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Jalwo Waqat

This article is written by Ms. Asha.

Mohd Rafi's Jalwo WaqtAisa ghazal woh gaate rahe, aur hum sunte rahe. Truly, there are some songs that make you just stop and force you to pay attention. Ghazals belong to an era long gone by. The intensity and pure mastery required for this ghazals are sadly not present in today’s music. But true ghazal lovers will know that there is so much more than what the film industry has chosen to popularize – this is one medium which can do justice to romance, heart break and anger.

It comes as quite a surprise to many when they are told of main stream play back singers did indulge in non-filmi numbers. Probably this is what gave them the chance to push their voice to the limit. Well, the works created with such passion are a treat to listen to because you know that this was not made by a bunch of people to suit a film sequence, but was made because they all shard a burning passion to create something beautiful.

One such ghazal is “Jalwo Waqt…” it is a soulful rendering of a young man singing of this beloved and the trials and tribulations that his love faces. But no matter what, he waited and kept waiting till the end. The ghazal goes on to explain the virtues that his lady has and how he can’t wait to be united with her. Days went by, but it was worth the thought of one glance of her angelic face- such a song is a rarity in itself.

Listen to this Beautifil Ghazal.

The lyrics for this masterpiece were created by Jigar Moradabadi – he captures the predicaments faced by a young man with a restless heart and has put the longing, suffering, craving and need beautifully into words. The lyrics are laced and crafted with Urdu words and makes one feel the pull of a certain period.

Mohd Rafi

The music is a perfect compliment to the lyrics and maintains that period feel that the lyrics create. Taj Ahmed Khan transports us to a different world and time through his music- conventional, with touches of individuality which create perfect music for the ears. Though all the instruments used have a great appeal, something that stands out in the song is the tabla. In between, there is a stretch of music which builds up the tension. Here, only the tabla is used and this mesmerizing interlude is just wonderful.

Mohd Rafi

The singer for this particular ghazal- Rafi Saab is as right as ever. Besides his film songs, there are scores of non-filmi albums that he has worked on and for those who are not aware of this, it is just plain magic. Some of this magic is there in this ghazal too and no one could have done it better.

Hopefully, today’s music industry will take a cue from such masterpieces and turn their attention to creating their own blend of music instead of feeding off on the hits of the past.

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27 Blog Comments to “Jalwo Waqat”

  1. Afzaal Chaudhary Says says:

    hi, i like Mohammad Rafi sahb’s songs and ghazals. and i have a very good collection but if anybody have this ghazal (Jis raat ke khawab ahe) in original track so please send it to me on ( Thanks

  2. Samad says:


  3. Dhani Ram says:

    Binu Sir One of Rafi’s less known songs which I find stunningly beautiful is from the now forgotten film:yeh raste hain piar ke.The song is:Koi mujh se pooche ki tum meire kya ho.The song begins with a prelude:zulf lehrai teri aur meri taqdeer bani,sung in bharavi in the style of Heer.This song combines several genres and has been sung mellifluously.There is hardly any song of this type in Hindi film music.Is this song really as lovely as I think it or am I just a crank?

  4. Anmol Singh says:

    If any one having this Ghazal “kiya tere wade pe aitbaar kiya” requesting to send it to me.

  5. Dhani Ram says:

    Binu Sir
    The finest non-film ghazal of Rafi Sahib is Gazab kiya tere wade pe aitbaar kiya.This ghazal has drawn tremendous ovation from Jagjit Singh.Ghulam Ali has also paid a tribute to Rafi Sahib by rendering this ghazal in imitation of Rafi’s style.

    I often wonder if the same man sang ghazals and Chahe mujhe koi junglee kahe or hum kale hain to kya hua dilwale hain.

  6. Binu Nair says:

    hussein sheikh saaheb : I woud appreciate if you would upload the following songs : meri tasweer lekar kya karoge tum : the asha-rafi duet; subah na aayi, shaam na aay : from cha cha cha…..

    my salaam to kavi neeraj for songs such as : subah na aayi, caravan gujar gayee and woh hum na the, woh tum na the.

    great works of art….

    binu nair

  7. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Ghazal mentioned in this article is so nicely sung by Rafi Saheb that any ghazal lover can hear it again and again. A must for all fans of Rafi Saheb. Anybody interested in having it, can mail me right now.

