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Mohammed Rafi and Biswajeet Chatterjee

(Rafi Saheb sang for romantic lover with strappy guiter)


This article is written by Mr. Biman Baruah from Assam. The photos are contributed by Mr. Shashank Chikarmane and Mr. Parvez.

Mohd RafiMohammed Rafi Saheb had lent his golden voice in the above amusing song for romantic hero Biswajeet in Subodh Mukherjee’s APRIL FOOL (1964) under amazing composition by Shankar-Jaikishan in the lyrics of Hasrat Jaipuri and the song was picturised on Biswajeet and Saira Banu in the plot of April Fool. April Fools’ Day is a notable day celebrated in many countries on 1st April as a day marked by the charge of tricks and other practical jokes of varying cleverness on friends, enemies and neighbors or sending them on fools’ tasks with a aim to make uncomfortable the innocent. The history or origins of April fool’s Day custom are complex and a matter of much debate. It is likely a relic of the once common festivities held on the vernal equinox, which began on the 25th March, old New Year’s Day and ended on the 2nd April. However, the present thinking is that it began around 1582 in France with the reform of the calendar under Charles IX and New Year’s Day was moved from 25th March to 1st April.

In France the person fooled is known as “Poisson D’avril” (April Fish), since in April the sun quits the zodiacal sign of the fish. The French people traditionally celebrated this holiday by placing a dead fish on the backs of friends or someone as a joke and presently the real fish have been replaced with sticky, fish-shaped paper cut-outs that children try sneak onto the back of their friends’ shirts. By the time the tradition spread to everywhere like Britain and Scotland in the 18th Century and was introduced to the American colonies by the English and the French. Thus, April Fool’s Day has taken on an international flavor with each country celebrating the holiday in its own way.

Mohd Rafi

Biswajeet started his film career with Bengali film NATUN FASAL in 1960 and after couple of hit films in Culcutta, he joined Hindi Cinema in 1962 with BEES SAAL BAAD. The film stars Biswajeet, Waheeda Rehman, Madan Puri was produced by Hemant Kumar and directed by Biren Nag that was became a super hit and got four Filmfare Awards (Lyricist, Female Playback Singer, Editing and Sound) and also nominated for two Filmfare Awards (Best Director and Music Director). Biswajeet got stardom with this first film in the peak of Shammi Kapoor era, who was the heart-throb of the young generations and considered the king of romance in the 1960s for his natural dance movments with strappy guiter. He was mostly paired with top actresses like Asha Parekh, Rajshree, Sadhana,Mala Sinha and Mumtaz and his films were best known for popular soundtracks with Mohammed Rafi songs.

In the initial films of Biswajeet, like BEES SAAL BAAD, BIN BADAL BARSAAT and KOHRA, musician-cum-singer Hemant Kumar Mukherjee was the voice of Biswajeet in the popular tracks of the films “Zara Nazron Se Kehdo Ji Nishana Toot Na Jaye”, “Jub Jag Uthe Armaan To Kaise Neend Aaye” and “Ye Nayan Dare Dare” respectively. The following were the popular songs of different times picturized on BISWAJEET and sung by different singers: “Bequarar Karke Hume Yeo Na Jaiyye Aap Ko Hamari Qasam Laut Aaiye ” from BEES SAAL BAAD (1962) sung by Hemant Kumar, “Pukarta Chala Hoon Main Gali Gali Bahar Ki” from MERE SANAM (1965) sung by Mohammed Rafi, “Lakho Hai Yahan Dilwaley Aur Pyar Nahi Milta” from KISMAT (1968) sung by Mahendra Kapoor, “Kahi Karti Hogi Wo Mera Intezar Jiske Tamanna Main Phirta Hoon Bekarar” from PHIR KAAB MILONGEE (1974) sung by Mukesh and “Ye Lo Main Aa Gaya Kahte Hain Mujhko Raja” from KEHTE HAIN MUJHKO RAJA (1975) sung by Kishore Kumar. However, the universal voice of Rafi Saheb was mostly associated with hero Biswajeet like other Rafi heroes: Dilip Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Guru Dutt, Raaj Kumar, Joy Mukherjee, Shashi Kapoor, Dharmendra, Jeetendra and Sanjeev Kumar. Mohammed Rafi had a high-flying vocal innings for romantic hero Biswajeet. The following are the notable films where Rafi Saheb lent his golden voice for Biswajeet: –

