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Raahi Manwa Dukh ki chinta…

This song review is written by Mr. Shrirang Nawathe

Mohd Rafi with Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Mohd Rafi with Laxmikant-Pyarelal

The journey of life through Rafi sahab’s songs is  a unique experience for all of us. It is the beauty of that saintly figure who had contributed  so much for us  that, one can have all sorts of experiences through his golden songs.

Music Director Vasant Desai believed that Rafi Sahab was “shaapit gandharva” whereas Naushad sb. Confirmed him “suron ka betaaj badshaah”. For few others he was versatile, matchless, ultimate and so on….. Above all, for a common man like us he was the nearest soul.. as he was there with us under all circumstances whether these are happy moments of marriage, functions or whether it is Milan ho ya Judaai, Romance ho ya Depression, Dukh ho ya Sukh, Bhakti ho ya Tapasya, where he is not….. oh… he is everywhere through his golden voice and stands with us …all the time… There is hardly any emotion of the life which is left over by Rafi sahib. He touched us through his silky, makhmali voice.. on every occasion flawless.. We find him nearer than nearest .. as such he is living with us every moment

May be this is the reason that, we form the groups and enjoy discussing him through his songs constantly, continuously with more and more energy, vigor and substance.

I would take you through various emotions of the life with the help of the  selected song from a classic movie of sixties. The movie was first ever effort by young ones… the team was inexperienced but every member of the team had common factors like creativity, dreams, dedication, devotion for the job and above all commitment and winning attitude.

Mohd Rafi with Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Mohd Rafi with Laxmikant-Pyarelal

It was the first ever movie from Rajshree Productions’ camp. Young Music Directors Laxmikant and Pyarelal were just becoming known in the film industry through their super hit performances of Parasmani. Majrooh Sultanpuri was an established lyricist by that time..and Rafi sahib …was …a Dharma Purush for all. In fact, DOSTI was famous for its simplicity, its best story, direction, music, lyrics, and above all melodious songs by one and only Rafi sahib.

All the songs of Dosti were super duper hits and were so simple in tunes that they were easily on everyone’s lips in no time of their release. They became instant hits due to the extra melodious and simplest tunes by LP. Voice modulations by Rafi sahib was extraordinary for all the songs whether we take Chaahunga mai tujhe or Jaane waalon zara. Similarly Mera to job hi kadam hai Or Koi jab raah na paaye.

All these melodies are made in heaven and are for ever. The stamp of EVERGREEN was put on these songs just because of their melodies and the way they were rendered..


Listen to Raahi Manva Dukh Ki Chinta by Rafi Sahab


I  give full marks to Majrooh who had aptly described Dukh..and he suggested us a very practical approach to find peace of the mind. Ultimately, we are momentous in the whole life span and Dukh ya Sukh are just two sides of coin and it is  purely the state of the mind. Once we start living positively, the half empty glass is looked as half filled glass. Optimism covers pessimism and thus we try to move forward in the life in a better way with winning attitude.


The ultimate thoughts by Majrooh. Our mind or man is chanchal… it always is traveling at a faster speed than light or sound and hence named as Rahi… What a similarity observed by Majrooh…off…just superb.

For a Rahi, the journey is important and not the destination. In the journey there will be good staitions or bad stations.. so one should not stick to those but continue the journey.. the ultimate Anand lies in performing journey.. and not stopping on stations permanently.

If we adopt the philosophy like this, I hope hardly these worldly affairs can hold us back..We should weigh them equally. Treat  SUKH and DUKH.. like Balancing pans.  Once we achieve this type of state of mind, we are free to enjoy the journey….



When you have companions, the journey becomes enjoying because then burdens can be shared… The feeling of togetherness and love bring so much happiness from within and a force is developed to fight back the challenges posed by the life. In difficult situations, we need someone who can counsel us, who can listen us so that we can depend on him emotionally. Such a thing is possible by sharing of love… The Love can only be the best tool to help us stand right under toughest conditions…


Majrooh went one step ahead and narrated the bare facts of life situations when he says, Dukh  only presents us the real  tasting times..and you may find the only guiding post in the person who  stands by  you and who supports you during the tough times. The best friend is always found to be with you during tough times and not the lighter moments of sharing.

Sushil kumar and Sudhir Kumar were fresh faces for the film and it was a splendid work by the director Satyen Bose who extracted the masterpiece work from these two talented actors. The story of the movie was very demanding and these two stars really had given everything to live the scene.

