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Rafi sings for Bharat Bhushan – “yahi araman lekar aj, apane ghar se ham nikale”

This article has been written by Mr D.P. BIJOOR and shared by Mr A.S. MURTY from Hyderabad. – This small article would not have been completed without the immediate help & cooperation of Mr A S MURTY from Hyderabad. Thank You MURTY SIR.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

The fraternity of the Indian Screen especially the Hindi Film Industry over these long years can be considered as truly voluminous and each & every contributor & player involved in each & every field and department of film making was unique.

There have been instances in this very industry where a few of the elite OR choosy ones have indeed grown from rags to riches with fame, publicity & popularity simply lingering at their feet whereas there have also been such other cases where many have lost their hard earned riches and have been dragged almost from riches to rags and their ultimate end being extremely horrible & dreadful. Indeed a great money spinning affair.

One such towering personality whom I remember and who immediately flashes on my mind screen and falling under the riches to rags category is none other than my own childhood hubby Mr Bharat Bhushan, who in fact was the one who probably started the label of being a chocolate hero in his hey & beautiful days.

Bharat Bhushan was the one who immediately rose to fame, publicity & popularity with his first major break in Vijay Bhatt musical venture film titled Baiju Bawra after which there was hardly any looking back for Mr Bhushan. This gentleman as many would not be aware and know did own a sprawling and a beautiful bungalow situated at Perry Road, Bandra (West) Mumbai.

However the way he came up and rose to fame & publicity the same way he started descending down and ultimately when he landed into total financial crises and loss the poor Mr Bhushan was almost constrained to sell his assets and under these circumstances the one who immediately came to his rescue and purchased his bungalow was none other than our flamboyant hero Mr Jeetendra. In fact it was Jeetubhai whom I heard was near to Mr Bhushan in the times of his crises. Great work Jeetubhai – hats off to you!!!

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Bharat Bhushan was last seen in films like “Taqdeer” and Nasir Hussains “Pyar Ka Mausam” in which Rafi Saab has rendered great songs. It was indeed very sad to note that the ultimate end of this gentleman was quite miserable and unfortunate. God bless such noble souls.

Today down the memorable lane I would specifically like to remember my childhood hubby manly on account of his charming features & involvement in various films. Though Bharat Bhushan was never ranked amongst the elite greats he still managed to be one of the most popular personality of the Indian Screen. Bharat Bhushan, Joy Mukherjee, Pradeep Kumar, Biswajit & above all Mahipal have had indeed a common factor belonging to all of them. They were never considered as great actors but all of them were indeed popular in their own respective days with each & every film of their having great songs & above all great & popular female artists to pair with.

Mohammed Rafi Saabs association with Bharat Bhushan can be termed as great & fantastic mainly since several all-time great renditions & melodies of our dear Rafi Saab were on the lips of Bharat Bhushan.

I would like to narrate a few as follows

1. O duniya ke rakhawale sun dard bhare mere naledil kya ujada duniya ujadee rooth gayee hai bahare hum jivan kaise gujaremahal udas aur galiyan soonee chup chup hai deeware,

2. Mana tarapat hari darshan ko aaj,

3. Tu ganga kee mauj main jamuna kee dhara ho rahega milan ye hamara tumhara all from the film Baiju Bawra by Naushad,

4. Zindagee bhar na bhulegee woh barsaat kee raat ek anjan hasina se mulaqat kee raat,

5. Jab jab krishna kee bansi baje nikhale radha sajake both from the film Barsaat ki Raat by Roshan.    

6. Duniya na bhaye mohe ab to bula le charno mein charno mein tere from the film Basant Bahar by Shankar Jaikishan.

7. Ek pardesi mera dil legaya jate jate mitha mitha gam degaya from the film Phagun

8. Dho ghadee woh jo paas ah baithe hum zamane se dhoor ja baithe from the film Light House

The above narrated rendition of the songs is a very comprehensive list as far as Rafi-Bharat Bhusan combination is concerned. In addition there are innumerable numbers which have not been included considering the space constraints of this beautiful site   

However my all-time favorite rendition by Rafi Saab for Bharat Bhushan from the film Shabab with music by Naushad is as follows  

yahi araman lekar aj, apane ghar se ham nikale,
jahan hai zindagi apani, usi kuche mein dam nikhale,
yahi araman lekar aj, apane ghar se ham nikale,

sitaron jagamagao tum, baharon muskurao tum
meri ujadi hui muhabbat ki, hansi mil kar udao tum
jinhen sajade keye hamane, woh patthar ke sanam nikale
yahi araman lekar aj, apane ghar se ham nikale,

tamanna yahi hai ab to, mera sar ho tera dar ho
na ansu koi ankhon mein, naa shikava koi lab par ho
agar yun maut bhee ajae to apane dil se gam nikale

Hats off to you Rafi Saab for this extraordinary rendition!!!

