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Mohammed Rafi with other male singers

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy.

The late Mohammed Rafiji has sung so many duets with Lata, Asha, Geeta Dutta, Suman Kalyanpur, Sharada, Shamshad Begum, Noorjehan, etc. But there are innumerable songs which Rafi has sung with other Male Playback Singers. These songs carry the versatility of these male playback singers.

The first such song which comes to my mind is ‘Gham Ki Andheri Raat Me’ from “Sushila” with Talat. Both the singers though do not sing along (Rafi sings the Mukhda where as Talat sings the Antara) but still match each other. Both of them gave another beautiful song in “Aadmi” – ‘Kaisi Hasin Aaj’. Another song was from “Haqeeqat” – ‘Hoke Majboor Muzhe’, of course, apart from Rafi and Talat, it also had Mannadey and Balbir.

With Mukesh, Rafiji gave ‘Ramiah Vastavayya’ from “Shree 420” and ‘Saat Ajube Is Duniya Me’ from “Dharamveer”. But the tile song of “Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya” was a classic, Rafi starting the song, Suman Kalyanpur singing in the middle and Mukesh coming at the end set to music by Sonik Omi. Beautifully picturised on Dharmendra, Nutan and Rehman in a Boat, this song was a treat to watch. Rafi and Mukesh again came together in “AAA” along with Kishore and Lata – ‘Dil Me Dilbar Tu Rahta Hai’ picturised on three different heroes.

But the best combination was that of Rafi and Mannadey. Both talented and versatile singers, only difference being the superior melodious voice of Rafi, these two came out with some memorable numbers especially qawalis. ‘Tu Hai Mera Prem Devta’ from “Kalpana” and ‘O Giridhari’ from “Heera Moti” incidentally both of O.P.Nayyar, drew the best out of each other. They had a healthy rivalry and knew that a little quarter given would enable the other to overshadow. ‘Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna’ from “Shaheed” had Rafi and Mannadey to Prem Dhawan’s tunes. Every time I listen to this song, I get emotional because of its lyrics, music and the way the two have sung. “Sachai” had ‘Ae Dost Mere Maine Duniya Dekhi Hai’. Qawalis like ‘Ab Ja Balaba Hu Shiddate’ and ‘Aise Me Tuzhko Dhoondake’ from “Bahu Begum”, ‘Bhari Mehfil Me Cheda’ from “Palki, ‘Qawali Ki Raat’, etc. popularized Filmy Qawalis like never before. The title song from “Palki” was another gem. The song ‘Bade Miya Deewane’ from “Shagird” was another hilarious song picturised on Joy Mukherjee and I.S.Johar. The title song of “Hindusthan Ki Kasam” was another song where these two great singers matched their talents as also the song ‘Taqat Watan Ki’ from “Prem Pujari”.

Rafi with Lata, Manna Dey, Mukesh and Talat

The duo of Rafi and Kishore also gave some memorable and popular hits. ‘Halka Halka Sa’ from “Khoz”, “Yadon Ki Baraat” – Title song, ‘Hum Premi’ from “Parvarish” along with Shailendra Singh, ‘Ae Baag Ki Kaliyon’ from “Jungle Main Mangal”, etc. “Hum Kisise Kum Nahi” had a medley of songs with Rafi coming up with ‘Chaand Mera Dil’, Kishore with ‘Aa Dil Kya’, RD with ‘Tum Kya Jano’ and finally Kishore and Asha with ‘Mil Gaya’. The dance competition was picturised in a unique way by Director Nazir Hussain. Rafi, Kishore and Lata also came together in that wonderful song ‘Na Jaane Kaise’ from “Badalte Rishtey” when Rafi makes his entry in the final stanza ‘Rishtey Kabhi Toote Kahan’ and as usual, steals the show. Rafi again makes a grand entry in the third stanza (Yeh Mastiyan Ye Bahar) of ‘Kya Mausam Hai’ from “Doosra Aadmi” again with Kishore and Lata. Rafi, Kishore and Mannadey also came together for ‘Bachche Me Hain Bhagawan’ in “Nanna Farishta”. “Parwana” starring Navin Nischol and Amitabh had ‘Yunha Sharma’ by Kishore and ‘Are Hasnewalon’ by Rafi picturised on Navin and Amitabh respectively. Though they were two separate songs, it was picturised together, with Navin Nischol singing Kishore’s version and Amitabh getting Rafi’s version in the background. “Shaan” also had a lovely number ‘Janoo Meri Jaan’. In “Dostana”, they came out with ‘Bane Chahe Dushman’ that too in two parts, one happy and another slightly sad version. In both versions Rafi stood out especially while singing ‘Gire Hai To Kya Hai’ in the sad version.

