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Mohammed Rafi and Bharat Bhushan

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy.

Apart from regular Rafi heroes like Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Rajendra Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Shammi Kapoor, Pradeep Kumar, etc. Bharat Bhushan was one actor who was fortunate to have Rafi as his main playback singer in most of the hit movies of fifties and early sixties.

Perhaps the Rafi – BB pair started with Baiju Bawra in 1953. Baiju Bawra with Naushad (‘O Duniya Ke Rakhawale’, ‘Insaan Bano’, ‘Hari Om’ and duets with Lata & Shamshad Begum like ‘Door Koi Gaye’, ‘Jhoole Me Pawan Ki’, and of course the evergreen solo and duet ‘Tu Ganga Ki Mauj Main’), Shabab (‘Solo – ‘Yehi Armaan Lekar Aaj Apne Ghar Se Hum Nikle’ and the duet with Lata – ‘Man Ki Been’), Basant Bahar with SJ (two gems – the climax song – ‘Duniya Na Bhaye Mose’, the other solo ‘Badi Daer Bhai’ was of course on Manmohan Krishna), Dooj Ka Chaand with Roshan (Solos – ‘Sun Ae Mahajabin’, ‘Mehfil Se Mit Jaane Walo’ and the duet with Lata – ‘Chaand Takata Hai Idhar’), Phagun with OP (Four duets with Asha – ‘Ek Pardesi Mera’ and the super melodious ‘Mai Soya Ankhiyan Meeche’ apart from ‘Ja Meri Chodade Kalai’) , Barsaat Ki Raat with Roshan (Who can forget the solo and duet title song), Ghunghat (That wonderful duet with Lata – ‘Do Ghadi Woh Jo Paas Aa Baite’), Taqdeer with LP (The Do Pehlu ‘Jab Jab Bahar Aayi’), Gyaara Hazaar Ladkiyan (Duet with Lata – ‘Dil Ki Tamanna Thi Masti Me’), Sawan ( duet with Shamshad Begum – ‘Bheega Bheega Pyaar Ka Sama’), Jahannara with Madan Mohan (Solo ‘Kisiki Yaad Me’ and duet with Suman ‘Baad Muddat Se’), each song was a gem. In fact, Bharat Bhushan had the reputation as one of the few heroes with a sense of music and was known for correct lip synchronization during song picturisation. That was the reason he acted in most of the musicals of that period like Baiju Bawra, Shabab, Rani Roopamati, Phagun, Barsaat Ki Raat, Basant Bahar, Jahannara, etc. Even though at various times, Mukesh (Rani Roopamati), Hemant (Shabab), Talat (Jahannara), Mannadey (Basant Bahar) and even Kishore (Pyaar Ka Mausam) lent their voice to BB, it was Rafi and Rafi alone whose voice suited BB the most.

Mohd Rafi

In fact, there was a period in early seventies when we were in College in Bangalore. In those days the theatres used to screen old Hindi movies during morning shows (10 am to 1 pm). We, few of us were regular for those movies some times even cutting classes just to listen to good old songs. The lyrics used to be meaningful, music melodious and ear-pleasing and singing at its best picturised superbly by some famous Directors like Raj Kapoor, Vijayanand, Guru Dutt, Nazir Hussain, Manmohan Desai, etc. The emphasis was mainly on facial and eyes expressions instead of locales of today when one stanza is picturised in Switzerland and another in Mauritius.

Alas, the music standard of today is a far cry from those days.

