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Rafi- A Valentine of All Music Lovers

By Sarah Modi

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Rafi is certainly my sweetheart and I bet yours as well.  If you are a romantic at heart, Rafi saab’s voice is the eternal sound of love.  And if you are not a romantic, you will become one at the mere touch of his mellifluous voice.  His intoxicating and honey-soaked vocals can woo any hard hearted person.   The warmth in his voice can thaw and melt anything frozen — be it a thing, human being, thought or an emotion.  If you don’t believe me,  listen to the songs I have listed below and be prepared to be hypnotized by his mesmerizing and soulful renditions.

If you want to praise your girlfriend or wife, or express your love to them, or if you want to embark upon a beautiful journey of courtship, you can begin with any of these wonderful songs, and Lady Love will surely be your Valentine!

I have selected with great difficulty only 14 songs from the vast repertoire of Rafi’s SOLO romantic songs.  You can use these songs to extol and glorify every virtue of your Valentine, whether real or imaginary!

  1. Taarif Karun Kya Uski Jisne Tujhe Banaya (from Kashmir Ki Kali):  The frenzied way in which Rafi sings this song is simply enthralling.  The numerous spins he gives to the word “taarif” can make any girl feel very warm and fuzzy inside.
  2. Ae Husna Zara Jaag Tujhe Ishq Jagaaye (from Mere Mehboob):  I doubt after listening to this song any husna can resist from running into the arms of her beloved.   This song can awaken not only a sleeping beauty but also a sleeping soul.  There is something tremendously spiritual about the way Rafi sings, “tujhe ishq jagaaye.”   This song is also exemplary of the deep bond between Naushaad saab and Rafi saab.
  3. Jo Baat Tujh Mein Hain Teri Tasveer Mein Nahin (from Taj Mahal):  I don’t know what the facebook generation will think of this song, but surely there is no substitute to having your sweetheart right before your eyes.  Sahir Ludhianvi’s beautiful lyrics were given such alluring effect by Rafi.  There is so much ‘tadap” in his voice that I want to use the same angst and ask Rafi, “kya aur ek jhalak aapki mere naseeb mein nahin….”  Roshan saab’s saarangi and Rafi saab’s dard are both so poignant and heartfelt.
  4. Husnawale Tera Jawaab Nahin (from Gharana):   Rafi’s voice is extremely gentle and tender in this song and as you listen to it, you wonder,  kiska jawab nahin, gaane wale ka ya sunne wale ka?!
  5. Main Nigahein Tere Chehre Se Hatau Kaise (from Aap ki Parchhaiyaan):  What a melodic web this song weaves!  The beguiling voice of Rafi can penetrate any girl’s defenses.   You will want to surrender to this song.  Madan Mohan and Rafi excel in every facet of this song.
  6. Chaundhwi Ka Chand Ho Ya Aaftaab Ho (from Chaundhwi Ka Chand):  Who can forget this iconic song sung in dedication of a classic beauty!?  Rafi is certainly “lajawaab” in this song and Waheeda surely deserves all the glorification.  The combination of Ravi and Rafi is extremely potent here.
  7. Jane Bahar Husna Tera Bemisaal Hain (from Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya):  Rafi is sheer brilliant in this song.  His rendition excels  the composition.  Rafi’s mannerisms evoke such deep emotions in you that you are left completely bewitched, hopefully so would be your Valentine!
  8. Is Rang Badalti Duniya Mein Insaan ki Neeyat Thik Nahin (from Raj Kumar):  Definitely, ‘bhagwaan ki neeyat thik nahin thi isliye unhone Rafi ko apne paas itni jaldi bula liya.’    His voice is certainly the voice of undying love.  You can feel that kind of love oozing out of every word he sings.  I am sure he himself must have been a diehard romantic!   The trio of Shankar Jaikishan-Shammi Kapoor- Rafi is par excellence!
  9. Teri Zulfen Pareshan (from Preet Na Jane Reet):   You see a young and handsome Shammi Kapoor bringing out the sublime romance in this song so vibrantly.  Shammi’s youthful  adaa and Rafi’s soulful  awaaz were really made for each other.
  10. Ab Kya Misaal Doon Main Tumhare Shabaab ki (from Aarti):  The sincerity and dedication with which Rafi sings this song makes you want to say that “Rafi ban gayi hain awaaz  khuda-e-taab ki…”
  11. Aye Phoolon ki Rani Baharon ki Mallika (from Arzoo):  Till today this song remains an all-time favorite for any occasion- be it weddings, engagements, or birthday parties for your sweethearts.    Rafi’s vocals are so intoxicating and ebullient in this song that you cannot resist smiling and singing to yourself – “tera muskarana gazab ho gaya…
  12. Teri Aankhon Ke Siwa Duniya Mein Rakkha Kya Hain (from Chirag):  I don’t know about you Rafi fans, but certainly, “mera jeena mera marna Rafi ke kadmon ke tale.”   What a way to idolize someone you love!  Only a very humble and spiritual person like Rafi can sing this song in such a devotional manner.   Your Valentine will surely feel like a Goddess!
  13. Aap Ke Haseen Rukh Pe Aaj Naya Noor Hain (from Baharein Phir Bhi Aayengi):   Sahir’s lyrics really come alive in this song.   This has got to be the most silky, intoxicating, and romantic song sung by Rafi.  Somehow, his vocals feel so caressing and mellisonant that you want to completely drown in their softness.
  14. Hain Duniya Usiki Zamana Usika Mohabbat Mein Jo Ban Gaya ho Kisiska (from Kashmir Ki Kali): I have deliberately chosen this last song in celebration of  ishq rather than husna.   For those of you who do NOT believe in the beauty of love, Rafi’s melancholic rendition gives you all the compelling reasons to do so.  This song is a heady combination of loneliness and love.  Whether or not you have a Valentine, you will certainly find one in his voice!!

