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My visit to “KOTLA SULTAN SINGH, AMRITSAR” the birth place of RAFI SAHAB

By Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

Photo of RAFI SAHAB in his schooll

Photo of RAFI SAHAB in his schooll

I think that I am a luckiest person on this earth because I got the fortunate to visit “KOTLA SULTAN SINGH, AMRITSAR”, the birth place of our beloved “Rafi Sahab”. My this visit became possible only because of the blessings of “RAFI SAHAB”.

In the morning of 15th October I reached AMRITSAR from LUCKNOW by “Punjab mail(3005)”. From there I reached to MAJITHA TOWN Siavara (20 km from Amritsar) by a bus and from there I went to village “KOTLA SULTAN SINGH (5 KM from Majitha town) by same bus fortunately.

Kotla Sultan Singh Board on the way to village

Kotla Sultan Singh Board on the way to village

After reaching the village I met with GURBIR SAMRA ji and his family. House of Gurbir ji is at the same place where the house of RAFI SAHAB was.

After some time I met with the childhood friend of RAFI SAHAB, MR. KUNDAN SINGH JI. He is now 85 years old but his memory is so good and he remembered every moment he passed with RAFI SAHAB.

Gurbeer samra ji (Son of the owner of rafi sahab's house) with Kundan singh ji (Childhood friend of RAFI SAHAB)

Gurbeer samra ji (Son of the owner of rafi sahab's house) with Kundan singh ji (Childhood friend of RAFI SAHAB)

He told me when RAFI SAHAB left the village in 1937; Rafi Sahab marked his name on a tree with a knife for him.

He also told me that “ALI MOHD. SAHAB” the father of RAFI SAHAB, was able to prepare the RICE with 7 different colors in 7 layers in marriages.

He told that name of Father in law of RAFI SAHAB was “MR. DEEN MOHD. & mother in law as “MRS. NAWABO” and RAFI SAHAB married with “BASHEERA JI” in 1945.

I with childhood friend of RAFI SAHAB in RAFI SAHAB'S paternal house

I with childhood friend of RAFI SAHAB in RAFI SAHAB'S paternal house

Kundan singh ji with Hardeep singh ji,The owner of house of RAFI SAHAB in back

Kundan singh ji with Hardeep singh ji,The owner of house of RAFI SAHAB in back

According to KUNDAN SINGH ji, a saint was there in his village that generally visited his village and played “SARANGI”. The wonder is this that he called the person’s (Villager’s) name by his “SARANGI” and sang in very sweet voice. Rafi sahab liked his voice too much and followed him till very far from his house.

At the last of the meeting “KUNDAN SINGH JI” became sad and his eyes filled with tears by remembering his childhood friend “RAFI SAHAB” and he HUGGED me and said -“Please visit the village again, I am at the end of my life but after me don’t forget the village and be in touch with Gurbir & others.” When Kundan singh ji hugged me then I felt the presence of RAFI SAHAB in Kundan singh ji. I also felt that RAFI SAHAB is giving a lot of blessings to me through Kundan singh ji.

He said that before two years we arranged a program on RAFI SAHAB. Many celebrities like “DARA SINGH, NAVJOT SINGH SIDDHU ETC.” attended the program  and promised to give a donation to village for making a monument of RAFI SAHAB but they forgot the promise after the program. He kept the cutting of that news paper till now for proof & for reminding the promise to politicians.

Kundan singh ji,Childhood friend of Rafi Sahab

Kundan Singh ji, childhood friend of Rafi Sahab

I spoke with Mr. Gaurav ji, P.A. of MR. NAVJOT SINGH SIDDHU JI; He is also a fan of RAFI SAHAB & became very happy that I remind him the promise. He said he will do whatever possible for the village.

We also must try to contact “DARA SINGH JI”. If anyone got the contact of any one of these two please remind him, his promise.

Main gate of the school of RAFI SAHAB

Main gate of the school of RAFI SAHAB

New building of school of RAFI SAHAB

New building of school of RAFI SAHAB

Old building of school where RAFI SAHAB studied till 4th std.

Old building of school where RAFI SAHAB studied till 4th std.

Next day I visited the primary school of village “KOTLA SULTAN SINGH” where RAFI SAHAB studied till 4th STD.

