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Rafi Jayanti

This report of Mohammed Rafi’s birthday celebration at Bangalore by the Fan Club, BAAR BAAR RAFI on 24.12.08 was provided by H.V.Guru Murthy

Mohd Rafi_s Birthday Celebration by Baar Baar Rafi on Dec 24th 2008 in Bangalore.jpg (1).jpgBAAR BAAR RAFI Fan Club of Bangalore celebrated the birthday of the divine Singer Mohammed Rafi on 24th December at Rotary House, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. The show commenced at about 4.30 PM and went on till 9.30 PM. As it was Rafiji’s Eighty Fourth Birthday, a huge photograph of Rafi Saab was tastefully decorated with 84 flowers and 84 stars were hung in the lavishly decorated hall.

Incidentally 84 Fans attended the meet and curiously, nearly half of them were new Members of the Club. Exactly at 8.40 PM, Rafiji’s birthday was celebrated with cutting of a huge cake decorated with the number 84 and group singing of Rafiji’s song “Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye” from the movie ‘Farz’.

Mohd Rafi_s Birthday Celebration by Baar Baar Rafi on Dec 24th 2008 in Bangalore.jpg (2).jpgRafiji was also given an ovation with 84 claps by all those present. At no time, even a hint was visible that the Fans are celebrating the birthday of their beloved Singer who passed away 28 years back. Though, Rafiji may not be physically present now, but his voice still captivates lakhs of his fans, and for them, he is always alive through his voice.

The evening started with Mrs. Usha G. Rao and Mrs. Nagalakshmi Ravishankar presenting Sher in praise of Rafi Saab followed by Antakshri between the Ladies and Gents sitting on each side of Rafiji’s photo. All the songs sung were of Rafiji’s melodies. This was followed by Karaoke music and Fans very eagerly displayed their singing talents. The highlight of the show was the singing of “Madhuban Me Radhika” by Mr. R.V.Devraj, a veteran Rafi Fan.

In a short span of less than six months, the Fan club has grown from strength to strength. The Club has provided a Forum for all Rafi Fans to gather and discuss on various aspects of Rafiji’s singing apart from providing a platform for the interested Singers to show case their talents. The Membership is well past 280 and new Members are enrolling almost daily. Even they begin their conversation wishing each other ‘Adaab Rafi’.   Members have become so close that it appears as if they know each other for years.

Mohd Rafi_s Birthday Celebration by Baar Baar Rafi on Dec 24th 2008 in Bangalore.jpg.jpgMohd Rafi_s Birthday Celebration by Baar Baar Rafi on Dec 24th 2008 in Bangalore.jpg (1).jpgMohd Rafi_s Birthday Celebration by Baar Baar Rafi on Dec 24th 2008 in Bangalore.jpg (3).jpg

In fact, the Fans are so active that all aspects of music are discussed via e-mail. The exchanges include critically analyzing a song, discussing songs based on different raags, performance of Music directors with different singers, which hero lip-synchronised Rafi songs best, collection of rare songs, sending popular MP3 songs to other Fans, etc. Members admit that their outlook of looking at a particular song has changed after these discussions.

The meet was organized in a grand scale by the Fan Club with special efforts by Mr. P.R. Krishnamoorthy, a great Fan of Rafi Saab.

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15 Blog Comments to “Rafi Jayanti”

  1. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Janab Ram Mohan Reddy Sahab, Adab,
    Very good selection of songs. I wish, I could be there in my home-town to listen and admire you. Good Luck.
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  2. Ali says:

    Best wishes, sir B Ram,why mostly you singers sing mohd rafi famous super hit songs so why not try one nice unknown songs which is nice song but not famous in people and there are so many songs like that….my best wishes to you and your all team.
    I don’t think there is a single day when we are not remembering mohd rafi, I never wait for 31 July or 24 dec but I never forget these days maybe I will forget my and my kids birth day but not mohd rafi…..

  3. Dear Rafians,

    on 29th July, 2011, I am singing Mohd. Rafi, the following songs at Tyagaraya Gana Sabha, Hyderabad from 6pm onwards paying tributes to the legendary singers who actually influenced my life. All are welcome.

    1. Sukh ke Sab Sathi
    2. Jaane walo zara
    3. Ehsaan Teraho
    4. Man tarpat
    5. Chehre pe giri zulfen
    6. Sau Bar Janam
    7. Akhiyan Sang Akhiyan
    8. Chal Ud Ja Re
    9. Suhani Raat
    10.Jaane Bahar
    11.Zindagi Bhar Nahi
    12.Aaja Tujhko Pukare
    13.Jahan Dal Dal Par
    14.Ye Wadiyan Ye Fizayen
    15.Man Re Tu Kahe
    16.Aap ke Hasin Rukh
    17.Chahoonga Mai Tujhe
    18.Raha Gardishon
    19.Jane Bahar Husn Tera
    20.Ik Chingari

  4. Imran Rustam says:

    Great work…….keep it up……



  5. Jayant Sanyal says:

    Dear Rafians!

    The Antara of the following rafi Sahab song can be dedicated to him. One can say that time was making rafi Sahab sing this song may be for hiomself only.