Rafi also had RD for company in ‘Yamma Yamma’ in “Shaan”, Anada Bakshi and Lata in ‘Ke Aaja Teri Yaad Aayi’ in “Charas”, Balbir in ‘Ye Desh Hai Veera Jawanon Ka’ in “Naya Daur” and ‘Kyaji Main Zhoota Boliyan’ from “Jagte Raho”, Amitabh in ‘Chal Chal Mere Bhai’ from “Nasseb”, etc. Another song which really became a top hit was ‘Saze Rahi Gali Meri Ma’ from “Kunwara Baap” where in Mehmood gave Rafi company. Rafi and Shailendra Singh had a good song in “Suhag” – ‘Ae Yaar Sun Yaari Teri’ as well as ‘Rabane Banadi Jodi’. In “Kranti”, he sang with Nitin Mukesh ‘Mera Chana Hai Apni Marzi Ka’ along with KK. All these songs became popular hits. The group song from “The Burning Train” – ‘Pehli Nazar Me’ was also a unique song.

I have never heard Rafi and Hemant Kumar singing together as well Rafi and Mahendra Kapoor.

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108 Blog Comments to “Mohammed Rafi with other male singers”

  1. sid sen says:

    I quote binu nair:

    “there is a lady singer who used to badmouth mohd rafi although she has sung many a great hits during the master o.p.nayyar’s tenure at the top. this singer is also known to hop on to the back of successful composers for obvious reasons.

    at a recording studio, she once remarked in glee : ” mohd rafi ab besurra ho gaya.”
    this was meant for the ears of dear chela of mohd rafi, mr.mahendra kapur – who was around within hearing distance . on hearing this : said kapur : “jis din mohd rafi saaheb besurra ho jaayega, woh din sangeet is duniya se samjho mar gaya”.”

    First of all, are you sure of this binuji? who told you this? I am SHOCKED! How could she say that to such an angel! Actually I read in hamar ofrums once that asha could not continue talking abt rafisaab on his death anniversary and broke down in tears. well if what you say is true, it is shocking how she could be so awful!!

    oh i am too shocked to go on.

  2. Being a true and great Rafi Sahab’s Fan its my desire to send some of the songs of Rafi sahab in my own voice to this site.

  3. recordings of the songs possible during one shot recording by following such tough mode of singing. My heartiest wishes to

  4. Having listened almost all evergreen songs of various flavours of Great Rafi Sahab with full concentration I got that its not a matter of joke at all to sing a song of Rafi sahab with entire perfection. I’ve been learning classical vocal since 1989 when I was just about the age of 6 and still now I’ve sincerely been continuing my riyaz regularly and in course of my learning and singing I have clear perception about the actual depth of those evergreen songs of the very Legend. What to speak about the depth,base, range and sweetness of Rafi Sahab’s voice. Its very rarely found all these qualities as a whole in a single artist. The splendid pattern of singing the eternal songs such as Din Dhal Jaaye, Is Bhari Duniya Mein, Man Re Tu Kaahe Na could be the great source of example to any music student that can’t be put into words how Rafi sahab has made the recordings of the song possible at a stretch by following such a tough mode of producing all expressions during one short in comparision to the recordings of now a days. My lots of wishes to

