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Kudrat Ka Anokha Shakahar

By Mr. D.P.Bijoor & Mr. Milind Bijoor

Mohd Rafi and Madhubala

Mohd Rafi and Madhubala

The Almighty has created 2 of the most wonderful & cherished personalities on this Universe, one with that ultimate velvet touch of voice which automatically became the Shehenshah of Taranum  and the other with that ultimate beauty who came to be known as the Mallika-e-Husna and above all both thy names starting with that magical alphabet M = Mohammed Rafi and Madhubala. Both these personalities contributed their individual credibility in the Hindi Film industry and by virtue became immortal legends.

Kudrat Ke Do Anokhe Shakahar aur do Anmol Ratn – Mohammed Rafi – Madhubala. “Zindagee bhar na bhulegi woh barsaat kee raat ek anjaan hasina se mulaqat kee raat”

Ek awaz kee duniya ka Sartaz aur Shahenshah aur ek Purkosh Khubsoorthee kee Jeetee Jagati Misaal”.

Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi was born on 14th February 1933 in New Delhi. Young Mumtaz entered the movie industry at the age of nine. Mumtaz’s first movie “Basant” was released in the year 1942 which was a box-office success. She played the role as the daughter of the popular actress Mumtaz Shanti and thereafter she went on to act in several movies as a child artist. The leading actress Devika Rani was very much impressed by her performance and potential and advised her to assume the name of Madhubala.

Madhubala soon garnered reputation as a reliable professional performer. By the time she entered adolescence, she was being groomed for the lead roles.

Roshan has created that wonderful composition aur Rafi Sahab ne usme char chand laga diye “Phoolase galonpe rukane ko tarasta hai pani kabhi dekhee na sunee aisee tilismat kee raat Zindagi Bhar na bhulege woh barsaat kee raat”



Madhubala’s first break came when producer Kidar Sharma cast her opposite Raj Kapoor in Neel Kamal which was released in the year (1947). She was fourteen when she was given a lead role. The film was not a commercial success, but her performance was well appreciated.

During the next two years, she blossomed into a captivating beauty. After her lead role in Bombay Talkies production Mahal in the year 1949, Madhubala attained immense popularity. Though she was only 16 at the time, her subtle and skilful performance, upstaged her seasoned co-star Ashok Kumar. The movie and the song Aayega Aanewala in it heralded the arrival of two new superstars: Madhubala and playback singer Lata Mangeshkar

Madan Mohan kee jadowee saaz aur Rafi Sahab aur Lata Mangeshkar kee bemisaal peshkash “Dho ghadi woh jo paas aa baithe, hum jamane se dhoor ja baithe – haye kya cheej thee luta baithe”

Madhubala was found to have a heart problem since birth with a Ventricular Septal Defect known as hole in the heart & surgery was not widely available in those days. This however came to light while shooting in Madras for S S Vassans “Bahut Din Huwe” where it is reported she vomited blood on the sets.

As a star, Madhubala did ascend to the top of the industry. Her co-stars at the time were the most popular of the period like Ashok Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Rehman, Pradeep Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt and Dev Anand and also appeared alongside many notable leading ladies of those times. She also produced a film namely “Naata” in the year 1955 in which she acted.

O P Nayyar ke suronka saaj aur kamaal aur Rafi Sahab aur Asha Bhosale kee jadoowee peshkashEka pardesi mera dil le gaya jate jate mitha mitha dard de gaya kaun pardesi tera dil le gaya motee motee akhiyonme aansoo de gaya

In 1966, with a slight improvement in her health, Madhubala tried working again opposite Raj Kapoor in the film Chalak. Film media heralded her “comeback” with much fanfare and publicity. Stills from this time showed a still beautiful but pale and wan-looking Madhubala. However, within a few days of filming, her frail health caused her to collapse and the film remained incomplete and unreleased.

When acting was clearly no longer an option, Madhubala turned her attention to film making. In 1969 she was set to make her directorial debut with a film named “Farz Aur Ishk” However the film was never made, as during the pre production stages, Madhubala finally succumbed to her illness and died on 23 February 1969, shortly after her 36th birthday.

