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Rafi Sahab and Bharat Ratna

Written by Mr. Ramesh Narain Kurpad

My dearest rafi bhakt’s,



Rafi Sahab and Bharat Ratna

Rafi Sahab

Continuing from where I momentarily signed off, now I can see, a great congression of film personalities to all humans between 1924 to 1980 gathered around emotionally engaged into a hot and heated debate in the heavenly realms of the almighty. Swargiya Kundan lal Saigal, K.C.Dey, Punkaj Mullick, Founder of Prithvi theatres, New theatres, eminent film personalities of Bengal, Netaji Subhas Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Vallabhbhai patel, – Mukesh, hemant kumar, talat mahmood, Raj Kapoor, Ashok kumar, kishore kumar, anoop kumar, s.d.burman, r.d.burman, madan mohan , sj, lp, and lastly kishore kumar  – he started crying vehemently, pointing an accusing finger at the Lord God himself.

God, then, stood up with a smile and pointing both his hands downwards towards mother earth, said authoritatively, thus – “ My dearest dearest dearest Rafi Bhakts, ( I was rafi sahab then ) it is the responsibility of the President and the Prime Minster of India. I have no role to play nor can I influence them, I am God, I cannot play politics. “


This is more of a conversation with you all and my sincere love for the maestro that elevates me to write to you all and discuss the most sensitive matter, which has evaded history from recording.

Recently on the 29th of November 2009, I attended a musical show, which was mainly organized to felicitate and honor yet another legend Manna Daa, upon his having received the prestigious national award “ Dada Saheb Phalkey Award “.

Just before dada started belting out his usual manna songs, he just made a passing mention when asked about his feelings, as follows :- “ Awards don’t fascinate me “. I have forgotten when I received the Padma Bhushan. I know that I am a good student of music. “

I thought to my self, and could well summate what would have been going on in dada’s mind when he said those words ( I should have been conferred all these awards long long back – my dearest friend and legend of legends no doubt died an abrupt death – disillusioned and could not even say bye ).

Bhakton – at this very moment – an idea was born in my mind that, I should have a talk with my numerous rafi bhakts at this dedicated rafi forum, and in many ways than one – ponder over the one thought which would be uppermost in every mind “ rafi sahab and bharat ratna “

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

A great, historical Nation that India is, is known to take its own time to react to the amazing achievements of its great legends. At times, the authorities realized a certain award to be given after it reached a mass following or a unanimous voice.

Rafi bhakts like rafi sahab are too simple and humble and have always been found to be living in a world of trance and just floating in his songs and works. It suffices them that they once in a way write about their god, meet and sing a few songs, sing a few praises and call it a day.

This is simply because, they find it is naïve, to ask or tell people that, rafi sahab should be awarded the Bharat Ratna. Probably the question that comes to their simple humble mind through the heart is “ Are we begging ? “. If you ask me – an emphatic – NO.

Then, if,  I,  now through this letter, actually am doing a favour, to the govt by telling them that its time you went ahead and actually officially confer the highest civilian award ( posthumously ) to this great singing avatar of yester years. Billions of humans all over the globe have already given this award in their minds and hearts to him, then what is holding you back from converting it into a reality.

Are you waiting to convert yourself from a rafi fan to a rafi bhakt ?
Does it take 29 years for you to understand your responsibility ?
Do you want the NRI’s to remind you ?
Or are you waiting for the American President to prompt you ?

Bhakton, many such questions painfully come to the mind but one thing really surprises me most is the Indian Govt did confer the Bharat Ratna  upon  a living musical legend

( a human being even today laments and cries that rafi sahab – is actually the true “ratna” )

Bhakton, 24th December 2009, is a huge day for us, 29 years have elapsed, and each one of us have failed in our duties to have ensured that our maestro got his due.

Let us all get together and collectively write to all the National and Local News papers and also to the President and Prime Minister to set right this great oversight to put it modestly and do a favour to our own human existence.

My caution to the Government of India is – we are talking about an Avataar who will never ever come back to us.

Hence, lets do the needful and seek the maestro’s ( GOD’S ) blessings.

Jai ho rafi sahab – tussi great ho – tussi Bharat Kaa Ratna ho.

