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Mohammed Rafi – Kishore Kumar : Great Legends : Greatest Friends – “Bane Chahe Dushman Zamana Hamara Salamat Rahe Dostana Hamara”

By D.P.Bijoor

Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar

Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar

The Hindi Film Industry of musical entertainment since its inception over 7 decades, has undoubtedly given music lovers especially in India and in general, all over the world the pleasure of listening to lilting and soulful melodies composed by eminent lyricisits of the byegone era and embellished by the golden voice of Immortal singers whose memories can never be erased with the passage of time.

Friends, from among the handful of most precious pearls unearthed from the depths of the Ocean as it were, – two musical GENIUSES come readily to mind both of whom   have created a niche for themselves in the industry and in the minds & hearts of their   innumerable fans & admirers as “GREAT LEGENDS”. Yes, I definitely mean two of the “GREATEST FRIENDS” – Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi to be very precise, both of whom are alas, no more with us today.

As is commonly known, Mohammad Rafi & Kishore Kumar were born on 24th December 1924 and 4th August 1929 respectively. During their relatively short life, the two friends were associated in almost 59 songs approximately of which, 33 songs have been recorded as  duets and the balance 26 songs can be categorized as multiple voiced songs  comprising of 2 or more singers. Rafi Sahab started his career in the year 1944 with the Punjabi film “Gulbaloch” whereas Kishore Da started his career in the year 1948 with the film “Ziddi” with the song “Marne kee duwayen kyoon mange” picturized on Dev Anand with music scored by Dada Burman.

In my (very earlier years when I was   young ) younger days I always carried a (very wrong impression) misconception that since Rafi Sahab has sung for Kishoreda, he automatically was the greatest of the two, however when I had the opportunity of personally meeting these 2 legends I became aware of my misplaced views.(the exact situation) In the year 1958 in the film “Raagini” the lovely song “Mana mora bawara nisadin gaaye geet Milan ke” was the first song which Rafi Sahab had sung for Kishoreda. The erroneous belief (wrong impression) created for this song was since it was a classical based note it was offered to Rafi Sahaab, but the unknown fact behind this move was that initially the hero of this film “Raagini” was Bharat Bhushan and accordingly this song was recorded in Rafi’s voice to suit the actor mainly considering the stupendous success of Baiju Bawara. Subsequently the lead role was enacted by Kishore Kumar and to save on the expenses of re-recording the song all over again in Kishoreda’s voice it was decided to retain the earlier version sung by Rafi Sahab in this film. The other songs sung by Rafi for Kishore were “Ajab hai dastaan teree hai zindagi” from the film Shararat in the year 1959, “Hume koyee gam hai” & “Masiha banke bimaronke chale ho kahan karke jee bekarar” from the film Bhagam Bhag in the year 1956. Friends the main reason for Rafi Sahab singing these songs for Kishore is believed to be family unrest prevailing in Kishoreda’s house in those days which were so genuine that Rafi Sahab  used to be present unfailingly (come running ) for the scheduled recordings of his close friend Kishoreda.

Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar

Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar

Such lovely incidents never created any professional envy or misunderstanding between these 2 gentlemen but in-fact immensely helped in further bonding their friendship & relationship to grow stronger!!

I would like to quote an incidence to prove my point of view –

After the stupendous success of “Aradhana” – Kishore da became immensely popular and this led to organizing various “Kishore Nite “ programs in full swing. During a similar program scheduled in Kolhapur, a large group of Kishoreda’s fans & admirers had gathered at the hotel to meet him and to obtain his autograph. One of his admirers had carried a transistor in which Rafi Sahab’s song was being played and seeing Kishoreda in front; the said admirer immediately switched off  the transistor which Kishoreda minutely noticed and requested the admirer to again switch on the radio and quietly listened to Rafi Sahab’s song being played. Kishoreda remarked that it gives immense pleasure to hear Rafi’s songs and he further exclaimed “In our film industry will you ever find a sweet voice like Rafi Sahab’s?

This gesture on the part of Kishoreda indeed proves the great respect for each other.

Rafi Sahab & Kishoreda came together in many duets beginning with the film “Malkeen” in the year 1953 which was produced by the popular comedian of that era Gope. The music for this file was scored by Late Roshan and the lovely duet was “Kahee se oonchee kahee se nich sadak jamane kee sambhal ke chalna babuji”and this song was pictured on Gope & Yakub.

Other popular duets:

Aadhi tum khalo aadhi hum khale Fifty Fifty Madan Mohan 1956
Chal shooroo ho ja Humjoli Laxmikant Pyarelal 1970
Halka halka sa rang gulabee Khoj Usha Khanna 1971
Yoon na sharma faila de apnee Parwana Madan Mohan 1971
Yaadon kee baarat nikali hai Yaadonkee Baarat R D Burman 1973
Saa Re Ga Ma pa dha nee sa Chupke Chupke S D Burman 1975
Tera jalwa toba hai tera jalwa Aap ke Diwane Rajesh Roshan 1980
Tumko khush dekhkar main bahot Aap ke Diwane Rajesh Roshan 1980
Ek raasta aha aha do rahee aha aha Ram Balram Laxmikant Pyarelal 1980

Friends, when Rafi Sahab left us for his heavenly abode on that devastating night of July 31, 1980 it was Kishoreda who was seated at the feet of Rafi Sahab for hours together weeping & crying inconsolably like a child.!!  Was this the mark of the great bonded relationship OR Enmity?

Indeed, both were GREAT LEGENDS of their times & Of course, DEAREST FRIENDS !!! How true then, that they had together, rendered the popular number in their inimitable voice………..

Bane Chahe Dushman Zamana Hamara Salamat Rahe Dostana Hamara

This small article has been penned by Mr D P Bijoor but would not have been possible without the help & able guidance from Mr Mohan S Murdeshwar.

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  1. mehboob says:

    Haldar ji, it’s a pleasure reading your comments. totally in agreement with you and priyaji. Rafi sahab was above all singers, kishore da was a good singer but nothing compared to the greatest of all times, only lata ji can be compared to rafi sahab, all others are a league below.

    best wishes to all rafi fans,

  2. suhana says:

    (The earlier post is incomplete, please ignore it)

    How about if someone builds the tallest building in the world and after many years, another person comes by and puts another brick on it and claims to make the tallest building.

    the same is the comparison between rafisaab and kishore kumar, so there is no comparison.

    rafisaab had already acheived a status of the greatest singing legend when kishore kumar got a fresh breadth of life by the burmans and got his sining career alive. to the credit of kishore he deserved it as he is a very good singer.

    if any comparison rafisaab can only be compared to lata mangeshkar, something that lata would also not agree as she has accepted the fact that rafisaab was beyond all singers male and female.

    in many ways i blame the so called rafians who have fallen in the trap of some desperate kishore fans and have entertained this worthless debate. there is no comparison, there never was and never will be any logical comparison of any singer with Rafisaab. Rafisaab stands matchless and beyond compare and his songs are a living testimony to this.

    i hope this sets the record straight. this is all for me for this thread.

  3. suhana says:

    How about if someone builds the tallest building in the world and after many years, another person comes by and puts another brick on it and claims to make the tallest building.

    The same is the comparison between Rafisaab and Kishore Kumar, so there is no comparison.

