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Romantic Rafi

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy

Romantic RafiRecently there were two articles in the web site on romantic songs of Rafiji. Ms. Chandni in the issue of 25th December, 2007 had written about the NISHAAN song “Haye Tabassum Tera” and Ms. Asha on March 5th, 2008 had written about “Ishq Ke Garmiye” from GAZAL, especially for ‘Ishq Karnewalon Ke Liye’. How true, in those days wooing was done with Rafiji’s songs unlike these days with SMS, mobile / telephone, e-mail, etc. Whenever any one fell for some body, if he were bold enough, he would always praise his sweetheart with a romantic song of Rafi Saab in most of the cases and even the lady would have been too glad to be praised with such melodious songs.

Apart from the two songs mentioned in the two articles, there are umpteen number of songs of Rafiji, where in the lady is appreciated for her beauty and good nature in good poetry and sweet and melodious voice.

Take for example, “Apni Aankhon Me Basakar”, where Baldev Khosla is full of appreciation for Alka in the movie THOKAR. If any body remembers these two actors, mostly it will be because of this particular song. How nicely the song relates that the hero wants to have his heroin in her eyes and wants to lover her totally, instead of all the pleasure in life, the hero wants only a smile from his beloved, sitting in front he wants to sing her beauty, he is ready to promise that he will not leave her and ready to exchange all his happiness with her unhappiness, simple but meaningful lyrics but elevated by Rafiji’s rendering. Rafi Saab, Jee Me Aata Hai Ke Jee Bhar Ke Aapke Ganon Ko Pyaar Karun.

Mohd Rafi

Another popular song in those days was “Khuda Bhi Aasaman Se” from DHARTI picturised on Rajendra Kumar and Waheeda Rehaman. The hero says that angels would be wandering where the heroine is, kissing every place wherever she is putting her feet, and only the person knows what is going on in his mind. The maker himself is astonished after seeing the picture of the lady, some times he must be feeling jealous himself (perhaps because his creation has become more popular than the maker) and some times, he must be feeling happy (because he is the maker of the beauty).. Beautiful lyrics, nicely picturised by Southern Director Sridhar and one of the best romantic songs sung by Rafiji.

“Jaane Bahar Husna” (PYAAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA) narrates how the hero feels that he is lucky to have his lady love, he will not even allow the sun rays to touch her. Picturised on the Rafi hero Shammi Kapoor, the heroine of the song was the Southern Actress B.Sarojadevi.

In “Prem Patra” (SANGAM), the lady is compared to Ganga and Jamuna, but not to Sun and Moon as Sun has fire and Moon has stain and even after death, the soul would cry waiting for the lady love. “Ae Jaane Bahara Rooh Ae Chaman” is another wonderful song of Rafiji where the lady love is told that she will shine better and become more beautiful if she comes to the hero and is called Khabon Ke Gagan Ki Shehazadi. “Husnase Chaand Bhi” (DOOR KI AWAAZ) praises the eyes dipped in love seeing which even Gods will stray, not to mention of ordinary human bweeings, without taking anything, he is feeling intoxicated. Also says that whenever she smiles, it is spring, wherever her shadow fell, flowers sprout, etc. etc.

One big song fully attributed to the beauty of a lady was the title song “Mere Mehboob”. Picturised with Rajendra Kumar standing on the stage singing and the beautiful Sadhana in a Burkha, each and every stanza is dipping with love. In fact, SPB in one of the Kannada programs in TV mentioned this song and also sang few lines. Similarly the title song “Chaudavin Ka Chand” on Guru Dutt and WR. Comparing her eyes to Sharab, Zulf to Cloud, her smile to lightning, her face to a blooming lotus in a tank or a Gazal tuned to life, she is the dream of any poet, well, the whole song just puts the listener in a different world and I am sure any lady love would be too pleased to listen to this song from her boy friend. Another perhaps not much popular song but equally good song was “Meri Mohabbat” (JANWAAR). The hero is so full of love and so happy, he says that no body is like her and his eyes have chosen her, the fire which has risen in his heart is like the light to his Manzil or destination. He even says that he would not mind dying if it is on her lap and even after cremation, his love will remain forever.