There are many more such immortal romantic gems by Rafi saab and I can go on and on about them…. but with tremendous restraint I stop here.  If you’d like another list such as this one, let me know and I shall post one.  Mere Yaar Shabba Khair…!!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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30 Blog Comments to “Rafi- A Valentine of All Music Lovers”

  1. Deepak Kumar says:

    It is best for me i like it very much

  2. i would like to add songs which i like very much, hope you all will ilke it.
    1. din hai yaeh bahar ke phool chun le pyar ke o saatho o saathi o
    film : Honeymoon 1960
    2. akela hoon main humsafar dhoodta hoon
    film : Jaal 1967
    3. aisa ho ke in waadiyon mein main kho jaaoon
    film : Aakhri dao 1975

    i will post more in future thank you all for reading


  3. NAVEED KHAN says:

    please write or mention about some of Rafi saheb private songs like;

  4. Binu Nair says:

    Mohd Rafi is for All Seasons and Reasons……Just like Shakespeare, the fragrance filled rose or the infinite sky.
    generations will come and generations will go. but, rafi saab songs will ‘rule’ forever…..

  5. Sarah Modi says:

    Dear Binu Nair,

    Thank you for your heartwarming comments and for your invitation to attend Rafi musical. However, I live in the United States. But I do visit India in every few years. Next time I am in Mumbai I will certainly look you up. Your song selections are wonderful too.

    To add to some more Rafi Romantic Solos, some of which have also been listed by other wonderful commentators, allow me to present another bunch of 14 beautiful roses adorning the color and scent of love:

    1. Surahidar Gardan Koyal si hain awaaz (Aman)
    2. Haye Tabassum tera (nishan)
    3. Tu bemisaal hain teri taarif kya karun (Brahmachari)
    4. aaj ki raat badi shokh (nai umar ki nai fasal)
    5. jahan tu hain wahan phir chandani (aao pyaar karein)
    6. paas baitho tabiyat (punar milan)
    7. aaj ki raat yeh kaisi raat (aman)
    8. pehle mile the sapno mein (zindagi)
    9. rukh se zara naqaab (mere huzoor)
    10. o mere shah-e-khuban (love in tokyo)
    11. phool sa chehra chand si rangat (raat aur din)
    12. salaam aapki meethi nazar ko (boyfriend)
    13. roshan tumhi se duniya (parasmani)
    14. shokhiyaan nazar mein hain mastiyaan hain (aasara)


