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Setting the records straight

By Amarjit Singh Kohli, founder chairman of Yaadgar-e-Rafi society

Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd RafiMohammad Rafi claimed to have sung 28,000 songs. He didn’t go beyond 5,000.

Legendary singer Mohammad Rafi had a 36-year-long career. But till 1991, there was no clarity on the total number of songs he sang. If we go by the articles and programmes on Rafi in the media, this number is somewhere around 28,000. However, this seems unrealistic, as 28,000 songs in 36 years means that Rafi sang an average of 777 songs each year. Out of the 36 years, if we subtract the years between 1970-76, when Kishore Kumar emerged as the most popular singer and Rafi did not get many singing contracts, the average comes to about 1,000 songs a year. This means 2.74 songs per day. This is not humanly possible.

Lata Mangeshkar’s name had first figured in the Guinness World Records in 1974 for having sung the maximum number of songs in the world. She was credited with singing about 25,000 songs. However, Rafi was convinced that he had sung more songs than Mangeshkar at that time. So, in a letter to the Guinness World Records in 1977, Rafi challenged the claim. In 1984, four years after Rafi’s death on July 31, 1980, Guinness World Records declared that Mangeshkar had the “most recordings”. But it also stated: “Mohammad Rafi claimed to have recorded 28,000 songs in 11 Indian languages between 1944 and April 1980.” In the 1987 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, the number of songs sung by Mangeshkar was increased to 30,000, perhaps to surpass Rafi’s claim. His name was also mentioned till 1990. But this was based on newspaper articles, not on verifiable facts or any detailed list of songs. But an event in 1991 changed all of that for good.

By 1988, Harmandir Singh Hamraaz of Kanpur, a researcher of film songs, had published the first four volumes of an encyclopedia of film songs during the period 1931-1970. Hamraaz’s fifth volume covers the period between 1971 and 1980, and it was released in Bombay in 1991. Based on the information in the encyclopedia, the media started printing articles about the actual number of songs that Mangeshkar had sung. There were 4,500 Hindi film songs till 1980 and about 5,250 till 1991. Even if one added her non-filmi and non-Hindi songs, the total would not have exceeded 6,000 songs till 1991.

Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi

Guinness World Records took note of this news and asked Mangeshkar in 1991 to prove her claim of having sung more than 30,000 songs. Mangeshkar could not give any documentary proof. She could not point out any song sung by her which had been omitted in the five-volume encyclopedia either. Consequently, the names of both Rafi and Mangeshkar were deleted from the Guinness Book of World Records in 1991. The title of most songs sung went to, incidentally, Asha Bhonsle, who had sung more than 10,200 songs by then.

Thanks to Hamraaz, it was now easy to ascertain the exact number of songs that Rafi sang in 36 years. It is now established that he sang 4,525 Hindi film songs till his death in 1980, which were more than the number of songs sung by Mangeshkar till 1980. If you add his 112 non-Hindi film songs and 328 private non-film songs that have been documented, the total becomes 4,965 songs. So the truth is that Rafi never went beyond 5,000 songs (if we take into account some songs that were not documented).

However, this does not discredit Rafi in any way. Rather, it goes to his credit that even with 5,000 songs to his credit, Rafi remains one of the most popular singers till date. Incidentally, even Mangeshkar hasn’t sung more than 6,500 songs till date.

Increasing the number of songs of their favorite playback singers by fans and the media does not do any good to the singers’ reputation. Kundan Lal Saigal sang only 185 songs, yet he is very popular even today. It is high time that fans, music lovers, media, scholars and researchers get their facts right.

The views expressed by the author are personal.

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84 Blog Comments to “Setting the records straight”

  1. sunil kumar says:

    Binu ji There is one very popular FM channel 93.7 these days which airs more than 90% of songs are of RD Burman and Kishore. I am really surprised because i hear this channel while going to my office in the morning and evening while coming back same story in the evening. What can be the reason who own these FM channels why there so much favoritism. I have written to their RJ’s several times that besides R D Burman there are several other very distinguished Music directors . Beyond kishore you don’t see any singer. I request you to find out who is it there behind these acts these Rj’s can’t be doing on their own. They are giving a very distorted picture to the future generations about our past legacy i have written to them several times. Let us tell them it is not correct and won’t be tolerated. Mohd rafi and other Composers need to be given their due.