Laxmikant Pyarelal had mastermind tunes with them and they fully got involved with Rafi sahib for these evergreen songs.Rafi sahib was the main hero for the movie. The way he rendered the beautiful emotions just matchless. And we hardly find suitable words to describe this YUG PURUSH.. As the saying goes, the best things in the life are to be experienced and not to be explained… I think it holds true for Rafi sahib…

Raahi Manwa ….is also known for its special  effects of Mouth Organ.. This  instrument can play wonders as was seen in the movie. A song Rahi manwa is a Quality product of Rajshree Productions because of dedicated team work from LP/ Majrooh/ Sushil/ Sudhir Kumar and above all ….Rafi Sahab..

One trivia goes for the song and the music is that, RD Burman was fond of playing Mouth organ and he was not dared to say this to his father SDB sahib, hence asked his friend Laxmikant to give a chance. In turn Laxmikant in view of their DOSTI had given him a chance for the movie where RD Burman played his extraordinary tune.. on Mouth Organ.. and to this date we all are enjoying the same… This was a real life example of DOSTI….

I feel .. we just close our eyes, and simply take a dip into the notes of great Rafi Sahab ..and listen the pieces of mouth organ, violins.. and dholak to enjoy most of Rahi manwaa…

Rafi sahib ki yaad me….

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43 Blog Comments to “Raahi Manwa Dukh ki chinta…”

  1. Sunil says:

    Its too late to coment on Mr.Sandeep Nadkarni’s death but I still feel that he must be very happy and content in the Divine company of our Great Rafi Saab. The only reason I like death will help me meet my God…Mohd Rafi.
    Thanks a lot for a very nice article Mr. Nawathe.


  2. shrirang nawathe says:


    Bahut acha laga aapke vichaar padhkar. Rafi sb. ko bayaan karne ke liye hamare paas shabd nahee hain,,fir bhi jaisa ho sakta hai ham koshish karte rehte hain..i fully agree with you that, describing him and adopting his qualities for our life style are two different things, but are not impossible to adopt these qualities in our life style. We must strive for the same. I feel that, even if we adopt his one of the qualities, we shall have life with purpose.
    thank you much for sharing your valuable views.

    shrirang nawathe

  3. nawathejee,

    almost everday, as a ritual, i fondly look into this website of rafi sahab, just to see if any one is singing paens on this soulful maestro – as the more i read – the more i crave – i can never say i have heard enough on rafi sahab, there are millions of hues of this person who once lived, breathed, sang and spread immortal love in the entire mother earth. directly or indirectly everybody was bitten by rafi sahab with his magical voice.

    coming to your article :-

    1) Shaapith Gaandharva
    2) Suron ka betaaj badshah
    3) Dharma Purush
    4) Yug Purush

    these are a few loving expressions to describe this great soul. a thousand such titles would not suffice to actually highlight this noble soul – who at times shined as an ” awataar purush ”

    if you call him a ” mendicant “, a singing saint, an awataar or god himself, it would not be out of place.

    liking rafi sahab, his songs, his simplicity, and all his saintly qualities and above all being his fan / bhakt or dil sey chahney walaa is absolutely useless – if you cannot put into practice the values rafisahab lived for –

    one must imbibe rafi sahab’s innate simple serious life’s principles and just respect other human beings as equals without descrimination of caste, class, creed, position and wealth.

    unfortunately, i have found individuals write flawless write ups about rafi sahab, but, their own self is 180 degrees to the contrary – now this is what pains me the most.

    nawatheyjee – since i like simplicity – simple habits – simple living – rafi sahab appears god to me and anyone who associates with god should be worthy of ones own existance – being saarthak and attaining moksh is a sure possibility and can be achieved – through a conscious and concertee effort.

    rafi sahab – tussi great ho – jai ho jai ho jai ho – rafi sahab.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  4. Prakash Nandgirikar says:

    Article Bahut Achha hai lekin gane bahut purane hain jo shaayad log ab bhul chuke hain, phir bhi in ganon ko ek baar phir punar jeevit kar diya hai tumne. Lagta hai phir se purane gane ka ek album taiyar karna padega aur mujhe bhi likhna shuru karna padega.
    aise hi articles ke dwara tum sab ki purani yadeen phir se jinda karte raho yahi meri apeksha hai.

  5. shrirang nawathe says:


    Nice to have your inspirational comments. I thank you for the same.


