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Jhoom Ke Gaa Yun Aaj Mere Dil

This article is written by Mr. Sivanandam

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

In the vast ocean of golden oldies, there are few pearls in which the tune, orchestration, lyrics and last but not least the singer come together in perfect unison to create sheer magic. The  song ” Johoom ke gaa yun aaj mere dil” from the film Patanga , with the magic combination of Rafi sahib’s golden voice , music by Shankar(Jaikishen) and lyrics by Neeraj is one such pearl.

The song goes like this:

Jhoom ke gaa yun aaj mere dil, raat to guzare subah na aaye
Jaise koi bachhpan ki kahani, yaad bhi ho aur bhool bhi jaaye

Pardah utha de husn ki zid hai, pardha gira de ishq ki zid hai
Dil hai hamara aisa diya jo jal bhi na paye , bhuj bhi na paye

Hasti mitha de khud ko bhula de, apna safina aap duba de
Dhoond kinara woh ke jahan par, chain to aaye, hosh na aaye

Hont pe nagma , aankh mein pani, ek haqueekat ek kahani
Khushi ka daman gam ka kafan hai, dono barabar neend jo aaye

Listen to the audio song

(For the benefit of those who may not understand the entire lyrics, I am trying to translate with the little knowledge of Urdu/Hindi that I have. I am definitely not a poet and hence would not have been able to bring the exact flavor in English and hence pardon for this crude translation)

Sing with abandon my heart, let the night pass and let the dawn not break
Just like a childhood story , that one remembers and yet forgets

Lift the veil!-compels the beauty but let down the veil says love
My heart is like a lamp that cannot burn and also cannot extinguish

Destroy the existence, forget oneself, drown one’s  own boat
Search for that place where you get peace but not consciousness

Song on the lips, tears in the eyes, one is a fact the other fiction
The cloth the covers joy is the cover for the coffin of sorrow- in both you get sleep(peace)

Watch the video of this song. Courtesy: TazCheema at youtube

Many would wonder why I have chosen this song to write about. I listened to this great song very late -just few months ago and ever since I must have listened to this more than a hundred times . I am in a dilemma as to whether I should start with the singer, music or lyrics as each aspect is at its zenith.

The voice:

Since this site is about our Rafi sahib, let us start with him. Any Rafi fan would immediately identify the phrase “aur bhool bhi jaye” as the highlight of the song-especially the special stress on “bhool” . This is the special “midas” touch that Rafi gives to his songs that make them 24 carat gold. Similarly the way he sings ‘raat to guzare‘ , ‘yaad bhi ho‘ brings out the exact feeling.  This song came in the early seventies which is considered as a lean period for Rafi. But the freshness of his voice is as good as it was in early fifties. One can feel the energy flowing in this song right from the beginning when Rafi starts off with “jhoom”.

The Lyrics:

The lyrics by famous poet Neeraj is simply fabulous-the use of oxymorons ( words that are  in contrast to each other in a phrase), like yaad bhi ho aur bhool bhi jaye, jal bhi na paye bhuj bhi na paye, chain to aye  hosh na aye makes this song so special. After Shailendar’s unfortunate demise, Neeraj had written many songs  for S-J. Although associated with the senior Burman da he wrote lot of songs for S-J and many of his poems were tuned for Hindi film music. His magnum opus was Caravan guzar gaya from ‘Nayee umar ki nayee fasal’-sung beautifully by Rafi. Other great songs are Ae bhai zara dekh ke chalo by Manna da from Mera Naam Joker, Shokiyon mein gola jaye phoolon ka shabab by Kishore & Lata from Prem Pujari, just to name a few.

The Music:

The scintillating piano,  the violins and  a typical instrument you would hear mostly in S-J’s compositions( remember the instrument that accompanies each line in “likhe jo khat tujhe“)  make this song so grand in it appeal. This is a typical, out and out Shankar’s style of song with a very grand  orchestration.. Since I do not know much about the intricacies of music, if anyone knowledgeable can add something on this it would so nice to read about that. The tune is similar to another gem from S-J “aaya na hum ko pyaar jatana ” from Pehchan sung by Mukesh & Suman but note how S-J manage to bring out two different compositions in the same tune. I have read somewhere that they had composed nearly 40-50 songs in their favorite Bhairavi raag with each sounding different from the other. As always with S-J’ songs the interlude music is same for the first and third stanzas and different for the second stanza.

Mohd Rafi with Hasrat, Jaikishan and Shashi Kapoor

Mohd Rafi with Hasrat, Jaikishan and Shashi Kapoor

To sum up-simply superb voice, lyrics & music-when would such golden era come back to hindi film music??