  2. Ahamed Kutty says:

    I don’t think ashaji can praise kk from her heart since it is
    a clear fact that kk is the cause of the fall of a giant like

  3. umesh says:

    Santosh – Asha Bhonsle knows Kishore Kumar well, hence she compared Sanjay Dutts singing to Kishore. ( ha Ha ha)

    If I can use your words:

    Shame on these two mean souls.God please even if you dont make good singers in future make better human beings.

  4. salim k says:

    Rajesh ji

    This is called insecurity and professional jealousy. Example: when 2 losers beaten by the common person communicate, they will bitch and find excuses and try to bring down the third person who has gained supremacy over them.They will also try to show a 4th person is better than this person when that may not be the case.

    Its plain and simple, Rafisaab is such a talent that no one can compete with. It is beyond any imagination to comprehend the incredible talent and achievement of this great man. I can keep writing but the fact is that many singers and musicians found it very intimidating to work with such a rare talent that was beyond excellence and brilliance and hence some of them chose not to work with him on regular basis (example RD Burman). I have no doubt many musicians in 70’s fall in this category. Compare the talent of musicians in the earlier decades, one can fathom what I am hinting at.

    Like they say only a talented person knows how truly talented is the other is and Asha & Lata inspite of all their unguarded comments and insecurity are talented and knew what a threat Rafisaab was for them and hence my anology of 2 people beaten by the third as discussed above.

    There is a major difference between numbers and class, Rafisaab is all class both as singer and as a person hence anyone who is a true Rafian will not fall in any discussion with numbers and hence the reason we find this article a waste of space but surprisingly it is still on this site.

  5. lata mangeshkar, her sister asha bhonsle never lose an opportunity to praise kishore kumar whenever some one has good words about not understand what jealousy they still have with rafi sahib..they used their extended family i.e r d burman and the producers close to him, to make a hype for kishore kumar whereas the fact is that rafi could have sung the much talked hit song of kishore ‘ mere sapno ki rani kab aayegee tu’ in his own style whereas kishore could not have sung any of rafi’s songs. the royalty issue where rafi proved that he is a gentleman , a perfect singer and a secured personality, still haunt the so called queens..

  6. s.k moinuddin says:

    i went through the comments of rafi sahab’s fans. all comments posted are great and heart touching.
    gealiousness is a very bad evil due to which the first murdon on the earth was took place, when Adam’s one son killed to his own brother.may God keep me and all people away from this disease.

  7. santosh says:

    Greatest female voice gifted with the meanest of heart and wickedest of brains.That is what lata is.It is the travesty of nature that such extremeties exist and we have to accept that.A person with voice of God but heart of devil.I have never heard these mean sisters ever praise rafi saab wholehearteldy, a singer whom mannadey sahab, yesudas, balasubramanium, sureshwadkar, shaan, sonu nigam etc etc etc praise and rank so highly.But these two mean mortals dont have the heart to praise rafi saaab and say he was , is and will be the best playback singer.Even asha in the program indian idol says squeameshly that kishore is her idol.How is that possible because when she started her career kishore was no where in the horizon.She still says this.This is alll bulll ”””””,And even in the episode where dharmendra and hema malini were guest, they both praised rafi saab highly,.So asha made a point in the end praising kishore kumar.Shame on these two mean souls.God please even if you dont make good singers in future make better human beings

    Both lata and asha seem so crooked from their looks , there is no simplicity.god forgive these two fools

  8. sunil kumar says:

    Rafi saheb was a Gentleman when Jaikishan ji told him ” Yaar why don’t you come speak to her and end up this matter”. He came forward in the interest of music he never had an Ego like Lata. Yes he came forward to end up the matter. But that doesn’t mean he apologized.
    Once Op nayyar in an inter view sadi and I quote him .
    Throughout my career, I have been famous for my punctuality. Rafi had given me a time for recording a song from Saawan Ki Ghata. The musicians were all set. Rafi came late for that recording and said, “Sorry, I was stuck up in Shankar- Jaikishan’s recording.” I said, “You had given me the time by your choice. So I gather, you have time for Shankar- Jaikishan and not for O.P. Nayyar. Now onwards, O.P.Nayyar will not have time for Rafi.” I cancelled the recording in front of shell shocked musicians and told the accountant to charge the expenses for the cancelled session to my account!
    After three years, Rafi came to my house crying like a baby. I also broke down. Both of us touched each other’s feet. I said, “Rafi, by coming here today you proved that you are much greater than O.P. You could overcome your ego. I could not!”
    Rafi was a great human being would always come forward to help and diffuse the crisis even his detractors would admit that.

  9. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Once lataji’s mother told that she is having only one quality
    and that is her voice for music.

    surely this great singer lowered the dignity of “Bharath ratna”.

  10. Friends,

    This controversy prompted me to search for duets during the 1962 -66 period, when Rafi Saab and Lataji did not sing together. Though I dont claim that the figures presented here are very accurate, still a cursory glance reveals interesting facts.

    1. Songs considered are based on released movies between 1962 & 1967, though some of the recordings may be even earlier.

    2. Rafi Saab during this period rendered 172 duets with Asha Bhonsle (out of which 25 were fo OP Nayyar) and 55 duets with Suman Kalyanpur, i.e. a total of 227 duets with just Asha and Suman. Please note that other female singers have not been considered here.

    3. During the same period, Lataji recorded around 50 duets with Mukesh,Hemant, Talat, KK, Manna, Mahendra and even PB Srinivas, out of which Mukesh accounted for about 31 duets which also consisted of 8 duets on Raj Kapoor.

    4. I reiterate that the above figures may not be 100% correct but still throws much light on the premier singer during that period.


  11. Ali says:

    Mohd Rafi got 177000 vote and Lata ji only 7000 vote

  12. ali says:

    Mohd Rafi got 177000 and Lata ji only 7000 ,Mohd Rafi is the list of best 10 in the world but Lata ji is so far but still she is in list of best ten greatest in India?!!!
    Mohd Rafi is the biggest gift of God to Indian you Indian are lucky to have human and singer like him,
    I want to say that I hope there be other singer like mohd rafi but I stop myself to say that because I am sure that is impossible….

  13. Ali says:

    We all should know that Lata ji WAS Queen of singing and mohd Rafi is KING and will be the King !!!there can be a king without Queen or a king can have many queens but there is no Queen without KING.
    I think this is GOD gift to Mohd Rafi when a bharat ratna award winner speaking about a man who is World Ratna………..

  14. Binu Nair Post 5 has candidly mentioned the facts, he and other readers as well as the writer of this article who really want the records to be set right deserve qudos.. In the Delhi Times dated Sep 27,2012 there is a similar article having a story that Lata Mangeshkar wanted and got a letter from Rafi Saheb- If that is so why she took so many years to disclose it..? Everyone knows how Suman Kalyanpur’s career was cut short – a singer who was as good as lata- that she probably gave sleepless nights to Lata. Rafi Saheb , on the other hand encouraged singers like Mahendra Kapoor and others.Principles of equity, justice,honesty, and truth clearly vouch that Rafi Sahib was absolutely right on the loyalty issue..

  15. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Dear friends , it is so very unfortunate that at this age & time Lataji should make such a horrible statement which is in very lowly taste .

    At this juncture I want to share a little something with you all

    At that time Shanker sab told me about the tiff between both of them & he said ” Rafi miya { he used to call Rafisab as Rafi miya } doesnt bother . But she is so insecure & scared that other singers will sing hit duets with Rafi , that she is putting pressure on Jaikishen to arrange a patch up .”

    These were the exact words of Shanker sab ..

    Regards, Sharda

  16. Binu Nair says:

    There are atleat 800 songs which are recorded, not released in movies. LP has them. sj had them. chitragupta and many c grade pure composers had songs but remained in cans.

    are these songs listed in the authors list. i had informed him pls dont get into all this number games which are controversial.

    i hope better sense will prevail with him

    binu nair

  17. Hussein Sheikh says:

    This is a fake article, I have more than 7000 songs of Rafi Sabeb, which includes solo, duets, non filmi, etc… In my external hard disc.