Ramesh narain Kurpad.



An email could be sent to the President and Prime Minister of India, with all our names mentioned as a signature campaign – from various rafi fan clubs from all over India.

All this is definitely possible – its just a case of “ mind over matter “.

Adaab rafi.

I have put my signature with this letter through

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  1. achal rangaswamy says:

    dear friends
    bharat ratna and dada saheb phalke award may have eluded Rafi Saab or perhaps, the other way around too !!!
    but let me first congratulate my revered friend shri Rameshbhai for his thought provoking and as usual, forthright write up. Rameshbhai, kudos to you !! you sounded like rafi saab singing for bhagat singh in shaheed…with the same determination and dedication.

    i perhaps hold a slightly different view on the subject which has been debated wonderfully by all friends here.

    i stand for Rafi saab getting the award, late or not, the awards being tainted or not.

    let us look at it this way, if the awards have been tainted, just imaging the cleansing they will undergo when rafi saab is conferred any of these awards. will it not actually be a slap on the face of politicians?

    we shall always be the torch bearers of the rafi movement for future generations. but why should we not ask for something which is well deserved in the case of our idol.

    i shall stand by all those who are working towards this movement.

    warm regards to all of you, and absolutely no disrespect meant to anyone who feels rafi saab is far far above these awards. i agree he is far far above anything. but i have already expressed my views above.

    achal rangaswamy

  2. Padmanabhan NR says:


    Thanks for an excellent thought-provoking write-up. While it angers me no end to see that such a genius has not been conferred the title till now, it also cements my views further that the award itself is a product of backstage maneouvring, politics, lobbying, bias and favouritism.

    When even some of us die hard rafi fans today, took so long to acknowledge his supremacy as an artiste and extra-ordinary human being, it is futile to expect from such scheming quarters even a semblance of receptivity. I am also of the view – like many others – that it is the award itself which will get glorified upon conferment on rafi saahab rather than the other way round.

    Yet, because it happens to be one of the cherished dreams of so many amongst us, we from rafi foundation, hyderabad chapter, would continue to make efforts in this direction and would be part of any or all the movements in the furtherance of this objective.

    Thanks again for an excellent initiative.

    Padmanabhan NR

  3. Tahir Muhammad Akram says:

    I love Muhammad Rafi as a legend singer & as a persons , he will be live in our heart till the this world end
    Happy Birth Day to you Muhammad Rafi Sahib & God Bless You !!
    Tahir Muhammad Akram

  4. sid says:

    priya ji!

    you said:
    1.Rajesh Khanaa tried his best to down Rafi Sahab
    2.he even praised Anwar above Rafi sahab
    3.even in hanthi mere sathi he tried best not to let Rafi sahab sing,,khyiyam wanted Rafi sahab for the song hazar rahey

    I have this to say in response:

    here are some comments:
    .omg is? this *** got mad ruining his career.

    How much kaka seems frustrated for XXX

    most disgusting video i hav? ever watched

    HAAYE KAKA ye tune kya? kiya

    one word – karma. 😀


    Dear RAFI FANS,

    I have read with keen interest the views expressed by some of you for the need to confer the BHARAT RATNA award –albeit posthumously– on RAFI SAHAB. In my humble opinion, this would have probably brought him the greatest laurels and recognition had the Government of India acted so when he was alive. As some of you have very rightly pointed out, BHARAT RATNA has lost its significance in today’s murky politics and hankering by the unworthy politicians on this issue.
    RAFI SAHAB was truly and unquestionably the GLITTERING JEWEL OF INDIA and the spontaneous appeal that he created in the mind and heart of the rich and poor alike, is his best reward. He will stay there for ever and ever. Trophies, Prizes and Citations are but mere piecies of metal frames and paper lanterns meant to be displayed in the drawing rooms. The real award for any great artist like RAFI SAHAB is the undiluted and unending love, respect and affection of millions of his fans around the world. Let us not therefore brood over the inaction on the part of the powers that be in failing to recognise this SHAHENSHAH of music but let us rejoice that our dear RAFI SAHAB was an EXTRA ORDINARY creation of GOD sent down to Earth to remove the misery and sufferings of people on this planet with his soothing and melodious voice.