APRIL FOOL (1964): –
It was the first film, in which the voice of Rafi Saheb had used to playback for Biswajeet for all the songs. The songs of the film: “April Fool Banaya”, “Aa Gale Lag ja Mere Sapney Mere Apne Mere Paas Aa”, “Meri Muhabbat Pak Muhabbat Aur Jahan Ki Khak Muhabbat” by Rafi and “Tujhe Pyar Karte Hain Karte Rahengey Ke Dil Ban Ke Dil Main Dhadakte Rahengey”, “Kehdo Kehdo Jahan Se Kehdo Isqe Par Zor Nahin” by Rafi-Suman Kalyanpur.

SHEHNAI (1964): –
Narang Film’s Shehnai staring Biswajeet and Rajshree had following hit songs: “Kitni Jawan Hai Zindagi Kitni Jawan Bahar Aise Mein Koi Aye Kahi Se Karle Hum Se Pyar”, “Na Jhatko Zulf Se Pani Tuhmara Kuch Na Bigdega Yeh Moti toot Jayengey”, “Sharma Ke Na Ja Tadpake Naja Nagin Ki Tarah Balkhake Na Ja Janeman Jananeman” and the title song of the film “ Kya Ajab Saaz Hai Yeh Shehnai” by Rafi and “Sadiyon Purani Apni Kahani Mohabbat Jise Aaj Duoh ra Rahi Hai” by Rafi- Asha.

Enjoy the video of Na Jhatako Zulf Se Paani. Courtesy: pyarasa@youtube

MERE SANAM (1965): –
G.P. Sippy’s super hit staring Biswajeet, Asha Parekh, Mumtaz directed by Amar Kumar had good number of hit songs composed by O.P.Nayyar and lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri : “Pukarta Chala Hoon Main Gali Gali Bahar Ki”, “Humdam Mere Maan Bhi Jao Kehna Mere Pyar Ka” and “Huye Hai Tumpe Ashiq Hum Bhala Mano Bura Mano” etc. by Rafi Saheb.

SAGAAI (1966):-
Narang Film’s Sagaai had “Na Yeh Zameen Thi Na Aasmaan Tha Na Chand Taro Ka Hi Nisha Tha Magar Yeh Sach Hai Tera Mera Pyar Yuhi Jawan Tha” by Raf-Asha beautifully picturised on Biswajeet and Rajshree on a Motor Car and the Rock-N-Roll “O Bhape Na Sharma Kuch Garmi Sa Dekha” by Rafi .The other songs of the film “Khafa Na Hona Agar Mein Poochu Kaha Se Payee Yeh Husno Shabaab Tumne” and “Husn Aur Ishq Ke” was sung by Mahendra Kapur for Biswajeet.

This S.K.Kapur’s musical staring Biswajeet, Mala Sinha, music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal and lyrics by Anand Bakshi had also popular songs: “Nazar Na Lag Jaye Kisiki Rahon Main Chupake Rakh Le Aa Tujhe Nigahon Main Tu Kho Na Jaye O My Love”, “Ba-Hosh-O-Hawas Main Diwana Aaj Yeh Vasiyat Karta Hoon Mein Tumse Mohabbat Karta Hoon” by Rafi , “Baag Mein Phool Kisne Khilaye Hai” by Rafi-Lata picturised on Biswajeet, Mala Singh and Joney Walker. Mahendra Kapur and Lata sang another popular track of the film “Sun Aie Bahar-E-Husn Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai”.

JAAL (1967):
This New world pictures had the popular hunting Rafi number “Akela Hoon Mein Humsafar Dhoondta Hoon Mohabbat Ki Main Raheguzar Dhundta Hoon” and “Mizaje Girami Dua Hai Aapki” by Rafi-Lata picturised on Biswajeet, Mala Sinha. The music of the film was penned by Laxmikant-Pyarelal and lyrics by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan & Anand Bakshi.