  18. khaja Aliuddin MD says:

    Salam to all Rafians,
    I concurr post # 18, 24 and 26.
    Shahid Rafi Sahab, you have all our support.
    ” Akela chala tha janibe manzil magar
    Log saath aathe gaye aur Carvan bantha gaya”

    Here is a humble request to the moderator, please take out this contaminated article from this dorable sacred forum.

    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  19. mumbaikar8 says:

    At the age of 83 she is so bitter, just imagine how bitter she migh have been when she was young.

    Hope Sahid Rafi continues with his fight and teach her a lesson, that Mohd. Rafi did not do, because he was too good a human.

  20. salim k says:

    I hope the moderators can take this article off the site as it harms the decor of this site. Further this write up has nothing to do with Rafisaab.

    About Lata’s remarks, well my friends have said most what I feel in the above posts but if I could add one point.

    Lata you may be a singing legend for various reasons but you have let yourself and your fans down by making such poor comments when all the people in question are not alive, i find this incredible low and shocking.

    I hope she can come out and apologise with sincerity and take back these odious comments.

    People have been underestimating the number of fans and their love for Rafi saab which is now in millions even after him leaving us for so many years.

    The debate of the greatest singer if ever existed should now be very as clear as a crystal, there is no one male or female singer in any part of the world let alone in India that can come close to Rafisaab in skills, grace, humillity, beauty, freshness, longevity , brilliance and fan following.

    Just like millions i had and have no doubt about this fact specially after these unguarded and untrue comments by Lata, this fact has become more clear.

    I take this opportunity to advise the moderators that we are all Rafians and there is no point having an article that insults the sensibilities of Rafians and I say this with utmost respect to the moderators of this forum.

  21. manish says:

    Well said bhachandani ji.short n sweet.

  22. jasbir singh,calcutta says:

    As regards no. of songs sung by rafisaab,he had given more than 650 stage performances throughout the world (as per interview in June1980,to the screen,film critic Ali) if he sang 20 to 25 songs in one performance it comes to roughly 16000 plus songs on records/cassettes/dvd in all the indian languages including filmy n non filmy,rafisaab said in interview given to bbc london about 25000 figure,so he was not wrong.I watched him singing on stage at netajee indoor stadium,cal in march 1979 where he rendered 22 songs in three sessions solos as well as duets.The point is whatever he sang it became gold,no. is not the criteria,why should we go for figures….We take pride that his songs are the most popular whether solOs or duets…that figure is maximum…than even lata n asha recently included in guiness book…plus he was superb in do pehlu songs and surpassed over whoever sang with him whether male or female…..hence he is the greatest singer with honest,sincere and humble soul all that made him..God of music…lata n asha are far behind.

  23. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Stretching the logic of the article headline (Setting the Record Straight), let the record be set straight with following facts:
    1. Lata Mangeshkar has maa Saraswati in her throat, but only when she is (or rather ‘was’) singing. Other times, it is just opposite.
    2. Mohammed Rafi had a voice that is divine, God’s own voice. He was Godly even when not singing.
    3. More often than not Rafi saab has qualitatively out-sung Lata bai; in duets, in ‘do pehlu’ songs etc.
    4. Rafi saab was more versatile than this lady and her sister.
    5. When it comes to other essential virtues of an artist (at human level), it zero out of 10 for Lata and 10 out of 10 for Rafi saab.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  24. sunil kumar says:

    Bunu Ji, It is very sad and question every one is asking why she has raised the issue now after 50 years. what happened she had to do this. What I feel that She was perturbed by kind of popularity Rafi saab enjoyed even after 32 years of his death. in Very poll every survey Rafi saab was leading . Latest thing happened when CNN IBN poll put Rafi saab at 12th position and Lata at 21st position. When channel jumped her to be among first 10 all rafi fans objected.That must have made her even more irritated . So she decide to put Rafi saab down by doing all his. All said and done it makes her a very small petty minded person. A lady who got every thing in life an artist aspire for is still jealous of other artist popularity. The way she has acted i feel she doesn’t deserve Bharat Ratna those who don’t respect People’s Ratna ( common man’s Ratna ) which rafi saab is don’t deserve Bharata Ratna ( a Govt. Award ) . She has lowered the dignity of Bahrat Ratna by her acts.

