi Sahab’s voice & singing over other singers, as well as his very apparent knack in virtually all of his duets,
    Here is an example, a duo of the nightingale, Lata Mangeshar & Shehenshah-e-surr mohd rafi sahab.

    ‘Dil Teraa Diwana Hey Sanam”

    People who think lata is the greatest singer must listen to this duet with total impartiality, fairness, open-mindedness, without being slanted to any one side, without any religious or ethnic prejudice.

    Audiophiles are very modestly requested to carefully listen, paying attention to the minuscule specifics of the art-of-singing.

    It shall be manifested to the auditor that rafi sahab has outdone the great lataji here with a complete command over the song.

    Just discern the influence rafi sahab voice engenders here, his voice much sweeter, his expressions, his throw of words & above all the first flush of youth apparent in the voice.

    I am quite astonished with the fact that when lata sings alone or in duets with any other singer, the story is altogether different & she sings beautifully, but I cannot understand that what happens to her voice when she sings along with rafi sahib. She always or almost always sounds flat or not very appealing.

    This was largely due to the unmatchable command by the greatest indian singer mohd rafi sahib, of whom I am a great, great admirer.


    Maha devika

  5. Hans says:

    ‘na main bhagwan hoon’ from ‘mother india’ music naushad.

  6. Hans says:


    rafi not only he became bandwala, he was also tangewala, rickshawala. he sold churian, icecream, kakrian, bhajia. he became insurance agent and also a shadi agent. i may be forgetting some other things also. he had such a variety.

  7. Hans says:

    maha devika – 3575

    thanks for the compliments. i may be noble or respectable to rafi fans but not so for kk/gs fans or for moderator, who has again put my post (part 2) in reply to jyotsna under moderation. he has succeeded in paralysing all activity in this site.

    but, why have you stopped posting gems of rafi ji.

    meanwhile here is a song for the new found relationship between you and musharrafji from film rakhi.

  8. Hans says:

    listen to this wonderful song from film ‘nartakee’ music by ravi

    ‘zindagi ke safar men akele the hum’

  9. Hans says:

    jyotsna contd..

    from the start of his career rafi had another hindrance and that was that no bengali md of repute gave him his due. it includes sdb who just used him for his own benefit during 1957 to 1965. i will not get into detail because i have already given details in earlier threads. though i was only telling the truth, without having anything against bengalis, yet haldarji got cross with me for that. and i respect haldarji a lot as a true rafian and for his illuminating posts.

    now i come to the most unfortunate part of the career of rafi sahab. as we know the combo of naushad, shakeel, dilip and rafi was a special one and a separate thread was started for them in this site. this combo was the target of a whispering campaign led by our dear lata on religious grounds, because she thought rafi was getting more attention in this combo than her. this black campaign coincided with the royalty controversy. initially it did not hurt rafi, because bollywood has been one of the most secular institutions. but after 1965 war people started to become suspicious. and when within 6 years another war with pakistan followed, a trend to sideline rafi on religious grounds started to take concrete shape.

    it coincided also with the fact of roshan’s and jaikishan’s death, naushad’s bags being packed and ravi who gave music for more than 40 films in the 60s suddenly got sidelined and sdb had stopped using rafi after guide except for his promotional purposes. so the old guard of mds were not there and the new guard were listening to the whispering campaign which became full-blown after 1971.

    people have said that rafi was affected due to kk wave and wanted to quit singing and most of the rafians have also accepted this as a fact. but, the truth is that rafi was most hurt by the whispering campaign which resulted in his being sidelined on religious grounds. this was the only reason why kk got more songs in number in that decade, but in number of hits and quality songs rafi was always no 1 from 1948 to 1980. people say that rafi made a comeback. i dont agree with them. actually those mds who were ignoring him started coming to him because they also wanted quality which was not coming from kk. the effects of 1971 war and the campaign also lost intensity by passage of time. i could have given this reason in reply to kk fans but did not because i believe rafi was always no. 1 despite the whispering campaign.

    as such i agree with you that rafi sahab reached the top only due to his super talent, hard work and total dedication and there was no role of luck or any such thing.

