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Rafi Sahab – So What?

By Ramesh Narain Kurpad

Mohd Rafi and Kishore Kumar

During my life times, I have had the great pleasure of interacting with innumerable music fans – lovers of retro music – but today, I wish to bring forth and highlight a peculiar kind – un-matchable in its unique negativity. Bhakton, I wish to appear to have started off on a controversial note by saying Rafi Sahab – So What? – I wish to put down a few lines in support of the innumerable music fans of the legendary singer Kishore Kumar.

It may really sound as though I am here to sing pains on KK but all that I wish to do is to highlight the innermost feelings of a Kishore Kumar Fan who has it in abundance all against Rafi sahab. And he exults often – Rafi Sahab – So What???

At this juncture, I wish to take help of the old adage “ jealousy thy name is woman “ or is it the other way around.  It is important to mention that one could never get away by praising another woman in presence of one woman. ( excuse me behnon – I wish to make full use of the female feelings to capture the mindset of the Kishore Kumar fan. )

Though I am a born die-hard Rafi Sahab Fan, I also immensely like, hear and truly appreciate Kishore Kumar songs. The same can never be said about the KK fan though. It need not be, but however, he comes on to you as a shock.  His entire personality, utterances, writings and general behaviour gives you a case of Rafi sahab bashing, rather than actually portraying the great singing talent of a legend called Kishore Kumar.

No matter what you say about Rafi sahab, he just wants to deride you and Rafi sahab to the extent of being not respectfull.

Mohd Rafi with Kishore Kumar

Mohd Rafi with Kishore Kumar

Legendary Kishore Kumar has such fantastic qualities as a great singer, human being, lead a dignified life among legends. Instead of picturing their singing star in a good light they simply go down in history as Rafi bashers.

This kind of human behavior really baffles me and leaves me with a lot questions as to why these numerous scores of kishore fans ( almost all males ) are behaving like the “JEALOUS WOMAN“.

Any point you make of Rafi sahab, it is nicely countered by saying Kishore was greater. Rafi was ordinary. Infact according to them Kishore was so great that Rafi with innumerable limitations was minuscule in his presence.  They say Rafi fans are ruffians, do not know how to behave, talk nasty, write nasty and are jealous of Kishore’s popularity as the only legend.

At this point, I just give up and retreat my steps and tell the person in front of me – that he is right – Indeed Kishore Kumar was a great singer and his renditions have become legendary and folklore.

Bhakton, this write up – was never an exercise to pull down the Kishore fan but to just express and put forth the pitiable state of mind of the helpless Kishore fan – who instead of using his vocab and energies in praise of their singing star end up  only trying their utmost in bringing Rafi sahab down.

Our great nation, India, has given us some legendary hindi film play back singers, who have given us some memorable songs to last generations of humanity. Let us bask in its glory. Let us enjoy these gems. Let us get lost in their melody.

Let us all attain “ MOKSH “ through some soulful songs of these great singing legends who once lived and sang in this great motherland of ours.

Rafi Sahab, I have said, What ever I wished to say – to express the angst of some distressed humans, lovers of music, lost in music, unmindful of not making sense too.

Rafi Sahab, forgive them – as they do not know – What they Are saying.

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55 Blog Comments to “Rafi Sahab – So What?”

  1. Muhammad Kamran Bajwa says:

    love you mohd.rafi

  2. gokuldas kumar.m says:

    Dear all Rafi fans,
    As one of you put it, this forum should only serve as a forum for healthy exchange of views among Rafi lovers instead of having to face derogatory remarks about Rafi from Rafi baiters! It needs editing and moderation before publishing. It is not at all worth replying to them (Rafi baiters) , once you come to know they are parochial and biased. while all this debate is going on I only think if only we had great Nowshad sahib alive today! He was the usthadon ka usthad among music directors. He would have vouched for the greatness of Muhammad Rafi sahib with a stamp of authority without leaving any room for doubt in any body’s mind as to who is great, greater, greatest etc. but the trajedy is that even the remarks made about Rafi by certain living legends namely mannadey, Yesudas, SPB are simply ignored by these Rafi baiters while devaluing and belittling Rafi!!
    Regarding Ghantasala, none disputes his calibre in classical rendering with the devotional fervour, which characterised the Telugu movie industry during the forties and fifties. And his classical edge in comparison is well acknowledged also. But I always used to wonder whether all these fans of Ghantasala have heard enough from the thousands of songs sung by Rafi of all types and moods- romantic, pathos, philosophical, playful, devotional, patriotic and even classical so that they could make a fair comparison ? I said this because I read one Ghantasala fan’s remark that when it comes to singing in higher octaves, Rafi could not come anywhere near Rafi!! Whether that particular Ghantasala fan has made this remark honestly after listening to various Rafi numbers rendered in high pitches? In my opinion, there are songs sung by Rafi where the singing pitch has risen to greater and more difficult levels than in the case of ” O Duniya Ke Rakwale “. A few songs that come to my mind immediately in this connection are ” zindabad zindabad ye muhabat zindabad” , ye duniya agar mili tho kya he”, gam udanae ke liye (Mere Huzur),Subha na aaye ( last lines, Aa jawo, Aa jawo), Mere pyar mein tuje kya mila (last line, yahi faisala,, yahi faisala—), Taqdeer ka fasana ( latha also has sung this)and so on. ( there are many more I can slowly recollect!)
    lastly, for the information of the Rafi baiters, I am a Kerallite and my love towards Rafi is beyond any bias, in spite of the fact that we have another legend, Yesudas in malayalam music, which we all adore as great. Still, there are so many yesudas lovers like me who value Rafi as a class apart!! When they all say in a single voice “Rafi is Rafi”, it transcends beyond the Vindhyas, the Himalayas and it is universal. That feeling expressed by the countless Rafi fans know no traces of bias — bias of region, religion, language etc. How rightly the great Nowshad sahib remarked after Rafi’s demise- ” Though Rafi sahib is no more among us, his voice will be reverberating and resonating amids the clouds in the sky for centuries to come !! what more certificate you want to prove the worth of Muhammad Rafi sahib ?

  3. V K Pandey says:

    37 – J K Bhagchandani ji

    The kishore fan here is certainly different from the kishore fan in the other site as the language can be clearly known. The kishore fan in the other site has a very good command over english language as can be seen from his posts and moreover he seems to have a little balanced approach towards other singers (though as a kishore fan). This kishore fan’s language (in this site) is not that sophisticated.