  25. jayesh says:

    Shahid Rafi saheb, we all are with you.

  26. jyoti mohanty says:

    Come on lataji,You are in the news for all the wrong reasons ..from illegal land acquisition at solapur to badmouthing and character assassination of your traditional foe!!Cooking up stories after 50 years ??Can you stoop down to such a level?Hope good sense would prevail…you are a bharat maintain the sanctity!you are at the fag end of your life .

  27. Binu Nair says:

    even common gujarathi ladies are talking bad about lata mangeshkar today at mysore association hall at 6 pm.

    how can she talk ill of mohammad rafi, they asked me.

    really sad she stooped so low to fulfull her ego and her desire which she could ‘not’ reach during mohd rafi’s supremacy in the industry by talents alone.

    mohd rafi friends. please watch out for this sensation hungry journo : named subash jha from patna who makes many controvertial interviews .

    for, all you know lata mangeshkar when the apology issue hots up, may say: : never did she say such things about rafi saaheb. its the journalists imagination”.

    I expect this also may come.

  28. manish says:

    Lata ji’s comments are really unfortunate.I am a big fan of hers but such comments would only damage her reputation further.Rafi saab was a true gentleman and tge greatest singer ever and i see no reason why Lata ji wont be envious of his success and fan following.After all it was only Lata ji who would have been a loser in case Rafi did not agree to sin with her as all leading stars of that time wanted Rafi at any cost.It was Rafi dominated industry at that time and Lata ji had all the reasons to be jealous of him.
    I believe Lata ji is trying to satisfy her false ego and is trying to show who was the boss and is trying to falsely show her supremacy over her closest rival Rafi.But in the process, she has herself made her lose.Rafi was the emperor and will remain so.Period.

  29. umesh says:

    Lata mangeshkar is a politician and not a singer, look at her rotten life, she is not married and unhappy.

    She is so insecured even after so much fame. Rafi refused to sing with her due to principles and in her own words she claims she stopped singing with him due to her ego.

    Principles v/s Ego —– the picture is clear, she does not deserve any ratna .

  30. Veeru says:

    SPB sang 40,000 songs, K J Yesudas 40,000 songs, P suseela 25,000 songs, Ghantasala 14,800 songs, Kishore kumar 3000 songs, Saigal 185 songs, Rafi 4965 songs, Lata mangeshkar 6500 songs, Asha Bhonsle 13000 songs

    South people songs include slokas, private renditions and other renditions peculiar to south including light music renditions. Whereas in hindi mostly songs in films are counted.

    Whatever may be the numbers, Rafi, Lata, Kishore Kumar, Ghantasala, Suseela etc. – have created memorable songs and generations cherish about them till date. That is enough for music lovers. Numbers does not matter.

  31. jasbir singh,calcutta says:

    mr.shahid rafi(son of rafisaab) we are all with you for your reaction,to that shameful statement by jealous lata,is totally justified.In fact rafisaab is the greatest singer of these sisters and others.For any great artist or scientist it is very important to be a great humanbeing or god like,that was in only only in rafisaab….really great soul…his songs show his greatness….that is real bharat rattan…perhaps she did not deserve to get that honour bocoz of her selfish,dominating nature and jealous feelings for not allowing any other female singer…..vani jairam,suman kalyanpur,mubarak begum,hemlata,even asha bhosle had to struggle to reach that level thanks to o.p. nayyar,ravi,jaidev,sd burman and sj …whereas rdb used only lata(becoz of her manipulation for kk also to keep rafisaab out) more ..

  32. P. Haldar says:

    So far, out of respect for your supreme singing skills and the fact that you’ve shared such memorable duets with Rafi saab, we haven’t said anything against you. But you’ve stooped so low now, we’re not going to remain quiet. It’s going to get nasty. The first question I pose for all music lovers is: Does this mean lady deserve the Bharat Ratna?

