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Optimism in Rafi Songs

Written by: H.A.K. Walijah

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Rafi Saab songs can be categorized into various genres carrying different shades and moods of human life, if one could listen to them carefully with attentive ears and devoted heart, one definitely shall find hope or confidence, optimism erupts from his songs which grant us the hope of re-living and not giving up the hope. Most of the songs of Rafi Saab remain till today inspiration to millions of his listeners who receives inspiration in hard times; his optimistic songs stand like a shield of condolence or blanket of tender patting laced with encouragement, bravery and steadfastness. As we say in Hindi “Ummeed” which instill (tendency of new hope) in the heart of  the listener as a consoling power with a strong encouraging message to struggle hard and thrive; but do not give-up until finds the way of success & happiness. Hindi equivalent meaning of the English word optimistic is “Aashawadi”. 

The Optimistic or Aashawadi songs of Rafi Saab inculcate new hope to the crestfallen, or an outcast or even a defeated person in life. His songs remain till today the life-force to the listeners which more or less filling the vigor in veins, infuse enthusiasm in heart and bind with zeal the aspiration to live on stimulating the depressed persons in  high spirits once again. Optimistic songs are just a particle from Rafi Saab voluminous work; I mean songs he sang throughout his life that a career spanned around 36 years. Optimistic songs of Rafi Saab are one of the bright ways to inculcate the habit of thinking positive when darkness prevails around and losing hope that nothing could be done and it’s over now, at that time the songs are the only companion to the listener filling in him the courage to face the harsh situation and come out victorious breaking the shackles of darkness and despair.

Rafi Saab versatility which has been universally acknowledged by many great names in film music world and till today no singer has obtained such popularity and love as he did from his fans even after his physical departure from this materialistic world.  His fan-base is enormous all around the globe.  Most importantly, it was his association with Naushad Saab that produced some of his greatest songs. Then Naushad Saab put him on the peak for that singer finally to clinch the issue as the number one playback singer with Baiju Bawra (1952) when Rafi established himself as the ‘Saatwan Sur‘ of film music. His neat appearance, mild manners, timely arrival at recording studios endeared him to Naushad who was instrumental in grooming this highly talented singer, although he modestly says that he “merely showed Rafi the right direction”. Rafi’s range was amazing and fantastic from classical tunes, ghazals, and quawalis to the wild ‘yaahoo’ style songs, His songs range varied from sad, bubbly, teasing, pleasing, mocking, rocking, or fun filled or with devotion etc., endorsed from top heroes to comedians or even to the common man or unknown actors.  We could rarely find in any singer’s career who had sung such a variety of songs and in fact that was true when we think about our beloved Mohd. Rafi Sahab. Yes Rafi Sahab makes it look simple and sings with ease, very natural as if he communicates in daily life through songs.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

The years 1945-65 were a golden period in Indian cinema.  Though made with limited means, many of the films produced then became timeless masterpieces. Most were dramatic love stories set in a background of tangled family relations, poverty, exploitation, and misery.   In a format that became characteristic of Hindi cinema, many songs and dances were included.  Frequently during the movies, actors sang, pondering on problems and situations. Many of the songs, composed by the greatest Indian musicians for the films, have become timeless tunes that every Indian knows.  Popular cinema, often mistaken for being formulaic and repetitive, mobilizes the nation to maintain the dynamic work of self-reinvention. Hindi film narratives are typically about a protagonist, his family, and a set of stock characters: the hero; his love interest, the heroine; a comic figure, often the hero’s sidekick; and the villain, a foil in the narrative, the obstacle the hero overcomes to attain his goal.

Listening to music that not only has a soothing melody, but an uplifting message, especially those of Rafi Saab Songs that brings the comfort and heeling consolation to the listener.  Have we ever had a song ‘stuck in our head’ for a few hours or days, the lyrics repeating themselves in our mind? If those lyrics were positive and inspirational, that would be a good thing.

Now let us think over what’s the simplest meaning of “optimism” – A free dictionary gives the following meanings for optimism:

  • Always hoping or believing that something good will happen.
  • The belief that good is ultimately triumphant over the evil in the world.
  • A state of mind in which one always hopes or expects that something good will happen.
  • Positive attitude.
  • A general disposition to expect the best in all things.
  • The general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled; “in spite of his troubles he never gave up hope”.
  • The optimistic feeling that all is going to turn out well.
  • The tendency to expect the best and see the best in all things.
  • A tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation.
  • The doctrine / philosophy of the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

Keeping in view the above assorted definitions, let’s segregate the songs of Rafi Saab and find out the sour & sweet temperament in human life. Pick up each slot and insert the Rafi songs according to the definition we read above. I try to insert some songs in each slot as per the definitions above and I leave this exercise to the lovers of Rafi Saab to carry on further if they wish to do so. All the words mentioned below are one and the same but with a little variance.

1)   BELIEF/ HOPE: Always hoping or believing that something good will happen.

2)   STATE OF MIND: A state of mind in which one always hopes or expects that something good will happen

3)   ATTITUDE: Always Positive

4)   DISPOSITION: A general disposition to expect the best in all things.