Photo of RAFI SAHAB in his childhood's school (I with head of the school, Jaspal ji)

Photo of RAFI SAHAB in his childhood's school (I with head of the school, Jaspal ji)

Gurbir Samra(right) & Juspal singh ji(left), head of the school

Gurbir Samra(right) & Juspal singh ji(left), head of the school

A photo of RAFI SAHAB was there in the office of the head master and Mr. Jaspal singh ji worships daily to Rafi Sahab with putting a “AGARBATTI” in front of the photo. He introduced me to the children and children said -” JAI SRI MOHD. RAFI SAHAB”, followed to Mr. Jaspal singh ji. I advised him to put a picture of RAFI SAHAB in every class room & gave him few photos of RAFI SAHAB. I also advised him that during assembly they can use a Bhajan or patriotic song with daily prayer. He agreed with me and said he will try to do so in near future.

Children of school saying JAI SRI MOHD. RAFI SAHAB (Gurbir ji in back)

Children of school saying JAI SRI MOHD. RAFI SAHAB (Gurbir ji in back)

Every child of the school is familiar to RAFI SAHAB. A girl child sang the song “BABUL KI DUVAAYEN LETI JAA…” on my request. I also sang a song “HAM LAAYEN HAIN TOOFAN SE KASHTI NIKAL LE…” for the children on request of JASPAL JI.

I distributing the toffees among the children of school

I distributing the toffees among the children of school

Peepal tree in school campus where RAFI SAHAB played in recess

Peepal tree in school campus where RAFI SAHAB played in recess

I also saw the class room of RAFI SAHAB, Peepal tree under which RAFI SAHAB passed his time in recess and the hand pump which RAFI SAHAB used to drink water.

Hand pump of the school which RAFI SAHAB used to drink water

Hand pump of the school which RAFI SAHAB used to drink water

At the last I distributed some toffees to children and returned back.

My visit became possible only by the BLESSING OF RAFI SAHAB, great help of MR. GURBIR SAMRA JI AND HIS FAMILY. My visit was very successful and sacred like a “yatra of chardham or Haz”.

I want to say many thanks to GURBIR JI AND HIS FAMILY. I will always grateful to them.

“Long live Rafi Sahab”

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57 Blog Comments to “My visit to “KOTLA SULTAN SINGH, AMRITSAR” the birth place of RAFI SAHAB”

  1. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Pradeep ji,
    I am totally agree with you that our govt. neglected our beloved rafi sahab.We are trying to awake our govt. by sending letters on bharat ratna issue under our campaign.
    Letters are available on this link-
    Pls participate in this campaign for our beloved Rafi sahab.

  2. pradeep khanchandani says:

    Dear Sanjeevji,I am also most hurted for negligence of our beloved rafi saaheb by our govt, film industry,and those persons who touched the sky in career with only help of rafi saaheb.since many years RAFIANS are begging for BHARAT RATNA honour for a real “SUFI SANT” of our nation,our beloved RAFI SAAHEB.But RAFI SAAHEB has been always neglectected, undervalued,trampled by authorities.As said by Mr Ramesh Narain Krupad.But I think our RAFI SAAHEB has no need of BHARAT RATNA.As our RAFI SAAHEB himself is a “KOHINOOR”HEERA.Will value of kohinoor increase if a simple stone or gem named “bhart ratna” wouid be attached to it.I say NEVER.HAMARE RAFI SAAHEB TO AISE TAKHTE TAAUZ SINGHASAN PAR BAITHE HAIN KI BHARAT RATNA JAISA CHHOTA SA HIRA KYA USKI CHAMAK BADAYEGA.RAFI SAAHEB KI SHAAN AUR CHAMAK ITNI HAI KI BHARAT RATNA RAFI SAAHEB KO MILNE SE RAFI SAAHEB KI NAHI,BHARAT RATNA KI SHAAN BAD JAYEGI.I feel PITTY on mentally retarded people of govt authorities whom have no sense of taking decision for a REAL LEGEND,SUFISANT,AVTAAR OF GOD,AND HEARTBEATS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE spread allover the world.At last I beg GOD to shower a blessing of sense of humour to HEARTLESS people of authorities who can do a little effort in honour of RAFI SAAHEB.I

  3. pradeep.k.khanchandani says:


  4. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Narayan sir,
    Many thanks for your kind words & we all are waiting an article on UMESH MAAKHIJA sahab by dear santosh ji.
    Dear santosh ji, as narayan ji said that you have some pics. related umesh makhija ji, so pls write an article in your words.we are waiting for that.
    Thanks & regards,
    -Sanjeev Dixit