  33. Binu Nair says:

    Shahid rafi saab is getting support from all parts of the world . mohd rafi fans, his family members and friends are ‘all’ annoyed with lata mangeshkar for bringing out an issue – dead, forgotten some fifty years back.

    mohd rafi was the winner in the ‘royalty’ issue case as it was lata mangeshkar who lost songs to suman kalyanpur, krishna kalle, mubarak begum, minoo purshottam and others.

    morally too the issue showed lata as greedy for more money from producers for her songs.

    she had to backtrack too as ‘she’ had said : If mohd rafi sing for any movie, then she would not sing for that movie.

    lata even remembered the incident of a misunderstanding with her sister asha’s father-in-law sd burman with whom she did’nt speak and work for few years.

    lata mangeshkar it seems is very very lonely today and past prejudices are haunting her. she says she is a very angry person in the interview to mumbai mirror.

    with age and experience one mellows down and reaches a higher spiritual platform which is nearer to god.

    mohd rafi was a godly person respected by millions of his fans and music lovers.

    its sad to see that a legend like lata mangeshkar will not reach to both these huge forces of nature .

    in short, lata mangeshkar is alienated from reality and from the hearts of millions of music lovers.

    to be a legendary singer and an great human being are two very difficult propositions.

    mohd rafi had these and that’s why millions of music lovers are supporting shahid rafi, the son of rafi saaheb who is demanding a stop to mud slinging and false propaganda indulged in by lata mangeshkar on the royalty issue.

    we hope better sense will prevail and she take back her vicious slander against her colleagues and rafi saaheb.

  34. Binu Nair says:


    Post no 2..

    I am with you. indeed all these singers have sung 28000 songs in concerts, recordings, rehearsals and pvt parties.

    there are songs recorded not released. so many.

    it wll never see the light of the day.

    but people need by-lines and their names to appear in print. so, they carry on their work.

  35. salim k says:

    I am very disappointed that such posts are published at this site. How does it matter how many songs the king sang?

    and it is not 5000, I can tell you that. What is the motivation of such a hollow post to be published here? I am puzzled.

    Even if Rafi Sahab had sung 1 song, it would be more heavy than all songs of all singers put together. To say Rafi Sahab had less singing contracts in 70’s is also a very in appropriate comment. Singing was not a contract for Rafi sahab but his passion and unmatched skill that is second to none.

    This article must be taken off immediately and to set the record straight, this is by far the most odious and worthless and meaningless write up I have read on this site

  36. Mansoor Khan says:

    I agree with post #1. It doesn’t matter how many songs a singer sang? Quality is more important. No doubt Mohammad Rafi sang the best. No one come close to Rafi Sahab. You never get tired of listening to Rafi songs, one after another, you just keep listening and will never gets bored. He is so mesmerizing. It’s not the same with any other artist. Moreover as far as Lata and Rafi comparison is concerned, it’s the quality in Rafi songs that stands so dominant. When Rafi and Lata sang the same song, Rafi Sahab’ songs were better than hers. Listen for your self and decide. Regards,

  37. santosh says:

    I have also stopped visiting this website long back due to stupid articles like this one.What does he try to prove here.No one is intersted in knowing how many songs rafi saab has sung or those idiot sisters or kk for that matter.We all love rafi saab not by his number of songs but the quality .So please dont print such stupid, nonsense articles which are of no information but rather creating fustration in our minds.Mr.Writer of this great article please spare us

  38. Shardool Shahid says:

    Mr. Moderator, I blame you squarely for publishing this E – mail where the writer is counting and comparing the number of songs sung by Rafi Raja and the conceited Lata Mangeshkar ! Why should you allow such filthy letters to come on this forum ? In one of my earlier letters, I had so categorically written that this forum is like a Temple of Love & Devotion dedicated to our Deity Rafi Raja and its sanctity, sacredness and holiness should not be polluted, sacriliged and desecrated by such wayward letters which are absolutely indecent, obscene and drenched in vituperous, venomous and vile thoughts.

    Who cares whether Rafi Raja sang 5000 or 6000 songs ! Let the writer celebrate and pat himself for ” setting the record straight ” and let him be happy ! No one on this forum needs any certificate from any nincompoop to tell us the number of songs our Devata has sung ! Please stop including such letters on this forum once and for all.