    Dear kishore fan (in this site)

    Much has been talked about rafi and kishore and it is a known fact that rafi stands as the icon in hindi playback singing and greatest ever born playback singer (in a maximum number of areas with excellent achievements) as compared to other hindi singers. Arguments are arguments only and nothing can change that fact – rafi ji is top and that is a fact and many rafi fans have already clarified this and I do not want to put up any facts in this regard.

    Next, surprisingly, some kishore fans, I repeat, only some have made a little and similar comparison for kishore with ghantasala – this is ridiculous. With the knowledge I have, I feel comparing kishore with ghantasala is just similar to comparing a street cricketer with the likes of sachin tendulkar and nothing beyond that. At least there is some reason for comparison between rafi and ghantasala – it is like a comparison between one badshah and another badshah or like one god and another god, but this kishore vs. ghantasala (reference by some kishore fans) is simply a joke. To my knowledge, rafi was rafi and ghantasala was ghantasala, where kishore cannot really fit in any way.

  4. Ali says:

    Sir H.P if I am not wrong OPN back to the ship and said it was his biggest mistake and if there was no mohd rafi so there be no OPN, also if am not wrong in1970’s it said that mohd rafi lost his place so OPN replied give me only one film I will show you who is mohd rafi, yes Ravi,Madan Mohan and few more they stay on the ship, mohd rafi is like sun light which can’t be compare with stars light even moon light got more power than stars which comes from the sun.

  5. hp sahab – what does HP stand for ( abbreviation of …… ) – if i am not too inquisitive.

    thanks a ton for your emotive explanation – you are that much closer to me now – i share your feelings.

    adaab rafi,

    ramesh narain kurpad

  6. Ahamed Kutty says:

    during 1970 to 80 rdb has given more chances to
    kk than rafi saab. it is interesting that rafi saab
    could bag film fare as well as national award for
    rdb’s song “kya hua tera waadha”.it is sad to note
    a singer like kk could not get a “padmashree” as
    well as a national award. after the death of rafi
    saab kk had enough time to prove himself as
    a versatile singer.he could not sing a song atleast
    a song like “pardha hai pardha” since there were
    limtations for him as far as his singing abilities
    are concerned.

    annu malik,md was telling once he has seen rdb
    desperately asking for a chance to do music for
    a film.

  7. H.P. says:

    All i was saying – Big ship = rafisaab, people on the big ship = music directors, some actors
    As i have observed, RD burman jumped off the ship first then some people followed him blindely or for some reason. RD realized (after seeing some disestors) that he made a mistake. he came back to ship. The ship accepted him like nothing happened and gave him the best shelter (very successful song). Some people (like op nayyar) never realized, did not come back and did not survive. Very few of these folks did not jump off the ship namely RAvi , sonic omi, jaydev and you see the results.
    This is the reason why i gave example of three songs composed by rd burman based on the same tune. It is not very difficult to figure our which ones sound more melodious than other.
    The song on Mr. bacchhan in pyar ki kahani was one of the most melodious song in mr. bacchhan’s carrier. I can think of lot of them (film dostana- Mere dost kissa, film suhaag etc.) Eventhough rafisaab sang only a few songs for mr. big B they were all extremely melodious.
    Finally when rest of the people decided to comeback to ship, god decided to take the ship away from them. It was a very sad day for indian music industry and millions of fans like me. I cried when i heard the news like i lost one of my very own. i will say this uncountable times…There will never be another rafisaab ever on the face of the earth.
    Thank you.

  8. gokuldaskumar – post 36, jkb sahab – post 37, alibhai, saifullahbhai, and HP sahab – post 41

    bhakton – i am truly greatful to you all that my article on legendary singers has completed more than a year and you all are still holding on to it like dear life.

    this goes to show – what a class these legendary singers rafi sahab, kishore kumar sahab and the others were to be so very relevant even today and they evoke such debates and discussions as these.

    healthy discussions, debates, points of view, healthy logically based personal opinions makes interesting reading and encourages all of us music lovers to reciprocate and add into the already high intensity knowledge which is already flowing.

    all of us add to the wake of the stream or the river and we enhance its flow and beauty.

    the entire creidt goes to these legendary singers who gave us these treasure troves full of songs which last for ever and we shall never tire in listening to them.

    a song for every occassion, a song for every mood, a song for every season, a song for all the moments in this world – rafi sahab is always there to bless us with his innumerable collections for us to pick as we wish.

    if you pick and choose the fan and ask him/her how one became a rafi fan – pat comes the reply that hosh samhaaltey hee rafi sahab key geet merey zehen mein aachuki theee.

    care should be taken by all of us ( that includes me too ) to address all legendary singers with great respect and as far as possible refrain from comparisions which may directly hurt the other.

    a professional comparison is best done by great film/song critic’s of repute and when ever we try the same act we tend to get biased and end up hurting a fan and creating a barage of unwarranted posts which would be filled with rhetoric and tuh tuh mai mai etc.

    this also excites a few nameless people who hide behind a email address like
    so and so fan etc.

    it would do us, this dedicated website and all rafi lovers a world of good if we do not say anything to invite a wrong individual into unhealthy comments and angered discussions.

    HP sahab – i could not quite understand your story on the people who sailed on a ship then jumped etc could not swim etc. – if you could be more specific or clarify it would be in the fitness of things.

    adaab rafi,

    ramesh narain kurpad

  9. Ali says:

    Sir H.P I agree with you that many jumped from the ship but some of them back to that ship and first name is RD Burman who used Mohd Rafi more than Kishore in his last film with Mohd Rafi(Shaan)
    The only few was on that Ship the first was Mada Mohan and few more but when ever Mohd Rafi sang the song was super hit.
    Look how great Mohd Rafi was he liked Mr Bachachan as an atcor and the film sholey in which no Mohd Rafi songs …
    not 1000 or 10000 but when ever there is life on the earth there be Mohd rafi voice..

