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Na To Carvaan Ki Talaash Hai…

This article is written by Mr. Shrirang Nawathe

Mohd Rafi with Roshan and Asha

Mohd Rafi with Roshan and Asha

Rafi sahab’s songs are like rare gems to be discovered from the depth of the musical ocean and one gets immense satisfaction when one dives deep. Our life’s journey becomes smooth with these songs as these melodies give us true satisfaction and peace. The journey with these songs is nothing but the journey with the Master.

Today, I have selected  unforgettable classic gem of Hindi Film Music. This song is a milestone in many aspects. It has the beauty of the lyrics, melody of music, expressions through singing, depth of the subject, peace of the mind, philosophy of the life..I am sure that this song  itself can be a subject of research for many.

Barsat ki Raat will be known for its musical scores for the centuries to come. The melodies created by geniuses  Roshan sahab, Sahir and a pool of singers are the milestones of Hindi Film Music. Though, we had extraordinarily  sweet song  Zindagi bhar nahi bhoolegi… by Rafi sahab, it is the Qawwali which attracted me most to post my views today.

The roots of Qawwali can be traced back to 8th century  Persia (today’s Iran and Afghanistan). During the first major migration from Persia, in the 11th century, the musical tradition of Sema migrated to the South Asia, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Amir Khusro Dehelvi of the Chisti order of Sufis is credited with fusing the Persian and Indian musical traditions to create Qawwali as we know it today in the late 13th century in India (Hindustani classical music is also attributed to him). Qaul (Arabic) is an “utterance (of the prophet)”, Qaww?l is someone who often repeats (sings) a Qaul, Qaww?li is what a Qaww?l sings.

Watch the video of  Na Tho Caravan Ki Talaash Hai. Courtesy: NTerTaiNeRs @ Youtube

Na to Caravaan ki talaash hai.. is one of the best Qawwalis from many angles. I am just sharing with you few specialties of the creation,which may give you an added dimension to view it and thereby enhance your enjoyment. As quoted by Sudha Malhotra recently on a TV interview, it took 24 hours for the last rehearsal before recording of the Qawwali and everyone of the team was in full spirits and enthusiasm for completing the task at hand.

Roshan sb and his arrangers did a great job right from the beginning when they included classic musical pieces of  Sarangi, Sitar, Mendolin and Dholak in the beginning and then Mannade’s excellent Aalaap was taken in to picture. Roshan sahab had great musical sense to the core as such used every artist knowing to his/ her talent and  level of expertise. Introduction of every new singer at the interval of  every few seconds in one song demands extremely deep sense of music as well as discipline which was shown by Roshan sb  par excellence.

Mohd Rafi with Roshan and Asha Bhonsle

Mohd Rafi with Roshan and Asha Bhonsle

Sahir’s lyrics  are beyond comparison. As such, Sahir had given  gems of lyrics  to Film world to acknowledge his calibre, this Qawwali supercedes  all. Here, he was able to prove the importance of supreme Love and its relationship in reference to  the God.

Sahir was well aware of the fact that, Qawwali is nothing but the song in praise of the God therefore, he expressed the true sense of love through this Qawaali. Each word in the praise of the God has special meaning and the way it is rendered by all the talented singers is just to be listened and experienced. It is beyond the explanation.

Though, every artist whether Rafi sb, Mannade, Asha Bhosle or Sudha Malhotra was unique in  rendition  the most exciting and  turning point in the Qawwali is ENTRY OF RAFI SAHAB.. Wow… what an entry and rendition. Wish to listen thousand times. No match absolutely..

Even Mannadeji  had accepted that, Rafi sahab was so sweet in this part that he himself forgot for few seconds to continue his next part in the Qawwali. This was the impact of Rafi sahab and more so, I want to appreciate genius Roshan who so excellently imagined the type of rendition to be given to maestro to bring the most out of him.. oh.. hatsoff to Roshan ji.

Besides, the excellent efforts by  these stalwarts, there was lot to be proved by musicians. Roshan had given full room to his team to perform and needless to say that, these unsung heroes had contributed their best possible to make the Qawwali evergreen.