    As for Lata Mangeshkar …. well the less said the better. One, who can go against her own sister by ordering C.Ramchandra not to give the song ” Aye Meray Watan Kay Logo ” to Asha Bhonsle, she can then go to any length to satisfy her own false ego. She crushed the career of Suman Kalyanpur, Vani Jayaram and many others.

    Remember the song …. ” Mujhko Apnay Galay laga Lo ” from Hamrahi sung by Rafi Raja in his inimitable style accompanied by Mubarak Begum for the female voice ? O what a gem of a song ! This selfish woman must be certainly cursing herself for not being allowed by SJ to sing this song ! This duet totally wiped her one solo ” Mun Rey, Tu Hi Bata Kya Gaoon ” from the same film.

    I remember she had once expressed opinion about KK’s voice saying …. ” His voice is very masculine and very sensual ” ! She must not have heard or must have deliberately not mentioned one song from ” Rajkumar ” …. ” Dilruba, Dil Bhi Tu Yeh Sitam Kiyay Ja ” which was so torrentially torrid, absolutely fabulous that no one else could have done justice to it as was done by Rafi Raja and her own sister Asha Bhonsle ! She cannot stand anywehere in front of Asha Bhonsle if one compares versatility !

    Honestly speaking, she lost her innocence, charm & the freshness that she had in her voice long long back and it had lost its lustre and sweetness totally.

    Her voice of Badi Bahen, Dewar Bhabhi, Barsaat, Awaara, Tarana, Bazaar, and films of those years & period is no more to be found in her songs of 70s onwards.

    Rafi Raja is to we —- his fans —-, what Krishn Kanhaiya is to his Lovers !

    As Mr. Binu Nair has written in answer to this ” Record “, it is nothing but a scurrilous letter written to hurt our feelings.

    Mr. Binu Nair, you should take up this matter with the Moderator and put an end to this nuisance forever.

  39. Mohd.Uruj Shahid says:

    Lata ji always high up her ego while working with rafi sahab,asha(her sister),suman kalyanpur and even music director. But no one can touch the Mohd.Rafi Sahab’s singing,greatness and kindness. Lata is raised up this issue after the so many years,it shows her jealous to Rafi’s fame and the quantity of fan he have. RAFI IS FOREVER GREAT SINGER. LATA EVEN NOT TOUCH HIS POPLURATY . Shame on lata and proud on Rafi sahab.

  40. P. Haldar says:

    Dear fellow Rafians,

    The Maharani is raking up old controversies to get some cheap publicity. It seems that she will not stop at anything. She is so jealous of Rafi saab’s popularity — even though he is not among us for 32 years — that she is now spreading lies. We should all stand behind Shahid Rafi; shame on her.

  41. jasbir singh,calcutta says:

    binujee…today i read the statement in the times of india(kolkata edition) given by lataji regarding rafisaab was in a very bad taste.shaheed rafi son of rafisaab was quite right in reacting to this and he should proceed further.actually to challenge anybody who is not in this world now physically it is most shameful act done by her.she took 32 years to do this.these senior females can not digest the greatness of 1970,they manipulated with composers in many cases, becoz rafisaab was very simple and humble man being the greatest singer,by insisting for kk n mukesh for duets when rafisaab was always popular and in great demand during those days.songs which could not be sung by any other singer always went to rafisaab,he justified his greatness upto last day of his life…hum kissi se kum nahin.

  42. Ahamed Kutty says:

    “saral man ke insaan rafi sahab. bahut surele the.yeh meri khush
    kismati he ke mei ne unke saath sab se zyadhaa gaana gaaye.wo
    har tarah ke gaanw is khuvee se gathe the ke gaana na samajne
    waale bhi wah..wah.. karthe hei.aise gaayak baar baar janam nahi

    this is the words of Lataji about rafi saab.i have this words in a
    musical cd.i think sometimes she is telling lies.

    when singer who get a chance to become super singer for 6 or
    7 years,we have seen his comdies and tragedies for ladies.
    even he fought with superstasrs for the cause of ladies and
    threatened to stop singing for those stars.rafi saab was there
    for more than 36 years and he lead a decent life as a singer
    as well as a family man.

