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Mohammed Rafi with other male singers

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy.

The late Mohammed Rafiji has sung so many duets with Lata, Asha, Geeta Dutta, Suman Kalyanpur, Sharada, Shamshad Begum, Noorjehan, etc. But there are innumerable songs which Rafi has sung with other Male Playback Singers. These songs carry the versatility of these male playback singers.

The first such song which comes to my mind is ‘Gham Ki Andheri Raat Me’ from “Sushila” with Talat. Both the singers though do not sing along (Rafi sings the Mukhda where as Talat sings the Antara) but still match each other. Both of them gave another beautiful song in “Aadmi” – ‘Kaisi Hasin Aaj’. Another song was from “Haqeeqat” – ‘Hoke Majboor Muzhe’, of course, apart from Rafi and Talat, it also had Mannadey and Balbir.

With Mukesh, Rafiji gave ‘Ramiah Vastavayya’ from “Shree 420” and ‘Saat Ajube Is Duniya Me’ from “Dharamveer”. But the tile song of “Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya” was a classic, Rafi starting the song, Suman Kalyanpur singing in the middle and Mukesh coming at the end set to music by Sonik Omi. Beautifully picturised on Dharmendra, Nutan and Rehman in a Boat, this song was a treat to watch. Rafi and Mukesh again came together in “AAA” along with Kishore and Lata – ‘Dil Me Dilbar Tu Rahta Hai’ picturised on three different heroes.

But the best combination was that of Rafi and Mannadey. Both talented and versatile singers, only difference being the superior melodious voice of Rafi, these two came out with some memorable numbers especially qawalis. ‘Tu Hai Mera Prem Devta’ from “Kalpana” and ‘O Giridhari’ from “Heera Moti” incidentally both of O.P.Nayyar, drew the best out of each other. They had a healthy rivalry and knew that a little quarter given would enable the other to overshadow. ‘Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna’ from “Shaheed” had Rafi and Mannadey to Prem Dhawan’s tunes. Every time I listen to this song, I get emotional because of its lyrics, music and the way the two have sung. “Sachai” had ‘Ae Dost Mere Maine Duniya Dekhi Hai’. Qawalis like ‘Ab Ja Balaba Hu Shiddate’ and ‘Aise Me Tuzhko Dhoondake’ from “Bahu Begum”, ‘Bhari Mehfil Me Cheda’ from “Palki, ‘Qawali Ki Raat’, etc. popularized Filmy Qawalis like never before. The title song from “Palki” was another gem. The song ‘Bade Miya Deewane’ from “Shagird” was another hilarious song picturised on Joy Mukherjee and I.S.Johar. The title song of “Hindusthan Ki Kasam” was another song where these two great singers matched their talents as also the song ‘Taqat Watan Ki’ from “Prem Pujari”.

Rafi with Lata, Manna Dey, Mukesh and Talat

The duo of Rafi and Kishore also gave some memorable and popular hits. ‘Halka Halka Sa’ from “Khoz”, “Yadon Ki Baraat” – Title song, ‘Hum Premi’ from “Parvarish” along with Shailendra Singh, ‘Ae Baag Ki Kaliyon’ from “Jungle Main Mangal”, etc. “Hum Kisise Kum Nahi” had a medley of songs with Rafi coming up with ‘Chaand Mera Dil’, Kishore with ‘Aa Dil Kya’, RD with ‘Tum Kya Jano’ and finally Kishore and Asha with ‘Mil Gaya’. The dance competition was picturised in a unique way by Director Nazir Hussain. Rafi, Kishore and Lata also came together in that wonderful song ‘Na Jaane Kaise’ from “Badalte Rishtey” when Rafi makes his entry in the final stanza ‘Rishtey Kabhi Toote Kahan’ and as usual, steals the show. Rafi again makes a grand entry in the third stanza (Yeh Mastiyan Ye Bahar) of ‘Kya Mausam Hai’ from “Doosra Aadmi” again with Kishore and Lata. Rafi, Kishore and Mannadey also came together for ‘Bachche Me Hain Bhagawan’ in “Nanna Farishta”. “Parwana” starring Navin Nischol and Amitabh had ‘Yunha Sharma’ by Kishore and ‘Are Hasnewalon’ by Rafi picturised on Navin and Amitabh respectively. Though they were two separate songs, it was picturised together, with Navin Nischol singing Kishore’s version and Amitabh getting Rafi’s version in the background. “Shaan” also had a lovely number ‘Janoo Meri Jaan’. In “Dostana”, they came out with ‘Bane Chahe Dushman’ that too in two parts, one happy and another slightly sad version. In both versions Rafi stood out especially while singing ‘Gire Hai To Kya Hai’ in the sad version.