Mohd Rafi

Other such romantic songs sung by Rafi Sahab include “Boonde Nahin Sitare” (SAAJAN KI SAHELI), “Maine Poocha Chaandase” (ABDULLAH), “Main Kavi Kahin Na Banjaun” (PYAAR HI PYAAR), “Teri Aankhon Ke Siva” (CHIRAAG), “Husnwale Tera Jawab Nahin” (GHARANA), “Na Zhatako Zulfase Paani” (SHEHANAI), “Likhe Jo Khat Tuzhe” (KANYADAAN), “Main Nigahen Tere Cheharese” (AAP KI PARCHAYIYAN), “Yeh Jo Chilaman Hai” (MEHABOOB KI MEHENDI), “Baharon Phool Barsao” (SURAJ), “Mana Mere Hasin Sanam” (ADVENTURES OF ROBIBHOOD), “Tere Is Pyaar Ka Shukriya” (AAG AUR DAAG), “Nigahen Na Phero Chal Jayenge Hum”, “O Mere Shahe Khuba” (LOVE IN TOKYO), “Mehabooba Teri Tasaveer” (ISHQ PE ZOR NAHIN), “Nazar Na Lag Jaye” (NIGHT IN LONDON), etc. I am sure our fellow Rafi fans would come out with scores of such songs and freshen our memories. Not only songs, perhaps they can even further elaborate the significance and beauty of all these songs.

Other Singers also came out with hummable romantic numbers like the phone number “Jalte Hain Jiske Liye” (SUJATA) by Talat, “Tum Hi Pukar Lo” (KHAMOSHI) by HK, “Kahan Se Layi” (DIL AUR MOHABBAT) and “Mera Pyaar Woh Hai Ke” (YEH RAAT PHIR NA AAYEGI) both by MK, “Woh Sham Kuch Ajeeb Thi” (KHAMOSHI) and “Chookar Mere Manko” (YAARANA) by KK, “Ae Sanam Jisne Tuzhe” (DEEWANA) and “Tum Jo Hamare, Meeta Na Hote” by Mukesh, etc. etc.

How we wish things were as simple and innocent as they were earlier and we get all those romantic, meaningful and melodious songs. But the fact is neither we have lyricists like Sahir, Shakeel, Kaifi Azmi, Shailendra, Majarooh Sultanpuri, etc. nor we have MDs like Naushad, SJ, OPN, MM, SDB, etc. nor Singers like Mannadey, Hemant, Talat, Mukesh, KK and above all Mohammed Rafi. So, even now we listen to all these old golden songs and enjoy.

Mohd Rafi

My suggestion to all the present day young lovers is to try these old romantic songs on their lady loves and I bet the reaction will be much better and positive. In our days, we were not as bold as you are now-a-days and perhaps, most of us kept our feelings inside though we knew all such romantic songs by heart, but you, young and bold people, can try out this new suggestion. Any lady in real love would like to listen to a good romantic song from her lover boy rather than the remix-pop songs in vogue these days.

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48 Blog Comments to “Romantic Rafi”

  1. karrar hussain says:

    The creation of ‘sholay’ challenged the value of romance itself in the field of movies & rafi’s post-sholay songs were designed to adjust with this myth.Before rafi could give new meaning to romantic songs ofter sholay or give a new impact of songs after the era of sholay,he passed away.The challenge was in danger and we can feel this in rafi’s songs after sholay.At least Rafi’s existance for a little more period would certainly have corrected the new beliefs about music & action movies.

  2. ashu says:

    ruhani voice pure diamond no comparison all singers are like flower rafi ji rose

  3. khushy says:

    Who is Mohammed Rafi?
    Well this is a unique person whom we all should be greatful because he left master work behind and that is his songs and his versatile voice to be remembered for ever. He was a true maestro, give him any lyrics and he would transform it into magical song. In his powerful voice he was able to brings anyone to tears. He has deceased for many years but his voice lives in
    every Mohammed Rafi dewane’s heart. I’ve a great respect for Mohammed Rafi and I am glad to born in the era when Mohammed Rafi Sahib was still alive and singing for us all. Where ever you may be I will always remember you. Khushy

  4. Khushy says:

    Dear A S Murty, you have such a nice way descibing you inner feeling and you have a very good command on the english language. It’s nice see some
    one you who is able to render extremly good comments of Mohammed Rafi.
    Yes, I am mad about Mohammed Rafi Sahib, he is definately my favorate singer of all time. I can hear him night and day and still I wouldn’t be tried of
    this brillant personality and humble man who was god gifted. India has truelly
    lost the real artist of all time, may god bless him for eternity. Khushy

  5. Saad says:

    I was too young when M. Rafi sahib died. But I at that age was great fan to his vocie. His voice always leaves a pleasent expression on me. I feel myself sitting in a desert in the night and and his voice is pouring honey in my ears. The voice like him will never come again.