  43. Naseem Ahmad says:

    Dear All.

    I strongly supports sachin’s view. As Rafi Sahab is no more with us. Then there is no point to criticize him or write anything against him.

    As far as Lata Ji is concern.. we know little thing about her that Great Composer OP Nayyar never gave her a chance and all the songs are sung by Asha Ji only.

    But at this point of age Lata Ji should have not mention these kind of controversial comments.

    I remember in her album “Shradhanjali” she narrated Rafi Sahab as “Aise Gayak Baar Baar Janam Nahi Lete”.

    Hope music may remain as devotion of Love.



  44. Sachin Sharma says:

    Dear writer ji
    I request not to interfere in the past like how many songs RAFI SAHAB has sung and how many Lata ji has sung. I think RAFI SAHAB is not alive so it is not right to write anything which hurt RAFI SAHAB lovers. As today Lataji is also writing those things which happened 60 yrs before and no body neither RAFI SAHAB nor Jaikishan ji is alive to comment on .

  45. Ali says:

    I think it is not important how many songs sang by Mohd Rafi or Lata but how many songs became super hit,I don’t think that any singer in the world had more hit songs as mohd rafi got.Just take Shammi Ji hit songs which sang by Mohd Rafi and compare it , Mohd Rafi is still number one singer, even at program like Comedy circus where they make comedy to everyone but when it comes to Mohd Rafi they said no one can sing better than Mohd Rafi…….

  46. Binu Nair says:

    i have facts about songs sung by mohd rafi saaheb ‘but’ not in record books. If i can give you ten songs of rafi saaheb – not in the socalled list of your admirer hamraaz – then will you take this article back and give an apology to your readers and rafi saaheb lovers.

    i have told you on phone dear writer ‘not’ to misreport and also ‘not’ to publish controversial articles.

    this website has already lost some great rafi saaheb lovers due to mohd rafi baiters coming herein and writing scurrilous articles/comments on mohd rafi.

    today, lata mangeshkar has written scurrilous things of rafi saaheb in mumbai mirror, page 40 . she has said that : ‘ Mohd rafi after her royalty disputes with him asked for a written apology to re-start singing with her.’

    Pls investigate lata mangeshkars life and times if you are so keen to bring truths before music lovers.

    we think your article is scurriless and controversial. Pls dont indulge in wild guesses and get to the truths.

    we willl help you in this .

    binu nair,
    the rafi foundation,mumbai.

  47. Jayant sanyal says:

    Our Beloved Mohd Rafi Sahab, belonged to that era of Hindi Film Music wherein, quantity of songs didn’t matter. What mattered was the quality of the songs in terms of its lyrics, melody and voice, which could not only do justice to the situation for which it was used in the film, but also have a lasting impact on the listener. That is the reason why , the songs of the era are referred to as the songs of the Golden Period of Hindi Cinema. Hence, it is of no significance that Rafi Sahab and Latajee or Ashajee, sang how many songs. The Fact remains that whatever they did sing in their illustrious careers, majority of them were classics and remain timeless.

  48. Jae-Bee says:

    Me being a die hard rafi fan always doubted that any one can record that many songs. Also, a humble soul like rafi sahab- why would he challange lata and write a letter to Guiness? Maybe people and media are confusing recording songs with singing them. If we consider one song being sung few times (re-take after re-take) before finally recording it and also a singer like rafi sahab who was pioneer in domestic and world tours singing 20-25 songs in a nite than one can say that he sang (not recorded) over 25000 songs in his career. On a funny note when rafi sahab was invited and asked to sing a song at raj kapoor’s daughters’ wedding, that should count too.

  49. salim andaman says:

    rafisaab ke jitne gane hai woh sab nayab aur bemisal hai isme ginti koi mayne nahi rakti

  50. Jas Bhakar says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen it does not matter how many songs Mr Mohammed Rafi sang he is and will always be the No. 1 singer of all time , to add to this i can say Laakhon taare aasman mein lerkin chand to sirf ek hi hai Mohammed Rafi Ji

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