S D Burman kee ek bemisaal composition aur Rafi Sahab aur Asha Bhosale kee ek bemisaal adayagee “Achha jee main haree chalo maan jawo na arre dekhee sabkee yari mera dil jalawo na

In her short life & career, Madhubala worked in almost 70 to 73 films ranging from her debut film Basant (1942) to Jwala (1971). In all three biographies and numerous articles published on her, she has been compared with Marilyn Monroe and has a similarly iconic position in Indian film history. Till this day Madhubala remains one of the most enduring and celebrated legends of Indian Cinema Her continuing appeal to film fans was underlined in a 1990 poll conducted by Movie magazine. Madhubala was voted the most popular vintage Hindi actress of all time, garnering 58% of the votes, and out ranking contemporary legendary actresses like Meena Kumari, Nargis and Nutan. More recently in the International Women’s Day 2007 special Madhubala was ranked second in their top ten list of “Bollywood’s best actresses Ever” According to the feature, the actresses that made the final list were ranked on “…acting skills, glamour, box office appeal, versatility and icon status — and the fact that each of them became a figurehead for Bollywood, ushering in a new wave of cinema…”

S D Burmanda kee suronka jadoo aur utne hee pyar aur mithas kee bolee Rafi Sahab aur Asha Bhosale ke suronme “Chandsa mukhada kyoon sharmaya aank mili aur dil ghabraya

In 2004 a digitally colorized version of Mughal-e-Azam was released and, 35 years later after her death, the film and Madhubala became a success with cinema audiences all over again.

In the memory of Madhubala I have composed a small little poetry as follows:

Balkhati mast apne hee dhun mein thu kahan se aayee hai paree, waqt ne karwat lee aur dekha tho ye sari duniya hee tere kadmon mein thee, kitne hee dil tuthe, kitne hee dil dhadke, kitne hee ghayal pade, magar fhir bhee tumne oof tak na kee, chalee gayee usee shaan se, bekhabar ho gayee insaniyat, sow gayee uss malmal se bistar par phir kabhee na jaagne ke liye ya palat kar lautne ke liye, hum aaj bhee intezar karte hai aur kayamat tak shayad karte rahenge – sirf ek bar tho uthkar bekhabar muskoora dho tho shayad ye bakee bachi zindagi hamaree safal ho jaye” !!!

Just review & remember this beautiful rendition by Shankar Jaikishan ably supported by great rendition & singing by Rafi Sahab “Aye bahar ban ke lubha kar chalee gayee kya raaj tha jo apne hee dil mein chupa kar chali gayee

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Friends, fans, admirers and all the well wishers – this is just a small attempt to remember Rafi Sahab & Madhubalajee together on this great platform — indeed the 2 greatest icons of the Hindi Film fraternity never ever to be born again

Yes Madhubala’s birthday falls on 14th February – Many Happy Returns of the Day to her on behalf of all my dear friends, fans, admirers and all the well wishers

The Almighty’s magic creations did not last for long & eventually he snatched away amidst us his own creations one at the sheer young age of almost 36 years & the other at the age of 56 years. Probably the Almighty needed the presence of these immortal legends in his heavenly darbar/abode more may be even The Almighty thought of spending more time with his rare creations.  Though they both are no more with us their memories shall always linger in the core of our hearts ever lastingly. Amen !!!

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31 Blog Comments to “Kudrat Ka Anokha Shakahar”

  1. Kishorekr says:

    Binu says Madhubala’s house was opposite Bombay Talkies. This must have been in M’s childhood days, as in later years through to the very end, she lived at ‘Arabian Villa’ on Carter Road in Bandra.

    Binu, please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Man Mouji says:

    it is an interesting article. it is ironical that one of the most beautiful women of the indian screen could never find her true love. maybe she was reckless with her own heart, knowing that it would let her down anytime.

    but she was bold and open in her life and defiant against the ‘zaalim zamana’, true to her immortal ‘anarkali’ image looking into akbar badshah’s eyes and challenging,

    ‘parda nahin hai koi khudase
    bandhonse parda karna kya?!
    jab pyar kiya to darna kya?!’

    madhubala’s face was the envy of millions of women. after more than three decades, madhubala still remains to be enigmatic.