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20 Blog Comments to “Rafi sings for Bharat Bhushan – “yahi araman lekar aj, apane ghar se ham nikale””

  1. shahejad shaikh says:

    Rafi saab My god on earth.I m very devoty to him.God will not make another rafi after him inshalla. I m crayying when I hear some incedent about him n then I really goes in that time n fill about that farista.I m praying to god please show me rafi live with me for few second n then take my life. I will be very happy because my moto of life will b over.I m a very big lover of The Great RAFI.The whole universe words would not enough to say about My RAFI.

  2. dr vk nair says:

    bharath bhushans sahebs movies had and have guarenteed descent viewing – no nudity or vulgar love\wet scenes-,good story and was a hero with a good looking likeble face (unlike raj kapoor old man looks , his movie’s gimmics, female exibitionism, vulgar love scenes called emotional scenes,or dilipkumars overacting in many a filim ) Bharat bhushans movies means great songs too , not only Mhd Rafi ,but, talat, mukesh, mannadey etc have sung their better songs for this great under-rated actor who thought that just the art of acting was enough to survive in bollywood and hence did not invest elsewhere .
    An award on his name or some monument should have come up in bombay or his home town in UP state. By this the next generation will remember him, see his songs ,and can enjoy evergreen music. A descent person like him deserves it ,similiraly rafi not getting a bharat ratna is also very unjust.

  3. appa says:

    I feel very sad to note that a great actor like Mr. Bharat Bhushan was allowed to die in poverty and distress. Mr. Bharat Bhushan often used to portray the tragic life of a musician. His real life was no different from his reel life in the fag-end of his years. He died virtually forgotten by all actors and actresses of Bollywood. It seems Bollywood remembers an actor or actress only if he or she has the means. Many great actors and artists have died in abject poverty and faded into oblivion. Bhagwan Dada was one example. The media which does not miss a beat raking up sensationalism in its news also conveniently ignores such actors. I never thought Indian tinseldom and media would be so cruel as to forget the contributions of actors of yore. May Mr. Bhushan’s soul rest in peace.

  4. RAJA says:

    What a great actor Bharat Bhushan was! Unfortunately, he experienced solitude and pennury in his last years. Very sad.

  5. jai vikram says:

    Bharat Bhushan will always remain in the minds of Hindi cine goers unto eternity.This film personality is special.I am a Hindi cinema buff and have analysed almost all cinema greats,including Dilip Shab and found what make them tick.But I do not know where BB’s magic lies.I tried hard to find but failed.At last I realised that BHARAT BHUSHAN is the real MOZART of Hindi Cinema, not Dilip, not Dev Anand nor Raj Kapoor.

  6. utthara says:

    Bijoorji and Murtyji, Bharat Bhushan and Rafi combination is superb. I like this song in Barsat ki raat very much __ Mayoos hun wade pe tere and Duniya na bhaye from Basant Bahar. What songs! It is sad that Bharat Bhushan who gave us so many hits had to die penniless.

    Thank you Bijuji and Murtyji for reminding us of the great melodies.

    Jab jab bahar aayi aur phool muskurayi mujhe tum yaad aaye



  7. biman baruah says:

    Respected Bijjor Ji & Murty Ji

    great write-up on first great singer-actor combination of Indian Cinema. The film BAIJU BAWRA was a landmark film of Industry which established Rafi Saheb as the number one playback singer of Hindi Cinema with great tunes of Naushad Saheb and a first trend of creating star with Bharat Bhushan on the magic of Rafi’s golden voice. The actor had got his stardom which was his 18th film. Rafi Saheb was at his spiritual best in timeless numbers from Baiju Bawra to Basant Bahar, Samrat Chandragupta, Barsaat Ki Raat , Phagun, down to Taqdeer. It looks very odd when Kishore sings for Bharat Bhushan in Pyar Ka Mausam.

    Reading about the last days of Bharat Bhushan Saheb, i feel very upset and remembered his small role of old bed-paitent husband of a young lady Kajal Kiran in the film Ghar Sansar starring Jeetendra & Sridevi. As well said by Sri Anmol Singh Ji , there should be a pension scheme in the film Industry, so that no artist will face any hardship in his old or ideal days. Govt. or association like IMPA shold take initiatives in this regard very positively.

    with best wishes & warm regards
    Biman, Sivasagar, Assam

  8. unknow says:

    film industry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
    Mohd rafi was true about film industry because he put his family away from film industry…..
    when they asked mohd Rafi grad son why they are not in film industry? the answer was that Mohd Rafi said not to work in film industry.

  9. Narayan says:

    Well done Bijoor bhai and Murty saab..
    No doubt Bharat Bhooshan and Rafi sahab’s combination is Vintage Classic Rafi. All the songs are immortal and every upcoming singer’s bible for improving and training vocal skills..