  8. Binu Nair says:

    two medical doctors :

    i know two medical doctors who are ardent music lovers and rafi ji
    the first one is dr.rajiv vijaykar – a dentist by profession who has
    left this field and for the last 10 years writing on music and
    entertainment most notably in SCREEN. he has met rafi ji and
    has interviewed him.

    the second doctor is : dr. mandar v. bichu, a writer and a paedae-
    trician from sharjah , uae.

    he is very passionate about music and now for the benefit of music
    lovers he has made two websites : and
    dr.mandar writes a column for the dubai used gulf news and his
    first foray in to journalism was an article on mohd rafi saaheb.

    music lovers will miss something if they do not follow these sites
    and a request is made : please upload as many songs of rafi ji
    in the video segment and enjoy it too.

    binu nair.

  9. vikram says:

    Binu Ji,
    Mr. Hussein Sheikh sent me the song ‘Woh Hum Na The’. Thank you Hussein Sheikh sahab. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to thank all the Rafi sahab fans for the high level of discussion that they have put forth in various forums on the legend.

  10. vikram says:

    Thank you Binu Ji . I appreciate your prompt reply. I have only heard the song ‘Carvan Guzar Gaya’ from among the three songs that you mentioned in your post. The best ever lyrics indeed! And also the rendition by Rafi Sahab. I am sure the other two songs would be great as well.
    Thank you Mr. Haque for the YouTube link.

  11. Sunty Singh says:

    This site is the best website for Oriya songs till now I have visited

  12. Narayanan says:

    Dear Ashaji,
    The way you have written the article it shows the true love for melodious songs and that too from the legend of legends Rafi sahab.
    I have about 17 non filmi ghazals but not the one you have mentioned.
    Can you or any Rafi fan send me the same at

  13. ashish kapoor says:

    rafi ke diwanon,there is one more non-filmy geet of rafi sa’ab,it is “is dil sae teri yaad bhulayi nahin jaati,,,,yeh pyaar ki daulat hai,lutayi nahin jaati”.bindaas gaaya hai rafi sa’ab,ashish kapoor,tel;09810087414,09212587414

  14. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Reply for post 6:
    the link of song “wo hum na the wo tum na the” is “”

  15. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Wow! What a great poetry of this ghazal and why not, when poet is Jiger Muradabadi!!!! What sweetly sung and why not, when singer is Rafi Sahab. Many thanks for Ms. Asha for sharing this beuatiful ghazal with us.

    Here is a little correction. This is not “Jalwa Waqt”, actually this is “Jalwa baqedr” and full line is “Jalwa beqedr-e-zerf-e-nazar dekhte rahe”.

  16. A S MURTY says:

    ref post 10 by Ashish Kapoor, I have heard the ghazals listed by ashish kapoor and they are exceptional examples of ghazal rendering. rafi sahab scores over the other well known ghazal singers and i find him to be more enchanting than anyone else here too. the second named ghazal, “meri muhabbat kabul karlo” is a great composition and unmatchable ghazal singing by rafi sahab. thanks ashish bhai for reminding us of them. rafi sahab’s scores of ghazals were lost only because of his songs from the films and it was rafi sahab who overtook rafi sahab the ghazal singer.congratulations to the delhi chapter for the get together on 13th (sunday) and I understand it was a huge success.

  17. Anmol Singh says:

    Perhaps I have not listened to many non-film ghazals sung by Rafi Sahab, but would like listen. The filmly ghazals sung by Rafi Saab under Madan Mohan & Khayyam are all par excellence, the list endless.

    There are few expections like “Hui Sham Unka Khayal Aa Gaya” for LP; “Es Bhari Duniya Mein Apno Ka Sahara Na Hua” for Ravi; “Mere Mehmood” for Naushad; “Chalke Teri Anko Se” for SJ; “Kahin Be Khayal Ho Ke” for SDB; “Kabhi Khud Pe” for Jaidev; “Lagtaa Nahi Hai Dil Kahin” for SN Tripathi; “Phir Woh Bhuli Si Yaad” for Sapan Jagmohan; etc.