    Rafisaab had already acheived a status of the greatest singing legend when Kishore Kumar got a fresh breadth of life by the Burmans and got his sining career alive. To the credit of Kishore he deserved it as he is a very good singer.

    If any comparison Rafisaab can only be compared to Lata Mangeshkar, something that Lata would also not agree as she has accepted the fact that Rafisaab was beyond all singers male and female.

    In many ways i blame the so called Rafians who have fallen in the rap of some desperate Kishore fans and have entertained this worthless debate. There is no comparison, there never was and never will be with Rafisaab or anyone else.

    I hope this sets the record straight. This is all for me for this thread.

  4. rameshkurpad says: – p.haldar.

    welcome home haldarjee,

    ther most balanced analysis one could ever have done. it shows the clarity in thought process, command over the subject matter, enlightening all of us including me to the extent of achieving a happy sense of satisfaction.

    all yee critics, judgemental individuals, highly opinionated individuals, blissfully biased individuals and all those compulsive individuals who just wish to set facts and figures straight even at the cost of the author’s individual respectability, this is a humble lesson haldarjee has given all of us. lets learn how to address an invisible group of people in a website, drive your point, being extremely decent, strong precise, analytical to the point of perfection and yet having said it all in one breath having the satisfaction of not having hurt any one at all.

    haldarjee, its always a personal pleasure to me to read what you write and digest to the extent i can understand, comprehend and can retain in my aging brain.

    all that i know is, one should never pretend or behave like an authority and condemn others, unless untill the name is well known in the hindi film industry.

    my humble request to one and all – lets not compare legends – they have done us a world of good by leaving a treasure chest full of lovely songs to bask on. lets listen to these immortal songs and achieve moksh.

    there’s rafi sahab smiling over all of us with his blessing hand.

    happy dushehraa to all – i remain – yours truly,

    ramesh narain kurpad,
    (0) 94484 55164

  5. P. Haldar says:

    Mr. Bijoor,

    If the main theme of the article is “dostana”, I’m all for it. I’m all for spreading love and peace in the world. But unless you have specific evidence to the contrary, I’ll tend to go along with what Shankar and OP have revealed in press reports about the recordings. I basically reiterate what Priya ji and Harvinder ji have already said. These articles that we write on this site have archival value and for that reason, it is very important that we stick to the facts as closely as possible. Our opinions are a different matter; they are subjective and if you consider the two singers to be equally great, there’s nothing that I can do about it, but I’d still try to make a few points.

    When making a comparative evaluation of two singers, there are two high-level questions you can ask:

    1. Whom do you like more?
    2. Whom do you consider to be greater?

    The first addresses the “likability” or the “popularity” issue, while the second addresses the “greatness” issue. You might think that they would lead to the same answer but surprisingly they often lead to different answers.

    Now if the second question were posed to all the music directors who have worked with both singers, what would have been the majority decision? Please note that no one — not the actor, not the producer, not the director, not even the lyricist — knew the calibre of the two singers better than the music directors. Here’s a list (not exhaustive) of md’s from the 1947-80 period and I’d like you to mull over what the vote would have been:

    husnlal, bhagatram, hansraj behl, anil biswas, khemchand prakash, naushad, c. ramchandra, s. d. burman, shankar, jaikishan, roshan, o. p. nayyar, salil choudhury, hemant kumar, madan mohan, jaidev, khayyam, chitragupta, ravi, s. n. tripathi, sonik, omi, usha khanna, kalyanji, anandji, r. d. burman, laxmikant, pyarelal, ravindra jain, rajesh roshan, bappi lahiri.

    If you have any doubt about which way an md might have voted, you can give the benefit of the doubt to kishore. Even then, rafi would win by a whopping 3:1 margin. And among these md’s, there are many who would not even consider Kishore to be the No. 2 male singer.

    As I’ve said before, we are all entitled to our opinions. Popularity is transient; a lot of it has to do with the colourful visuals of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan songs. Many of the famous Rafi songs were cast on nameless actors or on actors in unattractive black & white visuals. And there’s technology, too. When S. D. Burman recorded the songs for Pyaasa, he could use only one microphone; the singer on one side and the orchestra on the other.

    When the “recency effect” starts waning, when people are no longer that interested in watching Big B’s films — maybe after 25 years — that is when we will get a truer picture of who was greater.

    In terms of singing talent — not by the yardstick of popularity — Rafi has only one rival. But, thanks to the press and other vested interests, the ivy keeps creeping higher and higher.

    Best regards,
    P. Haldar

  6. P. Haldar says:

    post 33:

    Harvinder ji,

    Excellent post! I tend to agree with almost everything you’ve written.

    P. Haldar

  7. suhana says:

    Money speaks Akmas, all these rewards and music charts since the 70’s are bogus and money driven. Yes I agree Kishore should have got this reward long time back just like Rafisaab should have got the Bharat Ratna.

    As far as Rafisaab is concerned all these awards and music charts are too small and insignificant for the Emperor of Singing. He was too decent and too good for this industry. Imagine he rules for 35 years or so without being affected by the corruption of this industry, this is a true testimony and rarity of the genius.

    Vikas ji i know its not my battle but to say Binu bhai has no sense of music is a bit hard to digest. Let Bygones be bygones and lets have mutual respect for each other. Good to meet you and sorry for not minding my business but once you come in this wonderful forum then we are like a family.

  8. Priya sanyal says:

    I need not to prove my position. Its durga Puja& my wishes to all. I confess on this auspicious occasion that when I wrote reverent for the writer, I really meant it. Every one who loves Rafi sahab is my idol and for sure Bijoor ji is extremely admirable. However, I admit the motive behind this article is saintly for who else talk of friendship now a days. But I would repeat again that content of this article is not completely authentic.
    And its our “responsibility” to verify our content while posting as an article. As not everyone read comments but even writing Rafi ji`s name on google we find article of this famous website which works as reference of many researcher who r exploring Rafi.

    They were never parallel as there was no competition, recently even lata ji told that kishore da never felt his competition with rafi sahab, to them rafi sahab in 70s was also same Rafi of 60s and 50s…The both legend were with extreme mutual understanding and respect as media always played very cheap to plant misunderstandings in vain.
    Rafi sahab was not that social to have friends in common context but his terms for kishore da was like that with a younger brother whose success was his wish.
    while for kishore da Rafi sahab was a wonder, a person whom words can never comprehend. To him Rafi sahab was best singer and a saintly human. We have event in which he slapped his own fan for talking ill of Rafi sahab.
    But this didn`t happen in one day. As its only Rafi sahab with whom his relation kept on getting denser, with almost everyone Kishore da faced some misunderstanding even with, Hrishikesha da, RD burman, Amitabh Bachhan etc.