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14 Blog Comments to “Jhoom Ke Gaa Yun Aaj Mere Dil”

  1. partha sarathy says:

    dear mr.sivanandam,
    thanks for your connoisseurlike analysis of one song which i heard dozens of times when released in 70s thru vivid bharati.
    In spite of my poor knowledge of hindi, i was hooked totally to such good songs because of tune and archestra especially by musical wizards shankar -jaikishen. I recall nostalgically rafisaab’s concert in chennai and was overjoyed to hear that he started with s-j ‘s badan pe sithare from ‘Prince’ whistling in between pause as his own improvisation to the delight of audience.
    We must appreciate that in days when there was only radio as source for music lovers, the shere strength of song only appealed to listners with no ad or tv or cd as props as we witness now.
    greatsong and great analysis by you

  2. kn.kumar says:

    Thank you Mr Sivanandam for an excellent article on an excellent song sung by our Rafi Saab.Even after about 40 years the song is so fresh.The lyrics by Neeraj,music of Shankar Jaikishen and the fabulous voice of Rafi Saab makes it one of the best songs. the photo of Rafi Saab with Hasrat,Jaikishen and Shashi Kapoor brings back old good memories.Please give us more articles on many other great songs of Rafi Saab.
    KN Kumar

  3. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    ref. post 11,

    Many many thanks Girish Prahalad ji for providing song information.

    Best regards.


  4. girish prahalad says:

    anwar saab post 5

    The song – Meri zindegi mein aate to kuchh aur baat hoti is from the movie
    Kanyadaan music sj & lyrics by gopaldas neeraj

  5. Siva says:

    Thanks to all the gentlemen who found this article interesting. With your encouragement, I hope I shall be able to contribute more in spreading the name and fame of our beloved Rafi sahab.

    Aliuddin sahab-your knowledge on Shashi -Rafi combination is tremendous – personally I have not had so much information on the actors in these songs although I know most of the songs. Thanks for writing.
    I would take this opportunity to place an appeal to all Rafi lovers-let us try not to talk anything negative about other singers, which of late is creating so many unpleasant comments. Do you think our beloved Rafi sahab who was always so gentle and so compassionate to fellow artists appreciate these comments. Just think about his ever smiling face-would any such harsh words came from him anytime???
    I am a very ardent fan of Rafi (as anyone could guess from my article) but at the same time I also like songs by Mukesh,Kishore, Manna Dey, Talat , Lata , Yesudass, SPB . Who cannot appreciate the beauty of “Chookar mere man ko” or O sham kuch ajeeb thi from KK, Kahin door jab din dhal jaye by Mukesh, Laga chunri mein dag by Manna da, Hum se aaya na gaya from Talat, Kanto se keech ke ye aanchal from Lata, Gori tere gaon bada pyaara by Jesudass and many Tamil songs of SPB…
    It is just that personally I am just moved by Rafi songs which directly touch the heart.
    Let us ignore whatever others say and let us talk good things about Rafi sahab’s songs and avoid putting down others in order to praise Rafi. This is a very humble request-hope everyone understands what I am trying to say

  6. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    ref. post 6 & 7,

    Great work by Alliuddin Sahab! Just adding in his list few more songs…

    1. Four beautiful songs of Haseena maan jayegi
    2. Banhon mein teri masti ke ghere – Kala Pathher
    3. Hum hain piyar ki deger ke do musafir – Do musafir
    4. Janu meri jaan, main tere qurban – Shan
    5. Yemma yemma – Shan
    6. Meri zindegi mein aate to kuchh aur baat hoti – Film name not known to me
    7. Mujhe chhoo rehi hain – Swayambar

    Can anyone please inform me the film name for the beautiful song mentioned in serial number 6?

    Many thanks and best regards.