  6. Vivek Vats From Noida , India says:

    Rafi Sahab Is a Very Nice Person After this He was A very Strong Singer in the World.Such That Singer Not Boarn Again in the world. he was a very talented singer he was the Always No. 1 singer. we cant forget that person.
    I love him very Much.

  7. Hasan Ali says:

    Singers will come and singers will go, but we will not get Rafi any more. A highly respectable person with a Heavenly voice . After listening to his songs you will not like to listen to any other singer. I consider myself lucky, as all rafi lovers, to have been born in the era of his career. Whenever, my mood is upset, I listen to his voice and I am on the tracks. His voice is my treasure.

  8. kn.kumar says:

    Thank you Guru Murthyji for a wonderful article. What a wonderful era it was when the heroines were blessed to hear the heros singing in the immortal voice of Rafi Saab.People went to films to listen to Rafi Saab. A.S. Murthyji, you are right. What a wonderful song -Ishq par zor Nahin – only Rafi Saab could have done justice. Another few songs which come to my mind – from
    Mere Mehaboob -Ae Husan Zara Jag Thuje ishq jagaieh, From film Dil Deke Dheko – Hum or Tum, From film Junglee – Aahe Saaz tera hoga mugko.
    Where are the great song writers now to compose such beautiful songs and where can we find a replacement for Rafi Saab. NEVER. We were lucky to live in an age when Rafi Saab was alive. Now the times have changed and the younger generation doesn’t believe in wasting time in singing to thier loved ones.

  9. SANJAY ARORA says:

    ref post 34,the music of beti is by SONIK OMI,HERE ARE TWO MORE GEMS OF BADSHAH FOR SANJAY KHAN


  10. nazeer says:

    excellent ther any tamil or malayalam song by rafi?

  11. A S MURTY says:

    film “ishq par zor nahin”, the song – mehbooba teri tasveer kis tarah main banaoon. yet another top class romantic song in praise of his beloved, this song cannot be sung by any other singer the way Rafi sahab has rendered it. when you listen to the song now, one forgets the film’s hero and only the picture of rafi sahab is before our eyes. the song becomes difficult to sing as the stanzas grow but for rafi sahab it was straight from his heart and hence the quality of singing. i dare fans of other singers to visualise this song in the voice of their ‘masters’, the best of singers will have to cut a sorry figure. i do not mean to belittle any singer, but songs of this genre were only made for rafi sahab. “tere jaise kahin koi dekha na suna hai” rafi sahab – you are really unique and no human can be compared to you.

  12. Samad says:

    hey guys

    omke khayal aaye to aatey chale gaye and Door rahe kar na karo baat kareeb ajaao are my fave ghazals os rafi sahib

  13. A.T.M. SALIM says: no. 25
    Dear Shashank Chickermaneji

    please inform me -where is Pradeepji as i am not receiving any mails/replies from him . i used to send him photos of rafi sahab & other singers, artistes for uploading to the respective photo albums and he used to upload those photos so very beautifully !
    should i now send photos to you for uploading ?
    please guide me in this matter .

    thanks & best regards/ a.t.m. salim.

  14. A.T.M. SALIM says:

    REF: POST NO. 3


    KEEP-IT UP !


  15. A.T.M. SALIM says:





    ( FILM: DUS LAKH ; MD : RAVI )



  16. A S MURTY says:

    only two days back our good friend hussein sheikh who sends so many songs to many of us sent this rare song – koi phool na khilta, yeh kali bhi na hoti, zindagi bhi na hoti, agar tu na hoti – and this songs is once again a great tribute to his ladylove. Rafi Sahab has sung it so beautifully and we had almost ignored this one. thanks to hussein bhai for reminding us all and for sending the song.