  10. H.P. says:

    Binuji, rameshbhai,
    I am die hard fan of rafisaab since I was 7year old. Now I am close to 50 and I still listen to rafisaab everyday, never get bored of rafisaabs voice. It was truely a voice from heaven. When I was 7 I watched Madhumati in theatre. Rafisaabs song “tute hue khwabo ne…”had a very very deep impact on my mind. when people go for comparison i really like to stay away from it as everybody’s choice is different. But I like to point out the diffference I have noticed between 60’s and 70’s music. There are three songs based on the same tune by RD burman. One from movie “Pyar ki kahani” -koi aur duniya mein tumsa hasin hai -…by rafi saab – filmed on bacchhansaab, another movie “Mela” a melodious duet ‘ -rutu hai milan ki -rafisaab with (I believe lataji) and of course movie “sholey” koi haseena jab ruthh jaati hai -kishoreda. First two movies bacame famous for melodious songs while sholey became hit for action and story with a wester concept. i have seen the audiance taking opportunity to go to urinals and buy snaks during songs session in sholey except for mehbooba o mehbooba (helen’s perfomance was a real treat). Sholey’s holi song was based on the same tune as Mela’s gori ke haath me..when people listen to these songs they have to decide themselves the extent of melodiness and what makes a song more melodious. I have a very big list of the songs based on same tune by different mds.
    This is my observation. People are entitled to have their own observation. I have also noticed coin sounds in theatres during songs -rafisaabs songs are maximum in number for coin sounds.
    It is getting little longer. I have a little story of my own observation. One day a bunch of people went for sailing in ocean in a big ship. While in the deep ocean some of then thought that we are actually running this ship. Without us this ship can not run. You know who was the first person to jump off the ship. When he retuned back to ship (may be he realized that he can not swim on his own), the ship did not refuse to let him get on board (it was almost too late for him). Many other people jumped off the ship – that deep ocean time was 70’s. we all know what happened to those very capable music directors and some heros who jumped off the ship.
    By no means i am putting down some one or insulting any artist.
    Lastly, there will never be another rafisaab….be it 1000 years or 10000 years. god him self is too busy listening to rafisaabs voice in heave.
    Thank you, i alwas enjoy reading your posts and looking forward to reading your input.

  11. Ali says:

    Sir Saifullahi agree with you but as normal human we can’t ignore people like kishorefan and kishorefan has nothing to say because he got the answers long time back.
    Congrates to Indian cricket fans and best of luck to Pakistan fans for future

  12. Saifullah says:

    post no. 17 and 21.
    whoever this is, he has got no name of his own. Or maybe, the name bestowed upon him is something he is not proud of. Literally this means , a man without an identity. That apart, I think this friend is the same chap who used to create mischief on this site earlier. I remember having written long back that this site is dedicated to Rafi Saab and we , Rafi Saab’s fans love to talk about him and discuss his singing here. We dont have the time to criticize other singers to put Rafi Saab on top. Rafi Saab himself, being a very modest and fine personality would not like it. But, there are mischief creators like this chap who feel that they could provoke us into making derogatory statements about other singers. We will never do that, as that is not our culture and way of living. These are jokers – yes, I call him a joker because he doesnt have the guts to reveal his identity – who are best ignored. Rafi Saab doesnt require anyone under the sun to criticize his contemporaries or other singers for that matter, to stay at the top. Rafi saab is at the top and will remain at the top for time immemmorial. These jokers who write crap here, are people who are jealous and feel uncomfortable with the popularity Rafi Saab enjoys even 31 years after he left this world. Poor chaps !!!!. I pity such sick minds . Being a site dedicated to Rafi saab and to we, Rafi fans,who would like to read and write about him here, I dont think these chaps are welcome here and it is is the job of the moderator to curtail and limit such nasty comments from people who dont even reveal their identity. Ali Saab, ( post no. 38), Priya Sanyal ji, Walijah saab, Gokuldas ji, Ramesh ji, let us not waste our time on this joker.
    Long live Rafi Saab

  13. Ali says:

    Dear kishore fan your answer is .
    Please count number of votes for all together and mohd rafi alone so you will get the answer. We all know what said Ravi about mohd rafi.we never try to compare kishore da with mohd rafi but you come here and try to force us to compare but it will not work.
    My best wishes to Indian cricket team today

  14. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Post 36:

    Gokuldas ji, every single word you have written is true. But unfortunately virtues like seeing the reason, having good understanding of music, respect for a legend of the legends called Rafi etc. cannot be associated with morons like Kishorefan. How can a person (even if he likes Kishore Kumar more), dub Rafi saab as ‘ordinary singer’ without being a victim of psychiatric disorder?

    I have already expressed my views in posts 13 and 22 on this thread, and would not like to repeat.

    One more point: this Kishorefan is (perhaps) different from the one at the Kishore forum. That guy (on Kishore forum) had once in a post clarified this. But that does not matter. Both, hiding their real identity, are fake, fictitious and farcical.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  15. Gokuldas Kumar.m says:

    Dear Mr.kishorefan,
    Reg. your comments on Rafi – 17 & 21
    I have come across your above remarks only now. Hence this reply. i had replied to your another post day before yesterday, when I had not seen your above comments. in that post, when i rated Rafi a superior singer, you rubbished it by saying that I was’ partial’ and that I did not have enough knowledge about other singers. But by reading your comments here, I am really shocked to see how really ” PARTIAL” you are in your observation! How do you call others partial, when you are nothing but partial in what ever you said. By calling identifying yourself as Kishorefan instead of your real name like many of us Rafi fans, what else you are projecting yourself, except being grossly “PARTIAL” ?. Whom you are quoting out of context to support your cause?
    I have seen a video where lathaji says that she considered herself the luckiest to have sung the maximum number of duet songs with Rafi. Have you seen this? Asha ji has said that a voice like Rafi’s takes birth only once in thousand years!! mannadey sahib in a video uploaded in Youtube says Rafi is truly unparalleled among all his contemporary singers! Seen this? SPB in a interview says that Rafi is the ultimate in singing!! ( You ought to see this video in particular, SPB being a great all rounder) Yesudas sir says that he from his childhood onwards considered Rafi as his Guru and he has learnt so much by listening to Rafi. ( Here, I want to also add that being from Kerala, I have grown up listening to this great singer, yesudas sir. In spite of Yesudas being himself such a highly talented singer, I, like many other Yesudas fans, consider Rafi sahib to superior to Yesuas sir. Lastly, I do not know whether you know about this incident related to Kishore- Rafi issue , which I read in an article : That was when Kishore kumar sahib was riding high in his popularity during the 70s. When Kishore Kumar sahib came out of the Shanmugananda Hall in Bombay after a musical programme, one of his hysterical fans yelled- ” Kishore sahib aap ne tho Rafi sahib ki chutti kar diya”. Annoyed very much hearing this, Kishore Kumar sahib rebuked him sharply and told him : “You fool, do you know that if I can sing a line in one particular tune, Rafi sahib could sing in one dozen different tunes !!! You have to also listen to a video where in a programme held to commemorate Rafi sahib’s death anniversary, Kishore sahib pays tribute to Rafi sahib by singing a Rafi song, ‘Man re tu kahe na dhir dare, o nirmohi moh na jane, jin ka moh kare” . You have to listen to the rendition of Kishore sahib and how it sounded in comparison to Rafi’s rendition!! I am not making any judgement here, lest you may again call me partial!!
    Regarding your claim that you have listened to several Rafi’s programme before rating him ordinary & pedestrian, could you tell me something about your age if not your name? well for your information, i am 56 years now and I have grown up by being an ardent listener of Hindi songs from my child hood. i have heard extensively the songs of all the great singers of yesteryears in Hindi film world, namely Rafi. latha, Kishore, Asha, mana dey, Talat, Hemanth Kumar, Mukesh, Mahendra kapoor and so on. I have passed my conscious child hood through the sixties and my adolescence through the early seventies. i had a circle of friends during my college days ( 1971 to 1978), who all used to discuss the songs of these great Hindi film singers at great length. so, when I told about Rafi sahib”s superiority, it was not a partisan view, it was not a zealot’s view and it was neither a view of a person bogged down by religious/regional/linguistic bias. Instead,it is the unbiased observation of a true music lover who could rise above all these considerations and bias.
    Lastly, Mr.Kishorefan, i cannot help saying this : with your remark that ” Rafi is an “ORDINARY SINGER AND IT IS A FACT”, you will go down in the history of music lovers for having made the most atrocious remark ever made about an extremely talented and divine singer!! for that matter, I do not think, any Rafi fan on earth would have made such a remark about Kishore sahib. Because, I know and the world knows that all Rafi fans will be true music lovers and no true music lover can make such a ‘musically blasphemous ‘comment!! By this uncared and unthought of remark made about Rafi sahib , you have shown a disrespect of an extreme kind to the great soul of Mohammad Rafi. I only pity you, Mr. Kishorefan!! Even the departed soul of Kishore sahib will be turning in his grave after hearing your comment! God bless you!