  6. bina says:


    Aapne toh ek aisa gaana chuna hai review ke liye jo ke mujhe seedhe apne bachpan aur school ke dinon mein le jaati hai.. I have loved all the songs of Dosti since I was a kid and this song holds special memories for me…It reminds me of my Social Studies teacher in school, Mrs. Iyer, a very dedicated and innocent soul she was…one day we all asked her to sing a song, and this is the song she chose to sing.. the scene flashes before my eyes as I hear Rahi Manwa..

    Dosti was a movie that was a hit only because of its superb score by a young duo of LP.. and but for Rafi Saab’s grace and dedication in singing the songs, I dont think it would have won LP their first Filmfare award…

    Shrirang, I liked the manner in which you have explained about Dukh and Sukh as you describe Majrooh’s poetry …WE (all of us) too are companions in this journey of life…sabi hamrahi hain..hai na?

    Ennjoyed your review Shrirang..God Bless!


  7. shrirang nawathe says:

    Hussein sheikh sb./Anil Cheriyan sb/Ahmed Kutty sb,

    Thank you all for encouragement and appreciation.


    shrirang nawathe

  8. toufique says:

    Post 33,

    Amitabh was nominated for a filmfare (in the best male playback singer category) for his rendition in the film ‘mr. natwarlal’. that was surprising.

  9. Salim says:

    The passing away of Sandeep Nadkarni saab is tragic. I always enjoyed his comments on this forum. May his soul rest in peace. I also support the suggestion that his comments in this forum be collected together and posted as an article on this forum.

  10. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Nawatheji, super article from you…. After Shanker-Jaikishan, Laxmikant and Pyarelal are among my favourites… And each song from “Dosti” sung by Rafi Saheb is as fresh as in 1964….

  11. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    You are 100% correct binuji,
    rafi saab never after an award.when he got the “padmashree” award,
    he told let all get the same award instead to thank anybody.truth will
    prevail always.that we are seeing everywhere.when i come to know
    that kk was being awraded film fare award for the song “oh kaike paan
    bana raswalla” it is really an insult to the entire music that case
    big b could have been selected as best play back singer for his song
    “mere angane mein tumare kyaa…..”
    whatever done the gold will be gold which we can see by comparing
    this heavenly site with kk’s web site.where are those people to do
    something for the kk site?

  12. Anil Cherian says:

    Great write-up Nawathe saab, on a great album. ‘Dosti’ is definitely one of the greatest musicals to have hit the HFM scene and it is very very dear to me. Thanks Nawathe saab for bringing this gem to focus.

  13. shrirang nawathe says:

    Rameshji/ Narayananji/ Anwar-Ul-Haque Sb,

    Thank you for reading and valuable feedback. It is all your support and kind gestures that inspire anyone to put a pen to paper.
    I am thankfull to all Rafi Bhakts for their outstanding encouragement from time and again.


  14. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Janab Sandeep Nadkarni Sahab,
    We are going to miss you. May your soul rest in peace.
    I also support Janab Anwar-ul-Haque’s suggestion to the moderator.
    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  15. nawatheyjee,

    mere dil key taarr aapney ek baar phir jhnajod diyaa aapkaa iss hrudaipurvak likhee lekh sey.

    it took me back many years – as students we clamed to see this film and me, my younger brother and my late mum – all in tears. infact in those days – almost all films were tear jerkers. ( black & white era ).

    dosti – laxmikant pyarelal – rafi sahab and the strong but simple story – a perfect lethal combine for an everlasting hit.

    these movies – these songs are priceless and immortal – they never die.
    they always come back to you again and again – whether it is you nawatheyjee or some other noble soul.

    those days – the movies – the songs – the lyricist – the md – the play back singer – all worked with their soul – and not with the box office. movies always had a strong story backdrop and had a very powerful message to convey to the masses.

    now a days you either have ” aagey sochh – peechey kee chodd ” or ” shootout at lokhandwalaa ”

    how could our films deteriorate to this extent. with changing times – one should evolve into something better – not perish. = SAD =.

    a lovely write up nawatheyjee – keep it coming.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  16. Kapil says:

    Demise of Shri Sandeep Nadkarni Ji is a sad news indeed, may his soul Rest In Peace …

  17. Priya sanyal says:

    frnzzz,,,really sad to know about Nadkariniji demise and the insults he faced on forum talk page,,,,anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    “Dukh ho ya sukh jab sada sang rahe na koi,,,to fir dukh ko apnayiye,,,,,, ki jaaye to dukh na ho,”””,,,If its sadness or happiness,none stays with us always,,,,,then why not embrace the sadness,,,,,that when we get left we don`t feel sad!!!!!!!!!

