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Mohammad Rafi, a great singer and human being…

This article is written by Mr. K.S.Ramachandran.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

The awesome and brilliant combination of the lyricists and music directors of the era gone by, rendering compositions on versatile playback singer and genius, Rafi Sahab, have given to us and for generations to come, almost permanent melodies for a life time, with depth and unimaginable musical vibrations. Each and every song of Rafi Sahab has that depth, emotion, and feeling and above all, often surpassed the expectations of the music directors in his renditions.



Some of the challenging compositions have been rendered with ease and comfort by Rafi Sahab that one normally would not dare to even attempt to sing. Every true music lover would acknowledge the utmost sincerity and deep rooted devotion in musical compositions and with surpassing dexterity in its singing by the one and only musical singing legend, Rafi Sahab, during the generation gone by.

As I often feel, more and more we talk about Rafi Sahab, there is more to it. His songs when heard again and again, gives every time, a new route to a totally new world of melody and ecstasy.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Rafi Sahab, in my opinion, besides being a great singer, was extremely sincere and devoted in his renditions, as can be seen from every song that he has given us. Sincerity and devotion pays off naturally with avalanche of reward and success. It seems to me, almost certainly that Rafi Sahab never ever worried or attached any commercial expectation to any song that he performed but only focused on the quality and perfection of the rendition and improving, every time, his singing abilities. Never ever it seemed at any time, even when was acclaimed the unique magic voice machine, that he had slackened in his performances or otherwise to his attitude towards life and human relationship.

To me, Rafi Sahab, although I have never met him, is a human being that one should worship (which, of course we all do even today), and more importantly practice the great human kindness that he radiated throughout his lifetime, beyond being a great accomplished singer that anyone would aspire for.

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13 Blog Comments to “Mohammad Rafi, a great singer and human being…”

  1. John Emmanuel Joseph says:

    The genius of Hon’ble Mohd.Rafi cannot be written in words, his excellency the different moods,voices,variations cannot be equalled by any singer,let his legacy live long,even singers of the calibre of Kishore found him impossible to match him in marketability in those times you can the facts through statistics,Rafi sab was the number one, and he was a good human with no selfish motives encouraging many singers of his time,the tragedy is he died at an younger age,Rafi fan’s heart bleeds till today,may the almighty give us a singer like Rafi sab.

  2. even hindus god & muslims khuda have notgot the anser or clue that
    who has created this voice & such a humble human . is there any other
    force above god or khuda. respected rafis voice is like fresh air giving
    life to everyone .

  3. pallavi pradhan says:

    hi 2 all rafi lovers,nice article, rafisaab indeed was a great singerand noble human being void created by his demise can not be filled again.

  4. Dr.Arjun G Menon says:

    hi to all rafians out there,
    Very happy to read all comments. I love his songs for the simplicity in presentation and pronunciation of those beautiful urdu words. Its only he who could do it that well……..

  5. Imran Rustam says:

    Good Article.

    Rafi Sb’s smiling face always impresses us. Besides his divine voice and his dedication to music he was a great person, his personality was enchanted. His melodious voice and his way of speaking is attractive and his generosity obvious from his voice. Indian music is lucky to have such a great singer and human being.

    Long Live Rafi Sb.


  6. Anmol Singh says:

    Indeed Rafi Sahab is a Saint.

  7. binu nair says:

    Top by Quality :

    there is always a discussion who is the best singer we all have heard. Every music lover will have his favourite. and here goes my favourite singers.

    a.) k.l.saighal saaheb. B)Mohd Rafi . C) lata mangeshkar. d) talat mahmood . e) manna dey and kishore kumar.

    the above singers move my soul.


    two mohd rafi Live musical : one in pune and the other in mumbai.

    on 14th feb its at punes sm joshi hall , karve road, near alankar cinema from 8.00 p.m. onwards

    on 15th feb at mumbais naushad hall, opp mini punjab hotel, koliwada from 6.00 p.m. onwards.

    the event is open to all rafi foundation members.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai, cell 9833 250 701

  8. abdusalam pk says:

    dear ramachandranji.ofcourse rafi saab was (i like to say is)a great singer.where are those shadow singers of him now?but the shadow singers of kishorji,who never matches him anyway, is ruling theh idi cinema now

  9. mahender says:

    Rafi saab ki Jai

  10. Ashish Y. Pradhan says:

    wonderfull article Mr. Ramchandran . Rafi saheb zindabad !

  11. biman baruah says:

    repected ramachandran ji

    great article about a great human being as well as great singer.

  12. mohamed parvez says:

    thanx to mr k.s.ramachandran ji for this great article about greatest genius humble modest person rafisaab iam ianviting every body to visit my blog dedicated to a great singer and human being rafisaab

  13. jayaram.d says:

    It is really eye opening article many articles i read comparisions with other artists which i feel not required.friends pl. limit yourself to late rafi saheb’s personality, his humankindness,his contributions.long back somewhere in 70’s i remember having read an article in filmfare that whenever he was recording song at the time babies born to his wife became hit songs!all the seven songs{if i am correct}if anybody knows please share with rafians.

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