    “Tujhe Dushmanon Ki nazar lag Na Jaaye
    Rahen Door tujhse Sadaa Gham Ke Saaye
    Gungunaaye Tu Hamesha, Muskuraaye Tu Hamesha
    Gulshan Ban Jaaye , Umeedon Kaa Harek VeeranaTere Liye”

    Rafi Sahab Ki Aawaaz Hamare Dilon Mein Hamesha Buland Rahegi

    Long Live Rafi Sahab!

    The devotion and the dedication shown by the fans is simply exemplary. It only shows how much we all love and respect this great maestro.

  6. santosh says:

    congratulations to all die hard rafi saab fans.I am a small drop in the ocean of rafi fans.I want to narrate one incident yesterday.I was travelling in an autorickshaw.The rickshaw driver was humming some old songs.I asked him if he like rafi saab’s songs.He was a muslim and he knew a lot about rafi saab including his trip to Mecca where he has given the azaan and also about his humility.I told him that I too am a die hard fan of rafi saab and daily remember him.I told him how I remembered him on his birthday.While saying all this I became emotional and my eyes were wet somewhat by remembering and saying about our dear rafi saab.At that time the driver switched the radio of the auto rickshaw on.You wont believe it ,/The song was Tum mujhe yun bhula na paoge.I was very surprised by the timing of the song.I believe rafi saab is watching us and that is why it is a coincidence that the song came when I was remebering him from my heart

  7. KRISHNA says:

    Dear Friends,

    Thanks for the excellent article by Gurumurthy ji.. I am not the only one who worked for this successful programme. The credit shall go to Raj and Manish too in providing all advises/support required for the success of this programme. Long Live Rafi Saab.


  8. b.n. singh says:

    can anyone give meinfo about rafi song suno suno lagaybedar gansham gokool tu chood, i think it is abhakti song. thanks very very much

  9. Anoop Kulkarni says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article. Indeed it was great fun to celebrate Rafi Saab’s birthday. I am really happy to be part of this family.

  10. mohamed parvez says:

    congragulation baar baar rafi fan club i have missed your proagram i would like to say thanx to mr gurumurthyji & krishna moorthy ji & entire team for this proagram iam inviting every body to visit my blog dedicated to our beloved rafisaab

  11. Narayan says:

    Adaab Rafi ! to all Rafi Bakts and special thanks to all who has supported the cause of our club. I cannot name them individually but we are all indebted to Rafi Foundation Mumbai,Delhi,Hyderabad,Chennaim Calicut and Rafi Lover’s circle kolkata for giviing us in Bangalore a great inspiration..
    I also thank Guruji for the article and Krishna with support of BBR team to organise such a wonderful show..Hope Krishna can send some more wonderful photos for all others to see…
    I will be failing in my duties if I do not thank the vibrant ladies n gentlemen members of Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club who has together made it a success

  12. vinatha rao says:

    Hi Gurumurthy,
    Thanks for the event covering.It was nice to read and it brought back memories of the wonderful time we all had.Like you have mentioned its such a pleasure being in the Baar Baar Rafi group and what an ocean of music we all get to read and hear.

  13. A S MURTY says:

    gurumurthyji aadabrafi and many congratulations to baar baar rafi fan club in general and the likes of yourself, narayananji, b g rajji, ashok dalmiyaji and many more for organizing the 84th birth anniversary of rafi sahab in such a unique and grand manner. all my friend here at the rafi foundation, hyderabad chapter join me in sending their good wishes to each of the 280-odd members of your great organization for all your future programmes in keeping the works of rafi sahab uppermost. it was great reading your entire reporting too and the minutest of details were covered, portraying to all of us the complete picure of the grand event. may you all cover many more miles in the coming months and prosper from the now 280 members to well over 28000.

  14. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Congratulations Janab Guru Murthy Saheb and Janab Krishnamoorthy Saheb,
    I wish, I could have been there. Keep up the good work.
    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  15. biman baruah says:

    Respected Guru Murtyji

    Many many thanks for sharing of birthday celebrations of great Rafi Saheb on his 84th birthday.

    After 28 years of his demise, a large number of songs sung by legend are still a fresh one n always charming & refreshing us. I appreciate all the activities of Rafi Fan Club, Bangalore. Please keep it up this good work.

    Wishing all Rafi Lovers a Happy Republic Day n remembaring the patriotic rafi gems on this occassion :-

    1. Jaha Daal Daal Par Sone Ki Chidiya Karte Hai Bashera, Yeh Bharat Desh
    Hai Mera………………………..
    2. Yeh Desh Hai Beer Jawanoo Ka…………………….
    3. De Di Hume Azadi Bina Khadak Bina Dhal…………………….
    4. Aaj Galoo Muskuraloo Lo Mehfilee Sazaloo……………………
    5. Watan Pe Joo Fida Hoga……………………………………………
    6. Mere Desh Premioo Aapas Main Prem Karo Desh Premioo………………….

    with best regards to all Rafi Lovers.
    Biman Baruah
    Sivasagar, Assam

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