  3. Kabeer Aman says:

    to post; 24

    Mr. Kishore vasvani

    What was wrong in the post of Walijah saab, I do not find any indecency, did you find anything, what’s bothering you about those three points revealed. Over and above it was revealed by her own sister, so there is 100% authencity in it, Those facts are as old as the Madhubala herself. Everyone knew about those things since the ages.

    What you feel about, nobody want to know it. By the way you said “ a very very private, personal & pious affair? What’s pious affair!!! can you explain to me.

    It is best not to quote from the book. Khatija Akbar did a more commendable job of profiling Madhubala and her life.

    The romance between Dilip Saab and Madhubala continued number of years. Because of Madhubalas father they could not establish a full relationship which finally took toll in 1957 when both broke off from each other. It involved a court case drama in the presence of the press and the public. Dilip and Madhubala both signed for producer B. R. Chopras ambitious film Naya Daur which initially required 40-day location shooting in Bhopal. Both Dilip Kumar and Madhubala were paid initial signing amount. As usual Madhubalas father , the suspicious Attaullah Khan always had refused to send Madhubala on location shooting. Khan insisted upon shooting in the studios which was not acceptable to B. R. Chopra. Madhubala was caught in the middle. However, she had determined to accept what her father would finally decide. Eventually, Madhubala was dropped and was replaced by Vyjayantimala. Attaullah Khan was furious and sued B. R. Chopra for not honoring the contract. And B. R. Chopra counter sued. Whole drama was dragged into court which also became feast to the press and the general public, since during cross-examinations lots of details about Madhubala-Dilip Kumar love affair got revealed. The whole drama meant disaster for the couple. In the final days of the trial, Dilip declared in the court that he loved Madhubala and will continue to love her until his death. Finally, there was an out of court settlement. But the relationship already had come to a bitter end.

    Before passing comments think twice logically, then do it. Do not infuriate other Rafians here.

    Moreover I do not understand what is the need to drag Madhubala in Rafi website. It is beyond my comprehension. Anyway the writers did write something about it and general readers expressed their viewpoint, what’s wrong in that one. Don’t we have expression of speech in this country???????

    Kabeer Aman


  4. Ali says:

    I agee with post 27
    I think nobody have right or freedom to speak what ever they want.
    I don’t know what people are doing in mohd rafi site and they don’t like him!!
    I like many singers but I listen only to mohd rafi that not mean they are not good singers

  5. anything in respect to rafi sahab is welcome discussion – fans who are young in age need to have some restraint in their expression – here nobody is pointing fingers at anybody –

    this is a dedicated humble website for the legendary ” rafi sahab ” – do not insult this great name.

    freedom of speech could be exercised in facebook – twitter – in private emails and in person – but – please observe restraint in a dedicated website.

    most of the people who are requesting the other fans to observe restraint are basically ” i feel ” who are quite old enough ( senior citizens ) – may be as old as being your fathers age.

    hence, do not take offence – i my self am 62 years young – a naval officer – and wish everybody good luck – enjoy yourself – say nice things – do not say anything which is derogatory especially if they are celeb’s.

    we ( including me ) have no right to talk or drag celeb actors and actresses and use language which sounds base – should our behaviour or what we express actually involve us into fights.

    moreover – read post – 21 by Mr.Milind Bijoor ( the author of this beautiful article ) – read and re-read / digest – what is said there.

    he has asked all of us ( that includes me too ) to observe restraint in our comments and stick to the article.

    if you wish to express about other actors or comment about them there are innumerable ” foraa ” where you can do so.