  10. Anmol Singh says:

    Considering such a state of many actors and film makers, the Bollywood film industry should have a life time pension scheme, where they can pay a premuim during their hay days. Later on the money can be provided to them on monthly basis to meet their basic expenses.

    The Central or the State Govt needs to impose some guideline here. This will also help in bringing more tranparency in funds used in Bollywood.

  11. Vinayababu says:

    “yahi araman lekar aj, apane ghar se ham nikale”

    Thank you to all those who made it possible to mention this passanate , and very moving song of Rafi shib. In fact tears come to eyes every time I listen to this music.

    I listen to this mesmerising rendering everyday and in fact that set my mood for the day. I am not well versed in Hindi and so could not fully comprehend the meaning of these lines, but even without understating the meaning the melody is so moving.Of course only a combination of Rafi sahib and Naushaji could have produced something like this, one of the all time bests of Hindi songs.

    I will be very thankful to some one here if he or she could give an English translation of these lines in this forum to fully appreciate this wonderful piece of melody.

    Thanks again

  12. Ratnam Raj Prakash says:

    Dear Friends,

    Rafi did sing some good songs for Bhjarat Bhushan in a film titled GYARA HAZAAR LADKIYAN. Can we get these songs somewhere?

    Another thing I would like to say is eventhough Rafi sang some beautiful song under the baton of Lakshmikant Pyarelal in the film DOSTI, the song did not suit the face of the actor.It was total misfit. Any comments?



  13. Imran Rustam says:

    Good write up on unique topic. Rafi Sb gave some of his best songs to Bharat Bhushan. I just narrate one of my favorite song from the movie “Shabab”…..”Mehlon me rehne wale hamein tere Dar se kia”.

    What a song this is…….video of the song is also very nice and Rafi Sb’s voice is unmatchable.


  14. pmc thangal says:

    dear murty & mr bijoor,good helps me to know a good deal about bharat bhushen and about his golden days. and the tragic end of his really wet my eyes.the songs of rafi saab had truly helped the filims like biju baware and barsat ki raat.the song were super hits of that times.

  15. A S MURTY says:

    bijoor sahab adaabrafi. you have paid rich tributes to bharat bhushan, one of the great artistes and also quoted some of the great songs that rafi sahab rendered for this varsatile actor.

  16. Nasir says:

    It wouldn’t be wrong to state that Rafi Sahaab’s singing voice in BAIJU BAWRA was singularly responsibile for the rise of Bharat Bhushan who had actually been struggling for over a decade in Bombay film industry. It is also a pity that just after a decade and half the stars of Bharat Bhushan went into descendence after which he begana character-artiste and bit roles. He reached his pinnacle when he was awarded the prestigious Filmfare Award for the best actor in 1955 for his 1954 movie, MAHAPRABHU CHAITANYA. The Rafi Sahaab’s song: ZINDAGI BHAR NAHEEN BHULEGEE WOH BARSAAT KI RAAT in BARSAT KI RAAT endeared him to the general movie-goers.

  17. Mohammed Irfan says:

    During his last years he used to act in serials being televised in the afternoon transmission.What a fate!! .Similar was the case of ‘Bhagwan’ who died in a rented room in a chawl at lower parel.

    Had these good men been a little smart and saved / invested during their hay days, the end might/could have been different.

    BUT as Rafi saab had sung ‘Taqdeer kahan le jayegi maloom nahi, malooom nahi’.

    Mohammed Irfan

  18. p.p.diwan says:

    it was very sad to read the plight of bharat the sunny days there are hundreds around you but one day when you are in rainy days every one disappears,such are ways of film industry.present generation is more smart because they are not emotional.few years back subash ghai was the greatest showman but unfortunately his few films did not click and see how the people flop teesri kasam snatched shalendera from us.can somebody write songs like people look like a family only from the boundry walls of the house,here every one wants to stand on shoulders of others.

  19. mohamed parvez says:


  20. binu nair says:

    BHARAT BHUSHAN, REHMAN, BHAGWAN, C.RAMCHANDRA,MEENA KUMARI, shailendra and many more had great setbacks towards the end of their lives. they lived like kings during their days of glory often feeding and feasting scores of their hangers-on on a daily basis.
    how much ever you draw water from a well, one day it’s bound to become dry. this exactly happened to many of our industry heroes. they lost all their wealth in stages to friends and relatives. the well dried up – suddenly, earlier than expected.

    bharat bhushan died virtually in a autorikshaw in borivli near the national park while pleading to be taken to a hospital. a stranger noticed him to be bharat bhushan and did the needful.

    infact, the borivli national park river was seen in baiju bawra . this was the place where bharat bhushan piloted to glory and also descended in to total oblivion during his last days.

    binu nair… mumbai

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