    Gokuldas Kumar.M

  16. mohamedparvez says:

    dear ramesh ji thanx for nice article on 2 genius,legends of bollywood music,kindly visit our beloved rafi saab’s blog,total over 500 pages are there,to go to next page,kindly click older posts,you will find bottom of every page,don”t miss any page,kindly visit this links,take care

  17. Priya Sanyal says:

    Prashant ji(33), welcome to home of Rafi devotees.

    Plz read post 88 by binaji in “My visit to RAFI MANSION on 5th and 6th june 2010”. U would know not only rafians but even family members of Rafi sahab regard Kishore da. and read post 30 above u would know kishore da`s feelings towards Rafi sahab including the strangest slap story posted elsewhere, where Kishore da lost peace to slap a fan of his own who praise him above Rafi ji.

    and yes, abuses are always uncalled in whatever context it comes, plz never mind and listen ur fav singer`s song, ‘kuch to log”….
    but I humbly request u to plz don`t write this way saying rafi fan does so and kishore fans not…(or vice versa)!
    u would be really pleased to know about the shrine life of Rafi sahab and his love for everyone,complimented by his down to the earth nature including help for every one beyond a normal limit marked with his smiling face everywhere.
    Plz forget all the grievances and follow the wave of Rafi sahab along with kishore da that make ur heart swing to this wonderful talent…………………………….
    “””Lets see the sun not shadow!”””

  18. Prashant Sharma says:

    Well, this is a very sad view. I am a big Kishore Kumar fan and I think that he is definitely the greatest and most natural singer ever. But, I am also a huge Rafi fan and love his songs. I believe that apart from Kishore only Rafi can make my heart swing to his wonderful talent.
    Some of us believe that Rafi was the geratest and some believe that KK was the geratest. The fact is that they were BOTH great singers and respected each other. KK was younger of the two and showed tremendous respect towards Rafi. Unfortunately many Rafi fans abuse KK in many forums. It is very wrong and uncalled for.

  19. Jagdeep Buch says:

    I have read your article about Rafisaheb’s songs picturised on Rishikapoor. Really it is very interesting. while remembering songs of Rafisaheb with Rishikapoor we could not remember all songs which you have written. Hats off to you.

  20. rameshkurpad says:

    priyal sanyal ji,

    i am ever thankful to you on behalf of all rafi bhakts – for the worldly annecdotes and priceless stories of the past, giving us somuch of info on the maestro and other legends.

    it is basically due to dedicated bhakts like you that our exclusive website of our avataar is so very rich, complete and filled to the brimth with all the pyaar bhari baatein of our dear dear rafi sahab.

    likhtey rahiyegaa madame,

    ramesh narain kurpad

  21. Priya Sanyal says:

    Kishore kumar`s tribute to rafi sahab at alters death!
    “Rafi sahab mahaan gayak thay, ganay main un ka aor mera saath to kum hi hua magar taalluqat (relations) bahot achhe thay. Dilchasp (interesting) baat yeh hai ke main khud gayak hoon magar mere liye bhi Rafi sahab ne play back diya tha film ‘Rangoli’ aor ‘Shararat’ main.
    ‘Haathi Mere Sathi’ ke sab mardana (male) geet main ne gay thay magar aakhri geet main itnay utaar chadhao thay k mere bas ka na tha. Main ne saaf keh diya ke yeh geet Rafi sahab ke ilawa aor koi nahin ga sakta. Yeh un ki badai thi k unhon ne faori taor par yeh geet gana qubool kar liya aor is baat ka bura nahin mana k pehle yeh geet unhain kyun nahin diya geya.
    Jaisa k log normally samajhte hain, Rafi sahab se mera koi competition nahin tha, woh mujh se kahin achhe gulukaar (singer) thay, main to ek do tarah se gaata hoon woh sao tarah se gatay thay, isi liye woh amar rahain gay.”

  22. common_man says:

    “In fact plenty of songs of Rafi Sahab that even Kishore Da tried his best to sing but he could not”

    i don’t think that’s true but that’s just me. the “nafrat ki duniya” rumor on internet is false. it was meant for rafi only from start to finish. kishore never cared to try it. if he wanted to, i’m sure he could have rendered it in his own great, inimitable style.

    as for “man re tu kahe” – it may not have best suited kishore’s spontaneous style but under the circumstances he did an excellent job (especially given the poor quality of recording, the fact that he rendered it spontaneously *live*, it was in 80s when he was past his best). it was a gem in kishore’s own inimitable style. the voice & expression were excellent imo. i can’t compare the two versions because they are fundamentally different — and great.

    just nitpicking for the heck of it – no big deal 🙂

  23. nikhil says:


  24. kishorefan says:

    also there are many songs of raag bhairavi which rafi sahab lacked.
    kishore da has sung many songs in raag deep which is again very nice.