    Kishore da had to go beyond so many phases to accept the individuality of Rafi sahab.
    Even many years after raagini when he cried to praise rafi sahab, he indirectly mistreated Rafi sahab on some concert in kolkata in post Aradhana phase while with Rafi sahab`s modest and humble gesture towards him, he once again met a very affectionate person as Rafi sahab and then he became a rafi admirer forever. While, rafi shab had same motivating approach towards him from the dukhi man mere phase till 1980.
    Kishore da started openly admitting Rafi sahab`s supremacy and had never felt himself anywhere in competition and used to call him “Paaji” as Mahindra kapoor used to call rafi sahab.Well, kishore da even had Rafi sahab`s potrait at his home as only picture. kishore da fans often complain saying, “Kishore da praise Rafi sahab each and every occasion and tells Rafi sahab can sing in 100 ways more than him ,while Rafi never use such words for kishore da”.
    They don`t know Rafi hence they talk this way, praising or accepting the compliment was not something of Rafi sahab`s devoted nature as truly he used to feel That divinity does it all, so god is to be praised only and used to point his finger always towards heaven. while once, he was asked that whats the secret behind his smile, he answered that everyone here is reflection of same God, and whenever he visualise this way smiles naturally comes to his face.
    while his love appreciations and blessings was obviously for kishore da like all else, as Rafi sahab was not that vocal.
    In kishore kumar`s forum of our adjacent website, we have a very sick article that is opposite of this article which talks of fued between the these great giants targeting on fans. But something very remarkable is there in that article. Its the picture, the way Kishore da is looking at rafi sahab express it all. while rafi sahab self absorbed gesture or smiling one express rafi sahab too.

    post- 32 . Binuji, synonym of love for Rafi sahab, its always pleasure to read you and we often get glimpse of you in national news paper. I can`t express my happiness that time.
    post 28
    Sanjeev ji, welcome back, let me tell every Rafians here that I read a news article from Lakhnow that praised sanjeev ji`s love for Rafi sahab that even his cell phone number has Rafi sahab`s date of birth in it.

  9. post no.30 mr.mohan s murdeshwar,

    dear rafi bhakts and lovers of retro music,

    after reading what murdeshwarjee has written – none should have any problems with bijoor sahab’s endeavours in showcasing the bonhomie between two singing legends whom we all love and rever.

    murdeshwarjee has nicely covered all people in this forum and in a very decent manner taught us how to conduct ourselves when it comes to the written word.

    ” bandook sey nilee huee golee aur mooh sey niklee huee bolee – kabhee waapas nahee aatee yaa liyaa jasaktaa. ”

    arthaath – dont say or write and then repent.

    as i said in my earlier post in this thread ( post 37 ) none of can claim to be authorities and kep tom toming about things.

    this is one of the best managed – best manned – best membered – dedicated website of our own dearest rafi sahab – and we have his blessings for ever.

    hence lets not waste our talent of writing by making some unsavoury comments which unwittingly point towards being immature.

    starting from swargiyaa kundan lal saigal sahab to swargiyaa kishore daa ( i have covered all legendary singers ) – were too good beyond words in their chosen field and they are our treasure trove.

    lets enjoy listening to them and ocassinally write if we feel like from the heart – nothing wrong in it.

    hum sab ek hee school key bacchhey hain – phir kaheko yah jhagdaa.

    i am 62 years of age and most of what i write comes from deep within me – frankly i am somehow saddened – when we point fingers at each other.

    i feel i shall achieve moksh by listening to rafi sahab.

    warm melodious regards,

    ramesh narain kurpad,
    (0) 94484 55164

  10. Jayant Sanyal says:

    Dear Mr. Bijoor,

    Somehow, I feel that the two greats Rafi sahab & Kishoreda, have been underutilsed by the then music directors as far male duets are concerned. may be there weren’t enough situations to work with for the music directors and the lyricists to make room for these two all time greats to sing together more oftan than not. But, whatever, they have sung together is enough for us to savour though. Once again, Congratulations on a nice article!

  11. A. Almas says:

    How fair is it that Kishore Kumar, the legendary singer deprived of any Civilian Award so far, whereas one of his clones had achieved PADMASHRI, the fourth highest civilian award given by Government of India. I am pointing towards Kumar Sanu who was singing at shows and restaurants around Calcutta in late 70’s and modeled his singing style after Kishore Kumar. Is it not the right time to request Govt. of India to honour Kishore Da with Civilian Award. Kishore fans think about it.

  12. VIKAS SHARMA says:


  13. suhana says:

    “i have no doubt that rafi saheb and kishore saheb alike felt heart when they noticed their voice quality desert them with age”

    Can you prove this please.

    If anything Rafisaabs voice got more sweet, young and beautiful and this is proved by his several songs sung for young heros like Rishi, Mithun, and others.
    I am sorry but your observation is not correct.

    Thanks Suri for your kind words, it seems my posts are invisble for

  14. dearest rafi bhakts and all yee retro music lovers,

    i am just one among you and just love retro music to the fullest. music made in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s were just too good for words and formed our base and we are all reaping and enjoying the fruits of this base.

    correct me if i am wrong and talking off my hat but, none of us are an authority on anything and hence should enjoy reading what some very good writers write.

    in all humility – most of us, wish to write but, due to lack of a strong subject matter – we refrain from doing so.

    fair enough, on the other hand, somebody has taken the pains of burning midnight oil and poured his/her heart into it.

    why do we have to go about deriding the article as a whole and disproving things, heaping slander, corrections and going about saying you are wrong.

    its like the americans saying all nations who are nuclear prior 1965 can keep it and the rest should destroy it. pray my no who gave them this authority.

    even the moderator / administrator of this dedicated website does not find it proper to comment or correct any matter of print.

    hence, the idea of my writing all this is not to mock or point a finger at anyone at all, instead requesting with folded hands that lets not become self proclaimed judges or autority and go about pointing an accusing finger.

    we should encourage each other and maintain a healthy atmosphere of exchange of views and bask in the glory of our dear rafi sahab.

    jai ho jai ho jai ho – rafi sahab – tussi great ho.

    if my utterances have hurt anyones feelings – in all humilty, i unconditionally appologise and the same may please be accepted.

    ramesh narain kurpad
    (0) 94484 55164

  15. Suri says:

    Suhana bhai

    It is a privelage to read your posts. How have you being doing.Please enlight this forum about Mohammed Rafi. Your points as always are on the spot.

  16. Man Mouji says:

    Even somewhere I read this as once on stage shows in Calcutta, the audience would not allow Kishore Da to come on the stage after Rafi Saab’s performance. The audience wanted Rafi Saab to be at No.1, 2, 3, 4 all rolled into one. It is also said that Rafi Saab came back on the stage and started singing Rafta Rafta dekho aankh meri ladi hai – a kishore da number from kahani kismet ki (1973). He sang two lines to pacify the crowd so that they would allow kishore da to perform too. That was the close friendly attitude of Rafi Saab with Kishore da.

  17. pamma says:

    i only know i visited kotla sultan singh a small vill in amritsar distt bowed my head before rafi birth house e mail i have all the pictures

  18. Harvinder says:

    Hi all,
    Nice article, but little unrealitic. I concur with Priya ji ‘s blog # 19.

    I have read in many authentic articles that Kishore da was never happy in his heart of hearts whenever Rafi Saheb sang for him – This is understandable. Kishore da had such srong and confident voice, that he had every reason to be upset. Due to soaring poularity of Rafi Saheb and non recognition of Kishore da, there was nothing he could do.