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29 Blog Comments to “Mohammed Rafi and Bharat Bhushan”

  1. Anil Rege says:

    Bharat Bhooshan was one of the luckiest heroes, who had privilege to act (??) opposite such greats as Madhubala, Meenakumari, Malasinha, Vyjayantimala. But more importantly all his songs sung by all time Great Mohd. Rafi were smash hits. Be it Baiju Bawara (Naushad), Phagun (O.P. Nayyar), Janhaanara (Madan Mohan), Basant Bahar (Shankar Jaikishan), Barasat Ki Raat (Roshan). He got the best of Music Composers and the most Melodious creations. Rafi Saab’s voice matched any actor from Dilip Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Dharmendra, Shammi Kapoor, to Johny Walker. He had that God’s gift to mould his voice to suit any actor. A truly noble person. One observation about “Man Tarapat Hari Darshan Ko AAj” Lyric Writer Shakeel Badayuni, Composer Naushad Saab and Singer Mohd. Rafi Saab. All three Muslims and they created such a great Melody of a Devotional Song. Where else you would find an example of secularism at its peak. We Indians are most fortunate to have Mohd. Rafi, Naushad, Talat Saab, Latajee, Ashajee, Madan Mohan, Roshan, Shankar Jaikishan and many more. Salaam Rafi Saab you are immortal and dwelling in our hearts.

  2. vk nair says:

    still this great actor bharat bushans is almost forgotton by the film industry, winner of the 2nd filmfare award , actor of the national award winning movie mirza ghalib, rafi -naushad -meena kumari became greats along with bb after baiju bawra, the first pleasent looking male actor fluffy hair and all, above all a minimum gaurantee of agood song when picturiced on him, who would have done man tarpat better – no overacting ,gimmics et al.. may the great man be not forgotton,…

  3. hans says:

    the duet ‘chand takta hai idhar’ referred in the main article has been sung by rafi with suman and not lata.

    besides the two title songs, one as solo and the other with lata, their were two other outstanding solos by rafi. one ‘mayus to hoon wade pe tere’ picturised in the ironsmith’s shop has been already referred by mohammad parvez in post 3. there was another solo ‘maine shayad tumhen pehle bhi kahin dekha hai’ which was stupendously rendered. and who can forget the two qawaalis ‘na to karvan ki’ and ‘ye ishq ishq’ which are till today considered as the best and are the soul of the film.

    in film ‘taqdeer’ also the much better song ‘mujhe bhool jana agar ho sake’ has escaped the notice of guru murthy ji.

    besides ‘barsaat ki raat’ a super duet with lata ‘chahe paas ho chahe door ho’ is also from a bharat bhushan film ‘samrat chandragupta’. there are two solos ‘aaj galiyon men aaya hai deewana tera’ and ‘mera bichhda yaar milade’ and a duet ‘aanewale ko aana hoga’ from the bharat bhushan – nimmi starrer film ‘sohni mahiwal’. there is also a song of film ‘mirza ghalib’ though not picturised on bharat bhushan ‘hai bas ki har ek unke ishare men nishan aur’ which contains the famous lines of ghalib

    ‘hain aur bhi duniya men sukhanvar bahut achhe
    kahte hain ki ghalib ka hai andaj-e-bayan aur’

    and these lines aptly describe the singing of rafi, because his andaj was also unique.

  4. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post 25

    aniel kumar jee,

    I too like you enjoy the songs of Rafi sahab while in tarnsit.

    I used to play the cassettes of rafi sahab in my car while I used ro drive in Sultanate of Oman with my friends. All of them used to enjoy the songs & used to exclaim, ‘ wah kya gaana hai , aur kitinee behetareen awaaz hai ‘ some are from India, some from Pakistan & some from Sri lanka.

    What I mean to say I used to enjoy and simultaneously I was getting free from tension & fatigue of driving even if I was driving a distnace of 300 KMs from Muscat to Ibri & that too at a speed of 140 KMPH.

    Its all the inspiration & our love for the great Rafi sahab.

  5. aniel kumar says:


  6. aniel kumar says:

    I BEING A BIG FAN OF RAFI JEE & KISHORE JEE request all the fans that i am in need of lyrics of one song which is very old one i.e.


  7. rafians74 says:

    Can anybody send me the following songs plz
    1 / kahaniyasunati hy pawan aati jati.
    2 / har jalwa tera jalwa teri yeh duniya sari,
    3 / mere desh premiyo aapass mein prem karo,
    4 / chalo re doli uthao kahar piya milan ki rut,
    5 / sathiya tu mere sapno ka geet hy ,
    6 / jis ke liye sab ko chhura.