  25. Priya Sanyal says:

    @ kishore fan!
    Its realy very very sad to know that u think rehearshal or riyaz sufficient reason to show a person inferior.
    Maa durga when came to earth as Sati or parvati, what she did all the time is supreme austerity,all the time merged in dhyna or tapasya. Gautama Buddha was predicted to become buddha by birth still, he renounced world to do all those penance.
    Sri Ram was god in himself still he did all those tapasya an d called tapasvi king..

    It is said, Prophet Mohammed,pbuh, from mecca, he retreated to a surrounding mountain for meditation and reflection…

    So, if u think to kishore kumar riyaz was of no imporant and he was in state to think himself able to sing at anytime, tthen its not his strength but weakness. Under the spell of egoism and materialism a person do think this way or may be its fans like u who interpreted him this way!

    For ur kind information three quick references, Song ek mehal ho sapno ka, was first recorded(not only rehearshal but recorded) in kishore kumar voice, music director Ravi. The director of movie told Ravi ji that he didn`t like the song. Ravi ji replied that it producer /director only who forced him to use kishore da otherwise he would record his songs in Rafi sahab`s voice, Rafi sahab was once called and he recorded the song in first instance without any reharshal and kishore version no one knows as never came in movie or cassate!!

    next song, nafrat ki duniya, of which I need not to say anything, all kishore fan know how much kaka a self destructive personality as far as acting is concerned, was obessed with kishore da`s voice but this song kishore da couldn`t generate emotion for an elephant(for god shake!!) and rafi sahab make this song immortal by his divinity…
    3rd one, mukaddar ka sikandar(the same movie with kishore kumar best ever ” sathi re”) the sad version of title song….kishore da recorded it many times but could not do final recording as magic was missing, so Rafi sahab was called from telephone and Rafi sahab at once, did such a emotional number and left the studio…..

    So I don`t think I need to tell u atleast suprmiacy of rafi sahab over kishore da even he has playbacked for kishore kumar too,ignoring all ur excuses…and even in so called 70s Rafi sahab was forever their but all those who got misleaded to think Rafi sahab only a singer of golden era, came to him, including Rd burman, Dev ananda, and kaka but I`ve got sick of talking such discriptive talks.

    .And why don`t u admit kishore da himslef call rafi sahab is elder brother and friend ,listen kishore da`s tribute of mann re,
    How can anyone forget,kishore da asked his own fan not to compare him with Rafi sahab !If u call it kishore da`s modesty than what about his slap to his own fan for talking low of Rafi sahab.By this u must know how every Rafian regard kishore da for kishore da not only regarded and appriciated rafi sahab with modesty but with heart too.

    Surly kishore da was nice human being and great singer, we all admit it…but such illogical words of urs make it impossible for we lover of music to continue the talks of tributing our beloved idols!!

    To Rafi sahab singing was not a means of making money,like whom? Iwon`t say(list is endless) but to rafi sahab singing was means to spread love!
    He cared so much for his beloved listeners that such a humble and kind person like him also
    ,once went against adamant request of First prime minister of India Nehruji, who asked him to have certain kind of food that Rafi sahab thought was not good for voice,…rafi sahab told him no, saying if his voice were his he could do anything but it belongs to others(listenrs) so he can`t…as its amanat to him….

    Rafi sahab`s riyaz of hours (till late night and from early morning at about 3amm and hours in studio)is, his saying thanks to allah, such language of divinity is hard for all to understand!

  26. Priya Sanyal says:

    Dear friends, we have here a warrior(kishore fan-post 17/21) who has taken all the responsibilty of carrying kishore da`s name over his/her shoulder!!! But I ask, as we love golden era music so much of which Kishore da is an integral doesn`t kishore da belongs to us also.

    …Is name of kishore da such insignificant that it would require his so called fans affronting and declarative words in which they openly say, “we are not criticizing rafi but we are just poiting out the weaknesses in his playback singing….”— what I could understand that this honourable guest is claiming that he/she is not critisizng but declaring Rafi sahab`s weakness as a singer!!!
    After reading such words I`m in no heart to talk even a single word to, who know so much music that they r saying rafi sahab a weak singer and that rafi sahab, can`t sing so many songs,that even a street singers can sing!

    Kishore fan ji ,I only see it as hoax when u say u have also attended Rafi sahab`s program for ur heart is filled with hatred for such a divine singer, otherwise why would u come and say again and again such low words for such a humable person and master singer Rafi sahab!
    Even if I agree on ur words that u also have listened to rafi sahab,this proves ,u must “not” be a teen agers boy with all arrogance!
    as Rafi sahab died in 1980 ,and if u attended his concerts even as a child,by now, u must have been older enough to be called as a responsible adult to set examples to our new generations… What lessons u r giving to new child by such quarrelling languages as a nursery child fight eachother saying, my mother is best and ur mother is ordinary one….

    I show only pity on such a comments and state of mind like urs… Whatever u think of Rafi sahab, I`m not going to change as one of our beloved Late friend,Ms Garcia once told that

    only blessed and understand divinity—

    I hope for God to bless u—

    a bhajan for everyone who comes to insult this divine voice of our beloved Rafi sahab, I dedicate this song for all of them to find “naya rasta” of love and compassion! Rafi sahab has not only sung this beautiful bhajan but have lived it every moment of his! for words sung in this song I say—Amen!

    Radha(priya Sanyal)

  27. Priya Sanyal says:

    Dear friends, we have here a warrior(kishore fan-post 17/21) who has taken all the responsibilty of carrying kishore da`s name over his/her shoulder!!! But I ask, as we love golden era music so much of which Kishore da is an integral doesn`t kishore da belongs to us also.

    …Is name of kishore da such insignificant that it would require his so called fans affronting and declarative words in which they openly say, “we are not criticizing rafi but we are just poiting out the weaknesses in his playback singing….”— what I could understand that this honourable guest is claiming that he/she is not critisizng but declaring Rafi sahab`s weakness as a singer!!!
    After reading such words I`m in no heart to talk even a single word to, who know so much music that they r saying rafi sahab a weak singer and that rafi sahab, can`t sing so many songs,that even a street singers can sing!