    Even the cited example of Kishore saheb making a fan switch on radio with Rafi saheb’s song is underatandable. Kishore saheb’s talent was finally recognized commercialy after Aradhna. Almost everybody agrees that it was RD Burman’s gimmick which worked. I have analysed this from every possible aspect. Everything went against Rafi Saheb in that short period of about 8-9 months, everything went exceptionally well for Kishore saheb, and biggest benefieciary was RD Burman. He took full credit for Aradhna’s success even though the movie was a super hit movie with official Music Director SD Burman saheb. To me the worst song “Roop Tera Mastana” got maximun polpularity, again Kishore da got deserved credit, but the main attraction was scantily dressed Sharmila Tagore and hairy Rajesh Khanna making very passionate gestures around fire. That song was ahead of its times and for person of my age was more seductive than AA) Choli ke peeche or more recnt budnaam hui. Sharmila as heroine dared to and succeeded in luring teenagers of the day like me to watch it over and over again.

    To me “Mere Sapnon ki raani” was the best song, even better than Rafi Saheb’s duets in the movie. Movie was just about above average category, but became a blockbuster.

    Coming back to Kishore Saheb’s comeback innings, there is no doubt that he deserved what he achieved instantly after Aradhna. What disturbs me is the way the industry behaved. I have only read or heard people quote Kishore Saheb praise Rafi Saheb. I feel that is more from diplomatic and politically correct standpoint. Both were almost contemporaries and some hidden proffesional jealousy is understandable. It is their greatness that they did not take the bite to speak ill of each other. Media tried then, hard core fand on each side make silly remarks even today.

    Yes, OP Nayyar saheb never fancied Kishore da. It could be because in Nayyar saheb’s hour of glory Kishore da was only a casual singer or a change bowler kind. And when Kishore da ruled Nayyar saheb was unfortunately relegated to an MD of the past. Things had changed and the golden era of SJ’sMadan Mohans Roshans, Chitraguptas, Naushads and likes of Ravis was over. So was the end of Manna Deys, and likes of Talat Mahmoods. I am disturbed to hear that even an actor of Manoj Kumar’s calibre playing side hero’s role in Aadmi made a veteran like Naushad Saheb change the singer from Talat to Mohinder Kapoor. This happened in 1967-68. Humraaz’s songs are more popular and better than Aradhna’s and were rendered by Mohinder Kapoor. There was an air around that there are options available other than truely great Rafi Saheb.

    Lastly, the only tribute I have heard on you tube in Kishore Saheb’s own voice towards Rafi Saheb is when he sings “Man Re Tu”- It is a horrible presentation and a testimony of Kishore Saheb’s failing voice quality just before his death.

    I have no doubt that Rafi Saheb and Kishore Saheb alike felt heart when they noticed their voice quality desert them with age. Unfortunatel Rafi Saheb suffered at a slightly younger age, 45 or there about. Kishore da suffered around 50. But Rafi Saheb started and hit unmatched fame and glory in his early 20’s, whereas Kisahore Saheb got recognition in at 40, but he deserved it by any account.

    Both shared mutual respect. I know for sure that Rafi Saheb, after all a human being was upset whenever alies desrted him and opted for Kishore Saheb in 70’s. They hid their frustrations well.

    I salute both of them and hope that my longish blog is not boring.

  19. binu nair says:

    in some songs, kishore kumar used to tell the composers : “aap, aap ke singer ko bulla lo ” meaning call mohd rafi saab to the recording.
    in one recording, kk came, saw and then disappered according to a friendly composer.
    not before calling mohd rafi personally and telling the producer : “this song will be sung by mohd rafi”. the quality of the songs thus were maintained.

    ajab hai dastaan teri yeh zindagi needed high pitch voice and kk must not have had the confidence in taking it. sj also felt the same.
    in case of the opn song “man mora bawra”, kk played traunts and the stern opn wanted to snub him it seems. it did not matter that ashok kumar was the producer of the movie.
    but i feel kishore with the confidence could have taken the song. but, that was missing in him – for the better part of his singing career.
    the muqadar ka sikander song by mohd rafi was proof enough that kk could not sing or was “not confortable” with some type of songs.
    kalyanji anandji called rafi ji – at the eleventh hour for this piece of recording its said.

  20. Ali says:

    Ajab hai dastaan teree hai zindagi” !!!!!!!!!!!!????/
    I don’t like to compare two great singers but to be honest no one be compare with mohd rafi as singer..
    We can ask music director Ravi who said on his interview that there are many songs when Kishore da was not able to sing it and it went to m Rafi…
    I like kishore da as an actor,I feel that Shammi Kapoor and Kishore da as actor looked the same……
    what said about Mohd rafi Lata ji I am lucky that I sang with mohd RafimShammi ji and OPN if there was no Mohd rafi there was no Shammi and OPN said the same.
    Kishore da and Mohd Rarfi they were great friends that true but no way to compare …
    Kishore do was the best in bollywood as all in one (Actor,Singer,Music Director,Film Maker)
    who ignored Mohd Rafi in 1970’s all of them back to him……even RD Burman

  21. mohan s.murdeshwar says:

    The article contributed by Shri.D.P.Bijoor must be read in reference to the bonhomie that existed between two super singers of our times, in the world of hindi film industry. It is no one’s gain to find faults with the author who has only shared his knowledge and immense love and respects for these two legends. Let us not therefore, indulge in picking holes in the well articulated and what I consider to be a well researched article. I am sure many of the uncharitable comments made by some of the readers also cannot be substantiated by credible evidence and are based on reports in magazines or on hear – say. What must be appreciated is that Shri.D.P.Bijoor has done his best to bring out the very cordial camaradie and life-long mutual respect that both these Great human beings had for each other. Let us also thank Mr. Bijoor for bringing to light, many of the hitherto unknown facts and adding to our knowledge. Any issue must be read and understood for its intrinsic content rather than to evoke meaningless debate which would surely prove to be a waste of everyone’s precious time and energy. I am glad that a few of your readers have commended the good work done by Mr. Bijoor who is undoubtedly one of the millions of devoted admirers of our dear Rafi Sahab and dear Kishore da, both human beings par excellance !! I also request all the true fans of these two LEGENDS to desist from making comparisons between them and respect their individual contribution to the world of music in all its entirety and put any controversy to rest !! Regards,

  22. NIKHIL IYER says:

    its a very nice article…no doubt kishore kumar is a great singer and won many filmfare awards in 70’s…but rafi sahab had a special talent in his voice that made him different from all the other singers..and he had the ability to make his voice perform from the actor’s mouth..this ability kishore kumar lacked..and yes, there r more than 100 songs the two legendary singers have sung together as they were very good friends and kishore had a strong respect on rafi sahab….

  23. SANJEEV DIXIT says:

    Ref. post no. -19
    Respected Priya didi,
    As per my information the song “AJAB HAI DAASTA TERI AE ZINDAGI…..” first recorded in voice of Kishore da and he sung the first half of antara very well but in the second half he faced some trouble and after many retakes he unabled to give the effect that Shankar Jaikishan wants, and finaly song given to Rafi Sahab to sing and he did full justice with this song.
    Kishore da also became very happy after listening the song.
    Please verify this fact.
    -Sanjeev Dixit

  24. A. Almas says:

    Rafi Saab was Farishta, words are not enough to praise him. But I wonder about Kishore Da who never learnt music but still he is so natural and control of his singing, and sings so beautifully with ease – There is no doubt that Kishore Da was a natural & gifted singer.