  10. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    There was a song ‘Channa jor garam…’ in movie ‘Kranti’ sung by Kishore, Lata, Nitin Mukesh and Mohd. Rafi. It is normally a forgettable song. If you hear the song, it is nothing great till Rafi saab arrives (late in the song). In the beginning the song is kind of ‘listless’. But when Rafi saab arrives, suddenly it is nice, hearable, you realize that josh, enthusiasm, that sentiment of patriotism infused in the song. That is the magic of Rafi saab.

    Where are those morons who had intruded this site to create chaos?

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  11. Hans says:

    jyotsna – 3565

    you have raised two very important points in your post. you have rightly pointed out that he was way above his co-singers and also that he did not get so much popularity by any luck or coincidence.

    i want to elaborate on the second aspect, because the first one his superiority to other singers has been extensively discussed.

    when he initially came to be a singer he was given songs by some established mds like sn tripathi, ghulam haider, c ramchandra and also by some aspiring mds like husnlal bhagatram, hansraj behl, ghulam mohammad who gave quality music. but, naushad – who was no. 1 – who had so much to say in praise of rafi later, did not give him much of chances though he gave him break in pehle aap. he became serious after the success of ‘yahan badla wafa ka’. that was a shame because a quality md should have looked for quality instead of business success. when rafi rendered ‘suhani raat dhal chuki’, then naushad rehearsed rafi with some of his tunes he had in mind for his future films and then he decided on regularly using rafi. it goes to his credit that he did not flinch from his decision once he has made it. it is on record that dilip continued to root for talat upto at least 1955. upto 1950 even c ramchandra gave more songs to rafi, though later he side-lined rafi under influence of lata.


  12. Musharraf says:

    Dear Friends,

    If any one of you have any special attachments on Rafi sahab which due to technical reasons can not be posted in this web site, please send it to my following E-mail address for my consumption.


  13. ali says:

    It said about mohd rafi voice ‘white voice’also said in 1958 ‘any song going to be sing by mohd rafi going to be hit’ mohd rafi is only singer who never sang for money…

  14. Binu Nair says:

    Few Points……..

    Post 3585…. the movie name is Basant. music is by OP NAYYAR AND SONGS BY QAMAR jalalabadi. “ghoom ke aaya hun mai yaaro” is available on You tube and its picturised on johny walker.


    Post 3586 : Maine rakha hai Mohabbat song is tuned by usha khanna. its from movie shabnam and has one more great song of rafi saaaheb.

    kindly post the songs rafi lover (s).


    one more song picturised on mehmood from beti bete is ” ” gori chalona hans ki chaaaal zamana dushman hai ” tuned by sj. dont miss this duet with asha bhonsle.

    they are all time favourites. enjoy


  15. Sudhir Kumar says:

    Rafi Sahabs voice and style in the song “Maine rakha hai mohabbat apne afsaane ka naam” from the movie Shabnam….is just DIVINE. Please just listen to the song and dont watch the video because Mehmood enacts it as a comedy song……murder on screen

  16. Binu Nair says:

    Song : dont miss ………………………

    the names of singers, composers and actors in a 3.5 mnt song sung by asha and rafi.

    “ghum ke aaya hoon mai yaaaro roos, chin, england……….mai patiala baajewale”

    music is my op nayyar and picturised on Johny Walker.

    don’t miss…………………..this gem.

  17. Hans says:

    ‘teri surat se nahin milti kisi ke surat’ from film ‘ziddi’ music sd burman.

  18. Kishore Kumar says:

    REHEARD ’salaami ishque meri jaan’

  19. Ahamed Kutty says:

    According to me rafi saab means “gold with perfume”.

    recently i had talked with three persons.the first one was
    ‘ahamed bhai’ from calicut – the intimate friend of rafi
    saab.i have talked with him over phone.i told him i am
    so happy that i could talk with a person who had seen
    rafi saab – a friend of rafi saab.he was telling the incident
    once he could travel with rafi saab in a car from bangalore
    to calicut.also how he was mad to see rafi saab in mumbai
    when he was just 20 years old.when he see rafi saab, he hugged
    rafi saab as he could get heaven at that time.according to
    ahamed bhai, rafi saab is the only singer who can manage
    sweetness in high pitches and rafi saab’s voice is more
    sweeter in high pitches.