Mohd Rafi

This AVM Production had the superb Raf-Lata romantic number “Tumhari Nazar Kiyun Khafa Hogayi Khata Bakhsh do gar Khata Hogayi” picturised on Biswajeet and Mala Sinha.

SHARARAT (1972):
Ratan Mohan’s Shararat directed by Monmohan Desai was the last hit film of this singer-star combination and had popular songs: “Dil Ne Pyar Kiya Hai Ek Bewafa Se”, “Jane-Jigar Tu Hai Haseen Tujsa Yehan Koi Nahin Tune Mera Dil Hi Le Liya” by Rafi and “Kaal Raat Sapno Main Aayee Thi Tum Mere Mehboob” by Rafi-Lata was picturised on Biswajeet and Mumtaz. Ganesh penned the music of the film and lyrics by Hasarat Jaipuri & Indiveer.

The following are the 10 popular Rafi gems picturised on Biswajeet from different films: –

SL No. Year Film Song Music Lyrics
1 1964 April Fool Aa Gale Lag ja Mere Sapne Shankar Jaikishan Hasrat Jaipuri
2 1964 Shehnai Na Jhatko Zulf Se Pani Ravi Rajinder Krishan
3 1965 Mere Sanam Humdam Mere Maan Bhi Jao O.P.Nayyar Majrooh Sultanpuri
4 1966 Sagaai Na Yeh Zameen Thi Na Aasmaan Ravi Rajinder Krishan
5 1967 Night in London Nazar Na Lag Jaye Kisi Ki Rahoon Main Laxmikant Pyarelal Anand Bakshi
6 1967 Jaal Akela Hoon Main Humsafar Dhunta Hoon Laxmikant Pyarelal Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
7 1968 Do Kaliyaan Tumhari Nazar Kiyun Khafa Ravi Sahir
8 1968 Vaasna Yeh Parbaton Ke Daere Chitragupta Sahir Ludhiyanvi
9 1972 Shararat Dil Ne Pyar Kiya Hai Ek Bewafa Se Ganesh  
10 1975 Kahte Hai Mujko Raja Maine Kab Chaha Ke Dulha Banoonga R.D.Burman Majrooh Sultanpuri

In the early 1970s, there is slow down in the career of Biswajeet due to huge popularity of Dharmendra, Jeetendra and rising of new romantic icon Rajesh Khanna, and then he became the producer and director with “KAHTE HAI MUJKO RAJA”(1975), where also Rafi Saheb also lent his voice for Biswajeet along with Kishore Kumar. The film was a moderate success in the box office and the songs of the film were: “Maine Kab Chaha Ke Dulha Banooga” by Rafi-Asha, “Ae ak Dui Traan Chaar Gili Gili Gili Baam Chiki” and “Yeh Lo Main Aa Gaya” by Kishore Kumar.

The following is the best and everlasting song of this singer-star combination from the film MERE SANAM (1965) under composition of trademark composer O.P. Nayyar and heartthrob lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri picturised on Biswajeet and Asha Parekh :-


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25 Blog Comments to “Mohammed Rafi and Biswajeet Chatterjee”

  1. mudigonda seshagirirao says:

    it was a great combination of the 70s .rafi saab ka gaane aur biswajit ka action was memorable. it was a rare combination. songs like na zhatko zulf ka pani, huvehai thum pe ashiq hum, pukartha chalahun main etc, are all great songs.

  2. Sharad Desai says:

    Recently Biswajeet now age 75, sang and performed pukarata chala hu mai and nazar na lag jaye in Mumbai, the video clipping must be watched by All Rafi lovers.
    Hats off to Biswajeet and all time great Mohammed Rafi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tamanna says:

    This blog point is holding good comments and information about the actor. But why actor himself don’t take any interest to respond to this blog? if he could have done that it wood have been a wonderful interactive session? is it not? any happy blogging

  4. binu nair says:

    Pamela ji : It’s for you. the address of shri biswajeet is :

    B – 32, Dakshina Park, 10th road, Juhu, Mumbai : 400 049.