  25. Grt8 article Mr.Bijoorji. Indeed Kishoreda and Rafisaab was great friends in their life career and also kishoreda was a great fan of rafi. The two great legends sang many songs in the composition of Rajesh Roshan, Laxmikant Pyarelal, RD and some other music directors. Today sorry to say that both this legends are no more with us but their songs we hear and just thinks that how they were in their playback singing careers it was. Thanks Bijoorji for this lovely article. The fans should not think that kishore was grt8 then rafi, or rafi was grt8 then kishoreda, both were great in their career. I feel if we have met kishore before 87’s he would have told us some other things to us. but god was not kind with us. We missed them alot. but their songs says other things.

    shashank chickermane

  26. suhana Safar says:

    “subsequently the lead role was enacted by Kishore Kumar and to save on the expenses of re-recording the song all over again in Kishoreda’s voice it was decided to retain the earlier version sung by Rafi Sahab in this film”

    The above is 100% incorrect and the author of this article should have researched it well before writing this.

    Here is the proof from the MD himself OP Nayar “Yes, in Raagini for the classical song Man Mora Baawra, I made Rafi give playback for Kishore Kumar. I was annoyed with Kishore’s tomfoolery during the recordings and wanted to teach him a lesson. Kishore – who was the hero of the film, then went and complained to his brother Ashok Kumar – who was also the producer but Ashok refused to interfere with my decision”

    As for Shararat song here is what Shankar said” No doubt Kishore? Kumar is a good singer. He sang beautifully for me in Rangoli. But Ajab Hai Dastan was simply not Kishores cup of tea. The mukhdas and antaras required a singer of Rafis range and classical background”

  27. jyoti mohanty says:

    it is a fact that rafisaab sang this song from ragini as opn was hellbent on rafi to render that song as he bluntly told “no one can do justice to this song other than rafi”.it was also a recorded fact that,rafi saab charged re.1 for this song.both rafisaab & kishoreda had mutual admiration for each other.but kishore always felt that despite of his phenomenal success in 70s,he just can not be of the same class!!! numerous time,he even revealed the same!!

  28. david says:

    Kishore Kumar said” Rafi sahab mahaan gayak thay, ganay main un ka aor mera saath to kum hi hua magar taalluqat (relations) bahot achhe thay. Dilchasp (interesting) baat yeh hai ke main khud gayak hoon magar mere liye bhi Rafi sahab ne play back diya tha film ‘Rangoli’ aor ‘Shararat’ main.
    ‘Haathi Mere Sathi’ ke sab mardana (male) geet main ne gay thay magar aakhri geet main itnay utaar chadhao thay k mere bas ka na tha. Main ne saaf keh diya ke yeh geet Rafi sahab ke ilawa aor koi nahin ga sakta. Yeh un ki badai thi k unhon ne faori taor par yeh geet gana qubool kar liya aor is baat ka bura nahin mana k pehle yeh geet unhain kyun nahin diya geya.
    Jaisa k log normally samajhte hain, Rafi sahab se mera koi competition nahin tha, woh mujh se kahin achhe gulukaar (singer) thay, main to ek do tarah se gaata hoon woh sao tarah se gatay thay, isi liye woh amar rahain gay.”

  29. suhana says:

    Post 19 – congrats for the best post so far. Rafi fans have no problem with Kishore Kumar or any other singer. We love them all and all of them accepted with humility and not shame and inferiority complex that Rafisaab was indeed the benchmark for all of them.

    I care two hoots for their so called fans who have brought this humiliation on themseleves that their favorite should have being the benchmark instead of appreciating as in this case the love , respect and admiration Kishore had for Rafisaab.

  30. Jawad Rana says:

    It is very good article for Kishore Kumar fans as he is being brought in Par with Rafi saab, when will our minds be free to judge talent without prejudice, rafi saab stands shoulder to shoulder with Lata jee, in fact Lata jee had her sister to be compared with, and when our known journalist write about lata jee then there is no comparison and she stands alone, but when they right about rafi saab they always drag in Kishore, Manna Daa or some other singer, just to show that rafi saab had comparisons, in heart they know that a singer who could sing any number in any raaga, and in any mood and at any scale, but there minds are muddled and infected with deep rooted prejudice, but hopefully the new generation will be free of this and when they come to right about rafi saab, it will be “The greatest ever” with no comparison. Let me stress you have the full right to say that you dont like rafi saabs style, but you cannot deny that his talent had no comparisons.

  31. rameshkurpad says:

    post no. 11 – aseerbhai – you are objecting to the slang meaning the word carries in modern parlance. however, the actual meaning as you should know is

    either it means 1) shallow recess in a wall or 2) a job or role to which one is suited.

    anybody who starts writing anything about rafi sahab – is too sweet to sound derogatory.

    hence reference to context too – nothing wrong as i see it.

    bijoor sahab has written a comprehensive write up on legends and his expression and the command over the english language is spot on.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  32. Priya Sanyal says:

    This article is wrong&misinterpreted to prove the title,however,my reverent greetings to Writer Bijoorji, who is a true Rafian & humble music lover. The Ragini song was recorded by Rafi sahab not for kishore da himself and not for Bharat Bhushan!
    You should have first verify this fact to some reliable authority before posting it as the article on this website!
    Although Bharat Bhushan might have been opted for the role, but the song was recorded only afted Kishre kumar was finally casted in the film. And rafi sahab sang this song in quite a different way for kishore da, than what he would have rendered for Bharat Bhushan. rafi sab used to do a great deal of homework to playback a song making equilibrium with the actor`s personality. The classical song, that he has rendered for dilip sahab, Rajendra kumar, Bharat Bhushan, sunil dutt etc are quite different style from each other and the Raagini song, ‘man mora bawara” was sung in entirely different style that Rafi sahab had used only and only for Kishore da.

    Please rectify the errors when u say, ” and to save on the expenses of re-recording the song all over again in Kishoreda’s voice it was decided to retain the earlier version sung by Rafi Sahab in this film”
    its simply blunder. I wonder why none here could raise this issue!

    The other song(more than 3 ) of the film Ragini has kishore kumar`s voice. Now tell me that time where the expense issue hides?? Three songs of the film, that kishore da had sung, he had not playbacked for Bharat Bhushan but for himself. Its a proof for everyone who can`t consult a better source and person that song was recorded after kishore da was casted.

    This event was very much hyped at that time and everyone in film industry of that era knew about “Mann mora Bawara”. Before the song got recorded everyone in music department was waiting for this song to be recorded!
    The publicity of this song was not because of Rafi sahab but because of kishore da as kishore da openly raised his objection about Rafi sahab singing for him. Every one was surprised as until 1958 Rafi sahab was a very well established as best of all time singer of film industry ,saying, “If Rafi would sing, I would leave this film as I`m myself a singer”. But OP Nayyar, was extremely adamant and careless kind of person, whatever he used to decide no one could change his decision. So kishore kumar`s anger remained unheard.As it was tradition at that time that every crew especially film actor used to be present at the recording room, so was kishore da too present at the time of Ragini song. Kishore da being displeased was red faced and was there but in two minds if he should quit this film but something very strange happened, the potential envy-ness and difference very soon turned in real admiration and seed of friendship between the two. Kishore da very much moved by Rafi sahab excellent rendition and was almost speechless out of regards for Rafi sahab. Such an admiration can come only from a good at heart person that kishore da was.
    Rafi sahab also an excellent human being, could feel the vibes of kishore da and his state of mind, approached him, the affectionate Rafi replied, “kishore ji if u would have sung u would have sung much better than me.
    Listening his reply kishore da very went in tears in front of all , and almost bowed Rafi sahab at his feet and told everyone present there that, he is nowhere in the scene and the way Rafi sahab has rendered this song, no one in entire universe could have done. And showered few more words in praise of Rafi sahab!