  8. sj says:

    Halder says: Listen to Kishore singing Rafi’s Aradhana song in bengali. You’ll not find a single Kishore fan talking about this song because his voice sounds so flat compared to Asha’s and nowhere near the farishta’s magical voice.

    Who cares what those bigot says, what a joke, bengali was KK’s mother tongue and still he sounds so flat.

    Although every thing favored KK in 70’s, he still sounds so second class quality compared to Rafi in that period.

    Of course he was a total reject as a singer in the previous 3 decades. KK fans say because he was busy acting…fine…..but no one can dare answer why was he acting he he came to the industry to sing.

    He had no choice but to take up acting as he was not considered a quality singer.

  9. Ganesh says:

    Can anybody send me the following songs plz

    1) Jab Jab Apna Mel Hua (Mahua)
    2) Mere Bhagwan Tu (Bazaar)
    3) Jane Walon Ka Gham To (Kali Ghata)


  10. unknow1 says:

    As I think if we speak about the king of Music as I think in 1940’s Anil Biswas 1950’s Naushand,1960’s SJ 1970’s LP and after Mohd rafi no king…….

  11. dear anmol bhai,

    you r really master and keen observer of hindi cinema and hindi filmy music.

    Not that being a gujarati my favourite is Jaikishan (SJ) i equaly respect and salute shankar also This jodi had changed the root of saigal ke jamane ka aur apne guru husnalal bhagatram ka old tradition in musiky and introduced classical based ragas using with western instrument and made ear worthy masala songs which has repeat value after 50 years and will go on and on.
    I hope than whenever a hindi music history will publish this duo names will be written in golden pen.They are the “JANAK”(Father) of hindi commecial film industries.

  12. P. Haldar says:

    Listen to Kishore singing Rafi’s Aradhana song in bengali. You’ll not find a single Kishore fan talking about this song because his voice sounds so flat compared to Asha’s and nowhere near the farishta’s magical voice. By the way, rd got this song recorded in kishore’s voice (is that a surprise?) and sang the other Rafi song (baagon mein bahar hai) himself.

    And here are two gems by Asha from Chhadmabeshi, the film on which Chupke chupke was based.

    Has rd ever composed such songs for Asha?

  13. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 14:

    I’ve heard the amanush and anand ashram songs; Kishore had learned to modulate his voice reasonably well for Uttam Kumar by then. But that was not the point I was trying to make. What I was trying to say was that Hemanta and Manna were the voices of Uttam Kumar in Bengali films, but rd still opted for Kishore. In Bengali, there is a word called andho-biswas (blind faith); that is what rd had in huge doses for kishore.

    I’d again urge you to watch the picturisation of the song “Ami je jolsa-ghore” for which I had posted the link earlier. 100 “dil aisa kisi ne mere tora”s would not be able to surpass that. Most of my fellow Rafians wouldn’t be able to understand the language, but I’m sure they’d be able to appreciate the masterly rendition by Manna and the outstanding portrayal of the song on screen by Uttam Kumar. Here’s the link again:

    Here’s my theory on how rd made kishore sound serious. Got gulzar to pen the lyrics and then asked Jeetu to wear glasses. And the gulzar-rd-kishore-jeetu team and their chelas thought they had overtaken the sahir-sd-rafi-gurudutt team! I need a drink now.

  14. Ganesh says:

    My Dear Friends can anybody send me the following songs

    1) Ye Zulf Agar Khul Ke Bikhar (Kajal)

    2) Jab Jab Apna Mel Hua (Mahua)

    3) Mere Bhagwan Tu (Bazaar)

    4) Jane Walon Ka Gham To (Kali Ghata)

    5) Tumhare Zulf Ke Saye Mein (Naunihal)

    The above songs I had in my collection but i missed that volume if u recover it for me i shall be highly thankfull 2 u

    my e-mail id is:-


  15. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear Prakash Ji,

    SJ jodi is unique. Their music in the songs had a blend of both western and Indian. Though Pancham is often credited by the media for this quality. Apart from SJ, music composer C Ramchandra was equally good at this, he mixed folk with western music. Listen to the song ‘Tu Chuppi Hai Kahan, Main Tadap Ta Yahan’ sung by Manna Dey / Asha.