    (the secret of happiness is in discovering the real friend or saathi,,,great singing by rafi sahab such philosophical song demands man of pure heart,,thats our Rafi sahab,,,,,,)
    Peace to Nadkarini ji and his family…………

  18. Utthara says:

    Sandeep Nadkarni saab always encouraged the writers in this forum. He regaled us with anecdotes and also gave us an insight into many filmi happenings and people. It is indeed sad to learn that this gyaan bhandaar passed away. We all are eternally grateful to him for having shared his gyan with us. May his soul rest in peace.


  19. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Shrirang Nawathe ji,

    Very very beautiful article. The most special aspect of this article is the beautiful translation of Majrooh’s lyrics. Congratulations for composing this splendid article on one of the greatest songs of Indian film industry.

    Alas! The shocking news arrived for the demise of Mr. Sandeep Nadkarni. He provided valuable and precious information to us through these pages. We all will miss him badly.

    A suggestion for moderator!!!
    Please upload all the comments of Mr. Sandeep Nadkarni as an article and keep the link of this article permanently at home page. The article must include his brief introduction. This is essential for all of us as some of us may missed his few comments. This will also help for new-comers of the site. Please don’t ignore this request.

    Thanks and best regards.

  20. Narayan says:

    Kudos to you for bringing and potraying the right emotions of DOSTI solos of Rafi sahab and his excellent equation with LP the maestro of tuneful songs…
    Infact this was the 1st Hindi movie seen by me and what an impact it created on kids like us then.
    Fully agree with you that MUSIC was the hero of the film and the STORY was the heroine in the film…
    Keep writing as often as possible with such lovely articles

  21. Narayan says:

    We are deeply saddened by the demise of our beloved Rafi Bakt and leading Violinist who worked with leading Music Directors Sandeep Nadkarni Sir on 21st Sept…..
    We pray to almighty to give him all the solace there and may his soul rest in eternal peace..
    This message is conveyed on behalf of the office bearer’s and members of our fan club based at Bangalore.

    P.Narayan P.R.O
    Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club
    email id

  22. shrirang nawathe says:

    dear Biman Baruahji / Haldar sb/ Binu Nair sb/ Devraj sb/Prakash Shah sb/Saluji/Vinod Mehruji/ all other friends;

    Thank you so much for your valuable comments and inputs. These interesting inputs from all of you made my day.It is so much interesting to know about the song, MDs, Lyricists, film etc…just great.


    s. nawathe

  23. shrirang nawathe says:

    Uttharaji, post no. 3

    Thank you so much for your realistic analysis on my writeup. Uttharaji, I was unable to log on frequently since last 8/10 days as I am travelling much these days. Anyway, your comments are very special like your otherwise special reports.Surely, it was your encouragemnent and grace of the god that, i could put few thoughts on paper and you all liked them.thank you so much.


    shrirang nawathe

  24. shrirang nawathe says:

    dear Mr Siva…post no 2,

    thank you for your heartfelt appreciation. Its all Rafi sahab ..and his grace. nothing else..your comments no doubt are helping for inspiration.
    shrirang nawathe

  25. shrirang nawathe says:

    dear friends,

    Though we never met Sandepp Nadakarni ji, his adoreness for Rafi sahab was well known to Music lovers and especially to Rafi Bhakts. May Sandeep Nadkarniji’s soul rest in eternal peace.My heartfelt cndolences.

    s. nawathe

  26. Shukla de says:

    May the soul of shri sandeep nadkarni ji rest in peace.

  27. Naveen Z says:

    May Sandeep Nadkarniji’s soul rest in peace.

    In grief

  28. M V Devraj says:

    Friends: It is indeed a depressing and sad news to read about the passing away of our revered friend and true Rafi devotee, Sandeep Nadkarnisaab.During the brief period when we were able to interact with him,he came across as a special human being who was ready to embrace death as a definite corollary of life.An amazing personality who will remain in our memories for a long long time.I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to the members of his family and to pray to the almighty to give them courage and fortitude to bear this loss.May Sandeep Nadkarnisaab’s soul rest in eternal peace.
    M V Devraj

  29. binu nair says:

    “CHAHUNGA MAI TUJHE SAANJH SAVERE….. Film industry Musician Mr.SANDEEP NADKARNI is no more ……

    he passed away today morning at around 3.00 am ( 22/9/2009 ) according to a message just received.

    may his soul rest in peace……

    binu nair , rafi foundation, mumbai…..