  33. common_man says:

    bane chahe dushman zamaaaanaa hamara…salamat rahe dostana hamara…this is my single most favorite song of all time with my two favorite singers. thanks for the article!

  34. jaguar says:

    There are many Kishore fans that speak badly of Rafi, they are scumbags who have no element of decency. Kishore was a Rafibhakt and a great admirer and fan of Rafi.

    Here is one of the comments Kishore said about Rafi”
    Rafi sahab mahaan gayak thay, ganay main un ka aor mera saath to kum hi hua magar taalluqat (relations) bahot achhe thay. Dilchasp (interesting) baat yeh hai ke main khud gayak hoon magar mere liye bhi Rafi sahab ne play back diya tha film ‘Rangoli’ aor ‘Shararat’ main.
    ‘Haathi Mere Sathi’ ke sab mardana (male) geet main ne gay thay magar aakhri geet main itnay utaar chadhao thay k mere bas ka na tha. Main ne saaf keh diya ke yeh geet Rafi sahab ke ilawa aor koi nahin ga sakta. Yeh un ki badai thi k unhon ne faori taor par yeh geet gana qubool kar liya aor is baat ka bura nahin mana k pehle yeh geet unhain kyun nahin diya geya.
    Jaisa k log normally samajhte hain, Rafi sahab se mera koi competition nahin tha, woh mujh se kahin achhe gulukaar (singer) thay, main to ek do tarah se gaata hoon woh sao tarah se gatay thay, isi liye woh amar rahain gay.”

  35. Sal says:

    Good article. I enjoy songs of all singers. Respect them and enjoy. But I would definitely would say Rafi Saab is incomparable. No one is close to him when it come to singing.

  36. Anwar Husain says:

    Mohd Rafi saab is not a great singer because he sang some 11 songs for kishore Kumar and neither anyone can become a great singer if they sing in western or in mimicry style. Rafi and Lata are great because there is an Indian-ness and divine feelings in their singing.

  37. Anmol Singh says:

    The baised media has hardly written any thing on highlighting the friendship of these two legends.

    Thanks Bijnoor Ji.

  38. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Bijoor ji,
    A very nice and emotional article,Thanks for sharing with us.Some where i listened this anecdote, You and Any one else can confirmed about this.
    The ANECDOTE is as follows-
    Yodeling was first introduced by RAFI SAHAB in playback singing.After seeing the struggle and talent of Kishore da Rafi Sahab advised to create yodeling in his songs for success and Rafi Sahab himself left this wonderful art in his songs.
    From Here Kishore da became an ardent Fan of RAFI SAHAB & his humility.
    In Kishore da’s drawing room there was only one picture & that was ony of RAFI SAHAB.They both were closed and v fast friend till the last breath of RAFI SAHAB.

    There is also a picture of RAFI &KISHORE togather in RAFI SAHAB’S AWARD’S ROOM TILL NOW.(This last line is true & i have seen this picture)

    Thanks and Regards,
    -Sanjeev Dixit

  39. Man Mouji says:

    Bijoor Ji
    Excellent article on two greatest singers of India.

    Walijah Sir – post 10
    a little correction in your list. Qurbani film was released in 1980 which was dedicated to Sanjay Gandhi. In that film there is only one duet of Rafi saab with Asha ji – Kya dekhte ho, soorat tumhari. But Qurbani Qurbani allah ko pyari hai qurbani was sung by Anwar (not rafi saab) with Kishore da.

    Please correction is requested.


    Man Mouji

  40. Aseer says:

    i strongly object to the word ‘niche’ used in the article. RS never ever created a ‘niche’ for himself. he was vast,limitless. ‘niche’ is a word derogatory to RS.

    @ post no 2
    i somewhere saw a list of 71 songs. but frankly, some of those wr not duet in true sense. pardah hai pardah for example, its RS song.
    similarly, yun na sharma are two solos added together, like chand mera dil + the extension. best regards.

  41. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Shri Vitthalji – (post # 6)

    I think I would have hastily compiled the list of the duets of Rafi-Kishore where I included some additions, which I think typo mistakes. Now I thoroughly revised the list of duets of Rafi saab and Kishore Da along with other singers with them. I divided the songs decade wise for the convenience. I think Mr. Bijoor ji is right, the first duet of Rafi saab & Kishore da was in Maalkin (1953) as mentioned herein.

    Malkin 1953 Dhoti Aur Patloon Kishore-Rafi
    Malkin 1953 Kahin Se Oonchi Kahin Kishore-Rafi-Shamshad Begum
    Mastana 1954 Tigge Chauki Kishore-Rafi
    Bhagam Bagh 1956 Chhor Chale Jhooti Duniya Kishore-Rafi
    Bhagam Bagh 1956 He Baaboo Ye Zamaanaa Teraa He Baaboo Kishore-Rafi
    Fifty Fifty 1956 Aadhi Tum Khaa Lo Kishore-Rafi
    Fifty Fifty 1956 Mere Jaisa Nahin Milega Kishore-Rafi
    Naya Andaz 1956 Aaj Suhani Raat Kishore-Rafi-Shamshad Begum
    Naya Andaz 1956 Duniya Ke Bazaar Mein Kishore-Rafi
    Paisa Hi Paisa 1956 Ulfat Men Har Ik Kishore-Rafi-Asha

    Karorpati 1961 O Meri Maina Kishore Kumar-Rafi
    Akalmand 1966 Do Akalmand Hua Fikarmand Kishore-Rafi
    Akalmand 1966 Kya Rakha Hai Gyan Kishore-Rafi
    Nanha Farishta 1969 Tujhmein Ishwar Kishore-Rafi-Mannadey

