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Ravi and Rafi’s combination will be remembered for generations

By Souvik Chatterji

Mohd Rafi with Shakeel and Ravi

Mohd Rafi with Shakeel and Ravi

Renowned music director Ravi Shankar Sharma died on 7th March, 2012, at the age of 86 years. His music had remained immortal over the years.

From the film Vachan and Albeli in 1955 he started his musical journey. In 1960, Mohammad Rafi’s soft ghazal “chaudavi ka chand” in the film Chaudavi Ka Chand made him a musical star. Guru Dutt’s picturization was as outstanding as the lyrics and the brilliant performance of Rafi. From that time it was magic been created whenever Rafi and Ravi combined together.

In 1961, Rajender Kumar’s Gharana stormed bollywood with the soft music in the songs “husnwale tera jawab nahin”, “jab se tumhe dekha hai” where Rafi’s velvety voice made the audience spellbound. Ravi and Rafi created in Rajender Kumar’s other film Pyar Ka Saagar in 1961, where the song “mujhe pyar ki zindagi denewale” made viewers spellbound.

In Shammi Kapoor’s China Town, Ravi’s music for Rafi had loud numbers like “baar baar dekho”. The magic combination did magic in Biswajeet’s film Shenai. Rafi’s song “na jhatkon zulf se pani”. Although Ravi created majority of songs for Rafi, he composed lots of successful songs for Mahendra Kapoor like “chalo ek baar phir se” in Gumrah, “neele gagan ki tale” in Humraaz, especially in the films of BR Chopra.

The sarengi that had been used by Ravi had been excellent. No other composer other than Roshanlal Nagrath had used sarengi, the way Ravi used in the film Kaajal in 1965. Rafi’s songs for Raj Kumar namely “ye zulf agar khulke” and “chulene do nazuk hotonko” had made the audience intoxicated.

Mohd Rafi with Shakeel and Ravi

Mohd Rafi with Shakeel and Ravi

All the songs of the film Do Badan in 1966 were smash hits. Rafi and Ravi were unparallel in the songs “bhari duniya me akhir dil”, “raha gardishon me hardam”, “naseeb me jisko jo”, etc., which were picturized on Manoj Kumar. Shakeel Badayani’s lyrics were meaningful and soulful.

The combination created magic in the films Ankhen, Do Kaliyan and Neel Kamal in 1968. All the songs in the film Neel Kamal were touchy including “tujkho pukare mera pyar”. It became a cult song. Rafi’s song “babul ki duyayen leti ja” had become a cult song during the marriages of daughters in India. It was also a gift of the Rafi and Ravi combination.

The magic continued in the film Ek Phool Do Mali. Rafi’s songs “o nanhe se farishte” and “aulad walon” made the viewers and listeners mesmerized. In the 70s, Ravi faded out of the industry and made a comeback with the film Nikaah. Although Mahendra Kapoor and Asha Bhosle made notable contribution in Ravi’s songs, his magic of soft romantic tunes could be given right expression by Mohammad Rafi.

The list of Rafi songs for Ravi is so long that it cannot be covered in several articles together. Even then the films and the songs should be restored. Although Ravi did not get the same honour as Shankar Jaikishan, or Naushad Ali or Roshan Lal Nagrath, his contribution in bollywood films cannot be ignored and he is one of the 10 best composers India had produced during the 50s and 60s and his combination with Mohammad Rafi had been unique.

Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

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26 Blog Comments to “Ravi and Rafi’s combination will be remembered for generations”

  1. a r modak says:

    if one takes the FILMFARE awards as a yardstick,
    you will note that Rafisaab, Mahendraji, Lataji and sister Asha Bhonsle won about seven awards————the most number of awards for any composer

  2. rajinder says:

    oneofthe most beutifully song sung by rafi and composed by ravi is Koi Mujh Se Pooche Ke Tum Mere Kya Ho. it was beauti to use flute.

