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Tere Jaisa Kaun Hai….

By: H.A.K. Walijah

Mohd Rafi with Mukesh, Talat Mohd and others

Mohd Rafi with Mukesh, Talat Mohd and others

“Tere Jaisa kaun hain, Tere Jaisa Koi Nahin,” (who is there like you, no one is like you !) when we come to think of Mohammad Rafi Saab and his legendary status in Hindi Film Music, then I must say yes, it is true that no one is like Rafi Saab. Nevertheless this is the opening line of the song on which my write-up is based on. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful and romantic numbers ever rendered by the Melody King Mohd. Rafi Saab in the movie “Tamanna” (1969). That song was picturised on romantic actor of 60’s Biswajeet who always lucky in getting great songs, got his cream with Rafi Saab under a host of composers in Mere Sanam, Sagaai, Shehnai, Do Dil, Night In London, Jaal, Aasra, Pyar Ka Sapna, April Fool etc. and the then ravishing beauty Mala Sinha, penned by Anand Bakshi and class music composed by Kalyanji-Anandji – what a marvelous composition of  Kalyan?ji Anandji –  an absolute magic and lilting music.

Moreover, this song was called in those days the ”Love letter? song”. Rafi Saab gives it so much of life, I heard this song number of times,  enjoyed every time I listened to it with flight of ecstasy, excitement and profound happiness. One need to have a look at these simple lyrics penned by none other than the great Anand Bakshi who was people’s poet because he wrote simple lyrics with a wealth of meaning keeping aside flowery language. But in this song, he brought out the beauty of the beloved with his best imagined descriptions. Rafi saab is as usual at his singing best. The simple lyrics of the song are here below –

Tere jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahi
Tere jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahi
Kaise kaise phool chaman mein, lekin aisa koi nahi
Tere jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahi

Believe me, this song has been more appealing to me and that is the magic. It is not only me but all of us at various times come across such feelings as this song brought back the unforgettable lovely memories & moments once a while in everybody life.  Literally, I was just inspired to praise this song many a times because I listened this stupendously romantic track daily countless times, but still the freshness and charm of this song never goes away from my psyche. The honey-soaked voice of Rafi Saab, the soulful music and the soothing lyrics had been rolled into one then only, I think,  this great song might have been come into existence.  I am sure whoever listened this song will be mesmerized and  transferred to another world of fantasy land, could get  immeasurable happiness, one can’t find simply words to describe that fantastic feeling, might be beyond words and phrases.

When we come to Rafi Saab rendition of this song, being a general music lover and ardent rafi saab fan I noticed at the word kaun haithe stress and curve of the voice is marvelous and it is entirely the share of Rafi Saab to twist the voice hai-ee and then proceed to the next word – tere jaise koi nahin… at word nahin the relaxation feeling can be felt and seen perfectly as if someone were completed a great task and get a bit of relief. In the second line Kaise Kaise phool chaman main – unbelievable, the soaring voice of Rafi saab will give nothing but mellifluous riding pitch and voice drenched in velvet coverage until reaches “tere jaise koi nahin” –  If anybody imitating this song and try to sing in the same beauty as did by Rafi Saab, it is not possible, even somebody do a little effort could find it  difficult task to pull on second line – kaise kaise phool chaman main.  But whereas Rafi Saab had sung this song so effortlessly with graceful charm, tremendous ingenuity and loveliness.

I am of my personal opinion that this is one of the favorite songs of mine among thousands of songs sung by Rafi Saab. It is due to so many reasons, the best reason being such a melodious and romantic track, that I? can easily absorbed in the beauty of its melody and lyrics.?  I selected this song as a humble tribute to Rafi Saab, Bakshi  Saab, and Kalyanji – Anandji  sahab whose melodies  remained as fresh as sweet memories in our hearts. As for as the picturisation of this song is concerned, I would like to note here that this movie had got Filmfare Award for best Art Direction won by A.R. Kakkad and Baburao Potdar and this film was directed by one of the famous Telugu directors K. Pratyagatma whose Raja aur Runk went on to become top box office hit in those days. Rafi Saab singing was itself the surest guarantee for the hero to be successful. As about this song was picturised on Biswajeet who was very handsome and charming young actor of that time, his first film was a big super hit Bees Saal Baad after this he delivered  many hit  films.

A living eye can catch the enchanting visuals  could be visible on the screen while reels rolls down – the moving images of two lovable persons in a very romantic surroundings – embraces, breeze, flowers, garden, fountain, pond, a thin cascade, the red horizon, the drizzling and overall youthful Mala Sinha who looks ravishing, providing pleasure and delight to the eyes and appealing to the senses or mind through beauty, the blushing cheeks and her comely smiles all made her pure loving woman.  A pleasing and dedicated woman wearing pink sari and a red rose hangs from her ringlets while absorbing Biswajeet seeking her love through a romantic song filled with poetical imagery, what else one can see in a  song  of five minutes and twenty seven seconds. But it is true whatever your eyes can see, comparatively and more precisely tenfold the mind can perceive those mental images & absorb the pleasing voice therein, you’re sure to get spiritual comfort, such happiness while listening the voice of Rafi saab as the song plays on.