    Humjoli 1970 Chal Shuru Ho Ja Kishore-Rafi
    Andaz 1971 Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana (Sad) Kishore-Mohd.Rafi
    Parwana 1971 Yun Na Sharma Phailade Kishore-Rafi
    Jungle Mein Mangal 1972 Ae Bagh Ki Kaliyon Sharam Karo Kishore-Rafi
    Rampur Ka Lakshman 1972 Pyar Ka Samay Kishore-Rafi-Lata
    Yaadon Ki Baarat 1973 Yaadon Ki Baarat Kishore-Rafi
    Vachan 1974 Kaise Padi Maar Aya Maza Kishore-Rafi-Sharada
    Chupke Chupke 1975 Sa Re Ga Ma Kishore-Rafi
    Love In Bombay 1975 Rani Nacho Kishore-Rafi
    Zakhmee 1975 Nothing Is Impossible Kishore-Rafi-Bappi Lahiri
    Chor Sipahee 1976 Chor Sipahi Men Hoti Nahin Dosti Kishore-Rafi
    Sangram 1976 Dildaar Hamara Hai Kishore-Rafi
    Amar Akbar Anthony 1977 Humko Tumse Ho Kishore-Mukesh-Rafi-Lata
    Amar Akbar Anthony 1977 Parda Hai Kishore-Mohd.Rafi-Chorus
    Chakkar Pe Chakkar 1977 Ham Dil Ke Sacche Ham Kishore-Rafi
    Doosra Aadmi 1977 Chal Kahin Door Nikal Jaye Kishore-Rafi-Lata
    Parvarish 1977 Hum Premi Prem Karna Kishore-Rafi-Shailendra
    Imaan Dharam 1977 Duniya Ek Adalat Hai Kishore-Rafi
    Amar Shakti 1978 Amar Hai Shakti Kishore-Rafi-Anuradha-Chandrani
    Badaltey Rishtey 1978 Yeh Duniya Ke Badaltey Rishtey Kishore-Rafi-Suman
    Heeralal Pannalal 1978 Siddhe Raste Chaloge To Kishore-Rafi
    Karmayogi 1978 Tum Nahin Ya Hum Nahin Kishore-Rafi-Asha
    Kasme Vaade 1978 Mile Jo Kadi Kadi Kishore-Rafi-Asha
    Muqaddar (new) 1978 Suraj Se Aankhen Mila Kishore-Rafi-Asha-Usha
    Muqaddar (new) 1978 Tere Chehre Se Parda Hatana Bhi Hai Kishore-Rafi
    Qurbani 1978 Tujpe Qurban Meri Jaan Kishore-Rafi
    Duniya Meri Jeb Mein 1979 Tere Jaisa Bhai Kishore-Rafi
    Duniya Meri Jeb Mein 1979 Tere Jaisa Bhai (sad) Kishore-Rafi
    Muqabla 1979 Teen Battiwala Govinda Aala Kishore-Rafi
    The Burning Train 1979 Pehli Nazar Men Humne Kishore-Rafi-Asha-Usha

    Aap Ke Diwane 1980 Mere Dil Mein Jo Hota Hai Kishore-Rafi-Lata
    Aap Ke Diwane 1980 Tera Jalwa Kishore-Rafi
    Aap Ke Diwane 1980 Tumko Khush Dekhkar Kishore-Rafi
    Aap To Aise Na The 1980 Khuda Hai Kishore-Rafi
    Dostana 1980 Salamat Rahe Dostana Hamara (Part 1) Kishore-Rafi
    Dostana 1980 Salamat Rahe Dostana Hamara (Part 2) – Slow Kishore-Rafi
    Jyoti Bane Jwala 1980 Dil Dhadak Raha Hai Kishore-Rafi-Lata
    Kranti 1980 Tum Tum Tarara Kishore-Rafi-Nitin Mukesh-Lata
    Neeyat 1980 Hum Teenon Ki Woh Yaari Kishore-Rafi-Nitin Mukesh
    Ram Balram 1980 Ek Rasta Do Rahi Kishore-Rafi
    Shaan 1980 Janu Meri Jaan Kishore-Rafi-Asha-Usha
    Swayamwar 1980 Ek Mahal Ma Chum Chum Karti Kishore-Rafi
    Ek Aur Ek Gyarah 1981 Hum Hai Ek Aur Ek Gyarah Kishore-Rafi
    Naseeb 1981 Rang Jamake Jayenge Kishore-Rafi-Shailender Singh-Asha-Usha
    Waqt Ki Deewar 1981 Aai Yaar Teri Yaari Kishore-Rafi
    Chalti Ka Nam Zindagi 1982 Bandh Mutti Lakh Ki Kishore-Rafi-Mannadey
    Deedar-E-Yaar 1982 Mere Dildar Ka Baghpan Allah Allah Kishore-Rafi
    Jan-E-Jahan/Nikamma 1983 Gao Senorita Geet Pyar Ke Kishore-Rafi-Asha
    Khoj 1989 Halka Halka Sa Rang Gulabi Sa Kishore-Rafi


    H.A.K. Walijah

  42. dearest bijoor sahab,

    congratulations on a very highly articulate, sweet and thought provoking article.

    believe me when i say this ” you brought me to tears ” so very piognantly describing the bonding between these two singing legends rafi sahab and kishore daa.

    i do not wish to get into discussing how many duets they sang together as it is the md’s who made them do that at that time and stays as history.

    what i do wish to say is – look at these two great human beings – so very simple – down to earth playback singers – who just loved and embraced good music. they were just plain – open – comrades in the same trade.

    and here we are – so very foolishly often wasting our time in trying our level best to analyse who was greater and then throwing brickbats from far of unknown places.

    your article is a great eye opener to all yee humans to maintain peace and think rationally – taking the lives of these legends seriously and learn to be humble and spread the message of love and tranquility.

    bijoor sahab – i wish this article be also published in the dedicated website of ” kishore daa ” – where i am sure the millions of kishore daa fans would enjoy reading and also opine.

    bijoor sahab your article also reminds me of my own write up ” rafi sahab – so what “.

    i thank you very much and say ” shabaash ” on a highly nice and comprehensive write up – likhtey rahiyegaa sahab acchha lagta hai.

    ramesh narain kurpad
    (0) 94484 55164

  43. BINU NAIR says:


    just before “his” musical concert.
    more than the singing, kishor da’s large heartednes – is distinct.
    long live the kings.

    from the rafi foundation, mumbai

  44. BINU NAIR says:



  45. Vitthal says:

    HAK Walijah ji,

    As far as my knowledge goes, the first duet of rafi and kishore was from film Kaneez – the song is Har Aadesh Hai Duniya Ka. This was in the year 1949. I could not find the link for the song. I was also told that there was another duet between both from the film Giraftaar, which goes like this : Miljul ke Gaate Aadha Tera Aadha Mera and this was unreleased.

  46. Gautam Banerjee says:

    The article was short and sweet and has a tremendous archival value. Although more detail was needed about their duet ,the whole list of songs with all informations. The fact about the story behind the particular song, may be during this time Md. Rafi was ‘The King’ at that time. Also I don;t know who was the Music Director. If it was O.P.Nayyar then Rafi was inevitable. Anyhow I am looking for a duet song by Rafi,Kishore “Yeh hai zamana tera”from the film Bhagam Bhag,which i did not hear in last 40 years. Can anybody guide where can i find it.

    Gautam Banerjee.

  47. mohamedparvez says:

    dear mr d.p. bijoor ,thanx for giving more information about rafi saab and kishoreda”s friendship, i would like to share few songs from my you tube channel collections of rafi saab”s songs ,i have uploaded few duet of this legends, total over 150,rare songs i have uploaded of rafi saab”s songs,kindly visit this links,take care


    mohamed parvez

  48. arshad hussain says:

    just one point…the music of ZIDDI(1948) was not composed by S.D BURMAN but by PREMCHAND PRAKASH……although in the film credits…ANIL BISWAS is erroneously credited..Otherwise its a good article and MAY GOD BLESS THE DEPATED SOULS!!

  49. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    “Bane Chahe Dushman Zamana Hamara Salamat Rahe Dostana Hamara”

    Superb Song which anand bakshi wrote keeping in mind the intense media created rivalry between Mohammed Rafi and kishore kumar. And the lyrics hold true for them..’’Bane chahe dushman..Zamana humara..salamt rahey..dostana humara.

