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True Voice – Mohd Rafi

The following article was brought to my notice when Sharad posted it on MAS. The article has been trimmed down a bit keeping afloat Rafi details. However, anyone interested can go visit the source at

I am Swaminatha Iyer and I am 78 years old. I hail from Tiruchi and I am a part of music associations in Tiruchi, M’as as well as in West Bengal and Maharashtra.

I think it is wrong to condemn music or artists on either side of Vindhyas. Our Indian music is one of the few which has not been cleaned off by the western music though there has always been a influence. It speaks a lot of the richness of our music. Sometime back director of MTV had said that MTV westernized the music wherever it went but in India , MTV had to be Indianized for it to be accepted. A lot of this credit goes to the Indian film music.

I have been fortunate to have close personal association with Rafi, Sirkali, TMS, Dr. BMK, Kishore, SPB & KJY, PS, Mannadey and the one and only Lata Mangeshkar.

Comparisons are bound to come, but almost every artist or I have met considers Lata to be beyond comparison. Her talents are beyond anyone’s reach. Even Sirkazi used to talk of her singing like a die-hard fan as do countless others.

Now coming to the Rafi-SPB discussion. It might be difficult to convince an South Indian to believe Rafi is the better and at the same time Rafi crowd will never believe any other male singer comes anywhere nearer. There is one more mobile crowd, which is well conversant with Hindi and some south Indian language. Majority of them tilt to either Rafi or Kishore.

During one of my stays in M’as I had stayed with SPB. While talking of true voices he said, I don’t feel like half a singer when listening to Rafi. True voice is not a tech term but many in circle use it. Perfect example would be lata, but to understand consider our own PS who within her range is superb. People who do not have such true voices can never do justice to original. They generally underplay many parts of the song or fake it with bass/superficial singing. True voices make people like Sirkazi, Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Lata… Inimitable. However since Sirkazi and Nusrat did not have the filmy voices their “real” following is limited to their local arena.

In addition to the true voice if the singer has a very good voice then in “most” cases he/she can better songs of others. It is this combination which makes Rafi stand out among the other male singers. There are many here who seem to have mistaken notions on a good bass and also on high pitch.

Bryan Adams does not require a monster bass in “Summer of 69” to sound real manly. It is the punch which gives that feel and that is decided only by the comfort level in most ranges (that is by what your throat can support). This you CAN never disguise with bass. Since people have talked about lack of manly voice viz. a viz. Rafi it was necessary to bring this point out. I have had the fortune of listening to most singers in studio and some times without a mike, practicing with MD’s.When Lata or Rafi do, the level is so high that people hesitate to even hum. It felt silly to sing in their presence (and it feels silly when someone says his voice isn’t manly).

In RD’s tribute when SPB sang “Aaja Aaja mein hoon” or “Chaand mera dil” it sounded only sweet and lacked punch if you compare with Rafi’s original.

Yesu once told me God has been partial to Rafi. He said “god gift term anavasyamaa romba common aa ippo use aardu”.. but idu Rafi kee thaan 100% porundu”. This person could sing “as intricately as a lady without sounding thin”, “cover any mood”, “versatility odey perfect example Rafi”. Yesu said most important is the comfort level over ranges which makes you feel God has been partial to Rafi. (But Of course in Rafi’s early career (1950’s) the voice was relatively feeble).

To people exposed to Rafi’s talent, these or any amount of praise can only seem less. I just wish he was alive and you people could get a live chance to hear him. Probably you can get hold of the DD album for the Geet Gaata Chal series where the first four episodes were dedicated to Rafi. Rafi is on camera singing “O Duniya Ke Rakwaaley” and many other songs. If you see and hear the last part you will realize why SPB said “impossible”. I think particularly those people who have talked about scales w.r.t Rafi should see this album. Its a known fact in industry that Rafi ruled high pitch and there is no male singer better in switching notes so easily. There are artists who can go beyond but then they sound strained or they don’t have pleasant voices when they venture into those territories.

Many singers of today are his compulsive followers. But they end up inheriting only part of his quality. Md. Aziz ended up with a sad voice. Mahendra Kapoor with a thick nasal voice. Anwar with a nasal voice. Sonu Nigam with a feminine voice. Rafi neither had a soft voice nor a heavy (bass) voice he had a good voice. Importantly did not strain at high notes, and voice if at all only became better at higher notes. If you see him singing it will remind you of Janaki. However diff the song is or the note is he will be smiling and singing. It is unthinkable that he cannot sing something.

There seems to be lot of talk about “Shankara Bharanamo” song. SPB has sung many a great numbers and things being said about this song in this forum are rather amusing, particularly b’cos 3 out of 4 people who can be called as singers will be able sing it and at least one out of 10 will sing it with the same effect. There are lot of other songs of SPB where this great singer has played with songs in total control. You will find most south Indian singers who have had a good exposure say that it is beneficial to learn Hindustani as it gives better breath control and improves expression.