  6. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Haldar ji (Post 37):

    Thanks for the post. I thoroughly enjoyed. In fact almost all your posts are enjoyable, so your promise to yourself that you’d present a gentler and kinder Haldar is bit puzzling. A Rafian is always a kind and gentle by heart… but sometimes some migratory birds instigate us and if you are referring to those responses/ reactions of a Rafian like you….. well may be you are right…. but only to an extent. Gentler and kinder might mean putting across our point of view using better sounding English words having a veneer of sophistication… may be… no harm in giving it a try.

  7. akbar khorakiwala says:

    dear rameshji…
    a very emotional write-up….a very best to our immortal rafisaheb..a true bharat-ratna….he definately deserves bharat-ratna in 2010

  8. Gurbeer Singh says:

    At every movement of our life we(all those who love him) feel the presence of Rafi Saab despite the fact 29 years back he physically left this world .Since then numerous and even before famous Vidwans in different fields have been rewarded with bharat ratna highest civilian award
    but till now Govt of India has not paid serious attention over his work ,contribution into cultural heritage of india ,contributions in maintaing communal harmony and intigrity of our country by singing numerous patriotic songs .
    let us wake up and unite to preserve his complete contribution to cultural heritage of india and before any other country rewards him ,
    our Govt of India should come in front to reward its rare GEM
    Gurbeer Singh

  9. Samina says:

    I searched every newspaper/TV channel yesterday to find at least one small article/program remembering Rafi saab on his birthday and I was highly disappointed. The even more disappointing thing was a big ad. of Kishoreda on holding a huge precious real estate on web space. Click on any ibnlive link and you’ll find that. It’s been there for weeks although it’s an ad for It’s disppointing to me because the website has collection of almost all the singers but it is advertising only KK. Having majored in marketing, I understand these decisions are taken after extensive market research. It indicates how media and other means are leaving no stone unturned to promote KK and gang. (eg K for Kishore on TV)

    We may keep saying that it doesn’t matter to us as long as we love Rafi saab. I do agree but I also agree that advertisment and marketing has huge potential in winning new (young) customers a.k.a fans and that’s what is benefiting KK camp. You just need one front page big article on Rafi saab and a hyped TV/radio program with the likes of Big B, Aamir, SRK and you’ll see Rafi saab’s popularity souring so high that it can beat any competition.

    I conducted a small survey among youngsters and found that KK is percieved to be modern and upmarket matching their image while Rafi saab is percieved as old-fashioned but melodious. Lata has been marketed as classic so they listen to her to show off their classic taste.

    Among youngsters, it’s not a matter of good or bad but image. They adopt whatever enhances their so called personality. You start promoting Rafi saab as classic, upbeat, unparalleled that can portray their music connoisseurship, you’ll find youngsters dancing on rafi numbers….

    In nutshell, the only point I am trying to convey is Media, politics and rafi saab’s contemporaries are playing their dirty games to keep Rafi saab out of the limelight and if Rafi saab has been able to maintain his aura even after 29 years of his death, it’s solely on the strength of his magical effect sans all marketing.. Long live Rafi Saab…. You’er the true King…. Let the world conspire, your charm will never fade…… Happy B’day to you… Love You…


  10. jay iyer says:

    Ramesh, The awards are all political. i dont think Rafi would have cared. i can see that he is a world ratna in ur mind. that is all he would have cared about. as far as we r concerned let us enjoy his music and have fun.


  11. Salu says:

    Nice Article. I thought about initiating a signature campaign to confer Bharat Ratna for the Greatest Rafi Saheb. Later thought why should I bring our beloved in par with lot of other lesser mortals who received Bharat Ratna?! He is immortal, our God Sent. It would be an honor for India and Bharat Ratna if that is conferred to Rafi Saheb not vice versa! Right?

  12. Joy says:

    Dear Sir,

    Wish all of us Happy Birth Day Rafi Sab.

    It is regretable situation that Bharat Ratna has not yet been awarded to mohammed Rafi the king of play back singing.