5)   FEELING: The general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled; “in spite of his troubles he never gave up hope”.

6)   TENDENCY: The tendency to expect the best and see the best in all things.

7)   DOCTRINE:  The doctrine / philosophy of the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

I know this is hard and tough job for general reader to categorize Rafi songs as per the above definitions.  But for veteran Rafians still there is hope that they could find out the right song for the right slot as we have variety of songs sung by Rafi Saab both happy and sad especially associated with optimism.

BELIEF / HOPE: Always hoping or believing that something good will happen.

  • Raat bhar ka hai mehman andhera (Sone ki Chidiya – 1958)
  • Gham ki Andheri Raat mein (Sushila – 1966)
  • Tere aane ki aas hai dost (Aas Paas – 1980) 

STATE OF MIND: A state of mind in which one always hopes or expects that something good will happen.

  • Raahi Manwa Dukh Ki Chinta Kyun Sataati Hai (Dosti)
  • Mile na phool toh kanton se dosti kar li (Anokhi Raat – 1968)
  • Mohabbat ki rahon main chalna  (Uran khatola)
  • Nayya meri chalti jaye sahare tere (My Friend – 1971)
  • Tu ganga ki mauj main jamna ka dhara (Baiju Bawra)

ATTITUDE: Always Positive.

  • Nannhe munne bachchey teri muthi main kya hai (Boot Polish)
  • Tu iss tarah se meri zindagi main shaamil hai (Aap to Aise na theyy)
  • Teri aankhon ke siwa duniya main  (Chirag)
  • Mile jo kadi kadi ek zanjeer bane (Kasme Vaade)
  • Ponch kar ashq apni aankhon sey (Naya Raasta – 1967)
  • Kahaan Ja Raha Hai Tu Aye Jaane Wale (Seema – 1955) 

DISPOSITION: A general disposition to expect the best in all things.

  • Jiyo to aise jiyo jaise sab tumhaaraa hai (Bahu Beti -1965)
  • Garibon ki suno, woh tumhari sunega (Dus Lakh)
  • Aagaye yaro jeene ke din (Phir wohi Raat – 1980)
  • Yeh desh hai veer jawanon ka (Naya Daur)
  • Ek Na ek din ye kahani banegi (Gora aur Kala)

FEELING: The general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled; “in spite of his troubles he never gave up hope”.

  • Woh jab yaad aaye bahut yaad aaye (Parasmani)
  • Chal Musafir door hai to kya hua (Ganga ki Saugandh)
  • Saathi haath badhana (Naya Daur)
  • Mathe ki bendiya bole kahe ko gori (Lahu ke do rang)

TENDENCY: The tendency to expect the best and see the best in all things.

  • Main Zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya (Hum Dono)
  • Hum ko tumhare ishq ne kya kya (Ek musafir ek hasina)
  • Aane se uske aaye bahar, jaane se uske (Jeene ki Raah)

DOCTRINE:  The doctrine / philosophy of the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

  • Mann Re Tu Kahe Na Dheer Dhare (Chitralekha – 1964),
  • Unchi unchi baton se kisi ka pet bharta nahi (Mr. Natwarlal)
  • Insaf ka mandir hai yeh (Amar)

I am sure the distinguished Rafians have more knowledge about Rafi songs and strong grasp through which they can very easily insert the songs in the right slot. I was struck with lightning speed this idea of presenting Rafi Saab songs in an altogether different and fresh manner. As a matter of fact, I write this essay in a different structure inviting fellow Rafians to do some homework for Rafi Saab (to show a spirited gesture how much they love the legend) by selecting his melodious songs and inserting them in the appropriate defined slots mentioned above.

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60 Blog Comments to “Optimism in Rafi Songs”

  1. Zaheendanish says:

    To Post: 49

    welcome to you can freely discuss about the legend Mohd. Rafi here, but if you want to discucss about KK please go to neighboring site you will be having a great welcome there by KK fans.

  2. arwind paul says:

    binu niar
    Aap log kk ki toh bahut bahut aalochna karte ho,par agar rafi shahab ke sambhand me koi kuch baat karna chahe to nahi karne dete(comment wants modification),agar charcha karni hi hai toh khul ke aayiye

  3. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    ASA, Anees Sahab, Bahut khoob, beautiful comment, congratulations.

    ” Aawaz ka Shahensha, Mohd. Rafi ”

    Aawaz ki ek shama hawaaon me jaga kar
    khamoosh rafi ho gai dil apna dikha kar
    ek khawab rafi ban gai veeran-e dil me
    ashkon ki har ek aankh me khaleen bicha kar
    armaan jo tha haj ka woh jab ho gaya pura
    phirte hain rafi aalam-e arwah me ja kar
    ” Shahzade aawaz” hai ezaaz-e rafi ka
    jannath ke hawale tu unhe mere khuda kar
    Aawaz sunai de tujhe jab kabhi yousuf
    is saheb-e naghmath ki bakhshish ki dua kar

    Written by Janab Yousuf Quadri from Chicago

    Walijah sahab,
    Hum bhi to khade hain raah me dil thaam ke.

