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Music After Rafi

This article is written by Mr. Anmol Singh

Music After RafiIt is believed that an individual’s importance is understood better when one leaves us for ever. The same can be said for Rafi Saab. This was during the era of 80s when music passed through one of the most difficult phases.

Singing the most of songs in 1980 and providing maximum number of hits, Rafi Saab leaves us suddenly forever on 31st July. The result of Rafi Saab’s need in the 80s was deeply felt by music composers, which brings his clones like Anwar, Shabbir Kumar and Munna Aziz into limelight. Most music composer made the most effective use them. LP used them through of their compositions. To name a few – “Sari Duniya Ka Bojh Hum Utha Te Hai”, “Jeet Janyenge Hum”, “Dil Diya Hai Jaan Bhi Denge”, “Tum Se Mil Ke Naa Jaane Kyon“, “Pyar Kiya Nahi Jaata Hai”, “Mohabat Ab Tejara Bann Gaye Hai”, “Zindagi Imtihaan Leti Hai”, “Teri Mehbaniyan”, “Dil Beqrar Tha Dil Beqrar Hai“, “Aaj Kal Yaad Kuch”, etc. Even Pancham contributed using the above singers through songs of ‘Betaab’ and one unforgettable score sung by Anwar, “Koi Pardesi Ayaa Pardes Main”. Early 80s also saw the gradual rise of Anu Malik, some of his works involving the above singers consist of – “Kahan Jate Ho Ruk Jaao“, “Sohni Meri Sohni”, “Yaad Teri Ayegi”, etc.

Mohd Rafi with O.P.Nayyar and Guru Dutt
Mohd Rafi with O.P.Nayyar and Guru Dutt

Another singer who emerged after Rafi Saab death was Suresh Wadkar. Being classically trained he sang many quality songs mainly under LP, Pancham and KA. There where few contributions from other composers as well. To name a few – “Saajh Dhale Gagan Tale”, “Chal Chameli Baag Mein”, songs of Prem Rog where he sang for Rishi Kapoor, “Likhanewaale ne likh daale milne ke” a duet with Lata from the film ‘Arpan’ is truly mind blowing. A ghazal with Bhupindar from ‘Masoom’, “Huzoor Is Kadar Bhi Na Etra Ke Chalie”, another super performance by Suresh under Pancham. A duet with Anwar from Vidhaata, “Haathon Ki Chad Lakiroon Ka” is truly magnificent. A great composition from KA. Another marvelous contribution from the duo for Suresh was “Aur Is Dil Mein Kya Ratha Hai”. There are many such great contributions by Suresh.

Despite many good scores composed by established music composers and singers many good films didn’t perform as per expectation. The result of which many quality film makers experienced a gradual downfall from 1983 onwards. Many well known film makers like BR films, Gulzar, Ramanand Sagar, Ramesh Sippy, etc made a switch over to television producing serials. Rafi loyalists like Nasir Hussain, J Om Prakash, Manmohan Desai and Shakti Samath also ran out of steam in the 80s with a number of flops in a sequence. Perhaps a lot of blame was put in video piracy for the failure. But the fact remains, without Rafi it was difficult to compose quality songs.

The downfall of quality filmmakers restricted the work for quality music composers, singer, lyrics, scriptwriters, etc. At this point sub standard filmmakers step in, which also brought in sub standard music composers, lyrics writers, etc. Most of these filmmakers who had no sense in filmmaking, imposing their own ideas on majority composers. As a result it became extremely difficult for quality music composers like LP, Pancham, KA, Khayyam, etc to get work quality work. Many old music composers contributed in very few quality films rather being more cautious in their approach to get recognition for their work. In fact the LP and Subhash Ghai combo were the most successful pair to contribute quality scores through out the 80s. Rajesh Roshan was primarily associated with his brother Rakesh Roshan. KA could manage at least one hit in a year to maintain their position. In orders words all the composers lost their freedom in the 80s, which they enjoyed in the earlier decades when Rafi Saab was there. Music lovers wondered whether the old composers had forgotten to compose good tunes in their later years. It is believed the LP where left with many unused tunes which only Rafi Saab could render. This implies that they were not able to operate with their full potential, which is applicable to other music composers as well.

