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The Concert of My Dreams – Part 2

By Anmol Singh

This article is in continuation of Part 1

The Concert of My Dreams - Part 2

After the break Shashi Kapoor walks on stage wearing a white suit. Owing his success to Rafi, he states that his career took off through films like “Kanyadan“, “Pyar Ka Mausam” & “Jab Jab Phool Khile“. But the song which he would request Rafi Sahab to sing is from “Naina“, “Hum Ko To Jaan Se Pyari Hai Yeh Tumhari Aanken“. He talks about his co-star in this song, Rajshree, who had one of the most fabulous eyes (“Kasam Se Aaj Bhi Un Aakhon Mein Doob Jaane to Jee Chahtaa Hai “) dedicating the song to her eyes. Rafi Sahab sings the song bringing back the old memories on early 70s.

Later we see Raj Kumar walking on the stage in his typical style holding a pipe in hand. He says “Aap Log Mujhe Jaani Ke Naam Se Jante Hai, Lekin Is Nacheez Ko Banaane Mein Rafi Sahab Kaa Bahut Badaa Hath Hai“. He acknowledges all the songs sung for him by Rafi Sahab. He requests Rafi Sahab to sing one of his personal favorite, “Yeh Zulf Khul Kar…“. Rafi Sahab delivers a super performance giving different shades to the words “Bhi Khar Jaaye to Aacha” in the song effortlessly. The crowd is extremely thrilled with the great performance.

Jitendra follows next. He says, “Duniya Mujhe Jumping Jack Ke Naam se Janti Hai, Ese Liye Rafi Aksar Ya to, Mast Baharon Kaa Mein Ashiq Ya O Meri Mehbooba concert mein Gaate Hai”. Today I have to make a choice; I will request Rafi Sahab to sing the title song from “Mere Huzoor”, “Rukh Se Zaraa Nakaab Uthu Do“. As Rafi Sahab starts with the Alaap…… “Apne Rukh Par Nigah Kare Do…Khubsoorat Gunaah Karne Do…Rukh Se Paarada Hataao Jaane Hayaa….Aaj Dil Ko Tabaah Karne Do”, the entire atmosphere in the hall is electrified and the crowd gives a huge round of applause. Rafi is enjoying while singing the song, the audiences acknowledge Jitendra’s choice with full joy.

We see Dharmendra walking on the stage, someone from the crowd shouts “Mein Jat Yamla“. Dharmendra says, “Mujhe Apne fans se shikayat hai, maine ekna aacha kaam kiya hai apne Career mein, magar aap ko mera KUTE wala dialog hi yaad rehta hai”. The entire laughs in joy. “Ab Rafi Sahab woh geet gayenge jo unho ne kabhi stage pe nahi gaya“. Can someone make a guess? The song is “Huee Shaam Unkaa Khayal Aa Gayaa“. The song thrills everyone, as it is the perfect song for the romantic evening.

We see Nitin Mukesh walking on the stage greeting the crowd with both his hands. Nitin Mukesh praises Rafi Sahab considering him his guru and guide and an inspiration after his father’s death. Rafi Sahab in return of gratitude praises Mukesh, stating the sweetness in Mukesh’s voice was a direct portrayal of his humbleness. He requests Nitin to sing a duet with him which was originally sung by his father. Both sing the song “Saat Ajoobe Es Duniya Mein, Aathvee Apne Jodi“. The song delivered by both was as good as the original. Once again a standing ovation from the audiences to Nitin Mukesh.

After the song ends we see Manoj Kumar walking on stage, the crowd cheers “Bharat, Bharat“. The audiences were perhaps expecting a patriotic song. He talks about his long time association with Rafi, and acknowledges Rafi’s contribution to his success. He states that Rafi could match every possible character he played on screen, whether patriotic, romantic, tragedy, etc. He rates the film “Do Badan” as his best performance, which could have been incomplete without Rafi’s voice. He requests Rafi Sahab to the song “Bhari Duniya Mein Aakir Din Ko Samjhane Kahan Jaaye“. The audiences enjoy the sad song listening quietly with the piano sequence played to perfection.