    Would you please circulate the Adresses of the President of India, Prime Minister and of Sonia Gandhi where we could write and request them to respect the desires of millions of Rafi Bhakts all over the world that the Bharat Ratna be confirred on Mohd rafi.

    Joy Oravan

  13. Ali says:

    why mohd rafi not got Bharat Ratna?
    Is so easy to answer because Mohd Rafi is above Bharat Ratna we all know that mohd rafi is not only # one singer in Bharat but all our the world, if we ask any one from Afganistan or Pakistan or any other country they will say we don’t have in our country better than Mohd Rafi and that indian Gov’t know that because of that they feel that mohd Rafi is above Bharat ratna award………..

  14. P. Haldar says:

    Dear Ramesh ji and friends,

    Let me tell you what gives me the biggest joy: when I discover young Rafi bhakts like myk, kapil, sid, gaurav bijoor and samina. Nothing gives me more pleasure than that. You all read Ms. Priya Sanyal’s heart-touching account of how she converted into a Rafi bhakt. Around the same time she wrote her account, I received an email from a doctor friend of mine who is currently practising in London. It’s the same guy with whom I used to have fist-fights over the issue of Rafi-Kishore when we were young. Here are the email exchanges that I want to share with you:

    Doctor: Have you noticed MERE MEHBOOB TUJHE and Ami JE JALSAGHARE (Beng) have very similar surs?

    Haldar: Noticed it for a long time, since I was in high school. Both are based on raag Jhinjhoti.

    Doctor: Rather weird that I never noticed it all these years – may be I had a block re Md Rafi saab.

    Haldar: How come you are listening to such songs?

    Doctor: I hope you are aware nowadays I have done a paalti and have come come over to the MDR camp – for a good few years.

    (Paalti in Bengali means a complete turnover.)

    Haldar: That is not good. Don’t you have any loyalty?

    Doctor: I am still extremely fond of KK. But when it comes to Hindi gaan I don’t think there can be anybody that can match MDR’s sheer beauty. You will be interested to know my son is quite fond of Madhuban me radhika – I have to play the song again again and again.

    Friends, to me such incidents are much more precious than what our politicians have to offer. After reading Ms. Priya Sanyal’s and my friend’s account, I promised myself that I’d present a gentler and kinder Haldar — if that’s possible.

    The Bengali song that my friend was referring to is a landmark, delivered by none other than Manna da. I present that song to you in Ms. Sanyal’s honour:

  15. Muveen says:

    Ramesh bhai
    excellent !
    baaaki phir fusat me likhunga


  16. Sid says:

    Happy birthday to Rafi saab 😀

    I have made a video called “Mohd Rafi – the voice of versatility” in 2 parts on the ocassion of ustaad’s birthday. I hope you will all enjoy it:

    How can they not give bharat ratna to this, I have no clue.

  17. nutspanin says:

    this is first time ever i m wrtting.i m n nri.i m one of the greatest fans of rafi saab.its simply unfair and blunderous 2 compare any 1 with rafi saab,because comparisn has 2 be always with apple 2 an apple…unfortunately we can not find another apple in the whole universe 2 whom v can compare with.rafi saab u r the greatest of all.happy birthday rafi saab.and rafi day mubarak 2 all our rafi bhakts
    khuda hafiz

  18. bina says:

    Ramesh jee:

    There is no doubt in any mind that he is a Jewel of India…a very thought-provoking article by you. I personally wish he would get the Dadasaheb Phalke award first..


  19. n k v ranga rao says:

    I wish a very happy birthday to the beloved RAFI saheb a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. he is the legend of Indian film music . there is no equal to him in the industry. people from all generations enjoy his songs today.Whether our Govt honours him BHARAT RATNA or not ,he himself is a unmol ratna . of course we all bhaktas of are disappointed .

    Yeh mehlon yeh takhton yeh taazon ki duniya….
    Yeh duniya agar milbhi jaye to kya hai?