Mohd RafiApart from composers even singers where also affected. With Mukesh and Rafi gone perhaps Kishore was the only quality singer left. Ideally it was an open ground for the Pancham and Kishore combo to bring back the old glory of early 70s in the 80s. Kishore end up singing majority songs much below his caliber in the 80s. The best of Kishore was lost once Rafi was no more. Same is the case with Mahendra Kapoor who kept himself associated with the B R banner whether films or television, not much contribution for Manoj Kumar after ‘Kranti’. The down fall of music in films sees the rise of many ghazal singers like Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh, Talat Aziz, Pankaj Udhas, Anup Jalota, etc in the 80s, since music lovers had no choice but listen to melody in private concerts or through private albums. Few of them contributed in films under LP, KA & Khayyam.

Kishore & Pancham contributed their best in the entire 70s when Rafi was there. When Rafi Saab leaves us there was not much contribution from the duo other than few exceptions in the early 80s, which possibly were recorded prior to Rafi’s death. Since Rafi was a very high quality singer it kept all his contemporaries along with music composers on their toes to deliver their best. This in turn benefited many film makers to produce quality films and write quality scripts. Since music has been the primary criteria for success in filmmaking, many below average or small budget films had many hit songs prior to 80s sung by Rafi Saab and other singers. Where as in the 80s many big budget films could contribute very few hit songs.

As the dominance of sub standard films reaches its peak from mid 80s (somewhere 1986-87) the only way to bring back crowds to the theaters was to re-release the old films of 50s, 60s and 70s through film festivals. We see the songs of films like “Dosti”, “Caravan”, “Karz”, “Amar Akbar Anthony”, etc being played on the screen. As the golden era comes back on screen, once again we see the showering of coins by the music lovers. Yes, Rafi Saab lived after his death for his fans and will live forever.

Mohd Rafi with poet lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi and composer Khayyam
Mohd Rafi with poet lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi and composer Khayyam

To conclude Rafi Saab took away many things along with him once he left us, which triggered many sequence of events resulting in the downfall of music. Quality was affected to a great extend in every possible aspect of filmmaking. A good script or lyrics need a great voice with great power of expression and emotions to make a song win the hearts of the music lovers. Rafi’s voice had every thing that was needed giving us incredible numbers from late 40s to the late 70s. His ability to enhance an ordinary tune to an extra ordinary score was not seen after his death. When the tunes in 80s were good enough the singers who sang them exceptionally well, could not add some thing new or different to enhance the over all quality. Indeed there where many things only Rafi Saab could do. His honesty and humbleness added to his work. No wonder a great composer like Naushad said "I lost 50% of myself after Rafi’s death". Similarly O P Nayyar also stated "There would have been no O P Nayyar if there was no Rafi". The same holds true for Madan Mohan as well who was never associated with any big banner, but composed incredible scores with Rafi Saab. Similarly Rajesh Roshan in his tribute to Rafi Saab said, that “People complain about today’s songs, but then tell us where are the singers like Rafi to deliver them”.

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83 Blog Comments to “Music After Rafi”

  1. Priya Sanyal says:

    Music after Rafi is something like a movie without music,,,no variation only one kishore kumar was there that too shined with selected song and appeared feded up with most of his numbers of 70s beacuse of dull compositions…

    Ya kishore da is what he was but what about Rafi sahab,,,,,Indian music can`t be imagined without Rafi sahab,,,even Kishore kumar mentioned it as biggest loss that we missed rafi sahab so early…Yes kishore kum gave some hits after rafi sahab`s death, but he is also responsible for detoriated standard of music for he contributed with many noisy songs in 80s,he saw falling level of music in front of his eyes n quiteed singing saying hindi music has become worst…..but story is different with rafi sahab,,,no matter who may be compaser but Rafi sahab is guarentee of raise standard of music,,for he used to remain compltly dedicated with almost every song that he was to sing as if its dedicated to most loved ones,,,while with other singers money was major factor of dedication…..

