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Mohammad Rafi is a blessed singer

By Mahesh Prasad Rijal

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Mohammad Rafi was a tremendously blessed singer and truly a good human being (as far as I have seen him in his videos and interviews). I never got my biggest opportunity to meet my most adorable person actually in real life as I don’t live in India nor Pakistan but in Nepal, a country that is close to where he had been coming and going during his lifetime, unfortunately I didn’t got my chance to get near the appraised one, but I have kept him very close to my heart. He has given me a sense of love towards his country and I feel that I too belong to the same group below him and following him, living on his songs and admiring his voice every-time I hear them.

I believe that although everybody can give birth to children, but as a child he was someone who could not be limited to a normal child but blessed from the day of his birth, his internal ability flourished later but as it did his voice was recognized to be one of the greatest that would plough an evergreen tree into the sands of music and give millions a chance to enjoy its fruits for generations to come.

I want to express my gratitude for all his priceless gifts that shall remain in our memories forever. His voice resembles to God. I am now on my 54 and I still respect him a lot. He has made me a singer as well . His songs are rooted in my memories and I can’t sing anything other than his songs, so I don’t even want to create my own album. I can’t even copy him to make myself known but sing sometime between my company and friends to make him known for I really want people to recognize who he was. A small paragraph of his famous song that is also one of my personal favorite:

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Tu mere saamne hai, Teri julfein hai khuli, tera aachal hai dhala, mein bhala hosh mein kaise rahoo

At last I want to thank you for letting me express my glimpse of gratitude through this page. I hope you’ll take them positively and convey my best wishes for his family and his descendants…

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31 Blog Comments to “Mohammad Rafi is a blessed singer”

  1. Bibhu P Aryal says:

    Dear Mahesh ji,

    Your true love for Md Rafi and his voice as well as songs are really appreciable. I understand that whatever you have written in your article “Mohammad Rafi is a blessed singer” is truly of your deep seated feelings. I wish you all best for your endeavors in singing practice of Rafi’s song. Very frankly, I did enjoy reading your short article. God bless you.

  2. Nimble Shrestha says:

    Mahesh Ji,

    Awesome article….keep it up

  3. Sanjeev Kumar Dixit says:

    Mahesh JI,

    Really nice article. Very nice feelings you expressed in article and these are really true…
    Thanks for writing this beautiful article..

  4. Suresh Kayastha says:

    Dear Mahesh dai,

    Really, enjoyed reading your heartly feelings.


    Suresh Kayastha
    Kuleswor, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  5. Basudev Poudel says:

    dear mahesh jee…..
    It was very nice to see your article about rafi saab…..
    you have written excellent things about mohammad rafi…..I appreciate your great feelings towards rafi saad….yea he was a great singer
    thank you

  6. Ramchandra Shrestha says:

    Dear Mahesh Jee,

    Really your view and feelings under your article of Rafi Saab the great legend is very very nice. Please keep up writing.

    As well as, so glad to find here so many Nepalese fans of Rafi Saab. Cheers !

    Please let’s share our feelings with the companion of Rafi Saab’s golden and heart touching voice.

  7. Bhoopa sharma says:

    my dear mahesh

    your view and feeling under your article towards the great legends RAFI SAHIB is heartfelt feeling.I really appreciate with you.very nice article my dear , keep it up …..

    Thank you

  8. Dear mahesh ji,
    Nice article. Keep it up……
    (We met at Tampoo)

  9. Milan C. Maharjan says:

    Here I feel the words comes out with the inner heart with belongingness shows the true worship to the legendry musical maestro and continuous thinking & singing of the idol like Mohammad Rafi Saheb !!

  10. kriparam says:

    very nice. I like it.

  11. Anjana KC says:

    Mahesh ji’s true love for Mohd Rafi ji very nicely expressed in this article.

    True lover like Mahesh ji brings lot of energy to other lovers as well.

  12. Sachet says:

    Mahesh ji is a true lover of Rafiji that is expressed above in his love for Rafiji.
    Hope to see more of the same.

  13. madhav adhikari says:

    Its a nice article about late singer Mohammad Rafi and his beautiful creations
    which is still popular. nice job !! im looking forward to view ur articles in future.
    Its a wonderful and heart touching article !

  14. Ananda Lal Gorkhali says:

    Dear Mahesh ji,
    Your article is very heart touching. It is a great reminder that Rafi sahab’s fan are still in Nepal as much as they are in other parts of the world, where people still listen to his songs with the same passion. This article is something that all the Nepalese fans can be proud of! Keep it up and good luck!
    Best wishes!

    Ananda Lal Gorkhali and family.

  15. Chandra Lal Shrestha says:

    Dear Mahesh Jee,
    Thanks a lot for very attractive article of Rafi Sahab. I really appreciate to your feelings.
    Chandra Lal shrestha

  16. Mr Rijal says:

    Really you are devoited with Mohad Raffi . I also like Rafi songs.I appriciate your openion and wish your happy life and success for your comming days.