  5. binu nair says:

    Priya ji :(Post 93) THE WORLD IN GENERAL AND THE INDUSTRY IN PARTICULAR ARE THANKLESS – TO THE CORE. this is the essence of the talk mr.omi(composer sonik – omi) conveyed to me yesterday.
    Sonik0-Omi are great rafi bakhts and they told jeetendra the jumping jack that u will get the mohd rafi song – no one else in the movie “bhai ho to aisa”.

    Jo paap karte hai, usse apna kiye ka yahan hi chukana bhi padhta hai, priya ji. the lady singer i mentioned is a sort of a bully who also terrorised mubarak begum when she was getting a few hits.

    “naam in shaitanon ka lekar kya karoge.” ??? they will have to pay the price for harming a person like mohd rafi – the ocean of virtues, sincerity and honesty.

  6. unknow says:

    Hi Priya Sanyal
    If am not wrong name of that female singer….who felt Rafi sahab to be “besura” was Asha ji who proud be singing more than 800 songs with mohd Rafi…..!!!!!!!?

  7. Priya Sanyal says:

    Dear unknown ji,,,In front of mighty sun,,Mohd Rafi saab,,,we all r unknown,,,n if we have even a little ego left with us we want it to dedicate to our Beloved Rafi……however,,u talk so well, why don`t u share ur name with us so that we being a member of this family may know each other….

    Rafi sahab can`t be explained in words not can be realised by listening him,,,as every time when we listen him we dive deeper n deeper,,,this these materialist freaks can never understand what our Rafi si all about!!!

  8. Priya Sanyal says:

    Dear binu Nair ji…..plz lets us know the name of that female singer….who felt Rafi sahab to be “besura”…let the world know how these respectful personalities r burnt in enviness….
    Such a farista kind person rafi sahab….n so many people were plotting against him….n 1970s was unfair….for since Rafi sahab gave so many hits,,they spread rumour that Rafi is out of chart….anyone can check even from data that even in Year of aradhana,,,1969,,1970 to 19 75,,,years greatest hits was rafi sahab`s songs….n aftere teri galiyon me,,,everyone admit Rafi sahab can never be eclipsed…..
    plz let us know name of that singer….

  9. unknow says:

    Sir Sid the song nafrat ki duniya went mohd rafi as kk was not able to sing it as Actor Rajesh khanna want this song to be sing by kk but LP want to be on Mohd Rafi voice after kk was not able he said call to mohd rafi to sing this song……..
    About the song teri bindiya re was the song in which SD burman won award and all other songs went to KK was as the film story they was not able to use mohd Rafi voice as we all know that in film showed that female singer better than male singer…jest think if they used mohd rafi voice in all songs??!!!!!
    Ravi said there is no song in which mohd rafi was not able to sing it but there are many songs kk was not able to sing…………..

  10. BINU NAIR says:


    A few points from my recent experience with journos :

    recently yesudas told me over long distance call : mohd rafi is my ideal and i sang his songs during my early singing days to reach wherever i am today.
    the second point is more pertinent : said Yesu : mohd rafi was a pious man. he knew that the “death of music” was happening . due to this, he left all of us with a goldmine of songs – in 1980.
    coming from a singing genious and a widely read person like yesudas, it was a revealation which kept me thinking.

    another incident dear sudesh moron the fake guest :

    there is a lady singer who used to badmouth mohd rafi although she has sung many a great hits during the master o.p.nayyar’s tenure at the top. this singer is also known to hop on to the back of successful composers for obvious reasons.

    at a recording studio, she once remarked in glee : ” mohd rafi ab besurra ho gaya.”
    this was meant for the ears of dear chela of mohd rafi, mr.mahendra kapur – who was around within hearing distance . on hearing this : said kapur : “jis din mohd rafi saaheb besurra ho jaayega, woh din sangeet is duniya se samjho mar gaya”.


    some more dear moron:

    k. l. saighal complimented mohd rafi, blessed him and then said mohd rafi will go on to become a big name in the field of singing. mohd rafi was just sixteen years in age and at lahore at the time.