  2. usha bimriwal says:

    Admitted 80s music is nothing much to talk about..but how can one forget the glorious contribution of Kishoreda in that decade..songs like:

    1. Maine tumse kuchh nahi manga. Rajkamal
    2. Zindagi pyar ka geet hai. Usha Khanna
    3. Neele neele ambar par. Kalyanji anandji.
    4. Zindagi aa raha hoon main. Hrodaynath Mangeshkar.
    5. Aa humsafar pyar ke sej par. Basu Manohari.
    6. Aesi haseen chandni. Khyaam
    7. Chandni raat mein ek baar tujhe. Khyyam
    8. Log kehte hai main sharabi hoon. Bappi lahiri.
    9. Moti ho to bandh ke rakh doon. R D Burman.
    10. Peechhli yaad bhulado. Khyyam.
    11. Ek dil sau dushman. Rajesh roshan
    12. Yeh jeevan tumhara nahi. Bappi Lahiri.
    13. Zindagi ki yehi reet hai. Laxmi Pyare
    14. Neele ambar ke do naina. Laxmi pyare.
    15. Mausam pyar ka. R D Burman
    16. Lehron ki tarah yaadein. Rajesh Roshan.
    17. Tumse badhkar duniya mein. Rajesh Roshan.
    18. Roshan roshan raatein apni. Bappi lahiri.
    19. Chanda dekhe chanda. Bappi lahiri.
    20. Manzilein apni jagah hai. Bappi lahiri.
    21. Allah kare maula kare. Kalyanji anandji.
    22. Sarakti jaye hai rukh se naqab. Laxmi pyare.
    23. Sagr kinare. RD Burman.
    24. Sagar jaisi aankhonwali. RD Burman.
    25. Mujhe tum yaad karna. Hridaynath Mangeshkar.
    26. Ek roop kayin naam. RD Burman.
    27. Ae sagar ke lehron. RD Burman.
    28. Ae khuda ae khuda aesa maine kya kiya. Rajesh Roshan.
    29. Yun neend se woh jaane chaman. RD Burman.
    30. Kisi baat par main khafa hoon. RD Burman.
    31. Chhukar mere man ko. Rajesh roshan.
    32. Man kare yaad woh din. Salil Chowdhury.
    33. O mere saathi re. Salil Chowdhury.
    34. Kehta hai dil o mere sanam. Shankar Jaikishen.
    35. Woh ek dost jo mujhko. Vanraj Bhatia.

    Just some of them. Can you trash any one of them dear friends?? I found it bad that not a single song is mentioned amongst these in this artcle.. Rafi sahab’s void can never be fulfilled, but these songs are much better than the mediocre songs sung by Shabbir, munna or anwar mentioned in the article.

  3. siddharth says:

    Rafi was undoubtedly the greatest singer of all times! He is flawless in his every song.

  4. Ahmed says:

    ya Hussain you are right

  5. Ahmed says:

    Sonu is my favorite singer now adays i love him but not more than Rafisahab

  6. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Re. Post 76: Ask Sonu who is the best and you’ll get the reply.

  7. Anmol Singh says:

    Possibly it is the same person writing in different names stating Sonu Nigam better than Rafi.

  8. Manjeet says:


  9. Vaidi says:

    Guys – Stop this nonsense argument about Rafi & Sonu Nigam. Each one have their own place. Change is inevitable and if you look at the Playback industry (even going by the quality in reality shows such as Saregamapa) talent is in abundance.

    Sonu Nigam has acknowledged and still acknowledges that Rafi is his guru, nowhere has he or will he ever mention that he is a better singer than Raft. Where is this nonsensical argument about Sonu being compared with Rafi emerge.

    Please let a good singer be. Rafi was a revolution during his times and Sonu is a revolution during our times…. this fact will remain. I can refute anyone who tries to defy this with simple & common sensical explanations.


  10. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Re. Post 73: I repeat Sonu Nigam is nothing in front of Rafi Saheb. Sonu’s voice shiver in many of his songs, so please do not even think of comparing Sonu to Rafi Saheb.

  11. Neil says:

    While Rafi saab’s talent has it’s own special place in Indian music history, the talents of Sonu Nigam is unparralled in this world. He has taken music up another notch from where rafi left it. Sonu has surpassed the talent level of Rafi saab and has convincingly established himself as the best male singer India ever had!

  12. Anjaan says:

    Mohammed Rafi is the bhagwaan of India!!!