  17. Binu Nair says:

    Rafi lovers,

    the kerala unit of rafi foundation had a great inaugural meet and
    a successful musical concert in calicut.

    the rafi magic is traversing many directions and touching many
    hearts and now is the time for planning the July 31 st tribute
    programme to the saintly singer.

    we have a new website : for interaction among
    rafi lovers and pradip ji, the moderator has sent in his best wishes
    to us. he has also asked us to send a pdf file so that he could put
    it as an advertisement. what a great person and rafi fan pradip ji
    is can be judged by this act of his.
    indeed, a very true rafi ji fan. thank you, pradip ji.

    binu nair, mumbai, 9833 250 701

  18. P. Haldar says:

    And here’s the song from cha cha cha that binuji has been talking about:

  19. P. Haldar says:

    here’s the video of the song “deewana kahke aaj mujhe phir pukariye”:

    What a great composition by Ravi! Another composition of his that I have loved since my childhood days is “itni haseen itni jawan raat kya kare”:

    The voice expresses a myriad of romantic emotions. it seems rafi saab is playing with the tune and the words. The portion between 2:20 and 3:10 just blows your mind away.

  20. A S MURTY says:

    Then there are the two of the loveliest songs from “aap aaye bahar aayee” one is the title song itself – saare zamane par, mausam suhane par….” and the second one “poochhe jo koi mujhse bahar kaisi hoti hai, naam tera lekar kehdun ke yaar aisee hoti hai”. these two songs are qualify to be on the top of the ‘romantic rafi’ songs.

  21. A S MURTY says:

    janab aliuddin sahab, on youtube you will find the audio version of the song – deewana kah ke aaj mujhe phir pukariye, hazir hun koi teere nazar dil pe maariye. there are others too but am giving the link for those interested to hear this great song :

  22. arshad hussain says:

    dear mr. guru murthy,
    thanks for the excellent article. its a timely reminder to todays md’s of what present-day hindi movies lack . having said that, a thought crossed my mind about writing an article entitled rafissab’s ‘naughty songs’. before u all jump at me, let me state that it is to the full credit of rafisaab that some of his songs are so catchy and popular even to this day that ‘roadside romeos’ find them most useful in doing what they know best–teasing a passing lady with a song!!
    three songs of rafisaab straightaway come to mind. these are:

    i) lal chari maidan khari…(janwar)
    ii)tumne kisiki jaan ko jahte hue dekha hai…(rajkumar)
    iii)jaan pehchan ho,jina ehsan ho…(gumnaam)

    there are probably many more catchy numbers that could fall into this particular category. fans of rafi saab may wish to add -on to this list.other playback singers have also sang catchy numbers that lads may have used to tease a passing damsel but i would think that even in this category, rafisaab comes out head and shoulders above the others.

    arshad hussain

  23. Imtiaz says:

    ‘Gulabi ankhen jo teri dekhi’ from “The Train” is another romantic number of Mohammed Rafi saab.

    ‘Tere husn ki tarif karun’ from “Leader” picturised on great Dilip Kumar Saab in 1964.

    ‘Chand mere dil chandi ho tum’ a slow romantic song from the movie “Hum kissi se kum nahin” in 1977 picturised on Tariq, son of director Nasir Hussain.

    In Madan Mohan’s “Laila Majnu” in 1976 Mohammed Rafi saab’s ‘Likh ke tera naam zameen par us ko sajde karta hai’ is a lovers greetings to his beloved.

    A beautiful romantic song ‘Phool ka shabab kya’ from “Farz ki Jung” was the last song of Mohammed Rafi saab in a bollywood movie picturised on Govinda as late as 1989!!

  24. Thanks Pradeepji for giving me the opportunity to do this duty for updation of photos. I was waiting for a long time for this. From heartly i will thanks once again for this. Plz. rafi fans contribute much photos and articles for this website.

  25. I want to tell another beautiful and melodious song. It is a duet song by rafisahab and Lata Mangeshkar. The song is from the film “Sola aur Sabnam” by Khayyam and the song is “Jeet hi lenge baazi hum”. Such a meaningful song it is. I feel the lyric writer of this song has written the song when he was with his sweetheart infront of him. I feel that. I love that song very much.