    Kishore fan ji ,I only see it as hoax when u say u have also attended Rafi sahab`s program for ur heart is filled with hatred for such a divine singer, otherwise why would u come and say again and again such low words for such a humable person and master singer Rafi sahab!
    Even if I agree on ur words that u also have listened to rafi sahab,this proves ,u must “not” be a teen agers boy with all arrogance!
    as Rafi sahab died in 1980 ,and if u attended his concerts even as a child,by now, u must have been older enough to be called as a responsible adult to set examples to our new generations… What lessons u r giving to new child by such quarrelling languages as a nursery child fight eachother saying, my mother is best and ur mother is ordinary one….

    I show only pity on such a comments and state of mind like urs… Whatever u think of Rafi sahab, I`m not going to change as one of our beloved Late friend,Ms Garcia once told that

    only blessed and understand divinity—

    I hope for God to bless u—

    a bhajan for everyone who comes to insult this divine voice of our beloved Rafi sahab, I dedicate this song for all of them to find “naya rasta” of love and compassion! Rafi sahab has not only sung this beautiful bhajan but have lived it every moment of his! for words sung in this song I say—Amen!

    Radha(priya Sanyal)

  28. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Post 21: kishorefan
    You are adamant and stubborn to prove Kishore Da was a greater singer than Rafi Sahab, which is not true. In fact plenty of songs of Rafi Sahab that even Kishore Da tried his best to sing but he could not, leave aside the classical training of Rafi Sahab, even the simplest songs might not have tried your Kishore da. The point is here stop beating your trumpet Kishore da is better than Rafi Sahab. We Rafi admirer will never tolerate your way of behaviour. So please stop beating around the bush. Kishore da might have sung a dozen songs which are matchless, but Rafi sahab had sung thousands of songs which are matchless, priceless and gems. Finally I can this Kishore da was next to Rafi Sahab in quality singing.

  29. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Post 17,

    Yes Kishorefan ji we can see that you are back. You are back with your dubious agenda.

    Had you restricted your post to saying that you liked Kishoreda best as playback singer, there was no problem. But time and again, post after post your instigating Rafi fans with useless Rafi-bashing statements like ‘Rafi is an ordinary singer’ is a sure indicator of huge filth that your mind is filled up with. So it is not surprising that that only ‘vomit’ comes out of your mouth whenever you decide to open it.

    It is obvious that you are not following the good advice given by your mentor/ guide/ philosopher.

    Initially I suspected that you are a psycho case. Now I am sure that you are one.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  30. kishorefan says:

    rameshji i am not against rafi. and i have never said that rafi is a bad singer.
    but this rafi fans are not accepting the fact about kishore da.
    so again and again you are forcing me to write that kishore da is the best playback singer.
    i have been writing in this site from 2005. from the last five years you are not accepting the fact.
    may be rafi and kishore da be the best friends but kishore da is the best.
    post 11 , rafi admirer ji. may be you are a rafi admirer but we kishore fans have never said that ghantasala is the best playback singer.
    we always say that because i have seen kishore da singing from the last 30 years. i have attended more than 200 live programes of kishore da all over india.
    i have also attended rafi’s programes . but after hearing and thinking we came to the conclusion that kishore da is the best singer.
    uttaraji i am not talking bekar baatein i am a very close kishore da admirer and i don’t like anybody talking bad things about kishore da and his fans.
    shashankji , if kishoreda would have been alive today for admiring him he would have hugged us. we are not criticizing rafi but we are just poiting out the weaknesses in his playback singing . truth should be liked by everybody and also kishoreda likes truth.
    rafi fans will never understand the truth so what is the use of talking to such people?
    if you think i do not know much about music then that’s ok. but if you ask people like lata mangeshkar,asha bhosle, shamshad begum,bappi lahiri, ravi,anandji,khayyam,gulzar, even pyarelal that who is better? all were closely asssociated with kishore da and they have much knowledge about music than us. their answer would be kishore da. rafi is a good singer no doubt but kishore da required less number of rehersals for any song than rafi.
    he always enjoyed his songs. without having classical training he could sing any type of song to any hero,
    binuji kishore da was not mad genious. how could a person like you who has started rafi foundation say like this to other playback singer. kishore da was genious of genious.a playback singer would never say that he is the best. they always admire other singers.
    kishore da knew that he is the best but would never say it openly.
    so rafi fans be a rafi fan but do not make fun of kishore fans and kishore da. this is my request and accept the fact that kishore da is the best playback singer.
    thank you.

  31. rameshkurpad says:

    this is by far the best – i could do for a human being who uses ” ji ” to address another. gumnaam ho – toh gumnaami mey baatein nahi hoti.

    all i can say from my side is may the almighty shower all his choicest blessings and keep you happy ever.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  32. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    It is absurd to compare Kishore with Rafi Sahab. In no way Kishore compete with Rafi Sahab. It was switch of furtunes due to RD Burman who preferred Kishore to sing the songs of Aradhana which was suppose to sing by Rafi Sahab. During the record sessions of Aradhana, S.D. Burman was ill and recording was hand over to his son RD Burman who chose Kishore and the songs were superhits. _ mere sapnon ki Raani and _ Roop tera mastana. It does not mean that change of time would make Rafi Sahab weak and out of the pavilion. In 70s some of the most lovely and sweets songs came from Rafi Sahab. But alltogether the music taste was different in 70s, more or less the era was of Kishore Kumar who ruled the music industry mainly because of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan. As both were superstars one after other. Even the producers were running after Kishore due to popularity.

  33. common_man says:

    post 17: kishorefan – good to read your post because now it is very clear that you are deluded. that’s fine, you’re entitled to your views. to briefly address just one of your many comical remarks, mohammed rafi could easily sing “koi hamdam na raha”. anyway, the benefit of this is that now i clearly know it is a waste of time to address your remarks. we have nothing to discuss further – i will ignore your remarks from now on. peace 🙂

  34. kishorefan says:

    hello ramesh ji !
    kishore fan is back.