    Apart from Rafi many other singers viz. Mukesh, Manna Dey & KK (few songs) have delivered several classics under SJ. Especially the classical based songs by Manna Dey under SJ are some thing unique, the same as Rafi under Naushad.

    But I believe that Rafi Saab has delivered maximum songs for SJ compared to any other singer.

  16. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear P Haldar Ji,

    KK to some extend is suitable to Uttam Kumar mainly in serious and light songs. These can be seen from film ‘Amaanush’ , ‘Dil Esaa Kissi Ne Totaa’. There is another song which is a KK/Asha duet picturized on Uttam Kumar, ‘Sara Pyar Tumhara Maine Bhadh Liya Hai’. Both songs are very well sung by KK.

  17. Is there any other movie except basant bahar – combo -SJ & bharat bhusan.?

  18. Ref to post 2:Like mohd.Rafi Shankar Jaikishan is also legendary in theire field.SJ duo had given maximum number of hit songs.And above all most popular and hit songs solo or duet are sang by rafiji.That way rafi and sj are the unforgatable jugal-jodi.

  19. mohanflora says:

    Naya Daur’s new sound of music

    Somen Mishra / CNN-IBN

    Published on Tuesday , July 10, 2007 at 16:24 in Entertainment section

    Tags: Bollywood, Classics
    E-mail this report | Print this reportMumbai: To see actor Dilip Kumar whistling, now that’s a rare sight. And the reason for this was the music release of the classic Dilip Kumar movie, Naya Daur
    “It’s very exhilarating. It is almost unbelievable that it’s the same film, the same songs, and the same voice,” said Dilip Kumar.
    “Yusuf saab and Ajith uncle both used to fight for me to stay with them. That’s what I remember. I used to feel so nice that these guys are fighting for me,” said actor Daisy Irani.
    Daisy Irani was only seven years old when Naya Daur released in 1957. Now with the coloured version of the classic coming out, even the music has been worked on.
    Director Ravi Chopra explains, “When we decided to re-do the film, the idea basically was to do the colour, the music and the sound of the film. So the same sound is available as stereophonic sound. I wanted the film being released to be a new film. I want to bring to the audience a re-vitalised film. I want people to see the Naya Daur of 2007, and not the Naya Daur of 50 years ago.
    The film will hit theatres on August 3. So get ready to see Naya Daur in naya colour.

    SPLASH OF NEWNESS: Get ready to see Naya Daur in naya colour on August 3.

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  20. mohanflora says:

    Video of Rafisaab’s unheard songs completed!——————————————————————————–
    Bollywood Trade News Network

    Shooting of Facemakers 1st production ‘Teri Ada’ a music video on legendary Mohammad Rafi’s unheard songs is complete. The Music Video is directed by Harshad Kulkarni. The Video features Samsher Khan & Shweta Munshi playing the cute young couple and Mohammad Rafi’s song is used as the cupid. The Video was shot in Mt. Abu. The Video will be released on 31st July, which is the death anniversary of the great Mohammad Rafi. The Video is also a tribute to the legendary singer.

  21. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 2:

    you are absolutely right that kk’s voice didn’t suit bharat bhushan. but when rd is the md, those things don’t matter. I’m surprised that he didn’t try kishore’s voice on shammi kapoor! Here’s an example of rd using kishore on uttam kumar, the bengali matinee idol; the two are totally out of sync.

    Then listen to Manna doing playback for Uttam; this is an all-time classic and I think it’s based on the same raga as “mere mehboob tujhe”:

    And finally, listen to Hemanta doing playback for Uttam, another major hit:

    Both Hemanta and Manna did a wonderful job singing for Uttam, but in chhote nawab’s reckoning, Kishore was the best for all actors, all types of songs… I wouldn’t have provided these links, but thought I’d give you some background on chhote nawab. Also, some of the tunes and faces are familiar to non-bengali audiences.