    U may invite him for a function. he usually sings himself, his songs at live concerts.

    and, before that he will do pranam to mohd rafi’s portrait on the stage and seek his blessings.
    i have seen this happening.

    all the best to you….

    binu nair, rafi foundation,mumbai.

  5. suhana_sfr says:

    Biswajit always gives credit to Rafisaab for his success. Even in 70’s although Pancham used KK for Biwajeet ( it looked a complete misfit), all great songs picturised on Biswajit are sung by Rafisaab. Just another actor where Rafisaab played a very signoficant role for his succeess.

  6. I have been following the voice of Rafi and the acting of Biswajeet. Guess I was a kid during his hey days. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who will be able to provide me his mailing address as I have amde a card for me to send him


  7. arun gautam says:

    rafi saheb ke sabse jyada rare song are associated with both of Bengali charming actor Joy Mukerjee and Biswajeet chatterjee’s films. Out of their hit rare song i.e Mere Sanam, Do Dil, Sagai, Night in london,april phool and Jee chahta hai,love in shimla, door ki awaj & Ek musafir ek hasina. If any rafi’s fan want to find out rafi rare song he should be listen song of joy mukerjee,Biswajeet, rajinder kumar & pradeep kumar.

    Rafi Saheb’ great fan
    arun gautam

  8. Binu Nair says:

    rafi fans, rafi lovers could be much better than the term “rafians” as rafi saaheb was the “least” roughest, the most gentle soul as per our many many observations, biman ji and other rafi lovers. further, the personality had the most melodious voice and roughness was alien to the master.

    thanks for the prompt address..

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai…

  9. A.T.M. SALIM says:




  10. biman baruah says:

    Ref post no. 15 and all

    Respected Binu Nair Ji n all rafians

    Please note my e-mail and contact no for correspondance / contact.

    Mobile : 9435744610

    All rafians are requested forward the songs to me which were not included in this article to enrich my Rafi Sahab’s collection.

    Biman Baruah

  11. Binu Nair says:

    Biman ji..

    Pls give me your e.mail address for correspondence.

    binu nair
    rafi foundation
    mumbai :

  12. P. Haldar says:

    Another Hemant Kumar composition for the biswajit-rafi combo (film: biwi aur makaan):

  13. Ghulam Mujtaba says:

    Dearest Miman Ji,

    Nice article on both legends there are so many famous songs on many legend actors but in film Vasna “Yeh Parboto Key Dairay” and “Itni Nazok Na Bono” are outstanding in Hare Kanch Key Churian “Panchi ray o Panchi” are superb an other gems like in “Mere Sanam” & “Love in London”
    are excellent. Thanks to all respected participants with their valued comments and pictures of Mohmmad Rafi Sahib’s are a phenominal we have not seen before so, special thanks to Mr. Shashank Chikarmane and Mr. Parvez for their contribution with rare pictures. However, an other article on “Rafi Sahib with Shashi Kapoor” is awaited as they have made many outstanding songs like in Film Patanga, Ek Shiriman Ek Shirimati, Jab Jab phool Khilay, Neid Hamari Khwab Tumarhey, Naina etc.

    Thanks. Ghulam Mujtaba

  14. akshay says:

    Nice article Mr.Bimanji, a quiet different topic like bishwajeet-rafi combo. I read this article briefly, its quiet superb. But i want to quote something that you have done a really good work writing the names of who contributed with such a lovely photos to us. Great work done by everybody. I feel that this type of photos is very rare to see in the site. thanks bimanji.