  6. BINU NAIR says:

    love songs few more :

    Hum tum ye bahar, dekho rang laaya pyaar, barsaat ke mahine me – a rafi-lata duet tuned by pakeezah famed composer mr gulam mohd. movie name could be amber.
    the song is filmed on raj kapoor and it was a hit in the fifties.

    besides this, another two songs can be written about. first one by sahir, tuned by madan mohan and sung by rafi for the film gazal…. Mere mehbood kahin aur mila kar mujhse …..a poem of love of a commoner verses the emperor who built the taj mahal. lip synched by sunil dutt this treat is available on youtube.

    the second one is in praise of taj mahal written by shakeel, tuned by naushad and sung by rafi-late…. ek shehenshah ne banwakar haseen tajmahal…..


  7. Binu Nair says:

    sarah ji : great and commendable listing of great and memorable songs .

    for your info. we have live musicals in mumbai and our title is : Dil pukare aa re aa re aa re.

    the title has been well received by music lovers and there is a feast of songs served on the musical buffet. I invite you to be our guest in one of the musicals for the love of rafi saab.
    When the music is good, the heart will sing.

  8. Sarah Modi says:

    Dear Sunil and Mahendraji,

    I adore the song “tukde hain mere dil ke e yaar tere aasoo…” I feel uplifted so many times when I listen to “e jaan yeh sulagta gham de de meri aankhon ko…palkon pe utha loonga sau baar tere aasoo..”

    Same is true with O mere shah-e-khuba…Rafi ki awaaz jab paas hoti hain, koi dusra nahin hota..

    Thanks for your comments.

  9. Sarah Modi says:

    Dear Khaja Alliuddinji,

    Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate the song list that you have provided. You certainly have a great deal of knowledge about Rafi saab’s songs. Kudos to you!!


  10. Mahender Singh says:

    Dear Sarahji,

    Thanks for this beautiful article on our Valentine love Rafi Sahab. One melody that I want to add to your list is immortal “Aye mere Shah-e-khub, aye meri jaan-e-jaanaana, Tum mere paas hote ho, koi doosra nahi hota”.

    I heard that this was a very famous line written by Momin. And Mirza Ghalib offered that if this line could be credited to him, he was willing to give away his whole Deewan to Momin. Momin wrote this line for God, giving him message that it is only him, the supreme being, who is close to him, and nobody else.

    Rafi sahab’s voice made these two lines, from famous Love in Tokyo, immortal. Where are those movies, where one Bengali Hero [Joy Mukherjee], with one Gujrati Herioin [Asha Parekh], Rafi Sahab, Shankar [Hyderabad], Jaikishan [PUnjab], Hasrat [Rajasthan], would get together in a country like Japan and roll out such a melody that people will remember for ages to come.

    It is my firm belief that God wanted all of us to be happy, and that is why he sent Rafi Sahab to this world.

    Best Wishes to yourselves, and all those who have even heard Rafi sahab’s name.

    Best Regards
    Mahender Singh

  11. Sunil says:

    Wonderful article!!! there can’t be any valentine without a Rafi Song. one such song is “tukde hai mere dil ke” by the Great OPN. Though its on a sad note, it assures the presence of Eternal Love.


  12. Narayan says:

    Sarah Ji,
    What a beauty of an article on our farishta Rafi sahab ?
    We want more from you Sarah behen…..
    Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club

  13. A S MURTY says:

    Fabulous and a very apt article – merging with the time. Great to see listings of some of the most romantic songs ever in hfm – all in the all-wooing voice of Rafi Sahab. I would not start giving my own list simply because it would be like writing a volumnous book. Rafi Sahab could wake up a sleeping beauty and mend an upset one – his diction, modulation, stress on certain words, the “ehsaas” or the feel that he could generate – all qualities that any woman would consider as her dream man. Sarahji, Nafisaji, Aliuddin Sahab, Bhagchandaniji, Uttara and others !! what a treasure trove you have laid before us. Thanks a ton. This is one subject (topic) that will live on for eternity.