  5. yes santosh,

    as narayanjee has said – pleas do write about umesh makhija – along with pictures. awaiting to read your absorbing beautifully written article.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

    (0) 94484 55164

  6. Shaik Farooq says:

    i love rafi sahab , i have to good rememberence of rafi sahab songs and i like each and every songs of rafi sahab , in some function i sings mohammed rafi sahab songs only Thanks

  7. Narayan says:

    Dear Sanjeev,
    Great work my dear friend. you are one of his ardent millions of his devotees who have gone to the pilgrimage n posted here..
    Kudos to you and your lovely lucknowi team

    Dear Rajesh Ranga saab,
    Yes this stupid media is bias but if we all send them email then they will wake up from the slumber as they are busy with Rakhi sawants n the big bosses…
    Dear Santosh,
    You are the best person to write on Umesh’s devotion to Rafi sahab with photos which you have lovingly taken..
    Make it in your own words and post the pics.. ur article is ready
    waiting for the same

  8. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Dear Aftab ji,
    Please show these pics. in your home.Ye photos jitne jyada log dekhenge utni hi khushi ki baat ham sab ke liye hai.

  9. AFTAB says:

    main ye sabhi photoraph apne ghar dikhane ke liye soch raha hoon kyon ki jitan bada main rafi saheb ka fan hoon utne hi mere ghar wale hai wo ye sab jankar bahut khush honge.

  10. Nasreen says:

    Dear brother Sanjeev – Re post 20

    I am so glad to read your response ( Sorry that I did not see it before, have been busy and did not visit the site for some days). Thanks so very much for giving the info about how the school does have all the necessary equipment. And you had a delicious lunch there!

    Well, it sounds like a very loving and happy place. You are indeed blessed to have been there and shared some time with people who spent time with Rafi Saab and the place where he himself spent some his childhood years.

    Thank you again for sharing this very special experience with us – through you , we also managed to get some of that special experience. God Bless.

  11. Post 37 -Absolutely right –fall and Rafi Sahib never..never, Its an imagination of some media persons who have sold their conscience.. Thanks Readers for pointing out that Filmfare had Rafi Sahib on its cover pages, However, the fact remains that while presenting important cover pages since inception of Filmfare in the collectors’ issue dated Oct 27, 2010–Rafi Sahibs’ cover page was very conveniently ignored while Kishore Kumar featured thrice, as written by me in post 16.. This ,in itself reflects the biasness of Filmfare and other magazines then, towards a noble soul like Rafi..

  12. santosh says:

    Adaab rafi,

    I am a pujari of rafi saab & I have been following this website for a long long time.But today I feel that only certain people seem to have a say in this site.In my comment to this article I had mentioned the name of Mr.,Umesh Makhija the silent crusader of Rafi saab.I had proposed that an article to this effect must be here.Just like not honouring Rafi saab is a crime similarly ignoring the efforts of Umesh Makhija from Ahmedabad is a crime.I am sure Mr.Naryanan from Banglore will agree with me on this point.So I request all the people at helm of affairs to publish a article of Umesh Makhija on this site.Adaab rafi.

  13. Binu Nair says:

    Post 32 Piroe saab:

    if any one says nothing about the shining stars or the glowing sun, does it mean – they lose their brightness?
    dilip saab had reasons for praising lata mangeshkar and it was a mutual admiration society between them.
    nearly half of dilip films would have flopped – without the songs of mohd rafi in it.
    in the industry people with large heart were always in a minority. talking great about mohd rafi’s services would have probably diminished the star quality of dilip saab.

  14. binu nair says:

    fall and mohd rafi saaheb… never. Post 30 and 31..

    mohd rafi saaheb stopped singing for a while for many reasons. i have solitary proof of this.
    it was r d burman who visited rafi saaheb’s house nd requested to sing for him. how many people know of this?
    rafi saab was taking rest for some time after his haj yatra. when the badshah started singing once again – there was no looking back.

    pyarelal saab mentioned many points to this effect to journo dheerendra during the interviews he did for his book on mohd rafi saab : ” woh ek farishta the ” – recetly..

