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Report of Rafi Foundation first event – Delhi Chapter

This news is shared by Mr. Binu Nair and Zorawar Chhugani, Member Rafi Foundation (Delhi Chapter).

Rafi Foundation First Event
A complete report of the first ever event of Rafi Foundation (Delhi Chapter) held on 30-07-07 in Punjabi Bhawan, New Delhi. We all know that the saddest day for any Rafi fan is 31st July of every year as that was the day in the year 1980 when the destiny took, Badshah E Mausiqui, Rafi Sahab away from us. But it is great to see Rafi fans in every part of the country joining and making Rafi Sahab’s death anniversary a memorable day for every music lover.

Book Release Function on Mohd Rafi
Book Release function on Mohd Rafi

Likewise, Rafi Foundation (Delhi Chapter) also organized an evening dedicated to great maestro on 30-07-07 at Punjabi Bhawan, New Delhi. The evening saw people from various genres of music speaking very highly about our Rafi Sahab and sharing their memories. On the occasion, a biography on Rafi Sahab namely Meri Aawaz Suno (written by Shri Vinod Viplav) was also released.

Report of Rafi Foundation first event

It was the first ever event organized by Rafi Foundation (Delhi Chapter). Inspired by Shri Binu Nair who started this movement called Rafi Foundation in Mumbai and Shri Narayan of Bangalore, some fans of Rafi Sahab also came under one roof in Delhi to add another feather to this holy movement.

Report of Rafi Foundation first event

It would be my pleasure to mention the names of members of Rafi Foundation (Delhi Chapter) Dr. Vinay Kamal, Shri Naresh Sharma, Shri Ashish Kapoor, Shri Sunil Handa, Shri S.S.Makkad, Shri Vinod Viplav, Shri Pawan Asija and myself who contributed to the happening of this event. I take this opportunity to give special thanks to Shri Triloki Nath Ji without whose experienced guidance, management and valuable time, this event would not have been possible.

Report of Rafi Foundation first event

The theme of the event was “The Relevance of Rafi Sahab’s songs in Today’s Context”. The guests of the evening were prominent classical singer Padmashree Shanno Khurana, renowned singer and acress Smt. Pushpa Hans, famout poet and former editor of Navbharat times Shri Vishnu Khare, Music lover and President of SAKHA Shri Amarjeet Singh Kohli, Film Critic Shri Jawri Mall Parekh and Music expert Shri Mukesh Garg.

The evening saw Smt. Pushpa Hans sharing her memories of her first meeting with Rafi Sahab in a recording studio and she also sang a few lines from the song “Din Dhal Jaye, Raat Na Jaye” from the film Guide.

Report of Rafi Foundation first event

Some members of Rafi foundation paid their tributes by singing some of his songs.

Report of Rafi Foundation first event

The programme was compered by FM presenters, Ms. Medha Gandhi and Mr. Rashid Ali.

Photographs available in Mohd Rafi album on

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37 Blog Comments to “Report of Rafi Foundation first event – Delhi Chapter”

  1. KAILESH - TIE says:

    MOB – 9825190616 E mail Id

  2. javed fazal says:

    Asser bhaee hum sab rafians ki duaain aap ke saath hain
    KHUDA aap ko kamiyab karyga.
    javed fazal

  3. g.m.ansari says:

    g.m.ansari rafi sahab bharat ratan ke hqdar hai.hamari taraf se bhi koshish jari hai.hamara group bhi bombay mai kafi behtar kaam kar raha hai .
    g.m.ansari, 9833484837.

  4. Ahamed Kutty says:

    It is very hard to pass a day without the Legend Rafi Saabs song.So whatever efforts making to remember him it will be great.When I was young I was a fan of Yesudas from whose state I belongs to.I heard very rarely only about Rafi Saab.One day I heard a song from our near by theater(for informig the viewers the strating of cinema) “PYAR KIYA JATHA HAI” from the film DOST starred by Dhrmendra & Shatruji.While hearing the song I have noticed that
    it is something strange – Simha garjana as well as very sweet.That was my becoming an ardent fan of Rafi Saab.I had an ambition to see him but could not.In May 1980 I could get his autographed photo graph which I keep as very precious.I put his name to my son.In 1983 I could visit his grave in Juhu- Mumbai.Iwas astonished to see the grave as a common man even without Rafi Saabs name on it.I am so crazy to have a paper report or a telvision programme about him.While hearing the songs of other singers we are feeling it just drinking Kheer (payasa) in silver spoon or steel spoon ut if we hear the song of Rafi Saab we feel it drinking with a Golden Spoon.such a wonderful and great personality he was.