    Kishore kumar ‘s guru is k.l. saighal like that of many singers.

    kishore kumar calls up mohd rafi for “his” own films song recording. mohd rafi sings for him and charges rupee one for the effort. again, mohd rafi does playback for a total of eleven songs.

    today, the maximum music shows held have mohd rafi songs. they are all houseful and the peoples thirst for old rafi numbers simply dont disappear.
    please come to me after a check-up of ur ears and other systems. we will show u how far from the truth ur thinking is, sudesh moron.

    good bye………………..

  11. Saifullah says:

    Reply to post no. 81 – Sudesh
    Hi, This is Saifullah here from Dubai.
    I have a piece of advise for you.
    Like Binu said, you seem to be suffering from something terribly serious to your thoughts- could be a psychiatiric problem, get yourself treated immediately !!!!!
    May be, you are mentally imbalanced
    This is a Rafi Saab site and not a Kishore site for us to blow trumpets about the latter
    If you want to do it, pls go the relevant places. You are not welcome here.
    Your statements show that you have very little knowledge of songs during the period of 1970 to 80 when the so called ‘Kishore era ‘was there according to Kishore fans. Look at the quality of songs churned ot by KK and compare them with the incomparable Rafi Saab and you will notice the difference. It is like some one said, showing the candle to the sun.
    Why dont you get yourself treated immediately, my friend !!!!
    I pity you, but you really are sick and sickening
    Thanks and pls for heaven’s sake dont bother to reply to this message. Dont waste your time here, you can utilise that time to get yourself treated

  12. unknow says:

    Sir Sudesh you are wrong that mohd Rafi is great singer because there is no word….do you moon light is from sun and small stars has there on light?
    I mean that mohd Rafi is like sun no light can be compare with it as we know about many singer they came as moon and they became stars but they was not able to touch 5% of sun light…….
    Singer like M Kapoor S kummar,Anwer,mohd Aziz,Sonu Nigam and many more they became as moon having sun light(mohd Rafi)after they became hit he was only star………
    mohd Rafi never be compare with any singer because he was only god gift singer, singer like Mannay day Talat Ji and mukesh ji they said that mohd Rafi is the best…… you know thar Anil Biswas jis used mohd Rafi more than KK? you said that mohd Rafi was workless if you want the list of films I can send it to from the time you said that mohd rafi was workless,(from 1970 to 1976 more than 160 films mohd rafi sang)
    do you know that when film star and film maker force Madan mohan to use KK but modan mohan said I will give music only if mohd rafi sing?
    Dearest Kk fan please don’t try her because in KK site 90% there are mohd rafi fans also….
    Rajesh khanna never said that i am because of Kk but shammi Kapoor did that I am because of mohd Rafi!!!!Rd Burman never said that I am because of KK but OP Nayar said if there was no Mohd rafi never were no opN……
    mohd Rafi like a super power alone and there is one one be 1% of Mohd Rafi dear Sudesh…
    why your RD Burman who was KK godfather used mohd rafi more than KK from 1977 to 1980..also for his last film with mohd rafi(Shaan)Rd used Mohd Rafi more than KK…
    Why raj Kapoor and manoj kummar used mohd rafi voice and shammi Kapoor never used KK voice before 1980?
    why KK was not able to give hit songs to Dilip Kummar as Mohd Rafi gave to KK actors like KK himself?
    Anil biswas Ji was best music director in 1940’s if you the history of music but not useing mohd rafi he was no where in 1950’s and 1960’s….
    when kk said that he will not going to sing for big B and the loser was KK but Mohd rafi when he stop to sing for Dilip Kummar the loser was Dilip Kummar.
    SIr Sudesh there are many stars but the sun is only one for the earth and that is Mohd Rafi and when sun comes out we will not able to see moon and stars
    no one today speak that KK should have Bharat Ratna award but most of people want that Mohd rafi should get it
    Kk paid 1 Rs less that Lata ji but look the greatness of mohd rafi he sang for KK film two songs only cost of 1 rs
    if you kill ten child you will be come famous it is mean that your great.offourse I don’t agree that KK is more famous than Mohd rafi that we can see on KK site and mohd Rafi site…….and please do sreach at you will see more topic on m rafi………..
    why you kk fans want to compare KK to Mohd rafi there are many singer to be comapre?!!!as you know also Lata ji fans also compare Lata ji with mohd rafi,Sonu nigan fans do the same.why all try to compare with mohd rafi?I think because almost people be compare with the best.
    sir Sudesh can you answer me why last year KK award went to actor Manoj kummar?!!!because he never used his voice!!!!!!!!!!!