  14. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Sarah Bahen,
    Bahoot khoob, I could not resist myself to include my favourite romantic numbers of our beloved Rafi Sahab. Agar aapki ijazath ho tab.
    1. Ai jaane baharan – what a romantic song – Purani Pehchan
    2. Lag ja gale dilruba – Dus Laakh
    3. Mujhe ishq hai tujhi se – Umeed
    4. Maine chand dekha hai – Woh din yaad karo
    5. Maine poocha chand se – Abdullah
    6. Tere naam ka Diwana – Suraj aur chanda
    7. Ham to hain tum par dil se fida – Bewaqoof
    8. Tu itna samajh le sanam – Rakhwala
    9. Mera salam lelo – Mera salam
    10. Jane kis roop ki pari ho – Archana
    11. Hum ko to jaan se pyari hain aankhen – Naina
    12. Mahka mahka roop tumhara – Gaunwaar
    13. Sher ka husn ho – Chambal ki khasam
    14. Teri tasveer bhi kuch – Kinare kinare
    15. Mana mere haseen sanam – The adventures of Robinhood
    16. Paas baitho tabiyat bahal jayegi – Punar Milan
    17. Salamath raho – Paarasmani
    18. Phool ka shabab kiya, aapka jawab kiya – Farz ki jung
    19. Banda parwar tham lo jigar – Phir wohi dil llaya hoon
    20. Tum sab ko chodkar aa jaao – Dil ek Mandir
    21. Koi aur duniya me tumsa nahi – Pyar ki kahani
    22. Pahle mile the sapnon mein – Zindagi
    23. Na jaa kahn ab na jaa – Mere humdum mere dost
    24. Sab jawan sab haseen – Main suhagan hoon
    25. Tu mere saamne hai – Suhagan
    26. Jaag dile diwana rut jaagi – Oonche log
    27. Chand kitni door tha – Afsana
    28.Aapse pyar hua aap khafa ho baithe – Aabroo
    29. Dilne pyar kiya hai ek bewafa se – Shararat
    30. Chand jaisa badan – Rustam-e-baghdad
    31. San sang rahenge ji – Mulzim
    32. Khushboo hoon mai – Shaayed
    33. Dil ke jharoke me tujh ko bithakar – Brahmachari
    34. Tu is tarah se meri zindagi me shamil hai – Aap to aise na the
    35. Tassurat ki mahfil saja raha hoon – Lubna
    36. O meri mahbooba – Dharamveer
    37. Gulabi aankhen – The train
    38. Joode me gajra math baandho – Dhhop Chaoon
    39. Tumse izhaar-e-haal kar baithe – Mere Mehboob
    40. Hai kali kali ke lab par tere husn ka fasana – Laala Rookh
    41. Ek baar meri mohabbath ka imtihan to lo – Babar
    42. Gore haathon pe yeh zulm na karo – Pyar kiyr ja
    43. Ab ke bahar aayi hai tere naam ke saath – Aulad
    44. Tera jaisa kaun hai, tere jaisa koi nahi – Tamanna
    45Apne naam ke khareeb, mera bhi naam likhdo – Raath ke andhere me
    46. Ae musavvir mere mehboob ki tasveer bana – insaan aur insaan
    47. Mere mehboob tere damse – Bhai Bhai
    48. Tumhe dekha hai – Chandan ka palna. This is one of my favourite number.
    I want to dedicate all these above mentioned songs to meri pyari bahen sarah ko and all Rafi lovers,
    Long live rafi sahab,
    Shab Bakhair,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  15. Sarah says:

    Nasreen, Nafisa, Bhagchandaniji and others

    Thanks again to all of you for listing wonderful songs that compliment this Article. My focus was merely on Rafi’s Solo songs that glorify a girl’s beauty or virtue. I cannot even start to compile his romantic duet songs, I know that would be another vast ocean I dare not try to cross…!! But there are lots of youngsters today who are not aware of so many Rafi romantic numbers, so I thougt why not begin with a few of his solos and list at least 14…

    Each one of you commenting on this Article is certainly welcome to come up with your own favorite list of 14 Rafi romantic solos. It would be wonderful to provide such compilations to Rafi lovers of all ages….