  20. Zareef Ahmed says:

    Ramesh Ji,

    There are moments in our life when we stood up for something even if we don’t have heart into that. This is the same moment for me, I am agree with your views/sentiments, although I have a fundamental difference on the topic of “asking” Bharat Ratna for Rafi Sahab. (Because intentions are more important than the way sometime, and I appreciate your intentions)

    Whenever someone talked about Bharat Ratna for Rafi Sahab, I normally feel…. Do Bharat Ratna award really deserve Rafi Sahab’s association? Who will be honored by this award… Rafi Sahab or Award himself? After 29 years, it certainly bound to start a controversy due to heavy politics around Bharat Ratna, Specially after Ram Vilas Paswan’s ill mannered, mistimed demand of Bharat Ratna for Rafi Sahab two years ago, it is inevitable and nobody including our government wants a controversy, so I can not see this award as a reality in future but who needs that….

    Zareef Ahmed
    Deewana usne kar diya ek baar dekh kar
    Hum Kuch bhi kar sake na lagatar dekh kar

  21. BINU NAIR says:



    yes bharat ratna is for mortals… so many of them got it, some very very non-deserving too.
    bharat ratna award is too earthly, not meant for the gods.

    mohd rafi remains our true : “bharat ka ratna…”

    binu nair, rafi foundation,mumbai
    cell : 9833 250 701…..

  22. Sandeep says:

    Rafi ji ka janam divas sab ko mubarak ho. Is Duniya mein agar sangeet na hota aur rafi sahab na hote to kaise kat-te yeh zindagi. Zindgai mein sureela rang bharney ke liya aap ka bahut shukriya rafi sahab. Jab is dhartee se rukhsatee hogee tab aap se mulakaat hogee.

  23. santosh says:

    Happy birthday rafi saab.May you soul rest in peace.May you golden voice enchant us for time eternal.May your smiling face give us solace in times of hardships.May you soulful songs give us strength to face all odds.May you bhakti songs align us with the almigthy.May you joyful songs perk up .May your romatic songs leave us in estacy.May you patriotic songs awake the love for our motherland.And lastly may god give the wisdom to the govt and industry to hounour you with what should have been done long ago but for the petty politics .

  24. M.A. Piroe says:

    Happy Happy birthday my beloved Rafi Saheb. It has been 29 years since you have left us but I still miss you Rafi Saheb.
    May Allah bless you, your Wife, and 3 Sons who are also not anymore in this world with Jannah [Paradise]
    Even after so many years, but I still listen to your voice every day.
    This is not just a MAN But a GREAT MAN. A badshah.
    Tere Jaisa kaun hai?… Tere jaisa Koi nahin….
    M.A. Piroe

  25. Sudhir Agir says:

    Happy Birthday Rafi Saab! You made so many of my evenings more beautiful!

  26. Rajkumar Akela says:

    Mr. Gurumurty ne thik hi kaha hai…”BARAT RATNA” award itne unworthy politicians ko mil chuka hai ki ye ab apni garima kho chuka hai. Shayad MOHAMMAD RAFI sahab ke naam ko ab iski jaroorat nahi hai.

  27. Minhaj Uddin says:

    Dear Ramesh ji,

    Your words in your passage really touched my soul and ignited my inner say to really ‘beg’ from the President of India a Bharat Ratna [posthumous] for the departed green soul of Md. Rafi Sb. It is rather a claim and it wont be unjustified to say that it is the Rafi Bhakt’s responsibility to raise our voice to bring such prestigious award to the door of Rafi Sb which he deserved taking it lively in his own hand.

    Long live Rafi Sab. Accept my signature for claiming Bharat Ratna Award [ posthumous] from GOVT of INDIA for our legend Rafi Sb on the eve of his 85th birth day..


  28. I will personally feel lucky on the day when Mohammed Rafi sahaab the GOD in himself will be honoured with BHARAT RATNA and the people like AFZAL GURU and KASAAB will actually and appropriately be punished. But possibility of both the occassions seems to be remote from reality during the present system.
    One day, I and all of you will come across the news that Shri Amitabh Bachchan and/or Shri shahrukh khan are awarded with such awards. Now-a-days it is corporate system and every occasion needs sponsorers. which perhaps may not be available for honoring Great RAFI SAHAAB.
    The main question arises is What the film industry stalwarts and so called superstars who are really the beneficiary of Rafi sahaabs talent are doing towards this very purpose. Is it not their moral duty to come forward for this holy purpose. Whether the world is so ignorant towards the greatness of a real AVATAAR. Rafi saab may probably think at heaven that-
    ” Dekhi zamaneki yaari, bichhde sabhi baari baari “