You would also notice that, the Qawwali starts in Vilambit taal  and Laya.. and then it picks up a double speed at YE ISHQ ISHQ HAI, ISHAQ ISHQ…by Mannade and chorus.. Finally, it virtually runs at  four times the initial speed ( DRUT LAYA)..but, the beauty of the song is never missed out.

The creation of such a masterpiece Qawwali surely needs indepth understanding of the subject as a whole, deep music sense, devotion, passion and enthusiasm to achieve the set objective.

Na to Carvaan ki Talaash hai.. has become a benchmark in the melodious  Hindi Film Music to be  followed for the centuries to come…

Whenever , we listen the Qawwali deeply with concentration, our eyes are moist, simply by experiencing the great lyrics, extraordinary simple and cathcy tunes and better than best renditions  by great  artists including our beloved Mohd. Rafi sahab…

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26 Blog Comments to “Na To Carvaan Ki Talaash Hai…”

  1. Chilly Billy says:

    Allah Rasool Ka Farmaan Ishq Hai
    Yaane Hafeez Ishq Hai, Quraan Ishq Hai

    That should be Hadith not Hafeez sir.

  2. Imran Rustam says:

    This is no doubt the best filmi qawali of music history. Really unmatchable. Entry of Rafi sb is so sweet. Every component of this qawali is superb which made it immortal. This qawali is of 10 minutes but while listening we want that it never end…………


  3. Prakash shah says:

    good one

    one of the best so far in hindi film

    Rafis divine voice take off to sky is the limit.

    A wonderfull quWli so far.

    Salute to ROSHAN,SAAHIR,And RAFI

    A climax of the song…..BANDE KO KHUDA KARTA HAI ISHQ.

  4. shrirang nawathe says:

    dear all Rafi Bhakts,

    I am overwhelmed by the kind words expressed by all of you. I thank each one of you for your feedback and valuable comments. It was Only Rafi sahab..and Rafi sahab who could render such unparallel melodies.


  5. Anjali.Shandilya says:

    lovely article Mr. Shrirang sir, after reading this article i became bit nostagic… when i was a kid i use to wait for the whole song to be played on AIR (radio) as this was a very long song and this song was mostly played at the end of the program.
    Wat a melodious entry made by rafi saab in the song “Na To Carvaan Ki Talaash Hai…” that’s what makes him a legend

  6. nitish says:

    binu bhai,
    shiv dayal batish sahab 29 july 2006 ko hi inteqaal farma chuke hain.
    batish sahab 1970 se hi USA me the.
    He was really one of the most talented music personality of indian film industry whose contribution is still going unnoticed.
    If I am not wrong, Aalap in the song “Madhuban me radhika”(which was picturised on Mukri) was done by him.
    Another celebrated Qawwali by rafi saab from the film Kaneez(1949) “Har Aish hai dunia me ameeron ko aaram nahi milta” was co sung by Batish sahab.

  7. Narayan says:

    Dear Shriranji,
    Adaab Rafi !
    What an article to descibe the best quavali of the hf till date.. Agree to many who have said that this quavali cannot be surpassed in terms of the effort and popularity..
    Kudos to Roshanji who brought the best of legnds and Rafiji with his co-singers regaled millions of fans like us…
    We at Rafi -Nite last year at Chowdiah hall, Bangalore had the opportunity to listen to this quavali performed by the famed keep alive group organised by Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club and the packed audience was taken to the golden era of 60s….
    Congrats mere bhai for such articles…

  8. BINU NAIR says:

    Good Selection of a song. as school boys we were moved by the entry of mohd rafi in the movie . mohd rafi showed his true class here.we fell in love with the singer – then and there and will never forget the day at mayur theater at kandivlee west.



  9. Jay Iyer says:

    This was one of the first, for me, and the best qwalli of hindi film music. Your review was on the money. It was great to hear this and see madhubala at the same time. Bina, I know U wish it was lata who sang this. Sorry she can never sing this. Asha, Rafi and Mannadey rule.