Rafi was not only able to glide over a song, the important thing was that he could express each word/sound when singing. It is one thing to hold your breath, start and reach a crescendo (high note), as like in “Shankara”, “Anbey (Yennai kaan villaye)” it is different ballgame if you have to do it from low notes or suddenly switch notes. With practice the former can be done, latter requires a special gift. Rafi had a natural ability to do the latter. In “Tum joh mil gaye ho” there is such a transition in the “karwaan mil gaya” part. I have never seen anyone do justice to most of his songs in my life time. In “parda hai parda” quawaali the similar part is “kar doon to, Akbar mera naam”. In fact most of his songs will have these specialty as it was his natural ability to sing freely in a wide range at the same time giving that extra expression.

Whereas SPB takes us to heavens with “Idu oru pon maali”,”Ilaya nila” “bisiladarenu”(kannada), when he sings Rafi’s song it lacks the punch or expression, though it has the bass. But at least most agree that SPB does some justice to original, whereas most others murder the original.

One trivial point I would like to add is that singing in Hindi is harder. There are more “JHA”,”CHA”,”HA”,”THA”, “KHA”,”JA”,”FA”. These take away the breath faster. The more expressive you are the more air you are using up. Just singing from Nabhi will not help, your throat also needs to do a lot, for singing in Hindi, Bengali etc. SPB makes you fall in love with his south Indian songs but same cannot be said about his Hindi songs. If you just glide through words having these sounds, you will never be expressive. Doing this as well as reaching high notes is not easy. Rafi had this gift and that’s why it is difficult to imagine anyone else in his shoes. Song “Chalkaaye jaam” has so much expression that it is unthinkable how anyone can sing it. When Rafi switches to a high note with “Mitwaa” in the song “Chaahunga mein tughey” you cannot replicate it with bass. Most others will sound as if they are shouting in such cases. That man’s throat had the ability to freely sing at such levels.

Versatility is not just the ability to sing in various styles, more important is how good you are singing in those styles. You have lot of Ghazal singers today but when Rafi sings a Ghazal you will sit up and take notice. You don’t have to be part of the Ghazal listeners crowd. This is one important aspect. Whatever style you sing you should be able to pull the common man to listen and not just a particular crowd. Pick “parda hai parda” or any qawalli and it will stand tall among other qawalli’s.

Variety is amazing :

songs of Guru Dutt’s Khagaz key phool or songs like abhi naa jao chod key, Aaja teri yaad aayi, Aaj kal mein dhal gaya, Aaj kal terey merey pyaar, Aasmaan sey aaya farishta, Dil ney pyaar kiya hai, Deewana mujh saa nahi, Din dhal jaaye, Duniya paagal hai, Jaane walon jara, Dil joh na kaha saka, Dil key jharokon mein, Dil kaa bhavar, Chalkey teri aakkhon sey, Kar chaley hum fida, khilona jaan kar tum, Woh jab yaad aay, Woh hain jara khafa, Vaadian mera daaman, Pathar key sanam, Chaand mera dil, Main zindagi kaa saath, Mainey poocha chaand sey, sun sun jaalima, Koi jab raah na paay, hum to chaley pardes, badan pey sitaarey, laal chadi maidaan, Tum jo mil gaye, O meri shaahey, Sau baar janam lengey, Tum mujhey yoon bhula, Tumney mujhey dekha, Terey merey sapney, Tumny pukaara hum chaley aay

Name a situation/mood and Rafi’s song will be there on the top.


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3,776 Blog Comments to “True Voice – Mohd Rafi”

  1. ashwani says:

    Thanks Harvinder,

    As Rafi sang more nos. of song than any other singers. So his nos. of hits are also more than any other singer.

    When i admire Kishore, People always mistaken me as anti Rafi but i am not. I am equally admirer of Rafi but more inclined toward Kishore.

    Rafi sang alsmo 25k songs whereas Kishore sang 5k songs, I am not considering Mukesh because his nos. was very less.

    Quality of work what Rafi gave is tremendous but they are many bad songs under his name. This is not in case of KISHORE.

    I respect Rafi’s humble nature. He was great human being but Media potrayd Kishore as miser, SANAKI n blah blah.

    When i was 10 yrs. old in 86, i went to his house in JUHU. I had seen him talking to tree and saw name plate in front of each tree. I believe only genious can do this kind of thing.
    I always accepted the fact that Rafi was technically sound singer compared to KISHORE but KISHORE could do anything which noone could do. This is told by Pyarelal from Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

    As Lata sang more duets with Rafi around 450 and with Kishore 350 but in interview with Prabhu Chawala, she said she enjoyed singing with KISHORE because it was more challenging as Kishore improvised on the spot.

