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Mohammed Rafi sings for C. Ramchandra – Humko Tumhara Hee Aasra

This article is contributed by Mr Gaurav.D.Bijoor

Mohd Rafi with C. Ramchandra

Mohd Rafi with C. Ramchandra

C Ramchandra was born in the year 1918 in a small town situated in Puntamba in the Ahmednagar District. He joined the movie industry playing the lead role in the film “Naganand” and also some small roles in the films “Saeed-e-Havas” and “Atma Tarang”.

Mr C Ramchandra in-fact greatly loved, admired and respected our beloved King of Melody Mohammed Rafi Saab the most. In-fact he was the one of the few initial music director’s who was very much instrumental in rendering the required break to Mohammed Rafi Saab at the very start of his career in the industry almost in the period 1944-1945.

Probably I distinctly remember that Chitalkar had offered Rafi Saab his career’s almost 5th or 6th song from the film “Bachhon Ka Khel” in the early 1945-1946 and the lovely song was “Tum kalpana karo navin kalpana Karo” which was penned down by Magan.

In the year 1946-1947 Filmistan had produced a film titled “Sajan” in which the dashing Ashok Kumar was the leading hero.

Initially Chitalkar recorded the song “Oh babu, ajhi babu, galee mein tere chand chamke” sung by   Ashok Kumar, but Chitalkar desperately wanted the other song “Humko Tumhara hee aasra tum hamare ho na ho” to be sung by none other than Rafi Saab.

Mohd Rafi and C.Ramchandra

Mohd Rafi and C.Ramchandra

In those days Rafi Saab was very raw & new in the industry, however the earlier 2 songs sung by him in the film “Safar” (1946) under the music composition of Chitalkar — “Kahke bhee na aaye tum, ab chupne lage tare” and “Ab woh hamare hogaye ekraar kare ya na kare, humko unheese pyaar hai” had become very popular & great hits.

Ashok Kumar was not only the hero of this film “Sajan” but was also a partner in the Filmistan Studious and hence it was difficult for C Ramchandra to request Ashok Kumar to allow Mohammed Rafi to sing the other song “Humko Tumhara hee aasra” from the film.

However Ashok Kumar had a typical nature of getting fizzy & frightened over very small issues which Chitalkar was quite aware of and sensing this particular opportunity he fixed the recording of this song “Humko tumhara hee aasra” mainly on of the day of communal rites and since Chitalkar was aware that Ashok Kumar will not turn up for the recording he had already ensured that Rafi Saab was present in the recording studio. As usual since Ashok Kumar did not turn up and since the recording of this song was urgent the other 2 partners of Filmistan Studious Mr Shashdhar Mukherjee (Joy Mukherjee’s father) & Mr Raibahadur Chunilal requested C Ramchandra to go ahead and record the song in Rafi Saab’s voice.

After Ashok Kumar heard the song in Rafi’s voice he was so pleased that he immediately requested Chitalkar to record the other song “Oh babu” in Rafi Saab’s voice and this is how Rafi Saab ultimately stopped the singing career of Ashok Kumar completely.

Few of my favorite renditions of Rafi Saab with Chitalkar in sheer solos & duets are as follows

