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Rekha to croon Din Dhal Jaaye

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The evergreen Diva, Rekha is all set to sing Din Dhal Jaaye for her forthcoming film Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana, directed by Amar Bhutala. It wasn’t exactly planned, beforehand. She was just humming the song on the sets, when the director suggested that she should actually sing in the movie! The original ghazal was composed by S D Burman and sung by Mohammed Rafi. She has managed to sing on very high notes.


Incidentally, this is not the first time that Rekha has sung for a movie. She earlier sang the song Eiffel Tower, written and composed by Anu Malik, in the film Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba.

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6 Blog Comments to “Rekha to croon Din Dhal Jaaye”

  1. Rajnesh Raina says:

    It may be Rekha Ji,s tribute to the Legend,and it would certianly refresh the original in our memories and the newer generations would come to know about it

  2. Roger Federer says:

    Good sense of humour Tim. I love people who can see the humourous side of life. Keep it up!

  3. Tim says:

    In fact, the article should have been titled “Rekha to kill a Classic”

  4. Tim says:

    Guys, hope you are not referring to Rekha!

  5. Waqar Sheikh says:

    The gretaest singer of all the times


    Everlasting and rememberable

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