Rafi also had RD for company in ‘Yamma Yamma’ in “Shaan”, Anada Bakshi and Lata in ‘Ke Aaja Teri Yaad Aayi’ in “Charas”, Balbir in ‘Ye Desh Hai Veera Jawanon Ka’ in “Naya Daur” and ‘Kyaji Main Zhoota Boliyan’ from “Jagte Raho”, Amitabh in ‘Chal Chal Mere Bhai’ from “Nasseb”, etc. Another song which really became a top hit was ‘Saze Rahi Gali Meri Ma’ from “Kunwara Baap” where in Mehmood gave Rafi company. Rafi and Shailendra Singh had a good song in “Suhag” – ‘Ae Yaar Sun Yaari Teri’ as well as ‘Rabane Banadi Jodi’. In “Kranti”, he sang with Nitin Mukesh ‘Mera Chana Hai Apni Marzi Ka’ along with KK. All these songs became popular hits. The group song from “The Burning Train” – ‘Pehli Nazar Me’ was also a unique song.

I have never heard Rafi and Hemant Kumar singing together as well Rafi and Mahendra Kapoor.

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108 Blog Comments to “Mohammed Rafi with other male singers”

  1. Kaushik Maitra says:

    Balbir didn’t give his voice in “Ho ke majboor mujhe” (Haqeeqat). The fourth singer was Bhupinder Singh.

  2. satish says:

    Dear Sir,
    Rafi Sahab and Mahendra Kapoor ji sang a memorable song in Aadmi
    Kindly check in song list of Film Aadmi. The composer was non other than mentor of both singer Naushad Sahab

  3. Ejaz hussain Shah says:

    Reference above written article’s last couple of lines: As per my knowledge and information The Great Muhammad Rafi had sung at least one duet with Mahinder Kapoor in film Aadmi -1968, the superb song was composed by The Great Naushad Ali i.e. Kaisi haseen Aaj Bahaaron Ki Raat Hai (not to forget there are two versions.One is with Mahinder Kapoor).Also Rafi Ji sung a song with Hemant Kumar in film love In Canada-1979,the song was Hum Ko Dena Dharti Maa Yeh Wardaan .

  4. Mohammed Rafi was really a great singer.As he had some popular hit songs,that got much popularity to the listener.

  5. Guerra says:

    That is in all probability the most effective article that ever cross my reference. I don’t see why anybody should disagree. It might be too easy #for them# to comprehend…anyway good work i’m coming back right here for More Great Stuff!!

  6. shail says:

    kaisi haseen raat hai….”aadmi” ye geet film ke pade par rafi saheb aur mahendr kapoor saheb ki awaaz me jabki record par rafi saheb aur talat mehmood saheb ki aeaaz me

  7. shail says:

    kaisi haseen raat hai(aadmi) ye geet film me rafi saeb aur mahendra kapoor ki aawajz main hai jabki record par talat mehmood aur rafi saheb ki aawaz main.

  8. Priya sanyal says:

    Mr or miss unknown ji,,,u r never wrong,,,rather very respectful n compassionate member of our family, n this admiration for u is because of ur love towards Rafi sahab…but one complain…I asked ur name n u gave me name of somene who felt n slanged rafi sahab as “besura”..n wrong r those who just out of jelousy not just plotted but badmouthed Saintly person,,n extraordinarily genious singer,our Rafi….

    N not just this studio incident,,,,even on several other ocassion Ashaji tried to let down Rafi ji…..n always try to create rafi-kishore dispute by her comparativly sick statement…so Ashaji being herself such a legendry n talented singer n euivalent to lataji(as far as contribution to hindi film is concerned),don`t have even one fourth popularity or respect compared withy image of her own Sister Lataji…but even with such a elderly age she lives in controversy,call it Himesh reshamiya or her own family….

    n as Binuji says shitano ka naam lekar kya karoge”…..shitan means who used to feel bad for rafi ji…..but critics of Mohdrafi site it is “not meant for any singer or musical legend personally”…but may be(impersonaly)………as envyness can attack anyone who don`t know art of showing love n respect, n can never see purity n masterpice in someone else work…

    However,,,asha ji is called asha tai,,,so I`m not going to say anything against her for she know music much more than me,,,,as it is already silliest insult for a person having eye,, says there is darkness in sun,,,on bright sunlight summer noon n that too living on equator…..
    If a lay man like us,,,,or some unwanted-noise-creator-visitors use such a statement for rafi ji,,,it may be called ignorance…but If such a great legend make such a dull statement,then some hidden wrong intention can easily be judged in their mind………
    However,,,see whats the destiny has for them….even if we forget family….just look at these legends,n then look at rafiji ,Rafi sahab died as most wanted singer,,the leading one,,even surpassed Lata kishore rumors in media , n was best singer of industry,so many quality songs came after his death…n people could never realise if it was real…but these legends,,though have whole house of awards,,also record few songs,,,,but would leave this earth as faded flower,even much talked Michael jackson died bankrupt….The death that our Rafi sahab had..was a dream one,,,on career best,pious month n day of Ramjan,n becoming immortal in heart of film industry member of common pipl….

    here is a song of rafi saab in typical gazal accent…Rafi(sahab) is forever….

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