Ab woh hamare ho gaye ikraar kare ya na Kare” from the film “Safar” (1947), “Kahke bhee na aaye tum chupne lage tare” from the film “Safar” (1947), “Oh babu ajee babu galee mein tere chand chamka” from the film “Sajan” (1947), “Humko tumhara hee aasra tum hamare ho na ho” from the film “Sajan” (1947), “Chalee sajan ghar jaye aaj dulhaniya” from the film “Shadise se Pehle” in the year 1947 music composed in the name of Paingankar-Karnad, “Iss wade ka matlab kya samjhoon” from the film “Duniya” (1949), “Rona hai tho ro chupke chupke aansoo na bahe awaaz na aaye” from the film “Duniya” (1949), “Phagoon ka masta mahina itnee badlee duniya mein main lachar hoon akela” from the film “Nazrana” (1950), “Ajal se husna parasthee likhee thee mera mijaz ladakpan se aashikhana hai” from the film “Sakhee” (1952), “Ye hasarat thee kee is duniya mein bass do kaam kar jate” from the film “Nausherwan-e-Adil” (1957), “Lene se inkaar nahee aur dene ko taiyaar nahee” from the film “Amardeep” (1958), “Ab dar hai kiska pyaare gam bhage beta sare” from the film “Amardeep” (1958), “Yah sach hai jahan walo hame jina nahee aaya” from the film “Kal hamara Hai” music composed in the name of Gajanan Karnad in the year 1959, “Yeh duniya dekhalee hamne” from the film “Paigam” (1959) “Suno re bhaiyya hum laye hai ek khabar mastanee” from the film “Paigam” (1959), “Main bhee hai meena bhee hai” from the film “Rootha Na Karo” (1970)

Mehfil mein mere kaun ye diwana aagaya” with Lata Mangeshkar from the film “Albela” (1951), “AApkee nargissee aankhon ka” with Asha Bhonsale from the film “Lootera” (1955), “Dekh hame aawaz na dena oh bedard zamane” with Asha Bhonsale from the film “Amardeep” (1958), “Kaha hai ye mat pooch” with Asha Bhonsale from the film “Paigam” (1959), “Aap ka chehra masha allah” with Asha Bhonsale from the film “Rootha Na Karo” (1970), “Taronkee zuban par hai mohabbat kee kahani” with Lata Mangeshkar from the film “Nausherwan-e-Adil” (1957), “Veeran mera dil hai lutera” with Lata Mangeshkar from the film “Lootera” (1955), “Bhool jaye sare gam” with Lata Mangeshkar from the film “Nausherwan-e-Adil” (1957), “Idhar se tum chale” with Lata Mangeshkar from the film “Sagai” (1957), “More Raja ho le Chal” with Lalita Deulkar (Sudhir Phadke’s wife) from the film “Nadiya ke Paar” “Main hoonalladin mere paas hai chirag” with Lata Mangeshkar & Chitalkar from the film “Sargam”.

Chitalkar provided harmonium accompaniment for the Minerva Composers Bindu Khan & Habib Khan and later debuted as the music composer in the Tamil movies with Jayakkodi and Vanamohini. He later received the public attention as a good composer in Bhagwan Dada’s “Sukhi Jivan” and thereafter this association culminated with the musical box office hit film “Albela

Influenced by Benny Goodman he further introduced in his compositions the alto sax in combination with guitar and also harmonica. He also included whistling in one of his very popular songs “Aana meri jaan Sunday ke Sunday” in the film “Shehnai” and also used the combination of a bongo, an oboe, a trumpet, a clarinet and a sax for the song “Shola Jo Bhadke” from the film “Albela”. He sang the title song “Shin Shinaki Boobla Boo” with Lata Mangeshkar which included rock rhythem. He also provided the musical score for the scat song “Ina mina Dika” from the film “Aasha”. In-fact that are very few who are aware that C Ramchandra himself was an excellent Mondolin player though he hardly used this plus-point of his in any of his renditions OR films in which he scored music.

Perhaps C Ramchandra’s biggest success as the music composer was the 1953 movie “Anarkali” starring Bina Roy in the title role and Pradeep Kumar. All most all the songs in this film were super duper hits and a film critic in London who watched this movie is said to have remarked that the heroine sang like an angel without knowing that the actual angel was Lata Mangeshkar rendering playback for the actress.

C Ramchandra can truly be described as a multi-faceted and a renowned music composer who in-fact loved to be in the lime-light and scored music in films with various names which included C Ramchandra, Chitalkar, Annasaheb, Ram Chitalkar, Shyamoo and on other occasions with the names of his leading arrangers namely Karnad & Paingankar. This can be attributed mainly since he was in his initial years was on the pay-roll & employee of the respectable Filmistan Studious and as per the said company’s laid-down principles they never allowed their staff to venture in any out-side projects OR films which were produced by these film makers.