Kaliyon ka joban, pariyon ka roop
Baadal ki chaaon, suraj ki dhoop
Shayar ki ghazalen, sheeshe ke jaam
Dilkash baharein, rangeen shaam
Kaise kaise naam hain lab pe, lekin aisa koi nahi
Tere jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahi

It is almost true that woman would feel honored by such fine poetry. The description of the beloved in this song is extremely beautiful. While proceeding through the first antra (stanza), the lover put forth a number of rhetorical images to compare his sweetheart  like – kaliyon ka joban – the youthfulness of budding flowers,  the comely appearance of heavenly creatures, the shades of clouds and the mild rising sunrays,  the amorous poems of a poet, the intoxicating cups of liquor, the beautiful spring season and heart-warming sunsets – all are there and on my lips; but those are nothing before you, because you are  above all of those things. What a poetical fantasy of a poet to describe his love interest.  Just listened this single stanza how Rafi Saab delivered the immortal song with his magical voice then the blithe of eternal happiness poured into our ears. It is incredible, Rafi Saab undoubtedly suits for the hero’s voice so perfectly in romantic songs like this – a  very competent rendition of such sort will take us direct to heavenly pleasure, the soothing voice of Rafi Saab had been never felt unless one so deeply drowned into his magical singing ocean. His voice for sure poured the nectar (amrit ras) into our ears.

Mohdrafi with Mukesh, Talat Mohd and others in a stage concert

Mohdrafi with Mukesh, Talat Mohd and others in a stage concert

Baaghon mein shabnam mashoor thi
Baad-e-saba bhi maghroor thi
Jab tujhko dekha jaan-e-bahaar
Kehne lagay sab tauba hai yaar
Kaise kaise husn yahan hai, lekin aisa koi nahi
Tere jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahi

In the second antra – kaise kaise husn yahan hain (what sort of beauties are here!) – before that the lover counted many things like shabnam (dewdrops) – here we can see the drizzling of rain and the prideful west wind, all these beautiful things are surrounding me but when I look at you once, I forget the nature gifted items;  all are nothing  before you, whoever sees you just said what a dazzling beauty stands there.  More and more the severe passionate relationship will be attached to the voice as you hear these lines with rhythmic flow of music side by side.  I  guess –  this song might have been sung straight from the heart because the singing passion is very much evident through the voice and heart touching emotion.

Jo tujhko dekhe soche ye baat
Ye zulf hai ya saawan ki raat
Jo tujhko dekhe poocho sawaal
Tu hai haqeeqat ya hai khayal
Kaise kaise jalwe jahan mein, lekin aisa koi nahi
Tere jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahi
Kaise kaise phool chaman mein, lekin aisa koi nahi
Tere jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahi

In the final antra  – the climax reaches at its peak as the lover depicting the personal possessions of his beloved, as and when the lover sees his sweetheart, he simply make comparison of her tresses with the dark night of Spring season. Even at the height of madness asking themselves weird questions like, are you real or a dream?  standing before me. So what a wonderful Nature’s wonder! but all wonders are nothing before you. Yours is the only appearance whom I love and adore forever. If someone just look at these simple lyrics are nothing, but when applies with heart of sensuousness and feeling, it meant a lot. A novice person like me could have said so much when enthralled by its beauty and loveliness, what a linguistic person would say when he listens this song so attentively as I did, just imagine the effect after that….

It is one hundred percent true that no one is like Mohammed Rafi Saab and no one ever would be, because he had the most beautiful? God-gifted voice on this Earth. No one can ever replace an artist like him again. “Tere Jaisa Kaun Hai”? (who is there? like you !) then immediately follows  the answer – Tere Jaisa Koi Nahin  (No one is like you !) – Rafi Saab. There was – and is – only one great Mohammed Rafi Saab. His like will not be seen again for centuries.  Rafi Saab’s name shall live in the annals of Hindi Cinema most probably in Hindi Film Music and will remember for ages to come for his romantic tracks which are more or less a treasure trove to rejuvenate the heart, a feast to the ears, peace to the mind and verve to the young at heart.  The songs of Rafi Saab are just like charming poetry, after passing many years, reciting it would bring eternal pleasure both to the senses and mind, in the same manner songs of Rafi Saab would definitely bring pleasure and happiness to the listener’s ears & heart even after one thousand years from now.

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41 Blog Comments to “Tere Jaisa Kaun Hai….”

  1. S. Paika says:

    This is no doubt one of the top romantic numbers of Rafi saab, your article explains it really well on the reason, I enjoy singing and humming this song, this one is so dam good, for some reason, this one did not get as popular as his other popular numbers, oddly enough, I first found this on YouTube few years back, Amazing songs, amazing!

  2. Prem Kumar says:

    Dear Mr. Walijah,

    I am new to this forum, but I look forward to read more and more of your articles on Rafi Sahab. It is nice to read your articles. I have gone through your older articles published on this website, almost all articles are very nice.

    Thank you sir.

    Prem Kumar

  3. Prem Kumar says:

    Nice article on Rafi Sahab aashiqana mood song. Well done Mr. Walijah.