  15. biman baruah says:

    Refer to post no. 1, 2, 3

    Good Evening and thanks to all for appreciation.
    But sorry for spelling mistakes in songs and not inclusion of some important songs.
    I am a die-hard fan of Rafi Saheb and would like to collect & capture all important songs in my write-ups but which I not able to find in my place (Assam).
    Thanks & Regards
    Biman Baruah

  16. pvks raju says:

    Nice article on Rafi-Biswajeet combination. Biswajeet and Joy Mukerjee were the clones of Shammi Kapur. When Shammi could not provide necessary dates to the producers, they preferred the second choice. Ofcourse the velvet voice of Rafi was used to the maximum possible. Where Rafi was not available, Mahendra kapur substituted him. Among the songs sung by Rafi for Biswajeet, I feel “Dil ne pyaar kiya hai ek bewafa see, pukarta chala hoon main and nazar naa laag jayaye were the best compositions. Articles on Rafi-Rajendra Kumar, (Rafi also sang for Uttam Kumar who shook a leg in a Rock-N-Roll hit with Vjyanthimala(Film name was Chottisi Mulaquat……. the title track was very popular in those days…. chottisimulawqat pyaar banagaye, pyaar banake gaale kaa haar banagaye… ya.. ya… hippie… hippie… ya.. ya…)and ofcourse Rafi-DevAnand. Rafi sang excellent songs for evergreen dev saab… phalsuva pyaar ka tum kya jano…. pyar mohabbat ke siva…aise roota na karo, baat nazaron ke suno… dil pukareee…. areare…and sau saal pehele. Someone must come out with articles on such great legends

  17. Anmol Singh says:

    Good Research on the Rafi-Biswajeet topic.

    Perhaps “Mere Sanam” can be considered as Biswajeet’s career best performence. The song “Pukara Chalaa Hun Mein” is one of the best picturized song on the jeep. Biswajeet’s personality in the song is mind blowing.

  18. Anoop says:

    Dear Hussein Sheikh Saheb

    Nice to read your response. Rafi Saheb was great with all actors. The song which you have mentioned from ‘Do Dil’..Kaanton mein phansaa tera aanchal…, I am searching from long time. Will you please send me this song on my mail id – I will be grateful to you. This will be a great help from one Rafi bhakt to another.

    With regards,

  19. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Janab Biman Baruah Sahab,
    Congratulations for such a nice article. Last year, Biswajeet and Maushami Chatterji were in Chicago and I had a chance to listen and meet with them. I asked Biswajeet, which one his favourite number. He said “Pukarta Chala hun Mai”, and he sang himself this song.
    I would like to add few more songs of Biswajeet and Rafi Sahab.
    O, zindagi tu jhoomle zara,kah rahi hai tujhse yeh fiza, lyrics by Shakeel, MD
    is SDB, film, Kaise Kahun. Another song from the same movie movie is, Dil ka dard niraala, kisko sunavun
    Tera husn rahe mmera ishq rahe- Do Dil
    Shokhiyan nazar me hain, masthiyan hai chaal me- Aasra
    Kitni anjaan sooraten lekar, jaago jaago ankhiyon ke- Biwi aur makan
    Pahli nazar me di- Hare kaanch ki chudiya. There is one beautiful duet with Ashaji in this movie.
    Tere chere se hate aankh to duniya dekhoon, beautiful song by Rafi Sahab- Pyaar ka sapna. The other song from the same movie is, Jee laghta nahi apna, in desi nazaron me
    Tere jaisa kaun hai, tera jaisa koi nahi – Tamanna
    Aankhon me chatki, seene me khatki- Do Aankhen
    Kamal ke phool jaisa badan tera chikna chikna- Do Aankhen
    Haaye oof yeh jawani, yeh ada tujhpe zamaana hai fida- Mehamaan
    Meri chahath rahegi hamesha jawan- Mehamaan
    Roothkar jaate kahan sanam, aashiqhana hai yeh mausam- Jay baba Vaidyanath
    Pardesi piya, a duet with Ashaji , movie Pardesi
    All above songs are Rafi Sahab’s gems.
    By the way, I also agree with Janab AS Murthy, really liked the picture of Rafi Sahab in Turban. This is a very rare picture of Rafi Sahab.
    Rafi Sahab zindabad, Good night all Rafi lovers.
    Khaja Aliuddin, Chicago.