Friends here I would specifically like to mention that the top & the most popular female playback singer was in-fact very much responsible and also instrumental in creating severe rift & feud between both of them (Rafi Saab & Chitalkar) which ultimately resulted in a very less number of his renditions with Rafi Saab. There are almost total 77 renditions of C Ramchandra with Mohammed Rafi Saab of which the solo renditions are to the extent of 23 songs, duets to the extent of 39 songs & 15 mixed or multiple duets. However at a later stage Chitalkar also broke down his ties with this female singer and thereafter he depended mostly on other singers for his compositions

Ramchandra also provided music compositions for a few Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Bhojpuri movies besides Hindi movies and in the year 1953 he also produced with New Sai Productions three Hindi movies “Jhanjar” “Lehren” and “Duniya Gol Hai”. He has scored music for almost 104 Hindi films ranging from his first film “Sukhi Jivan” to “Toofani Takkar”.

Mohd Rafi with C.Ramchandra, Naushad, Talat Mehmood

Mohd Rafi with C.Ramchandra, Naushad, Talat Mehmood

The highly popular patriotic song “Aye mere watan ke Logo” which was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and penned by poet Pradeep was a composition of Chitalkar, which was later performed live by Lata Mangeshkar in the presence of Jawaharlal Nehru at the Ramlila Grounds situated in New Delhi on the Republic Day on 26th January 1963. He also provided a very memorable musical score accompanying a competition between two dancers whose roles were played by Padmini and Vyjayantimala in the Tamil movie “Vanjikottai Vaaliban” and the same was repeated by him in the film “Azaad” and the great song was “Aplam Chaplam”. In this song he had also introduced Usha Mangeshkar who had debuted and rendered this song with her elder sister Lata Mangeshkar.

In the late 1960s Ramchandra produced 2 Marathi films namely “Dhananjay” and “Gharkul” in which he also acted and composed music for them.

He died of acute peptic ulcer on 6th January 1982 at the Beach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.

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35 Blog Comments to “Mohammed Rafi sings for C. Ramchandra – Humko Tumhara Hee Aasra”

  1. Dr S SSodhi says:

    Hum ok tumara He Asra song reminds me my Ambala Can’t 1949 days I was in Gr 11 a wonderful Care free time now I am 84 and about to go Thanks Sodhi

  2. Belgaumi says:

    All 3 artists – C.Ramchandra, Mohd.Rafi and Talat Mehmood are legeds
    in the field of Hindi film music.

    However, in one of his articles, Raju Bhartan has written that CR did not regard Rafi as a great singer, but OK kind of singer. CR liked Talat more and gave him some of his best compositions. Even, Salil Choudhary, Bhartan mentions, did not find Rafi great whereas Rafi excellently sang some of best compositions like Toote hui khwabon mein, Bhool Jayen saare gam etc.

    Be as it may, Rafi was darling of other legandary composers like Naushad, Madan Mohan, SD Burman, Raushan. Wi th OP Nayyar, Rafi’s rapport was
    so perfece that both of them gave us innumerable melodies.

  3. parag says:

    answer of post 13 the female singer is lata mangeshker who is the reason of rift between the rafi and c.ramchandra.

  4. Anmol Singh says:

    Gaurav Bijoor Ji,

    Thanks for writing such an information article on the Rafi-C Ramchander association. I was not aware of many facts till date.

  5. nitish sinha says:

    @Binu Bhai,
    Gul Baloch is not first released!!!
    Recently I was going through an interview of Shamshad Beghum Sahiba and she clearly mentioned in that interview that she and Mohammed Rafi made their debut in the same film and the film was not Gul Baloch but a film released much before that.
    I think this is most un-believable news for each one of us.
    kyon Binu bhai?
    But I think this news is true and this song is available!!
    But before saying anything more , I would love to wait for comments from music lovers.