There after we see the Big B, Amitabh Bachchan walking on the stage. He says that he grew up listening to Rafi Sahab’s songs. He always wanted to be an actor, but never ever imagined that one day he would sing in films and he would also sing with Rafi Sahab. That was perhaps one of the greatest moments of his life. Rafi Sahab acknowledges Amitabh, stating that he is a biggest fan of Big B and was equally thrilled singing with Big B. Like Nitin, Amitabh doesn’t sing a duet with Rafi Sahab, but requests him to sing his favorite song picturized on him, “Mere Dost Kissa“. Rafi Sahab again deliveries an incredible flawless performance.

Suddenly there is a surprise on the stage, we see the dream girl “Hema Malini” walking on the stage. People start looking at each other, wondering there is no playback as such Rafi Sahab has sung for Hema Malini. Hema states that don’t be surprised Rafi Sahab hasn’t sung for her, but there is song where she would love to perform a dance sequence on stage. She requests Rafi to sing the song “Nav Kalpana Nav Roop Se“. As Rafi sings, Hema Malini performs the entire dance sequence on stage to perfection in sync with the song. This was perhaps the greatest surprise of the evening. The crowd is totally thrilled and gives a standing ovation to the “Dream Girl”.

For the final performance of the day we see Kishore Kumar walking on the stage. Both greet each other shake hands and embrace each other. Rafi and Kishore talk about their long association with Bollywood from their struggling days. Kishore mentions about the playback songs sung by Rafi for him and requests one of them to sing. Rafi refuses the sing any of the playback song picturized on Kishore, but instead requests Kishore to sing along with, “Bane Chahe Dushman Zamana Hamaraa, Salamat rahe dostana hamaara“. Both deliver and incredible performance and the crowd give a standing ovation once again shouting “Once more, Once more, Once more…..”. On public demand both the legends sing a duet from the film “Ram Balram”, “Ek Rasta Aaha Aaha…..Do Raahee…..”.

As the dream concern comes to an end Amin Sayani walks on stage thanks the both the legends with a huge bouquet of flowers and the musicians for making it a memorable evening. Both Rafi and Kishore wave and cheer the crowd as the curtains gradually come down.

Finally the most memorable evening comes to an end.

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21 Blog Comments to “The Concert of My Dreams – Part 2”

  1. Riyaz Shaikh says:

    Kaash iski koi recording hoti!

  2. Today our beloved and god of music, singer of the millenium, kind hearted,true human being, gentleman and so more Rafi sahab’s 34 death anniversary.

    Rafi sahab we love you very much. Today I pray almighty to give all human being some quality of yours so that every one live in this world with love & peace. No fights over religion, caste and creed. only love is there.

    Rafi saab amar rahen. Regards, Birendra Singh Bisht

  3. Binu Nair says:

    Book Release at : 12 pm.

    See all of Your Regulars there.

    Binu Nair
    Rafi Foundation Trust, Mumbai
    Cell : 9833 250 701

  4. Binu Nair says:


    on JULY 31ST a thursday INNUMERABLE Rafi saab Lover s will Meet At :

    JUHU MOSQUE, Opp Santa Cruz Police Station, Santa Cruz

    For Shraddanjali to Tansen Rafi Saaheb.

    There will be the Book Release . Its the third book by Author Direndera Jain.

    See all of Your Regulars there.

    Binu Nair
    Rafi Foundation Trust, Mumbai
    Cell : 9833 250 701

  5. Binu Nair says:

    Yes……….July 31st was a Thursday.

    Aug 1, 1980 was a friday during Ramzanand Mohd Rafi saab was laid to rest at Santa Cruz Mosque.

    This 31st Rafi saab fans would be arriving there from many parts of India in reverence to the finest singer and human being -Mohd Rafi Saheb.

  6. Ahamed Kutty says:

    1980 July 31st was a Thursday in the month of Ramzan and this
    year also the same in everything!

  7. khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Janab Achan Sahab, Adab Araz Hai,
    The title of my article on Rafi sahib and Sanjeev Kumar was ” Pheeku aur Hari Bhai “.Please read my article. Shukriya.

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  8. Anmol Singh says:

    Shammi Ji,

    Thanks for the compliments.

    All of us visiting this forum are special ones blessed and chosen by the Almighty to understand and feel the greatness of Rafi Sahab’s voice.

    If someone wants to criticize Rafi Sahab, he / she is free to do so. We welcome all.