  22. some of the stars become so popular due to their film songs and perticularly rafiji rendering songs play main force to reach theire stardom and Bharat bhusan is one of them.The other stars are pradip kumar(Raaj hath,bhigi raat,aarti,tajmahal,adalat,)
    Joy mukherji(Love in simla,aao pyar kare,love in tokyo,ziddi,saj aur awaaz,humsaaya)
    Visvajeet,navin nischal,shashi kapoor,jitendra,shammi kapoor,rajendra kumar,dharmendra,etc.
    Rafi voice was almost like golden touch for this stars.
    Where as kk voice made only one star rajesh khanna.

  23. sjk says:

    Bharat Bhushan’s popularity surged due to Rafi’s voice. Rafi’s voice was perfect for Bharat Bhushan because Rafi could modulate his voice to suit any actor, whether Bharat Bhusan or Mithun. All these actors benifiited by Rafi’s voice.

    Rafi’s rendition of Yeh Ishq Ishq, the qawali from Barsaat ki Raat is just one example how Rafi could create amazing depth and power and do full justice to the music, song and the actor on the scree.

  24. Raajkumar Akela says:

    when you people are talking about bharat bhushan and rafi saab……..
    i just remember one song of their joint venture “o duniya ke rakhwale…”
    everybody knows that this song is a mile-stone in the indian cine history.
    bharat bhushan was always hit with the legend’s playback songs…may it
    be “fagun”, may it be “gyarah hazar ladkiyan”. may it be “taqdeer”, may
    it be “barasat ki raat” or may it be “baiju bawara”.

  25. binus2000 says:

    we are in the midst of i.m.d. ( Indian Music Disaster ) today.
    Wait and have some patience.. things might change..

    Meanwhile today: rafi lovers are paying tribute to the legend.
    mr.nanji bahadur is the chief guest. he has sung with rafi and saighal
    and is perhaps the only chorus singer alive. He is a musician in the
    industry and is 86 years young and active.. More details please read
    in SARGAM ..
    I am waiting for the promised articles promised by correspondents
    of this site. thanks anmol singh for the support and to narayan
    of bangalore who is in mumbai – working for the rafi foundation.

    binu nair.

  26. P. Haldar says:

    Watch Bharat Bhushan lip-synching “do ghadi woh jo paas aa baithe” composed by Madan Mohan 50 years ago. What md’s we used to have back then! Madan mohan, roshan, s. d. burman, naushad, … And that voice, made of 24-carat gold. Enjoy!

  27. mohamed parvez says:

    i would like to mention rafi saabs solo song from barsaat ki raat -mayoos to hu vade pe tere kutch aas nahi kutch aas bi hai this song one of the best sad song of rafi saab

  28. Anmol Singh says:

    Nice article Guru Murthy.

    KK voice doesn’t suit Bharat Bhushan’s personality at all and that to with yodeeling. KK on BB in ‘Pyar Ka Mausam’ appears to be very usual. In my opinion Manna Dey / Hemant / Mukesh could have been better suited if not Rafi. Wrong choice by Pancham.

    Talat is also very much suitable to BB’s body language. Especially if one listens to the songs of ‘Mirza Ghalib’. Of course Rafi Saab delivers on gem in the same film, not sure whether picturiezed on BB or not. I think it is in back ground.

    In the late 80s when were studying engg in Pune, many old color films of the 60s and few black & white films were released at that time. We got a great exposer to Shankar-Jaikishan’s music in most of the old films starting Rajendra Kumar & Shammi Kapoor. Most of our collegues who where more inclined to western music also appreacited SJ.

  29. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb’s voice was perfect for Bharat Bhushan as well. Songs mentioned in this article are superb. Such songs will never be written again, and similarly, there will be no another Rafi. Watch the movie “Pyar Ka Mausam”, and listen to KKs voice on Bharat Bhushan. The actor looks awkward singing the song in KKs voice!

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