  6. nitish sinha says:

    refer post#28 &# 29:
    please go through the last interview of rafisaab:
    here rafisaab clearly states that his first hindi song is from the film Laila Majnu.
    this song was recorded in 1942 and released in 1945.
    In the same interview rafisaab refers the song from Gaon Ki Gori(recorded in 1944).The duet he is mentioning is “main kheton ka panchhi”.
    RafiSaab sung two songs in Gaon KI gori and three songs in Pehle Aap(all are available easily).songs from GKG recorded before the songs of Pehle Aap.
    However song from gul baloch(released on 28 feb 1944) is really missing.

  7. MR D P BIJOOR says:

    Post 24, 25, 26 & 28
    The first hindi song of Rafi Saab was from the film “Pahele Aap” which was released in the year 1944 with music scored by Naushad Saab & written by D N Madhok. The words of the song was “Hindusthan ke hum hindusthan hamara hindu muslim dono kee aankh ka tara”. This song was in fact a samhugeet and hence in this song one will observe that the other voices or singers with Rafi Saab are the voices of Shyamkumar & Allauddinjee.

  8. binu nair says:

    POST 25…..Nitin bhai : I have cd video of film gaon ki gori – in hindi – which states that mohd rafis first song is from this movie . the song being : “Ye dil kaabu me ho to.” ….tuned by sham sunder.

    the first play back song of mohd rafi is from – punjabi film “gul baloch” tuned by shyam sunder … I am searching for this song in audio form.Please help…

    Binu Nair

  9. Mr Nitin D Dhareshwar says:

    Gauravjee please accept my hearty compliments for a superb article on the great music director C Ramchandra.

    Chitalkar as very few are aware was in fact a great admirer & and a fan of the greatest Rafi Saab and he never ever missed an opportunity in taking the right decision of allowing Mohammed Rafi to sing under his music composition but for the sake of the great lady singer the overall situation today sounds different.

    Gaurav Bijoor as all are aware is the rising son of Mr D P Bijoor, born in the year March 1981 and is just the age of 28 years today and it is for all of us to just observe the circumstances he has dared to touch in his article which ranges right between the golden period of 1944-1945.
    Prior to writing this article he has personally shown the draft of this lovely article to me his dad and also to those many who were associated with C Ramchandra either closely or otherwise and only then he has finalized this article after knowing & collecting the correct information. In fact he has been working on this beautiful chapter almost since the past 6 to 8 months.
    This sheer hard work and dedication and most importantly the love & respect for the master musician Chitalkar Ramchandra and our own dearest Rafi Saab is seen very clear in this article.

    Please keep up this good work continued Gauravjee and also try to emulate this love & dedication continued.

  10. binu nair says:

    Post 24 : A CORRECTION & REQUEST…..

    THE FIRST SOLO SONG OF RAFI SAAHEB IS FROM “hamara sansar”, tuned by pt.govindram. Rafi record keepers may pls. confirm this .

    binu nair, mumbai

  11. nitish sinha says:

    Binu bhai,
    I think RafiSaab recorded his first hindi song for the film Laila Majnu(MD:Pt Govindram, Lyric:Tanveer Naqvi) and the song was ‘tera jalwa jisne dekha deewana ho gaya(co sung by SD Batish, chorus).Some part of the song was picturised on rafisaab himself. The main cast of the film was Swarnalata and Nazir.This song was recorded as early as in 1944 but released in 1945.In the same year, Hamara Sansar(1945, MD:Govindram, Lyric:Ramesh Gupta) was released, with two songs by rafisaab: dile naaqam tamanna(solo)
    2.chhoti si ek banayenge nayya(with zohrabai,shamshad)
    For Pt Govindram, Rafi Saab sung three more songs in 1946 and one in `947 .
    Pt Govindram was a very talented MD and was elder brother of the celebrated MD duo(first duo of HFI!) husnalal bhagatram.
    Second recorded hindi song was for the film Gaon ki Gori(or village girl as is called, ) was released in 1945 but recorded in 1944.the song was ye dil kaboo me ho to dildar ki aisi ki taisi(with durrani); what an effortless singing by rafisaab in this song at such an early stage, clearly scoring over his counterpart durrani, who was a name those days for such type of fun songs!This song was composed by Shyamsunder who gave rafisaab the real break in Gul Baloch.
    RafiSaab recorded three more songs, for the film Pehle Aap in the same year.
    Amazingly, name of rafisaab was not mentioned in the credis of the film!
    His name appears first time in the credits of ARAB KA SITARA(1946) in which rafisaab sung a very nice duet ‘roshan sa ek sitara(MD:S Qureshi, Lyric:Shevan Rizvi)
    Correct me if I am wrong.