    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    With best regards to all Rafians,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  4. RAJA says:

    Anees Ji,

    Thanks for your observation and input about the song: gham ki andheri raat main. Well said comment.

    Thanks again


  5. Zaheendanish says:

    Ek Shair Rafi Sahab ki nazar:

    “badla na tere baad bhi mauzoo -e- guftgu
    tu jachuka hai phir bhi meri mahfilon mein hai”

  6. Hashmat Alvi says:

    Anees Saab,

    Well witten and an appropriate comment very much useful and relevant in the true spirit of this article.

    Khuda salamat rakhe rafi ke chahane walon ko, kya khoob likhte hain, dil baag baag ho utha hai jab main article aur comments padhta hoon.

    Hashmat Alvi

  7. Man Mouji says:

    Anees Sahab,

    What a nice explanation to the most loved optimistic song of Rafi Saab and Talat Mehmood Saab, Gham ki andheri raat mai dil ko na beqarar kar, hats off to you for sharing with rafi fans the information which is very much relevant to this article.


    Man Mouji

  8. ANEES says:

    Walijah Saab,

    In the light of your above post you clearly mentioned that you got the inspiration to write this write up when you just listen the song “Gham ki andheri raat main” a superb ghazal written by Jaan Nisar Akhtar and music composed by C. Arjun, from an obscure film Shushila (1966), there is hardly any information available about this movie, but what a music this movie contained!

    I have some information to share with you about this song with your kind permission.

    Here is a song composed by C Arjun, and this song comes as a pleasant surprise. This song is a superb ghazal that is sung by Rafi Saab and Talat Mehmood. The song is written by Jaan Nissar Akhtar. Music Director C. Arjun was one of the lesser names from those days, who was mostly confined to working in low budget movies. But he has still given us some very memorable songs. Considering that this song came in 1966, this has to be one the last songs sung by Talat Mehmood for a movie. 1966 was a time when old order was about to change giving way to the new, and this song is very much a song of the old order.

    I love the lyrics, and of course the two singers, in this song, and I have found myself humming this song when times were tough and yes, things did get better, always. I just love the part which goes “… subah zaroor aayegi, subah ka intezar kar…, ” because it is so true. This is definitely an inspirational song.

    I love this song. Two greatest playback singers singing together, it’s a treat. A marvelous song, this perpetual song gives hope and inspiration to life.

    Moreover, did anyone notice that Rafi is singing with low pitch and Talat sahab with high pitch. As you see in the lyrics too the part sung by Talat Mehmood was pessimistic lines and that part of Rafi Saab is full of confidence. Hope and optimism. Just look at the lyrics and notice:

    (Rafi sings)
    gham ki andheri raat mein dil ko na beqaraar kar
    subah zaroor aayegi subah ka intazaar kar
    gham ki andheri raat mein

    (Talat sings)
    dard hai saari zindagi jiskaa koi silaa nahin
    dil ko fareb deejiye aur ye hauslaa nahin
    aur ye hauslaa nahin

    (Rafi sings)
    khud se to badgumaan na ho khud pe to aitbaar kar
    subah zaroor aayegi subah ka intazaar kar
    gham ki andheri raat mein

    (Talat sings)
    khud hi tadap ke rah gaye dil ki sadaa se kyaa milaa
    aag se khelte rahe ham ko wafaa se kyaa milaa
    ham ko wafaa se kyaa milaa

    (Rafi sings)
    dil ki lagi bujhaa na de dil ki lagi se pyaar kar
    subah zaroor aayegi subah ka intazaar kar
    gham ki andheri raat mein

    (Talat sings)
    jisse na dil bahal sake aisi khabar se faaydaa
    raat abhi dhali kahaan Kwabe sahar se faaydaa
    Kwabe sahar se faaydaa

    (Rafi sings)
    fasle bahaar aayegi daur e khizaan guzaar kar
    subah zaroor aayegi subah ka intazaar kar

    gham ki andheri raat mein dil ko na beqaraar kar
    subah zaroor aayegi subah ka intazaar kar
    gham ki andheri raat mein

    I hope my input bring an extra beauty to your write up.

    Thanks & regards


  9. kumkum pareek malik says:

    Dear Walijah Sahab:

    Adaab. thank you for the exquisite article on Rafi Sahab’s optimistic songs. I will share this with the audience on a show that I am honored to be compering on March 24th, in a Boston area suburb. It is a privilege to come across such an article, and to be able to share it with others.

    The show is on Rafi sahab and Asha ji. Area singers will be singing their songs to an area audience. Please do feel free to send me any other information that you feel fans here will enjoy. And thank you again for the fabulous article.

  10. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Ramesh Ji,

    Badi meharbani, karm aur nawazish, aap ne mujh naacheez ko yaad rakha aur apna anmol comment meri jholi main daal diya.

    I was thinking since many days that someone is terribly missing in the comment list, then I remember you Ramesh Ji, then the next day i found your comment to my article.

    Whatever I am writing is just to say something about Rafi Saab and luckily all Rafians seems to be liking it. For that I am really grateful to rafians and general music lovers.

    with regard to optimism in Rafi songs article came into being as once I was listening a song of gham ki andheri raat main (from shushila) at that time I slowly started weaving this article line by line and within ten days the article was ready then I presented to all of you.