  29. abid khalil says:

    na tha na hoga paida rafi sahab jaisa.
    happy birtday to the gtreatest mohammad rafi sahab
    we the rafi fans from pakistan are approaching govt of pakistan
    to hounor mohammad rafi for life time achievement award
    alongwith Nishan e Pakistan.
    we are very optimistic and given hearty response from ministryof culture
    i am astonished why the govt of india did not think of awarding him
    Bharat Ratna.
    Rafi saheb india ke sar ka taj hae or iski qdar nahin officially.
    what a great country who forgot its legends and the millions of hearts
    who wish him to be honoured with highest award.
    god bless india

  30. Chandra Sekhar Mani says:

    We should continue to use all our resources to make the government confer the Bharat Ratna on our beloved Rafi Saheb. It is our call of duty to see that this is accomplished in the year 2010.
    Yes, playback music was infused with life by Rafi Saheb and he deserves credit for this.

  31. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Welcome Priyaji, welcome back. We were missing you. Hope you did not miss my post (no. 137) in ‘If Rafi had sung these songs’ (November 2009 archives)

  32. Utthara says:

    Rameshbhai, you have again come up with an out-of-the ordinary article. Your introduction is superb. Actually you could have develped on that theme and written a whole article.
    Your passion shines through every word. That you are committed to your mission is evident. And your straight-from-the heart- writeup is timely.
    As for Bharat Ratna, I feel rafi saab is above all these. He is the Bharat Ratna. he doesn’t need a bunch of politicians to acknolwedge that. He lives in our hearts. I am sure he is happy.

    Remember Rafi saab’s song…

    Yeh mehlon yeh takhton yeh taazon ki duniya….
    Yeh duniya agar milbhi jaye to kya hai?

    Does God need awards?

    But all the best for your Mission-Bharat ratna



  33. Garima says:

    On his 24th Birthday i wish Rafi saab a very happy birth day
    His work his contributions towards the Indian Music Industrty and above all his Humanity. we all revered him for what he has given us in the form of songs ..
    Thanks Rafi saab

  34. A S MURTY says:

    Oh there are indeed ‘four’ articles today. “Feast” in true style on this great occasion.

  35. kumar ranjan says:

    Bharat Ratna seems to be an earthly award, not meant for GOD. Let us not stoop low if we do not still realise who was the greatest ever singer (Rafi Saab) i.e GOD Himself.
    Play back singing actully started because of Rafi saab only,other wise it was only singing, well, of course good and great singing too. But play back was revolutionised by only Rafi saab.Without him it could not have been so.
    I need not explain so much, I think all Rafi Bhakta will understand.
    Any body who does not understand,only GOD can help him/her.

  36. RAJDEEP says:

    First and foremost this is to send my heartiest well wishes to Today is the very remarkable day of the birthday of the pride of indian film music, the incredible and enchanting singer MOHAMMED RAFI. What to say about the very eternal artist who is one of the most enchanting voices of Indian Cinema and till date not a single day goes by without Rafi being heard on radio or television. I’m at heart too feeling glad on this felicitation day and spending the day by listening the evergreen songs of the great and eminent artist who was really man of parts. Yesterday I fortunately got an opportunity to record the evergreen and most melodious song– YEH DIL TUM BIN of the very great artist in my own voice

  37. Ruhi Khan says:

    Ramesh Sb,

    I appreciate the sentiments expressed by you, but Bharat Ratna Award falls in the realms of politics and goverments. Unfortunately they have not done anything thus far and God only knows what they will do in future. Rafi Saheb’s pathos comes alive to this very situation in this background song from the film Pehchan

    Paise ki pehchan yahan,
    Insaan ki keemat koi nahin
    Bach ke nikal jaa uss basti se
    Karta Mohabbat koi nahin.

  38. jyoti mohanty says:

    Wish you happy birth day ,dearest rafisaab.
    You live in our are a blessing to the mankind.keep smilling as you always do and bless us all.