    Sorry Harvinder, I am not agree with your this line
    “Asha’s liking for Kishore is understandable as Kishore da was a close friend of her husband RD Burman and she sang maximum songs with him”

    Asha married to RDb in 80’s but Kishore and asha sang together since many-many years. Asha spoke to Rajdeep Sardesai in TIMES NOW abt “JAAWAANI DIWAANI” song, She said first 2 lines of that song was kishore’s creation.
    She said that she had to do homework if she had do recording with KISHORE or Lata.

  2. zia says:

    dear debjyoti if 80% of indian think kk was better singer than great rafi then i am sorry to say you live in nation full of fools

  3. Krishna says:

    Dear Ashwani,

    I know the two songs of Anokhi Ada and Dushman and they are really good. Kishore has sung the songs very well.

    It was Shankar Jaikishan’s choice of taking Prayag Raj for the Yahoo.

    Still and never you will be able to understand Rafi about his talent. Melody lies in him and he is very much hummable. Pl. appreciate the song title song Yaadonki Baraat and closing your eyes without biasing anybody hear the song. Kishore has no sentiments in the song but Rafi’s voice you can feel the lost brother meeting his elder.. You cannot expect Kishore to be that way as he can sing in only one pitch whether its Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh or anybody one can feel easily that Kishore is singing. Whereas, when you hear a song of Rafi closing eyes, anybody who knows music can say for whom he is singing whether is Shammi Kapoor or Rajendrakumar or Dharmendra or Joy Mukherjee or anybody else. Rafi Saab had a style of singing not only for the actor but for the Music director too. Kishore is a Popular singer but Rafi is above all. One thing I can say – you know only listening to music and feel Kishore is great. No Sir…. Rafi has the melody, sweetness, soul catching, sentimental…. any mood he has sung songs.

    Unless you close your eyes and let your soul hear the songs you will continue to praise Kishore. Why you all Kishore fans will do it….


  4. Harvinder says:

    Ashwani ji,
    Thanks for providing some facts on Kishore da’s not so talked about songs, namely bhajans, qaqali, patriotic songs. To be quite honest they do not register in my mind, I have no doubt he sang them anyhow.

    It is good to see some die hard fans amonst Kishore da’s clan also. I am impressed with your knowledge and the efforts you seem to have put. Believe me I respect Kishore da’s immense talent and ability to improvise. The very fact that he could displace Rafi between 71 to 76 is no small achievement after being a change singer in late fifties and 60’s.

    4th August will be Kishore da’s birthday and we friends will be holding a small get together to celebrate and try singing his songs.

    I still feel songs of Rafi still are more sought after as told to me by the vendours here in Canada and in Delhi Punjab atleast. Everytime I visit India and look for music, all vendors state unanimously about demand for Rafi more than any male or female singer. But that is my observation only.

    Another great thing about Rafi saheb’s humility was his simplicity, Gos fearing nature and respect for all human beings. Anybody who came in contact with him or even had a glimpse could say that he was indeed a Farishta. Barring Asha Bhonsle and RD Burman clan, in film industry I have heard Rafi rated as the best ever male singer. Asha’s liking for Kishore is understandable as Kishore da was a close friend of her husband RD Burman and she sang maximum songs with him, whereas Lata says with pride to be fortunate to have shared mike maximum with Rafi. I do not wish to start another debate on Lata-Asha rivalary, but there is some elemant of truth here- we can not fault Asha to hold this grudge, having played second fiddle to Lata all her life.

    I downloaded a wonderful number of Kishore da “Zaroorat hai Zaroorat hai ik mahanjabi ki” sung for my favourite music director Madam Mohan. Try listning and even a critic of Kishore will be silenced. Brilliance of Kishore even during his struggling days is evident ! Enjoy.

  5. avi says:


    I am also happy that i make someone to laugh. I am AVI But i don;t mind if you alias me ashwani, shankar etc.
    Again you can laugh. It is a best medicine.

  6. mohanflora says:

    The “advertisement” above was a clip! in The Hindustan Times infotainment section!

  7. mohanflora says:

    Mohammad Rafi remembered on 26th death anniversary

    Press Trust of India

    Mumbai, July 31, 2006


    Mohammad Rafi remembered on 26th death anniversary
    Press Trust of India
    Mumbai, July 31, 2006
    Legendary singer Mohammad Rafi, whose voice has mesmerised generations of listeners, was paid tributes by a large number of fans on his 26th death anniversary today.
    To mark the day, FM radio channels played several popular numbers from his varied repertoire, that include soft romantic songs, qawwalis, tragic compositions and peppy numbers – all delivered with equal elan.

  8. Nair says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho, I cant stop laughing……some one please help me Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ……Avi/Ashwani…My dear friend, you need to be a bit attentive to check the name before saying who you are; Avi or Ashwani ….