    Rafi was the original playback maestro. All others only followed him. While other singers fans may not agree with my notion, I can choose to ignore them since they are hardly any force to make a hue and cry on this issue…lol. A list of mostly romantic solos by Rafi is displayed here. Remember, I’m pucca Rafi listener, so bear with whatever I could produce now.

    Rafi Saab In Aashiqana Mood!

    Ab Kya Misaal DoonAa Lag Ja Gale DilrubaAanese Uske Aaye BaharAasman Se Aaya FarishtaAaj Mausam Bada BeimanAaja Re Aa ZaraAap Ke Haseen RukhAn Evening In ParisAkele Akele Kahan Ja Rahe HoAye Gulbadan Phoolon KiAye Nargise MastanaAye Phoolon Ki RaniBadan Pe Sitare Lapete HueBaharon Phool BarsaoBaar Baar Dekho Chale The Saath MilkeChand Mera DilChhalkayein JaamChaudavin Ka Chand HoChho Lene Do NazukEhsan Tera Hoga Mujh ParDard E Dil Dard E JigarDil Ka Bhanwar Kare PukarDil Deke DekhoDiwana Mujhsa NahinDiwane Ka Naam To PuchhoEk Ghar BanaungaEk Haseen Shaam Ko Dil MeraEhsan Tera Hoga Mujh ParGar Tum Bhula Na Do GeGulabi Aankhein Jo TeriHusnwale Tera Jawab NahinJiya O…Jiya O Jiya KuchhJanam Janam Ka Saath HaiJawanian Yeh Mast MastJo Baat Tujh Mein HaiKahin Ek Masoom Nazuk SiKaliyon Ne Ghunghat KholeKaun Hai Jo Sapnon Mein AayaKe Aaja Teri Yaad AaayeKhoya Khoya ChandKhuli Palak Mein Jhootha GussaLe Gayee Dil Gudiya Japan KiLikhe Jo Khat TujheMain Ek Raja HoonMain Kahin Kavi na Ban JaunMaine Poochha Chand SeMaine Shayad TumheinMast Baharon Ka Main AashiqMera Man Tera PyasaMera Dil Hai TeraMujhe Ishq HaiNa Ja Kahin Na Ja AabO Mere Shah-E-KhubanO Meri MehboobaO My Love…Nazar Na Lag JayePuchho Na Yaar Kya HuaPukarta Chala Hoon MainSuhani Raat Dhal ChukiTareef Karoon Kya Uski Tere Mere SapneTere Naam Ka DiwanaTeri Aankhon Ke SivaTeri Pyari Pyari Surat Ko Tu Is Tarah Se Meri ZindagiTum Jo Mil Gaye HoTumne Mujhe DekhaTumsa Nahin DekhaTumse Achha Kaun HaiYeh Jo Chilman HaiYeh Mera Prem PatraYeh Reshmi ZulfeinYuhi Tum Mujhse BaatZindagi Bhar Nahin Bhulegi

  4. Zaheendanish says:

    Nowadays no more interesting articles to read and comment.

    I request to Mr. Walijah to post good article on Rafi Sahab. I am anxiously waiting to read your next article……….

    Moderator ji please publish Mr. Walijah article.


    Zaheen Danish

  5. Man Mouji says:

    post 36

    yes you are right it is a rare combination: Rafi – Anand Bakshi – Kalyanji Anandji. can’t find more films and songs. even you can find more songs in the movies you mentioned ‘jab jab phool khile’ – pardesiyon se na, uff khuda, yahan main ajnabi hoon etc.

  6. Zaheendanish says:

    Bollywood music mainly boasts of love songs because love stories are the most repeated subject matter and the people’s taste has also been in favour of love songs only. Thousands (may be lacs) of love songs have enriched bollywood’s treasure of music.

    When we come to the combination of Rafi – Anand Bakshi – Kalyanji Ananji, I feel this is a rare combination for romantic songs. Because Kalyanji Anandji was mostly attached with Indeevar, Gulshan Bawra, Varma Malik, Qamar Jalalabadi, Anjaan etc.

    And whereas Anand Bakshi was mostly attached with LP and RDB. So I could not get more songs of the trio – Rafi – Anand Bakshi – Kalyanji Anandji.

    I recalled only two songs of this trio. If anybody remember more songs or have the list of songs kindly post it.

    _ Ek Tha Gul Aur (Jab Jab phool khile)
    _ Aja tujh ko pukare (Geet)

  7. A S MURTY says:

    Walijah sahab, can you please give your email id. You can write to me at or contact me at +919391267272. I would be happy to be in touch with you.

  8. Utthara says:

    Walijah saab,

    what do I say? You have not just reviewed a song. You have given us a wealth of information. Like you said, Rafi saab had this unique way of stressing some words. It is fantastic. And you have captured it beautifully.

    With best wishes,


  9. Man Mouji says:

    Of course, if you’re inspired to write something that turns out so well you want to have it published, that’s fine too. Creative writers usually have the desire to write, but sometimes they just can’t come up with ideas to get started. Sometimes writers can find inspiration simply by looking at the headlines of the day. As most writers know, “truth is stranger than fiction.” Very often, though, truth can help a creative writer out of a slump.