    I did not want to make the Article too lenghty, otherwise I would have definitely included the following Rafi solos that are my all time favorites:

    1. Mere Mehboob Tujhe (Mere Mehboob)
    2. Mujhe dekhkar apkaa muskarana (ek musafir ek hasina)
    3. Maine shayad tumhe pehle bhi kahin dekha hain (Barsat ki Raat)
    4. Baharon Phool Barsao (Suraj)
    5. Teri pyaari pyaari surat ko (Sasural)
    6. khuda bhi aasmaan se jab (dharti)
    7. tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain (guide)
    8. aise to na dekho (teen deviyaan)
    9. husna se chand bhi (door ki awaaz)
    10. chehre se apne aaj to (palki)
    11. tum kamsin ho nadaan ho (aayi milan ki bela)
    12. na jhatko zulf se paani (shehnai)
    13. tumse izhaar-e-haal kar baithe (mere mehboob)
    14. ehsaan tera hoga (junglee)

    Gosh i feel like not stopping -:)

  16. nafisa says:

    Post no. 4,

    There are more SDB songs in the romantic songs genre, like
    1. Mere man tera pyasaa (Gambler)
    2. Mehbooba Teri Tasveer kis tarah (Yeh ishq nahin aasan)
    3. Hum Bekhudi mien tum ko pukaare

    And some more :
    1. Maan mera ehsaan are nadaan (Aan)
    2. Jiya ho jiya kuch bol do (Jab pyar kisise hota hai)
    3. Chale the saath milkar chalenge saath (haseena man jayegi)
    4. Wadiyan mer daaman raaste meri bahien (Abhilasha)
    5. Dil jo na keh saka wahi raaz e dil
    6. O mere shah – e -khubaan….tum mere paas hoti ho (Love in Tokyo)
    7. Aap ke haseen rukh pe aaj naya noor hai.
    8. yaad mien teri jaag jaag ke hum
    9. bahaaron phool barsao mer mehboob

    As mentioned by Sarah ji in post no. 9, the list is indeed endless. It is very difficult to restrain. I think i have missed many of OPN, LP, Madan Mohan and roshan songs and some of heavy duty S-J songs.

    Regarding ‘tere mere sapne’ in its subtlety it is unique.

  17. Utthara says:


    a fantastic but a very difficult task you have chosen. And your list is khoob like your article.

    If there are 101 ways of saying I love you in a song, Mohammed Rafi knew them all. This is what I said in an article on Rafi. He brought out the myriad forms of love.
    My faves include Aise to na dekho, Mein nigahen tere chehre se, Ai husn zara jaag, Mehbooba teri tasveer, Aajare aa zara, Hum bekhudi mein tumko pukare chalegaye, Abhi na jao chodkar etc etc etc.



  18. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Sarah ji,

    Please accept my compliments and appreciation for this great and very apt write-up on Valentine Day. In fact I have planned to write something on the same lines a couple of times (that is select top 10 romantic songs of Rafi saab). Each time I face the similar problem: of choosing a couple of gems from many many. I guess, I would not have been able to do write as nicely as you have done, because the topic required to be explored by a female.

    Few points:

    (1) The song ‘Aapke hasin rukh pe aaj naya noor hai….’ is not written by Sahir Ludhianvi. I think it is written by Anjaan.
    (2) Should we have have disqualified duets from the list? If we consider duets also then ‘Abhi na jao chhod kar…’ (Hum Dono) would be one among the top. Dev Anand once termed this song as ultimate in romanticism. Other duets that would have made in the list are ‘Jo wada kiya wo nibhana padega…’ (Taj Mahal), ‘Tere husn ki kya tariff karoon….’ (Leader)…. … , Zulf ke chhaon mein chehre ka ujala le kar… (Phi Wohi Dil laya hoon), there are so many… what to include and what to leave….Hmm well again this problem of plenty. OK, on second thoughts we can think of two lists… one of solos and one of duets.
    (3) This post will not be complete if I do not indulge into this difficult but fascinating exercise of compiling other top romantic songs of Rafi saab (except the ones already included by you):