  9. avi says:

    My dear Sungma,

    I am not AVI but even i feel he is also true fan of Kishore but he is little aggresive.

  10. sungma says:

    Dear Ashwani,
    Your views and language/argument seem to be exact like avi (on the Rafi-Kishore saga page). Are you the same guy come to sabotage this site,too?

  11. ashwani says:

    Dear KM Wipro,

    I think he deserved award for “DOOR GAGAN KI CHHAON ME” and “JHUMAROO” which was released in 64, 63 respectively.

    Dear KM, Anyone can sing rafi’s song, I mean if u r trained singer u can sing classical and other type of songs but you can’t sing KISHORE’ songs.

    Pls. listen Rafi in B-grade and C-grade movies released in 50s – 60s. It is really pathetic.

    I have written a lot abt Kishore in 50s and 60s era. If you have time pls. go through all blogs.

    Now let me come to Qawaali,
    Have you heard abt movie DUSHMAN and ANOKHI ADA. The way KISHORE sang QAWAALI was amazing.

    Pls. listen it. Nodoubt Rafi is good singer but his voice can’t reach to the soul.

    On Shaami Kapoor,
    Why could Rafi not sung YAHOOOO? Why Prayag Raj sang those line?

    You can compare both with their duets not with their indivisual songs. Both have given fabulous indivisual solo numbers.

    1. All songs from AAPKE DIWANE
    2. MILE JO KADI-2 Ek Janjeer bane
    3. Bane chahe dushman
    4. Hum premi prem karna jaane
    5. Kya mousam hai
    6. Bane chahe dushman and many…

    In all duets, Kishore steals the show.


  12. KM Wipro Bangalore says:

    Dear Ashwani,

    I would like to differ and argue with you on the versatality of Kishore more over Rafi. Kishore sung in only two ways either happy or sad. All his yoodeleoo can be considered as happy songs and chingari koi type as sad songs. If you feel he was better and 60s being called Golden ERA of Music why was Kishore displaced then. Songs of 70s had more abberation and aaha oohoos but not music.. One thing I will agree with you Kishore is really a popular singer but do not compare him to Mohd Rafi. I strongly feel you have not heard many of the Rafi Songs which are really better. If RD supported Kishore why didnt he take him for the first qawwali he ever did in HUM KISESE KUM NAHIN. Rafi Saab won a Filmfare, National Award when Kishore was on the top. Show all of us one Kishore song which made him to get an award in 50s and 60s. Answer is a BIG NO….

    Rafi Saab overtakes Kishore in many many quality songs but some songs similar of Kishore style are here which you do not know at all….

    He has also yoodeled in a black and white move called REPORTER RAJU for Feroz Khan and its really SUPERB.. Try hearing that.. I do not know why he didnt continue doing that… HE COULD DEFINITELY HAVE DONE IT and You will also agree after hearing that…

    Running Song of Kalyanji Anandji – hear the song Hey chup chup chup kyo baithi hon for Randhir Kapoor Movie – I forgot the movie name its with Tanuja in a train and they are going for a job interview.

    Take a Punjabi style song, Classical, pop, running, qawwali, High Pitch song, low pitch, Aarohan madhyam and Avarohan – Rafi saab can do it very easily. kishore could have never thought of replacing Rafi Saab on all Shammi Kapor’s songs (Try hearing slow songs sometime in the evenings/late evenings), Romantic songs, and the above type of songs.

    If you under estimate him to Kishore, I can only pity you that you do not know anything about music other than just enjoying songs…

    When I was in College I used more Rafis songs to go behind songs and they used to respond.. Not many songs of Kishore in romantic style exists….


  13. ashwani says:

    Dear flora,

    U r free to think whatever u like.

  14. mohanflora says:

    Hi Friends.
    This site has sister sites dedicated to other singers including Kishore Kumar. However,sites of other singers including KK’s, do not have any visitors at all. And this inundated by visitors with regularity. Sites are popular as per the popularity of the singers? Is that so?

  15. ashwani says:

    Harvinder, Nice to see your blog.

    We don’t mind if you say you prefer Rafi. I prefer Kishore over Rafi and i feel kishore is far more versatile than Rafi.

    Kishore did not sing patriotic, Bhajan etc, does it mean he is lesser then Rafi. NOOOOOOO. Mahendra Kapoor sang all above, does it mean he is better than RAFI.

    Kishore sang patriotic but it was not very much famous but i like it personally.