  3. Hans says:

    although the original article did not give rafi lovers much info, yet contributions from zaheendanish and khaja aliuddin showed the range which rafi and ravi covered. special thanks to khaja ji for giving almost the full list of solos of rafi, which would be helpful to the new rafi-lovers to search for songs.

    the additional info given by binuji, mehruji, haldarji and manmouji is wonderful.

    bhagchandaniji raised a valid point about ravi’s contribution to asha bhonsle’s career and her silence about it. she rarely talks, if at all, about either ravi or opn. for me ravi created much better quality songs for asha as compared to opn. he used asha from his first film and had rarely did a film without her. asha and rafi were his favourite singers.

  4. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Halderji,
    Thanks a lot for sharing the link relating to article in Hindu.
    Dear Manmouji sahab,
    Thanks a lot for sharing Ravi sahab’s own interview.
    Very few persons in the world have the guts to share the truth relating to struggling life. Ravisahab was one of those noble souls who could share his own struggle before the people.

    At least 50 songs of Ravisahab for Rafisahab can be researched about in the context of excellent lyrics brilliant music and superlative singing. The softness that was evident in Ravi and Rafi songs like “husnwale tera jawab nahi”, “ye zulf agar khulke”, “bhari duniyame” etc., had taken the listeners to a different world, may be a world of peace, a world of eternal beauty.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  5. mehboob says:

    Always loved his music. One of my favourites alongside MM, SJ, LP.
    He just had a knack of creating melodious tunes.

  6. Man Mouji says:

    The excerpts from the interview of late Ravi ji one year ago, this will focus some of the things some music lovers does not know. Please read and be aware of the facts of the great MD late Ravi Ji

    I belonged to Delhi and was born and brought up there. As a child, I loved singing film songs. I would while away time flying kites and would keep failing my exams. However, I realised my true potential at the age of 11. My father belonged to the Kalki Bhagwan Mandal, where they would sing bhajans every evening. One day my father asked me to sing a song. Everyone appreciated me. The boy who sang before me felt jealous. The next day when I was asked to sing again, he played wrong notes and I couldn’t sing because I was not trained in music. Everyone laughed at me.

    That day, I promised myself to become a great singer some day. I went home and told my father that I wanted to learn the harmonium. One by one I learnt all the instruments. Meanwhile, in 1943, I got a job at the cantonment as an electrician for Rs 196. It was 13 km away from my house. I would leave home at six in the morning and would come back late at night. I quit the job after a few years and started doing odd jobs here and there. I finally got married in 1946. In 1950, I decided to come to Mumbai to try my luck in films as a singer. I did not know anyone here. I had no place to live, nor any food to eat. I spent my nights at Malad station and sometimes outside shops on the streets. My father later arranged for a small place in Kalbadevi. He sent me money from home. For days, I lived on one glass of tea and one meal for 50 annas.

    Many people cheated me with false promises. They would borrow money and never return it. During this time, music director Husnalal Bhagatram asked me to join his chorus group and offered to pay Rs 50. My clothes and chappals were torn. I was glad that I would earn some money, but after four rehearsals they rejected me. I pleaded with them, but nothing worked out. My father, however continued to send me Rs 40, out of the `80 that he earned. Despite my struggles, I never once gave up my dream of becoming a singer some day.

    When I had left Delhi, I had also carried my electrical tools with me. So, I started taking odd jobs of repairing appliances to earn extra money. In 1951, my wife and children came to Mumbai. Then one day, I met music director Hemant Kumar, who allowed me to sing in the chorus for the Vande Mataram song in the film Anandmath (1952). With the money, I bought a house made of tin in Kandivali. There was no electricity or water there. There were eight common toilets and we had to store water from the well, which was near a bungalow in the vicinity.

    Meanwhile, I continued to assist Hemant Kumar and also played the tabla for him. He was not well-versed with Urdu, so I would often help him out. From there on I never looked back. Soon, I started composing as well as writing lyrics. Slowly, I got more work. My song Chandamama Door Ke became a hit. I composed music for several films. Then Hemant Kumar told me to become an independent composer. I was dejected, I thought I would have to struggle again. But Guru Dutt gave me a chance in Chaudvin Ka Chaand. It is then that I built this house in 1962. Today, I have 200 hit songs to my credit. My life though, seems to be an endless struggle. Sometimes, your own people disappoint you.