    another person was from delhi and his name is rakesh.
    i have kept one xerox copy of the letter and photo
    which i have received from rafi saab on my office table.
    after seeing this mr.rakesh asked me how i could get
    the letter and photo.we have discussed about music and is a kk fan.i told him in kerala, all
    people are talking in malayalm only and very few people
    know hindi or urdu.even rafi saab our favourite singer.
    he was wondering without knowing the language how
    people enjoying the songs of rafi saab.i told him “it is the
    magic of rafi saab.”

    the third one was from bihar.we were talking about
    shammi kapoorji.her favourite actors are shammiji and
    raj kapporji.i have asked if you like shammiji you might
    be liking rafi saab also who is the sound of shammiji.she
    did not like it as she was telling her favourite is kk and
    telling about his songs.i have asked her “have you heard
    the song ‘salaami ishque meri jaan’ of kk and lataji and
    how kk killed that song?” she replied “oh yaah,the song
    from muqaddar ka sikkander” her face became pale and
    she stopped the subject.

  20. Hans says:

    tirwezi – 3549

    you have summed up the actual intentions of the rafi-baiters and rafi fans are fortunately aware of this and will not let them have their say. the question of their swaying rafi’s true fans never arises.

    i would quote from anil cherian’s post no 1558 in this thread poste long ago. he summed up beautifully the definition of neutrality and bias as propagated by these oncoming true music lovers. here it is :

    “know what’s the definition of nuetrality (when it comes to hfm)? it’s worshipping some singer while admitting rafisahab is also good.
    and what’s bias? it’s worshipping rafisahab while accepting that other singers were/ are also good.”

  21. Hans says:

    ‘na jane kyun hamare dil ko tumne dil nahin samjha’ from ‘mohabbat zindagi hai’

  22. Hans says:


    what a coincidence. just yesterday i was listening to ‘yehi hai tamanna’ and wanted to post a link. this shows how common our tastes are.

  23. Hans says:

    now listen to this song ‘chhan chhan karti daulat bole’ from film ‘chaubees ghante’. this is a rafi-asha duet picturised on actor maruti and rafi sings in a very peculiar style.

    this song was discovered by me courtesy dhaniramji’s post no 1562 in this thread.

  24. Musharraf says:

    From the same film “Aap ki parchchaiyan” a jovial yet romantic song of great rafiji. See the melody(Mithaas) of this song. “Yehi hai tamanna”.

  25. Musharraf says:

    This is one of the very rare romantic gems of Rafi. “Main nigahein tere chehre se hataun kaise” from the film “Aap ki parchchaiyan”. See how rafi says the words “Tauba tauba, yeh nasha main bataun kaise”

  26. Maha Devika says:

    Hans post 3565
    hansji! Adaab

    if he (mr moderator) is doing this to the posts of such a noble & respectable personality as you are, than we, the nobodies have no right to complaint that our posts are kept under moderation for that long.

    the sooner, our posts (longer ones) find a place here, the purpose of writing it is already vanished

    this is really unfair. there must be some set policy, if their are no derogatory comments, the post must be placed in this thread. and regular writers have the right, not to be moderated, i think.-

    maha devika

  27. Kishore Kumar says:

    who is this moderator, seems to be some james bond, if his name is known to somebody, i am very much interested to know this “sadist” personality

  28. Hans says:


    you are right. 4 of my posts are under moderation. two are in this state since 3 days. one was in reply to musharrafji and one to you. two from 22nd sept. are also under moderation. and there is no mention of gs or kk in all these. moderator is enjoying a long sleep there.

  29. Raam Krishna Bharti says:

    It has been 48 hrs since my post is kept under moderation.
    the moderator seems not like rafi sahib commendation.

  30. Juvenile Delinquet says:

    “O’ Duniya ke rakhwaley”

    my most favorite song (NO:1) EVER.





  31. Hans says:

    now listen to 4 songs of nai roshni music by ravi and lyrics by rajendra krishan, picturised on three different actors and each one a gem.

    1.kis tarah jeete hain ye log bata do yaro

    2.jitni likhi thi muqaddar men ham utni pee chuke

    3.teri ankh ka jo ishara na hota

    4.gareebon ka jeena bhi hai koi jeena

  32. Musharraf says:

    Hansji, 3555 what a song! “Aye na balam wada karke”. This is one of my favorite songs as the one “Aap yoonhi agar hamse milte rahein” from your post 3559. I will ask all music lovers to listen to this sweet song.