    Thanks Ramesh ji for your comment, thanks a lot.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  11. JAYANTH K MORO says:

    Sir, Iam Jayanth K Moro native of Bangalore staying in pune from past 3 years. Also Iam one of the lisener of FM 91.1, 93.3 AND OTHERS. From past 15 years I saw Our Great Rafisab and Best ever songs of Kishor Kumars original recorded songs are duplicating from Mumbai , Delhi and bringing to local market and seling the original songs of Rafi/Kishor of 1980s and before
    coming in duplicate increasing very fast, if this practice continue like this, when original Cds dvds and etc etc some on known singer, composer, music, and music direction all are duplicating of Orginal Songs of Rafi/Kishor sab songs. this practice if continue, THERE WILL BE A DAY SOON WHEN ORIGINAL CDS DVD AND RECORDS NOT AVAILABLE MUCH TO THE PUBLIC, THE NEXT
    GENERATION SAY AFTER 10 YEARS, THE SAME PEOPLE WILL ASK who is rafi and who is kishor. I pray god that day should not come and people in all generation should kisen and enjoy rhe recorded songs of Rafi sabka and Kishor kumar Ka ourRafi sab has given to us more than 30000 (thousand)
    all good the high pich, low pich and medium pich songs of Thegreat Rafi sab ka gaana
    also stylesh songs of and melodius songs of Kishor Kumars sab ka gana.
    I ask public not to by duplicate songs of Rafi/Kishor Sab ka. thesr best singers are ever hearted songs, now we have Sabhirkumar, amitkumar PankaJ UDAS s.B BALASUBRAMANAMAM AND ETC ETC OF NEW SINGERS. WHY DUPLICATING THE ORIGINAL SONGS OF RAFI/ISHOR SAB KA BETTER TO STOP SELING THESR DUPLICATE CDS DVDS ETC of rafi sab and Kishor Kumar songs

    I already publish my article in local news paper i.e The New Indian Express fro Letters to the Editor It also published in Bangalore, Coimbatore news paper in the year 1997 and 2002.
    hope u might have understand my inner feelaing regarding Rafi sab andKishor Kumar sab original sogs not to come induplicate atleast in feature. Those Recording institute should stop of duplicating the Orginal songs of our two eyes i.,e Mohd.Rafi sab ka and Kishir Kumar sab ka

    Thanking you,

    Jayanth K Moro Apte Road POune
    mobil 9765695436
    587/3 Apte Road

  12. walijah saheb – badhaayee ho. phir ek behthereen peshkash. vakai lekhakee aur aap saath saath chalthey hain.

    rafi sahab, ek aisey avathaar the jokee – insaan koh mantra mughdh karkey apnee madhur geethon sey prerith karthey the.

    aap aisey hee likhthey rahiyegaa – acchha lagthaa hai.

    yah website aap jaisey lekhak key lekh sey dhanya hogayaa.

    rafi sahab kee shakshiyath key baarein mein zaroor likhyegaa.

    unkey gaanon key barey mein anginathh lekh hain – magar – rafi sahab key marey mein bahut kamm log likh paathey hain.

    baath pey gaur kejiyegaa zaroor.

    bahuth shukriyaa badee meherbaani……….

    ramesh narain kurpad

  13. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Ranga Sahab,

    Many thanks for your kind comment. As I said in my earlier comments I always have a special place for optimistic songs of Rafi Sahab and I used to listen them in miserable times; and I get a lot of inspiration and “Walwala” to face the situation. The songs of your liking are evergreeen and helps for self-motivation.

    Thanks again Ranga Sahab for dropping a line of encouraging comment.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  14. achal rangaswamy says:

    walijah saab

    what a wonderful article !! hats off to you sir for writing this.

    it is so true that rafi saab’s continue to inspire many a listener even today, the same way as they did when he was singing them. i myself have had occasions in my life when the chips have appeared to be down, but listening to even one song of his would lift my spirit up and prepare me to face any situation.

    some songs of his that have always inspired me are:

    ek banjara gaye jeevan ke geet sunaye
    kar chaley hum fida jaan o tan saathiyo
    gham ki andheri raat mein dil ko na bekarar kar
    kahan ja raha hai tu ae jaaney waaley
    zindagi hai kya sun meri jaan pyaar bhara dil meethi zubaan
    and the badshah of all those songs (my own personal favourite) is MAIN ZINDAGI KA SAATH NIBHAATA CHALA GAYA

    thank you so much walijah saab for penning this beautiful article

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  15. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Dear Umesh ji and Zaheendanish ji (Posts 20 and 34):

    There were as many as 5 articles in this forum paying tributes to Dev Anand for whom Rafi saab sang many songs till 1970 and just a few after 1970. In the initial years Kishore Kumar sang mostly for himself and sometimes (off and on) for Dev Anand. After 1970 Dev Anand switched almost entirely to Kishore.