  15. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Aadaab Rafi Friends,
    Many thanks to all for reading this description of my visit to KOTLA SULTAN SINGH, AMRITSAR, TAHE BIRTH PLACE OF OUR BELOVED RAFI SAHAB and posting your valuable views & comments on this.
    I am grateful to all of you specially to Respected RN Kurpad ji,Vinod mehru ji, Binu ji, hussein sheikh ji, P. Haldar ji, Achal rangaswamy ji, Bina didi, Nasreen Didi, Utthra didi,Jagmohan ji, Parwez ji etc.
    Thank you so much to all again.
    -Sanjeev Dixit

  16. vinod mehru says:

    jeete raho,
    aap ki yaatra ki report ke sahare aur saath saath mein bhi ghoom aaya hoon. bahut achche, vindu dara singh face book par hai unke through aap dara papa ji ko remind karwa sakte ho.

  17. A. Almas says:

    Post 31 : Haldar Ji.

    your comments are very precious and you are just like guiding spirit to other rafi fans. I always enjoyed your comments on various write ups. Your comments would appear rarely but when it is necessary to mend the mistakes and clarifications. I simply salute you sir for your enormous music knowledge.



  18. mohamedparvez says:

    dear friends i would like to inform everybody , i have found rare picture of rafi saab,with kishoreda and his sons,saeed rafi saab,khalid rafi saab,hamid rafi saab,also i have found article about rafi saab,with rare pictures,around 3 page,published on cine blitz dated sept 1984 edition,kindly click on article to enlarge,the article,kindly visit all the pages of rafi saab”s blog,to view this article,total over 500 pages are there,to go to next page,kindly click older posts,you will find bottom of every page,kindly visit this link,take care

  19. m.a.piroe says:

    I’m embittered that people like Dilip Kumar and others who are the so called “Sukh Ke Saathi” never speaks obout Rafi Saheb. I don’t know why this is happening in India. Can somebody give me the reason?

  20. P. Haldar says:

    Dear Binu ji,

    Hussein Sheikh and Chandra Sekhar Mani are right. The Filmfare issue that they are referring to had Rafi on the cover, and the cover title was “Voice of the Stars”. Rafi’s picture was in the centre surrounded by a galaxy of stars who relied on his voice. And Chandra Sekhar Mani’s quote is accurate; I remember it as clearly as yesterday: “When a giant falls, he falls with a thud. He can rise again but …”

    In August 1980, Rafi was on the Filmfare cover again, this time sharing the spot with Uttam Kumar, who passed away exactly seven days before Rafi did. There were two captions on the cover, “The Man with the Golden Smile” and “The Man with the Golden Voice”, and it was in black & white. Rafi saab was wearing his chiknai kurta with his hands on the harmonium. I always felt that both captions could have easily applied to him.

    As I was returning to my house on July 24, I received the news of Uttam Kumar’s death. Just for one second, a thought had entered my consciousness, but I said to myself, “No, no, that can never happen.” I saw him in full force only five months ago. But it did happen. And the last words he rehearsed in happened to be in Bengali.

    Friends, I’m posting below a song by Rafi for a Bengali film, with the leading romantic pair, Uttam-Suchitra, in the frame:

  21. Chandra Sekhar Mani says:

    Post 28, Binuji, Hessein Bhai may be right.

    I do not remember the year, but I clearly remember an aricle in Filmfare by Raju Bharatan with the caption ” When a giant falls, he falls with a thud”. I think this edition had Rafi Saheb’s photo on the cover. I could be wrong.
    Being a Rafi fan, this hurt me and I have never forgotten this.

  22. Bina says:

    Sanjeev bhaiyya:

    Jab aapne humko bataya tha ke aap Rafi Saab ke janam-sthan ki mitti ko choone jaa rahe hain, tab hum bahut hi khush hue the ke aapko kitna accha anokha mauka mila hai..

    Sach kahen, aaj toh aapke bheje hue tasveeron ko dekhkar humne bhi aapke saath Rafi Saab ki paathshala aur ghar ka deedar kar liya. Bahut khushi mili yeh dekhkar ke unki yaad ko kitna taaza rakha hai Kotla Sultan Singh mein. Aap toh itni badi khushnaseebi ke haqdaar hain hee ..aapki shraddha Rafi Saab ki oor bas dekhkar hi banti hai.. May you achieve even greater heights…

    May Rafi Saab bless Sanjeev..

    Bina didi

  23. Binu Nair says:

    post 27… hussein saaheb,

    pls send us the articles in the said filmfare dated aug 23 , 1974.

    during the times, there were mischievious reports too surfacing about mohd rafi saaheb written by a section of interested lobby of singers. we wish to know more about such singing lobby-ists.