  33. Hans says:


    you have put my previous post under moderation. i had given links of 3 rafi songs in that pertaining to one film ‘meherban’. my purpose was to show the variety which rafi could manage.

    if you have adopted a policy of putting all posts where more than one link is given under moderation, kindly change it, because it hinders people to properly discuss rafiji’s prowess for which this website has been created.

    my two earlier harmless posts are also under moderation. kindly release them.

  34. Hans says:

    see rafi’s variety in film meherban

    ‘mera gadha gadhon ka leader’

    ‘aayega aayega ek chhail chhabila aayega’

    ‘ae mere dost ae mere humdum’

    mds just believed in his ability to carry any type of songs on his shoulders.

  35. Raam Krishna Bharti says:


  36. Jyotsna Pratibha says:

    Shri Hans!
    Its amazing that you have done so much study on our beloved singer rafi’s each and every song.
    how could this simple looking soul, that he seems in his rare interviews could generate so much emotions, I still am very very surprised. He was such a genius.
    i fully agree with lot of rafi fans while they talk about singers and say that rafi was far ahead of all those singers of his era. lot of people talk of the brilliance of lata mangeshkar. the problem with me has been throughout is, that i very deeply study the technical details of each and evry song i hear besides enjoying its superficial melody.
    whenever i hear lata, rafi duet, i sit in a quite place and deeply analyse these songs. i must admit that in each and every song, the way rafi sahab expresses the lyrics of the song, expressing each word’s own meaning, the talent is unmatched. his co-singers just sing the song in their respective beautiful voices, but as far as rafi is concerned, during the whole song he just don’t sing it the way it is. he glorifies each and every part of the song by the regular changes in his voice. this i have never felt in any other singer, not even in lata. her voice is too good, but still she even lacks what special rafi has and that is the rafi-magic, as my sister maha devikaji calls it.
    for example, if rafi utters the word ‘piyar’ in a song, in another song, he will deliver the same word altogether differently. then the changes in his voice throughout the song is a quality which is the characteristic of rafi sahib only.
    it is not that rafi coincidentally got so much admiration and love of the people. the special qualities and brilliance which has been god-gifted, and with his utmost dedication to the music and his untiring hard-work and the sincerity to his field makes rafiji so special.
    he has earned the name for himself, luck has very less part played in his case.
    for me, rafi sahab is the one singer who is unmatchable, unsurpassed by any other singer. other singers stands way behind him as far as technical brilliance is concerned.

  37. Hans says:


    nice choices both songs are.

    meri awaz suno was a perfect poem on the public image of nehru, which was taken to great heights by combo of madan mohan and rafi.

    and ek musafir ek haseena was throughout rafi magic. two more solos ‘humko tumhare ishq ne’ ‘phir tere shahr men lutne ko’ and three marvellous duets with asha ‘aap yunhi agar humse’, ‘bahut shukriya badi meherbaani’ and ‘main pyar ka rahi hoon’ made this a film another musical blockbuster from op nayyar.


    yes this song is always top ranked in every rafian’s play list. you can go on hearing this one endlessly.

    listen to another gem from shabaab ‘mehlon men rahne wale’.

  38. Raam Krishna Bharti says:


  39. Jyotsna Pratibha says:


    Immortal Rafi’s soulstirring timeless Gem…superb lyrics by Kaifee Azmi…and Magical Music Meastro Madan Mohan’s Melodius Music….


  40. Jyotsna Pratibha says:
    “Mujhe Dekh Kar Apka Muskurani, Muhabbat Nahin Hey To Phir Aur Kiya Hey”
    rafi fans will surely enjoy this yet another Gorgeous Song of Rafi Saab

  41. Hans says:

    ‘aaye na baalam wada karke’ from film ‘shabaab ‘ music by naushad

    listen to the alaap in the start. can gs sing the alaap or the song in the same manner as sung by rafi. never.