    Writers are very often people watchers and listeners, and observing people can sometimes be one of the best ways to start writing. A writer can sit down somewhere-on a park bench, at a small table in a crowded restaurant, sitting in the top row of the bleachers at a high school basketball game-and simply begin watching people. The writer should start by just jotting down what he sees, hears, and smells, describing everything in as much detail as possible.

    The desire to write can hit a writer at any time, but sometimes he is left wondering what to write. Oftentimes all he needs is a little inspiration.

  10. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    To post 28 – Dear Ramesh Ji,

    Thanks for your kind words. One more thing I would like to share with you here that I do not write always, it is not my profession. I write when I get inspiration. I wrote all of my articles published here solely inspired by incidents and circumstances. The best inspiration I get when I listen Rafi Saab songs with repeated times. I feel comfort while describing this legend in simple words that can be easily understood by the masses. Well some of you are experienced and professional writers here, I respect them all for propagating the virtues and khoobiyan of Rafi Saab. I feel proud sometimes to have the brilliant association of such great rafi fans on this beautiful site.
    Let Rafi saab songs reverberate in every nook and corner as no other singer had such huge impact as Rafi Saab had.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. walijah

  11. ADIL MIRZA says:

    Janab Walijah Sahab, As-Salama-alekum,

    Its my pleasure to see your artical on the Rafi Sahab it was very elegent with some Shaiyri , I am also a big fan of Rafi sahab. I always keen to collect the Rere information on Magical Rafi Sahab.

    Lot of thanks to you

  12. shaik niyaz says:

    rafi saab ke jaisa kyun hai aaj kal,sub to remix karne wale hai,inke jaise gane wale to kain hai,aye to la zawab hai.inke bare mein jitna bole utna kum hoga.

  13. Zaheendanish says:

    post 21 –

    Man Mouji Sahab,

    Thanks a lot for your invaluable information. I am much obliged for your kind help.


    Zaheen Danish

  14. post 23 – wallijah sahab,

    your story of the labourer was quite moving – rafi sahab makes me weep even today ( 62 years after my birth ) – his songs – his persona – his divinity – his very existance as a divine singer – an avaatar – a singing avataar.

    tussi vakai great ho.

    wallijah sahab – you are a true rafi bhakt – like minded people can only understand this.

    your article as usual is ” umdaa ” but – a trifle too long – in my personal opinion – i hope you take my personal opinion as a co-author in its respected spirit.

    adaab rafi,

    ramesh narain kurpad

  15. Shabana says:

    to post 23

    Real incidents do inspire us to write more effective things. You very nicely described the inciident which inspire you to write this article.

    many thanks for sharing with us.

  16. A. Almas says:

    Post 23 – Janab Walijah Sahab, Salams

    It is wonderful to read the very interesting incident you briefed here. True inspiration can be acquired through real incidents more often which will pave to the moving things.

    May the Almighty give y0u more insight to write such beatiful articles on Rafi Saab.


    A. Almas

  17. Man Mouji says:

    Post 23 – Walijah Sahab,

    Very nice of you to share the real life incident with us on rafi forum. Only touching and moving incidents only inspire to write such beautiful articles that always to be cherished in the memories.

    I look forward to read more such wonderful articles from you in near future.

    Long live Rafi Sahab

    Man Mouji

  18. Prasad says:

    Post 23

    Sir, I very much moved to read your comment. It is true that Rafi Sahab is the only inspiration to his fans. You beautifully share the incident that influence you and force you finally to wirte this charming article.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful incident.

    My regards


  19. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Dear Friends, Rafians, Admirers and Commentators,

    I am pleased to notice the beautiful comments to my article from rafi lovers which are more than anything. I express my gratitude and thankfulness for the commentators to have patiently written the beautiful comments for this beautiful song.

    My special thanks to
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin Sahab – I am grateful for your gracious comments.

    Also I wish to convey my thanks for the beautiful comments:
    Almas Sahab, Man Mouji Sahab, Kabeer Aman Sahab, Prasad Ji, Shabana Ji, Narendra Yadav Ji, Lucky ji, Sharif Sahab, Zaheen Danish sahib, AS Murthy Sahab, Mohammad Pervez Sahab, Birendra Singh ji, Syed Zameer Sahab, Imtiyaz Sharif Sahab.

    I want to share with all rafi lovers the following incident which ultimately inspires me to write this article.

    It was almost two months back when I went to take my lunch in the restaurant. I met one construction worker who was listening this song in his mobile phone. He came and sits in front of me and I luckily heard this song. I ask him to repeat this song. He happily repeated this song and put the mobile phone near to me. I attentively listened to this beautiful song. Then I asked him do you know who sing this song. He replied immediately, yes – the great Mohd. Rafi Sahab. To test his IQ I asked him does he still alive? He immediately gave me a very interesting reply, Sir, physically he is not in this world, but Allah blessed this singer that in every home even today people like to listen his songs. I happened to be an uneducated laborer working at the construction site, but I tell you frankly I love this singer and I only listen his songs. I am forty plus now. When he was died in 80’s I literally wept as if someone close in my family gone away. Talking all this that person cried and his eyes were wet with aansoo fell on the plate where he was eating the food.
    This incident shocked me and I was just wonderstruck to listen all this from that unknown person. Later I came to my residence and find out this song and listened almost one month continuously which was ultimately inspired me to write this little article on this song.