  10. Sudhir Kumar says:

    My regards to Mr. Shrirang Nawathe for this excellent article. It is unarguably the all time best Qawwali. It is a musical benchmark which would be impossible to surpass forever. Everything about this qawwali is perfect, but it is Rafi sahab who makes it all the more special. His entry is just divine, and the he carries the tempo up up up up through his lines, culminating in a crescendo at the end. Leaves one breathless. Rafi sahab is truly the epitome of singing.

  11. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Simply superb. In fact, this qawali is considered as ‘mother of all qawalis’, so nicely rendered by Rafiji, Mannada, SD Batish, Asha and Sudha Malhotra. I think 60s was the golden period of filmy qawalis as all qawalis from movies like Barsaat Ki Raat, Qawali Ki Raat, Mahal, Dil Hi To Hai, Palki, Bahu Begum, Mugha-E-Azam, etc. were superb and in fact, popularised qawalis in the films. Even 70s had qawalis like AAA, Hanste Zakhm, Chandii Sona and HKKN, but later it completly disappeared from movies, perhaps because Rafi was not there and Mannada also stopped singing regularly, also perhaps the present day singers can hardly sing such lovely qawalis and MDs can hardly arrange music like that.

    Just imagine, can the present day singers and Mds slog it out for 29 hours to create this sort of music?

  12. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    The singers list in this qewwali is very long and they all are established singers. It revealed that following singers contributed to the qewwali.

    1. Muhammad Rafi
    2. Manna Day
    3. Asha Bhosle
    4. Sudha Malhotra
    5. Shiv Dayal Batish
    6. Bilbir
    7. Meena Kapoor

    Can anyone please confirm the same? Is this list correct? Is any other singer also sung this great number?

    Thanks and best regards.


  13. m v krishnan says:

    Dear Shrirang,

    A very well researched article on one of the best qawwaalis composed in HF.
    All the singers were excellent in their rendition, but Rafisaab was the best.
    M V Krihnan

  14. Bina says:

    Hi Shrirang:

    Could the qawwal be Daulat Khan? ..I could find some information about the qawwals..the other party was headed by Mubarak Ali. However, I dont know if these are their real names, though I assume they maintained their real names for the movie. But my search also revealed another male singer who is credited as having sung with Manna Da and Rafi Saab. His name is Shiv Dayal Batish.


  15. Utthara says:

    Nawatheji, you have chosen one of the best qawwalis of Indian cinema to review. You have done a great job in ananlysing the song, giving a background of qawwalis. Superb sir.
    This qawwali which begins in a robust manner and talks of love, gradually changes tempo and talks of the divine love and worldly wisdom. Only Sahir could have made this switch so comfortably. While Manna Dey, SD batish, Asha and Sudha Malhotra give us a clapping tempo, Rafiji’s entry, what an entry! gives us a philosophical beat.Rafi saab’s singing is sublime and divine. His voice is so rich and his rendition brings tears of joy. And Roshan is one of the best music directors Hindi filmdom had. His other qawwali Nigahen milane ko jee chahta hai(though not from this movie) is out of this world sung superbly byAsha.

    Nawatheji, you have done us a great service by bringing out the greatness of this evergreen qawwali.

    With caravan full of regards


  16. Utthara says:

    Nawatheji, the singer is SD Batish, who is a famous qawwal.



  17. Siva says:

    Nawathe ji–once again an excellent write-up on a masterpiece . I feel this song should definitely be preserved for posterity as even thousand generations in future I do not think anyone can compose such a song with the best in terms of Singers. music & lyrics. One special mention must be made on the unknown(for me-other knowledgeable people can comment) tabla player in this song who has played with his heart. Also one should give credit to all the singers, whose names are not mentioned in this article. To the best of my knowledge, they are: Rafi , Manna dey, Asha, Balbir, Sudha Malhotra, Meena Kapoor and chorus.
    One last but a very important point, when I listen to the last line , which only and only Rafi could render : bande ko khuda karta hai ishq–I ALWAYS GET GOOSEBUMPS….