  7. Souvik Chatterji says:

    The new generation should be informed about the great Ravi and Rafi combination. Films like do Badan, Neel Kamal, Waqt, Chaudavi Ka Chand, all were released more than 40 years ago.
    The excellent lyrics, the brilliant composition and outstanding singing of Mohammad Rafi is known only to the older generation of people. The new generation can have respect of the brilliant combination if the media highlights the works of the great combination.

  8. krishna Paramathma says:

    Ravi and Rafi saab were the greatest combinations. When I personally asked him about Rafi saab, he was all in praise for him. He said there were several singers but not one like Rafi saab. The song from movie Do Badan, Raha Gardishome hardam was supposed to be sung by Mukesh ji but then it was Ravi saab who decided to give it Rafisaab and he says only he could deliver the way he wanted. I was really in tears when i heard these statements from him.

  9. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    The musical jelling of Ravi and Rafi was simply phenomenal. Apart Naushad and Madan Mohan, Ravi was another music director who gave us some excellent ghazals. Rafi’s vocals for Ravi’s music compositions consisted of gems like ‘Jaane bahar husn tera bemisal hai…’, ‘Chaudvin kaa chand ho…’, ‘Mili khak mein mohabbat…’, ‘Yeh khamoshiyan, ye tanhaiyaan..’, ‘Jitni likhi thi mukaddar main…’, ‘Bazi kisi ne pyar ki…’ and many more (the list is pretty long).

    Mahendra Kapoor sang his best songs under the baton of Ravi saab. The songs that gave Mahendra Kapoor a distinct identity were mostly by Ravi. Even Asha Bhonsle sang some brilliant songs for Ravi. Curiously I have never heard her acknowledging this.

    I am reminded of an anecdote. On every Bakr-Id, Rafi saab used to send a big loaf of mutton to this music director without realizing that he was vegetarian. Ravi valued the gift of Rafi so much that he always accepted the gift and later distributed the same to his staff and musicians. Later one day when Rafi saab learnt about Ravi’s being vegetarian, he asked him why did he not tell him so. Ravi simply smiled and said ‘Ki aapne itne pyar se bheja tha… kaise manaa kar deta…’

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  10. Jugal gupta says:

    i would like to add to the comments of sri vinod mehru that ravi ji has given very beautiful songs for every is Rakhi dhagon ka tyohar bandha hua ek ek dhage me bhai behan ka pyar.and other one lai hai hajaron rang holi from phool aur far as i remember the song Aaj mere yaar ki shadi hai was also tuned by ravi ji which is played by Shadi bands all over india.

  11. A S MURTY says:

    A great tribute to Ravi Sahab and in the process to Rafi Sahab also. The combination was unbeatable as they have given us hundreds of beautiful gems of songs. The full lists of films and the classic songs given by zaheendanish and khaja aliuddin sahab are too great. Thanks Saurvaji for the wonderful article.

  12. Anil Abhua says:

    Magical Songs were came out at that Time By This RAFI Sahab-RAVI ji’s Combination . Sabhi Songs ek se Badhkar Ek …. 🙂

  13. jayesh says:

    the combination of ravi saheb – the music director and rafi saheb – the playback singer have created magic & their songs will be remembered forever.