    Nobody here is a ” fanatic ” and do not abuse the divine name of rafi sahab – by adding the word ” fanatic “.

    i am also writing all this – since there is freedom of speech and i have not misused the freedom of speech or hurt anybody’s sentiments.

    hence friends/fans/bhakts – stay close to discussions of rafi sahab – and – i am sure – none will unnecessarily – pick us out and point fingers at us – as it is made out to be.

    please keep writing – but – always remember – this site belongs to rafi sahab – hence maintain that dignified demeanour always.

    i am a friend – and this is a friendly mail.

    pradeepji – please take special note of this article – and you have to act as even after – the author’s request, the contrary is observed.

    friends please use your freedom of speech keeping in mind our dearest ” rafi sahab ”

    adaab rafi,

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  6. Abhishek says:

    Imran ji,

    What was the “intolerant factor” in our post ? It is you who have criticised amithabh bacchan ji. We know kishore kumar and mukesh are great singers, that need not be told by you.

  7. Imran says:

    Abhisheik, Bushan and Ajit,

    It never ceases to amaze me how intolerant people are to a different opinion when freedom of speech is a basic human right especially on the internet!.

    I’ve not insulted Rafi sahib or Madhubalaji in whatsoever therefore will continue to express my views regardless of what critics say!.In many articles on ths site it is mentioned how Rafi sahib enhanced the careers of many actors so why can’t i mention Amitabh and the beautiful Rekha here??. Is this a freakin’ website or some exclusive fortress where freedom of speech is disallowed by Rafi fanatics??

    I don’t care if my opinion lacks support, i am not a sheep like most people who agree blindly to other views!. By the way Kishore Kumar and Mukesh were also great singers…whoops now i’ve comitted another blasphemy!

  8. Mr Kishore Vasvani says:

    There are certain aspects of one’s personal life which I feel should not be brought forth in this site or for that matter of fact in any public forum. Especially the fact of Madhubala & Dilip Kumar which I feel was a very very private, personal & pious affair.
    Madhur Bhushan sister of Madhubala of late I have observed is unnecessarily trying to blow her trumpet in several programs which have been recently aired on radio & elsewhere for hardly any purpose at all. Is it worth speaking on a subject like Madhubala a gracious lady now after so many years of her demise is something which I feel is heavily indigestible.
    I appeal & earnestly request to one & all to maintain the required decorum & discipline one self at-least from henceforth & to refrain from such cheap gimmicks.
    Thank You.

  9. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    The gorgeous Madhubala was immortalised when the Indian government released a stamp in her name.

    Here are some closer insight into Madhubala’s life by her younger sister, Madhur Bhushan whose real name is Zahida, a nine years younger to Madhubala. The three important episodes of her life which most of the movie lovers might have known , though for the general reader I give below the account of Madhubala’s younger sister Zahida, now known as Madhur Bhushan.

    (1) Her romance with Dilip Kumar,
    (2) Her unhappy marriage to Kishore kumar,
    (3) Her illness.

    1) Her romance with Dilip Kumar
    She loved Dilip saab till the day she died’ On her romance with Dilip Kumar. The reason Madhubala broke up with Dilip Kumar was B R Chopra’s film Naya Daur, not my father. Madhubala had shot a part of the film when the makers decided to go for an outdoor shoot to Gwalior. The place was known for dacoits, so my father asked them to change the location. They disagreed because they wanted a hilly terrain. So my father asked her to quit the film. He was ready to pay the deficit.

    Chopra asked Dilip Kumar for help. Dilip saab and Madhubala were engaged then. Dilipsaab tried to mediate but Madhubala refused to disobey her father. Chopra’s production filed a case against her, which went on for a year. But this did not spoil their relationship. Dilipsaab told her to forget movies and get married to him. She said she would marry him, provided he apologised to her father. He refused, so Madhubala left him. That one ‘sorry’ could have changed her life. She loved Dilipsaab till the day she died.

    2) Her marriage with kishore kumar
    ‘Kishore Kumar was not a good husband’ On Madhubala’s marriage to Kishore Kumar When Madhubala fell sick and was planning to go to London for treatment, Kishore Kumar proposed marriage. My father wanted her to wait and get a clean chit from the London doctors first. But Madhubala married Kishore Kumar out of stubbornness, and anger towards Dilipsaab. They got married in 1960. She was 27 years old.