  13. Anil Cherian says:

    Ref: post #70.
    Exactly… I’m really bemused when people compare Sonu favorably with Rafi sahab… To me Rafi sahab’s voice is like marble piece.. super-smooth yet heavy. Sonu’s voice is like feather … soft but light.. Among all the Rafi-clones, Md. Aziz is the one who had the heavyness in his voice.. Sonu is more of a Shabbir-clone or a Anwar-clone than a Rafi-clone.

  14. xxx says:

    sonu nigam sounds more like mimicry artist rather than a true singer, only very few playback singers today among the bulk of singers have the original voice, some of them are- udit narayan, kailash kher, sukhvinder singh…. but still no one is pure like rafi , talat or manna………

  15. Anmol Singh says:

    Ref Post 68

    Just to highlight one incident of recording by Sonu Nigam for a patriotic song for a Vidhu Vinod Chopra film. Prior to recording the song Sonu did a lot of boxing in the recording chamber, in order to create fire in his voice for getting the patriotic effect. I felt like laughing.

    Singers like Rafi, Mahendra K and Manna Dey who sung incredible number of patriotic songs in their career, would never imagine of doing some thing like this.

  16. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Re. Post 67: Sonu Nigam is no where to Rafi Saheb. Listen carefully to Rafi Saheb’s voice and then to Sonu Nigam, it is as difference as heaven and hell respectively. Please do not compare any singer with Rafi Saheb. By the way, Mr. Ajaay, it was a rotten joke!

  17. ajaay says:

    i m totally agree, with views of this site, but now v can say that a big part of lack of rafi ji’s absense is been fulfilled by a singer, who is now no. one singer, that is sonu nigam, he has a same voice, like mohd.rafi,as well as he is a versatile singer,his voice is sp true, but even then we can’t fulfill, absense of the legendary, rafi ji.

  18. Anmol Singh says:

    Ref – Post 62

    Manish Kumar Ji,

    Music Composers in todays time are compitent enough to bring best out of all the singers. But the problem is majority don’t get good scripts which can influence good songs. Film scripts are influnced by the present day life style also. With living standards going up in also influences the audience likes and dislikes, were the appreciation is more towards fantacy and fiction and not much towards reality.

    In the 50s, 60s & 70s scripts were more reality oriented, plus people didn’t have much high living standards. Therefore the appreciration for quality music was there. In 80s the story line was more sterio type consisting of more vulgarity, volience, one or two rapes, etc. This limits scope for quality music. Even the best music composer cannot do anything with such a story line.

  19. binus2000 says:

    Bollywood Melodies – written by bangalore based writer anantharaman
    is a must read and it has lines eugolising Mohd Rafi saaheb, my
    friend narayanan from the rafi foundation – informs me.

    binu nair…. the rafi foundation, mumbai : +9833 250 701

  20. binus2000 says:

    Re: Post 62 & for Anmol Singhs attn:

    Yes sanjay ji. Lata indeed has said the lines that we have no
    music composers who can bring the “jaadu” from the present
    day singer’s throat.

    but she is some 20 years late in admitting the same.
    in many stage shows lata ji has been taking all the credit for her
    songs , not even mentioning the composers or the lyricists .

    and we need to tell her that music composers such as pyarelal,
    ravi and Khayyam are all unemployed today. Mr. daan singh a
    rare music comp0ser is somewhere in rajasthan, unheard of
    for a long time.

    if lata wishes she could line up some private songs from her
    “trust” funds for these great living composers. giving statements
    and lamenting in public with no action has been our “national
    pastime” – and hence lacks conviction.

    coming back to the subject, the book by bangalore based
    anantharaman is a must read for all music lovers .

    binu nair.

  21. ZAKA says:

    Thanks for Nice article and fantastic Phographs of Sahir, Guru Duut and our payare Rafi Saab

  22. Sanjay says:

    anmol singh: even lata agrees with me in a recent interview here…

    New Delhi, Mar 6 (PTI) The Bollywood music industry is in urgent need of a revolution in composing to fish itself out of the slump it has witnessed in recent times, says veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar.
    “If things have to improve, one of the two has to happen. Either a new musical phenomenon must emerge in composing, or some playback singer or the other should get into composing, taking charge of the music they get to sing,” a new book — “Bollywood Melodies” — quotes Lata as saying.