  42. Jugdesh Shukle says:

    all songs of “sala sahab” = breathless bhajans

  43. andrea correa says:

    Yeh Kaminey, jallu, naraaaaz, anpadh, benaaam, naam badlus, bhaire, na-kaamyaaaaab, aadha paagal – salan aur shor ke naaaam “mitti me milakar” he rahenge.


    hans, devika ji aur hamare mohd rafi fans, lage raho ache kaaam me aur ye saaalon ka dhoool un par “theek theek” phenko….. Nishana chook na jaaaaye kabi……………………………………..

    enjoy the bliss of golden era sangeeeeet now.

  44. Hans says:

    post – 3538 kfan

    ye devotional rafi men post 11 purani trick hai pehle post 2743 men post ki ja chuki hai bhushan dwara aur uska jawab bhi diya ja chuka hai rafi fans dwara. koi nai baat leke aao.

    ho sakta hai rafi ne tareef kar di ho, wo to the hi itne mahan isiliye to ham unki itni izzat karte hain. par unko ye pata nahin tha ke in logon ke fans itne kameene honge. to hamara farz hai is mahaan vyakti ki izzat ki raksha karne ka.

  45. Hans says:

    most of the rafians and also rafi-jalans must be remembering the song ‘sau baar janam lenge’ from film ‘ustadon ke ustad’ which has gained stupendous popularity. now i give a link to another song which is equally great.

    haseenon se to bas sahab salamat door ki achhi,
    na inki dosti achhi na inki dushmani achhi.

    in the present scenario if we replace ‘haseenon’ with ‘kameenon’ then it would be a perfect parody.

  46. andrea correa says:

    dearest rafi fans:

    these dogs called kishorefan-bhushan-bhushan-sandeep have lost “”all”” of their senses.

    dont pls waste time on these explaining things.

    buffaloes ke saaamne been bajaaye to kya hota hai??? leave these barking dogs to their fate. jal jal kar marenge ye paagal kutte.

  47. Hans says:

    bhushan – 3515, 3516

    you are right. ghantasala avatar not only mesmerised rafi and india, he also mesmerised the world in such a way that all people lost memory and ultimately no one remembered ghantasala. people have started taking notice of him after avatars like you introduced him to us through this site.

    if we divide the film music era in the various yugas, then satyuga is that where everybody sang his own songs. then came dwapar when playback started and in dwapar you know there was an avatar ram. similarly in music dwapar there was an avatar named ghantasala, who won the whole world (not only lanka). then came music treta, when with playback there are also reality shows and internet uploading. in treta there was another avatar krishna who gave us geeta sandesh. on the same lines you have appeared as an avatar for giving upadesh and telling us innocent people about ghantasala avatar.

    as krishna knew everything going within arjuna’s mind, you also know what is going in our mind. you have an added power, because krishna could see through arjuna’s eyes, but you can see through the internet messages. you are right we are mesmerised by the three songs of ghantasala and we lose memory and when we come to rafi site, we come under a mistaken notion that the avatar was rafi and he had sung those three songs. so we go on writing against the real avatar ghantasala.

    this wrong tendency of ours is indicative that soon there may be the advent of music kalyug also. so bhushan avatarji, time left for you to correct us by your sermons is really short. we expect longer sermons from you which would rectify the mal-function (rafi mal-function) to which we have been exposed for such a long time.

  48. Hans says:

    bhartiji – 3368

    really good post. you have poured your heart out. nobody, and least of all me, ever doubted the fact that you are an absolute rafi fan. the tricks of these intruders can never divert us from reality.

    i agree with you that lata is though better than others is far behind rafi. but, one thing i would say that she is always above asha – though i like asha as singer – and i dont agree that asha sang gazals or hip-hop songs better. we rafians sometimes tend to misunderstand lata’s music because of the mal-treatment meted out by her to rafi. i also hate her for this as well as for her being a hypocrite. but, i am sure she could sing any type of songs.