    This above fact was a good enough reason for someone at that forum to write a few words to pay tribute to Dev Anand on his demise. Leave aside Dev Anand, even on 13th Oct. 2011 (24th death anniversary of that very person for whom the site is created- Kishore Kumar), there no article, no tribute for the singer, not even one comment from anyone.

    In contrast if there is any remark/ any comment/ any write-up even remotely uncomplimentary to Rafi saab these very people will be seen in a huddle to lap up such comment gleefully and flood the site with their vomit emitting comments.

    So, neither Dev Anand’s death nor Kishore’s death anniversary, what spurs them is their anti-Rafi psyche. I have all along maintained this point and it is proven once again.

    Coming to Umesh ji’s point of yodelling, with due respect to Kishore Kumar, I feel that this is one most over-rated aspect of singing. This is spread by KK fans. Rafi saab had done yodelling in a couple of songs, but later left it to concentrate on finer points of singing.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  16. Sangeet Samrat says:


    90% films of DA were flops in 70’s and 90% hit in 50s and 60s when Rafi was singing for him.

    KK fans……less said about them the beter,

  17. Zaheendanish says:

    It is really shame on KK Fans to ignore Dev Anand demise, they are such hopeless fans that not a single fan think to write a tribute the the actor who was actually instrumental in KK’s career boost in 70’s

  18. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Post 27: A.S. Murthy Saab,

    Thank you for your appreciative comment. I am much obliged. Optimistic songs had always attracted me and played a greater role in my life. The hope and the positiveness we get through the songs of Rafi Saab is marvelous. Please keep in touch, if possible I shall meet you in person very soon.

  19. Jae-Bee says:

    Post 20.. Umeshji, I agree with Mr. Nair(post 25) I am a die hard rafi fan, but also enjoy songs of kk as well as other singers. The kk fans are nothing, but sh.. disturbers. None of them has yet mentioned or payed homage to dev sahab, who was instrumental and played a great part in kk’s sucess. I read somewhere that once kk called a fan of his on stage and slapped him for bad mouthing rafi sahab and said that “if can sing a song one way, rafi would sing the same song in ten different ways” if this is true and somebody has a clip of that episode, then that should (would it?) shut those idiots once and for all. Long live the singers and actors of the golden era.

  20. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Aadaab Rafi to all music lovers,

    I enormously continue to be indebted to all Rafi fans who had spend their precious time to write commendable comments for this post.

    Man Mouji Sahab: I have always noticed that your comments encouraged the other rafi fans to write something new to my write-ups and your observation is perfect.

    Narendra Yadav Ji: Thanks for the comment.

    Y. Sharif Saab: Your comments contain great passion and love towards Rafi Sahab, my heartfelt thanks to you for dropping a comment.

    Shabana Ji: I am humbled by your comments. Thanks

    Prasad Ji: I will try to write more with all humility a Rafi fan must possess.

    Hashmat Alvi Sahab: Mashaallah with your blessings I will try to write more.

    Raja Saab: I am truly overwhelmed by your comments. Very grateful to you once again.

    Hemant Ji: I really feel proud that a Rafi fan is asking for a platform to show his respects and pay tributes to the legend, and then I personally urge you to contact Mr. Binu Nair Ji whose Rafi foundation has been doing enormous work in propagating Rafi Saab in the best possible way. Binu Nair ji one of the die-hard rafi sahib fans.

    Zaheen Danish Sahab: bahut shukriya, badi meherbani for the kind words.

    SalRafi Ji: Most of Rafi songs directly touch our heart center, which is why we all love him so much.

    Prem Kumar Ji: your words, encouragement and support are what fuels people like me. Thanks very much for good words.

    Kabeer Aman Sahab: I personally feel that Rafi Saab had the God’s gift that is his mellifluous voice and sweetness was residing in his throat, which gave us heavenly melodies. He is all time great singers. I am much obliged for your encouraging comment.

    Almas Sahab: I am truly overwhelmed by your comments. Very grateful to you once again.

    Ahmad Misbaah Ji: Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Sudarshan Pandey Ji: it is the love that makes me to write something on Rafi Sahab, thanks for your comments.

    Syed Zameer Sahab: Many thanks for yoru great comment. Your encouragement and support are what makes people like me to write a few lines about Rafi Saab. Thanks very much for good words

    Birendra Singh Ji: Thank you sir for your kind words.

    Umesh Ji: thanks for visiting rafi site.

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin saab, Bahut Shukriya, with your blessings I will try to write more with all humility a Rafi fan must possess.

    Anees Sahab: very nice of you to have dropped in your comments. Music does trigger myriad emotions in us and I am not surprised that optimistic songs brought so much light and awareness and helps in self-motivation.

    Lucky Ji: thanks a lot for your kind comment.

    J.K. Bhagchandani Ji: Thanks to you for your great and lovely comment. In my personal view Rafi Sahab is the only singer who attracted so many fans across the Globe during his lifetime as well as after his demise, whatever we write about him is very less. We write something to satisfy ourselves and remember him in different ways. I like all of your selected songs. Your kind words, encouragement and support are all what makes us more firm in our intentions to spare a few hours to write something about Rafi Saab. Thank you very much for good words.