    I simply salute to those unknown Rafi lovers who still adore this legend in every walk of life.

    Rafi Sahab how prophetically sang that song –

    Dil ka suna saaz tarana dhundhega,
    mujh ko mere baad zamana dhundhega.

    Long live Rafi Sahab.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  20. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Janab Walijah Sahab, Salaam,
    Bahut khoob, I think your “tahreer”, comes straight from your heart. I apologise for my delayed entry in your “Bazm”. Hearty congratulations for this wonderful write up on this most romantic song of our beloved Rafi Sahab. This is one of my favourite number.
    With refards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  21. Man Mouji says:

    Post 19

    Zaheen Danish Ji,

    Your curiosity to know about this great legend is very much appreciable. Therefore I hereby provide you information so that you can purchase and enjoy it.

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    Some of the songs with Mangeshkar include Chalo Dildar Chalo from Pakeezah; Dekho Rootha Na Karo from Tere Ghar Ke Samne and Chhup Gaye Saare Nazare from Do Raaste.

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    Music company Saregama India along with singer Sonu Niigaam recently held a concert called Rafi Resurrected in the UK in association with City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO).

    Three concerts were held in Birmingham, Manchester and London Coliseum. Seventy five members of CBSO arranged and orchestrated 18 of Mohammad Rafi’s tracks.

    On 17 June, 2008, Saregama India launched the double CD of Rafi Resurrected, consisting of 16 songs and four instrumentals of Mohd. Rafi sung by Niigaam. The concept of the album was an idea by Tim Pottier, former librarian of the CBSO and artistic producer, who personally chose Best of Mohd. Rafi’s tracks.

    Long Live Rafi Sahab,


    Man Mouji

  22. Imtiyaz A. Sharif says:

    Post 17
    Wah Almas sahab, kya baat hai. Bahut khoobsurat likha hai aap ne. Khaaskar aakhri sher bada dil ko chhoolene wala hai. Keep it up.

  23. Zaheendanish says:

    Does anybody write where can I find VCD / DVD songs of Rafi Sahab.


    Zaheen Danish

  24. Prasad says:

    Praising Rafi Sahab in simple prose is excellent work. I read and re-read this article and more and more thrilled while listening this song ” Tere Jaisa Kaun Hai”. Wonderful, magnificent, superb narrative.

  25. A. Almas says:

    post 15 – Imtiyaz Sahab

    Bahoot khoob … marhaba…

    chand sher rafi sahab ki nazar hai… mulahiza farmayen….

    Ek Tasveer Chupaye huye hain
    Rafi ko aankhon mein basaye huye hain
    ek muddat se teri yaadon ko
    apne seene se lagaye huye hain
    koi ummeed nahin hai phir bhi
    raah main palken bichaye huye hain..

  26. Imtiyaz A. Sharif says:

    “badla na tere baad bhi mauzoo -e- guftgu
    tu jachuka hai phir bhi meri mahfilon mein hai”

  27. Syed Zameer says:

    Janab Walijah Sahab, ASA

    Splendid and very interesting article. Your description is praiseworthy and very deep.

    really i am very surprised that a so beautiful naration of a song incuding with discription of a particular word can be done . i have listen this song many times but this type of things did not came into my mind as you dicussed it. wondeful, richly literary and deeply expressed writing that is the reason we call the greatest singer on this earth…is MOHD RAFISAAB….. he is real rattan of the music world….in the whole world…giving genuine justice to each and every song he rendered…poetically, emotionally ….can not be explained…..wah wah rafisaab…..bringing happiness to billions of his fans……
    Indeed a memorable song with lusty rendering of an equally sensuous wording deftly composed by the great Kalyanji Anandji…..Do you know something, you have done more than justice in putting the entire thing so beautifully crafted with your glossary. Your sense of poetry and music, I admire both.

    I had listened to this song earlier but after reading this article, I was able to appreciate it much better.

    Keep it up!

    With Salams

    Syed Zameer

  28. Dear walijah saheb, thank you very much for this beautiful article on rafi saheb. indeed. the song “tere jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahin” is fit on rafi saheb himself as no singer can be compared with great rafi saheb. his melody voice, perfection of singing is so wonderful.

    birendra Singh

  29. Zaheendanish says:

    post 12: Man Mouji Sahab

    Thank you for posting the fantastic list of romantic tracks of Rafi Sahab.

    It will be much helpful for me to gather all for my music library. Much obliged you sir.