    But Lata is doubtful if either of these will happen. “For the sake of film music, I wish it did,” she hopes. But according to the singer, dubbed as the ‘nightingale of India’, there is no dearth of talented singers in the country.

    “It is just that there’s no composer to test a singer’s range; work on exploring the voice of the singer the way composers used to do in the 1950s.” Lamenting that the emphasis of present-day music is on instant popularity and not on creating something that is original, the book quotes, “Creative music is not happening anywhere — not in Mumbai, not in the south or even in Bengal. How can you blame the singers alone for it?” The book, written by Bangalore-based organisation development consultant Ganesh Anantharaman, traces the evolution of the Hindi film song to its present status as the cultural barometer of the country, through an evaluation of the works of over 50 leading composers, singers and lyricists — from K L Saigal to Sonu Nigam, Naushad to A R Rahman, Sahir Ludhianvi to Javed Akhtar. PTI

  23. Tahir says:

    I am an avid admirer of the great Mohammad Rafi.

    I have often wondered how Rafi Sahb’s voice would have immortalized
    some of the songs of the 80s and 90s if he had lived for another ten
    fifteen years. This is especially true of the songs released
    immediately after his death like those from Prem Rog, Qulli, Baitab;
    particularly, Prem Rog songs picturized on Shahshi Kapoor would have
    reached another pinnacle if rendered by Rafi Saheb.

    In this regard, can a knowledgeable Rafian answer my following two questions:

    1) Is it true that songs of Prem Rog (released 1982) were recorded
    before the fateful date of 31 July 1980 and that LP preferred Suresh
    Wadekar over Rafi Sb?

    2) Is anybody aware of the songs made close to 31 July 1980 for which
    Rafi Saheb may have signed a contract/agreed to sing but he could not
    due to his demise?


  24. Tahir says:

    I wonder if anybody knows any hit songs made for Rafi Sb that he could not sing due to his sad demise. I always felt that the songs of RK’s movie PREM ROG (released 1982) would have reached another pinnacle if rendered by Rafi Sb. So I have two questions for whosoever can answer:

    1) Were the songs of movie Prem Rog made in the life of Rafi Sb and LP preferred Suresh Wadekar over him or was this that these songs were made after his demise?

    2)Is anybody aware of any hit song made close to the fateful date of 31 July 1980 exclusively for Rafi Sb which he never got to render and later sung by another singer?

  25. souvik says:

    Rafi was a sensation in the history of playback singing and SJ acknowledged his talent over the years.

  26. xxx says:

    some delighting excerpts from post 51::


    1. Mohammed Rafi was, is and will remain the greatest singer and human being on this planet.

    The death of Bollywood music occurred on 31st July 1980. Since then we have not heard a voice as beautiful as Mohammed Rafi saab’s. Allah sent him to the earth as a mercy to mankind. He taught people how to respect one another, being good and sharing excellent relations with one another

    2.His one quality that really strikes me and which the entire world should learn from this God – fearing human is “Simplicity”.


    but anjaan ji plz dn convey any negative thoughts in d name of religion, as rafi ji was above all religions, “mann tarpat hari darshan ko” was 100% muslim creation having more than 100% devotion & pride for hindu in it.

    rafi ji aur naushad ji sangeet ke sache pujari the kyoki sangeet sabhi religions se upar hai. we all should be very thankful to these two as they gave so much divine music with melody & pride for us..

  27. unknow says:

    Dears fans
    we are all music lover but in the world there are many religions eash of us think they are the best but no one of us is the best. mohd rafi with his songs singed for most of religions is the best.
    who have the answer that why Lata Ji had Bharat Ratna award and Mohd rafi not?

  28. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Ref. post # 51: Rafi Saheb is loved even today by each and every person in this world. And please, for God’s sake, do not drag any religion in this holy site, this is a very humble request to all from me! We all love Rafi Saheb from our heart. Long live Rafi Saheb.