  14. achal rangaswamy says:

    beautiful article, souvik ji

    these two stalwarts combined to provide magically enthralling songs for us and have left us with great memories


    achal rangaswamy

  15. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Binuji and Vinodji,
    Thanks a lot for sharing the events that took place in the funeral of renowned Ravi Sahab. I feel bad that as I stay in Jodhpur I could not attend it. I also pray that Ravisahab’s soul should rest in place.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  16. Binu Nair says:

    so much info is there about mohd rafi saaheb that someone must ‘do’ a Phd on our legend.

    i gathered some facts. only one who has done music as a subject can do this. the head of music dept, mumbai university prof nagdive informed me.

    we are trying to find suitable candidate for doing a phd on mohd rafi saaheb.

    music lovers may help the cause.

    from the rafi foundation – mumbai

    cell : + 9833 250 701

  17. vinod mehru says:

    dear sauvik ji ,
    ravi ji ek aisa sangeetkaar hai jinhone zindagi ke har avsar par geet diye hai, maine apni beti ki shaadi ke dvd mein babul ki duayeen add kiya hai aur aab meri naatin ke liye bhi ravi sahab ka chanda mama door ke sunne ko hai, har kisi ko ravi sahab kuch naa kuch dekar gaye hai,
    ravi ji ke funeral par film industry ka jo attitude raha hai usne bhi hum rafi sahab /ravi sahab fans ko bahut hurt kiya hai

    mein yahan par ek vishesh baat ka jikar karna chahata hoon jis tarah raza muraad ji ne funeral process mein part liya hai sabhi dhaarmik rites mein unko mein salute karta hoon.
    vinod mehru

  18. vinod mehru says:

    dear sauvik ji,
    just returned from the funeral of our beloved music director ravi sahab binu nair sahab also joined me and open tv to update with world and learned that the joy mukherjee sahab is also no more.

    do jism ek jaan, ravi sahab aur rafi sahab, itna badiya taalmel hai dono mein jiska parinaam hi sabke saamne hit gaane hai , film chahe flop ho leikn gaana saare hit, ek sunahre daur ka jise kabhi nahi bhoolayaa jaa sakta.

    1962/1963 mein ek film aayee the ,pyaar ka bandhan jisme ek gaana hai jise rafi sahab ne gaaya hai aur picturisation raajkumar par hai “mein hoon albela taange wala , ghodha pishori mera taanga lahori mera,
    rest of the list ke baare mein koi comment nahi hai aapke saath poori tarah sahmat hoon.

  19. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    ” Ravi and Rafi’s combination will be remembered for generations”, Of course, this combination will be remenbered forever.
    With due respect to my brother Zaheendanish, I am going to enumerate the amar solo songs of Rafi Sahab with the music direction of Ravi Sahab.