    1. Dekho Veer Jawano Apne khun pe Ilzaam na aye …AAKRMAN
    2. Many Guzals he sang. I mention movies name below.
    a. ALAG-ALAG
    b. MEHBOOB KI MEHANDI and many more.
    3. Bhajan
    he sang many Bhajans but in modern style.
    1. Kunwara BAAP
    2. YAARANA and many more….
    4. Classical
    2. KINAARA and many more…

    Yes Harvinder, go to music shop and ask who sell more even today. It is of course KISHORE KUMAR. Go to music centre like PlanetM, MUSICINDIA. You can find more DVDs/CDs of KISHORE than any other singers. Please check it. It will clear ur doubt. If you remember, 31st July was Rafi’s death anniversary. Media had not shown a single an 1/2hr. program on him.

    You can always listen at least one song from KISHORE in FM (public choice) but that is not same in case of Rafi. It doesn’t mean Rafi is lesser but i am telling you truth. Even popularity wise KISHORE is far ahead of Rafi. Few music intellectual who don’t digest KISHORE’s success, they say lot of nonsense to him.

    Dear Harvinder, Tell me as a trained singer, Had rafi done any innovation in music? Answer is “NO”.

    But in case of KISHORE, YES… To establish himself in this industry, He started singing YOODLING in proper “SUR”. He improvised many songs on the spot. There are many stories abt his innovation told by Kalyanji-Anandji, LP, RDB, LATA and ASHA.

    On outlook Survey, My dear friend Harvinder, How many songs Rafi sang? How many songs KISHORE sang?

    You can find answers in above questions. How many Rafi’s 70’s songs were there in the list?

    Do you think “KAL HO NA HO” song deserve place in this list? I think NO. There are many better songs than KAL HO NA HO.
    If you read the OUTLOOK survey carefully then you would found that Jury had been asked not to vote in their Favorite singers order.

    But personally, KISHORE and RAFI both are great. They are not comparable. But individual choice can vary.

  16. Harvinder says:

    Have you recently come out of mental asylum and are on probation or what ? How can you make such statements and more importantly the administerators to allow such language.

    I am a fan of Rafi and Kishore alike, but I am saddened by some of the remarks made by overzealous fans of both great singers. I would personaly prefer Rafi Saheb if I must choose my preference only one for a simple reason that he sang all types of songs to perfection or near perfection(I am not an authority on music but appreciate melody, flow and high pitch in music), here AA) I feel Kishore da does not have patriotic songs, Ghazals, cassical numbers or bhajans to his credit. I am sure he could have sung them, but why did RD Burman, his mentor, not attempt any of those. Also BB) OUTLOOK conducted a survey in which 30 noted singers/Music directors (They know music more than me – I do not know your background) recently cast their poll and were asked to mention ten of their most favourite songs each. A list of 20 such songs(including duets) was made from great KL Saigal era to Sonu Nigham. Lata tops the list with most numbers, Rafi figures in 7 songs and Kishore da only in 2.
    CC) Go to any music selling shop of your choice and enquire who sells more even today, Rafi died in 1980, KK died in 1987 (Theoreticaly speaking KK is more recent) and be sincere to see for yourself as to who is more popular and lasting. DD) Above all, name a person more humble, humane and respected than Md Rafi in hindi cinema. I am told that 26 years ago on the fateful day Mumbai (Bombay then) it rained like never before, yet the worshippers and his fans paid tribute to this noble soul.
    SO PLEASE REFERAIN FROM MAKING SUCH HARSH STATEMENTS. Even Kishore da would be ashamed of you. Kishore da used to describe Rafi as Singers singer and an icon.

  17. Debjyoti says:

    The people who consider Rafi to be better than Kishore Kumar should go to lunatic assylums.I think Aswani,Shankar,Raj & Bandita are right.Almost 80% of Indian music lovers are die-hard KK fans.

  18. Dekho o pagaal dewaano tum yeh kaam naa karoo, rafi kishore ka naam badnaam naa karro, rafi kishore ka naam badnaaam naa karo!.
    Ja kar tum dam maro dam maro, methi jaye geh tumhare sabhie gam !


    Mein ne app ko gali naheen dee thi, lakin app neh humko gali dee hain ..bahen ki take…. kaise aadmi hai app 🙁 ..God bless u

  19. Sagar says:

    Dear ASHWANI,

    Good you said you are fond of RAFI SAHAB , then talk only about him don’t drag or bring KK in between …..

    And as far as controlling my language I told you already that I will improve only if leave this site with KK or else agree not to make statements againt RAFI SAHEB in any manner because you don’t have any valid point and second thing this is not a FIGHTING OR BARKING CLUB where u barge in with KK and start arguing … So lets stop this issue here and lets enjoy RAFI SAHEB….



  20. ashwani says:

    Dear Sagar,

    As i am fond of Rafi also so there is no question of leaving this site and who are you to talk me to leave this.

    Boss, control ur language. I am not going to leave from here but i can;t tolearte if u say anything wrong for any legends.

