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Rafi Saab, the selfless singer, lives on… with his golden voice

By KS Ramachandran (Chandan)

Rafi Saab, the selfless singer, lives on… with his golden voice

Many singers have come and gone. Many have tried to emulate the voice of Rafi Saab. No one could match his softness, depth, range, emotion, feel, modulation and many other parameters in singing…and he sang so naturally.

Emotions fell in place with lyrics and so were modulations and feel. The right dosage, never more, never less, all naturally, with a molten butter-like voice. It is easily realised by any ardent music lover that there can be never another Rafi Saab again. His sole voice perhaps is enough for generations to come and beyond, to realise the power and sweetness of his vocal cord!

The approaching 96th birth anniversary of the legend on Thursday, the 24th December 2020, shall be yet another landmark in the history of the golden era of retro Bollywood music to recognize and realise that his voice shall flag the highest, as usual, for a life time, amidst many admired playback singers, living or dead, or to come!

Rafi Saab Ki Awaz, Rehti Duniya Tak, Qayam Rahegi…

Long live Rafi Saab!

KS Ramachandran (Chandan)

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5 Blog Comments to “Rafi Saab, the selfless singer, lives on… with his golden voice”

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. A fine write up short and sweet. One can write pages on Rafi Sahib but even one sentence is enough just to say – a very great singer – like of whom we will never see or come to know.

  3. drfmeerza says:

    Happy birthday to great legend of century Mohammed Rafi Sahib. He has god gifted voice. He will remain forever in hearts of millions of his lovers.

  4. N.G.Ramaswamy says:

    Excellent write up Chandanji. Extremely glad to go thru’ the very first article on this very important day for all music lovers throughout the world and Rafi Saheb fans.
    Keep singing and entertaining with the Farishta’s songs.

  5. Szbnavis says:

    Great sir. We are all the True & Dedicated followers of Rafi Sir . We can never touch his levels with respect to our vocal chords comparison but we can try our level best to be a Noble & Kind hearted human being like him.
    To me Rafi Sir is a Divine Incarnation who was sent by the Almighty to let us know What is MELODY .

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