    Zaheen Danish

  30. Man Mouji says:

    There are so many romantic songs of Rafi Sahab. I selected 100 top Romantic Numbers for the sake of Rafi lovers to enjoy this genre :

    1)Akele me ghabraate to honge-Beewi
    2)Lut gaye lut gaye pyar me tere-Choti Bhabi
    3)Tera husn mana badi cheez hai-Aan
    4)tasveer banata hoon teri khoone jigar se-Deewana
    5)Gori karle tu aaj singaar rasiya dvaare khade-Insaaniyat
    6)Aankh me soorat teri lab pe tera afsana hai-Chhoomantar
    7)Aaye bahaar banke lubha kar chale gaye-Raaj Hath
    8)Jawaaniyan ye mast mast bin piye- Tumsa nahi Dekha
    9)Tujhe kya sunaavun mai dilruba-Aakhri Daavn
    10)Hai kali kali ke lab par tere husn ka fasana-Laala Rukh
    11)Tum ek baar muhabbat ka imthihaan to lo-Babar
    12)Ham to hain tum par dilse fida-Bewaqoof
    13)Haay re zara dekho o gori mudke-Chaand mere aaja
    14)Ham bhi to tere deewane hain_Kaala Aadmi
    15)Tum mere saath ho Aaha aaha-Miyan beewi raazi
    16)Ankhiyan sang ankhiyan lagi aaj-Bada Aadmi
    17)Teri pyaari pyaari soorat ko kisiki nazar na lage-Sasural
    18)Ek ladki se mujhe preet hai-Suhaag sindoor
    19)Ham to pahle hi nazar me de chuke hain dil tumhen-Apna banake dekho
    20)Raaz-e-dil unse chhupaya na gaya, pyar ki aag kuch aisi bhadki-Apna banak dekho
    21)Cheda mere dil ne tarana tere pyar ka-Asli Naqli
    22)Nazar bachakar chale gaye vo-Dil Tera Deewana
    23)Hamko to tumhare ishq ne kya kya bana diya-Ek musafir ek haseena
    24)Mere mehboob mere saath hi chalna hai tujhe-Gyaara hazar ladkiyan
    25)E gulbadan,phoolon ki mahak kaanton ki chuban-Professor
    26)Yeh waadiyan yeh fizaayen bularahi hai tumhen-Aaj aur kal
    27)Nazriya na maro nazar lag jayegi-Bachpan
    28)Yeh jhuke jhuke naina-Bharosa
    29)Yahan koyi nahi tere mere siva-Dil ek mandir
    30)Zara sun haseene nazneen,mera dil tujhi pe nisar hai-Kaun apna kaun praya
    31)Deewana kahke aaj mujhe phir pukariy-Mulzim
    32)Sang sang rahenge tumhare jee huzoor-Mulzim
    33)zindagi ke safar me akele the ham, mil gaye tum to sahara mil gaya-Nartaki
    34)Roushan tumhi se duniya,raunaq tumhi jahan ki-Parasmani
    35)Aanchal me sajalena kaliyan-Phir Wohi dil laya hun
    36)Tum jispe nazar daalo, us dil ka khuda hafiz-Yeh raaste hain pyar ke
    37)Bahare husn teri-Aao pyar karen
    38)Dil ke aayine me tasveer teri rahti hai-Aao pyar karen
    39)Abhi kamsin ho naadan ho jane jaana-Aaya toofan
    40)Meri mohabbat paak mohabbat-April fool
    41)Dil me ek jaane tamanna ne jagah payi hai-Benazeer
    42)Bahar nazar karun, apna pyar nazar karun jo tum kaho-Baaghi
    43)Tum kamsin ho nadan ho nazuk ho bholi ho-Aayi milan ki bela
    44)naino waali tere naina jadu kar gaye-Beti Bete
    45)Bul bul ko gul pasand hai, teri pasand kya hai yeh mujhko maloom nahi-Ek din ka Baadshah
    46)Dil khush hai aaj unse mulaqat hogai-Gazal
    47)Dil mere aaj kho gaya hai kahin-Door ki aawaz
    48)Dil beqarar sa hai, ham ko khumar sa hai-Ishara
    49)Sab jawan sab haseen koi tumsa nahi-Mai suhagan hun
    50)Jaan-e-bahaar husn tera bemisal hai-Pyaar kiya to darna kya,
    51) Paas baitho tabiyyath bahal jayegi – Punar Milan
    52)Voh chand sa chehra liye, chat par tera aana – Qawwali ki raat
    53)Yeh teri saadgi yeh tera baankpan – Shabnam
    54)Sharma ke na ja balkha ke na ja – Shahnaai
    55)Pyar ki manzil mast nazar, tum ho haseen – Ziddi
    56)Pahle mile the sapnon me – Zindagai
    57)Mukhde pe tere bijli ki chamak,zulfon me ghata lahrati – Aadhi raat ke baad
    58)E phoolon ki raani, baharon ki malika – Aarzoo
    59)Chalke teri aankhon se sharaab aur ziyada – Aarzoo
    60)Sab me shamil ho magar sab se juda lagti ho – Bahu Beti
    61)Jaane woh kaun hai, naam hai un aankhon ka – Bheegi Raat
    62)Dil jo na kahsaka – Bheegi Raat
    63)Tum jahan jaoge, mujhko bi vahin paaoge – Chor Darwaza
    64)Kaanton me phansa yeh aanchal – Do Dil
    65)Tera husn rahe mera ishq rahe to yeh subha sham rahe – Do Dil
    66)Ham tumse juda hoke, mar jaayenge ro ro ke – Ek sapera ek lutera
    67)Choo lene do naazuk hoton ko – Kaajal
    68)Yeh zulf agar khulkar bikhar jaye to accha hai – Kaajal
    69)Tukde hain mere dil ke ae yaar tere aansoo – Mere sanam
    70)Huve hain tum pe aashiq ham bhala mano ya bura mano- Mere Sanam
    71)Meri nigah ne kya kaam lajawab kiya hai – Mohabbath isko kahte hain
    72)Aaj ki raat badi shokh badi natkhat hai – Nai Umar ki nai fasal
    73)E’musavvir tere hathon ko – Naya Kaanoon
    74)Hai tabassum tera – Nishaan
    75)Jaag dil-e-diwana,tit jaage visl-e-yaar ki – Oonche log
    76)Nainon me kajra, maashallah, balon me gajra subhan Allah – Noor mahal
    77)Mere pahloo me aake baitho khuda ke vaste – Rustu-e-Hind
    78)Mai to tere haseen khyalon me khogaya – Sangram
    79) Aise to na dekho – Teen Devian
    80)Kahin bekhyal hokar yun hi chhoo liy kisine – Teen Devian
    81)Shokhian nazar me hain – Aasra
    82)Chaand kitni door tha, sitare kitnee door the – Afsaana
    83)Abhi na phero nazar – Biraadri
    84)Haseen ho tum khuda nahi ho – Badtameez
    85)Kaajal vale nain milake kardala bechain – Devar
    86)Har jagah aapke khadmon ke nishan milte hain – Do dilon ki daastan
    87)Solah singhar karke jo aayi suhag raat – Gaban
    88)Jinki tasveer nigahon me liye phirta hoon – Husn aur Ishq
    89)Tere gesun ka saya meri jaan jisne paya – Love and Murder
    90)Haseen waadiyon fizaon se kahdo mera yaar – Laal bangla
    91)Bina tumhare maza kya hai aise jeene se – Street singer
    92)Bahut haseen ho bahut jawan ho – Mai wohi hoon
    93)Aankhon pe palkon ke ghughat – Mai wohi hoon
    94)Yeh poornoor chehra, yeh dilkash ada,namoona hai qudrat ki karigari ka-Mohabbath Zindagai hai
    95)Na jaane kyon hare dil ko tum ne dil nahi samjha- Mohabbat zindagai hai
    96)Yun rootho na haseena – Neend hamari khwab tumhare
    97)Teri zulfen paresha, teri nazren pareshan – Preet na jaane reet
    98)Yun na dekho hamen baar baar – Preet na jaane reet
    99)Saaz ho tum aawaz hoon mai – Saaz aur aawaz
    100)Zulfon ko hatale chehre se – Saawan ki ghata