  29. xxx says:

    ref to p:: 53


    i really dn bother who used whom in 80s,,bappi da used kk more, ok its fine as 90% of their work was substandard, dis mama-bhanja jodi was never close to kk-pancham jodi. im saying all this wdout being disrespectful to kk as he was rafian too. he always showed his high regards for mohdrafi ji. although in singing department he was far behind from rafi ji.

    coming back to pancham- sir plz check out these albums by pancham in 80s, i found all these better than odrs in 80s…

    1980- khoobsurat, bulandi, abdullah, the burning train, aanchal, shaan,jal mahal..
    1981-zamane ko dikhana hai,kudrat,basera,love story,kaalia, barsaat ki ek raat,naram garam,harjaee…
    1982-namkeen, angoor, satte pe satta, bemisal, ye wada raha, sanam teri kasam, shakti..
    1983-masoom, agar tum na hote, pukar, bade dil wala,betaab,mahaan…

    you mentioned some movies from 1984 but as i mentioned earlier that his work in 1984 was really mediocre except sunny(1984). similarly two albums from 1985- saagar & sitamgar were good, one from each 1986,87,88,89 jeeva, ijaazat, libaas and parinda respectively. ijazat & libaas were excellent scores by pancham in late 80s. much better in quality than odrs in late 80s..


  30. binus2000 says:

    post 51 : please do us a favour and keep out “religion” or
    “ethnicity” from this music lovers and rafi saaheb site.

    guru ji will scorn at u for ur stupid views had he been alive; more,
    politicians and sectarians in the society has already devided the
    people and we are better off without ur “purpose-less theories”.

    have u heard the phrase : “naach na jaane, aangan tedaaaa, sir ”

    binu nair… the rafi foundation mumbai..

  31. Anmol Singh says:

    Ref – 49

    Yes, commercial success is important for getting recongnition. Coming to Pancham as mentioned earlier his work was not bad, but it certainly mediocore at many occasions which him in comparision with Bhappi Lahiri. Plus why KK sang more songs in 80s for Bhappi rather than Pancham who has alaways been his number one choice through out? Please think over it.

    In 1984 you can judge Pancham’s score

    Aawaz (1984), Bade Dilwaale, Jagir, Zameen Aasman (1984), Aawaz (1984), Hum Hai Lajawab, Boxer, Lava, Rahi Badal Gaye, Anand Aur Anand, Hum Dono (1984), Duniya (1984), Bandh Honth, Aan Aur Shaan, Jagir,

    Similarly in 1986

    Bond 303, Saveray Wali Gaadi, Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu, Zindagani, Paleh Khan.


    Dacoit, Zalzala, Namumkin, Joshiley.

    Like as mentioned earlier 1985 he had one big hit ‘Saagar’ and 1987 ‘Ijazzat’. The music of these films was truely mind blowing.

  32. anon1 says:


    i’m going to answer you dispassionately on a very sensitive subject you’ve brought up. “ethnic” pride and bias is bound to happen with SOME, likely a minority within a large group of people. however, especially with something as universal and natural as music, majority of members of groups will NOT hold that bias.

    you wrote: “The music directors hate Mohammed rafi”

    they LOVED him. shankar-jaikishan & op nayyar were accused of using him so much they didn’t utilize other singers. madan mohan, chitragupta, usha khanna, ravi, laxmikant pyarelal regarded him as their favorite and used him the most. sd burman gave rafi sahab his career best compositions. and it wasn’t purely professional either – they loved him PERSONALLY (how could you not seeing what an angel he was) and repeatedly exclaimed he was a saintly man. now if they hated him or had a religious bias – they wouldn’t say such genuine personal praise. they would fail to acknowledge him but they do! usha khanna has a big smiling photo of rafi sahab in her home.

    yes, the MDs gained by using rafi sahab and getting the most out their composition. he immortalized compositions. but that wasn’t the only reason. they LOVED him. to argue the importance of MD, lyricist, singer, etc. is to argue importance of leg, arm, body. they’re all important. nevertheless i’ll lightly say that first you need something to reach or do (composition) before you can actually make the most out of it (singer). it is better to have a great MD and decent singer (there were plenty of “decent’ singers in the golden age albeit none were close to the great rafi sahab) than to have an awful MD and great singer. if the composition is really poor – no singer no matter how good can make it something it is not. these MDs made the most out of rafi sahab’s talent and hence thanks to those MDs and god’s gift to rafi sahab – we have the legend. rafi sahab himself stated many times that he was very grateful & thankful to the music directors for choosing him. when you hear “ehsaan tera hoga mujhpe” you better equally thank shankar jaikishan & hasrat jaipuri or shailendra for making that song possible. take out any of those players and you lose an immortal gem from rafi sahab’s career. the mds played a massive role in shaping rafi sahab’s career and there is no loss of pride in embracing that truth.