  21. Sagar says:



  22. Sagar says:

    Dear Ashwani,

    Don’t go offtrack I will stop barking as u said but only if you leave this forum with KK and promise cross ur heart you will never return or post here again ?

    Agreed I may not be knowing anything about MUSIC but if you call KK as MUSIC then I thank god that I dont know about MUSIC.

    And also one morething please let everyone here when and what date your leaving this site with KK and permanently.


  23. ashwani says:

    Dear Sagar,

    You are barking like …
    Everybody knows here in this blog. You don’t know anything abt music and don’t know how to respect people and hteir feeling.

    Please learn from someone who can teach you how to respect others feeling/view.

    Again advice from my side, don’t bark. Rafi never barked.

    You can’t find people support you everytime, everybody has their own opinion. If you don’t agree, its OK but don’t write bullshit stuff.

  24. jo log rafi aur kk keh barkhelaf hai, kya woh app ka khate the? aye hai baat karne ke le ye. sa………

  25. Why compared Rafi with KK?

    Both singers was talented and good. Each have given ek se ek badkar geet. And frankly i dont like ppl comparing Tum Bin Javoo Kahan of Rafi and KK. The song was made for two different situation and its not fair to say one is good than another. I like both version of Rafi (Fast) and KK (Sad). If one is comparing the fast with sad version, he is just wasting his time and dont have the knowledge of music at all.


  26. Sagar says:

    Dear Prashant,
    I want to reply to your posts , but right now I just had a heavy dinner cant write more just wrote to ASHWANI I am sorry, but don’t worry very soon u will get a reply from me about your post.

    Till Then SHABBA KHAIR


  27. Sagar says:



  28. ashwani says:

    Dear Usha,

    I am surprised to read ur comments on Bandita. Bandita wrote what she felt abt Rafi but she never abuse Rafi as Saagar did for KISHORE.
    Do u think Saagar has manners?
    You should first look at ur side then points others.

    And why you people go beyond the limit when somebody says KISHORE is better than Rafi. As you like Rafi, somebody like KISHORE so where is a problem. For u Rafi is great but for us KISHORE is great.

  29. ashwani says:

    Dear Rajan,

    I am not avi but nodoubt he is thinking like me.

    I am great fan of Rafi too but i am more inlcined to KISHORE. It is my personal choice and i can;t toleate if someone says Rafi is better than KISHORE.

    Both are great.
    few of my Rafi ‘s fav. songs:

    1. Mujhe Teri Mohhabbat ka…sang better than Lata
    2. TUm jo mil gaye ho..
    3. Pukarata chala hu main..
    4. Rimjhim ke geet saawan gaaye.

    There are many and i have hugh collection of Rafi’s songs.
    There are immature people like Saagar who writes nonsense things.

  30. Usha says:

    Dear Bandita, I think u are the same person who are the likes of Swami with no manners whatsover. Please show some decorum as this unique website is to enjoy the Farishta n God like voice of the greatest legend Rafi.
    I do not recommend anyone to fight like ingnorant musical fools.
    If Rafi fans feel he is the greatest in this website I think it is very natural Why u are intruding like a peeping tom?
    U can say whatever u like but with respect n reverance to Rafi Sahab who is liked by crores of music lovers not only in our country but abroad also.
    I have also requested Sagar not to make uncharitable remarks against others as our own Rafi Sahab who is gentle gaint n doyen of music world has never even spoken ill about others.
    Till his unfortunate death he had the best of relationship with all including Kishore da.
    Let us forget these squabbles n be in the midst of MELODY KING RAFI THE MAESTRO.

  31. PRASHANT says:

    Dear Sagar,

    Please tell me is there any law which tells that yodelling is not allowed while singing..? Do u know what was the aim of KK and Rafi while they were singing ? Its was because they wanted to entertain people like u and me, they never sang because they wanted to become great.. both of them had the same singer whom they considered was their idol… and he was K.L.SAIGAL… KK and Rafi considered him as their guru.. Moreover whoever tries to compare both of them is the biggest loser and uneducated about music in this world.. People should compare singers having similar voices and according to me KK and Rafi were toooootally different.. everyone should compare Sonu nigam with Rafi and Kumar sanu with KK.. [ i think u will agree at this point ].. i will give u an example How can u compare Adnan sami and Shaan ? both r totally different.. same is the case of Rafi and KK..[ i hope whosoever understands and reads this he will agree with me ]


  32. Sagar says:

    Dear Prashant,
    Well said !! I am in complete agree with you !! But I don’t agree with your one statement ” Rafi Sahab was not able to give masti to song like KK did ” … If you wanna know what MASTI is and how it is added to a song then kindly listen ” TUMSA ACHCHA KAUN HAIN ” , if you think that YODELLING adds masti to a song or jumping while singing like KK did then you are making a mistake, No Rafian have any disregard for KK , neither do we have any problem against any KK Fans to come here and post any blog , but they should be aware that here we are talking about ” MUSIC ” and not ” MONKEY MUSIC “.