    Ahamed Kutty- Pazhayannur,Trissur Dist.Kerala

  5. Aseer says:

    Walaikum as-salam Ramakrishna ji

    thnx for the response all and everyone…..this is to inform that the latest……well our budget has been estimated at around 6.5 crore, we r looking for the primary 2 can b financed…….also script.which is being written by Mr Nitish Sinha sahab is almost 90% ready. we r going thru final stages of the script…then we ll be meeting in delhi around dussera with our legal advisor(he is also a Rafi fan and charging us nothing) and we will have a thoro discussion during that. keeping that in mind our script will b ready 1-2 month after dussera…..then pre production….actually we r trying to do our muhrat on 24th dec, the happiest day in the year….

    also Ravi ji has been selected by us to do the composing,we r soon approaching him….. lets hope for the best…..

    my name is Aseer and please dont add a ‘ji’ with it, i feel so embarassed in front of great Rafi deewanas like u….aapke deewangi k saamne to hum kuchh bhi nahi….
    thnx zaman bhai for the info,can u plz give me ur no? my no is 9211657030….

  6. Raffiah says:

    Congratulation on such a beautiful web site, Rafi Sahab fan all over would love this. He will always be remembered in the hearts of may young and old.

  7. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Hi Everybody !
    I have been looking for Rafi Saab’s song “DEVA HO DEVA GANAPATI DEVA…” from the film “Humse Badh Kar Koun”. Will anybody please
    do me a favour and send this to me in my e-mail id….

  8. M.Zaman says:

    Dear asser bhai, the most unicque and long , unparallel video footage of mohd rafi sahab is laying with all dooradarsan kendra , like bombay dooradarsan,calcutta dooradarsan , delhi dooradarsan etc etc. if we approche shri prioranjan dasmunsi ( brodcrasting minister) , it may work. for that i will extend my full cooperation to you . there is lots of old veido footage
    of rafi sahab’s live singing / interview proggrems on dooradarsan , but they don’t show this proggrem properly, some times for 2 minitus or 2 seconds. then what is the use of having so precious and most valuable stock with dooradarsan , if it’s not being shown properly and ,let the new generation be informed about the real hindustani music is all about.

    you are doing a very paious job beeing making a movie on “MOHAMMED RAFI”. Please reamber that live rafi sahsb is most important ( commercially)
    in your movie rathar than irrafan khan.

    my honest association will be alawys with you for this paious job.

    good bless you


  9. asokpaanwalla says:

    Congratulations to the team. Thank u for keeping the memories of a great man alive. I am sure all Rafi fan will be happy to know they can look forward to Rafi events and momentos in Dehli too. Well done . Keep going Rafi ke Pyare Saathiyo.

  10. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post – 23

    Asser ji,

    Salam alaikum.
    ham aap key saath hain. isko madat mat samajhiye. Rafi sahab key liye hamari zimmedaari hai.
    Khuda haafiz

  11. binus2000 says:

    Asser ji:

    all the best for the efforts.. It should b the best.


    binu nair

  12. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Glad to know that mr. asser is going to produce a commercial movie on everybody’s beloved Rafi Saab. Please take all precautions while making this film. Request you to kindly go deep like K. asif or ramananad sagar before filming a legendary character like Rafi saab. It must be a wonderful experience. Hope the releasing date will come soon like a wind. My best wishes to mr. asser.

  13. Asser says:

    By any chance anyone has a full length video recording of Rafi sahab?
    we will be highly obliged.
    Plz contact me at,
    or 9211657030

  14. Asser says:

    This is to inform everybody that we r not going to make any documentary but a commercial movie on his life . we r approaching al the big names and mainstream actors for this coz. already we have selected Irrfan khan as Naushad sahab.

    Ramakrishna ji , Binu ji aap sabhi ki madad ki zarurat padegi humko. Lets unite for this noble cause. May Rafi bless us.

    Faiz Ahmed Aseer-9211657030

  15. binus2000 says:

    Post 20 :: welcome asseer ji.. and zaman bhai:

    Please meet Ruhi Khan in calcutta and also see the sargam copy
    which i will be sending to M/s. ruhi khan.

    they are very well associated with the rafi foundation.

    long live the magic, melody and fragance of rafi saabs music.

    binu nair.

  16. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post – 20
    Mr asser,
    our support will be there for this noble cause. in the ducumentary if you need any ” mouth organ ‘ renderings I am always there. I am from Hyderabad.

    my GSM no – 0 9949509592

  17. Asser says:

    Zaman ji

    yes I m also from kolkata and I hereby confirm ur claim. well we have RLC(Rafi lovers circle) there for ages and its secretary Mr shakil ansari is a very close relative of mine. Also I know Ruhi Khan the president. presently I m in Delhi but willing to return to kolkata next year.
    It will be the best chapter of Rafi foundation ,I promise.
    (No arguments, I just want to create a frindly competition between all the chapters of Rafi foundation, it will increase the quality of Rafi foundation overall)


    I also want to announce that we r making a full length feature film\movie on Rafi sahab. hoping for ur supports. Preproduction is going on.

    Faiz Ahmed Aseer–9211657030

  18. A S MURTY says:

    c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s to the delhi unit of the Mohd. Rafi Foundation. We from Hyderabad, like mr RAMAKRISHNA has echoed earlier, extend our heartiest felicitations to the entire team of hard-core RAFIANS of Delhi and would like to be in touch with one another. Pls do not hesitate to call me at 0 93912 67272 or Mr. S. RAMAKRISHNA at 099495 09592 for exchange of views and information and/or any other assistance from this part of India. Thanks for publishing all the photoes too which were excellent and apt for the occasion. Well done and keep going. My email id is

  19. M.Zaman says:

    Thanks binu ji, defenitly i will get sargam magazine as soon as it’s available in kolkata.