    KK was a good singer and better actor as i think

  13. Anmol Singh says:

    Frustated anti Rafi writters requesting you to register on the following web link.

  14. sid says:

    @ HP:

    you said:
    “he used help other singers by getting them songs which came to him unlike kishore would try to sing any song even though he knew he was not capable of justifing the song.”

    kk infact did ask lp to get rafi to sing nafrat ki duniya

    i think same is in the case of teri bindiya re.

  15. sid says:


    it seems you are a fan of old amitabh bachchan movies with catchy numbers, which is probably “real music” according to you.

    please leave us alone and listen to the songs of yaarana,don , sholay etc.

    how old are you btw? 10 or 12?

  16. H.P. says:

    Post 81: Sudesh
    Where was kishore during 50’s and 60’s?
    Binu sir, I live in new jersey. There used to be a tv channel 36 broadcasting indian shows. one time they showd an interview with anil biswas. he was furstrated about rafi saab and said that as soon as he came to industry people forgot about talat mehmood. Rafi saab always had a lot of respect for every one.
    I also listen to “chal ud ja re panchi…from bhabhi” as originally recorded in the voice of talat mehmood. It was excellent if not compared to the rafisaab’s virsion.
    Till today i believe, even though kishorekumar was telented (with limitations of high notes which he faked by shouting) – if not for Rd burman, amin sayani, and to some extent mehmood (my favourite comedian), I don’t know where he (kishore) would be at.
    Mr. sudesh moron – rafi saab was never jobless. he used help other singers by getting them songs which came to him unlike kishore would try to sing any song even though he knew he was not capable of justifing the song.
    That’s all folks

  17. BINU NAIR says:




  18. rafi lovers varun says:

    hi mr or mrs debojiti & Abhishek who so ever you are
    i ll tell what you are. people like you are always create problem like that “ek machli pure talab ko gandi karti hai”. you are like our foolish politicians who always saying” salo naa khud jiyo na dusro ko jine do “.
    look man koyle ki khan mein rehkar bhi hira aapni chamak nahin khota samjhe hamein pata hai kaun kaisa hain humein mat battaoin
    plz don’t use any useless lines

    binu sir in ko bolo yeh website rafi lovers ke liye bani hai inki bakwas likhne ke liye nahin
    itna ganda dimag or itni gandi soch yah par mat use karo yeh cheej aapne paas rakho
    samaj aaye

  19. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Post 81: People will never forget Rafi Saheb, never. That’s your thinking, otherwise Rafi Saheb is still the best male singer and will remain so. Rafi Saheb was far better in his duets with Kishore. Rafi Saheb was miles ahead to Kishore. You are making fun of Kishore in your comment.