    Once the doctor gave his verdict — that she would not live for long — Kishorebhai brought her a house in Mumbai’s Carter Road and dumped her there alone, with a nurse and a driver. He would come once in about four months to see her. He did not take her phone calls. Kishorebhai was madly in love with Madhubala but once she returned from London, he dumped her. He was not a good husband.

    3) Her illness and death
    Once the doctor gave his verdict — that she would not live for long — Kishorebhai brought her a house in Mumbai’s Carter Road and dumped her there alone, with a nurse and a driver. He would come once in about four months to see her. He did not take her phone calls. Kishorebhai was madly in love with Madhubala but once she returned from London, he dumped her. He was not a good husband.

    Madhubala was very depressed because no one came to meet her. Once upon a time, she was hot property in the industry. But when she was bedridden and dying, not a single person met her. Also, she could no longer dress up. She was in night gowns most of the time. She died at the age of 36.

    My sympathies are with the greatest actress whose presence brought lot of smiles on the faces of movie goers but died with unfulfilled wishes.

  10. Mr Ajit Gupta says:

    Post 18 Imranbhai sounded to me just like a lone musketeer going for a routine round up with absolutely no work of his own.
    When the article itself is on Mohammed Rafi & Madhubala the greatest of the greats how dare you bring in Rekha & Amitabh in this sequel is a big question mark and a stupid joke which needs to be closely researched. One should possess a little justification Imranbhai while commenting on such a lovely & informative article the way our Bijoor Company has put forth. If at all you cannot appreciate a good subject please see to it that you do not have the right to criticize it at-least.
    I personally feel that the moderator of this site should be strict and should not allow such mischief to henceforth happen at least in this great site meant exclusively in the beloved & loving memory of Mohammed Rafi Sahab

  11. MILIND M BIJOOR says:

    Dear Rafi Fans,

    It is an earnest request from DP Bijoor & me that we all stop berating any of the artistes, whomsoever he or she may be, as we feel that each of these personalities have their own standing in this industry and are liked and loved by thousands of their fans. So please no controversial postings at least on this site.
    This website is dedicated to our beloved Mohd Rafi Sahab and it is our duty, to see to it that we all maintain decorum.
    Please do not feel offended about this, but we both felt that we should let know our views.
    With Due Respect to you all, we wish that this site should not be one of those sites which are marred by unnecessary controversies. Instead we all would like to read and enjoy posts with content value.
    We Hope you all understand and take this in the right spirit.

  12. Bhushan says:

    friends, some joking posts in between

    Imran – 18, it is said whoever married rekha was gone ??? So do you mean amitabh bacchan ???? – do not take serious.

  13. Abhishek says:

    18 – imran

    Perhaps for you madhubala might be overrated, but for many others she looked beautiful than rekha. Why criticise amitabh bacchan in this regard ???

  14. Imran says:

    Madhubala’s beauty was vastly overrated!. In my opinion Rekha in her heyday was much more beautiful with those amazing looks!

    Amitabh Bachchan must have been crazy to reject her marriage proposal!

  15. Mr Ajit Gupta says:

    Madhubalajee par humne kafee kam article aaj tak pade hai, lekin Rafi Sahab aur Madhubala par ye article humne pehelee baar suna ya pada hai.
    Rafi Sahab ka hee farmaya huwa ek khubsoorat geet yaad aaya “Husna wale tera jawab nahee koyee tujhasa nahee hazaronmein, husna wale tera jawab nahin”
    Dono Bijoorjee ko mera pyaar bhara aur jhuk ke salaam fermata hoon.
    The first article by the Bijoor Group on Rafi-Dilip-Naushad & Shakeel was a tremendous hit but was marred by unnecessary gimmicks & controversies probably from a group of people who have altogether no work at their disposal and just arrive at this site for no better reasons. The moderator should not allow such cheap things to ever happen especially in this lovely site exclusively meant for the greatest ever Mohammed Rafi Sahab
    This particular subject piece sounded me like a beautiful poetry directly coming straight from the hearts of the Bijoor Company. Great Work & please keep the same continuing.

