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Miracles of Saint Mohd Rafi Sahab

by Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

On this 31st July, 31st death anniversary of RAFI SAHAB I wants to share few miracles with the readers of website, which I have seen in my life and shared by others. I am also sending few pictures in which RAFI SAHAB is looking likes a SAINT.

First Miracle-
On 86th birthday of Rafi Sahab, three reporters of “sahara, tv channel” came to my home to cover the temple of Rafi Sahab. They were taking video shots of the temple with a background song “tum mujhe yoon bhula na paaoge…” which was playing on my new dvd player, I purchased two months before through a mp-3 cd of Rafi Sahab. After few minutes they requested me to play a classical song “madhuban mein raadhika nache re…”. That song was on an “audio cd of Rafi Sahab on hmv” at 5th position. I opened newly packed cd & inserted first time into my new dvd player, but dvd player could not displayed the list of songs on tv screen as well as on LCD screen of dvd player, I don’t know why? I wait for few minutes but situation remained same. I worried too much because I was not familiar too much with my new dvd player & about the function of that. On other hand reporters were in hurry. I taken out that cd & inserted again into dvd player with the holy name of sri mohd. Rafi Sahab. No one even I can believed that this time that song “madhuvan mein radhika ….” which was not on the 1st position, played automatically. For few minutes I couldn’t understand that whats happened but I became so much happy & felt too much relief. After playing this song reporters shooted their shots and went away by saying thanks to me.

In this way my reputation was saved by “Sri Mohd. Rafi Sahab”

Second Miracle-
One of my young colleague Mr. Ganesh Srivastava Ji, joined us last year. He is a physics lecturer & a fan of Kishore Kumar Ji. Few days before he purchased a new dvd player with “pen-drive” system. He also purchased a pen-drive for listening the song, but his dvd player couldn’t read the pen-drive. He used to listen to songs only with CDs.
When he came to know about me he requested me to give him few songs of Rafi Sahab of my choice on that newly purchased pen-drive & said that-
“sir, please give me some songs of Rafi Sahab on this pen-drive.although my dvd player is not reading the pen-drive but I will give it to repair in company on sunday & then I will listen the songs.”

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

I taken that pen-drive from him & given approx. 350 songs of Rafi Sahab of my choice to him on “saturday”.

On monday he came to me with lot of happiness & said that-
“sir, it was a miracle on saturday when I inserted my pen-drive in my dvd player for checking only, my dvd player read the pen-drive & shown all the folders & songs of Rafi Sahab & I listened about 50 songs of Rafi Sahab.”

after saying this he  obeisanced to mohd. Rafi Sahab with folded hands.
He also said that –
“sir, I am thinking that possibly it happened by the some specific frequency of Rafi Sahab’s golden voice.I also listened Rafi Sahab’s songs before but this time I am feeling a special interest & attraction towards him.”
I am feeling very happy to inform all of you that he is also a fan of Rafi Sahab now.

Third miracle-
This miracle is shared by Sri AS Murty Ji, of Rafi foundation Hyderabad chapter.
On this Buddh Purnima I shared a rare song of Rafi Sahab “Raat-din guru Ke Geet Gaaye Ja….” on “Aadab Rafi group”, a group of Rafi Sahab’s fan. Next day he informed me that audio system of his computer system was not working from last two days & he was not able to listened any  song on that, but as he opened the link of that rare song of Rafi Sahab sent by me, the audio system of his computer came in working & he listened the song of Rafi Sahab. He was also very happy after listening to that song & sharing this miracle with all Rafi Sahab’s fan on “Aadab Rafi” group.

At last I want to say these are few miracles which show the power of “Rafi Sahab” & same as the respective miracles of “Sai Baba or any other God”.
No doubt in future these types of miracles of Rafi Sahab will grow & Rafi Sahab will be worshiped as like as a God in future.
Thanks to all for reading this article & please share such miracles if happen with any of you.
“Jai Sri Mohammed Rafi Sahab”

“Long live Rafi Sahab”

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7 Blog Comments to “Miracles of Saint Mohd Rafi Sahab”

  1. Imran says:

    I recently visited Lahore where Mohtharam Rafi spent the early years of his life!. One night i visited the graveyard to pay my respects to deceased loved ones when a very old man with a long white beard who claimed to be the caretaker of the place approached me.

    He mentioned that Muhammad Rafi frequently visits this place as his beloved parent’s are resting here!. The “buzurg” said that “he can often be heard singing here but only those who have knowledge of the “ghayabi duniya” (invisible world) can hear him”.

    Upon hearing this the hair on the back of my neck stood up as i seeked the permission to leave from the very strange elderly gentleman!!. Later it occured to me that he himself very much sounded like Muhammad Rafi!!!

  2. Bina says:

    Dear Sanjeev bhaiyya:

    It is said that there is a miraculous power in faith. When one truly believes and with a trusting heart prays for something to happen, many times his prayers are answered. Those who believe, most often receive, Sanjeev bhaiyya..

    Sanjeev bhaiyya, such is your faith in Rafi Saab that you are blessed to always have a unique channel of communication open through silent prayer.

    Jeete raho,

  3. Ahamed Kutty says:

    deer sanjivji,
    very interesting stories.this can be happened only for rafi saab
    as he himself is a miracle.that is why his fans with him as he is
    still alive. rafi saab’s fans are treating him as their own above
    anything what they love.

    2 years back i could meet one mr.mohan in bangalore who is an
    ardent fan of rafi saab and he had nothing to talk except rafi saab
    and his songs.he was telling on his wedding day there was a special
    programme about rafi saab in vividh bharathi and all the songs
    were plyed marriage songs sung by rafi saab.he was so happy
    and he could not understand why it had happened like that.his
    sisters were telling him it is because of his love and affection
    towards rafi another occassion he heard rafi saab’s
    voice while walking in the night!

    mr.mohan is a very nice rafian whose 09743196991

    i used to see rafi saab in dreams.once he has taken my mobile
    from my pocket and while returning it he was telling “my house
    is so small to accommodate all my fans.please construct a big
    house for me.”it was a memorable dream.

  4. vinod mehru says:

    sanjeev ji
    jeete raho,
    khush raho apni anmol dhrohar ke saath

  5. Binu Nair says:

    Great thoughts….

    keeep it up…..

    from the rafi foundation, Mumbai
    cell 9833 250 701

  6. Really Rafi Sahab voice itself a miracle in this universe.
    If You feeling a headache, just listen few songs of Rafi Sahab and headache will automatically removed. its like a disprin tablet taken by ears.

  7. merey pyaare rafi bhakt sanjeev kumar dixit ji,

    aapkee bhaktee ek sadhaanaa hai aapkaa zindagee rafi shab key bnaam ek poojaa hai.

    hum,sab kee hrudaipoorvak icchhaaa hai kee aap aur aapkaa samsth parivaar yoonhee rafi sahab kaa ashirvaad paathey rahein aur saath mey hum sabko bhee shaamil kaflein.

    bahut shukriya …….. badee meherbaanee ………….

    adaab rafi

    rafi sahab kee jai ho – tussi vakai great ho.

    ramesh narain kurpad

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