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Khudrath Ko Sirf Aik Hi Rafi Darkaar Hai

By Javid Raza

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Personally, I have heard hundreds of singers who try to copy, imitate or even try to absorb this legend’s type of singing. But they are not even close to Rafi Sahab. Because Rafi Sahab had a unique quality. He sang patriotic songs, ghazals, semi classical, classical, qawallis, sad songs, happy songs, devotional songs bhajans etc etc. They all had an outstanding quality. This itself shows that he was Blessed by the Almighty God.

I strongly feel that the faqeer whom Rafi Sahab (as  a child) used to follow him when he used to visit his house on Thursday (Shab-e-Jummah) and try to imitate his singing. That faqeer was not an ordinary man, he was an Angel. He must have given his blessings to Rafi Sahab. His songs are soulful, filled with roohaniyat. He used to regularly offer Namaaz-e-shab along with his regular five times of prayers. He used to fast for 30 days in Ramzaan. When he used to offer Jummah prayers at Bandra mosque, his sherwaani pockets were filled with bundles of 100 rupee bills.

After prayers, he used to empty his pockets giving alms to the poor. First week of every month, more than 1500 poor people used to collect their regular “pension” from “Rafi Villa”. Each envelope had their name on it and they used to sign or give their thumb impression and collect their envelope.

Once Naushad sahab called Rafi Sahab and said that the prayer mats at Bandra mosque are torn and worn out. The next day Rafi Sahab made arrangements to change the entire prayer mats at the mosque.

I personally know a lady (still alive) she is related to Fazal Nawaz Jung Bahadur from Hyderabad. She had developed some kind of cancer of Thyroid. Her surgery was in J.J. hospital in Bombay. She went door to door to collect donations from various film personalities and businessmen. According to this lady the highest amount was given by Rafi sahab. The amount was Rs. 10,000. This was in early seventies. Rafi sahab didn’t even ask her to sign any paper and this lady was  a total stranger to him. He gave her cash.

He used to wake up at 3:00 am offer namaz-e-shab and then practice till fajar azaan, then offer fajar prayer, recite Quran and then go for his regular badminton game at the gymkhana. On his return, he will take a shower, have his breakfast and then visit 3-4 different music directors. Between 2-5 pm, he used to record the songs. Never had any bad vices. Always smiling, never involve in any kind of gossip, if people used to say things about others, he would refrain from even replying to them. A thorough saint; a thorough gentleman.

When people used to surround him to praise his songs. He never showed any feelings towards them. All he used to do is raise his right hand index finger towards the sky. He would say, “All Praise is for The Almighty,  I haven’t done anything.” and that too with a straight face. When Rafi Sahab was coming out with Lata-ji after recording a duet, people said wah wah Rafi sahab aapnay kitna accha gaaya. He had a blank face. Lata-ji said, Rafi sahab, aap kay gaanay ko logon nay itna pasand kiya, aap ko acha nahin laga? Immediately, he responded, iss mein mera kuch kamaal nahin hai, Wo mujh say aisa gavaata hai.

He was paid one rupee for each song he sang from the movie “Dosti“. The producer made millions on royalty on the song,  “Chahoonga mai tujhe saanjh savere.”

When Kishore Kumar was banned from the industry by Sanjay Gandhi. It was Rafi sahab who flew to Delhi and begged Indira Gandhi to lift the ban on Kishore Kumar. He did this when Kishore was at his peak. He died on 31 July 1980 (57 years of age) buried on Friday and it rained at the time when he was buried.  Someone commented at the graveyard, “Ye jo bhi shakhs tha, bohot qismat wala aur jannati insaan hai, Jummah kay din dafan hona, phir 19 Ramzaan (Shahadat-Imaam-Ali Alaihis Salaam) oopar say qabar thandi (paani ki wajah say), phir laakhon ka majma!!!

I too sing Rafi Sahab’s songs but I personally feel that my singing is ONLY 2 percent (TWO PERCENT) of this Legend of Legends. It is extremely hard to even attempt his songs. At least,  I personally feel that I feel closer to him when singing his songs. I imagine him as a main personality amongst the audience.

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13 Blog Comments to “Khudrath Ko Sirf Aik Hi Rafi Darkaar Hai”

  1. Salam Arz hai..javed sahab…
    after reading this article, my heart is filled with joy and Peace, really what a personality Rafi sahab was! My father always says that Rafi sahab was Namazi(devotional) and you have attested in this regard. Whenever i heard about Rafi Sahab, really i feel very peaceful in myself. Thanks for your information. If come to his professional front i never heard that kind of voice which exists genuine appeal as Rafi and his soul sheltered in his own world by ignoring Singing business.