  16. Man Mouji says:

    Madhubala‘s beauty was exemplary among Bollywood beauties. As Venus was representated by Greeks to stand forth as the type of the beauty of woman, so we Indians describe the Padmini or Lotus woman as the type of most perfect feminine excellence – Madhubala had the striking features as her face is pleasing as the full moon, her eyes are bright and beautiful as the orbs of the fawn, so on and so forth.

  17. nafisa says:

    Found a wonderful song which is said to be a tappa from the 1955 film “Naata”
    picturised on madhubala n her sister, sung by geeta, shamshad, balbir and mohammed rafi.

    Here is a link:

  18. Narayan says:

    Hearty Congrats and Mubarak ho to Bijoor saab and Milind…….
    For an excellent rare article depicting the immortal magic of Rafi Sahab and the eternal beauty of Madhubala….

  19. bijoor sahab,

    according to my on the spurr analysis – these are the experiences of rafi sahab – the way he saw and experienced life – and these songs were cautionary words of wisdom to his fans/bhakts.

    i hope i am right.

    over to you bijoor sahab.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  20. priyadarshni says:

    Dear bijoorji,

    Your article was excellent. As binujee has said all good people are summoned by god to keep them with Him. Keats, shelly ,milton all great poets died so young. Madubalaji and rafisaheb are unreplacable. Many singers have come and gone but none like the eternal voice of rafiji.

  21. Mr D P BIJOOR says:

    Yes Binujee I fully agree with you.
    How true Rafi Sahab had once said “Ye zindagee ke mele duniya mein kam na honge afsos hum na honge” —- “Jala dho jala dho jala dho ye duniya”
    Further he had also exclaimed “Hai dil hai mushkil hai jeena yahan jara hatke jara bachke ye hai bambai meree jaan”
    What does all the above 3 great songs suggest my dear friends

  22. Binu Nair says:

    ishwar ko bhi ache ache insaanon ki Zarooorat hoti hai is liye madhubala aur mohammad rafi saaheb hamse jaldi le gaye.

    leking meeth ras unke kaabliyat ke de gaye…..

    yes bijoors : it was devika rani who discovered dilip kumar at malad’s bombay talkies studio’s. she found the thespian hanging around in the studios and invited him for a role in a movie.

    bombay talkies was sold out and there now stands industrial sheds. new era cinema is also pulled down and a tower will rise there.
    filmalaya, kamal amrohi studios and now filmistan is going to the bull dozers target.
    the successors of bollywoods great men and women have learnt one art very well i must say – that of selling out iconic places for a living.

    the beauty of legend’s work will stay – forever.

  23. dearest nair sahab,

    thank you very much for important trivia – its nice to read such info. though some personalities and their lives were very sad – one cant change destiny.

    madhubala her life and times are a mixed bag of happiness and sorrow.

    some luminaries just drift away in life – they are too tired to say or do anything. it beats me how they could be so very complacent after such an illustrious acting career.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  24. Binu Nair says:

    The Discovery of Madhubala…..

    the beauty resided in Malad behind the now defunct new era cinema. the place was known as bombay talkies. it was the iconic studio few decades back where lot of action took place.

    madhubala’s house was opposite the b.t. studios. its said that dilip kumar was discovered here by his godmother who signed him for a movie. rest is history.

    madhubala was drawing water from a well – when the director of a movie saw her. he made enquiries and then met her father. she was taken on. all of rest is ‘not’ distant history.
    in a court case against madhubala filed by b.r. chopra for opting out of naya daur, dilip yusuf saab testified in court that he loves madhubala and will love her till the end of his life.

    however, dilip kumar sided with b r chopra in the court case. ( a case of market & economic considerations taking the front seat ) vis a vis professed love.
    madhubala completed the shooting of mughul e azam – although she was very ill . ( a hole in the heart disease ).

    her sister stays in pali hill bandra and always ‘never’ misses any opportunity to talk about her dear sister – madhubala.
    but, in her house there is not even a single picture of the beautiful madhubala.