    1957- Ek Saal- Prem Dhawan- dil to kisi ko doge, kisi ke aakhir hoge
    1957- Ek saal- Prem Dhawan-Kisi ke liye ruka hai
    1957- Narsi Bhagath- Gopal singh nepali-Jay govinda gopala, man mohan
    1958-Devar Bhabhi- R.M.Ali khan-Hazaron hasaraten aisi ke
    1958- Dever Bhabhi- Raja Mahdi Ali Khan-Tasveer teri mera dil bahla na sakegi
    1958- Dulhan- S.H.Bihari- Lelo lelo muliraam
    1958- Mehandi- Qaamil Rasheed- Woh aaj apni mahfil me aye huve hain
    1959- Chiragh kahan roshni kahan- Prem Dhawan-Ajab hai maalik tera jahan
    1959- Jawani ki hawa- Rajinder krishan-kaise jaaun nadiya ke teer
    1959- Nai Raahen- G.S.Nepali- Kahan teri manzil. My favourite number
    1959- Paheli Raath- Majrooh- Dilbar pe na ho khaboo, photo khincha le babu
    1959- Paheli Raath- Majrooh- Ruk ruk chamke, jhuk jhuk chamke
    1960- Chaudavin ka chand- Shakeel- 5 hit songs
    1960- Ghar ki laaj- Rajindera krishan- Ujad gaya panchi ab tera basera. An unforgetable song
    1960- Ghar ki laaj- Rajindera krishan- le lo chudiyan
    1960- Ghoonghat- Shakeel- Haayre insaan ki majbooriyan. What a song?
    1960- Ghar ki laaj- Rajindera krishan- Laila ki ungliyan bechun
    1960- Ghar ki laaj- Rajindera krishan- Yeh sach hai ae jahan
    1960- Nayi maa- Shevan Rizvi- Taqdeer ke chakkar me, jhuk jayega ek din tere
    qadmon par
    1960- Trunk Call- Qamar Jalalabadi- kanna munna kur
    1961- Gharana- Shakeel- Husn wale tera jawab nahi. Romantic number
    1961- Modern girl- Rajinder krishna- Nazar uthne se pahle hi jhukaleti to
    1961 – Nazraana- Rajinder krishna- Baazi kisi ne pyar ki jeeti ya haari
    1961- Wanted- Shakeel- Ham bhi kaash kunware hote
    1962- Apana Banake dekho- Asad Bhopali- Ham to pahli hi nazar me, de chuke haindil tumhe. A mind blowing song.
    1962- Apana banake dekho- Asad Bhopali- Raaze dil unse chupaya na gaya
    1962- Bombay ka chor- Rajinder krishana- hai bahaar-e-baagh duniya chand roz
    1962- China Town- Majrooh- Baar baar dekho
    1962- Girls Hostel- Gulshan Baawra- Idhar bhi haseena
    1962- Girls hostel- Gulshan Baawra- ham yaar ki gali me pukare chale gaye
    1962- Isi ka naam duniya hai- S.h. Bihari- yeh mahfil yeh botal
    1962- Isi ka naam duniya hai- S.H. Bihari- Chalo maana ki mahfil me
    1962- Raakhi- Rajinder krishna- Bandha huva haiek ek dhaage me bhai behen ka
    1962- Raakhi- Rajinder krishna-Ya meri manzil bata. Very touchy song.
    1962- Raakhi- Rajinder krishna- ek pyar bhara dil de
    1963- Bharosa- Rajinder krishna- Three hit songs
    1963- Aaj aur kal- Saahir- Itni haseen itni jawan raat
    1963- Aaj aur kal- Saahir- Yeh wadiyan yeh fizayen
    1963- Gahara Daagh- Shakeel- Bhagwaan ek qusoor ki itni badi saza
    1963- Gahara Daagh- Shakeek- Aaj udta hua ek panchi
    1963- Grihasthi- Shakeel- Aaj mili ek ladki
    1963- Grihasthi- shakeel-voh aurat hai jo insaanon ki oonchi shaan karti hai
    1963- Kaun apna kaun paraya- Shakeel- Three hit songs
    1963- Mulzim- Shakeel- 5 beautiful hit numbers
    1963- Pyar kiya to darna kiya- shakeel- 4 hit numbers
    1963- Pyaar ka bandhan- Sahir- Ghoda peshori mera
    1963- Pyaar ka bandhan- Sahir- Bojh uthale saathi