  7. SANJAY ARORA says:



  8. khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention four beautiful songs of Movie “Raaja Saab”.
    Please add this to my previous post.
    long live rafi sahab, Shab Bakhair.
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  9. khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Sivanandam Saheb, Great article, congratulations.
    Rafi and Shashi combo is “Lajawab”. When Shashi’s movie “Benazeer” was released, at that time I was in High school. He is always my favourite actor. I would like to mention as many as I can, some of the beautiful Rafi & Shashi’s Naghme. Biman Baruah saheb, Aap ki khawahesh aapki nazar.
    Dil me ek jane tamanna ne jagah pai hai – Benazeer
    Le gayi ek haseena, dil mera – Benazeer
    Five songs from – Jab Jab phool khile
    Abhi na phero nazar – Biraadari
    Yun rootho na haseena – Nennd hamari khwab tumhare
    Yun na dekho hame bar bar – Pyar kiye ja
    Kahne ki nahi baat magar ab zor se kahne hai – Pyaar kiye ja
    Three songs of – Aamane Saamne
    Two romantic songs of – Kanyaadan
    Ho aaye baithe khaye piye khiske – Ek Shrimaan ek shrimati
    Chandni raat me yun dilko jalake na jaa – Ek shrimaan ek shrimati
    Kuch kahe to khafa – Ek shrimaan ek shrimati
    Three sada bahar geet of – Pyar ka Mausam
    Yeh tumhare raaste me phool kyon khilte hain – My love
    Mai bhi haimeena bhi hai – Rootha na karo
    Aaha yeh suhana safar – Suhana safar
    Saari khushiyan hai muhabbath ki zamane ke liye (Pyara geet)-Suhana safar
    Haye re paisa – Suhana safar
    Sone deti hai na yeh raat – Patanga
    Ham ko to jaan se pyari hain tumhari aankhen – Naina
    Nazar jab uthai dua ban gayi – Naina
    Uf sambhal ke chali jana, varna gir jaogi – Vachan
    Aapko pyar huva – Vachan
    Kuch log yahan par aise hain, har rang me rang badalte hain – Vardan
    Dil ki geharaayiyan tak nazar aati hai – Prem kahaani
    Prem hai kya ek aansoo – Prem kahaani
    Teri meri baat nahi, qismat ka khel hai saara – Koi jeeta koi haara
    Aaja re aaja kahin se aaja – Naach uthe sansaar
    Aagaya re tera pagal preetam – Naach uthe sansaar
    Sookhi dharti dhool udaave – Naach uthe sansaar
    Mujkh ko jeene ki to duva sabhi dete – Naach uthe sansaar
    Are ham baaton ke ham baadshah – Farishta ya Qaatil
    Bacchiyan jawan te budhiyan hai sab – Phansi
    Kaali ghat chai prem rut aayi – Kaali ghata
    Jaane walon ka gham to hota hai – Kaali ghata
    Tum mere pyar ki duniya me basi ho jabse – Bombay talkie
    Soniye tera kya hai jo bhi naam – Sweet heart
    Apni kamaayi pyaar ki, na karz na hundi – Paakhandi
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    With regards to Rafi lovers,
    Shab Bakhair,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  10. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Sivanandam ji,

    Very very nice article on a great song. Whether it is poetry or composition or rendition, every thing is just awesome for this song and you have greatly written this article.

    Many thanks.


  11. Ashok Parekh says:


    i feel like dilipkumar, devanand, shammi kapoor and rajendra kumar, shashi kapoor too was lucky (along with his contemporaries such as dharmendra, joy mukherjee, vishwajeet) to have many memorable songs sung by rafisaab. and yes, shashi kapoor did equal justice to make these memorable on screen. among all those songs, i personally like two fast paced and naughty songs: one is ‘abba khuda’ from the film ‘jab jab phool khile’ and another is ‘gore haathon per na zulam karo hajir hai banda hukam karo’ from evergreen comedy film ‘pyaar kye jaa’. the way rafisaab has sung these numbers is just out of this world. credit must also go to mds of these songs, kalyanji anandji and lakshmikant pyarelal.

  12. m v krishnan says:


    As a great admirer of Rafi saab I had never listened to this song more than once or twice. But after reading your excellent article I listened to this song 3 times and I must confess I could easily guess Rafi saab had sung this for Shashi Kapoor. I must state here I have not seen Patanga before.That is the speciality of Rafi saab that he modulates his voice to suit the actor. A very well written article indeed!

    Biman Baruahji, you must include Bekhudi mein sanam and chale the saat milkar from Hasina maan jaayegi-Shashi kapoor-babita starrer in your article. This film had lyrics by Akhtar Romani whom I had the privelege to meet recently.

    M V Krishnan

  13. girish prahalad says:

    sivanandam ji

    An excellent and a passionate write-up.

    humare dil bhi jhoom ke gaatha hai
    jab har baar is gaane ko sunthe hai.

  14. biman baruah says:

    respected sivanandam ji
    Tremendous write-up on a great Rafi gem with Incredible lyrics by Neeraj & attractive music by Shankar-Jaikishan. It was a great piano song of Hindi Film Music with SMOOtH lip harmonizationlip BY Charming Shashi Kapoor for whom Rafi Saheb sung some lovely romantic songs and who became a successful hero with golden voice of Rafi Saheb in Jab Jab Phool Khile in 1965 which was his 12th film as a hero. I watched this song several times in Rangoli during my college days in late 1990s.
    In 1971 Patanga directed by Kedar Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor played role of hero opposite Vimi and another naughty number by Rafi Saheb from the film, was “Zara Ruk Jayege Tu Tera Kiya Jayega, Nain Bharke Dekh Lo Tu Sain Aa Jayega” also popular till date. In 1949 Patanga directed by H S Raiwal, Shashi Kapoor was a child artist.
    I am too working on Raf-Shashi Kapoor combination . Sivanandam ji your article appreciate me to complete it very shortly and all rafi lovers are requested provide me some inputs for its compilation.

    “Jhoom ke gaa yun aaj mere dil, Raat to guzare subah Na aaye
    Jaise koi bachhpan ki kahani, yaad bhi ho aur bhool bhi jaaye”

    With warm regards to all Rafi Lovers.
    biman, assam.

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