  20. P. Haldar says:

    biman babu, khoob bhalo likhechhen. I’d like to point out another film of Biswajit, yeh raat phir na aayegi, where Rafi saab had a great song:

    In the same film, asha ji also had a great solo:

    Panchamaniacs who have been flocking to this site should listen to this sing carefully and see how beautifully nayyar saab exploited asha ji’s voice.

    And here is a beautiful rafi-asha duet from that film:

    hussein bhai has mentioned one song from do dil; here are two more songs, one solo and one duet from the same film:

  21. Binu Nair says:

    biman ji: thanx. the pictures are too good. first time i am seeing such great pictures of rafi saaheb. great work. pl. keep it up…..

    binu nair, rafi foundation…..mumbai,

  22. I missed the follwoing Rafi songs on Biswajeet in the article, of course all songs cannot be covered in any article.

    1. Yeh Baat from Majboor.
    2. Kara Mora Kajara with Aarti Mukherjee from Do Dil.
    3. Tera Husn Rahe from Do Dil.
    4. Tukde Hai Mere Dilke from Mere Sanam.
    5. Humne To Dil Ko Aapake, duet with Asha from Mere Sanam.
    6. Roka Kai Baar Maine, duet with Asha from Mere Sanam.
    7. Haanji Haanji Haanji Are Haanji Baba, duet with Asha from Mere Sanam.
    8. Songs from Chahat starring Biswajeet, Mala Sinha, Jeetendra and Mumtaz.
    9. Ye Sama Ye Rut Ye Nazare, duet with Lata from Do Kaliyan.
    10. Phir Miloge Kabhi, duet with Asha from Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi.
    11. Aapase Maine Meri Jaan, duet with Asha from Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi.
    12. Ae Meri Zindagi Tu Nahi Ajnabi, duet with Lata.
    13. Panchi Re O Panchi from Hare Kaanch Ki Choodiyan.
    14. Another solo from HKKC.

    I am not sure whether “Sharma Ke Na Jaa Tadapa Ke Na Jaa” is from Shahanai.

  23. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Great article and very informative.
    There are so many songs which heard but I did not know that they were picturised on Biswajeet. Thanks for the information.

  24. A S MURTY says:

    good article on the combination of Biswajeet and Rafi Sahab and equally well interspread with loveliest of photographs of Rafi Sahab. i particularly liked very much the pink colored photo of rafi sahab in a turban (pagdi). the songs (1) pukarta chala hun mein, (2) na jhatko zulf se paani and (3) kya ajab saaz hai yeh shehnai are real gems sung by rafi sahab. the preface of the article on ‘april fool’s day’ was also worth reading though has little to do with rafi sahab and the songs of rafi sahab. fortunately it was kept to the barest minimum and more exposure was given by mr biman baruah sahab on the films of biswajeet and the songs by rafi sahab. the song from the film ‘bees saal baad” – zara nazaron se kahdo ji – the lines following it are “nishaana chook na jaaye” and not as reported. so also a minor error in the song from ‘night in london’ – nazar na lag jaye kisi ki rahon mein, chupa ke rakh doon mein tujhe nigahon mein”. except for these, the article by itself was superbly written and contained almost all the songs and films of this great combination of biswajeet-rafi sahab. thanks Biman Baruahji.

  25. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Nice to read about Biswajeet and Rafi Saheb combination. Songs picturised on Biswajeet and rendered by Rafi Saheb were just extra ordinary as songs picturised on Shammi Kapoor and Joy Mukherjee and again sung by the legend Rafi Saheb. Actors mentioned in this article were given Rafi Saheb’s songs which suited them very very perfectly. All above actors were/are great heroes in their own way but Rafi Saheb was/is their real hero. Another Biswajeet starrer “Do Dil” is not mentioned in this article which had nice songs by Rafi Saheb. One of the songs in “Do Dil” is “Kaanton mein phansaa aanchal…” is very very pleasing to hear is missing in this article! The more is written by Rafi Saheb, the more we enjoy reading on this legend. Anybody need “Kaanton mein phansaa aanchal…”, can mail me any time.

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