  24. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Post 16 : Melodious Rafi Saheb’s photograph on cover page of Filmfare dated August 23, 1974 is there.

  25. Binu Nair says:

    It’s indeed a pilgrimage made to mohd rafi saahebs house and school.
    i am told that rafi saaheb hardly finished his school. he was interested in singing and many times he got good thrashing from his dad. his mother however was very supportive say family members.

    while speaking on his meagre education, i am remember and re-call his elegant and immaculate signature in english. and, his eloquent singing of two of the english songs : baharon phool barsaao and she i love is the beautiful, beautiful … the english version.
    and, also his immaculate conduct with everyone including the tea-boy.
    once during the recording the tea boy brought tea and handed over to persons there.
    the moment mohd rafi got his tea, he bowed to the tea-boy and said thank you.
    there are many such memories which come when one “thinks” of the incredibly talented mohd rafi saaheb.

  26. mohamedparvez says:

    dear sanjeev dixit ji and other friend,i have posted this article in rafi saab”s blog,this scanned article contributed by rafi saab”s bakht,kartik umar ji,kindly click on article to enlarge,again click on article to further,enlarge,kindly visit this link,to view this article,take care

  27. Bhai Ramesh ji (Post 17)..Your outburst is natural and your observations are absolutely perfect..I am in complete agreement with you..Rafi–the best singer from the time immemorial is a Baiju Bawara in true sense and yet neglected..I am writing to Filmfare to find out the status of Rafi on their cover page but I have strong doubts whether they would give our sentiment a place in their magazines’ columns..thanks to Mr Ali (post 19)..Rajesh K Ranga ,

  28. Binu Nair says:

    the most neglected legend is mohd rafi saaheb.
    the most remembered sage singer is however : mohd rafi saaheb.
    mohd rafi represents the culture, the mores and the greatest traditions of our country.

    mohd rafi is the ‘true’ bharat ka ratna.

    our rulers wil come and go…. they cant do much other than playing “palace politics.”

    mohd rafi saaheb is :”f o r – e v e r”.

  29. Binu Nair says:

    Dear Sanjeev : Good Work. Keep it up.

    if the music is good, the heart will sing….
    when rafi saaheb sings, millions will sing.

    the rafi foundation, mumbai…
    9833 250 701

  30. santosh says:

    great great great ,These are a few words which i can about u and the article.Really touching heartfelt love for rafi saab flows from it.I also was left teary eyed on reading the article and those pictures.The love for rafisaab is visible everywhere in the school.Really it is like a tirth yatra for all rafi bhakts.We must also write an article on Umeshji Makhija from
    ahmedabad who has done a lot to keep the memories of rafi saab live.i have given some pictures of his house to Shri Narayanji from Banglore during his visit to Ahmedabad. I request that a article be written on Umeshji’s contribution too.

  31. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Nasreen Didi, post 18
    There are sufficient furniture in school for the children and the study on the chairs & tables(benches & desks).
    The pic. your seeing in which children are sitting on the ground is the room of the “HEAD MASTER”. He called the children in his room together for the distribution of toffees only.
    There is all the facilities in School which required at primary level.
    I also ate the “mid day meal” of the school. It was very delicious “tahri” of very good quality rice with potato & soya been’s nutrinigate.
    There are many charts regarding alphabets, maps etc. & other teaching aids like “computer system with internet connection”
    So didi, we don’t need to worry about the school. I am now in regular in contact with teachers of the school.
    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  32. Ali says:

    Post 16 dear Rajesh ,mohd rafi is god gift and if u remember in 1980 the best playback singer award went to a kishore da for song which was sang by two singers and there were 3 songs of mohd rafi. Mohd rafi made many music directors but he never said that .names like opn said if there was no m rafi there was no opn, Madan Mohan said I should not be pay when mohd rafi sing for me because the magic of his voice make song hit not my music, jest go back in 1970’s when actors who became super stars in 1960’s they ignored m rafi they lost there place but mohd rafi was there still there,dilip kummar even ignored mohd rafi, opn ingored m rafi in 1960’s but he was not able to replace mohd rafi with other male singer as he did without Lata ji, ………..