  26. ashish kapoor says:

    hi all rafi fans and lovers,i am eagerly awaiting a write-up on “dekhi zamane ki yaari,bichhade sabhi baari-baari”.please ensure a good write-up.this is a request to p.haldar saab,shashank chickermane saab,h.v gurumurty saab,a.s murty saab,binu nair saab,venkatdri saab,swapan dasgupta,souvik chatterjee and all other saab’s who can shed some light on this lovely and one of the finest songs ever. tel no-09810087414;09212587414

  27. Today I happened to listen to Rafi’ solo “Ab Kya Misal Dun” from AARTI. I wonder how I missed this beautiful romantic song in my article. Every line is dipping with love.

    Can anybody mail to, the Rafi – Talat duet “Gum Ki Andheri Raat Mein” from SUSHILA?

  28. biman baruah says:

    Respected Guru Murty Ji

    Thanks a lot for a piece of pleasant article. We expect more articles from you on regular interval. Rafi Saheb was always all-around and romanticism is a part of his versatility. I feel so romantic while listening his Romantic songs. I would like to add following Rafi songs sung for different star of this category for all Rafians and real lovers of new generations: –

    1.“Teri Husn Ki Kiya Tariff Karun” from LEADER for DILIP KUMAR.
    2.“Mera Man Tera Pyasa” from GAMBLER for DEV ANAND.
    3.“Chandvi Ka Chand Ho Ya Aftab Ho” for GURU DUTT.
    4.“Jo Baat Tujh Mein Hai Teri Tasveer Mein Nahin” from TAJMAHAL for PRADEEP KUMAR.
    5.“Tu Mere Sapnon Ki Rani Banegi” from GORA AUR KALA for RAJENDRA KUMAR.
    6.“Saajan Saajan Pukaroo Galion Main from SAAJAN for MANOJ KUMAR.
    7.“Tumne Mujhe Dekha Ho Kaar Mehrobaan” from TEESRI MANZIL for Shammi Kapoor.
    8.“Mere Bechain Dil Ko Chain Tumne Diya Chukriya” from AAMNE SAAMNE for Shashi Kapoor.
    9.“Saaz Ho Tum Awaaz Hoon Main” from SAAZ AUR AWAAZ for Joy Mukhejee.
    10.“Meri Mohabaat Pak Mohabbat” from APRIL FOOL for BISWAJEET.
    11.“Aapke Hassen Rukh Pe Aaj Naya Noor Hai from BAHAREN PHIR BHI AAYENGI for Dharmendra.
    12.“Aane Se Jiske Aaye Bahar” from JEENE KI RAAH for Jeetendra.
    13.“Yeh Reshmi Zulfein Yeh Sharbati Aakhen from DO RAASTE for Rajesh Khanna.
    14.“Koi Aur Duniya Mein Tumsa Haseen Hai” from PYAAR KI KAHANI for Amitabh Bachchan.
    15.“Dard-E-Dil Dard-E-Jigar Dil Mein Jagaya Apne from KARZ for Rishi Kapoor.

    I think it will create more romanticism by romantic Rafi gems among daring lovers of
    present day.

    With very best regards
    Biman Baruah, Assam.

  29. xxx says:

    shankar used to compose the theme song for the rk productions, here is one romantic theme song in “bhairavi” from shree 420, sung by rafi , mukesh & lata….

  30. Binu Nair says:

    Rafi saaheb had many fair weather friends in the hindi film
    industry just as in real life. Mr ahmed bhai of calicut is forming
    the Kerala chapter of Rafi Foundation and all the channels
    are reporting the news.
    This will be a very strong unit of Rafi lovers. Ahmed bhai is a
    personal friend of Rafi Saaheb – not from the film industry . He
    has gathered top VIPs of Kerala and Mr.Gangadharan, the film
    producer is the President.

    I remember two classics of Rafi Saaheb : Woh hum na the, wo
    tum na the and subah na aaye, shaam na aaye…. both tuned by
    iqbal quereshi. its said atleast one song of haqueeqat as composed
    by him for his friend madan mohan ji.

    before retiring for the day i will be listening the Rafi all time great:
    jahan daal daal par sone ki chidiya karti hai basera, tuned by
    Hansraj Behl, written by Rajendra Kishan from Sikandar-e-azam
    and incidentally this song will be taken up by Syed Mobin : live
    in the programme : Saturday night Rafi fever : on 12th april at
    Naushad Hall..

    the magic is simply growing….