  33. PRASHANT says:

    Both were so great that after them there came so many singers who were compared to them.. Mahendra kapoor,Mohd aziz,Sonu Nigam were under the shadow of Rafi throughout their carriers,[though sonu nigam has come out because he is still singing]. Kumar sanu,Abhijeet,Shaan are compared to KK.. if u hear to the new versions of the old songs [i m not talking about these stupid remixes] all KK songs and Rafi songs have been sung by the above mentioned singers who have been compared to them. That was the magic of Rafi and KK.. right guys.. ?

    And i dont think singers of today are doing a bad job.

  34. PRASHANT says:

    I want to tell this to both rafi and kishore fans out there.. Guys u r fighting like India and pakistan. All rafi fans why do u care about what the kishore fans say.. and why r the kishore fans trying to prove that he is the greatest singer.. Guys please enjoy MUSIC.. Do u all guys know that rafi and kishore were the best of friends whaen they were alive. I love both of them, both of them have their totally diffrent styles which were unique.. Rafi couldn’t give the masti to the song like KK and KK could not become as soulful as Rafi.. Moreover it is good to know trough the above debate that people of todays generation have the interest in old songs.. So please guys remember that people are called great trough the work that they do. The songs which u people are mentioning in your blog were all made to be sung by Rafi and KK and whomso ever’s voice suited the song were made to sing..

    Regards to all KK fans and Rafians….

  35. Sagar says:

    Dear KHALID,

    Very well said ” ENOUGH SAID ”

    she is not ” BANDITA ” she is ” BAND IT “

  36. Khalid Rashid says:


    Wow what a name. Looks like even bandits have an opinion these days.

    Enough said

  37. Sagar says:

    Dear BANITA,

    It seems that you want to convince others to follow you , very good then why don’t you do one thing , this is not the right place for shouting , there is a world famous mental asylum in AGRA , they have admissions open for people like you , why don’t you try that out, There was a advertisement in paper u missed it I guess, but never mind you may still get it done.

    So please take your TASHRIF out of this room and stop disturbing others.


  38. Bandita says:


  39. Bandita says:

    June 29,2006.
    Kishore Kumar is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    better than Mohd. Rafi. He is the greatest singer in the world.Also he succeeded in acting,music direction,film direction,singing bengali songs etc.
    98% of indians will tell that KK is greatest.Listen to Kolkata’s Radio Mirchi,different T.V channels,singing competitions & live shows,the ratio of Kishore to Rafi’s song is 16:1.If few Rafians disagree,Iwill tell lakhs of Kishore fanatics to write at this site.

  40. sujib says:

    dear friends
    this is really a good site from where u can get every details . It is a true gift to the fan……………………

  41. Sagar says:

    Hello My dear DIE HARD RAFIANS,


    Rest All is Fine



  42. Usha says:

    Dear Sagar,
    I can understand your emotions but as a good n ardent Rafi fan do not get provoked from the likes of Swami n others.
    The world knows that Rafi was very humble,pious,gentle and kind which we should emulate as his fans and not react to provocation.
    Dear Ashvani,
    I have voiced my personal opinion on the playback singing field of Hindi Film music and in my opinion like others Rafi n Lata are the best in their category.
    This is not to belittle Kishore or other singers. Infact some songs from like Koi hamdam na raha, phoolon ke rangse etc to zindagi ka safar hai ye kaisa safar,tere naian, yeh jeevan hai is jeevan ka are also liked by me.
    But overall my taste of classics is from the period 1945 to 1980 only where Rafi n Lata has sung innumerable melodies for us to cherish.
    Also because of my office n professsion I cannot come frequently like you and others.

  43. Rajan Iyer says:

    Dear Ashwani/Avi,
    I think you are the same person giving opinion on both the blogs but anyway since you also like Rafis songs u are welcome to air your views . But if u carefully go to all the comments whatever may be the provocation u also made comments like workless/jobless etc which the Rafians found not in good taste.And u have also realised the folly and ur reactions r
    ecently in the Saga is good n postive.
    Yes minority of Rafi fans have reacted wrongly to your provocation which I earnestly,humbly request them not to do so.
    From ur side please give consturctive comments and let us all enjoy the good music.
    Boss life is short but let us together make them sweet in the memories of the legends of Music.
    Again comparison like Sanjeev n Amitabh is ur personal opinion which many of us totally disagree.
    It is like some like Blue color, n some green or some like Idlis n some dosas.
    So boss avoid any comparison and leave the sanctity n decorum of this forum as it is even if u r provoked.

  44. ashwani says:

    Dear Usha,

    I think u have not read my replied on ur comments long back.
    This is with reference to songs you said kishore sang for old people. I am again sending the same blog to make u aware that RAFI sang for Old more that KISHORE.