    Binu Nair Ji: Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Thanks to all in general and especially to Rafians very cordial salaams

    Best regards,

    H.A.K. Walijah

  21. umesh c says:

    thank you binu bhaiya, i thought so, shame on these trolls. I wont go there anymore.

  22. Binu Nair says:

    Beautiful essay… as always.

    smiling, optimistic and helping……..this was mohd rafi sahib.

    Brilliant piece – walijah sahib….

    binu nair from the rafi foundation…

    cell : 9833 250 701

  23. Binu Nair says:

    post 20…..Umesh ji..

    If you read articles herein you will know that rafi saaheb has recorded yoodleee song in the fifties….and left it.

    rafi saaheb has whistled in few songs including “mai jat Yamla pagla diwana” and i was previleged to hear him live at a concert at shanmukananda hall belting out the number.

    yes . once rafi saaheb in the studios was whistling for a song and ‘in’ came in nausahad saaheb. mohd rafi was searching for ‘words’ when naushad ji asked him, ” mia ye kya ho raha hai “?

    umesh ji : there is lots of lies and slander in that site and we never visit such sites…… dont please pollute your mind by visiting the wrong places.

    and read more articles written by mohd rafi historians in this section. thank you.

    from the rafi foundaton.

  24. A S MURTY says:

    What a lovely theme and what a grand presentation Walijah sahab. Truly, you have gifted us all with a topic that I had always been charmed with – OPTIMISM in and from Rafi Sahab’s songs. This is the pinnacle of understanding Rafi Sahab and I salute you for coming up with such classified genres of Rafi Sahab which was hitherto not chronicled in such a neat fashion. So many thanks to you. Simply marvelous.


  25. Suhanaa Safar says:

    Very good and crafty article brother.

  26. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Dear Walijah ji,

    Wonderful, as usually is from your pen. Great write-up on the most felt but less expressed aspect of Rafi saab’s singing. Few songs that are coming to my mind in the category of the selected topic are:

    1. Manjhi chal o manjhi chal…. (Aaya Saawan Jhoom ke)- Inspirational song.
    2. Tu hindu banega na musalman banega…. (Dhool ka phool) – Message song.
    3. Allah hi allah kar pyare bhai…. (Pavitra Papi) depicting Belief/ hope.
    4. Pyar ki raah dikha duniya ko… (Lambe haath)… Message song.
    5. Insaan bano kar lo bhalai ka koi kaam… Teaching song.
    6. Pagri sambhal jatta… (Shaheed)………Motivational song.
    7. Meri Awaz suno pyar kaa raag suno… (Naunihal)… Consoling song.
    8. Main pyaar ka deewana … (Aayee Milan ki bela).. depicting optimism of a happy-go-lucky person.
    9. Main gaaoon tum so jao… (Brahmachari)… representing ‘Hope’ brilliantly wrapped in the form of a ‘lori’
    10. Sun le tu dil ki sada.. (Tere ghar ke saamne).. Message song.

    And the list goes on and on….

    It is not only Rafi saab’s songs… his entire life is a source of inspiration. How he remained unaffected by the fame, the adulation (always kept his feet firmly on ground). It is a lesson for all generations to come.. How he remained calm and composed in adverse times of seventies… never uttered a word against those who lobbied against him, who betrayed him. The humane side of Rafi saab has been so much talked about, written about, but we never seem to have enough of that.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  27. Man Mouji says:

    It is generally believed that optimists have a tendency to make lemons out of lemonade, and to then see the glass as half-full when it’s half-empty. It’s an admirable quality, one that can positively affect mental and physical health.

  28. LUCKY says:

    Rafi Saab is the optimist singer whose songs will always have a strong impact on the listener’s mind. This write up clearly proves that point.

  29. ANEES says:

    Dear Walijah Saab,

    Brilliant essay, please accept my hearty congratulations for writing such a beautiful write up. I think it is your love towards Rafi Saab that you come always with new ideas and plenty of information, which is very rare in present times. I think the readers are in dilemma after reading your write up to put a proper comment. With regard to Optimistic songs, Rafi Saab songs are more on the positive side and really a true inspiration to the music lovers. As you already inserted two most powerful optimistic songs, Raat bhar ka mehman andhera and gham ki andheri raat main. Apart from that you have given some more songs which are my favorites too. I finally take leave with good wishes and expect from you more and more such unique write ups.



  30. khaja Aliuddin MD says:

    ASA, Janab Walijah sahab,
    Bahut khoob, superb write up. Aapki chahath rafi sahab ke liye ek atha samander ki tarah hai. Congratulations for this fantastic “tahreer”.
    I wll mention one of my favourite song from the movie “bombay ka chor”,
    ” Hai bahaar-e-baagh duniya chand roz, dekh to iska tamasha ‘.

    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  31. umesh chauhan says:

    My dear Rafians

    I know this is a lie but i still want to ask about this. I was in a forum of Kishore Kumar and there i read that one day Rafi was trying to yoodle and Naushad asked him what was he doing and Rafi said that he wants to sing like Kishore. Is ther any truth in this?