    Binu Nair… Rafi Foundation.

  31. xxx says:

    jaikishan composed some of the greatest romantic numbers for rafi ji, to name a few::

    1.kaun hai jo sapno mein aaya

    2.main kahin kavi na ban jaoon mera prem patra padhkar

    4.aey phulo ki raani

    5.teri pyari pyari surat ko

    6.dhire dhire chal chand
    and here are few of vintage dada romantic compositions…

    1.dil ka bhawar

    2.khoya khoya chaand

    3.mehbooba teri tasveer

    4.teri bindiya re

    5.tu kahan ye bata

    6.palko ke piche se kya tume keh dala

  32. unknow says:

    I am looking for song “Kahin Ek Masum Nazuk Se Ladki” but not in Mohd Rafi voice.I think it is one of the best romantic songs of 1970’s and this song is one example to who said that Mohd Rafi was not at top in 1970’s also for who said that any one can sing better than Mohd Rafi romantic songs.when i listen to this song jest i go to dreams.
    As said by Anmol Mohd Rafi is man of all moods as said bY P from LP easy to make music when you that Mohd Rafi will sing that song because we know that how we made the song Mohd rafi sing it by easy was,L from LP said I don’t know how to make music without mohd rafi…

  33. Anmol Singh says:

    Great Article Guru Murthy Ji,

    Rafi is a man of all moods, romantic is just small aspect. To add a few songs “Hum Ko To Jaan Se Bhi Pyari Hai Ye Aankhen”; “Kahin Ek Masum Nazuk Se Ladki”; “Mujhe Chu Rahi Hai Teri Narm Saanse”.

  34. ztas77 says:

    One such romantic number that stands out for me by Rafi is “Tu hi woh haseen hai” from khuwab 1980 picturised on Mithun to Ranjeeta in a dream sequence.
    Music by Ravinda Jain. What an amazing track!!! that sounds so fresh even today! Without a doubt one of Rafi’s ultimate numbers!

  35. Asif Majeed says:

    One of my favorite Rafi songs is “Aap ke Hasse Rukh pa”. In each and every stanza of the song, Rafis’ voice really captures the true lover’ emotions in seeing his beloved. I can hear this song a hundred times a day and never tired of listenning to it.

  36. xxx says:

    here are two best romantic songs from 70s, music by great madan mohan, first one one from heer ranjha(1970), next one from dastak(1970)…



  37. prakash shah says:


    Dil ko na mere tadpao……Budtameez
    Aji kibla………………………Phir wohi dil laya hoo
    falsafa pyaar ka tum kya jano…Duniya
    Tirchhi nazar se yu na dekho……ek phool char kaante
    karke sola singar…………..Gaban
    shikar karne ko….Shikar
    Phoolo ki raani…..AArzoo
    and others are memorable evergreen to listen for todays youngster.

  38. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab AS Murty Sahab,
    Million thanks. Aapne hamare dil ko khush kardiya.
    Beautiful and superb comments.
    Thanks again. Looking forward to hear from you about the other songs.
    With best regards to all Rafi lovers.
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  39. ztas77 says:

    I personally believe that Rafi & Kishore excelled to the art of delivering Romantic numbers to the max!. That’s not to say other singers did not deliver good romantic numbers.

  40. Siva says:

    Beautiful article Shri Guru murty
    Rafi sahab excelled in all the genres of playback singing-Sad songs, philosophical songs, classical songs, playful songs, devotional songs, patriotic songs, ghazals, quawwalis–(wow-see the list is continuing endlessly!!–we can writes essays on each of these categories that he sang-in fact I request anyone of the learned friends to start a series by taking of the category), but of all these his romantic songs are without any comparision–the extra sweetness that Rafi sahab brings to the romantic songs makes us RAFI BHAKTS go ecstatic!
    One more such romantic song–Aap ki hasin rukh pe aaj naya by OPN.
    An excellent duet song with Lata-Ye parbaton ke dayere, ye shaam ka duan-aise mein kyoon na ched de dilon ki dastaan–music by the ever so sweet composer Chitragupt
    Tu mere saamne hai, teri zulfen hai khuli–you should note when he sings the word “hosh” in the line mein bhala hosh mein kaise rahoon…..
    Why, why, God –you took him away so early…may be you also wanted to hear his songs………