  17. Bharat Adhikari says:

    Dear Mahesh Bhai,
    Thank a lot for expressing and contributing such a sweet words and sentences on Rafi. Baharo Phool Barshao mere mahboob—–, Chaudhabi Ka chand ho—–, and a lot of songs of Mohd Rafi are my favourate songs. If you are tired or are in distress please listen the songs of Mohd Rafi you will get relieved, I assure you.
    Bharat Adhikari

  18. Dear Mahesh Ji,

    You have expressed the very excellent views about famous singer Mohdrafi which inspires us always.I appriciate your openion and wish your happy life and success for your comming days.


  19. pradeep k khanchandani says:

    dear maheshji, very nice feeligs for rafisahab……being rafians, we feel very proud,our family is very you said u sing songs of rafi sahab, i am sure at that time no one around you would feel boredom,and that is the way to make rafisahab ‘known’ among them ,…whenever we hear him or sing him or even think about rafisahab we feel special vibrations of happiness in brain, heart and keep it up..

  20. firoz ali khan says:

    Rafi still ruling on our heart, your voice is untouchable and you are incomparable, no one can touch your level in singing..

    you are the legend of the legends..

    Firoz Ali Khan – Kuwait

  21. Mahesh Prasad Rijal says:

    thank you everybody for your likes and for sharing your views on the article, i hope i can get similar oppurtunities to express my love for Rafi in later days to come…my love for Rafi shall stay intact in upcoming future too…

  22. we met on tampoo ;) says:

    nice article bua.. 😉

  23. Sechan Regmi says:

    Dear Mahesh ji,
    wah wah wah! Mahesh ji wah….I also really appreciate your feelings for Rafi Sahab. I am also fn of Rafi Sahab.Sometimes or specially at the gathering with friends n relatives, I present there songs Of Mohd. Rafi Sahab. He was a great Singer of this World.

    with warm regards
    Sechan Regmi

  24. Chandan says:

    Dear Maheshji
    A lovely article and thanks for expressing yourself so very well….Yes, anything said or explained about the legend is less always!
    On Rafi Saab’s voice, some celebrity said that “Agar Khuda Ki Awaaz hum sab sunsakthethe, to shayad unki awaaz Rafi Saab ki tharaahi Hongen” !!

  25. Aparna Sridhar says:

    Very touching article. written from the heart. Enjoyed reading it, Sir. Thank you

  26. suresh kumar says:

    Dear Mahesh ji,
    I really appreciate your feelings for
    Rafi Sahab. I am also a professional
    singer of old melodies & bhajans
    believe me i am in this profession
    last 25 years because of Rafi Sahab;my ideal.
    warm regards !
    suresh kumar, ludhiana

  27. Lt Col Javed Sayyed(Veteran) says:

    Dear Mahesh Prasad Rijal,
    Kudos for sharing your heartfelt feelings of our beloved Rafi sahab.
    Luv for him is a big binding factor between all of us & this shall remain forever in our lives as well as till the end of mankind. His songs will always inspire us, cajole us, share our sorrows & joys, march with our patriotism, sooth us in our times of grief, show us the breaking dawn over the horizon when darkness is at its peak, push us in all our endeavours……in short, touch & inspire our mortal lives!!!
    Regards & Best Wishes to all Rafians…

  28. DHANVIR SINGH says:

    Dear Mahesh ji,
    I really appreciate your feelings for
    Rafi Sahab. I am also a professional
    singer of ghazals & old melodies &
    believe me i am in this profession
    just because of Rafi Sahab;my ideal.
    warm regards !

  29. vmehru says:

    dear mahesh ji,
    I understand your feelings towards our great legends Rafi sahab and would like to mention that all rafi sahab fans are a big one family.

    from some of us get opportunity to see his live performance or meet him personnally, mahesh i am the lucky one who watch theonce live show of rafi sahab , but never got opportunity to do again.

    But I still maintain that he is aalways insipiration to me, may enjoy his songs with my grand childerns also.
    with warm regards
    vinod mehru

  30. mohamedparvez says:

    Dear Mr Mahesh Prasad Rijal ,Thanx For Sharing Your Love And Care For Our Beloved Rafi Sahab,Kindly Visit This links Dedicated To Our Beloved Rafi Sahab,Take Care

  31. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear rafian rijalji,
    very attractive article and heart touching.wherever we are,
    whoever we are, we are one family.”the rafians”.eventhough
    you are from the great nation ‘nepal’ you are very near to us.
    the “rafisam” which united us.thank god.because of rafi saab
    every now and then we are getting new brothers.

    keep on writing about rafi saab.
    with best wishes,

    ahamed kutty

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