    I do not think so but i am so disgusted to read such rubbish. Please clarify

  32. dear Walijah Sahab excellent article. one more song i want to add ‘mere mehboob tere dum se hai duniya pe bahar varna is gum se bhari duniya mein kya rakkha hai.. regards, Birendra Singh

  33. Syed Zameer says:

    This topic has comprised with inspirational songs for overcoming all the hurdles in life, it teaches us to walk with the life, Rafi Sahab is immortal the true legend, the selection of songs are all masterpieces. How many times we used to listen to these songs the same feel I get the pleasure which can’t be expressed in words. You have chosen a very good untouched topic “optimism and Rafi Songs” an evergreen caption which talks about life in a simple yet profound manner. Your analysis brings out life’s complexities which all of us face.

    Walijah Saab, I appreciate your zeal and enthusiasm when you tell something about Rafi Sahab. Many thanks for your brilliant write-up.

    Thanks & regards

    Syed Zameer

  34. Indeed a beautiful write up.

    May I request you friends to listen to one edited clip of song from Wattan link is as under

    Regards to all Rafi Lovers

  35. Ahmad Misbaah says:

    Fantastic write up. To add more songs to the article need some time. Till then take care and have a nice day.

  36. A. Almas says:

    Walijah Saab,

    Wonderful, mind-blowing, fantastic and lovely write-up on Optimism and the songs of Rafi Sahab. You chose this time a unique idea and topic which many may not venture to go in such path. I have high regards and best wishes always for you. I agree with the comment of Kabeer Ji who has given a good reason for lacking the fans to give good comments for articles, our routine and mechanical life which does not permit us to spend more time on computer. But I like your articles with varied topics interwoven and linked with Rafi Saab. It is really a good work pleasant experience to read and enjoy. Please do not stop writing, we are all with you, keep going and proclaim your love with your articles.

    Thanks a lot indeed. Cordial regards to all rafi fans

    A. Almas

  37. Kabeer Aman says:

    Janab Walijah Saab, ASA

    Amazing write up, you almost scare rafi fans with your write up, see the veterans are afraid even to comment to your article. But I love your articles which will always bring fresh and new wave to the rafi site.

    With regard to the songs on Aashawadi, or optimistic nature, there are plenty of songs, the only matter is to go for research and compile the list, but for such job no one has enough time in this mechanical life, so at least rafi fans should come forward and congratulate the writer for his unrelenting spirit to give us good ideas and propagate the greatness of Rafi Sahab.

    Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. May the Almighty give you more strength to write many more such wonderful articles on Rafi Sahab.

    Best regards,

    Kabeer Aman

  38. Prem Kumar says:

    Walijah Saab,

    Aashawadi songs of rafi Saab is a great source of inspiration to the listeners. I congratulate you to write such beneficial write up elaborating the details on optimism. The Aashawadi or optimistic songs will always ahead of its time to support the forlorn people. I must say you caught the theme and described in a very beautiful way. I think the song in Brahmachari: Main Gaon tum so joa is the best optimistic song in my view, it gives the true spirit to be hopeful always.

    Thanks sir for your nice article.

    Regards to all

    Prem Kumar

  39. Man Mouji says:

    Hamant Ji,

    It is very nice to read your post, like us you are also an ardent fan of rafi saab. As you want a platform to sing and pay the tributes to Rafi Saab, then you must contact Mr. Binu Nair, whose Rafi foundation is doing a great work for propagating rafi saab songs and his greatness.

    you can find Mr. Binu Nair details in other threads, his telephone and email ID. you may contact him for your purpose.

    Thanks for again for your post.

    Man Mouji

  40. SalRafi says:

    Rafis songs are always inspirational. Optimistic ones are a real mood booster. Thanks for the detail write up.
    I was wondering “mein gaoon thu sojao” come in the long list with lines like:

    Par Jag Badalaa Badalegii
    Ek Din Taqadiir Hamaarii
    Us Din Ke Khvaab Sajaao
    Kal Tum Jab Aankhen Khologe
    Jab Hogaa Ujiyaaraa.


  41. Hashmat Alvi says:

    My comment went unnoticed under moderation, so simply I congratulate Walijah Saab. Thank you again.

  42. Zaheendanish says:

    Walijah Saab,

    I think this is an unconventional write up you undertaken, and it is of high standards comprising the topic and details you provided, I am very much thankful for taking such pains to present in new form an old thought optimistic songs of rafi sahab. For the time being I would like to congratulate and express my hearty greetings, I would come back with some songs to add to your list. Meanwhile please take care and keep going.


    Zaheen Danish


    Dear Sir,

    I am an ardent fan of Rafi sahab. Since my high school days (now I am 56 !) I used to sing his songs. In school and college gatherings I have sang his numbers. Now also we the like minded friends sit together on Thursdays and Sundays. 75% of the time will be spared for Rafi sahab’s songs.

    Can you help me in providing a proper platform. I must tell you that I do not want any remuneration, but in this way let me pay my tribute to Rafi sahab. I am a resident of Hubli in Karnataka, but if need be I can come down to any place for the voice test etc.

    Thanking you and awaiting your comments / reply.