    “Hai Agar Dushman, Dushman Zamaana
    Gham Nahi Gham Nahi
    Koi Aaye Koi Jaaye Koi
    Hum Kissi Se Kam Nahi Kam Nahi”

  9. khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Janab Achan Sahab, Salaam,
    Few years back I wrote an article on Rafi Sahab and Sanjeev Kumar on Please try to find this article and read it. You are absolutely right that Rafi Sahab sang beautiful numbers for Sanjeev.
    A Die-hard fan of Rafi Sahab,

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  10. u.k.achan says:

    I request all my co-rafi bakhts to listen to songs of a sanjeev kumar/nivedita
    movie “rocky mera naam”; i dont know how i missed so long……..soja sanam &
    tum ne dil diya tha;
    rafi saab has sung some extraordinary songs for sanjeev kumar..khilona,aurat,
    nayi din nayi raat,raja aur rank,……remember the hauntingly flawless ..”log to mar kar jalte honge”..or haughty “main wahi wahi baat “..or the playfull ” o phirki wali tum kal phir aana ” ..or the heartrending “teri shaadi kya tofa doon”.
    no match to rafi saab the supreme

  11. shammi says:

    What an absolutely beauiful article that I can imagine vividly as I read it. This really is what dreams are made of.

    Anmolji, you have a great way of writing and drawing the readers in and I really hope that they’ll be more articles on the great legend from you as I for one will look forward to reading them. I suppose getting Lata to apologise for all the letter nonsense is probably unlikely to happen even in your dreams!

  12. Shakeel Ahmed says:

    Rafi sahab has been my favourite slnger since my childhood.He is without an iota of doubt the greatest singer of all time There won’t be any day without remembering him and listening to him

  13. ahsan shah says:


  14. ahsan shah says:


  15. sarthak saini says:

    my dream singer rafi sahab…
    all song is My fvrt song of rafi sahab but “Yaad na jaye beete dinon ki”
    is most fvrt
    and a song of heer ranjha
    Tere Kuche me tera dewana is my fvrt song,,

    this line for rafi sahab,
    Tu nahi hai to adhoora sa najar aata hu,
    Aaj Apne mein bahut teri kami pata hu..

  16. I enjoyed reading this article

    very well imagined and beautifully depicted, Anmol ji

    Keep up the good show and hope to read more from you in future too

    Warm Regards

    Achal Rangaswamy

  17. SalRafi says:

    All the songs you listed as removed were very good ones too. Good imagination. I enjoyed reading.

  18. rl arora says:

    Excellent presentation for our beloved Rafi Saab. My heartiest Congrats to you Mr.Anmol Singh. It looks like a movie to watch. I am also a Rafian fan right from my childhood from the age of 10. There is no day when I dont hear Rafi Saab’s songs.

    Hearing his versatile voice I get lot of energy to cope up with the day to day problems in this life. I had the opportunity of listening him live when he was in Delhi for charity programme. I think that days was the best day of my life.

    to summarise I once again thank you for your very beautful presentation.

    my rich regards to you,

    R L Arora

  19. Anmol Singh says:

    In the first part the words from Rajendra Kumar were from an interview in Zee TV telecast around the mid-90s. The words from Dharmendra were heard from a FM channel some 3 years ago while driving back home. Rest is all imagination.

  20. Anmol Singh says:

    The following artists had to be removed from the article in order to limit it to 2 parts.
    1. Gulzar for the song “Jab Bhi Ye Dil Udaas Hotaa Hai”
    2. Rajesh Khanna for the song “Nafrat Ki Duniya Ko Chodke”
    3. Sunil Dutt for the song “Teri Aakhon Ke Siwa Duniya”
    4. Bharat Bhushan for the song “Mann Tadpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj”
    5. Joy Mukherjee for the song “O Mere Shahe Khuba”
    6. Naveen Nishchol for the song “Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho”
    7. Anil Dhavan for the song “Teri Galiyon Mein No Rakhenge Kadam”
    8. Shatrughan Sinha for the song “Dil Ka Soona Saaz”
    9. Rishi Kapoor for the song “Darde Dil”
    10. Feroz Khan for the song “Hum Tum Se Judaa Ho Ke”
    11. Sanjay Khan for the song “Wadiyan Mera Daman”
    12. Mehmood for the song “Yaa Habibi……Maine Rakha Hai Muhabat”
    13. Johnny Walkar for the song “All line clear”

  21. Sarwat Baig says:

    ANMOL ANMOL ANMOL Indeed! I hope there will be another magical concert soon.

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