    1963- Ustadon ke Ustaad- Asad Bhopali- Sau baar janam lenge- a mind blowing song.
    1963- Ustadon ke ustaad- Asad Bhopali- haseeno se to bas saahab salamath door
    1963- Yeh raaste hain pyaar ke- Rajinder krishna- Koi mujhse pooche. The rendition of Rafi sahab is superb.
    1963- Yeh raaste hain pyaar ke- R. Krishan- tum jis pe nazar dalo us dil ka
    1964- Door ki aawaz- shakeel- 5 hit songs
    1964- Shehnai- Rajinder krishna- 4 hit songs. Na jhatko zulf se paani.Romantic song. All songs are sada bahar numbers.
    1965- Bahu Beti- Sahir- 3 songs. one song is picturized on Mehamood and two songs are picturized on handsome Joy Mukherjee.
    1965- Khaandan- Rajinder krishna- 3 songs, picturized on Sunil Dutt
    1965- Kaajal- Sahir- two mind blowing romantic numbers, picturized on Raaj kumar.
    1965- Waqt- Sahir- Title song
    1966- Do Badan- Shakeel- Three beautiful numbers picturized on Manoj Kumar.
    1 -Bhari duniya me
    2-naseeb me jiske jo likha hai
    3- Raha gardishon me
    1966- Dus Laakh- Prem Dhawan- two songs:
    1- Aa lag ja gale
    2- Ajab teri kaarigari re kartaar
    1966- Phool aur Patthar- Shakeel- 2 songs
    1- Mere dil ke andar
    2- Tum kaun, maamool
    1966- Sagaayi-Rajinder krishna- o papa na sharma
    1966- Yeh zindagi kitni haseen hai- 3 songs:
    1- khudaara yun na dil todo
    2- Pahle aankh ladaaiye
    3- Nange baazu
    1967- Aurat- Shakeel- meri gaadi udan khatola
    1967- Meherbaan- Rajinder krishan- 4 songs:
    1- Mera gadha , gadhon ka leader
    2- Mujhe jab apani guzri zindagani
    3- Aayega aayega ek chail chabeela
    4- Ek raaja ki sun lo kahani
    1967- Nai Roshni- Rajinder krishana- 4 songs:
    1- Teri aankh jo ishara na hota
    2- Gareebon ka jeena bhi hai koi jeena
    3- kis tarah jeete hain yeh log
    4- jitni likhi thi
    1968- Aankhen- Sahir- Title song
    1968- Gauri- Rajendra krishna- 2 songs:
    1- Zindagi ki raahon me
    2- Dil mera tmhaari adayen le gayi
    1968- Neel Kamal- Sahir- 3 songs, which include the bidaai song. Baabul ki duayen leti jaa.
    1969- Aadmi aur insaan- Sahir- bina sifarish mile naukri
    1969- Badi didi- Rajinder krishna- aisi chali taqdeer ki aandhi
    1969- Doli- Rajinder krishna- Daanto tale dabakar honth
    1969- Ek phool do maali- Prem dhawan- o, nanhe se farishte
    1970- Samaaj ko badal daalo- Sahir- Samaj ko badal daalo
    1971- Ganga tera paani amrit- Sahir- Title song
    1971- Padosi- Pravaasi- visva ek, ham ek hain
    1971- umeed- shakeel- mujhe ishq hai tujhi se. Romantic song.
    1972- Dhadkan- Mere dost tujhe tera meet. Lyrics penned by ravi himself as for as I remember.
    1974- Mehamaan- Sahir- 2 songs:
    1- meri chahat rahegi hamesha jawan
    2- Haaye, oof yeh jawani
    1975- Amaanat- Sahir- 4 songs, picturized on Manoj Kumar.
    1975- Ek mahal ho sapnon ka- Sahir- zindagi guzarne ko saathi ek chaaiye
    1975- Mere sartaj- Mahboob sarwar- jhuka jhuka ke nazaryun uthai jaati hai
    1975- Vandana- Asad Bhopali- jo chahe sazaa dedo
    1977- Aadmi sadak ka- Varma malik- 2 songs: picturized on Shatrugan Sinha
    1982- Jogi- Shakeel- He shiva shankar jay shiva shankar