  25. Sudhir kumar says:

    Wonder who was madhubala’s fav male singer!

  26. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Madhubala was known as “GODDESS OF VENUS”.
    Great article of two icons.
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  27. nafisa says:

    The eternal ethereal beauty and the eternal everlasting voice. what a combination for posterity. Madhubala has no parallel as far as her beauty, grace and screen presence in the black n white era. The colour photo used in the article is fabulous. Where as Rafi sahab has no parallel in the art of playback singing, dignity, integrity and impeccable conduct in all sphere of life.

    It is evident that the physical beauty madhubala carried was inherited, as she was a pathan, which was evident in her carriage, it was in her genes. Where as Rafi sahab’s singing ability was god given and personal qualities were inherent part of him.

    She did not have a very happy life as she smiled ironically at the camera in tinsel town. And rejected “Tragedy King” Dilip Kumar to marry a “multi-talent maskhara” Kishore Kumar.

    Rafi sahab smiled away all through the numerous god given gifts and left behind a treasure of songs, by which all our lives are enriched.


  28. Utthara says:

    Bijoorji and Milind,

    Madhubala was personification of beauty. She was a true chands sa mukhda. I liked the way you brought these two icons together. And your writeup truly captures the essence of this angel.



  29. Nasreen says:

    So nice to see two wonderful articles here today.

    You have written a beautiful poem about madhubala – yes, she was a paree. There was something so ethereal about her, an aura of beauty and magic. How could she have lived long? It was not for someone like her to become old. There are many women who are beautiful in different ways. But Madhubala’s beauty had a certain power that came from somewhere inside her and lit up her whole body and face. Beautiful eyes and beautiful lips : these are the two main features, the others are slightly secondary. Usually people have one of these two features. You always hear “wow, she has such gorgeous eyes” or “she’s got a lovely smile”. But to have both is not that common. Madhubala had both and a classic nose and beautiful skin. But most of all, it was the liveliness of her face. Her eyes were dark, shining, dancing, and her smile…well, who can describe it? I can’t. All I know is, that we women swoon at Rafi Sahab’s voice, men would certainly swoon at Madhubala’s smile.

    This is one heroine who fits in here in a site which is about the great Rafi Sahab. Madhubala was also heavenly. In fact, she is the only one with similar magic. So thank you for writing about her. I am only wondering who was voted first in the International Women’s Day’s ranking of Bollywood’s Best Actresses Ever. Could you please let me know? Because I really am curious. Whoever it was might be deserving of praise (because all of our old actresses deserve praise) but not a single one could overtake Madhubala. She just had sheer magnificence.

  30. santosh says:

    great article sir,

    After a long long time a good article with so much emotion, I was moved to tears thinking about Madhubala’s death at such a young age.And as usual not a day passes without mentioning name of rafi saab or humming his songs.Madhubala was a natural actor and had a innocent beauty which is missing evers since.Unfortunate that she died at 36.Very sad.However it is a gift of God to us to have blessed us with these personalities.May they rest in peace.Rafi saab not a single day passes without remembering u.I wish i could see u.

  31. bijoor sahab,

    phir ek baar – ek behtareen peshkash – wallaah – laajawaab – kaash mera bhee naam bijoor hotaaa …………. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    i am a bit emotional as i put my thoughts on your most piognant article ever written on this webiste – i would rate you as one of the best next to

    bijoor sahab – your choice of subjects par excellence is thrown high into space with your simple but heart stopping compelling fantastic expression to the icons you have so warmly portrayed.

    the world of hindi cinema is and was truly shattered by the loss of these two icons so early and so young in age but the way you have encompassed the whole article – if some soul like me of an earlier age has not shed a tear – is most unlikely and unimaginable.

    bijoor sahab – i will come back again and once again continue my thoughts on this article of yours as at the present moment – i am too overwhelmed to say much.

    i know – you have some rare iconic mat4erial up your sleeve and will be releasing it once a while and keep us fans/bhakts alive.

    i am still sad that rafi sahab has not got his due in his avataar as a singing legend of legends.

    i promise to come back again with my thoughts.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

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