  30. NEDUMANGADAN says:

    There is a incident about” Dosti “songs. Laxmikant Pyarelal composed for another film before” Dosti’, and there was a beautiful number sung by Lata M in rag Pahadi, which L.P liked very much, but the film was stoped abruptly. So, while composing for” Dosti” L.P remembered this tune and decided to use it for one of the songs and was recorded in Rafi’s voice. After watching the rushes. L P felt that the tune is jinxed one and director Satyan Bose and L.P decided to remove the song from the film, But when Rafi heard about it, he called L.P and asked them to retain the song as it will help the film also. Majrooh Sultanpuri also insisted on keeping this song, and L.P agreed. That song became the signature tune of” Dosti” and fetched best playback singer award from Filmfare for Rafi. “Chahoonga main thuje..” As Pyarelalji recently said in a private gathering, best compliment came from Lata, who said that Rafi had excelled in that song.

  31. vinod mehru says:

    Sir jee,
    speech less ho gaya hoon, abhi day before yesterday i.e.sunday i was veiwing the dvd from moserbeer co. is carrying three superduper hits from Rajshree Productions say 1962 ki Aarti, 1964 ki dosti aur 1965 yaa 1966 ki takdeer. last ki two films ka music LP aur Aarti ka Roshan sahib ka music tha. Navathe saheb ne yaad dila di Pancham ji ke mouth organ ki . yahi to sachi dosti thi jisr public ne RD v/s LP ki rivalary ka naam de diya.

    Dosti ka music aaj bhi yaani ki after 45 years mujhe mere bachpan ki yadon me le jata hai. chahunga main tujhe sanjh savere. aaj kal ke generation ko rafi saheb ke baare mein jyada jaankari nahin hai. lekin jab bhi Zee tv par sa re ga ma pa ke little champs ko dekhta hoon to man bhar aata hai. aajkal swarit shukla 8yrs old child is miracle usne rafi saheb ke items perform kiye hai. isi ne apne selection ke time par laga chunri mein daag chupaun kaise gaa kar entry li thhi.
    rafi saheb ke baare mein kya bataon unki awaz hi yeh sandesh deti hai rahi manwa dukh ki chinta kyon stati hai dukh to apna saathi hai .
    sab ko pyar ke saath gosd bless all.

  32. binu nair says:

    Further to post : 9…..

    Its known widely that many of the awards and the so called ratnas are given on political or commercial grounds. Persons like mohd rafi never went after any awards or recognition. still he is remembered by great numbers everywhere and this is the “true” recognition of an artist…..

    coming back to commerce in film music, underhand money was paid to radio presenters to play the songs. many of the filmfare awards were rigged. without any creative work the composers walked away with the awards. their c grade songs were played relentlessly on the radio. binaca geet mala and amin sayani were the torch bearers – in playing many c grade numbers which are duly forgotten today. mohd rafi songs were religiously kept outside due to the hold of a certain lobby on various radio stations.

    the composers thus gave shoddy work and soon were replaced by creative and hard working composers.
    dosti and sangam were musical treats and hence they are treasured. even their composers had a dream run in the industry.

    binu nair

  33. Salu says:

    Nice article. The article and comments written by others were aptly deserved for the team. I have learned that Rafi Saab personally helped LP in every aspect of music (much in composing) and because of Rafi Saab they became very popular. That is evident until the last of their complete collaboration in ‘Sargam’ as well.

  34. sabnavees says:

    ref post 1, mr kishore vaishnav,

    the harmonica, which is termed as mouth organ by us the Indians is a very beautiful, handy, portable musical instrument.

    for your kind information the harmonica played in the film dosti was played by both pancham daa & bhanu daa. bhanu daa is now 75 plus & lives in kolkata. a few months ago he was invited to attend a harmonica programme at pune. at this age also he plays harmonica flawless. these are the gifted people. i adore them.

  35. binu nair says:

    About Dosti & Sangam there is a fact, mostly unknown:

    Shankar-Jaikishan and Laxmikant-pyarelal are the biggest team that graced the hindi music scene. during the golden era of hindi music the team of shankar-jaikishan was known for superlative quality tunes and innovative music which left listeners – only spellbound. both the teams were unparalled jewels of the music scene.

    movie sangam and dosti came during the same year and there was a hot contest for the filmfare award that year. the rajshri team ( l & P ) took away the awards for dosti and therein lies a story – too.

    remember also movie be-imaan , shankar jaikishan got the filmfare award and according to our music friend from the vividh bharatis madhumalti programme, said Shankar : see i have purchased the award in the beimaan way. the films name too is : beeee— iiiii maaaaaa nnnnnnnnn.

    no further comments needed.