    Hemant Sampagaonkar

  44. RAJA says:

    Dear Walijah Saab,

    Very nice article indeed. It is true the optimistic songs of rafi saab truly filled in the heart of listener a new hope to new heights.

    The song in Ganga ki Saugandh: Chal Musafir is my favourite song and almost all the songs your mentioned in the article.

    Please accept my hearty congratulations for your efforts.



  45. Hashmat Alvi says:

    Janab Walijah Saab, ASA

    A polished article on optimism in rafi songs, I very much enjoyed reading it. To add further songs to the list is of course a tough job, but I would like to express my gratitude for taking and writing such a challenging topic. I appreciate you for your efforts and pains taken to expose one more Rafi Saab beautiful songs which indeed gives lot of appreciation, courage and hopefulness to the listener.

    I pray to the Almighty to give you more stamina and writing power to write more and more articles on Rafi Saab.


    Hashmat Alvi

  46. Prasad says:

    Shri Walijah Ji,

    It is one of the beautiful write-ups among your previous work, I personally want to congratulate you for yor outstanding essay. Those songs mentioned above are of course a very tough selection minutely selected keeping in view the definitions of optimism. However, the listed songs are all my favourites.

    I am a little bit upset when I see the lukewarm response from the rafi fans to this essay. I always look forward to read your write ups which contain more matter, content and substance.

    Thanks & regards


  47. Shabana says:

    Rafi’s optimistic songs are real treasure to listen and enjoy. the message we find in the songs are really to adopt in our lives and follow the path of optimism.

    well written essay on yet another powerful dimension of rafi saab singing calibre. However I think to find out the songs is very much time consuming, so I take liberty to congratulate Walijah Sahab for writing this essay and wish all rafi fans to listen and adopt optimism in lives.

  48. Y. Sharif says:

    Janab Waijah Sahab,

    A brilliant essay and tough to select songs under various captions that you have mentioned. But I would like to mention two songs of Rafi Sahab.

    Gham Ki Andheri Raat Mein Dil Ko Na Bekrar Kar…
    Subah Zaroor Ayegi Subah Ka Intezar Kar !

    A very beautiful optimistic song — teaches you to look at the positive side of things !

    Penned by Jan nisar Akhtar
    Composed by C.Arjun
    Movie: Susheela

    According to the composer, Rafi Saab, initially wasn’t at all comfortable singing the lower notes — he thought the portion eventually sung by Talat Mahmood suited him better. But, when the song was recorded and he heard it, he congratulated C.Arjun at coming up with such an original concept !
    Madan mohan loved this song too, when he heard it for the first time. He even rang up C.Arjun to say so !

    Those were the times ! I wish i was a part of that era.

    Roshan Tumhin Se Duniya
    Raunaq Tumhin Jahaan Ki
    Phoolon Mein Palne Waali
    Raani Ho Gulsitan Ki
    Salaamat Raho…… Salaamat Raho ….Salaamat Raho !

    An enchanting composition from the composer duo — Lakshmikant Pyarelal
    Penned by: Indivar
    Movie — Parasmani

    Main aasha karta hoon ke aap aur bhi essay likte rahen hum sab ke mehboob singer Rafi Sahab par. God bless you.


    Y. Sharif

  49. Narendra Yadav says:

    Dear Mr. Walijah,

    Your write up is based on “optimism in Rafi Songs” What an idea, a brilliant and much difficult topic, but you have shown the true spirit of a rafi fan to elaborate the definitions of optimism in rafi songs. I truly admire your various and curious topics and your brilliant essays. I love the optimistic songs of rafi sahib which more or less the true inspiration to the general music lovers and in special to rafi saab fans. It gives a lot of boost morally and mentally when we listen the optimistic songs of Rafi Sahab. I like the songs, “ Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya”, man re tu kahe ne dheer dhare which you have already included in your essay. Yes it is indeed difficult for general reader to categorize and put in the right slot the songs pertaining to optimism. But I want to see the veteran rafi fans how they add optimistic songs to your writeup.



  50. Man Mouji says:

    Dear Walijah Saab,

    I congratulate you for writing this “Hatke” write up comparing to your other previously written essays. Actually it looks very simple essay but after reading it when I sit before my PC to write a comment, I could not gather information to write a good comment, But anyhow it is a fantastic write up displaying Rafi Saab another dimension of singing. Actually you have given very good definitions for optimism, which I think it almost resemble like a person writing thesis on Rafi Sahab. I do not think the readers will fulfill your wish of adding more songs to your write up, I myself try and found very few songs in my mind. I like to mention the following songs under the caption of Hope/ Belief:

    *** Kahan Ja raha hai tu aye jaanewale (Seema-1955)
    *** Chirag Dil ka jalao bahut andhera hai (Chiraag-1969)
    ***Teri Aankhon ke siwa duniya main (Chiraag – 1969)
    *** Dost banke aaye ho, dost banke hi rahna (Bin Phere Hum Tere – 1979)
    *** Aayee Baharon ki Shaam Kya jaane (Waapas – 1969)

    In fact you put other rafi lovers on stake to select and gather songs with regard to optimistic songs of rafi sahib. Well done.

    Regards to all rafi fans

    Man Mouji

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