    In order words Rafi Sahab has contributed at least one ghazal for majority music composers.

  18. ashish kapoor says:

    hi all rafi fans and lovers,i have two non filmy songs of rafi sa’ab namely “is dil sae teri yaad bhulayi nahi jaati”and “meri muhabbat kubul karlo”.what a lovely style of rendering such beautiful words.on 13’th of april we had a get-together of rafi fans in delhi (the rafi foundation,delhi chapter).it was wonderful.ashish kapoor,,tel-09810087414,09212587414

  19. really a genius rendition by the one and only one rafi saheb he had a different style for rendering ghazals and other non filmi songs as his regional songs also had the linguist touch which is required. Aslisten to his marathi songs, oriya songs , bengali songs they sound as if they are being sung by maharastian or oriya or bengali person. Such a proper pronunciation, ascent and ofcourse the godly rendention use to make songs so special and unforgetable. Long live the legend and his songs are equally immortal like him.

  20. Binu Nair says:

    Vikram ji : Post 6 :

    I may not be able to do that but i think haldar ji, or hussein sheikh
    saaheb will be able to help you.
    or else, shirish kulkarni who will show u sites which has these songs
    on them.

    by the way , have you heard : caravan gujar gaee and meri tasweer
    leke tum kya karoge recently. and jaayega jab yahan se kuch bhi
    na le jaayega. all these songs are taken “live” in the saturday night
    rafi fever programme in mumbai and i feel rafi fans should possess

    thanks for writing

    binu nair : 09833 250 701 mumbai….

  21. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Beside this, Rafi Saheb sang countless non filmi ghazals, all are pleasing to hear. He had his different style of singing non filmi ghazals.

  22. vikram says:

    Binu Ji, I would be grateful if you could send me the link to the song ‘Woh Tum na The Woh Hum Na The’. My e mail ID is

  23. Can anyone knows this “Tujhe kya sunaao hai dil ruba” by madanmohan, what a ghazal he made. He was the ghazal king in the music direction. Another song “Rang aur noor ke” which is a perfect ghazal song. What a remarkable songs given by Madanmohan and sang by rafisahab.

  24. Azad Ilahibaks says:

    Ms. Asha,

    Thank you for the article. Can you send me the ghazal jalwo wagat. My emailadress is:

  25. A S MURTY says:

    a lovely ghazal by rafi sahab and equally well written by ms ashaji. thanks for providing this write up on such a lovely composition. i had not heard this earlier though i do have some of the private ghazals by rafi sahab and there are several other top notch crafted ghazals sung by rafi sahab as private albums.

  26. Binu Nair says:

    on sunday i was listening to two gems : subah na aayee, shaam na
    aayee, jis din teri yaad na aaye ; and woh tum na te woh hum na the
    both tuned by Iqbal quereshi.
    another song i heard was : Meri tasveer leke tum kya karoge a duet
    tuned by n. datta…..

    rafi ji lovers may hear these “gems” and write about these and tell
    us whether “any” singer could sing the songs the way rafi ji did.

    and , i should say that s.d.burman did the best thing by taking
    rafi ji’s voice for three songs of guide. any other singer would
    have killed the songs which have now become “immortal”.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai

  27. Binu Nair says:

    rafi saaheb set up benchmarks in the field of playback singing which
    can’t be erased for centuries. ghazals, geets, bhajans, quawalis,
    romantic duets, solos and songs for every season and every mood
    just tell a part of the story of “perfection”.

    rafi ji’s human side has no parallel and listen what the parsi priest
    mr.h.karanjia told us at Naushad hall : last saturday : at the
    saturday night “rafi” fever musical.
    mr.karanjia was in his religious attire and rafi ji met him at bandra
    and said : “I have travelled the world , met most type of people, but
    i want to know : who u are ?
    When karanjia said : “I am a parsi priest”, rafi ji immediately took his
    hands and kissed his hands and shaked hands. Karanjia very much
    gratified, pointed to rafi jis throat and said : this is a wonder., where-
    upon rafi ji said : its all gods will ; nothing is mine.

    r.karanjia, rafi jis friend was our guest and he has promised he
    would give us more details of his association with rafi saaheb.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai

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