  33. Nasreen says:

    Dear Br. Sanjeev

    It was so moving to see the pictures and read your article. I felt particularly moved by the picture of Rafi Sb.’s childhood friend Kundan Singh-ji and his request to you to visit again and not forget the village. A friend’s humble request made with tears in his eyes. And whose friend? Rafi Saab’s childhood friend – well, it stabbed my heart. Also, to see pictures of his school, particularly that hand pump from where he drank water, probably with scores of other young kids, maybe hot and sweaty during recess or after a game or something like that.
    What is so very touching is that nothing seems to have changed. No one has come there and changed it into a posh place. The children are sitting on the floor and it is a very humble place. But they have something to be so proud of : they have shared this place with one of the greatest human beings that lived. Yes, this is a very very special place indeed. I, for one, would not want to change it. But friends, there is something that I would like to express. I say this with some trepidation, but I cannot help feeling that it might make the kids of that school very happy if they could have some chairs to sit on and desks to write on. Would it be possible for us lovers of Rafi Saab to get together and make this small donation towards the school he attended as a child? Could this become a reality? I would love to know how to go about it and would be grateful if someone could take this idea on board and make it a reality. It would just be like Rafi Lovers doing something concrete in memory of Rafi Saab – something that makes a difference to kids of the village he came from.
    Love to all


  34. rajesh k rank jee, ( post 16 )

    with due regard to the observation you have made, i am sure we all share your sentiments or to put it correctly you have voiced all our thoughts.

    bhaisaaab, bhai mere – kiss kissko kyaa kyaa poochogey – these so called sarmayedaars have not bothered to do anything for rafi sahab at all.

    he has been the most neglected ” legend ” as i can see it. it is a sheer case of bias and extreme negative behaviour from all concerned with regard to such a magninmous avataar like our rafi sahab.

    i get truly agitated and hurt when somebody gets up like you have done and says this is not done – that is not done about rafi sahab.

    i would like to know – what is done for rafi sahab.

    this takes me back to my own article which was published in this beautiful website ” rafi sahab and bharat ratna “,

    wherein i have questioned – are we begging – and then quickly went on to answer – by saying ” an emphatic NO “.

    to summarise my view point – rafi sahab has been grossly neglected – under valued – and trampled by the authorities.

    why doesnt our film fraternity wake up –

    people like dilip kumar – i just cant understand – his entire acting career has been singularly carried by rafi sahab on his broad shoulders.

    he never even makes a passing remark of rafi sahab in any forum – when he speaks., but he never tires is praising lata mangeshkar ( meri mooh boleee behen ).

    its disgusting, saddening and i feel highly let down as a die hard rafi bhakt.

    jai ho rafi sahab – tussi great ho – issmey koi shakh thaa hee nahee.

    please do not mistake my outpourings – they are not a tirade against you ranga sahab.

    ramesh narain kurpad
    (0) 94484 55164

  35. Indeed a very fruitful effort on the part of writer..
    It is not very out of context to mention that Filmfare has a collectors issue dated Oct 27,2010..The issue has cover pages from its archives and one can find Kishore Kumar’s photograph in Filfare’ issues in sep 1956, june 1970 and nov 1987. Lata Mangeshkar also featured on the cover page of Filmfare in march 1971..Surprisingly no cover page featuring the great Rafi Sahab was found..–We, the Rafi fans should approach Filmfare to seek a clarifiaction on this matter…. If Filmfare has really not featured Rafi on cover page of its any issue–They should immediately do so with an apology..

  36. Anand Sahu says:

    Dear Mr.Sanjeev, You are really the luckiest person to have visited the birth place of our beloved Rafi Sahab.I wish all the best in your life and I myself wish to visit there once in my life time, since I am singing His songs for the past 40 years. (anand sahu Toronto)

  37. Utthara says:

    Dear Sanjeevbhai,

    your detailed description of your visit to Rafi saab’s birthplace ensured that we too travelled with you on this lovely and memorable journey. You took us along with you with your words and photos. It is rare to find fans like who are so passionate. You spread the fragrance of Rafi saab whereever you go.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us.