  39. M V Devraj says:

    A very very Happy Birthday to the messiah of music,Rafisaab.
    Ramesh, a posthumous award does not mean much.If it had been given during his life time,(who deserved it better than Rafisaab,none),it would have been a rightful acknowledgement to the maestro’s contribution to HFM.You might know the incident relating to rafisaab himself.When a particular song became a national craze,the director asked Rafisaab as to what fees he wanted.Rafisaab simply said that he already has received his fees. He said that the accolades from the public and adulations from the peers are his highest fees.To my mind the same theory applies to unrewarded awards.Rafisaab is Bharat Ratna,nay,Bhoolok Ratna,in all our minds. Which award will be greater than that?
    Best wishes.
    M V Devraj

  40. narayan says:

    Yes Rameshji

    Rafi Sahab is an Avatar of God and a saint.. Our govt should confer the highest civilian award the Bharat Ratna to him posthumously and come out clean from their historic blunder..
    Rafi sahab as guruji mentioned is a Vishwa Ratna and will live in the hearts of all music lovers forever..
    He is eternal and immortal…
    Infact the 1st prestigious Mohd Rafi award is being given to Pyarelal today on 24th Dec at a huge gathering in Mumbai by the BJP president L.K Advaniji
    Rafi Sahab Amar hai aur amar rahenge

  41. Priya Sanyal says:

    Mr. Ramesh Narain Kurpad ji Fascinating article…let us express our love for Rafi sahab when ever we get chance without forgeting humbleness n purity of Rafi sahab`s innocent n divine nature…..Let us we all become reflection of this dynamic personality…May Rafi shine in our heart as melodious,as bright as high as in the versatile voice of Rafi sahab`s singing…….may we become even a bit of person like the great humble n compassionate heart of Rafi sahab….now we all r Rafi….if there would be so many Rafi…lets see how many more days these envy,jelous n few biased person can ignore Rafi…one day world would surly recognize Md Rafi sahab as its being said,”satyam jayate,naritam satyana”,,means all those who were materialistically attached to denounce Rafi sahab one day become invisible in bright light of Md Rafi`s voice…yes we can see trend is changing,,,10 years ago,,they were best to curtain Rafi sahab`s presence,,but after arrival of internet n other medium,,many listened Rafi voice once again..n fell in surprise how can such a divine voice be possible n how can such voice be ignored for firts half a decade in 70s…see the destiny of all those who directly tried to let down rafi sahab,,,,number 3 Dev anand ji…dev sahab is equivalent to Dilip sahab n Raj kapoor ji,,but is he respected like them,,Devanand with so many Rafi hits ignored him in 70s n ruined himself now people joke at his name……2nd is RD burman,though was so much talented n a hit movie came after his death,his last years was so frustrating that he died of heart attack when LP got music in subash ghai film in his place..n same thing he did whole life giving song that Rafi sahab deserve to kishore kumar….now 1st,,is kaka or Rajesh Khanaa,,,with ye reshmi julfe,akele hai,,nafrat ki duniya etc…tried his best to down Rafi Sahab,,he even praised Anwar above Rafi sahab,,n the song mere naina sawan bhado,kishore kumar wanted Rafi sahab to sing but khanna forcefully made kishore da to sing,even in hanthi mere sathi he tried best not to let Rafi sahab sing,,khyiyam wanted Rafi sahab for the song hazar rahey`n,,,but everytime khanna put obstacles n gave the song with Rd`s help that Rafi sahab deserved to kishore da like amar prem etc…see his destiny now he is doing serials with dd n even flop n frustrated there..,,………

    ,,,,,.just see how popular tum bin in Rafi sahab voice has become today,,on you tube if we check view count other singer`s version is no where in comparision to Rafi sahab`s version….even with duets,,,no matter who the other singer is,,but people can`t stop themselves on commenting praise for Rafi sahab…..Rafi sahab is growing sun…….n even today after 85 years after his birth still his popularity still is increasing thats amazing,,call it kishore da or lataji,,they have reached their highest now..but with Rafi sahab everytime we r discovering deeper n deeper….so many songs,so many variety so many divinity…..yes few obstructions n few person r still there to defame such saintly person,,,but how long……….one day Rafi sahab would excel every barrier n win hearts of even the critics……………
    Happy Birth Day rafi sahab……