  18. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Amazing article on amazing song!

    Dear Shrirang ji,

    Many congratulations to write such a beautiful article. This song indeed is one of the best qewwalis ever picturised in films. This qewwali shows a fact that how a team contribution can make the songs immortal. Every member of the team contibuted beautifully and provide us gem of a song.

    Thanks and best regards.


  19. shrirang nawathe says:

    Mohanji and Ravishankarji,

    Thank you so much for your comments.I am overwhelmed by your words.

  20. s ravishankar says:

    A lovely article on a lovely qwaali. Your grasp of this song is very good indeed. You just refreshed my memories. I really went back in time and enjoyed reading this.

  21. Gan Sharma says:

    Shrirang mian,

    A very well-articulated description of a top-norch qawwali. Bahut khoob, sir.

    Binaji, your detailed comments merit acknowledgement; thanks for an excellent review of an excellent review.


  22. shrirang nawathe says:


    As far as I know the name of the Qawwal to whom Mannadeji had given the playback was DAULATRAO.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.



  23. shrirang nawathe says:


    Thank you so much for your valuable comments. As you said rightly that, Mannada is the heart so Rafi sb was the soul of the qawwali…Binaji aapke in suljhe huye comments ke liye mai bahut bahut shukraguzaar hun….



  24. unknow says:

    once Roshan son(RR) said that give singer like mohd Rafi I will give hit songs

  25. Bina says:

    Shrirang and friends:

    I erringly mentioned the female singer as Lata instead of Asha. My apologies.


  26. Bina says:


    Excellent choice and review..

    Yeh Ishq Ishq Hai, as Na toh caravan ki talaash hai s popularly known is undoubtedly the most celebrated qawaali in HFM. It is a trend setter of sorts. If Manna Da is the heart, Rafi Saab is the soul of this qawwali. This certainly would have been called as just another wonderful qawaali, had Rafi Saab not infused jaan and shaan in it with his voice, creating an out-of-the-world effect and a permanent niche in the history of filmy qawaalis.

    Sahir’s lyrics commence with expressing the hopelessness of love by Manna Da, Lata, Sudha and chorus but conclude convincingly equating love with godliness in a mindboggling comparison by Rafi Saab..

    Ishq Aazad Hai, Hindu Na Musalmaan Hai Ishq,
    Aap Hi Dharm Hai Aur Aap Hi Imaan Hai Ishq
    Jis Se Aagaah Nahi Shekh-O-Barahaaman Dono,
    Us Haqeeqat Ka Garajtaa Hua Ailaan Hai Ishq

    Allah Rasool Ka Farmaan Ishq Hai
    Yaane Hafeez Ishq Hai, Quraan Ishq Hai
    Gautam Kaa Aur Maseeh Ka Armaan Ishq Hai
    Ye Kaaynaat Jism Hai Aur Jaan Ishq Hai
    Ishq Sarmad, Ishq Hi Mansoor Hai
    Ishq Moosa, Ishq Koh-E-Toor Hai
    Khaaq Ko But, Aur But Ko Devta Karta Hai Ishq
    Intaha Ye Hai Ke Bande Ko Khuda Karta Hai Ishq

    In this day of cut and past, its a wonder that this lovely qawwali was recorded continuously for 29 hours. So interesting to note that stalwarts of the stature of Manna Da and Rafi Saab, not to forget the great composer Roshan, were ready to put in so much effort to get the right effect. No wonder there was so much beauty in each of their creations.

    Does anyone know the name of the moustached qawaal who sings Manna Da’s part in the qawaali? It is interesting to note that he is seen only singing in qawaalis only, never as an actor, at least I havent seen him act.

    Shrirang, aisi bemisaal peshkash ke liye dhanyawaad. Shukr hai ke hum sab ko itne acche mausiqui aur shayari ke talabgaar hone ka mauka milta hai aur hum iska lutf har roz uthate hain..


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