    rafi is a ordinary singer and it is a fact.
    kishore da had a manly voice that was said by two melody queens of bollywood asha bhosle and lata mangeshkar. their words cannot be taken for granted. kishore da and rafi were friends no doubt but as far as playback singing in bollywood is concerned kishore da can sing for any hero at any time whoever is the music director with complete force and energy.
    even anandji bowed his hands in front of kishore da after he sang”khaike paan bansras wala” from don(1978).
    kalyanji anandji and rd burman even lp always preferred kishore da for amithabh bachchan and rajesh khanna because kishore da could sing for both the superstars in a complete different voice. but when rafi is singing, you can easily come to know that was rafi.
    yesterday talking to mtv bappi lahiri said that today’s youngsters should sing
    the songs of only kishore da. as each song of kishore da is very difficult to sing. his sad songs even rafi cannot sing.
    for example 1 dukhi man mere
    2 meri bheegi bheegi se
    3 zindagi ka safar
    4 koi hamdam na raha
    5 nere mehmoob qayamat hogi
    after hearing these songs rafi sahab went to kishore da’s house and said that he cannot sing these songs.
    but you give any song of rafi to kishore he can sing any song with less number of rehersals which rafi used to do
    so rafi fans accept the fact and please believe that kishore da is the best singer not only in bollywood but also in india.
    thank you

  35. Dear Friends,

    I totally agree that some of the fans are not liking Rafisahab and they only feel kishoreda is the one of the most talented Playback singer. I want to say one thing, if today Kishoreda would have been alive and if he knew this thing, what would have been done to his fans. When he was alive he admired rafisahab a great singer than he. Whatever will be that was old days where this all playback singers would admire with their contempariers.

  36. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Ramesh ji (Post 14),

    Thanks for your compliments. Trust me I am no great writer. It is just that when we write about Rafi saab our inner most feelings come out, words just start flowing.

    Your this article is absolutely brilliant. I was wanting to send a post in appreciation of this much earlier, but of late (due to yearly closing) I am not getting a reasonable stretch of time. Anyway even during this busy schedule.. I regularly vote for for Rafi saab at

  37. rameshkurpad says:


    i agree with every single thought of yours. my angst is only to the xtent of them not understanding what they r missing out in their wasteful expenditure of useful music time in not understanding what a great legend kk himself was.

    kisiko neechaa dikhaaney sey aap upar nahi hojaatey – yah toh universal truth hai.

    if kk could come down – i am sure he would catch each one of these headless humans and beat their brains out and refill it with the best of retro music which consists of all the legends, so that, they never ever think in these lines.

    its like a brain wash – as we do a ” drive C ” computor wash.

    bhangchandaniji – its time we heard something from you – you always come out with fabulous essays.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  38. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Dear Rafi Admirer (Post 11) you have hit the nail ‘right there’. I have in my life interacted with fans of many singers (Mukesh, Jagjit Singh, Manna Dey, Talat Mehmood etc.) but it is only the Kishore fans (some of them, not all) who have this sadistic mind set of anti-Rafi-ism. They follow a beaten path. First they instigate Rafi fans. On receiving the fully deserved bashing, they retract somewhat and say ‘Oh! We like Rafi also’. In the process whatever bashing they get is quoted to prove the Rafi fans as ‘uncivilized/ unruly/ morons’. One gentleman running a site in his own name has gone on to say that we Rafi fans are indulging into ‘propoganda’. One of the so called KK fans has even stooped so low that he argued “Since Ghatansala was also a great human being so what is so unique about Rafi?” He is the same gentleman who called Rafi an ‘ordinary singer’ in this forum. And if a Rafi fan in their forum opines that he finds Rafi better than K.L. Saigal, he is accused of bashing the legends, and his example is used to declare Rafi fans as ‘legend bashers’.

    Over and above that use of infamous terminologies like ‘Al-Qaida of music’ for this forum, ‘terrorists’ for Rafi fans that have been pointed out by many (including your truly). And these characters still have the audacity to call themselves ‘decent’.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  39. rameshkurpad says:



    its an honor to receive such a thoughtful comment from you, especially
    when i am learning to walk in the art of writing and expression, left
    me with a feel of you holding my little finger and guiding all the

    chells, i was never in doubt about kishore kumar sahab or rafi sahab,
    but, in the course of our lives, there comes a time when we do feel
    like telling others our inner turmoils and find solace among like
    minded souls.

    one cant go about correcting the whole world and neither could sincere
    human feelings be supressed.
    hope better sense prevails and good healthy, wholsome music comes out a winner.

    chells, i thank you very much for your highly encouraging comment.



    thanx for your kind appreciation. yes murtygaru, i fully agree with
    your sentiments. we are truly blessed with these legends gving us some
    pearls which are a treasure trove of our motherland.


    thanx for your kind word. have always been looking out for your
    articles – which have dried up. when do we see your next nugget.



    you have echoed my sentiments. your views regarding kk’s songs of 50’s
    and 60’s are an extension of my write up. if i had a mind like your’s
    i would have definitely added this view to further illustrate how the
    kk fan is letting down kk very badly.

    yes, kk’s old and the slow numbers are a listener’s and hummer’s
    delight. the true range of kishore daa came out only when he sang
    those old songs. one of my fav’s is ” dukhi mann merey sunn moraa
    kehnaa “.

    thanx for kind and encouraging words.



    Thanx a lot for your encouraging words. You are one of the stalwarts
    who inspire rafi bhakts to keep penning down their thoughts and thrive
    to keep coming out with newer stories and anecdotes.

    I do agree with most your views, accepting the universality of
    jealousy. With men it could be an aberration, but however much we try
    the intensity cannot beat the old adage.



    A word of praise from a good friend gets multiplied in the heart, I
    was eagerly looking forward to your appreciation and encouragement.
    Thanx a ton for the same.



    binuji and shashank,

    thanx a lot for your kind words of appreciation. binuji noted about raju korti.

    sorry – i could not get through to post my comments.

    post 11 – rafi admirer

    i fully agree with you observations – as this i have also noted some six months back when i first visited the yodley site – and after reading a bit – had to evict myself with a disgusted feeling and rather scornfull.

    i do not know – why this kind of behavioural pattern. in this world so full of multi tasking, chauvinism, the evil effects of kaliyuga on our personal lives – we have such legends like kk and rafi sahab – who have left us with gems to enjoy and feel contented – relaxed and in fact rid our minds of jealousy hatred and all negativity.

    the other lot – should try to listen to the slow meaning songs sung by these maestros and they will realise what we are trying to convey.

    anyways lets hope better sense prevails. i want the die hard kishore fan to read this article and carry good tidings from us and spread the message of love and not hatred.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  40. Rafi admirer says:

    This is an interesting article. I think the so called Kishore fans don’t really love
    Kishore Kumar. The only thing that unites them is their hatred towards Rafi.
    Right now there is a comical debate going on their website. Lots of Ghantasala’s fans have invaded their site and Kishore fans have no problem in accepting Ghantasala as number one (that is accepting him to be better than even kishore kumar) as long as Rafi is not the number one singer. It is
    another story that majority of Kishore fans probably don’t understand Telugu and may have never heard of Ghantasala a few years back, but as long as they can find somebody that they think is superior to Rafi they will all back him. This is the main reason why on their site they hardly talk about Kishore
    Kumar achievements as most of their time goes in Rafi bashing.