    Dear Usha, why you people are so biased toward Rafi. You remember that KISHORE sang for BHARAt BHUSHAN and Rafi sang for SHASHI KAPOOR, FYI KISHORE was tremendous according to me and many MDs. That was the first song when people started comparing RAFI with KISHORE.
    I personally believe KISHORE sang 100 times better than RAFI, may be u differ.

    OK, You remember KISHORE sang for older man in “PYAAR KA MOUSAM”, and I am 100% sure that u don’t remember RAFI sang for MEhMOOD’s father in KUNWARA BAAP and KISHORE sang for MEHMOOD. I am sure u don’t remember “DHARAMA” where KISHORE sang for NAVIN NISCHAl and RAFI sang for PRAN (played father of Navin Nischal).

    Dear USHA, don’t get biased and try to get the real facts.
    There is proven case study which shows KISHORE was greatest among all singers, Technically Rafi many great but noone can touch KISHORE.
    It is like, sanjeev kumar who was much better actor than AMITABH but people remember AMITABH.


  45. ashwani says:

    Dear Usha,

    I replied ur comment and since then u have not replied my comments.
    If u go through all blog, u will find that it is SAAGAR who started talking rubbish abt KISHORE and his fans. He has done same not only here but also in “RAFI-KISHORE SAGA”

    Please read all his blog first. Don’t act as blind. We (myself n SHANKAR)have never said anything against RAFI n why should we because we give him respect. He is one of the great legend but my dear friend pls. teach SAAGAR to behave properly otherwise he will get the same treatment what he got at “RAFI-KISHORE SAGA”.

    Saagar, Pls. mind ur word. U can say anything abt KISHORE songs. I mean ur like n dislike but don;t get personal to him..It shows ur background so pls. don’t spoil ur parents image.

    Saagar, Grown up n behave like a nice guy. Hope u remember from ur next blog.

    We, KK fans, write in this blog because we want Rafi fans to feel that if theycan’t praise legends then atleast don’t abuse them.

    Saagar, again reminder for u, behave ur word. Think twice before u write anything rubbish.

  46. Sagar says:

    Dear USHA,

    Hello, you are right but people like SWAMI , AVI , etc who are far away from MUSIC and its BEING come here and waste energy in a wrong path which I can’t tolerate and they don’t come alone but bring KISHORE KUMAR alongwith them.

    Anyways, we are enjoying RAFI SAAB everyday , what about you ?



  47. USHA says:

    Dear Rafi fans n true music lovers,
    let us all continue to enjoy the lovely, beautiful, melodious, magical and mesemerising songs of the legend of legends Rafi sahab.
    Yes if there are people who differ we have no issues.
    First of all there should not be any comparison and if fans feel Rafi is the greatest n others choose someone else so be it.
    Yes India is democratic country but there are some ethics to be maintained especially in such forums.
    As informed by other members we dont go to other forums n spoil their party, simillarly we expect the same from others.
    Yes Sagar has reacted in a offensive way but he has been provoked by persons like Swami.
    All these controvesrsies can be avoided and let us enjoy the evergreen gems of Rafi all the way.
    Thanks n Warm regards to all lovers of Music,
    Usha coimbatore

  48. sagar81 says:

    Dear ASHWANI,

    First of all let me tell you that you are right songs like ” PAG GHUNGROO BANDH ” etc….. these MEDIOCRE songs can be sung only by people like KISHORE KUMAR and probably your category falls into it. I agree India is a democratic country and also have illeterate people like you because inspite of knowing that this forum is specially and only for RAFI FANS still you and some of your friends come here and speak all GIBBRISH, RUBBISH AND GARBAGE, and when we reply to that you all get angry , buddy why do so , stop coming here rather no one needs you here.

    Listen to KISHORE RATHER why waste time here and disturb us.
    Also you sing this song several times you will sing better than your master. And no one is trying to improve u because RAFI cannot be compared with KISHORE , its you and your category people come barking here about KISHORE for no reasons, no one has invited you here.So take a check up from a PSHYCIATRIST we RAFI FANS will pay your bill.

    Remember that PSHYCIATRIST should be from KHANDWA , b’coz people like you will get cured, last time we send one like you to KHANDWA.

    This is a free suggestion KK FANS please follow the path.

    God bless your poor soul


  49. sagar81 says:

    Dear Swami ,

    Thanx for you advice but I think this forum is for RAFI SAAB and not for KISHORE KUMAR and from the begining I am talking only about RAFI SAAB except you , avi and shankar , so why don’t you follow my advice and pass it on to the others.


  50. swami says:

    Dear Sagar,

    U should FUCK OFF.
    U don’t deserve to be part of forum.
    I know quality of Rafi’s fans. All BULLSHIT

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