  20. Sudesh says:

    There is no doubt rafi was a great singer but it is also true which was admitted by many people then that arrival of kishore had left rafi almost jobless & also I don’t agree rafi was better than kishore in any song sung 2gether they both were equally good but kishore is still famous while rafi is slowly fading from ppls memory ,sad but true

  21. PMC THANGAL says:


  22. Nazim.Shirur says:

    Did any one mention the all time hit qawwali sung by Md. Rafi along with Mannadey and chorus “Na to Kaaravan ki Talaash hai” ?

  23. Rahat says:

    Dear bhai Binu Nair,

    Thank you i am glad for your understanding and i hope that we will also respect each other. Bhai dji some one told me that Rafi djie have lost 3 sons is that true ? and Rafi djie dear wife also past away let me know please, how old where they.

    Tumhara bhai,


  24. binus2000 says:

    thanx rahat :

    ur sentiments reflect the true personality of rafi saab. Ur opening
    arguments should provide food for thought to rafi lovers.
    In short, u are saying that rafi saab is the best singer around and that
    we must respect other singers as well.
    rightly said mr.rahat.
    we must also not compare rafi saab with other singers I feel.

    binu nair.

  25. Rahat says:

    Dear Rafi dji fans,

    Why are you fighting about who is the best if you like Rafi djie song’s it is oke.
    But have a little respect to the other singers and respect if someone like KK or Mukesh it is their opinium so respected guy’s.
    My Grandfather are from Surinam mij parents born also in Surinam ( south-America ). He said when Rafi dji came in Surinam and all the people ask about KK, Rafi dji said : djab kishore kumar mangte tab who hum sab log ke tjoetie kar de te. And the same thing said Mukesh dji when Mukesh dji came in Surinam. My parents came in the sixtie’s in Holland and we all are born here
    So, at my parents home we have learnt to listning Indian music and my parents told us have respect to all the singer’s because every song have their own difficulty. So when I first hear the song AAJ KIE RAAT MERE DIL KI SALAMIE LELE I like it very much I did not know it was sung by Rafi dji ,no I like that song it is no matter if it sung by an Muslim or hindu. When I first hear that song O mere hamrahi from the movie Right and the wrong sung by Mukesh djie than for the first time I was so proud of my self to be an Hindustani. Tanks to our Bharat that so manny great singer’s are born there.
    I am proud to belong to a Relegion which has taught the World both tolerance and universal acceptance. One thing I will like to say IF PEOPLE KNEW EACH OTHER, THEY WOULD FIND IT HARD TO HATE that I have learn from my mother. Please do not laugh at me if my english is not correct I have done my best and I love all my Hindustanie BHAI and BHAHIN.


    Amselhof 23
    2515 xr Den Haag
    Telefoon 070-3164696

  26. Rahat says:

    Hi, Rafi was a good singer i agreed but in the same time when Rafi was the playback singer in Bharat,there was also Mukesh djie, Talat djie ,Manadey, Hementkumar and Kishore kumar ,all of this singer where also very good.
    Mukesh djie’s all songs is an hit he sang 26 song’s togetter with King Rafi djie.

    jale jalane wale humko jaise film chilman (1949)
    baat to kuchh bhi nahi dil hai film thes (1949)
    ha ss khabar kisi ko nahi vo film beqasoor (1950)
    mohabat karne walo se koi puchhe film hanste aansu (1950)
    ramaiy vasta vaiya ramaiya vasta film 420 (1955)
    phrte the jo….jis pyar meinye film phir subah hogi ( 1958)
    yaaron surat hamari pe mat jaao film ujala ( 1959)
    mat puchhiye dil hai kahan film hum matwale naujawann (1961)
    dil ne phir yaad kiya film dil ne phir yaad kiya ( 1966)
    ho nand lala holi khele brij film mastana ( 1970 )
    he mai kar de kar de bkakto film j/m in hongkonk ( 1971)
    badi dur se aanye hain pyar ka film samjhauta ( 1973)
    besharmi se sharm na kar film teen chor (1973 )
    insano se kyon zindagi zindagi film chowki daar ( 1974 )
    oy chad gayi chad gayi,angur ki film do jasoos ( 1975)
    do jasoos kare mahsus ki duniya film do jasoos ( 1975)
    saal mubarak saahab ji film do jasoos ( 1975) sunte the sauq se hum ye film jaaneman ( 1976)
    dekh ke tumko dil dola hai film amar a anthony (1977)
    saat ajube is duniya mein film dharm veer (1977 )
    lo ji fooji mooj meinaa film imaan dharm ( 1977)
    ho ho ho saathi saathi mere film aahuti ( 1978)
    rakhe ram salamat ek hal film daaku aur jawan (1978)
    rahega jahan mein tera naam film love and god (1986)