    With regards to all Rafi lovers.
    This is my tribute to both legends, Ravi Sahab and Rafi sahab.

    “hazaron saal nargis apni be noori pe roti hai
    badi mushkil se hota hai chaman me deedawar paida”

    Shab Bakhair, Khuda Hafiz,

    An ardent fan of Ravi sahab and Rafi sahab,

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  20. Uday Singh Tundele , Indore says:

    Playing of ‘Bar Bar Dekho, Hajar Bar Dekho’ (China Town) over band is a must in every Baarat (wedding procession) even today. It is the most popular song for dancing in indian marriages but how many of the people enjoying the occasion know that the song was composed by Shri Ravi. Many more marriages will take place in India in future also, making this song immortal & making the youngs to dance to its tune. My ‘SHARDDHANJALI’ to the great composer.

  21. Mohan says:

    Thanks for the fantastic roundup of Great personalities. Ravi saab’s musical talent in film Narsi Bhagat 1957, stirred the Godly sentiments of not only those in Gujarat but the entire country.
    I only wish 100% of his songs are uploaded on You Tube.

  22. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Ravi in his illustrious career had given different types of songs namely ghazals, pure classical numbers, folk songs, western songs. Most of the songs in films like Gharana, Chaudavi Ka Chand, Waqt, Humraaz, Do Badan, had become immoral over the years.
    The songs and the films will remain immortal in the minds of music lovers all across the world.
    Souvik Chatterji.

  23. Ali says:

    Mohd rafi + Ravi it mean mean super hit song, only thing I can say

  24. Binu Nair says:

    in malayalam films, ravi (Bombay Ravi ) to keralites remain in top five composer of the times. ravi saaheb did’nt know more than three words of the language, he had told me.

    tall and handsome ravi sahebs pictures with a ever smiling mohd rafi were a regular feature in screen weekly during the seventies when after a recording the crew would pose for a picture.

    film gauri with nutan and sunil dutt was shot in alwaye kerala near my hometown and it had music by ravi.

    singer chithra got her first national award in her first song tuned by ravi saaheb in malayalam.

    i am still trying to get the malayalam songs of ravi saaheb which will be a treat. but, meanwhile there are the hindi numbers to be satisfied and get some joy.

    we used to go to ravi sahebs residence without any appointment and the 86 year old will always meet us. Last time i met him at his kitchen cum dining table in the morning. no one taking mohd rafi’s name would be turned back.

    on nineth march a friday again i met ravi saaheb and bowed before the ‘towering composer’ and touched his feet at santacruz shastri nagar crematorium . Its near the mosque at santacruz where another companion and hero of ravi saaheb rests. divine mohd rafi saaheb.

  25. Zaheendanish says:

    Ravi Ji noted for his heart-touching, soft, melodious and soulful tunes, Ravi’s songs and immortal music are hummed even today, decades after he composed them, giving them an ageless character.

    The following are the films for which he scored immortal music:

    Aadmi Aur Insaan (1969)
    Aadmi Sadak Ka (1977)
    Aaj Aur Kal (1963)
    Aaj Ki Awaz (1984)
    Albeli (1955)
    Amaanat (1970)
    Ankhen (1968)
    Anmol Moti (1969)
    Apna Ghar (1960)
    Awam (1987)
    Babul Ki Galiyan (1972)
    Badi Didi (1969)
    Bahu Beti (1964)
    Bharosa (1963)
    Bombai Ka Chor (1962)
    Chaudhavi Ka Chand (1960)
    China Town (1962)
    Chingari (1971)
    Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan (1959)
    Dahleez (1986)
    Dharkan (1972)
    Dhund (1972)
    Dilli Ka Thug (1958)
    Do Badan (1966)
    Do Kaliyan (1968)
    Doli (1969)
    Dooj Ka Chand (1964)
    Door Ki Awaz (1964)
    Dus Lakh (1966)
    Ek Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka (1975)
    Ek Phool Do Mali (1969)
    Ek Saal (1957)
    Ganga Tera Pani Amrit (1971)
    Gauri (1968)
    Gehra Daag (1962)
    Ghar Sansar (1958)
    Gharana (1961)
    Ghunghat (1960)
    Girls Hostel (1961)
    Grihasthi (1963)
    Gumrah (1963)
    Hamraaz (1967)
    Kaajal (1965)
    Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya (1963)
    Khandan (1965)
    Man Ka Meet (1968)
    Mehman (1970)
    Mehndi (1958)
    Mehrban (1967)
    Modern Girl (1960)
    Nai Raahen (1958)
    Nai Roshni (1967)
    Narsi Bhagat (1957)
    Nartaki (1963)
    Nazrana (1962)
    Neel Kamal (1968)
    Nikaah (1982)
    Padosi (1971)
    Paisa Ya Pyar (1969)
    Phool Aur Patthar (1966)
    Pyaar Ka Saagar (1961)
    Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya (1963)
    Rakhi (1962)
    Sagaai (1966)
    Salam Mem Saheb (1960)
    Samaj Ko Badal Dalo (1970)
    Sanjh Ki Bela (1980)
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    Tawaif (1984)
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    Yeh Preet Na Hogi Kam (1985)
    Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke (1963)
    Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai (1965)

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