  41. The fact is Kishoreda respected Rafisahab as an great Playback Singer. I have some of the articles which has been written about Kishoreda and Rafisahab. Infact some of the songs which Kishoreda wanted to sing, last minute he gave the songs to rafisahab because he has to tell that this songs only suit to rafisahab and not me. But controversially Shankar-Jaikishan parted away because of Sharda. In one of the film song Jaikishan wanted Lata but Shankar rejected and wanted sharda to sing. so they had major problem on this. So they decided not to work together and from the first film which they havent worked together called “Aarzoo” only made by Jaikishan not by shankar. Indeed Kishorekumar took rafisahab in one of his film song which they along with Mannadey sang the song.

  42. Its a grt8 article from rameshji.

  43. binus2000 says:


    MUMBAI : cell : + 9833 250 701

  44. binus2000 says:

    Ramesh bhai : Pl. allow me to write a few lines in this thread.

    A BIG SORRY and apologise to RAJU KORTI SAAHEB : a good friend and one of the BIGGEST RAFI FANS ………..

    few weeks back there was many unpleasant posts in an article titled : Mohd rafi awards by the rafi foundation. (now removed by moderator).

    a writer whom we never met claimed that he is “associated” with the rafi foundation from day one. a big lie. then he wrote that the r.f. is a one man army. again a white lie. then he wrote that the r.f. now is only in this website. untruth once again. then he said that “he” is a bigger rafi fan than many of us. just like the political party weighing patrioism of our citizens and claiming : “this section of the people are a bigger patriots than others and dividing and confusing the people.

    the hired writer “also” very cleverly used some of the words penned by our friend raju korti – to confuse readers.

    “that” – this man was acting on the behest of two former r.f member was known to all. one was disappointed and left as the r.f. did not “crown” him the modern day mohd rafi in mumbai at least and the other one left due to his personal habit of “disappearing” at crucial times during our rare events and otherwise. the writer alse gave us discourses on “what an organisation is” and “how it ought to be run”…. (sic).

    since hmv (his masters voice) would not stop, we at r.f were eager to know the true identity of this man. he was worse than the “jealous” kishorefan who visited this site occassionally.

    the h.m.v. was invited by me for a cup of tea “too” so that genuine issues could be sorted out. his intentions were otherwise and he never responded.
    after “many” counter checks i wrote that this person is mr.raju korti – an himalayan error committed on our part which we deeply regret – now.

    we say that we hold raju korti in high esteem . that – he is a great rafi lover and a fine gentleman. we regret the inconvenience caused to raju bhai and hope the issue is closed.

    binu nair,
    rafi foundation,

  45. achalr says:


    kudos to you for a very well written article in that typical style of yours.
    forthright and absolutely down to earth.

    music is music and all musicians are god’s gift to us. rafi saab and kishore kumar may have been well above all this petty quibbling that took place, and was probably the creation of smaller minds.

    let us thank god for giving us such gifts

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  46. binus2000 says:

    Ramesh Bhai : A Very Timely Write-up. We must give thought to Uttara ji”s views on responding to these KK fans. however the fact remains that Kishore was a “mad genious”. no, these are not my words, but the words of kishore friend, guide and event manager nandi duggal saaheb.

    second point is about singer sharada saying : yes. rafi and kishore had a cold war and both were not on speaking terms. in one of her recording (she was the m.d.) both had completed their part “seperately” she had told me. this has to be further checked, it’s felt.

    thirdly : no singer will become big, tearing down another singer. he will stay where he ought to be only by “merit”. we also have that bespectacled industry singer singer saying:” maine yeh gaana kya gaaya, koyi ne nahi gaaya “.

    finally : i have seen some men being more jealous than women themselves, sailor ji. they may be a kishore fan or even a rafi fan.

    i think jealousy is universal. anyway : we admire your passionate write-ups.

    BINU NAIR, mumbai

  47. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Dear Ramesh Bhai,

    As usual, very forthright in your views. Though I also like so many KK songs, but I wonder why KK Bhakts quote songs from the seventies to put forth their viewpoints about KK. In fact, KK has sung umpteen number of good songs in the fiftees and sixties and most of his songs of seventies are no match to these earlier songs. Songs from movies like Paying Guest, Teen Deviyan, Door Gagan Ki Chaon Me, Jhumroo, Funtoosh, Naya Aadmi, Baap Re Baap, Jewel Thief, Munimjee, etc. can be listened any number of times, even now. I personally think these KK Fans know only about KK songs of seventies which have been spoiled further with remixes. I wish they listen to his earlier songs to appreciate KK’s capability better.

  48. bina says:

    Very well articulated Ramesh bhai..!


  49. A S MURTY says:

    Rameshbhai, you are superb. Your concern for the good name of Rafi Sahab is too evident from your essay. In fact, you have poured out your anguish in a very conceited way, never castigating ill intentions on anyone, least of all the Kishoreda fans (we are all fans too of Kishoreda, you have amply made that clear too). Just as we do not indulge in the bashing game of any other legend, whom we hold in the highest of esteem, we expect that we are left to ourselves to discuss the diverse persona of Rafi Sahab in the only manner that his fans would like to do. You have simply echoed the appeal of all the music lovers in your one sentence “Let us all attain “ MOKSH “ through some soulful songs of these great singing legends who once lived and sang in this great motherland of ours.”. Hats off to you. Keep writing your mind, just as you are known to do.


  50. utthara says:

    Rameshbhai, you have very well put as to how a fan should conduct himself(or herself). Like you said, liking one legend doesn’t presuppose disliking another legend. While we all admire Rafi sahab and his singing, we all love other singers too like Kishore, Mannada, Mukesh, Hemantda. I understand your anguish. The kishorefan should have stopped at praising kishore. i don’t know what he achieved by bashing Rafi sahab. That shows he is immature.
    I endorse whatever you have said.
    I feel we are playing into his hands by responding to his biased views. better ignore such people. ..kuch toh log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna chodo bekaar ki baaton ko….
    If we respond, such people will take it as a credit to themselves and write more such mails. If we don’t, then they will be frustrated and may stop sending such mails.
    You have as usual chosen an off-beat topic and conveyed your views beautifully. I don’t know how each time you come out with a hatke topic. Three cheers to you.




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