  38. babu singala says:

    you sir [sanjeevebhai] are very very lucky to have the honour to visit the birth place of RAFI SAHABs .when i was in amritsar two yrs. ago the taxi driver did not know where it was . & imissed it now ihave the address will visit on my next trip to INDIA.GOD BLESS YOU SIR ,SAVJEEVEJI & ALL SAY RAFI SAHAB KI JAI HO. babu singala[ london]

  39. Jagmohan singh says:

    Dear sanjjev ji,you have done a great job by visiting the birth place of rafi have removed the confusions of many regarding the name of the village i.e kotla sultan singh by posting the sign board of the village.i think the marraige of rafi sahab was perfored in the same have refreshed the memories of rafi sahab.He was the great son of punjab.He has given the great name to punjab.I will try to accompany you in your next visit.God bless you sanjeev ji for your commendable achievement for visiting the birth place of god of music the great rafi sahab.

  40. dearest sanjeevbhai,

    congratulations on your visit and also for a beautiful write up. i would like to especially thank you for having posted the pictures, they are just a feast to a rafi bhakt.

    you are truly blessed sanjeevbhai and by us seeing these pictures you got us all blessed by rafi sahab himself.

    the glow, the brightness, the light emitting out of these picturses and the sheer simplicity glorified – depicts the presence of rafi sahab the avataar all over.

    we can see the presence of rafi sahab in all those pictures – though not visible to the naked eye.

    the vibrations are evident and thats the clincher, you have got us sanjeevbhai – thank you once again for that.

    charo dhaam kaa yatra hochukaa – spot on.

    god bless you sanjeevbhai and all rafi bhakts too.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  41. Rashid Diwan says:

    Dear Sanjeev

    You are indeed very lucky to have visited Rafi Sahab’s “paternal” home . Only people with the passion could take this journey and certainly you have that passion and I must congratulate you for this and most of all for sharing your beautiful experience with us all.

    I live in UK and am desperately looking for a set of Rafi Sahab’s complete library of songs which I have been told is available and consists of more than 18,000 songs. If you know if anyone has this please let me know.

  42. Surinder Sharma says:

    hello sanjeev you have done a wonderful job here, about our rafi sahab the one and only. the residence and school and the family he was very close to you have made me proud, the unforgettable unique singer we have had. the pictures you have shown are amazing. i congratulate you for this achievement ,and courage all yor efforts you have put inti it . best wishes. I also sing rafi sahib songs where ever there is a mehfil gathering. IN case your holding rafi sahibs event , please get in touch with me , thanks

  43. sagar says:

    sir ji bahut abhari hu apka ke ja to nahi sakta par apne photo me darshan karaye. Kya aap muze jane ke liye madat kar sakte hai?

  44. achal rangaswamy says:

    dear sanjeev bhai

    you are truly fortunate that you could make this pilgrimage to this holy place that Rafi Saab blessed with his presence.

    i congratulate you on successfully completing this visit.

    and i want to thank you profusely for giving us a first-hand account of your visit.

    may the grace of Rafi Saab bless all of us

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  45. Syed Sayeed Khundmiry says:

    Dear Mr. Sanjeev Ji,

    I am very much happy to visit the various blogs of Mohd Rafi’s daily and whenever I logon. This article of visiting to Rafi Sahab’s native place is really a journey to chardham or haj. You are the lucky person to visit Rafi Sahab’s birth place and his childhood friends.
    Also can you please upload some songs which he sung in studio. This is just a request.
    Best regards,

  46. gurdev singh says:

    Hi. I am from Singapore. I want to visit this village.
    Please give me some help.
    I will be so grateful.
    I can be contacted on 65-93876700 or email
    We are coming to Punjab on 25th November.

  47. We Cognize says:

    Oh My god ! I cannot express my happiness to see these photographs and I cannot thank you enough. Indeed you are very fortunate and a great fan of Rafi sahab. This is heaven really. thanks for sharing your experiences. I too want to be there and I wish to meet the great man who played with our beloved Rafi sahab.

  48. mohamedparvez says:

    dear sanjeev ji i would like conragulate you for visiting our beloved rafi saab”s native place,meeting his child hod friends ,visiting rafi saab”s school,and his residence where he born and stayed there, thanx for sharing pictures and intresting and emotional experience with us,i would like to share,few rare songs of rafi saab,i have uploaded in you tube,also iwould like to share rafi saab”s blog,kindly visit each and every page of rafi saab”s blog,you will find more than 500 pages there,kindly visit this links take care

  49. Rashmi says:

    Mr sanjeev ji ,

    The article was v good …i wanted to know if thepixs were uploaded by u …plz also explain me how u could write the caption below the pict …..I too met Mr Kundan and did a story on rafi ji ….TC

  50. you are great I surprised your visit of rafisahab natieve place your a lucky person i have noget words

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