    my mentor was a devout muslim and a die hard kishore kumar fan who always played kishore’s songs for me. i of course was a die hard rafi fan (and i never cared if he was muslim or jewish – i respect the religion). yes there’s the minority but look at the big picture. fans like you aren’t helping anyone by trying to drive a wedge between ethnic groups. if you know anything, you won’t deny that kishore kumar was a big fan of mohammed rafi and made many genuine dedications to rafi sahab from the peak of his career to the end. he even suffered a heart attack in 1981 because he was depressed to lose his friend! lp & madan mohan played big roles in rafi sahab’s grand comeback in 1976 – did they hate him too? lp especially would have done just fine commercially (which doesn’t equate musically or eternally) to stick with other singers in 70s but they loved rafi sahab and gave him songs even against the wishes of narrow minded producers! you probably know that sahir ludhianvi preferred to stay in india with his hindu & muslim friends rather than go to partition pakistan. i think op nayyar’s live was saved because his muslim neighbor hid him from extremists (the neighbor risking his own life). it is because people fail to look at the big picture that we have needless feuds. the fault lies in the person not the religion, race, etc. if only people understood that and controlled emotions.

    you are very wrong and doing a great disservice to rafi sahab. and the same would go for fans on who try to promote antagonism against other artist without looking at the big picture. just recently i saw this happen with lata mangeshkar and i’ve seen it with kishore kumar (rafi’s #1 fan). please follow the example of the anglic rafi sahab. and finally – don’t be a rafi “worshipper”. it is an insult to the man. accept him for what he was – a great MAN – not a deity. i would be happy if you took back that statement of yours i quoted.

  33. Anjaan says:

    Mohammed Rafi was, is and will remain the greatest singer and human being on this planet.

    The death of Bollywood music occurred on 31st July 1980. Since then we have not heard a voice as beautiful as Mohammed Rafi saab’s. Allah sent him to the earth as a mercy to mankind. He taught people how to respect one another, being good and sharing excellent relations with one another, unlike stupid people like Kishore kumar and lata mangeshkar who are most arrogant and ignorant people on earth.

    His one quality that really strikes me and which the entire world should learn from this God – fearing human is “Simplicity”.

    He remained simple all his entire life. No wonder why he was blessed with such godly personality and with a clear and sweet voice!!

    After Mohammed Rafi Saab many of his die hard followers wanted to be like him at least 1% but the envious and arrogant bollywood music industry did not give enough opportunities to his followers.

    These followers were Anwar saab, Shabbir Kumar and Mohammed Aziz saab. The indian music industry did not want a muslim singer to be the number 1 singer in india as they witnessed how Mohammed Rafi saab ruled the industry for nearly 40 years. They would now want a hindu singer to rule instead.

    If the voices of Anwar saab, Shabbir Kumar and Mohammed Aziz saab were so bad why would the music directors in the 1980’s gave them so many songs to sing to all the top actors when they had singers like Kishore kumar, amit kumar, mahendra kapoor, suresh wadkar, nitin mukesh, shailendra and udit narayan?

    Its because all the music directors were missing Mohammed Rafi saab to such as extent that they wanted someone who sounds somewhere like him to offer their beautiful voices. No wonder why in the early 90’s when kishore kumar’s low life people like kumar sanu, abhijeet and vinod kumar appeared the music directors shifted their focus to these ugly and boring singers.

    The music directors hate Mohammed rafi saab and his followers. But I will say Mohammed Rafi saab shall live here on earth for ever and ever!! His followers Anwar saab, Shabbir Kumar saab and Mohammed Aziz saab will loved and heard for ever!!

    Thank you

    Mohammed Rafi saab worshipper

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