  12. Binu Nair says:

    Post 3… Chougule saaheb : I think Rafi saahebs first song is composed by Pt.Govindram from the film “Hamara Sansar” a 1944 movie….. I think bijoor ji or raju korti ji can give some more details of this song.

    If a rafi lover could offload this song in this site, it would be wonderful icing on the cake.

  13. ANAND GUPTA says:

    is didi media hungry ? does she twists facts to suit her needs ????

    the answer is indeed a big “yes”. for both.

    two days back there was the famous sachin-amitabh-gavaskar-vishy interviews on cnn and many channels. how could didi not be there and not gaining free publicity worth many crores of rupees….

    she wanted to be in the sachin limelight. she jumped in to the fray and told the times of india group in an interview : “when i met sachin, he told me, i am like his mother to him”. poor sachin, he is flooded with mothers, sisters, girlfriends, friends, well wishers etc.
    he can do without all this fine weather relatives for he is a legend in his life time. just like our legend mohd rafi saaheb.

    Would manna dey, mukesh, kishore, mohd rafi, suman etc would have done what didi has done for self publicity… never and never……

  14. jyoti mohanty says:

    I believe,CR itroduced mahendra kapoor in film Navraang.the best lory ever to have made in hindi films,dheere se ajare ankhiyan mein rendered by lataji also composed by him

  15. jyoti mohanty says:

    Celebrating her 80th birth anniversary,in an interview to a news chanel,lataji very reluctantly said her relation with the best male co-singer was good.
    She was quietly in a evasive mood to face further question on the issue..most music lovers say they were musically made for each other.!!!but the bitterness in her heart still exist.

  16. Samina says:

    @ post 17

    Exactly!! I did the same thing, waiting for her to tell us something new about Rafi saab. You know, she did mention him once and something like this….
    “One day Rafi saab and I were recording a duet. We rehearsed the song number of times. There was a gap at some place in the song which I sang plain during rehearsal and when final recording was going on, I put in some new harkat over there which I had thought of previously. Rafi saab got angry after the song as to why I didn’t tell him before. He would also have done something similar to keep consistency. I played such small pranks sometime with Rafi saab (laughing)” How sick!!! Again glorifying herself. In college lingo this is called RG (relative grading). She was trying to score over him by playing such cheap tricks… Only a person who feels insecure can droop down to such levels. It was not at all funny when she tried to recite it as a funny story. You may find the link on youtube..,search for Lata+Javed+interview

  17. Siva says:

    Mr Bhagchandani-refer post 17-I fully agree with your views. I also watched the interview of Lata ji on the CNN-IBN channel with Javed Akhtar. She mentioned about Rafi saheb and also Mukesh bhai. But the incidents, I felt , were not appreciative or in a postive way. About Rafi she only showed her one-upmanship in one of the songs where she said she did a “harkat” which was not known to Rafi earlier and thus she scored a “brownie point ” over him. Although she did not mention the song, I assume it could be the infamous Maya song Tasveer teri dil mein. Again , while talking about Mukesh, she narrated an incident in which a flute player was slightly going besura and it seems Mukesh joked “kaun hai wahan jo mujhko copy kar raha hai”!!
    Both the incidents if you see were to highlight the legends’ so called weakpoint or her one-upmanship. We have immense respect for Lata ji as a singer-in fact last 2 days I have been listeneing to her gems continously while driving and I always feel there are only two singers whom I can keep listening for hours, days and weeks -years together and they are Lata & Rafi.
    But why, why this jealousy? we expected a better birthday “return gift” from Didi by way of good , positive views about the greatest legends like Mukesh & Rafi who had sung with her for