  41. Siva says:

    Beautiful article Shri Guru murty
    Rafi sahab excelled in all the genres of playback singing-Sad songs, philosophical songs, classical songs, playful songs, devotional songs, patriotic songs, ghazals, quawwalis–(wow-see the list is continuing endlessly!!–we can writes essays on each of these categories that he sang-in fact I request anyone of the learned friends to start a series by taking of the category), but of all these his romantic songs are without any comparision–the extra sweetness that Rafi sahab brings to the romantic songs makes us RAFI BHAKTS go ecstatic!
    One more such romantic song–Aap ki hasin rukh pe aaj naya by OPN.
    An excellent duet song with Lata-Ye parbaton ke dayere, ye shaam ka duan-aise mein kyoon na ched de dilon ki dastaan–music by the ever so sweet composer Chitragupt
    Tu mere saamne hai, teri zulfen hai khuli–you should not when he sings the word “hosh” in the line mein bhala hosh mein kaise rahoon…..
    Why, why, God –you took him away so early…may be you also wanted to hear his songs………

  42. A S MURTY says:

    Janab aliuddin sahab – ek haalat par na rahne paayi dil ki hasratein, aapne jab bhi kuch kaha, naye andaaz se kaha aapne. i enjoy doing the homework given by you. the songs mentioned by you are really superb. the first song – deewana kahke aaj mujhe phir pukariye from ‘mulzim’ is one of the finest ghazals and i feel rafi sahab used to enjoy while singing such types of songs. you can see him smiling while recording the same (rafi sahab was ever smiling in any case). ‘haazir hun koi teere nazar dil pe daaliye’ denotes total submission of the lover to his beloved and he wants the ‘kill’ to take effect. after all ghalib had said ‘kuch farak nahi ishq mein jeene aur marne ka, useeko dekhkar jeete hain, jis kaafir pe dam nikale’. then you have also mentioned the ‘benazir’ song – dil mein ik jaane tamanna ne jagah paayi hai, aaj gulshan mein nahi ‘ghar’ mein bahar aayi hai – what fantastic composition and perfect rendition by rafi sahab. the emphasis that rafi sahab gives to ‘ghar’ is a typical example of rafi sahab’s total involvement with the lyrics. he conveyes just exactly what the poet or lyricicst had meant to convey. i sometimes wonder if the lyricists had written those songs just for rafi sahab, knowing fully well that he would ‘nikhaar’ them and they will be also immortalised. there are hundreds of more songs by rafi sahab which fall into the bracket of ‘romantic rafi’ and there are no peers to rafi sahab in this regard. while rafi sahab was the real supreme hero projecting his love in such poetic and unique ‘adaayigi’ the other singers of his time were literally singing a different tune. I will give you an example of ‘romantic rafi’ in a slighly different type – jab dil se dil takrata hai mat poochiye kya ho jaata hai – this song from “sangharsh” echoes the feel of a romantic but poetic rafi in his rendition. the third stanza of the song – mukhada na chhupa yun haathon se, din ko na badal ab raaton se (2), gulshan mein bikharne de nagme, in pyaar ki meethi baaton se- come on now, what best way to describe the ‘husn’ of a woman who can change days into nights just by blanking her face and one who can just shower ‘music’ just by opening her mouth to say a few words. thanks aliuddin sahab for reminding us of the songs in your comments, they are all wonderful pieces of craftly creations to be sung by all of us for eternity. i do not want my comments to be bigger than the article itself, so i will restrict it here for now. more comments with more similar ‘categorised’ songs shortly. thanks.