  2. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Dear Javid,
    Bahut Khoob. I don’t have any words to praise. You are very successful to express love and respect towards this legend.
    Eid Mubarak to you and all Rafi lovers.
    Long live Rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  3. S.Mirza says:

    Jawed raza aap ka article pada aisa laga jaise aap ne apni dil ki awaz ko lafzon me samodiya. waise rafi sahab par aur bahut kuch likhna baqi hai aap ka tajziya bahut hi tareef ke qabil hai jo aap ne faqeer ka qissa yaad dilaya waqae wo faqeer koi mamooli nahi tha balke os ko khoda ne khas taor per rafi sahab ke dar par bheja tha ok meri duoaen aap ke saat hai



  4. Radha says:

    8) binuji, even if there would be no comments atall, it would never diminish even a smallest fraction of the divine grace thats forever on Rafi sahab for there is one sun, one moon and one Rafi sahab.
    uncountable human comes and go from this earth but the sun and moon is still in the sky! Rafi sahab is eternal and the author(who himself is with blessed voice) caught him perfectly well in this article!
    Whatever, even if one such a dedicated and devoted rafi lover like you comes and drop their valuable comments here…it worth all the love that Rafi sahab lived for. I often wonder, if I would get chance to meet Shahid rafi ji and Binu Nairji at same platform whom I would approach first? If Rafi sahab is reflected in shahid rafi physically , he is most visible in u !

    And also Binu ji,
    The love we have felt because of rafiji divine presence with us is like a life force to us now. So whoever have ever felt this divine human singing with angelic voice, and rather revere Rafi sahab can never disappear, really!
    “mil jaati hai hai sansar me sansar se mukti, milti nahi magar marr kad bhi pyar se mukti”(film mukti with RD Burman). Plz never mind any error if thats not intentional or out of love for the master, while the family members of Rafi sahab r so humble and purely admirable that we ought to respect their presence every moment and we should not ever forget their dignity and privacy in dreams too. as far as I know Rafi sahab was very responsible person!

  5. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    This is an intense, sincere and powerful write-up. All I can say about this write-up is candid and extremely brilliant piece of information about Rafi Saab. I was stunned by the simplicity and power of this fine piece of article. As to Mr. Javid Raza, this can only add one more rose to the bouquet of praise that has been heaped on him. I applaud & congratulate him heartily for gathering such beautiful information and realistic elegance about Rafi Saab.

  6. BINU NAIR says:



  7. Ali says:

    what ever we write on mohd Rafi still we are wordless…………

  8. Radha says:

    Aur is forum ko bhi sirf ek hi Javid Raza darkar hai itna umda article likhne ke liye, par Allah ki rahem,itne chahne waley hain hamare Rafi sahab ke!
    Jo unhe pasand nahi kada wo ya to sangeet nahi jaanta ya unka nahi!

    Although almost every year, new unreleased song of Rafi sahab even after 30 years of his death, keep on releasing… Articles like this feels like Rafi sahab singing LIVE!

    Raza ji may God bless u, forever and yes I feel the same very very strongly the fakir was not an ordinary being but the Angel in guise as Rafi sahab parents were against music hence without music talent and recently I listened our affectionate shahid rafi ji singing, “dil ka soona saaz”. Never mind shahid ji as in comparision to our voice of God rafi sahab u were completly besura… so even biology is against the fact that rafi sahab is genetically blessed with singing. Hence, its the Allah himself who send special voice made of love to Rafi saab and perhaps, the master knew it hence was forever with smile and hands towards God in heaven!
    Thanks for such a beautiful tribute Raza ji.
    Priya Sanyal

  9. JAMEEL AHMED says:

    Rafi Sahib ke chahne walo me mera naam bhi jod diya aapne.

  10. Dr.J.Ketwaru says:

    Mr Javed,yes ,you are right! My Ustads calls him”Farista”,and “”Whoo too Whoo Thaa.”When Rafi saab was in the Netherlands in 1973,the organiser asks me to write a Dutch text for him.We make an appointment with Saab.I was really very nervous when I meet with him.But he was so much reassurning;he sayed :take a sit (and that was beside him on his bed).He takes his harmonium and he begins to sing some of songs (in medley) for me.I enyoyed his voice very much :true his natural voice is more beautiful then recorded voice.On the melody of “Baharo Phool Barsawo”,we writed the Dutch text. It was for me the greatest experiance still yet. Äs present he gives me a set Tabla.I had also a good relation with him ,even after going back to India . He sent card for me on “”ID. dr.J.Ketwaru

  11. achal rangaswamy says:

    javid raza sahab

    bahut khoob. aap ne dil se likha hai.

    Rafi Saab had no parallel. and i think we must all bask in the glory of the divine being that lived amongst us. and made us all come together as his great fans.

    it is very likely that the faqir who Rafi Saab followed as a young boy must have blessed him because i do not remember a single song where anyone would say that the voice was bad or the song lacked zest and quality. as rishi kapoor would quote manmohan desai saying that “rafi saab ki awaaz mein khuda ki awaaz hai”.

    Rafi Saaab zindabad

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  12. Muhammad Tahir Akram says:

    Javid Sahib
    Your article was so nice on The Legend,s Muhaamad Rafi,he was so nice singer&
    Person,God bless on him,Amen!!
    Thanx Tahir

  13. A S MURTY says:

    Javid Raza sahab, adab arz hai. You have written straight from your heart and have been very modest and very humble in your writing. Your last lines that you are able to attain only two percent of Rafi Sahab’s stature of singing could not have been more humbler and modest. We have all seen many a good singer who just cannot reach anywhere closer than this, but as long as they sing with dedication and in true spirit, it is enough. I have known some singers who sing only Rafi Sahab’s songs and they are all equally modest and humble in nature like you but who all sing very honestly. Thanks for giving so much more info on Rafi Sahab’s generosity and his godly leanings.

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