  27. Munmun Chakraborty says:

    mh. rafi saheb is the best male playback singer of our time.
    it is our great fortune that we are indians and we can enjoy
    his melodious voice. god does not create such a sweet voice
    again and again ! thanks god for giving us md. rafi saheb.

  28. un brokable voive ,am always great fan of his verstality singing .i have n’t words about his singing style .now still his jadoo on audience now
    am always if any time i hered rafi saab song of “jo wada kiya woh nibhana padega ” i totally forgot my self and listen his voice with full of feelings .
    in this earth no one can be come now and future like rafi saab voce.

    am always each nad every day dont leave my home wothout listening his songs

  29. Md.sadathullah khan says:

    Rafi saab always my admireble singer .Ihaven’t wordsof his singing talent his jadoo on listeners.out standing singing ,heat throbing songs like as Woh jab yaad aaye bahut yaad aaye”.if any time i just listen jo wada kiya woh nibhana padega song am totally forgot my self and just feel the voce of majic

  30. Raajkumar Akela says:

    I wonder why people again and again say “rafi saab was the best…rafi saab was the best”. It is an universal truth that he was the best of the bests. The
    only thing you need to believe this is a good ear. You need a good ear to hear
    him and feel the heavenly pleasure. A blind man can not see the sun…the
    moon…this beautiful earth of ours. in like manner a man with feeble hearing
    capacity can not enjoy rafi saab’s golden voice.
    so friends, no need to repeat “rafi saab is the best”.
    Universal truth is universal truth !

  31. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb is the best of all, that’s what I am saying.

  32. U0012087 says:

    Rafi was the best ever full stop

    Khalid Rashid

  33. Piroe. M.A. says:

    Well said mr.Munmun Chakraborty.
    People have to behave themselves. Both of them are not in this world. I think that every religion forbids us to speak bad language amongs the dead people… Why are fan’s of kk behave like that? I like both of them. They are all great Singers Among with Mukesh, Hemant & Talat Saheb. I enjoy every song of this great Singers.
    I especially like the duet of Rafi Saheb with Manne Dey very much.
    Phir tumhari yaad aayi ay sanam, ham na bhoolengi tumhen Allah Kasam, by Sajjad Hussein…..Great Song…….

  34. Arif Nazar says:


    Rafi Sahab also sung with Hemant Kumar in the movie “NETAJI SHUBHASH CHNDER BOSE” the song is “DUSHMANO SHAWDHAAN SHATRUO SHAWDHAAN”.

  35. Munmun Chakraborty says:

    hey kishor kumar fans !
    please do not insult mohd rafi saheb. he was not only a good singer but
    a noble man too. whenever i open the site i see you people fighting.
    today i could not stop myself and so i am writting these lines to you.
    please behave yourselves. i like both of them. both have sung so many
    melodious songs for Hindi Cinema. their contribution is incomparable.
    and the most important thing is both mohd rafi saheb and kishor kumar
    are no longer with us. instead of fighting please do something that will
    give peace to both these divine souls in heavev !