  18. nitish sinha says:

    at last some good words by lata jee for rafisaab.
    here is some excerpts from HINDUSTAN, hindi newspaper(in the words of lata jee):
    “rafisahab sabse bade playback singer the| bharat me itna bada playback singer nahi hua|
    k l saigal ke baad shrotao par kisi ka itna bada prabhav nahi pada jitna rafibhaiyya ka|
    unki aawaj me jadoo tha aur har tarah ke geet gane ki visheshta thi|
    maine sabhi mashoor gayakon-talat mehmood,manna de,mukesh,hemant kumar aur kishore kumar ke saath yugal geet gaye hai lekin rafisahab ke saath gane ka kuchh doosra hi aandand tha|
    samngeet nirdeshak kis andaz me geet chahte hai rafi ise bahut achchi tarah samajh lete the|jis actor ke liye unhe gana hota woh is tarah gaate the ki lagta tha ki acotrr swayam gaa raha ho|
    rafi ne 40 ke dashak me jugnu film cameo role kiya tha|unki lokpriyata dulari ke geet suhani raat dhal chuki se badhi\uski dhoon mahan sangeetkar naushad ne banai thi\
    40 ke dashak ke antim varshon me se ek bahut hi lokpriya gayak ke roop me prashiddh hone lage|aan ke geet maan mera ehsaaan aur mohabbat chume jinke haath talat mehmood gaane wale the lekin baad me dilip kumar ke liye mohammed rafi ne gaya|
    naushad sahab pehle sangeet nirdeshak the jinhone rafi ki sangeet pratibha ko pehchana|
    naushad sahab ke sangeet nirdeshan me rafi ne kafi achche geet gaye|
    parshav gayak me wo bahut hi lokpriya ho gaye|
    dheere dheere anya sangeetkar jaise SJ, OPN,madanm mohan bhi adhiktar gane rafisahab se gawane lage/sD burman pehle talat m,ehmood hemant kumar aur kishore kumar se gawate the|1957 me nau do gyarah ke liye rafi se gawaya aur uske baad unhone rafisahab se kaafi gane gawaye|
    tere ghar ke saamne film ke liye geet gana tha geet ke bol bhi yahi the-tere ghar ke saamne, mai thora nervous mehsoos kar rahi thi.
    aage ke bol”mai bhi kuchh banaunga’ rafi sahab ko gana tha aur wo bahut badhiya gaa rahe the. Dada mere nervous wali samasya ko samajh gaye. unhone rafi se kahaki apni aawaj ko zara halka kar de. rafi zor se hansne lage. meri nervousness khatm ho gayee. aise the rafi bhaiyya!
    yadi main professor ke geet duet aawaj de kaha hai ka zikr na karun to rafi bhaiyya ka apman hoga|iski dhoon SJ ne trayyar ki thi|
    rafi bhaiyya ki 29 vi punyatithi par mujhe rafi se sambbandhit bahut si baatein yaad aa rahi hai |yah gana bahut yaad aa raha hai’teri dunia se door ‘|rafi bhaiyya, behna ko yaad rekhna jahan bhi ho|”

  19. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    At the age of 80years people mellow down… leaving the past tiffs, ego clashes, differences of opinion, jealousies etc. behind and look at the evening of life more philosophically. On her 80th birthday Lata Mangeshkar was interviewed by various news channels. I saw some of them. I was just waiting and waiting that at least once she fondly remembers her best male co-singer Mohammad Rafi. May be she made a passing reference to him (that too I am not sure) but having been associated with him in some of the finest duets that HFM has seen, and both being the strongest pillars of the most melodious period of HFM, she needed to do more than just glorifying her well known and appreciated struggle in the industry of her initial years.