  20. binus2000 says:

    In the kishore kumar forum, cheap and dirty words likd f….. is used
    by one of the illiterate chaps and he has compared again rafi saab
    with kishore.
    I like the orkut sites in which comparing is banned. and I wish to
    know what the editor is doing in the kishore site?
    Is he publishing without reading the garbage he gets or is he wanting
    fresh controversies so that more people will visit his site.
    In the just mentioned site I have observed 2 things : the number of
    contributors are very few and most of them who write say the same
    things which they have written a few months back. some of them
    are also haunted by the popularity of rafi saab and for them the
    history of film music is from 1972 onwards. their use of words
    compels me to think whether they have even attended primary

    binu nair.

  21. binus2000 says:

    M. Zaman : I am publishing the addresses of calcutta rafi saab
    lovers in Sargam magazine : this month end.. Please contact them..
    Thanx for writing.

    Binu Nair.

  22. mohanflora says:

    Great work Binus and Narayan!

    Here another fan pays homage in a way that profits him and the music compay that he sings for!

    Sonu Nigam pays homage to Mohd. Rafi
    Joginder Tuteja, IndiaGlitz [Monday, September 10, 2007]

    On the 27th death anniversary of Mohd. Rafi, Sonu Nigam is paying homage to the late singer.

    He has cut a 6-CD album titled KAL, AAJ AUR KAL which comprises of as many as 100 memorable songs by the legendary singer. A collectors’ delight, KAL, AAJ AUR KAL brings back the memories of the great singer who still lives in the hearts of millions of music lovers across the globe who have never forgotten his golden voice.

    With the revival of his most popular songs, Sonu Nigam pays a true homage with his songs, some of which were stage performed by him in recent times.

  23. M.Zaman says:

    Congratulations to delhi chapter , benu ji please concentrate in bengal also
    we are thousands of thiusands rafi sahab’s fan in kolkata.

  24. binus2000 says:

    Rafi foundation should have branches in 50 countries . This is
    the target : the rafi saab fans have. The rafi fans are all over
    in these countries and rafi saab magic too.
    we need to cordinate with rafi lovers and the target could be met.
    Please write to me as I am coordinating the efforts.

    binu nair the rafi foundation :

  25. Shahvez Khan says:

    i m very happy to see thease photo. Delhi team has done a great job Congratulation and very thanks Zorawar bhai to inform me about this event

  26. adnansajid says:

    well done keep it up inshallah soon it will emerge a big event

  27. javed fazal says:


  28. Asser says:

    it was my great pleasure to attned this program there
    zorawar bhai is a wonderful persom who made it happen along with other

    tons of congratulations for this splendid effort…………..keep it up bhai, i m with u

  29. Anmol Singh says:

    It is great to see such a fan following in Delhi for Rafi, majority appear to be intellactuals.

  30. binus2000 says:

    Udit will definitely come. sonu is very busy – so no time.
    Asha and Lata will refuse. they have done this to a rafi fan who
    is making a documentary on rafi saab.
    More : dilip[ saab will not say anything about rafi saab. raju bharatan
    says : their relations had soured. May be due to dilip taking kishores
    vocals for that “unforgettable song” saalaa mai to saab ban gaya…
    we do not know.
    and, many composers except pyarelalji asked payments : for saying
    a few words on camera on our great mohd rafi saab.

    Binu Nair.

  31. Narayanan says:


  32. parveen says:

    dear all
    is it possible to ask for some time to spend at later functions by lata,udit or sonu?
    ask asha if possible.
    i suggest u ,kindly ask them,if they deny does not matter.
    can u do that?

  33. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    Zorawar Chugani jee,

    Congratulations for the maiden event of ‘ Rafi Sahab foundation’ Delhi chapter.

    Myself, A.S. Murty, Padmanabhan, Srinivasan,Gopala krishna extend our heartfelt thanks for the same.

  34. `Extremely happy to know about the successful function in Delhi. Hearty congratulations to all Rafi Sahab fans who made this possible. Rest be assured, the farishta is watching it all. One day, he will smile and our life will be blessed!

    Shirish Kulkarni
    098204 52562

  35. binus2000 says:

    Zorawar ji, mathur ji , vinod viplav ji , naresh sharma : all great
    rafi saab lovers : we are proud of you and rafi saab : as usual will
    be smiling from the heavens seeing the love of his fans .
    Rafi saab loved his fans.
    I have seen rafi saab keenly watching his fans from his fiat car when
    he reached the shanmukhananda hall at mumbai ‘s king circle area,
    for a great concert. That was the first time i saw the veteran singer
    eye to eye : an experience that will never go away.

    Back to delhi unit of the rafi foundation : Your small team of today will
    expand and grow to great form . well done. keep it up.

    binu nair mumbai..

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