  36. surinder says:

    A very informative article indeed.
    As regard to the pairing of mahendra kapoor and rafi saab , you would surprised to find two diferent recording version of KAISI HASEEN RAAT of dilip kumar ‘s AADMI.In normal cassettes/cds you would find rafi/talat rendering the number however in the film itself ( get DVD/VCD ) mahendra kapoor and rafi saab woulb found rendering this ghazal.The change of singer was made upon the request of the producer. Check it out . Ustaad rafi and shagird mahendra in this rare combination.

  37. Parvez bQureshi says:

    hi, Abhishek, Debijyoti and others,
    Please dont compare the legends,Kishoreda was also a great great singer when u are talking for Rafi saheb so speak abt him only.In my opinion.if someone who is talking bad abt the Late legends are not a real music dont take them I right?

  38. Parvez bQureshi says:

    I am a great great fan of Rafi Saheb,I cannot show my deep feelings for Rafi Saheb,I often cry while listening rafi saheb,i am very very much thankful to this website creaters,i hope Rafi Saheb will be in our hearts till Qaymat.

  39. binus2000 says:


    A lie repeated thousand times do not make it – a f a c t or
    a t r u t h…

    more, in hamaraforums, you called the legend, the humble saint –
    Mohd Rafi saab, hai hai….

    Mind you and mind your language you sadakchaap, the most
    musically handicapped & illiterate insect of this universe..
    You are a disgrace to any debate, your family, the society and
    above all 2 your Lord Kishore Kumar who would have assaulted
    you – for insulting Mohd Rafi saab…..

    Please behave yourself or else……

    binu nair

  40. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Abhishek, first please try to the correct the spelling of your name, KKs and Yesudas’ favourite is the great Rafi Saheb.

  41. Raajkumar Akela says:

    dear mr. krishna, sorry I was out of town so could not reply you about the song “MEHFIL SE UTH…”, but i am proud of my rafian friends like mr. gurumurthy and mr. prakash who have very promptly sent you the correct infofmation.
    Actually i am also searching the details of a song “KANNA MANNA KURRR…
    TERE SIR KI TOPI FURRR…” sung by rafi saab. I used to listen this song in my teenage.
    Is there anyone on this earth who can send me the name of the film and
    its details ?
    regards to one and all.

  42. Prakash shah says:

    dear h.v.gurumurthy,

    I thanks you for conveying my message about a song mehfil se from dujka chaand to mr.krishana.
    Thanks for cooperation.

  43. Haroon says:

    JUst a quick reply to the above artivle, there was a song with the great Mohd Rafi and Mahendra Kapoor, the song is in the movie Kaala Pathar, even the Mahendra Kapoor has two lines in the song, it is still a song with Mohd Rafi and Mahednra Kapoor.
    Also one more correction, above you mention the song from Badalte Rishte being Kishore, Rafi and Lata, when it is actually Kishore, Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur.

  44. Abhisek says:

    Hey administrator,why are you not publishing my posts.Are u afraid when the truth is said?

  45. nadeem says:

    Hi fans, there is a great lot of rafi sahab songs collection filmi, non filmi,other languages in 250 Imported Audio Cassettes which contains more than 3000 songs mostly rares are going to sale Entire Lot Rs. 40000/= or Rs.100/=, Rs.150/= & Rs.200/= per cassette

    Please contact immediately in Mumbai

    email address:-
    cell no. 9920482737

  46. Abhisek says:

    Kishoreda’s songs are better than Rafi’s.

  47. Abhisek says:

    This song is ok.Kishoreda’s songs are much better.

  48. Debjyoti says:

    Kishoreda is the greatest singer of all times.

  49. Debjyoti says:

    Rafi was mediocre.Kishoreda is the greatest singer of all times.

  50. shashank says:

    the fact, mohdrafi was a great playback singer as well as a human being, where he gave chance to the new comers when he was at a peak. infact i will thank biju nair for the live concert of mohdrafi in never saw he personally but saw him in this concert.


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