  20. shashank says:

    Gaurav Bijoorji,

    The article is very nice and beautifully written by u. There is one song I want to mention is from the film “Roota Na Karo”, the song is “Aapka chehra” sung by Rafisahab and Asha Bhosale. What a song and music the composer has been given it, really superb.

  21. k.n.kumar says:

    Congratulations Gaurav Bijoorji for well researched and informative article.It is through such articles we know of the contribution of many of the great music directors we had like Ramchandraji. they have been immortalised through the heavenly voice of Rafi Saab. how can we get to hear the great songs you have mentioned?hope someone will upload them on Youtube.

  22. BINU NAIR says:

    I KNOW FOR SURE THAT C.R. cried bitterly saying : “aamche rafi gelle” ( our rafi has gone ) after he attended rafi’s last rites. C.RAMCHANDRA GAVE FEW SONGS TO RAFI MONTHS BEFORE JULY 31, 1980 FOR A TELUGU MOVIE . Perhaps he realised his folly of antagonising rafi saaheb. of course instigated by others and some of those common-ly mentioned females of the industry.

    did we hear that more people are “kaan ke kacche” ????


  23. Mr Gaurav D Bijoor says:

    Post No 7 M S Nadkarni Sir,
    Chitalkar was in-fact one of the ardent & the greatest admirer of the Greatest Rafi Saab. He could never ever think of hating a Genius of Rafi Saab’s calibre. As I have already mentioned in my article it was the creative handi-work of the most popular female singer who was solely responsible in creating this un-wanted rift between Chitalkar & Rafi Saab. However the same female singer later also ditched C Ramchandra and hence one will find that Chitalkar in the later days had to depend on other female singers for the songs under his music composition. Surprisingly you may also notice that when Chitalkar was in deep trouble, financial crises and ultimately when he expired there was not a single sole of the female singer’s family present. Aisee hai apnee filmy duniya Nadkarni Sir

  24. shashank says:

    Dear Bijoorji,

    Very nice and fantastic article on rafisahab and music composer C Ramchandra.

  25. Bina says:

    Bijoor Saab:

    Aapka C. Ramachandra par yeh research kamaal ki hai…He was a great music director who I feel gave us unparalleled Lata gems ..The Rafi-Lata duets from Nausherwan-e-Adil are still as fresh and sparkling as the waters they were shot in. Sorry to hear about the cause of the mentioned rifts, but as long as he gave music, he continued to enthral with his originality in hindustani sangeet.

    His first experimentation with fusion between Indian and western music catapulted the songs of Albela to the numero uno postion in those days. The songs of Azaad, Anarkali, Navrang, Albela, Naastik, zindagi aur maut, sagaai, yasmin, aasha etc..are always a pleasure to hear.

    Thanks for this very thorough article on Chitalkar.


  26. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Mr. Gaurav,

    What a well-researched and informative article! You have provided great insight of a great music director of yesteryears who is C. Ramachandra. Hats off to your research and the deep information you provided on the subject of article. Many many congratulations on writing such a splendid article.

    C. Ramachandra also gave the music of Dilip Kumar starrer Insaniyat (1955). All the songs were brilliantly rendered by Rafi Sahab including the famous bhajan “Apni chhaya mein bhagwan”. Also there was a beautiful song composed by C. Ramachandra in the film Neya qadam (1958). The song was “Koi aata hai koi jata hai. Sukh dukh ke dono paaon per, Sansaar ye chalta jata hai”. And also the credit of first ever duet of Rafi Sahab and Lata ji goes to him, as already mentioned in post 9 by Nitish Sinha ji.

    Thanks and best regards.