    long live rafi sahab

  31. A S MURTY says:

    Walijah Sahab adab. Wonderful article on yet another gem of a song coming from your pen is sheer delight to read and listen to the song. In fact, I am listening to the song after a very long time thanks to your effort in reviving it in such beautifully crafted article. Overjoyed at reading the entire write up and equally happy to have been reminded this beauty of a song.

  32. mohamedparvez says:

    dear mr h.a.k walijah thanx for sharing song with us,and sharing great articles,on rafi saab,to know more about rafi saab,kindly visit each and every pages of rafi saab”s blog,total over 500 pages are there,to go to next page,kindly click older posts,you will find bottom of every page,kindly visit this links,take care

  33. Zaheendanish says:

    Dear Walijah Sahib,

    Beautiful all encompassing tribute to an evergreen musical melody. It certainly requires a Rafi Sahab to bring out the yearning and emotions of the this song. There could be any number of singers but when it comes to delivery with effect, Rafi saheb will remain unsurpassed for generations. Your review is as sweet as the ever-so-sweet compositions of the much talented music duo – Kalyanji Anandji. Your commentary certainly adds substance to the song and rendition.

    Congrats and keep it up.

    Zaheen Danish

  34. Y. Sharif says:

    Janab Walijah Sahab,

    Once again we are lucky to get your article in rafi forum. I have been watching a long time to search any new article published from your side. I incidentally catch this article today. It is very nice of your to post this little wonder.

    There has never been a doubt about your writing skills, and here again, you have outdone yourself with this review. This time, I find a change in your style of review – you have kept it simple, yet powerful, with the choicest of words. If I may use an analogy, your vocabulary is what gourmet is for food – “refined”. Only a connoisseur like you can appreciate and bring out the true beauty of this song.

    You got the essence of the great rafi song with your review. Your explanations of the song sequence was marvelous . It made a great reading, your translations for novices was great.

    Keep on writing. You got great skills as a writer.

    Kindest regards

    Y. Sharif

  35. LUCKY says:

    A great song and equally impressive review which would make any Rafi Saab fan proud. With the ability to make a ordinary song look good, a song like “ Tere Jaisa Kaun Hai” had all the ingrediants, beautiful lyrics and tune, for Rafi Saab to turn into a masterpiece.

    Your article is a fine example of the artistry of words and the passion with which you have crafted the narrative of our Rafi Sahab’s aura in this song, the way you have gone on to describe the supremacy of Rafi Sahab in rendering a gem of a song enriched with love and honest feelings is truely remarkable. Bakshi Sahab and KA were lucky enough that they had Rafi sahab for them to render this song for them. I can say without doubt that only Rafi sahab could have done full justice to such masterly lyrics and beautiful melody and nobody else.