    so far as hip-hop songs are concerned she shunned them as a matter of policy. but she has sung a number of such songs. i will list a few for example

    dhak-3 jia kare dhak, ankhiyon men ankhiyan dal ke na tak
    bahon men chale aa hamse sanam kya parda
    haye haye ye majboori ye mausam aur ye doori
    meri beri ke ber mat todo koi kanta chubh jayega
    mera naam hai chameli main hoon malan albeli

    i think this sample would suffice. so far as gazals are concerned myth about asha is born out of her late surge in this area. lata sang loads of gazals. a singer who is associated with madan mohan cannot be short of gazals. c ramchandra, naushad and roshan also gave her countless gazals. here is a sample list

    rahte the kabhi jinke dil men hum jaan se bhi pyaron ki tarah
    yun hasraton ke daag muhabbat men dho liye
    hai isi men pyar ki aabroo wo jafa karen main wafa karoon
    aaj socha to aansoo bhar aaye
    aapki nazaron ne samjha pyar ke kabil mujhe
    unko ye shikayat hai ke hum kuchh nahin kahte

    i can give you a very long list, but this a rafi forum.

  49. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Post 3547:

    Reposting the same as there are some missing portions:

    Bhattacharya Babu/ Kishorefan/ Sandeep Srivastav,

    Agreed that Rafi fans have used some ‘not so nice’ words for other singers and some real bashing for you (which you thoroughly deserve). But I have some queries for you guys:

    Who instigated them? Who started all this?

    Is it not a fact that filth of anti-Rafi thoughts has become part of your D.N.A.?

    Anywhere any comment you read which is even remotely against Rafi saab is gleefully lapped by you and is quoted out of context especially at this site only to instigate Rafi fans. In the garb of ‘musical discussions’ you shamelessly display your ant-Rafi psyche. Only thing that governs the adjoining KK site is anti-Rafi-ism. Look at a recent post on that site (some postion copy-pasted below):

    I do not think rafi’s voice can be identified exactly to that of actors. Rafi’s voice is the same for all actors he has sung. It is the same voice, no change at all. Only rafi fans think his voice suited like actors voice….

    Can there be greater canard than this? It is a well known, established, celebrated and applauded fact that Rafi saab could modulate his voice to suit the actor on screen? Can you count how many actors he sang for? Do you think the songs ‘Te mehalon ye takhton ye tajon ki duniya…’ and ‘Sar jot era chakraye…’ have same voice modulation? Do you think song ‘Koi sagar dil ko behalata nahin…’ and ‘Aaj kal tere mere pya r ke charche har zuban par..’ have same voice modulation. Please reply specifically. If that mentally unstable guy (who wrote above said post at KK site) and you guys think it is same then apart from psychratic intervention, all of you also need an E.N.T specialist to set you right.

    You guys are simply indulging into worthless rhetorics with a purpose (of instigating Rafi fans). You are forgetting the mission statement of this site “Rafians tribute to a True Mastro’. Please do not forget that.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  50. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Bhattacharya Babu/ Kishorefan/ Sandeep Srivastav,

    Agreed that Rafi fans have used some ‘not so nice’ words for other singers and some real bashing for you (which you thoroughly deserve). But I have some queries for you guys:

    Who instigated them? Who started all this?

    Is it not a fact that filth of anti-Rafi thoughts has become part of your D.N.A.?

    Anywhere any comment you read which is even remotely against Rafi saab is gleefully lapped by you and is quoted out of context especially at this site only to instigate Rafi fans. In the garb of ‘musical discussions’ you shamelessly display your ant-Rafi psyche. Only thing that governs the adjoining KK site is anti-Rafi-ism. Look at a recent post on that site (some postion copy-pasted below):


    Can there be greater canard than this? It is a well known, established, celebrated and applauded fact that Rafi saab could modulate his voice to suit the actor on screen? Can you count how many actors he sang for? Do you think the songs ‘Ye mehalon ye takhton ye tajon ki duniya…’ and ‘Sar jot era chakraye…’ have same voice modulation? Do you think song ‘Koi sagar dil ko behalata nahin…’ and ‘Aaj kal tere mere pya r ke charche har zuban par..’ have same voice modulation? Please reply specifically. If that mentally unstable guy (who wrote above said post at KK site) and you guys think it (voice modulation in above sited songs) is same then apart from psychratic intervention, all of you also need an E.N.T. specialist to set you right.

    You guys are simply indulging into worthless rhetorics with a purpose (of instigating Rafi fans). You are forgetting the mission statement of this site “Rafians tribute to a True Maestro”. Please do not forget that.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

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