  36. prakash shah says:


    A review on filmy quawwali is to be write.

    some hints,

    I think when we titled filmy than it is to be undrstood a song commercialy based quawali not pure quawali

    The trend setter Shankar Jaikishan has experimented first in ramanand sagar AARZOO – chhalke teri aankho se a rafiji solo.- on rajendra kumar

    In Manmohan desai again LP made a hit with rafi-Parda hey parda- on rishi with big B
    IN Jeetendra’s production deedar e yaar lp with rafi-kk on jeetendra-rishi
    In BRFILMS rdb given with rafi.
    Even in jaanwar sj given meri mahobat sada rahegi
    and in april fool meri mahobat pak mahobat are semi on the style of (gazal quawali mix)only sj justified.All this songs has common factors – RAFI SAAB.

  37. prakash shah says:

    dear nawathe,

    After aarti,this was 2nd film form rajshree production,Tarachand barjatya was big financier cum distributor of films,has distribut many south houses films,avm,lvp,gemini,films distibuted by rajshree house.

    Also Barjatya has introduced many new talented MD,actors,and directors.

    LP,Ravindra jain,rajkamal,ram laxman made theire career frm this house.

  38. s ravishankar says:

    You have written about a song that is one of my all time favourites. This song is loaded with spirituality. Laxmi-pyare duo really excell in all the songs of Dosti. The mouth organ in this song is mesmerising to say the least. Rafi saab’s rendition is just marvellous. To top it all, your review is just too good! It was a treat to read your article sir!

  39. P. Haldar says:

    Mr. Navathe,

    Very good article on a great song. Majrooh’s lyrics are truly inspirational. All the songs of Dosti are great. You are right that pancham played the mouth organ in dosti, but wanted to point out that his father had used him as a mouth organist much before dosti. Mr. Sabnavees, who occasionally posts on this forum, also plays the instrument and he might be able to throw light on who played the mouth organ in the background score; I think it was milan gupta.

    I want to share a personal experience. There was a guy called shammi living in our area but that was not his real name. He was called shammi because he walked like Shammi and talked like Shammi. After he woke up from sleep every morning, he would jump out of bed, scream “Yahoo” and land at the feet of Shammi (portrait). One day he came to my house to listen to the Dosti songs. He said that he’d like to borrow the record for a few days. I usually did not give my records to anyone, but realising this was a Shammi fan, I thought it would be safe to lend the dosti record to him. Well, I never got back my record! However crazy Shammi fans may have been, even they loved the dosti songs.

  40. biman baruah says:

    nawathe saheb
    heartly, wealthy, heathly write-up on a great film, great songs & great artists. Rafi saheb was the real hero of the film which became a great hit & won number of filmfare awards. The film also created a wealthy foundation for Rajshree Films in Hindi Film Industry at very beginning.
    it touch my heart & chilhood nostalzias . thanks & best regards
    Biman, Assam

  41. Utthara says:

    Nawatheji, you were missing on the forum. Were you busy writing this super article? You have analysed the philosophical song beautifully while giving us a glimpse of the movie, the music director and the lyricist.
    The song, like you have said, has a lesson for all of us. Majrooh has brought out the simple truth and your ananlysis of the same is heart-touching.

    Chahunga mein tujhe of Dosti won the best Filmfare award for Rafi saab and Majroohji. Dosti beat two other colossus musical hits __ Sangam and O kaunthi.

    Nawatheji, bahut shukriya


  42. Siva says:

    Nawathe ji–so nice to see you back and what a beautiful article-straight from your heart. Just when I thought of skipping this site for few days, being sick of the latest fights going on , your article has come as a cool fragrant breeze.
    All songs of Dosti are a class apart. Your article has made me appreciate them more. Also I never knew about Pancham having played the moth-organ-thanks for this info.
    An appeal to all Rafi fans-please, please forget all those endless arguments on KK, Salil etc and try to keep appreciating the beauty of our farishta’s divine voice. We need more and more artcles like this…

  43. Mr Kishore Vaishnav says:

    The mouth organ in this entire film was the beautiful hand-work & was played by none other than R D Burman — Panchamda.

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