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Rafi Saab is remembered every moment …. Not just on 31st July…!

By Chandan (KS Ramachandran)

Rafi Saab is remembered every moment
It is undeniably true, unanimously..!

In the words of music composer duo, Shankar Jaikishen, Rafi had “Aatma” in his voice. In the words of SP Balasubramanyam, the noted playback singer and living legend, “Rafi is the ultimate playback singer”.

In the words of the renowned classical playback singer Manna Dey, “Rafi was a better singer than me”. In the words of the living legend Yesudas, “Rafi Saab is my Maanaseega Guru”. In the words of Producer Director Manmohan Desai, “Rafi Saab ki awaaz, Khuda ki awaaz hai”.

Years ago, when the most popular “Ghazal Ke Baadshah”, Ghulam Ali Saab, was invited by Rafi Saab to his residence, it is learnt that Rafi Saab rushed to the street to welcome Ghulam Ali Saab. When Ghulam Ali Saab entered, he was dumbstruck with the number of medals, trophies and awards, which were all around Rafi Saab’s residence. Ghulam Ali Saab said “Rafi Saab, lagta hai, duniya aapko bahut sunti hai”. Rafi Saab promptly replied “Lekin main aapko sunta hoon” Such was Rafi Saab’s humility! Talented singers of today, must learn this greatness and humility from Rafi Saab!

35 years, after Rafi Saab’s demise on 31st July 1980, which is considered a “black day” in the history of Bollywood film and music industry, we are all still listening to every song rendered by him, every day, every moment. His natural power of voice, subtleness, softness, depth, feel, emotion, range and “harkaten” can never be matched by any singer, past, present or even future!

Long live Rafi Saab, the man, his voice and his renditions”

“Unki Awaaz, Rehti Duniya Tak, Kaayam Rahegi” !

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18 Blog Comments to “Rafi Saab is remembered every moment …. Not just on 31st July…!”

  1. shammi says:

    I agree with Usmanji’s comments that the number of awards that Mohd Rafi won does not reflect at all on his popularity or talent. Artists that are a lot less worthy appear to have won more than him and that just seems so bizarre and unjust. He definitely is the legend of ALL legends and the fact we are remembering him today even after many decades proves just how much of an impact he made on millions of people and I have no doubt that this will continue for many more decades.

  2. suradkar swati says:

    mohd rafi…..legend of legends…

  3. abdul rawoof dawood says:

    how can i forget d song of NEEL KAMAL Baabul ki dua ye lethi jaa, my late father a cancer patient,who cried when he heard d song from AAP KI FURMAAS & man chaahe geeth by A I R because d situation of her elder daughter like d same what meaning of d song.All d family cried with him. After his death situation came very bad,at d same time d song A DUIYAA A MEHAFIL give me teras in my eyes,i summit to Almighty ALLAAH,ask his kind,and grace upon me. ALHAMDULILLAAH,HE accept my prayer now i am in good possition.I got three consolation prizes at d age of 53 in a public sector annual HINDI day celebrations.DIL KI AAVAZU BI SUN, TERE JAVAANI SAPUTA like dis.

  4. sandeep gupta says:

    He is the greatest singer of all times..

  5. Mohamed Usman says:

    Though I very well understand the fact that greatness of Rafi Saheb can not be judged by count of any award or recognition; I have always wanted to get an answer for one question, which has been annoying me for quite while, why Rafi Saheb has been granted only one National Award while Yesudas and SPB who consider Rafi Saheb as their Guru have won 7 and 6 times respectively?

  6. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Dear Chandan ji,
    Interesting narration.”Baharom phool barssao” had been selected as
    the Best song of Hindi Cinema by BBC-Asian Net work.I put this
    song as my caller tune for my number 9480336921 and I used to
    get people requesting not to take the call immediately so as to
    enable them to hear the song as much.Recently one of my friends
    asking about the song and he became a fan of Rafi Saab!!!

    Even if we are listening this song thousand times,still it is so fresh
    to hear again and again.Long live Rafi Saab and his songs………

  7. SalRafi says:

    Great write up. I enjoyed and agree with it totally. Keep it up. Thanks

  8. No doubt he is the greatest male playback singer ever to have sung in the history of Indian cinema

  9. vinod mehru says:

    Dear Chandran ji,

    rightly said rafi saal mein do baar nahi, balki 24/7or 365 days hamare saath hai.

    vinod mehru

  10. Mohd Saqlain Haridwar says:

    Once my favourite music director Ravi had said in his interview,” Great film maker B R Chopra asked me to make Maheder Kapoor as doosra Rafi”.Now i am saying that he could not become ‘Rafi”though he could not be remain original Mahendar Kapoor.My beloved Rafians i am going to discribe the hidden qualities of Rafi Sahab,voice in my next article though it is impossible to mention all qualities of Rafi Sahab.

  11. Sharad Desai says:

    Rafisaab is more than a Guru,His songs keep us motivating each day.

  12. JYOTI MOHANTY says:

    Long live dearest rafisaab….you are remembered every moment….the divine voice speaks volume of your personality and omnipresence….

  13. shammi says:

    I love you and miss you so much Mohd Rafi Sahab and will never ever forget you. I speak on behalf of millions of your fans around the world You truly are the legend of ALL legends and no one has or will ever be able to replace you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. samuel George says:

    I have been a steady listener of Rafi song for last nearly fifty years. Now I am sixty. His songs are unparalleled,voice is always youthful and energy feeding.No other singer can claim these super qualities.

  15. Ananth Padmanaban says:

    Always remembering Rafi Saheb ,not only for his great voice,but as a great human being too.

  16. Zafar Ahmad says:

    Salute to rafi sahib fans who have remembered him on the death anniversary every year.

  17. Zafar Ahmad says:

    Salute to rafi sahib fans who have remembered rafi sahib on the death anniversary every year.

  18. Manish says:

    Wao .. nicely sung .. Bichhade sabhi baari baari .. very nice.

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