    Thanks again, for this gem of an article.

  36. Narendra Yadav says:

    Dear Walijah Ji,

    I appreciate you for the exquisite prose and fine writing. You done it with extra care to provide a stanza-by-stanza breakdown of the poetry, music and great singing. This song brings everything together – great poetry, beautiful composition and arrangement, plus the wonderful rendition by the master himself. Excellent narrative, Rafi Sahab mellifluous voice combined with the grandeur of lyrics from Anand Bakshi is compactly and precisely packed in your description of the song. More you see more you like to see, Rafi sahab songs are so soothing and power packed it can bring life instantly for any body who are morose and love lost.

    Excellent, passionate article! thanks

    – Narendra

  37. Kabeer Aman says:

    Dear Walijah Sahab,

    Mashallah, bahoot khoob!

    What a great article on a great song! You have tremendously well-written this article and I have no words to express my feelings after reading this article. You almost touched every detail of the song beginning from poetry to the end of rendition. Please accept my gratitude to your wonderful article. Words fail to describe the beauty of the lyrical prose you have used in describing the musically & lyrically brilliant composition sung with great emotion and modulation by rafisaab.

    Thank you Sahab, keep flowing the non-stop writing power from your pen.

    With best hearty wishes

    Kabeer Aman

  38. Prasad says:

    Dear Walijah Sir,

    What a fantastic review of the great rendition which totally had a entirely different soothing effect by the Greatest ever indeed Mohammed Rafi Saab. Wonderful and an interesting article on a beautiful song. The beauty of the song is that it is remembered even now by Music lovers.

    What a wonderful commentary you have written on one of the most beautiful songs sung by our Rafi Saab. Your commentary is good as the lyrics of Anand Bakshi. Many a time while our attention is on the beauty of Rafi Saab’s voice,we fail to appreciate the good lyrics of the lyricist. where will we get such beautiful songs now? But keep writing on other songs and take us back to the bygone wonderful days of Rafi Saab and his associates.

    Please keep the good work continuing Sir



  39. Shabana says:

    Respected Walijah Sahab,

    Very simple and nice write up on one of the beautiful songs. You write this article straight from your heart which is appealing and nicely described.

    Your insight and analysis of this song is nearly perfect. Just the way Rafisab brings out the longing quality, much the same way I must say, you too have delivered the essence amazingly through your review.

    what a wonderful write-up on a great Rafi gem an emotional romantic song sung by Rafi Saheb no word to appraise you

    Thanks and Regards


  40. Man Mouji says:

    Dear Walijah Sahab,

    You write so well that I have a feeling as if the words were flowing from your pen effortlessly in praise of Rafi Saab. This article is one the best examples. Your writing about Rafi Saab is very instrumental in declaring your dedication and love for the great Singer. Apart from the song you selected “ Tere Jaisa Kuan hai” of course the best romantic numbers that should be kept in memory. Since this song was lip synced by the yesteryear hero Biswajeet, Rafi Sahab was played a great role for the success of this actor. I would like to share the following with you and other rafi lovers –

    Rafi had sung very melodious songs for romantic actor Biswajeet. Rafi’s songs in the film Mere Sanam including “pukarta chala hoon mai”, “hue hai tumpe asshiq hum”, “humdum mere maan bhi jaao”, composed by OP Nayyar became evergreen hit in the mid-60s. Asha Parekh acted opposite Biswajeet and the film also became successful along with the songs.

    Rafi’s songs in the film night in London became extremely successful. The title song “oh my love” picturised on Biswajeet became super hit. LP composed the songs for the film and Mala Sinha acted opposite Biswajeet.

    Rafi’ songs in the film Do Kaliyan picturised on Biswajeet were also popular. Ravi composed music of the songs and Mala Sinha acted opposite Biswajeet. Child artist Nitu Singh did a great job in the film along with Mehmood.

    Rafi’s song “na jhatko zulf se pani” picturised on Biswajeet opposite Rajashree also became hit in the mid-60s. The song was composed by Ravi.

    Biswajeet also got great songs in the film April Fool. Shankar Jaikishan composed the songs of the film including the song “april fool banaya” picturised on Biswajeet and Saira Banu. The film became very successful.
    Besides Rafi had sung song for Biswajeet in the film Do Dil and other notable films. The songs and the films should be preserved.

    Please keep writing, it is very nice to read your articles.

    Best regards

    Man Mouji

  41. A. Almas says:

    Dear Walijah Sahab, ASA

    Many many thanks again to write another “ hatke” write up on our Rafi Saab. While reading your article I feel as if I were reciting a poem soaked in beautiful words with the finest feelings. Yes, it is one of the most romantic numbers rendered by Rafi Sahab. Likewise we have many numbers, but this number is very special full of feelings and emotions. If just close the eyes and listen this song, a wonderful feeling must be felt, it is for sure.

    Keep flowing the fountain from your pen which will definitely make us feel proud of Rafi Saab.

    Thanks a million once again

    With best regards

    A. Almas

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