    • Tera husn rahe mera ishq rahe…’ (Do Dil)
    • Ek hasin shaam ko… (Dulhan Ek Raat ki)
    • Aa jaa re aa jara aa… (Love in Tokyo)
    • Sacha hai gar pyar mera sanam… (Jhuk gaya aasman)
    • Tu is terah se meri zingagi mein shamil hai… (Aap to aise na the)
    • Ishq ki garmiye jazbaat kise pesh karoon…. (Gazal),
    • Nazar na lag jaaye…. (Night in London)
    • Tumne mujhe dekha ho kar meharbaan… (Teesri Manzil)
    • Aaj ki raat badi shikh badi natkhat hai…. (Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal)
    • Tum se kahoon ek baat paron se… (Dastak)
    • Meri Nigaah ne ye kaam lajawab kiya… (Mohabbat Isko Kahte hain)
    • Main to tere hasin khyalon mein kho gaya… (Sangram)

    Many more…. Missed many… not an easy task.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  19. ali says:

    I dont like to say anything about Mohd Rafi romantic songs because I am wordless,jest listen this song

  20. Nasreen says:

    Hi Sarah

    WOW!!! I think we are soul sisters. I agree whole heartedly with every song you have chosen as the ultimate love song. And also, simply loved the line, “whether or not you have a Valentine you will find one in his voice”. Certainly that’s what keeps me going. No, not Rafi Sahab himself, he is someone I respect as one might do an uncle. He was more or less the same age as my late father (may both their souls rest in peace).

    But his voice!! It’s Dilip Kumar as a young man, or Raaj Kumar, Shammi, Dev, Shashi, Dharam, Sanjeev, Feroz, Sanjay, Rajesh…and any other attractive hero you can think of. All rolled into one amazing, heart stopping, soul stirring voice! Who needs a ‘Valentine’? The experience of listening to Rafi Sahab’s voice singing those unforgettable gems is far far more exciting, romantic, and heady than any lover’s embrace. Because it is also a spiritual experience in addition to the above.

    But Sarah how could you forget “Hai Tabassum Tera”. This song has such praise that a woman could die – as if the words are not enough…”lab jo hile zulfon tale, jannat ka jaise savera” you’ve got that indescribable voice singing it. How can we bear it? 🙂

    But yes, I know – there will always be another song…and another…and another…
    I salute your 14 choices.

    Your sister in Rafi


  21. Dear Sarah Modiji, great selection. I want to add few more. Na ja kahin ab na ja dil ke siwa. Julf bikhrati chali ayee ho Aiji socho to jara badli ka kya hoga. O mere sahe khuba o meri jaane janana tum mere pass hote ho koi doosra nahi hota. Kalio ne ghoonghat khole. Chhupne wale samne aa and countless songs which every rafian wants to listen again and again. Happly valentine day dear rafi saheb.

    Birendra Singh

  22. Sarah Modi says:

    In Reply to Posts 2 and 3:


    thanks for your appreciation. I like your list too. There are endless such romantic songs by Rafi. But I provided the list, nevertheless, so that the generation that does not know the greatness of Rafi can start somewhere…

    Ramesh Kurpadji,
    thank you very much for your beautiful words and praise. If you are interested in my other articles that I have written for Rafi Saab, please see the links below:

    Thank you for wonderful comments by all the others.


  23. Binu Nair says:

    Wonderful write-up on the eternal singer’s love songs as valentine special.

    a great write up also appeared in times of india , sunday – 13th, headlined : Sur, sangeet and Sangat in the supplement the times of west mumbai about music clubs and the rafi foundation.