  27. nitish sinha says:

    a great fully researched article gaurav jee and i will wait for some more article like this from you.
    I think Sajan-1947 is the first full-fledged film for rafi saab in which he sung as many as 6 songs:
    1.humko tumhara hi aasara(lyrics:moti)
    2.hum banjare sung humare dhoom machale(moti)(with geeta, lalita&chorus)
    3.kisko sunau haa e dil(moti)(with lalita)
    4.mai hon jaipur ki banjaran(Qamar)(lalita)
    5.o babu gali me tere(qamar)
    6.sambhal sambhal ke jaiyyo(rammurti)(with lalita,geeta and chorus)
    And also C Ramchandra has the credit of introducing rafi-lata duet with the song “chalo ho gayee tayyar”(shaadi se pehle), the first of many many enchanting duets.

  28. b.venkatadri says:

    Dear Bijoor Ji,

    Congratulations on a nice and informative piece about CR and Rafi Saab.

    “Ham Ko Tumhara Hi Aasra, Tum Hamare Ho Na Ho” from Sajan-1947 is indeed a great rendition by Rafi Saab. For the information of every one, in the same Film, there is a duet version also of this very song sung by Rafi Saab and Lalita Deulkar. Its starting line, however, is “Kis Ko Sunaun Haal-e-Dil”.


  29. nshrirang says:

    dear Gaurav Bijoorji,

    Excellent review and the research is just mind boggling. You have truly uncovered the classic characteristics of CHITALKAR sahab. No doubt, C Ramchandra was great md. The way you have written about him and abt Rafi sb and Lataji made me speechless,,,,,,
    Great work…


    shrirang nawathe

  30. m.s.nadkarni says:

    Dear Gaurav Bijoor,
    Thanks for your writeup on Rafisaab-C Ramchand. I regret to mention here
    that C Ramchandra, in his later career, hated Rafisaab and always praised Kishor Kumar.This is from my recollection of memory of the artical read about 35 Yrs ago.

  31. narayan says:

    fantastic article Gaurav congrats to you for a great research on the subject… Infact C.Ramchandra was a very prolific composer and gave the best with our icon Rafi sahab .
    Inspite of the differences CR had with Rafi sahab due to the female singer they teamed again for some hit telegu movies, CR regretted his misunderstanding and ultimately he was the victim of the same female singer and died with full of prayachithartha of ignoring his fav Rafi sahab..
    Possibly Rafi sahab would have helped him to overcome the financial crises by not charging him

  32. A S MURTY says:

    bijoor sahab, excellent article on c ramachandra’s association with rafi sahab. enjoyed reading it as it gives a lot of information. thanks for the article.

  33. sdchaugule says:

    Rafi Saab got first solo from Naushad in the film Anmol Ghadi (1946) ‘Tera Khilona Toota Balak.’ But it is significant to note that C Ramchandra gave first break to sing a beautiful romantic song to Rafi Saab in film “Safar” (1946) “Kahke bhee na aaye tum, ab chupne lage tare” The difference of recording between two songs is of some days. This Safer song became very popular which Rafi Saab soulfully rendered with his young voice. According to me C Ramchandra gave immense support to Rafi Saab in his early struggling days
    I sincerely congratulate to Mr Gaurav.D.Bijoor for his well-researched article

  34. BINU NAIR says:


    A VERY RARE INSIGHT AND A GREAT LIKING TO THE SONGS OF C.RAMCHANDRA/CHITALKAR a one time great composer of hindi music. Remember albela and azad. a hundred film songs of present day pritam would
    be eclipsed quite smoothlly.

    the fm presenters must do some serious reading to hone their skills and i may recommend this article to these musically handicapped fm presenters.

    well done gaurav.

    binus, rafi foundation, mumbai

  35. Sanjeev Kumar Dixit says:

    It is a very nice and too much informative article. all the readers can increase their knowledge about C RAMCHANDRA JI, RAFI SAHEB & CHITALKAR JI. Really you did too much research and hard work to write this marvelous article.really it is SUPERB…

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