    I, think the total songs sung by these two legends together as duets comes to the total of 70 songs if I am not wrong, the list goes like this…

    1. Malkin – Kahi Se Oonchi Kahi Se Neechi 1953
    2. Bhagam Bhaag – Bhagu, Kishu..Chhor Chale Pyare Duniya Ko 1956
    3. Bhagam Bhaag – Hey Babu Yeh Hai Zamana Tera Hey Babu 1956
    4. Fifty Fifty (old) – Aadhi Tum Kha Lo Aadhi Hum 1956
    5. Naya Andaz – Duniya Ke Bazaar Mein Bhaiyya Chalta Hai 1956
    6. Paisa Hi Paisa (old) – Le Lo Pyar Ka Laddoo 1956
    7. Karodpati – O Meri Maina Arre Sun Mera Kehna 1961
    8. Akalmand (old) – Do Akalmand Huye Fikarmand 1966
    9. Humjoli – Chal Shuru Ho Ja – one two 1970
    10. Andaz – Hanste Gaate Jahan Se Guzar 1971
    11. Khoj – Halka Halka Sa Rang Gulabi 1971
    12. Parwaana – Yuh Na Sharma Phhaila De 1971
    13. Jangal Mein Mangal – Ae Baag Ki Kaliyon Sharam Karo 1972
    14. Yaadon Ki Baraat – Yaadon Ki Baraat Nikli Hai Aaj Dil Ki Dware 1973
    15. Chupke Chupke – Chal Shuru Ho Ja..Sa Re Ga Ma 1975
    16. Love In Bombay – O Kahan Chali Zara Ruk Ja..Rani Nacho 1975
    17. Amar Akbar Anthony – Sharaab Pee Zara..Pardah Hai Pardah 1977
    18. Chakkar Pe Chakkar – Hum Dil Ke Sachche Baat Ke Pakke 1977
    19. Chor Sipahee – Haan Bade Maze ..Chor Sipahee Mein Na Hoti 1977
    20. Imaan Dharam – Duniya Ek Adalat Hai 1977
    21. Heeralal Pannalal – Seedhe Raaste Chaloge To Aisa Zamana 1978
    22. Muqaddar (new) – Bade Rangeen Mehfil Hai..Tere Chehre Se 1978
    23. Duniya Meri Jeb Mein – Maine To Maangi Hai Bas Yeh 1 1979
    24. Duniya Meri Jeb Mein – Maine To Maangi Hai Bas Yeh 2 1979
    25. Muqabla – Teen Batti Waala Govinda Aala 1979
    26. Aap Ke Diwaane – Tera Jalwa Tauba Hai Tera Jalwa 1980
    27. Aap Ke Diwaane – Tumko Khush Dekh Kar Main Bahut 1980
    28. Aap To Aise Na Thay – Khuda Hi Judah Kare To Kare 1980
    29. Dostana – Bane Chahe Dushman – 1 1980
    30. Dostana – Mere Saathiyan So Na Jana – Bane Chahe 2 1980
    31. Ram Balram – Ek Raasta Aa Ha Aa Ha Do Raahi 1980
    32. Swayamvar – Ek Mahal Ma Chham Chham Karti 1980
    33. Waqt Ki Deewar – Ae Yaar Teri Yaari Mujhe Jaan Se 1980
    34. Ek Aur Ek Gyarah – Ae Mujhko Tujhko…Hum Ek Aur Ek Gyarah 1981
    35. Deedaar-E-Yaar – Mere Dildaar Ka Baankpan Allah Allah 1982
    36. Giraftaar – Miljul Ke Gaate Aadha Tera Aadha Mera UNRLSD
    37. Badalte Rishte – Na Jaane Kaise Pal Mein Badal Jaate 1978
    38. Kaneez – Har Aadesh Hai Duniya ka 1949
    39. Malkin – Dhoti Aur Patloon Mein..Tum Hi Kaho Ji 1953
    40. Mastana (Old) – Tiggi Chaukee…Naache More Angna 1954
    41. Fifty Fifty (old) – Tere Jaisa Nahi Milega Ji Mere Jaisa Nahi 1956
    42. Naya Andaz – Aaj Suhani Raat Re To Aaja Re 1956
    43. Paisa Hi Paisa (old) – Ulfat Mein Har Ek..Dil Na Maanga Pyar 1956
    44. Nanha Farishtaa – Tujh Mein Ishwar Allah Tujh Mein 1969
    45. Rampur Ka Lakshman – Pyar Ke Samay Kam Hai Jahan 1972
    46. Vachan – Kaise Padi Maar Aaya Maza 1974
    47. Zakhmee – Ae Nothing Is Impossible 1975
    48. Sangram – Zameen Dekhi Falak Dekha 1976
    49. Zamane Se Poocho – Aji Ik Sang Udao..Ki Holi Aayi Re 1976
    50. Amar Akbar Anthony – Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai 1977
    51. Doosraa Aadmi – Kya Mausam Hai Ae Diwaane Dil 1977
    52. Farishta Ya Katil – Ishq Mein Hum To Jaan Se 1977
    53. Parvarish – Hum Premee Prem Karna Jaane 1977
    54. Amar Shakti – Haye Sabko Pata Hai Yeh Sabko Khabar 1978
    55. Karmayogi – Mehfil Mein Aaj Jhoom Ke..Tum Nahi Ya 1978
    56. Kasme Vaade – Mile Jo Kadi Kadi 1978
    57. Muqaddar (new) – Oke Fakeere..Suraj Se Aankhen Mila 1978
    58. Aap Ke Diwaane – Mere Dil Mein Jo Hota Hai 1980
    59. Aap Ke Diwaane – Hum To Aap Ke Deewane Hai Bade Mastane 1980
    60. Jyoti Bane Jwala – Dil Dhadak Raha Hai Iska Kya Sabab Hai 1980
    61. Neeyat – Hum Teeno Ki Woh Yaari 1 1980
    62. Shaan – Jaanu Meri Jaan Main Tere Qurbaan 1980
    63. The Burning Train – Pehli Nazar Mein Hum Ne Apna 1980
    64. Chalti Ka Naam Zindagi – Band Mutthi Laakh Ki 1981
    65. Chalti Ka Naam Zindagi – UNKNOWN 1981
    66. Kranti – Chana Zor Garam Babu 1981
    67. Naseeb – Rang Jamake Jayenge 1981
    68. Jaanejaan / Nikamma – Gaao Senor Senorita 1983
    69. Dushman Dost – Main Kaun Tu Jaadugar
    70. Ab Meri Baari – Socha Na Hum Tumhein

    Nice tribute to the legendary singers.

    Thanks & regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  50. Jayant Sanyal says:

    Dear Mr.D.P. Bijoor,

    Congratulations on a small but a beautiful article that brings out the emotion of the great chemistry that Rafi Sahab had with Kishoreda. The diehard fans of both these two geniuses often fight with each other over who is greater between the two. But Instead they should enjoy the treasure of songs that these two masters have left behind. One should understand that music is above all religion, cast creed or nationality, and these two great people are India’s most loved playback singers of all time!

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