  43. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab AS Mrthy Sahab, Adab Araz hai,
    With referance to post#3, you desrve lot of admiration. I really like it. Here I will write few more songs, pleeeeeeeease put some light and your thoughts about these songs.
    Deewana kahke aaj mujhe phir pukariye- Mulzim
    Tasveer banaata hun tere khoone jigar se- Deewana
    Aji yun na lo yeh angdai- Yeh basti yeh log
    Mujhe ishq hai tujhi se- Umeed
    Dil me ek jane tamanna ne- Benazir
    Main to tere haseen khyalon mein khogaya- Sangaram
    Tera husn rahe mera ishq rahe- Do Dil
    Tere chere me hai jo baath kisi aur me nahi- Chote Sarkar
    Murthy Sahab, I am giving you home work, Please do it.
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  44. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Guru Murthy Sahab, Adab Araz hai,
    As usual beautiful, excellant, splendid narration. i like the conclusion of the article, “In our days we were not as bold as…..
    Here is a beautiful sher of Shakeel for you and for all Rafi lovers.
    Tum phir usi ada se angdai le ke hansdo
    Aajayega palat kar guzra hua zamana
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  45. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Very nice and enjoyable article! There are so many romantic songs sung by Rafi Saheb, that it won’t be possible to mention here. When Rafi Saheb sang, he sang from his heart, be a romantic or any type of songs. As I mentioned before also, given any song to Rafi Saheb, he sang with ease.

  46. A S MURTY says:

    I always felt that a complete singer is one who will immerse himself in the mood of the song, in the story behind it, in the inner meaning of the lyrics, in the picturisation of the song itself, in the requirement of the music director’s thinking of the composition, in the character for whom the playback is rendered and above all the avid music listener. Rafi Sahab is the lone singer who accomplished all these and much more. The “Romantic Rafi” was the perfect gift to the music and film industry in India and at the most appropriate time. Several of the most romantic songs of Rafi Sahab are already included in this lovely write-up. There are many more that fit into this category. I have only yesterday received a lovely song from “AAO PYAR KAREIN” and the song is “dil ke aaiyene mein tasvir teri rahti hai, main yeh samjha koi jannat ki pari rahti hai”, sent to me by our good friend Hussein sheikh on my request. This is one song that has been long lost but it is one of the highly romantic songs. Not very popular or known to many, but Rafi Sahab has complimented to the lyrics of the songs to the hilt. There is a bit of slow and slight yodeling also towards the end of the song and towards end of the two stanzas the soft murmur “aye jaane wafa” in Rafi Sahab’s voice puts the Rafi-stamp all over the song.

    Then there is another gem of a song, a truly romantic song by Rafi Sahab from the Movie “kaun apna aur kaun paraya” and the song is “Zara Sun Haseena Aye nazneen, mera dil tujhi pe nisaar hai”. Here again the genius of the artist in Rafi Sahab, puts all the virtues at his command to show the perfect hero’s love for his beloved. The greatest gift of mankind is the language and Rafi Sahab uses this god-gift to express certain words and even lines in such high-voltage romance that it breaches the artificial and mental barriers in the human race. In the third stanza of this lovely song, “yeh haseen phoolon ki daaliyaan, tujhe de rahi hai salaamiyaan, mujhe kyon na rashk ho aye sanam (repeated twice with special emphasis on the word sanam) rafi sahib conveys perhaps more to the romance than it was visualized by the composer. These examples perhaps show that Rafi Sahab had the sixth sense and possibly a third eye to look into finely polishing the song wrapped as a perfect gift.

    Ab Kya Misaal Doon Mein Tumhare Shabab ki is another fine example of song on singing praise on a lovely maiden by a man possessed by love. You also have to rate highly this song “Tu mere saamne hai, teri zulfe hai khuli, tera aanchal hai dhala, mein bhala hosh mein kaise rahun”. Really, we listeners were left “behosh” with this rendering. Just carefully listen to the “saamne” at the very end of the song and Rafi Sahab conveyes so many different meanings with sophisticated diction.

    More songs in my next comment. This article has dug into the very essence of rafi sahab’s repertoire in the field of playback singing.

  47. A S MURTY says:

    This was one topic I was looking for sometime now. thanks gurumurthyji. i will give my detailed comments later, but this is first to acknowledge that rafi sahab is miles ahead of any other singer as far as projection of romance is considered and the examples are thousands of such highly romantic songs.

  48. Superb article Mr.Guru murthyji. I absolutely support how the songs was meaningful and really some songs are related to our own lifes also. really wht a talent ths personalities had.

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