    I will be posting it on this site and on facebook page too.

    binu nair, the rafi foundation : mumbai. cell 9833 250701

  24. jayarajt says:

    It is like chosing left eye over right eye ,how can one chose?You need literally thousand “14” sets.I like to add my own:1)baahoron phool barsao—suraj2)ehe saan thera–junglee3)gar tum bhulana —sapne e sach ki honge hum tum juda na honge-Yakeen4)hum aur tum aur ye sama–dil deke dekho4)mere mohabbat sadaa —-Janwar5)jaha tu ye…..chandini ko kaun poochega–Aao pyar karen==
    Any way wonderful write up.I wouldnt like to be in that position to chose the best 14.Any 14 you chose is the best.Thanks a bunch!

  25. P. Haldar says:

    Two other songs that are strong contenders for the Valentine Day’s list:

    Mere mehboob tujhe (shakeel-naushad)
    Chhoo lene do nazuk hoton ko (sahir-ravi)

  26. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Sarah modi ji,
    A wonderful gift of romantic songs of RAFI SAHAB on this valentine day.Thanks for the article.
    “Dil ek mandir hai…dil ek mandir hai… Pyar ki jisme hoti hai pooja ye preetam ka ghar hai….. Dil ek mandir hai…”

    Thanks & Regards,
    -Sanjeev Dixit

  27. P. Haldar says:

    Sarah ji,

    Good list. I agree with you that compiling a list of only 14 romantic songs is a daunting task, but still, any such list is incomplete without two songs, both penned by Hasrat and composed in the same raag by Jaikishan. I am talking about the suraj that rose in 1965; no Rafi concert would be complete without that song. As for the second song, girls used to swoon over by just listening to the opening line: “haseena likhun…”.

    nafisa ji, given that you are a great fan of Dada’s music, and you need one more song to complete your list, how about “dil ka bhanwar kare pukar” from tere ghar ke samne? I rate chhote nawab’s “tum ne mujhe dekha” to be on par with Dada’s “tere mere sapne”, so I would include that too.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    P. Haldar

  28. sarah modiji,

    where were hiding all these days. holly jesus, you write with so much zest that every line has so much punch in it – enhancing the entire write up.

    the subject of valentine as the day is just a day away has been interspersed with rafi sahab’s carefully handpicked songs – makes a very charged write up from you.

    yes – more than rafi sahab and these legends who wrote and made these romantic songs – its your writing which haunts me to truly have a valentine.

    at 62 i would look to my better half and try to hum that 12th number ” teri ankhon key sivaa duniyaa mein rakhaa kyaa hai “.

    i feel – you should altleast give us 12 articles per year – if not more. it would be every fan’s pleasure to read enjoy and comment gleefully as i am doing now.

    sarah – keep it up – i wont write much about the subject matter of your article as you have left nothing for us to comment on or express.

    a truly grreat write up – please accept my humble salaam’s.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  29. nafisa says:

    A wonderful article and a very fresh analysis. I must compliment you on this article, sara ji.

    If u dont mind, here is my own list of 14 romantic solos of rafi :
    1. Tum jo mil gaye ho….(hanste Zakhm) Madan mohan
    2. Tum bin jaaon kahan….(Pyar ka mausam) RDB
    3. Huey hain tum pe aashiq hum bhal mano (Mere Sanam) OPN
    4. Tere Mere Sapne ab ek rang hain (Guide) SDB
    5. Tu kahan yeh bata is nasheeli (Tere Ghar Ke Saamne) SDB
    6. Mera man tera pyasa.. (Gambler) SDB
    7. Teri pyari pyari surat ko kisiki nazar (Sasural) Shankar-jaikishan
    8. Ehsaan tera hoga muzhpar (Junglee) Shankar Jaikishan
    9. Jab bhi yeh dil udaas hota hai
    10. Tumhari zulf ke saaye mien shaamkar doonga
    11. Dil ke zharoke mien tuzh ko bitha ke (Brahmachari) SJ
    12. Darde dil darde jigar (Karz) LP
    13. Khuda bhi aasman se jab zameen par (Dharti)

    I think i will save the 14th song for later, as i have missed many of my own favorites.

  30. nafisa says:

    A wonderful article and a very fresh analysis. I must compliment you on this article, sara ji.

    If u dont mind, here is my own list of 14 romantic solos of rafi :

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