  42. jasbir singh zando says:

    24th dec is a great rafisaab day…great- singer n humanbeing born,we miss him through his thousands of songs having different moods in many languages….he resides in our hearts….we spend our lives happily through his rare magic of songs….he has already been honoured with vishav rattan by his billion fans all over the world….why to belittle him by awarding bharat rattan by greedy,selfish and narrow minded political leaders……his fans are like him…god as he was,is n will be till this universe stays…long live rafisaab…we worship u…

  43. A S MURTY says:

    “God, then, stood up with a smile and pointing both his hands downwards towards mother earth, said authoritatively, thus – “ My dearest dearest dearest Rafi Bhakts, ( I was rafi sahab then )” – RAMESHJI, THIS IS JUST FANTASTIC (AND CERTAINLY NOT FANTASY). There are several quotes in your write up that I could have quoted once again, but the moot point remains the heartburn that we as rafi bhakts would always feel. And I agree with you 100% when you state : “ Are we begging ? “. If you ask me – an emphatic – NO”. Agreed that Rafi Sahab is above any award, just as many of us would like to often state. Many more have echoed on several occasions that the Bharat Ratna award itself has lost its relevance what with some not so very deserving big names having been conferred with that title. but, we cannot ignore the fact that it is the highest civilian award of our country. your call to all the rafi bhakts to send emails to the president of india, the prime minister of india is the immediate and urgent task with us. let us indulge in these constructive activities, irrespective of whether we achieve our goal or not. trying will atleast lessen the burden of remorse that we as rafi bhakts have not done the needful ourselves. let the year 2010 be dedicated by all rafi bhakts for this most justified cause. And I agree with you once again when you state that we rafi bhakts must go beyond than just meet occasionally to sing the songs of Rafi Sahab or organizing musical shows. That extra effort is the call of the day. Many thanks for bringing out your thoughts in such a fabulous way on this great day. My thanks also to the administrator of this website for having gifted us with not one, not two but three fantastic articles. The birth anniversary of Rafi Sahab is “tyohar” or “festival” to all of us.


  44. Jyothi says:


    I fully agree with Mr. Guru Murthy when he says that Bharat Ratna has lost its relevance as it is being given to so many unworthy people. Rafi saab is a legend in himself and I don’t think conferring awards post humously will have any effect. Rafi saab shall remain in our hearts forever, even generation after generation.

  45. pvksraju mumbai says:

    today the 24th December, 2009 happens to be Rafi Saab’s 85th birth anniversary. In which ever form or world he is I convey my good wishes to his atma. May his atma rest in peace. I always supported and will continue to support ” Bharat Ratna to Bharat Ratan Mohd.Rafi Saab”. He should be honored. I also wish to lay a few flowers at his kabar located near Juhu Garden, Santa Cruz on this special occasion. with due respects to Rafi Saab………… I remain

  46. MANISH GOKHALE says:

    i had been to rafi sahab’s birth place 3 years back.what a great feeling to be there.i just wrote four line for that holy place.


  47. Sumit Nagpal says:

    Dear Rafi Bhakton…

    Wishing u all a very Happy Rafi Day..

    Sumit Nagpal

  48. Hussei Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb himself is much more than a Bharat Ratna. In real sense, Bharat Ratna need Rafi Saheb, he was much above than this award. Many happy returns of the day Rafi Saheb, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

  49. Javed Ahmed says:

    Today 24th of December, 2009 and it’s
    Mohammed Rafi Saheb’s 85th birthday.
    I wish Rafi Saheb
    a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Long live the master.

  50. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Personally I am not too much attached to Bharat Ratna for Rafi Saab. Beacuse, Rafi Saab was really a RATNA in the true sense, as he lives in the hearts of so many people. As you clearly pointed out, he was an AVATAR. The Bharat Ratna lost its value, when it was conferred on so many unworthy politicians. “Men may come and men may go, but Rafi Saab will always remain the numeruno as for as play back singing is concerned”.

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